“People are scheming in this house bro.. People are scheming” -Corey

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 16-51-12-240

4:46pm HOH Paul and Vic
Paul says big shit happened last night, “do you trust me”
Vic – yes
Paul – You and I were getting Boned.. Apparently James, Paulie and Corey have a thing ..
Paul – There’s a four that has formed.. The 2 couples..
Paul – whenever have I ever mentioned corey’s name? Never.. Apparently I’m going around saying Nicole and Corey
Vic – Paulie is the new Frank
Paul – yes
Paul says Bridgette went around and asked everything who they trust and they said Paulie when Bridgette asked Paulie he said Corey

Paul adds that APulie is getting the house to target each other..
Paul – he said I was a puppy dog and I’ll do whatever he says.. 3 days ago.. We were getting BONED.. He wants to take Corey to the end he doesn’t give a f** about us ..

Paul – he has tossed everyone names out .

Paul – me and Vic since day one said Zakiyah to go.. Zakiyah was never his target why do you think he was so confident about not using the veto.. He has those 3 and us..
Paul explains that they have to play the middle with Paulie’s side and Natalie’s side, “They will be firing at each other.. “
Paul says natalie is saying she’s a “B@D B1tch” just playing dumb. “She is the one that put all this together.. “ (Lets see if CBS gives her the credit on the CBS edit. Something tells me they will give it to james)
Paul explains that James will null his Vote and Corey’s.. “We continues boys exec.. We play dumb”

Paul says apparently Paulie was hitting on Natalie all day, “She like bro I don’t make that sh1t up”
Paul says paulie has been going around telling everyone it’s Natalie hitting on him and natalie went to james right away said “F*** this sh1t”
Paul goes on about how they were being used, “I was like I’m solid when 4 people are telling me this “
Paul says Paulie was telling the entire other side of the house to put Paul and Victor up, “what the f**”
Victor – sh1t turn of events..
Paul says James, Nat Bridgette they ambushed me in a room

Paul – Corey is Paulie’s spy .. when Zakiyah leaves those 3 will flip their sh1t, Paulie is going to want those 3 girls gone.
Paul says Nicole and Corey have been tossing their names out there.
Victor – Michelle was telling me that Corey doesn’t like me at all ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 17-04-57-167

5:03pm well it’s a new show now..
Natalie says she’s going to go talk to Zakiyah now.
Natalie hugs James – Strength and honour..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-10 17-05-00-165

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i wish james wouldnt play soooo damn scared all the time.. in the end it just looks weak to the jury.. if he would just show some guts and go for it he could potentially win the game and the girl smh

Screw James

I honestly don’t care how he plays from here on. He’s already lost me. He he picks Paulie over Natalie he’ll lose practically all of his “fans”. And deservedly so.


1 million billion percent agree with you! He needs to man up. Stop playing for $25,000 and go for the half mil. He’s truly a coward. I know he has a ton of fans(makes no sense to me), I didn’t even like him last year, especially after lying to Clelli and going back on his deal. SAME THING HE DID THIS YEAR! He’s such a pu$$! So glad to see they’re still up for the flip. I just know James will change his mind between now and then though. So I’m still trying to not get excited about it. I just can’t wait for it to be Nicole’s turn:) I couldn’t imagine living with her. She’s sooooooooo whhhhiiiiiinnnnnnnnyyyyyy! Always complaining. The way she tries to act like she’s a goody good girl and is nice to everyone then basically scolds Z for going to hang out with Natalie makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine if she thought for a second some of the girls were taking about her or didn’t like her. She’d freak out, confront them, and cry/whine in the DR. Lol.
****On another note: I’ve said this multiple times, and I’m gonna say it again. Simon, you are THE BEST! I swear I can, not look at who the author is(I never do), but half way through reading I know if it’s Simon or not. I love when you put your opinion in there. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. As a reader it’s nice to see where the author stands on a certain situation. It just makes it better to read. Not to mention the fact that your comments are HILARIOUS:) I’m in the #SimonFanClub


If James doesn’t do something I’m going to scream.. Look folks I put up with Liztin last year because I had hoped that James would join the dentist… I will not do that this year if James doesn’t do something now I am turning off the telly. I will not watch Zaulie they are sick together… No more he-man woman hater club for me either. Corey pleasessss f#cking wood so dense and boring. Nicole she is just a dum@ss.


