Pilar “People want Sindy out” Godfrey “People want me out too YO! I got 4 votes cast against me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 15-35-54-502

6:35pm Up in the HOH room – Ashleigh tells Pilar don’t let her get to your head. Don’t stress. Pilar says Sindy told me that Bobby has a secret veto. Ash says he does. He’s not allowed to talk about it. He gets a stop that from big brother when he talks about it. Ash asks did you tell Sindy what you’re doing? Pilar says yes. Ash tells Pilar you’ll be fine though. You’ll have a bunch of people competing for you in the next HOH. What she said about the chop shop was true. What bothers me is what she said about the Jordan vote. Pilar wonders if this next week will be a double eviction. Ash says it’s clear Zach is a big target for everyone right now.. and by association so am I. The fact that she keeps coming in here to bully you into changing your mind is upsetting to me. I feel like I need to sit out side your door. Pilar tells Kevin. Its just frustrating that she keeps coming to me. I am not going to change my mind. My mind is made up. Kevin and Pilar kiss. Kevin says big brother asked me … they want us to tone it down with the kissing. Pilar asks really? Kevin says no.

Out in the backyard – Godfrey tells Sindy that she could win the veto. Sindy says that she is still thinking about it. It’s not confirmed yet. I told her that she can trust Ashleigh. We’re not targeting Ashleigh. Godfrey says in this house people aren’t thinking rationally. They’re stupid and thinking irrationally. Sindy says I am just wishing and hoping that its not me on the block because since week one other than last week because of my safety its been me on the block. Godfrey says if you are on the block you have to pray someone close to you use the veto. Sindy says no one will use it because it will be others at risk of going up. The only way I can get off the block is if I win it. I had a reset button, summer camp is over … and I am here to play. I really really hope Pili makes the smart decision. I will be so disappointed in her. Godfrey says don’t feel way too down. We just need a double stroke of luck.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 15-48-25-020

Storage room. Zach and Bruno are in the storage room. Zach tells Bruno that Sindy was up there throwing everyone under the bus. She said put Bruno and Bobby up and backdoor Zach. She was just throwing everyone under the bus. Zach says Kevin asked me how do you like how we picked those teams? We’ve got everyone weak now! Bruno says that’s awesome.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 15-52-12-052

Kevin and Bruno talk about how they’re good.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 15-57-59-372

6:50pm – 7:20pm Out in the backyard – Pilar tells Godfrey “I am pretty much just putting you up as a pawn” I know you might not believe me. Godfrey says I’ve heard that before. Pilar says I feel like you don’t trust me or believe me. Godfrey says No its not that, its just the last person that was the pawn went home. Godfrey says I just want to know your reasoning. I know you voted me out last night. Pilar says I thought I was going with the house and it flipped last minute. Pilar says I just haven’t talked game with you. Godfrey says you haven’t talked game with me. Pilar says that Sindy is smart, this is her second chance in the game and she’s got a lot of information. I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe. Godfrey says I believe you’re putting me up as the pawn. You have to do what is best for your game. I respect your decision. You have to think about who are the people who have your back and who are going to come after you. Godfrey tells Pilar I like you! If you were someone else I would have told you … F**K YOU! Pilar laughs. Pilar says that people want her out. Godfrey says people want me out too YO! I got 4 votes cast against me last night. People think you’re that dumb girl. Your family is watching and wants to see you put your foot down. You did the smart thing. I know you want Sindy out. I’m just saying moving forward you gotta think for yourself. Godfrey says I’ve got your back and I am open to working with you. I didn’t come to you until now because I didn’t think you were thinking for yourself. Pilar says I am though thats what people need to realize. Godfrey says I know and that’s why I want to work with you. Pilar says you’re not the target. People have been wanting the person that came back out. Am I right? Godfrey says yeah I guess thats right. At the end of the conversation Pilar tells Godfrey if it comes down to a tie she would break it in his favor. Godfrey tells her if she wants to ever talk to just come find him .. I might be napping.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 16-03-21-474

Sindy tells Bruno on the BBCAN Side Show there were 6 people in the audience with tshirts that said BBCAN #teamBruno in the audience. Bruno says that’s crazy! Sindy says And when I said I was going after Zach they cheered. Just keep that in mind. That means something that they cheered when I said that. Bruno says everyone is gunning for everyone in here. Sindy says I know but that was a huge reaction. When I said Bobby they did nothing and when I said I was going after Zach they went nuts.

