Godfrey “We can’t recruit them. They’re dumba$$es! They’re too far up Zach’s a$$”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 13-50-03-602

4:40pm Out in the backyard – Godfrey tells Sindy that this week Zach is safe. Next week we’ll go after him. I told him we are good but next week if I win HOH I am going after him. Godfrey says I hope you’re not up next to me. Sindy says if I don’t go up next to you I am helping you out. Godfrey says we can’t recruit one of them from their side. They’re dumba$$es! They’re too far up Zach’s a$$. Godfrey talks about how the 10K offer was pretty sweet but that he wouldn’t have taken it out of fear he might win.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 13-51-45-375
Out in the hot tub – Bobby talks to Zach about how up in the HOH they agreed to all work together to take out the other side of the house. Zach and Bobby leave and then Bobby and Bruno come back. Bobby says I think we’re sitting pretty good. Bobby says I have a butt veto… Bruno says and they’re banking on it too eh!? Zach joins them. They talk about telling people that the chop shop was real but that it broke up awhile ago. Godfrey joins them.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 13-58-01-871

4:45 – 5:15pm Up in the HOH room – Kevin and Pilar are making out. Keivn says it doesn’t make sense how people can work together and hate each other. Pilar asks since when does Bobby hate Sindy? Since she told everyone in the house? Kevin says yeah. Kevin says it just doesn’t make sense why Bobby and Sindy would vote together when they hate each other. Pilar says they just hate each other since today. Isn’t that right? Kevin says that Bobby and Bruno are 100% with us … they wouldn’t expose the veto to us if they weren’t. (The secret veto Bobby says he has is a lie. He doesn’t really have one.) Kevin says I wish my team one. (havenot team) You just won HOH. He says I’ll actually get more sleep down there. You know what I mean? Pilar says I do know what you mean. You’ll get lots of rest down there. Kevin tells Pilar that her letter was amazing! Pilar says see my family knows who you are! Kevin says I just like you a lot and I hope your family likes me. Pilar says of course they do. Pilar says so honestly just trust these people. Kevin says I do trust them.

Out in the hot tub – Bobby, Zach and Bruno are talking about working together with Ash, Pilar and Kevin. Ashleigh, Sarah and Brittnee join them and the conversation turns to talking about past competitions.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 14-14-49-780

Out in the backyard – Willow tells Sindy that Zach doesn’t tell me anything. I swear to god that other vote was not me. When you go home you will see I am not lying. Willow says I feel like a big idiot… the house split and I am sitting in the middle. No one tells me anything. Maybe Sarah and I are just friends. Sindy says I know you are a superfan but you don’t act like it in here. Sindy tells Willow she needs to pick a side. Willow says I honestly just figured out there are two sides. Willow says I am not going to lie I was like Graig’s puppet. Sindy says I am the kind of person that needs everyone to sit in a room and say lets work together. It’s about numbers in the beginning. Willow says and Graig jumped around and started making deals with everyone. Sindy says I don’t know if you can tell but my attitude has changed. Willow says yeah you are so focused now. Sindy says I feel like an outcast now and so do you and Sarah. Willow asks so you think the girls are working together. Willow asks

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 14-17-55-535

5:30pm Pilar tells Kevin “Just know I really, really, really like you! I really like you and I will tell you that everyday! You know?” So I was thinking out loud right now .. If I say Sindy I’m going to put you up.. Brittnee joins them. Kevin leaves to go get coffee.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 14-26-17-745

Pilar tells Britt I am just going to go with my gut. I am going to put up Sindy. I know you’re going to be mad but.. Britt says no, go with your gut. Pilar says I just feel like I can trust people more than her. I really really really like you Britt and I hope you don’t hold that against me. Brittnee says I don’t.. When she pulled me in here I was just as shocked as you were. I hope they’re not still working together. Pilar says I don’t think so. I just don’t trust Ashleigh. It really got me thinking. I thought about it and I need to stop second guessing myself. I feel like the whole house would understand putting up Sindy. It’s really hard to trust people. Britt says I support you and if thats what your gut tells you then go with it. I like that you’re going to tell her too. I respect that about you.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 14-29-32-704

In the kitchen – Godfrey tells Kevin that he is going after Zach. He already has 1 vote in the jury. I’ve got your best interest at heart. I don’t hide anything. Kevin says that’s what I like about you. Godfrey says I don’t beat around the bush.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-23 14-35-04-290

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Pili and Kevin wake up ! You guys are so frustrating. 2 Dumbos.