James has a mangina

Tiny Trump Hands

Is mangina supposed to be some kind of insult to a man? Cuz all the Vaginas in the house (except Nicole) a making serious sh1t happen, so maybe a mangina is exactly what James needs to get some courage.


@Anon, I take offense to calling him that. Vaginas are tough and can take a beating over and over and over etc and still come back for more . I know mine sure has !!!!


It’s amazing how Natalie is the one who flips the house and gives us some excitement…FINALLY!


Nat gets credit…but she’s gotta share it with Bridgette. Bridgette was the one gathering info, playing the game, helping Nat see what was happening. Bridgette was the one on board from the start to disrupt Paulie’s plan, while Nat was silent.

Nat can pretend she has a 6th sense and spending 24/7 with James (who’s a dunce) allowed her to unearth everything that was happening, but really Bridgette painted the picture and once she realized she’d be next to go or Bridgette, she decided to play. Bridgette has been trying to play the whole time and if Nat’s so smart, she never lets James do Paulie’s bidding with Frank

BB fanner

Michelle fed them all


There are multiple people to thank for the flip. Also Michelle used her veto speech well to shine a huge spot light onto Paulie. Good to see the 3 girls inspiring James to play without fear and grow some balls.


I expect James to do exactly what he did last Season. Make mistakes, play with fear and then wait to have him and Nat picked off… because he is afraid of the Big Dogs. James could have gotten in good and used Vic to take our Paulie and James… he didn’t. He could have done so many things… but lets be honest, James plays to be in the Jury. He is not a bold player. Last Season when he took out Caly and then voted out Shelli is because he felt he had the numbers and it would ingratiate him to Austin and Vanessa. He is a weak player, and I at no time expected him to win this Season. So no shock with James… none at all.


I actually just posted this but then you added a new top post so I moved it over here. I hope that’s o.k.

I’m not from Jersey. According to Paulie ALL Jersey girls are horrible, nasty and disgusting. I am assuming that a lot of Jersey boys are born and bred from Jersey moms who were formally Jersey girls so, if you follow the family tree that must mean that Paulie is – horrible+nasty+disgusting=D-bag.

Whenever Paulie talks about his ex-girlfriend the feeds go to fish so I don’t know much about her. However, on the slim chance that she reads the message boards I wanted to say something to her.
“Shout out to Paulie’s ex-girlfriend. I just wanted to say congratulations. Based on the fact that you are the ‘EX’ girlfriend, you are by far the biggest winner this summer. Escaping this d-bag before he made it apparent to the whole world exactly how douchey he actually is makes being an ex-girlfriend instead of being a current girlfriend a prize worth far more than the 500k.”

chief of douche guys

Yup you bet


Paulie is the biggest D-bag ever! If we thought as closed minded as him we would be like “OH every guy named Paulie is a D-bag”

Lol ...

Grendon …. You by far have the BEST comment of the summer!!! That made my day! I totally agree with you on the EX girlfriend comment as well!
I sure hope this house flips because it it very boring watching the Paulie show.
Thanks Simon & Dawg! Great posts in the last day and a half … I’m sorry they never sleep they’ve got you guys up day and night. Appreciate all you do!


Well said!


Haha Corey can already sense something is up…gonna be an interesting day in the bb house! I really hope this comes together, at this point I really want to see a Bridgette and Natalie final 2! Damn if Paul and James come through with this move I will have a whole new respect for them on this game. Especially Paul, even though he gets on my last nerve, people in the house don’t realize how smart he is.


Holy cow! I wasn’t sure about Paul but now that he’s explained everything to Victor, it seems PP is really finished. Athoough I want the girls to come out on top, not a bad plan for P & V to see which way the wind blows. Next HOH is gonna be real important.

Cross eyed Paulie

Paulie’s eyes at 2:50 lol douchebag!

A Girl Has No Name

It’s the pics if Z and Meech at 3:04 “getting ready to f*@# Shit up that had me ROTFLMAO loudly!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!


