Paulie “Paul if I can’t get Vic, I’m going after you. You’re a snake, a manipulative weasel!”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 03-39-07-372

12am London bedroom – Paulie, Paul, Vic, James and Natalie. Paul says we’re realistic when it comes down to us four. Vic says it just comes down to winning the comps. Natalie asks James are you mad at what I said? James says no. Nat says if me and James are on the block I would hope that he campaigns and I campaign too. Its the nature of the game as long as we don’t tear each other down or talk negatively about each other. Vic says is what I tried to tell Paulie, you can campaign to keep yourself in without sh*tting on the other person. You don’t even have to bring up the name of the other person. Nat says I’m winning the HOH tomorrow. Paul says what if he (Paulie) has the round trip ticket. Paul says I would be so not down. Vic says I would hit the red button. Nat jokingly says so should we evict Corey just in case Paulie has the round trip ticket? Paul says no that logic does not work here. What if he has it. They talk about how if there is a jury buy back comp Paulie would win it. Paul says Who is he up against.. Bridgette, Da and Z ..come on Bridgette is a gimp! Paul talks about how Paulie said if you keep me here he would take a shot at Victor for me. I said no I don’t need you to take a shot at Victor. I’m not going after him. I shut it down right away.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 03-39-29-112

2:15am – 3am
Nat says he said I was a cry baby to the whole house. Paul says fools a cry baby. Nat asks did you know he was spreading slander that I’m a cry baby to the whole house. James says no. Nat says I’m not mad about it. Nat says those guys have been protecting Nicole. Paul says she’s not safe next week, she’s going on the block. Vic says this is what makes me mad about Nicole. It was her that asked me out on a date. Vic says it feels nice getting some revenge. Nat says I’m happy that I played an important role in getting Paulie out. Paul says you know what I like about us 4 .. it is honestly a toss up who would win. Nat says it all comes down to your final speech. James talks about how he got called to be on the Bold and the Beautiful. He says they got paid to be on it. Only him, Johnny Mac and Meg got asked to be on it. They talk about how there is something else that has to happen. James says an other double eviction, round trip ticket or a rewind.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 04-27-31-318

12:20am – 3am Safari room – Paulie, Nicole and Corey. Paulie says I’m going to have the round trip ticket and I will be going hard for the HOH. I will be going hard and will talk the most sh*t. I will be like Vic you’re going up, Paul you’re going up. Vic you’re going up just because you’re a competition beast. You called me out so I’m calling you out. Oh and you sent me out the door so lets call this even, even, now we’re even. Paul if I can’t get him, I’m going after you. You’re a snake, a manipulative weasel. And if one of them pulls themselves down I will put James up. You started this whole thing. In my speech tomorrow I might say YO Vic congratulations on your wins in the house. No one counts the battle back ones like you do. Paulie says I’m going to go out classy if I go out. I’ll say something about my family. And how I would be friends with everyone on the outside. I’d say something nice about you and Corey. Meech joins them. Paulie says if I do have the round trip I would have to win the HOH because I do not want to be a havenot. Meech asks do you have to make pies if you’re HOH. Paulie says yup for the rest of the summer. They chat about events of the house and other random things and then head to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-18 04-03-27-811

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

9:30am ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11:30am HOH lockdown
12:53pm no feed just jeff highlights

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WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

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192 thoughts on “Paulie “Paul if I can’t get Vic, I’m going after you. You’re a snake, a manipulative weasel!”

    1. True fans are digging this flip over the past couple weeks. Getting to witness Karma to someone who was so high and mighty is very satisfying. If he has the roundtrip ticket, then we will enjoy that battle as well. Pop the corn, it’s gonna be interesting.

      1. Dawg/Simon,

        if you win the care package and Co-HOH I’m assuming that means you can’t be put on the block by the original HOH winner. Is that correct?