Yes pilar, you better take out the big bad scary Sindy with an S. Mastermind of the game. Queen of manipulating. Clearly she’s the biggest threat in the game I mean she’s only already been evicted once.


Sindy / Pili convo…… candies are out! I knew it was coming.
Work it Sindy….. I feel your pain! lol


Where did the recruiters even find Pilar?


Nobody figured out during the votes that she had a brain of a 4 year old.


lol touché


God a lot of you people are so mean. Its a game not a program to make fun of people. Grow up. Gee you all must hate yourselves so much to make fun of others to make your self feel so much better.

God people stop being so mean. Its a game. Does it make you feel so much better to put others down? Grow up!!!!


blame it on Robyn Kass fuck she needs to be fired

Pili's Gut

She didn’t even listen to me. I wanted Bobby and Zach up….


You know who needs a passport to go to Canada………….ZINGBOT!!!


i don’t expect a lot from pili but i do expect kevin to spend more time game talking with people including her lol. i read here her changing the topic he is on about her family? like really shouldnt he be also trying to get on the other sides good side rather than sit and wait to be added to alliances.

and sindy should have kept her mouth shut. she just created a new alliance and got herself on the block. that alliance is the one that did not include her btw


LOL. Brit and Sarah are throwing Sindy under the bus to EVERYONE hardcore. What on earth would lead any of you to believe they’d actually stick to their word and “work with Pili and Kevin”? LOL.
All of the 5 who came together to vote JP out are throwing each other under the bus to the HOH hardcore.
Pili/Kevin/Ash/Zach is the 4some that has some trust for each other, so obviously Pili and Kev will try to figure out a way to make a group with them and some others (Bruno/Bobby) just in case those 2 win the next HOH.
Ash/Zach never told them the name “Chop Shop”, but they said “those guys think we’re working with them” from the first day they shook hands about the Diaper Alliance by the washing machine.
I think it’s hilarious how some people on here mistake “what they WANT to happen” with “what makes the most sense for the HG who makes the decision” and then call them STUPID for doing the smart thing, not the thing they want to see.


This post is gold.


0without doubt it would b3 smarter for bruno and bobby to try and work with SSB and vice versa. working with zach and his minions they are at the bottom of a 7 person alliance and are playing for 6th and 7th. but if those 5 and godfrey could agree to work short term, just put everything aside like yhey did in vot7ng out jordan than they are standinh a much better chance of winning in the end and even reaching the end

bruno ajd bobby will never be able to beat 5 people alone


its just frustrating . they cant even work with godfrey anymore


How is that any different that what Zach or Bruno or any of them are?

One week Zach is throwing Bobby/Bruno under the bus and in fact ready to take them out but then changed his mind because Scary Sindy with an S returned. He told Britt he’d have her back (and Sarah/Johnny) if they did what he wanted and kept him/Ash off block making a “fake alliance” and then the next week when Bruno was in power he told him lies about Sarah, Britt and Johnny to get them targeted and did nothing to save them.

In my eyes they are no different than Sarah and Britt. At least those 2 really did want to work in that original group. It was only after Zach/JP did nothing to save Johnny (in fact they worked behind the scenes to oust him) that Sarah/Britt said screw this.

But let’s be honest they aren’t doing anything Bobby/Bruno and Zach/Ash aren’t doing. Sure Ash has Pilar’s back but she hasn’t been on the block against her yet (or even on the block for that matter).

Sarah at least is TRYING to get into an alliance that will work with her. She kept giving Jordan an opportunity (which Kevin knows) to tell her the truth, but he wouldn’t. Because she caught him in lies and saw he would sell her out in favor of Zach and b/c neither of them did anything to help Naeha or Johnny she knew the alliance was fake. She approached Bruno to work with his side and he said NO until suddenly he was in trouble so he/Bobby (just like Sarah has done) worked with her to get out JP … only b/c it helped their game.

You can’t call out one person for turning on people b/c Zach even did it to Jordan & Bruno/Bobby are doing it to God who was the one who came straight to them to tell them what Sindy said.