I really hope the house flips and takes Z out. It would be TV gold

Cross eyed Paulie

Paulie is the embodiment of a SCUMBAG. I don’t think it’s even worth discussing the comments he’s making about Natalie.

sunny dee

i would have said go ahead win the game, you earned it, to him had he not also chosen to spew out such manic paranoid hatred of women, while he frantically afraid of them ‘getting together’, he’s also dismissing them as props for the guys, and basically useless braindead bodies. he can’t even give natalie credit for choosing to drop at the end with vic, while they both outlasted every single other person, he still calls her useless and weak and not a threat. oh, she’s a thread, dude. at this point so is Zak, so he might want to double think that choice of his to get her on the block, not use the veto, make up a lame excuse for it, because at this point, she just might come for him, viewers may not even need michelle

James folds again.

Once again the pansy folds his tent and lets Pauli run the show.

Also, makeup is magic if Nicole can go from looking like she does in that pic to what she looks like on tv.

What a mess she is…. Wouldn’t want to wake up to that.

Pinocchio Obama

This next HOH competition is going tbe brutal.


First in a double is usually questions or something quick…Could be as ridiculous as a crap shoot type thing, although that would give more people a shot.

chief of douche guys

Ugh got that correct

Zakiyah's diarrhea

I guess Cory finally realized where he was, and what people do on Big Brother. He was just too distracted by Pauline’s chest.



Coreys 2006 Faux Hawk is so lame

Corey saying “you can do anything you want to Nicole I don’t care” is so telling about his true feelings for her and that he using her for game only.

Nicole is truly making a fool of herself once again. So pathetic her only relationships in life are fake BB ones. Sad really how desperate this girl is.

The lame plan to get Zak mad at Paulie is epically failing. James won’t do crap unless Paulie orders him to.

Just like EVERY other eviction Paulie has signed off on and this one will be the same.


Both Z and Nicole have made complete fools out of themselves. I’ve said it many times (ad nauseam) and I’ll say it again. No showmances! Too distracting and they are rarely,if ever, mutually beneficial to HG’s games. Not sure why anybody would even go on a show to win money, yet decide along the way that wasting time/energy on someone they barely know is worth it.

With that being said, you’d expect these guys to have some modicum of respect for these girls they spend so much time cuddling with, but they do not. It’s broadcast on live TV just how little you think of them. Yes, we know it’s all a game. At some point your true character shows though and these two (Corey and Paulie) are sadly lacking.


True story, the only reason cory is showing nic any attention is bc of nic’s contacts outside the house that will help him with his app.

Me and my brother don't roll like that bro



I down voted only cuz that made me sad :'(




Is there really a PP split coming?


On behalf of everyone who visits this site thank you for the dedication 🙂

Huckleberry Hillary

Thanks Simon. You rock!


Unless Paul was lying to Vic it looks like PP is dead as Paul want Paulie out this week.

Vic's next nomination speech

Nicorey Nicorey dock
Corey was sucking my “c$#k”
The clock struck 2, I released my goo.
Now Nicole get your ass on the block!

Cody Calafiore

I don’t know what Paulie is talking about when he says we have a “code” because I bang his girlfriends all the time. Even his guy friends.

Lil' Nat Nat

Hey James – since you’re not using your balls, I’m going to


I really wish Nicole would be around to over hear Corey say things like he really wants 5 bros to the end or ‘You can do whatever you want with Nicole I would never care’.
As much as I want to see the tides turn on her it would also be nice to see her get Britney’d this season 😀

Let’s go Natalie and Bridgette (never would have said that 6 weeks ago)!


I agree. I hope the door hits Nicole on the way out when she is evicted.

The vets don’t act like they are vets. It’ sad. Why even bring them back?

sunny dee

i was safety care packing her because i wanted to wake her up to the fact that these guys are targeting her next or any time really. but now i think if she got it she’d think it was the ‘other’ side as in bridgette and natalie, and would wonder what did she ever do to them. blah blah

not sure why everyone thinks that noms are personal, and out of vengeance, if you are not with me you are against me, simple as that. If you never talk game with me then how would i know what your plans are.


Screw all that, I want rat-induced chaos:

Paulie gets ratted on from all sides….Vic tell Nicole about Corey…Bridgette tells Paulie that Paul was gung ho to evict Z….Paul tells Corey about James….Nicole tells Nat about James.

I don’t want 1 side vs the other side….I want 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1, etc, etc….let the chips fall where they may.

Big brother

Corey doesn’t care for Nicole. He’s been trying to protect Bridget lately and he said he didn’t care if Nicole gets sent home by Bridget. What an ass?


“What an ass”, says Vic


Nicole and Z are going to feel so stupid when they go back and see this.