        1. I would have much rather seen Frank have the roundtrip than Paulie. If the flip had humbled him, and he owned it and apologized, it would be a little different. But no, he still will not take responsibility of his nasty actions. Hope he’s gone for good.

          1. I’m still waiting for someone to call him out on the whole going to Vegas and blowing his stipend, oh well no more gambling for a week comment. What happened to his Aunt and parents mortgage? I would have been all over that. Unbelievable!

      1. Everyone always talks about it being rigged if things don’t go their way. It drives me nuts.

        …but if things go the way you want them to go then it’s not rigged, right?

        1. Reference to what Me said. We or I should say some of us are saying it may be rigged not because it’s not going the way we want. It could be because the events that have occurred and occurring as we speak shows alot of favoring to one particular person and it called FAVORITISM. Paulie has got away with so many things that it has become suspect. I remember one season Chima just threw her mic in the pool and they pull her a$$ right out of there with a quickness Yes, she may have been throwing a tantrum, but that was nothing compare to what Paulie did thoughout the season. It no excuses for his actions.

          Also, Someone else mentioned on the last post, “Why we keep watching the show if we are going complain about it? Well to answer the question, it’s because we want to and we can!!!

          1. The problem is that people make determinations that are not supported by the evidence on hand, b/c they are overlooking or choosing to ignore the multitude of variables that go into making a proper assessment. Critical thinking is weak. Chima claims that she was ejected b/c CBS knew she was on the verge of quitting. Even if this isn’t true, fact is that she destroyed property. It’s not nearly the same as a contestant who is having emotional outbursts, which is something that is quite common on the show. It takes very extreme behavior to be kicked off the show. Has any other HG angrily destroyed house property and been allowed to stay? In terms of the return ticket, Paulie currently has a 1:8 chance, which is not the worst of odds, say, compared to 1:100 or 1:1000. So, he may very well have it based simply on the luck of the draw. He hasn’t been shown any other favoritism. So, there is nothing to support your supposition. Now, perhaps Evil Dick should have been evicted for dumping water on a fellow HG. But, it could be seen as a gray aread. And even if CBS did show some favoritism there, Paulie is Evil Dick in terms of extreme entertainment value. Evil Dick’s backstory and the surprise element to playing with his estranged daughter, made him a valuable HG to CBS from the get-go.

      2. Exactly the same shite they said about Frank. It’s always “rigged” when things don’t go our way isn’t it. I hope its Corey who has the ticket. Just to throw everything off haha. I just want Paulie gone. Who the hell is he calling a Cry Baby? Speaking of, I wish Nat would stop whining now about how mean Paulie is or what he has said. We get it princess, hes an ass but you need to stfu about it now. You have gotten the sympathy and attention that you needed for it so drop it. Really it isn’t even that big of a deal.

      3. How would we know that? The round trip ticket is based on “luck/chance” and there are very few tickets left – the possibility of a win is far greater than it has been based solely on the number left. He actually has a very good chance of having the RT, whether we like it or not!

    2. Paulie is a text book example of a bad sport. I have watched since season 1 and I can’t remember anybody being such a d*mn cry baby. Glad he’s going and hopefully stays gone. I’ll be booing my ass off even if the audience doesn’t.

      1. It really is annoying how production didn’t show the viewers how terrible he’s acted the last few days. Refusing to do his punishment, threatening to leave jury, etc.
        I’m also disappointed how they never show Corey applauding and cheering Paulie on when he’s being so horrible to the women in there. They just show him looking crazy eyed and dumbstruck all the time.
        Shame on you CBS for not showing the real Paulie and Corey. Thank goodness for OBB (Simon and Dawg you guys rock!) and Twitter, etc. to keep people informed.

    3. I’m guessing Paulie probably already has plans for the 25K he is going to win for AFHG… least in his head.

    4. Everyone please vote for Victor for CO-HOH. He could get screwed over!!!!!! Do not vote for Michelle she is unpredictable.