Sindy’s fatal mistake was she SHOULD have said someone told her when she came back. She should have said one of the 5 still in the house told her and that JP also confirmed it was true. Then the 2 sides Zach/Ash would have assumed it was Bobby/Bruno and vice versa making it more difficult for them to realign.

As for Bruno wanting Sarah out… it used to bother me but then I figured it out. He had a hard on for JP as well. Bruno wants anyone who is strategic gone b/c they’ll be able to see through his game. He wanted Naeha gone if you recall right from the get, then Johnny, Sarah and JP. That’s all the strategic players.

Anyway I may not like certain players as much as others. I like Bruno I just wish he’d align with people I like more. It’s like last season in BB US I really liked Nicole so I wanted Derrick to keep her. It’s the same with Sarah, I wish she could find a home b/c I believe she’d be loyal if someone showed it back to her. At least she publicly demonstrated it to Naeha whereas Zach didn’t even take JP off the block so JP’s eviction is on Zach.

Bottom line if one of Sarah, Britt or Sindy wins HOH next week exactly how long do you think it will take for Zach to throw Bobby/Bruno under the bus and vice versa?


Well put together!!! I totally agree with you. I really do hope one of the misfits win next hoh…especially because of the three nominations and two get evicted!!! Hope they don’t tell them until after the hoh competition that way the idiots that throw it will regret it. And even hope they only tell the HOH…instant nomination again would be great but unlikely…if they do let all know after the hoh is determined it will make for another night without sleep! Haha….but if they tell them before the competition, expect all wanting to win! And as you say…expect a lot of “throwing under the bus”.


godfrey is so good and so right when he told sindy they cant recruit anyone because they are to far up zachs ass


Your Zach-hating tears are delicious!




Yes! When Cindy talks to Pilar, she needs to realize that nothing computes with Pilar because Pilar has no idea what is going on at all. When Pilar says “I’m confused again”, she totally means it. She cannot wrap her mind around the game at all. It is so frustrating to watch. Cindy may as well be talking to the fridge. There is no getting through to Pilar because there is absolutely nothing there. Pilar is completely vacant.


if willow would pick a side id hope she would join SSB and godfrey..that would give Them a fighting chance in numbers terms


LOL, Sindy trying to reason with somebody whose brain is downstairs getting coffee.


It’s actually pretty smart for Kev and Pili to stick with the Chop Shop for now since they’ve made it pretty clear they’re going to turn on each other very soon, and both Bruno/Bobby and Zach/Ash will need their votes. Might as well take a shot at the Sindy/Sarah/Brittnee alliance since now they are tighter then any alliance right now.

give the prize money to charity instead!

my heart breaks watching these people not playing the game. At least if Sarah Britt and Sindy gets picked off they can hold their head high. They are strong females who came to play. I respect that more than winning by being in a showmance.


what strong females? Sarah has thrown all of her female allies under the bus. She began by throwing Sindy under the bus, then threw Brittany under the bus, then has thrown Sindy under the bus again when she flat out told everyone in HOH last night that Sindy was hiding her vote.

Sarah floats to power every week and brittany is more concerned about getting a showmance with zach or anyone for that matter. If these are strong females, then what are Jillian, Janelle and Rachel?


i meant strong as in having their own mind, own opinions and having played the game, made moves.


Sindy is a moron and deserves to be evicted for making the same mistake twice. Throwing everyone under the bus left and right and trying to bully Pilar into putting up Willow and Bobby. Just for her sheer stupidity she deserves to go home, but I have a feeling production will bring out another female orientated POV or a puzzle or something she’s very good at. Last night’s show was all about Sindy doing this and that. I am over her, she’s just as annoying as EVER.

No one in the house should get 2 chances especially if you have been in sequester with other people with all the info. It was unfair when they brought back Gandoo Gary and its still unfair when they brought back Sindy.

ps I will get a lot of downvotes on this lol but the truth must be told.


I bet you’re related to Ashleigh. I have a question, is she still in high school?


The truth is you have an abrasive personality in real life.