Shelli's Chompers

An even better show would be watching all of these turds watching themselves after the season is over. Meltdowns and crying galore. Now that’s TV gold!

Robins brother

I always thought BB needed a better finally and review the true douchy behaver of some of these people and not end with the winner reveal


They won’t watch it. Nicole already said that she has never watched her previous season.
Z *might* watch some of the clips of Paulie talking sh!t about her, simply because there are so many floating around.


Nic didn’t watch her other season ( so she said) and she might not even watch this one ( so she said)


She watched.


They are both mean girls who are very insecure about themselves.

Michelle has nothing

Michelle keeps saying she is going to blow up everyones game when she leaves. Ummm if you have anything why don’t you blow it up now so you stay?

Oh that’s right you have nothing. You floated behind Paulie to here and now that it’s time to clip you..you mad.

Bye Felicia. You no “super fan” and the whole BB world laughs at you. Enjoy surfing the net and seeing how people really think of you. I know you care. Go seek help after cuz you will be suicidal. No joke here. Please seek help.


whoa, slow down there calafore. no wonder this kid has no respect for women, family trait.


James ruined Nats plan to make Z jealous by going to Paulie. They know somethings up. This won’t work. I hope I’m wrong.

Say what?

What did I miss? How did Paulie know what Nat was going to say to Z? Paul the rat or James the wuss?


Since James tipped him off last night about what she said I think Paulie is doing damage control assuming that is what she will do. I may stand corrected but I don’t think we have seen any going back to Paulie since this morning’s turn of events.


Dumbass Nicole fell for a player. He seemed genuinely interested in Nicole in the beginning. But now it seems like he’s interested in Bridget. He said to Paulie he could send Nicole home and doesn’t care. He said doesn’t care if Bridget sends her home either. His body language is now changed and he’s been protective over Bridget.


Paulies going to find out what nat james and paul said and hes going to take them all out.#nevercared


According to my Bilderburg connections, Paulie and James are tighter than we know….Now if the Illuminati and Free Masons would return my calls I could confirm Nicole’s and productions positions in this triumvirate.

Literally at the end of the day

Sounds like Paulie’s ex fiancé from Jersey realized what a dirt bag he is and dumped him. Butt hurt any? James asks Paulie if good NJ girls exist…WTF kind of stupid question is that? “Exists” like unicorns, mermaids and big foot? In our entire state, according to Paulie, his sister is the only good girl. Seriously, do these guys have any intelligence?

I don't believe that

I’m sure lots of Jersey girls are great. Just like I’m sure most Jersey guys don’t make out with their fathers like Cody and Paulie do.


Yeah I always thought that was weird. What’s up with that?


I have a theory for how many players can be so stupid and so oblivious to what is really going on in the game. It also explains why some of these lazier players suddenly seemed to flip a switch and start playing. No, not the DR directing them, though the cynic in me knows the DR does plant and cultivate ideas. No, I think it is the comfort, and the ease of doing nothing, when you think you are America’s sweetheart, favorite player, playing “who wants to marry a half-millionaire”. The key to the flip is being confronted on camera with truths they can’t ignore, like what happened last night. Suddenly your stupidity is on camera for all your freinds, family, and fans to see. Most important is the players know that the public knows. You can play dumb when it’s behind your back, or whispered in the corner.
I am actually looking forward to Nicole’s inevitable betrayal because she is playing the game, just really badly. Again. When she sees the way these guys have been talking about their girls she is going to regret she tried to whine her way through the game hiding behind a guy using her as a beard, and a guy who is actually hiding behind her. Zakiya, unlike Nicole is really a mean girl so I don’t think she will be as crushed as everyone thinks she will be. She will simply show up at paulies house in Jersey with her suitcase and wait in the back yard for paulie to come home from work and resume the cuddling like the game is still going.

short with big boobs

Omg that last sentence so funny!!!

Shell Belle

Simon, I love when you add your comments in parenthesis! Please keep it coming.

Bridgette, Paul, Nat and James need to tell Z all the nasty things Paulie has said about her behind her back. So if she does come back, she won’t run straight to him… But who am I kidding, she probably will run straight to him.


I do not want Zakiyah in that house. She has been the biggest flop this season. She constantly gets betrayed by Paulie then runs right back to him. It’s almost as if she doesn’t realize that this is BIG BROTHER and NOT real world.