  1. After the way Paulie has acted, even if he had the round trip ticket, production probably switched it. I know if I was them I would not want to deal with him. They’re probably counting down the hours to his eviction. And so am I.

    1. Really? I think if Paulie has the RT it could make a very boring season pretty exciting! How boring would it be to have Victor, Paul, James and Nat the final 4? I don’t think I could even watch that.

      1. I don’t think they’d make it to final 4. After Nicole and Corey go Meech comes into play. One of those pairs will use her to go after the other. There’s still some antics left and who knows what happens if Meech wins HoH in the next week or two.

    2. I think production would do the complete opposite. If Paulie doesn’t have the return ticket, switch it out so he does. Production doesn’t care who wins, they only care about their ratings and my guess all the drama in the last week has been ratings gold for them!

      Do I want Paulie to have the return ticket…absolutely not!

    3. Production is probably hoping this cocky little punk goes. He has been extremely disrespectful to them as well. They are ready to pass him off to the staff at the Jury House.

      1. Well Im not so sure about that since he got a BS positive edit last night. Unbelievable really – did the Califiore family cry to production to wipe Paulie’s nastiness slate clean? I mean why protect such an arsehole. Even if he has the return card he should come back as a villian not the pretty boy next door

        1. I dont know if showing him cry like a little bitch is a good edit…last week they showed how horrible he is to the women in the house and this week he is crying like a baby….it shows me he needs mental intervention pronto

  2. Please, please please don’t let Paulie have the roundtrip ticket. He definitely described himself when he called Paul “a snake, a manipulative weasel”. On the show last night, that crying in the diary room was an attempt to make himself look better to the viewers. I’ll be so glad when he’s out. Next out should be Corey or Nicole.

      1. Really? Had he just let Z go early, just read the house a little better, he’s still sitting pretty.

        Paul decided that him wanting to keep Z was an indication that he wanted to keep her longer than he was saying and called everything else into question….and if things turn on him, we’ll all say how Paul blew it turning on Paulie too soon….Then there’s no Bridgette/Nat revolt, Michelle is still the mean girl thinking she’s with the cool kids. If he is passive, not campaigning, staying open to dumping Z as the week progressed to Paul, instead of countering his every point, then Paul comes to him and rats James, James runs to rat himself, and Paulie just cuts bait on Z, then Bridgette goes when she does and Vic gets his revenge on Nat tonight to punish the revolt.

        Pretending Paulie is a bad player, didn’t completely dominate 2 months and only fell because his #1 ally decided to cut him is silly.

        1. I told my wife this about a month ago….Paulie was playing a good game but then he started taking out targets that only affected him(Tiffany, Frank, Day) and not helping other people take their targets out. He also thought he was running things and got too big of a head and when he realized he didnt have control anymore he went off on the wrong people and ruined his game. If he kept a level head he probably could have talked the house in to getting rid of corey to break up the showmance.

          1. I actually think he did a very good job of making his threats/targets everybody’s threats/targets and the only stumble from protecting somebody else’s target. He just got overconfident and took it for granted that Paul was his guy. Had he noticed how hard Paul was selling Z needing to go, he might have realized protecting her was an unnecessary risk, that Paul wanted some confirmation that he was his final 2.

            And when they got to last week, Paulie did not have a new “villain” teed up. He got relaxed, acting like the next two months were just picking the order of eviction. In other words he let the house start thinking for themselves and Paul suspected that Vic would have followed Michelle, then Bridgette, and he’s the 7th wheel to the showmances. If Paulie let’s Z go, Paul doesn’t have that fear, and the floater revolt gets shot down.

    1. I’m glad Paulie’s going, but the rest of them are all the same. They’ve taken the it’s just a game to a whole new level with personal attacks. Terrible!

  3. Sure Paulie keeping it classy is what you have done! That is the moral code and family respect and honor you have been taught since a wee little child that you have shown us. Hopefully they are lining up for your meeting, greeting, and beating. We are done with you……NEXT!