Thumbs up big time. The sequester thing is laughable allowing the sharing info. As I wrote in an earlier thread BB Can has very little ethics in it. You make a great point about Cindy making the same mistakes second time round.
Wonder if JP will play suck face with the beauty queen if he figured out she was the deciding vote? LOL


The three good things BBCAN had going for it over BBUS (For me at least)
1) Cast – I’m not crazy about all the social media mogul types BBUS seems to be casting nowadays. BBCAN still casts regular peeps.
2) BOOZE – BBCAN1/2 had some great moments thanks to booze but this season it’s been taken out or blocked from the feeds
3) Time zone / Houseguests aren’t allowed to sleep – This is only a plus for us who watch it round the clock. For example BBUS16 sleeping patterns were brutal and almost broke us especially dawg. Someone was always awake talking game


She’s not bullying her at all, she’s simply just campaigning to get others on the block.
People need to seriously chill out with throwing around the word bully every two seconds when clearly its not.


Whoa, don’t bully me on how I should use my words.


Tell me, how is she bullying Pilar?


why is zach so full of himself? he is not even attractive or funny or anything?


What pisses me off the most here above all the flip flopping back and forth is Ashleigh telling Pilar that Sindy is bullying her. Please tell me, Ashleigh, how in god’s name is Sindy bullying Pilar. By fighting to stay in the house? By trying to get her to see her own point of view? From what I saw, at no point in the conversation did Sindy ever verball abuse Pilar, nor did she utter any kind of threat against her. The word bullying is being so overused, and unfairly so in this situation, that it sickens me.


It seems that an alternative idea expressed equates to bullying. Go figure.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Imbecile Pilar is about to become one of the most hated women in the world. In any case the tone of her voice and her gibberish makes you want to go there and slap her in the face as hard as possible.


Cindy with a “S” will take over the jury house to vote her way.


She and Jordan will have a great time hanging out.


By watching her horrendous gameplay, she’ll get the jury to vote opposite of what she wants


Kevin may be good at poker but am not sure about his claim of bb greatness, the longer this is going on . Either that or clueless is slowly sucking out his brain cells

Risha's Boobs

PILAR! Weren’t you just saying last week that you wanted to take a shot at Bobby? Well, now is your chance! It’s sad because Sindy is going to get nominated and her only chance to stay is the veto.


but kevin doesnt want her too so she wont. she keeps saying she is listening to her gut..his name is kevin


when is the nom ceremony?


How stupid are Sandy and Bobby? I would’ve taken the 10 grand right away. Sindy should’ve known that she has no chance at winning the game. Bobby is so oblivious to everything going on in the house, so I kind of understand his point of view (thinks he’s king right now LOL). But yeah Sindy fucked up! And the winner would’ve only got 90K, which would’ve made the other HG’s reactions priceless.


Kevin is doing a lot of hard work in the house. Like right now he is learning and memorizing Pilars family tree. Just like he did earlier today by naming all their names in photos. Wtf? Is he here to play or not? Try to memorize some stats or something….


Things have become so painful to watch. If Sarah, Britt, Godfrey, and Sindy leave, I’ll probably be done with this season. No wonder the show has low ratings. The casting is terrible!

another name

imo, bringing in cindy was a promotional tool. nothing more. someone that will be there for a couple of weeks to create chaos and enhance storyline. the complaints about her extra knowledge are valid. it’s pretty much the same validity as the Canada’s hoh from season 2. a bomb that is dropped into the house so that viewers get to feel a rush of excitement (no lie, I got excited by the chaos) during a period that for the most part in the us counterpart is the beginning of the predictability period; outside interference to increase viewer involvement is nothing new in big brother Canada. not a fan of that tactic in a fair’s fair sense. but i’m not production.
I would surmise that the twist of tossing back in someone with the knowledge of the chop shop would turn the house against them and make a two sided battle. it has. just not the two sides the majority hoped for.
still getting the feeling that the powers that be have the goal of pushing a Zach vs. Bruno storyline with a few female casualties in the next couple of weeks. didn’t say it was what I want to see, just saying it’s beginning to feel that way to me.
i’m not a fan of production interference. I see why they do it, but think that if they are going to storyline it that much, why not provide scripts… especially to the hg’s that would REALLY benefit from a script. I mean…. Ashleigh helping Pilar practice her nomination speech? I can’t even come up with a joke for that one that wouldn’t sound politically incorrect and insulting to the mentally challenged.