I can’t stand Nicole. I honestly felt sorry for her in S16. Her jealousy towards Nat is pathetic.


All right James, Natalie is not stupid and I hope she throws you out of bed on your worthless balls!!!
Nicole you are just plain petty………..that picture of you scared the living days lights out me ..no wonder why Corey likes boys.
Z you are just plain dumb and Pathetic.
I am sorry for the rant…………..after reading this I am just so annoyed with these so called players!!

Jatalie Fan

Looks like Nat is showing her true colors. James already suspected it. Lets hope that James grows some here and gains some goody points with Nat and follows through on his word.

Paulie's PP

I SO hope they show Paulie peeing in the Hot Tub on the show!!!! I’ll bet his mom is SO VERY proud of her di@k Head son, oh wait she’s a former Jersey Girl so(according to Paulie) she doesn’t know shit!!!!!

Justin beaver

It’s a Calafiore family tradition.They all pee in the pool, the hottub, people’s drinks, including Mom.

More like Zakino

Loyal to the man who had his top ally put you on the block then wouldn’t use the veto he won on you? You dumb!

Fake ass

Corey is so cocky. I hope Victor tells Nicole thatCorey doesn’t like her. Corey has been really showing her shade and kind of giving her hints without her even knowing that he doesn’t like her. He called Michelle ugly who looks similar to Nicole. Then backtracked and said he was joking. His jokes aren’t jokes. Please tell Victor so Victor can sweep in on Nicole. That would be hilarious.


I think that’s why Victor flirts with Nicole all the time because he knows Corey doesn’t like her. Just like Victor throwing Corey UTB about a girl he met back home that he was going to wife up. I think Victor does like her and knows Coreys intentions and caps on him because he’s interested in her but doesn’t want ruffle her feathers because they are in a game


Corey made Nicole jealous of Natilie by telling her how much she hits on him. From a girls perspective I get why she doesn’t like her. But it’s gotten really obsessive lately. James even said that Natilie and Corey were flirting. So there is truths to Natilie Corey and even Paulie flirting but it’s not one sided. Corey said he hates girls that go after him. He likes the chase and Natilie hit on him from the go and he was immediately turned off.


Corey walked into the Have nots room and they asked him where everyone is at. He said a few names and then Bridget. Natilie asked in a confused face what about Nicole? He’s like I don’t. If you like someone you know whet they are at and you talk about them. I never hear him talk about her or liking her. He mentions Bridget a lot and even his Cat more than I hear Nicole’s name out of his mouth. He doesn’t seem interested and always looks away when she’s talking. She is annoying so I could see why. But it’s really sad because he said he wanted to flirt with Natilie just to piss Vic off and Nicole told him not to because she wouldn’t like it if a guy did that to her for strategy. Oh how the tables have turned on Nicole.


Who even says that? Corey is full of himself. He’s not even cute. He treats Nicole like dog. I guess I can Say the same for her because she calls him stupid and terrible at playing comps. She’s nags at him all the time. There hasn’t been one Dr session of Corey saying he likes Nicole. She’s going to be humiliated at the end of this game. I feel bad for her but at the same time she hasn’t been very friendly. She might not say anything malicious about anyone but her being rude or standoffish is just the same. Nicole is snappy and always irritated. She’s also very also judgmental. I think she came into this game feeling entitled or arrogant.


My only fear in all this is that Paul wants James out by any means possible but Paulie doesn’t want him out, at least not now. But Paul wants him out now. I know everyone hates Paulie but in my opinion, it’s best for James game to stick with Paulie for now. Paul wants to vote out all his threats, people he thinks Paulie will take further instead of him, so it will be just PP to the end. So right now, James is in a bad spot. Paul is not fully with him. He’s just sticking with them now because they are planning to vote out his target. When that is done, he will focus fully on getting James out. And the other girls cannot really protect James if he’s on the block and their chances of winning HOH are slim. So, right now, James is in the worst position in the house with that care package he got. If he keeps Michele, Paulie, Corey, Nicole and especially Paul will go after him. It’s a tough decision for him right now.

I honestly would laugh

If Nat backdoored James. She’s always had his back more than he’s had hers. I’ve been cheering on the Nat/James showmance for weeks. But now I truly believe he doesn’t deserve her. And he’ll never have another chance with a girl as good as her.