    1. I think the whole date thing was blown out of proportion. I believe they were joking around in the beginning and Nicole said something about not dating for a year after getting out of the house and Vic said, so you’d date me in a year. She took that as he’s asking her out which could explain a lot about her relationships.

      1. all the date things are non issues. basically someone says something about ‘after the show’, and someone else remembers it wrong, and instead of that just being OK, they run off and say ‘he is trying to date me’, instead of taking it as a joke as intended.

    2. No, it was a joke. But, Nicole tried to make it into something that wasn’t true. She lied, just like she lied on Day, Tiffany and Frank. If these house guest would actually talk, they would figure out that most of the lies spread throughout the house, came from Nicole. She’s Christine this season.

  4. If Paulie has the round trip we KNOW production controls everything and that this show is a scam!!! I might stop watching.

    1. We already know production controls a lot of the game. Didn’t Meech say earlier this week that she had a dream that the next care package was an hoh? And didn’t Paul say something about replacing one nomination? That being said, i don’t think they interfere such a way as to cheat the other houseguests, which picking who gets round trip would do. Julie said “reality” shows were produced, which to me, meant that they do direct a lot of what happens.

    2. So if Frank had it, then it was rigged. If Z had it, it was rigged. If Paulie had it, it is rigged.
      It seems that it’s rigged only when you do not agree……

  5. Paulie is a snake, cry baby, and a hypocrite. So sick of him calling out other people’s behavior when he does all of the same things.
    Seriously, calm down dude! Most of the others have tried to tell him it’s just a game, he must have some type of emotional/mental issues that BB is not aware of.

  6. “Nat asks did you know he was spreading slander that I’m a cry baby to the whole house.”

    NATALIE … quit making mountains out of mole hills …. you are sounding a lot like a cry baby

    1. *DISCLAIMER* Since my previous comment was about Natalie … there was no pun intended in regards to her making mountains out of mole hills.

            1. now that is funny :)

              (new here and never saw GENESIS used as a screen name … if indeed you have been using it prior to me, it was unintentional on my part… but as they say, “great minds think alike” and “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”)

  7. Abut Paulie’s comment.. This is the reaso why Vic should get the package in case Pauli has the rt ticket and win hoh. If Mich gets it there’s a chance she wil flip. Vic deserve the package. I know a lot of you in here were happy when he put him on the block and did not us the veto. It’s just nice to keep him until P is gone.

      1. Asking folks to vote the way you want is just that … asking. Your vote is your vote and no one can make you vote any way you do not want to … (unless of course the voting mechanism is rigged)

  8. Well if Paulina does have the round trip ticket, comes back & wins HOH, he doesn’t know there will be a Co-hoh & from the polls it looks like it will be Michelle or Victor & they get to choose the other house guest for eviction & I’m sure it will either be Nicole or Corina!

    1. I can’t help but be offended by the way some posters are feminizing Paulie and Corey’s names as an attempt at insulting them. How very juvenile!

      1. Because i felt like it, it’s my post I will call PAULINA & CORINA what i please! you must one of their friends or family memebers!

      2. It’s my post i will call them what i please! you must one of their family members or friends, get out of your feelings & get over it!!!!

  9. I would love for Paulie to have the round trip ticket! It’s Big Brother we are finally getting to see them play the game! Paulie coming back and winning HOH will have the players scrambling again!