8pm Godfrey tells Bruno & Sindy that he just had a talk with Pili. I tried my best on her. I talked to her for about an hour. I’m not surprised. I knew it from the beginning. Sindy says at least she came and talked to you. And listed to our sides before she put us up. I don’t think I would do that. Actually as soon as I won HOH I would yell out this is who I’m putting up. Bruno tells Godfrey you’ve still got the veto.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 17-00-54-058

In the bedroom – Pilar tells Bobby, Zach and Ash that she told Godrey and Sindy that they’re going up. Bobby says that’s good. It shows people that you’re trustworthy and that you do what you say you’re going to do.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 17-04-29-308

8:10pm – 8:30pm Out in the hot tub. Pilar talks to Kevin about her talks today. He picks up a plastic tube and says this is the “SS PILI” she’s been taking tidal waves all day. Kevin says it just hit me today ..after this week there will be 10 of us. One of us is going to win $100,000! They talk about how nominations are still supposed to be tonight. Pilar says shes so exhausted. Kevin says the SS PILI is strong! Kevin “Normally you’re cute.. but today! You’re HOT! Not very much cute in there ..YOU”RE HOT!” Keivn says if you tell me something, Ash tells me something, Zach tells me something .. I take it at face value. If anyone else tells me something I just listen. Kevin tells her she is such a shinning light! What do you think your family thinks of this Kevin dude. Pilar says they like you. They’re watching. They’re actually watching. Kevin says what if they hate me? The fact that Sindy got a few boos is scary. Pilar says people aren’t going to boo you.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 17-17-57-508

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 17-47-50-995
8:40pm Out in the hot tub – Bruno, Kevin and Bobby are talking. Bruno says people have been at Pili all day! Like give her a break! Let her enjoy her day! Bruno says and she’s such a sweetie. Bobby says like talk to me after the veto. Bobby says as long as Sarah and B don’t win next week we’ll be good. They talk about how JP actually joked about unanimously voting to evict him. You asked for it. That’s co*ky man! Bobby says we’re sitting so nice right now. If Sindy doesn’t win veto she is going out right now. Kevin says unless there’s a twistos. They realize that Sindy’s been on the block each week she’s been there. Bruno and Bobby say oh yeah right. They talk about how the nomination ceremony is supposed to be tonight. Bobby says its going to be a late one.

In the havenot room – Brittnee and Sarah are talking. Brittnee says about Pilar she is playing with emotions. I wish she would listen to her letter. I thought they were talking about Kevin. Brittnee says I am struggling to be fake as sh*t!

9pm – 11:10pm The feeds have been blocked for the nomination ceremony…
11:40pm The live feeds are still blocked..


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i was watching that whole talk between god and pili and it was so awkward, she definatley wanted to leave after like 5 minutes


Which is why she started scraping her plate for 30 minutes. Thanks Pili for the reminder of what nails on a chalkboard sounds like.


If Big brother gave Pili a task to not say the words “like” and “you know what I mean” then she wont be able to complete a whole sentence. Its so hard listening to her. A 5 year old can carry a better conversation.


It is her second language you know?? She only moved to Canada about 7 years ago so cut her some slack.


Thank for pointing out the obvious. People who are fresh immigrants speak a lot better than her. She tries to speak like a pretty high school girl which obviously doesnt work.


God made alot of sense, but guess what he is talking to the dumbest person to ever play this game. He told her that u are an independent woman, think like one….. One thing I know for a fact is that she will not win this game, she can kiss herself respect goodbye. All I can work with now is hope Sindy wins veto, put up Sarah, Sarah get voted out(This might not be a popular opinion but her game play is sloppy). I know bruno will work w/ brit/sin/god…thats a game changer and something different.


how long until ashleigh claims godfrey is bullying pilar now?.


You think Bruno will work with those people, but you are forgetting the Bobby factor. Bobby will not work with those people. And those two are tied at the hip.


So basically the reasoning last week for getting rid of JP, in Bobby’s eyes anyway, was because it was effecting the Chop Shop? He knows that Zack was trying to backdoor him right? He get’s that if Sindy hadn’t come back he or Bruno would have been going home? I don’t get these people, I can understand Kevin and Pilar’s reasoning behind their actions this week, it’s best for them to not get too much blood on their hands and I can respect that. But Bobby you and your die-hard loyalty to people who could give less then 2 shits about you, I just don’t get it. As soon as he took out Sindy in the HOH I was like wow maybe Jordan shouldn’t have been evicted. The only really big problem I have with the house guests is how easily they can say, “I Trust you 100%.” And the majority of them mean it. Like everyone was blindsided last week and yet you all trust each other? I’m hoping, Sindy wins that veto and I guess Godfrey goes home, then Sindy wins HOH next week since it’s the 2 people getting evicted thing and sends Zack and Bobby out the door. I dunno kind of don’t really care what happens now though.. Canadian BB feels the need to have so many twists because the contestants are never 1/100th as interesting as the USA contestants. The show just isn’t big enough in Canada, and you get all these people that barely know the game playing and it kind of ruins it.