HG keep saying “Paulie has been running this house” …they should all be thankful then, they are still in the house and not in jury with Day.

Go Paulie


Huckleberry Hillary

Hopefully with a double eviction we will see some of these alliance members turning on each other. We need some drama in this house.


i serious hate her game play! the biggest baby ever. i hope she leaves!

Evel Dick is a Nat fan

Who saw that coming? LMAO


Paul has no loyalty whatsoever, is he even correct in wanting to blindside Paulie. I’m not a Paulie supporter I just don’t see how he’s validated in going after Paulie, everyone else, yes but not Paul.


If you watched the episode tonight you would see that Paul was already becoming disgruntled with Paulie and calling him selfish in DR for wanting to keep Z over Michelle. The flip crew just happened to approach him at the right time. He did seem to be overreacting in a way that could be detrimental to his game, maybe, by giving away some info about Paulie. But he’s also covering himself by trying to appear to stay in the middle. This could potentially work very well for his game.


Looks like Paul flipped on PP. MAYBE for now. Nat for the WIN


Calm down on the hate everybody. What a man says I front of another man isn’t necessarily what a man feels. Just doesn’t want to be looked at as weak. Plus it’s amazing how u guys jump on certain conversations to be true just because u want them to be. I.e. nat really liking james, all yall were like she’s playing him cuz she is hot and he’s not and u were all wrong!

Only can wish

If everyone on these posts are saying that Paulie and Nicole are so close outside the house and he’s hearing how Corey talk bad about Nicole. What does that says about Paulie’s character(not forgetting how he treats Z) that he doesn’t put game aside and tell her what Corey is about?

Justin beaver

The Bros over Hos mindset is very sick, totally homoerotic ,womanhating behavior that so-called straight guys use to convince themselves and their friends that they’re not gay.Women who marry these guys live a hellish life.


Considering how he talks about Zakiyah and some of the other girls in the house, it’s not a stretch to think he doesn’t think a thing about Nicole getting trashed behind her back by Corey.


BRAWLed. Bridg & Paul Love it For now. I flip too


It is the oddest match that it may just work


Since the return ticket is still in play, I hope Michelle is not the one who has it; it would be a complete waste because she does nothing to be a significant factor in the game

Paulie's moma is NJ trash

… So he implies.


Can anyone say “FINALLY”…… Amazing to watch Nat literally grow up in this game and be one of the two that is causing the house to flip and a flipped house is always the best house. Definite America’s Favorite Player if they can pull this off over the next 2 weeks.

An Apple A Day

That’s the problem with Paul. First he was blindly aligned with Josea. Then he turned on his “boy”, Victor. He’s so quick to turn on Paulie. He’s just a snarky little snake. Don’t mind the girls using him to advance their game, but he needs to go just as much as Paulie. PP is yellow for a (t)reason.


Paul never turned on Victor. Paul was the one vote to keep Victor. He tried to warn Victor about getting backdoored and to be careful. He jumped right back in with him when Victor returned. Victor may not be a very sophisticated player but I think Paul and Victor are pretty tight. It was Paul who brought Vic in with Paulie and smoothed things over. In some ways I’d say Paul is playing a stronger game than Paulie. Paulie has been in charge basically from the get go and Paul was the next to go out the door. Now though he’s looking pretty good for the finals. If the house flips and takes out Zakiyah, we’ll see if Paulie can handle the pressure when he’s not the top dog calling the shots.


Victor and Paul are the real Bros. Screw Paulie. PUlie was going to turn on Paul the first chance he got. Paulie’s main guy was always Corey.


BTW early this morning when James, Paul, Nat, Brig and Miche were in the LR talking about flipping the house Nat said something she has not said yet this season. James went off to bed and she told the remaining people that she is falling in Love with him… Just love Nat…


Only until she gets his 2 canceled votes selected. She wants something so he’s allowed to love on her in the bed. Watch how fast it changes back.
Everyone is saying Michelle is a bully, I agree with whoever said Natalie is a bigger bully than Michelle. She’s mean to girls and plays with hearts like they’re candy.


Only until she gets his 2 canceled votes selected. She wants something so he’s allowed to love on her in the bed. Watch how fast it changes back.
Everyone is saying Michelle is a bully, I agree with whoever said Natalie is a bigger bully than Michelle, mean to girls and plays with hearts like they’re candy. Those 2 are the jealous ones, it shows when they talk.