  10. Someone posted yesterday about how great it would be to see a post with some of the best comments of the season since there indeed has been some really funny posts and one liners that have made us laugh our a$$es off. My first thought was “Sure let’s ask these 2 guys who already do so much for us all putting themselves out all summer to give us the best BB site I have personally ever seen, (with some of the tightest and funny regular visitors) to take more of their time to sift through what hundreds of thousands of comments and choose what they think were the best.” But Simon’s reply was spot on and I felt pretty stupid. He said if WE sifted through and sent him some of the funniest ones we could find he would post them. (Duh I never thought of that. Yea, yea, that’s the ticket) I agree it would be great to see some of those funny posts again. So much happens and changes we forget by the end of the season some of the crazy funny one liners and observations people have come up with. If anyone agrees and has some time to sift through and send in some of them. Hopefully that way it doesn’t create too much extra work for the guys

  11. Paulie calling Paul a manipulative weasel is just more evidence of Paulie not taking responsibility for his actions. It wasn’t Paul’s idea to suddenly turn everyone against Paulie (a.k.a. The nicest guy in the world, according to Paulie) for no good reason. Earth to Paulie: You’re leaving because of you, not because of Paul. Not because of Natalie, or James, or Michelle. You dug your own grave. You’re leaving because you’re a terrible person that nobody wants to be around, let alone work with. Take some responsibility.

  12. Paulie tried to get Michelle and Nicole to open up their envelopes like they’re that stupid enough to do it. I can’t take anymore of Paulie and his self entitled attitude. …..enough already

    1. Now, if they did open the envelopes, wouldn’t that make them all null and void? Why would he want to lose his only chance to get back in the house?

          1. LOL!! Thanks for not calling me the “Ass”. I thought if anyone opened them, they were void.
            Obviously, I was wrong. Thanks.

    1. I’m guessing you forgot that Nat flipped the house last week and is one of the reasons Paulie might be going to jury. I know Bridgette had the ball rolling with the plan first, but Nat also helped turn the house on its head. Technically she doesn’t need to do anything this week because she’s not in any danger, so it’s no big deal.

  13. Oh my god i would love to see Paulie with the RTT. He wins HoH and get Vic out. Then he can even be voted out once again because i think Paul Meech Nicole Corey Natalie and James as a top 6 would be AMAZING. I’m probably the only one but i root for Nicole to win. And now i want to see the thumbs down all you sheeps. <3

    1. What does being a sheep have anything to do with not liking Nicole horrible game play. Hey if you like someone that falls in love forgets that she’s playing a game and cries cause she cant imagine 2 physical threats leaving the house, that’s on you.

      1. Nicole is this year’s Victoria.

        Useless, bad tempered, & disposable, and that’s how her closest allies talked about her (corey and paulie)

    2. I like Nicole too! And I’m lovin Nicole and Corey! If you step back and look at the big picture, no one is just an angel or just the devil. Everyone has done and said good and bad things at one time or another. It just comes down to who you vibe with the most. It baffles me how mean a lot of posters have been toward Nicole while whining about how mean and snakey she is. So, how many wrongs make a right??

    3. Nicole is horrible at the game of big brother. What is it about her that makes you want her to win? Laying in bed all day with Corey?

  14. I am glad that he caught on to Paul. Paul has been a weasel throughout the whole time sitting in rooms talking about people then telling the other side what they said. He has flip flopped throughout the game. As much as I couldn’t stand Paulie, I’m ready to see him come back and go head to head with Paul the weasel.

  15. Paulie went about this entirely the wrong way. His heads up that the tables had turned was when they voted Z out. Instead of going Macho Man, Psycho and Pity Party (simultaneously) on the houseguests, he should have gone around, asked questions, and then made a quiet pitch to keep him. Physically, he is a great asset and if he had kept his social game up, he would not need the round trip ticket.
    Now, he is a coward who cannot face defeat, lying on everyone (including Z, himself, his parents and his aunt) and just being that houseguest no one wants to see ever again in life.
    Control freaks and their egos….

    1. Completely agree, I was actually a fan of his in the beginning but his behavior this past week has really turned me off. RT or not, I hope we don’t have to watch any more of his antics.

      BTW, happy birthday :) (I thought I remembered you said today was your b-day in an earlier post. Hopefully we can all celebrate with you by watching Paulie leave the house for good.)