My new nickname for Ash and Pili is Double Air Mattress (nickname is self-explanatory). I hope whoever wins HOH next puts Double Air Mattress (DAM) up together on the block. Then they can see how hard their Yellow Knights (nickname for Kevin and Zach…because you can’t be a white knight when you are a coward) actually fight to save them…when they know that the other could go up in their girl’s place.




I’m always fascinated by the polls and how they change over the course of 3 weeks. I’ve gone through the earliest 3 fav poll and compared it to the newest one .. Also keep in mind whoever has HOH usually gets a couple point boost, people like a winner (Sorry for the length I know some people don’t like long posts)

Unless stated first percentage is April 23rd Second percentage is April 13

Kevin = 17% – 17%
This must be due to the edit he’s getting because on the feeds he’s not a big personality

Sarah = 16.6% – 12%
This makes sense she’s a good player not nearly as annoying as she was the first couple weeks and isn’t scared to cause sh1t

Sindy = 16% – April 1 – 2%
After last week’s performance this makes sense plus she has a propensity to stir the pot

Bruno = 12.5% – 7%
Nice to see him in the top 4, strong player good attitude

Godfrey = 7.8% – 3%
Bro YO! the longer he lasts the higher this number will go plus his speeches as of late were fun

Brittnee at 7.6% – 9%
Her game has been suffering as of late

Pilar 5.3% – 4%
Cute girl, HOH winner, showmance with productions darling even with zero game 5% makes sense

Zach 4.9% – 10%
HUGE drop for captain Canada, His cockyness did him in during his disastrous HOH

Hot Tub maintenance guy 3.8% – 8%
A Fav of mine haven’t seen much of him he’s playing under the radar maybe too much

Willow 2.6% – 4%
Not being shown on the TV show will hurt your popularity

Dawg 2.3% – 4%
Poor dawg

Ashleigh 2% – 4%
She’s a much better game player than Pilar but I guess being attached to Zach is hurting her.

Bobby 1.6% – 2%
Poor Bobby


If pilli is smart she should take out the physical threats which are bobby, Zach, and sindy. Nobody cares what she would do and they will still wont target here because everyone she is a foreigner who has not watch bb. Right now I do not like pillar game strategy and she is lost. I think she is not the playing a game right, but she is very good in the competition that people are not looking. She is a threat because she athletic she plays soccer and cheerleader, and very smart on the comps. But game strategy she sucks.


“If pilli is smart”….. :/


There is something so fake about Pili, I seriously cannot stand her. The casting this year was the worst!!
Watching Pili & Kevin suck face is cringe inducing!!


And that’s why winning BB is not just about the social game and winning comps, but about luck as well. Reasoning with a player like Pili comes down to sheer luck.


Godfrey is my FAV. He’s wise beyond his age, gave the best advice anyone has gave to Pili probably her entire life; to play and think for herself. And he’s hilarious! Makes GREAT TV. I love this guy. No idea why Kev is still polled as Fav, the guy doesn’t do Sh*t on the live feeds, other than trying to get into pili’s pants.


The day and time changes have been brutal. I forget it’s on all the time!

I also think that not starting earlier in the year has done the show no favours, as has the lack of alcohol.

Global has messed too much with a good thing.


I feel they are trying too hard.


As I said the beginning of the season better to be a big fish in a small pond. Slice was the right home. May need an overhaul at the senior production level if there is a season 4. The point made about time is spot on.8, 9 and 10 pm all over the place.
Arissa is getting better each season and I enjoy her hosting. The rest seems to be suffering. BBAD has been mediocre at best. The sideshow is so over the top. The package is pretty lame this season.


I can deal with all the twists, but last nights HOH comp REALLY bothered me! The second it was explained I was irritated and deflated, cuz conceptually it leaves anyone going against the flow ZERO chance of winning. It would be practically impossible for any underdog to win unless EVERYONE ELSE answered incorrectly. So when the show cut off the only person I imagined could win was PILI. She’s is annoying to uncharted levels to us viewers, but totally innocuous to those in house. And this nightmare continues watching her rationale and brain(less)storming throughout her HOH. It MUST be turning Kevin off.


ugh like i think like pilar is like… you know what i mean? hahahhaha?
like, you know, kinda sometimes frustrating… you know what i mean? hahahahah?
like her letter like told her not to like play with her emotions… you know what i mean? hahahahah?
but she is like, you know, like playing with her emotions… you know what i mean? hahahhaha?
Pilar to Godfrey
*godfrey makes this amazing speech to try to persuade pilar*
pilar “i don’t want you to hate me but, i just want you to know that it’s just a game, but i don’t want you to hate me but nothing personal, and i don’t want you to hate me, but you’re probably going up for nominations,… but i don’t want you to hate me”

Snail with an S

Did Willow ratted out Sarah to Zach/Ashleigh or did she actually covered Sarah’s ass? i didn’t quite catch what Willow said?


I sadly can’t answer that question since I always switch to the other room when Willow starts to “whisper” (she just moves her lips and barely any sound comes out of her – infuriating!).
But if anyone had the patience / attentiveness to read her lips, I’d love to have an answer to that question too! 🙂

Snail with an S

I mean judging from their reaction i think she didn’t ratted Sarah out. And am i mishearing something or did Sarah actually told Willow to also keep talking to the other side, basically telling her to play both sides?


No she just made small talk and spouted general nonsense at them like her and Sarah initially agreed to do. After talking with Sindy/Sarah she’s finally started playing the game and isn’t as oblivious. I think she’s happy someone she cares about seems to genuinely have her back so I see her remaining loyal to her.


Really hope Pilar gained some common sense, and when the feeds come back someone other than Sindy or God are nominated.

another name

as much as I hate it, the way the hg’s are falling into place makes complete sense. as a viewer I did hope that last week would be a game flip. it was a game consolidator.
we all knew sarah and Bruno together long term…. not going to happen. he only wants to work with the men, and their wives if he must, until he can get rid of the wives.
bobby (I always almost type booby. same difference) only has eyes for chop shop. if he has to include pilar and kevin for now so be it. guess who he’ll target if it ever gets down to that 6?
kevin won’t flip on the couples or Zach because he wants the physical guy attached to him as a meat shield. he’s an averages guy. he’s going to want the most physical with him short term.
Zach. ditto.
Ashleigh will do what Zach tells Ashleigh to do. period.
pilar was awakened today to be told she’s playing big brother not summer camp. she has yet to recover.
willow. who’s willow? she disappeared, just like on the episodes.
yeah. hate it. makes sense. hate it.


BBCan (and BBUS) production only have themselves to blame for the low ratings. Canada and America do some strange castings. Stop trying to cast the “prettiest” people, or people with lots of followers on social media. Pick people who show an understanding of the game, with some personality and actual strategy. If I was cast, and had a bunch a stupid people in the house with me self-eviction would look more attractive each week.

The only people this season who should have been on from a gameplay standpoint are: Sarah, Jordan (cocky, but so much more humble when he got evicted), Godfrey, Bruno (even though he’s borderline misogynist), Britt (she may not be the best, but at least she isn’t afraid to play), Naeha, and Sindy.

Kevin is a huge flop. I have a hard time believing he is a successful poker player.
Pilar, Bobby, and Ash should have NEVER been cast. They barely have any sense of the game. It’s a disservice to fans to have to watch them.
Zach has an amazing capacity to show heads up his ass. Bravo.
Willow is just non-existent. Though I suppose that’s better than be an idiot like Pilar, Bobby, and Ash.

Say what?

God working Pili part 1 @13:18 did Pili say ‘I’m intelligent’ or ‘That makes sense’?

another name

every time willow whispers a pod of whales somewhere off the coast hears her ultra low frequency pulses and thinks, “what the hell is she talking about?”
even the background noise on the mics is easier to decipher.


When is Canada hoh so I can finally put up Zach and Willlow because they suck and then for replace nomination would be ash she does nothing and has not won a comp yet. I really want to see how willow is on the block. See her strategy she says here for the experience why not be on the block. She talks useless shit all day.


I hope sarah Bruno or godfrey win because this would ensure the diapers alliance gone. I hate everybody in the diapers alliance except for kevin.

another name

complete what if question:
ten person jury. twistos twist. Canada gets to vote for three jurors whose vote will be nullified. makes a ten person jury but ends with a seven count.
yeah. it would never happen. they’d never make a twist like that.
too far fetched. gives viewers too much power.


Maybe they will go for the most unprecedented twist yet: Offer 3 newly evicted housemates $10K each to forego jury and just go home. I suppose that way they could either remove a vote of one of a few players who barely think (Pili, Ash, Bobby), or let someone like Bruno see his kids, or whatever. Plus it would be another surprise at end for housemates who during the process would be thoroughly confused!


why so much hate on ZACH. I really cant fathom why his mistake z making everyone hate him dis much . so sindy who has been spreading lies deserves more love. the same girl who got second chance and had d opportunity to see the outside world deserve to win the game? please most of you guys are so lame that i wonder why any of you guys should be cast on the show. pillar keep it up. everyone is playing safe and fine. The show rocks. haters can hate . if you dont wanna watch the show. off your tv then.


I see they took down the predictions section for next week with the 3 nominees etc…I think they made mistake and the secret Whirlwind plan for next week got leaked and spread amongst us instantaneously LOL. We fans don’t believe in secrets we always want SPOILERS!!! LOL