      1. Thanks, CrisC! It IS my birthday today….the Big 5-0. Folks are trying to make me fat and give me diabetes with all the cookies, cakes and cupcakes floating around the office.
        Not sure if Paulie will really be leaving the house tonight (damn that RT), but fingers crossed! And then I want Jury House footage and highlights every Friday!

        1. YES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from VA as well, I am right there with you 50 in Jan. I hope you have a great present of the industrial size douche getting the boot tonight and a one way ticket to see the girls! I only wish he had to make sweet Bridgette a pie when he got there.

  16. Just wanted to thank Simon and Dawg for their hard work. I’m in the eastern time zone and am usually asleep before 1:00 a.m. Without your updates, I would miss some of the best action that takes place while I’m sleeping. So – once again – THANKS GUYS!!

  17. I watched the show last night with total disgust as they portrayed him as a pitiful sad guy who loves his buddy Corey and cried pathetically while baking the pies like a good sport. I thought the edit was a total fabrication of events to make him seem like a sweetheart. I turned it off holding my nose. But I never thought they were setting him up for a producer sponsored return to the game. That would be a travesty. I only hope that he caused them so much trouble with all his tantrums that they don’t want him around any more, I know the fans sure don’t.

    1. I agree. CBS did a real cover up of all the crap he pulled. They did not show his refusal to make a pie and continue to work out. They did not show his refusal to go to DR when summoned. His threat to James. His threat to quit. His claim of psychiatric issues. Dying Aunt. Wow, I could go on and on.

      1. They may have saved some of the crap for tonight. If they give him a penalty vote they’ll need to show the viewer why. They don’t want to tip off the viewer too soon by showing how defiant his is about the pies but they did hint at it during the eviction. All about them ratings.

  18. Finally! It feels like a year has passed since Paulie was put on the block.
    On tonight’s episode I’m going to jump and dance when he doesn’t have the return ticket!

  19. So whiny!!!! I am sick of hearing it and watching them lay in the bed! Please force them to play the game! Put Nicole and Cory on the block!

  20. So would James / Nat nominate Vic and Paul or Nicole and Corey?
    I think Michelle is in a really good spot. Victor and Paul are really good at comps though so Nat and James need to think about that.

    1. I think it would be best for them to throw it. Nicorey isnt targetting them and Paul & Michelle will be going after Nicorey.

    2. I would bet money Meech makes final three before she is ousted! I will go out on a limb and say final three is Paul, Meech and Natalie. Only because I believe James will sacrifice his game for Natalie. Not that I am a fan of my theory but I believe that is how it will go.

  21. PAULIE …. you no doubt will be evicted but there sure will be a lot of fireworks should you indeed have the Round Trip Ticket. Rather you didn’t have it (based on your behavior that those who only watch the primetime show did not get to see) but man oh man will there be drama to behold … and we all know, drama equals ratings for reality TV shows.

      1. If he has it, I’d love for him to walk in and then hear the anthem. I’d like that more than seeing the start of the HoH anyway as we aren’t going to see the end of it until Sunday. Unless of course Simon or Dawg spoils the surprise for us!

        I’ll check Friday to see who won=)

  22. grodner has set it up well…in one of her vintage interfering moves douche bag paulie will have the round trip, come back and with as much aid needed from grodner, will end up winning the 500k…after his deserved edit as the dick he is, they will magically begin to edit him as a good guy and the cinderella story will end with cody, paulie, dad and derrick with a smooch fest on stage at the finale…PLZ dont play out like this, but we’ve seen way to often how grodners magic works

  23. Frank is the only pre jury member not to be able to battle back. He did get a round trip ticket. However, if they do a jury buy back this would be totally unfair to him. I wonder if Michelle has the round trip ticket and once they knew she wasn’t leaving they did the fair instead of an evection episode. Or Paulie has it and they don’t need to do a Jury buy back.
    If Paulie comes back I think I will self evict from BB18.

    1. There is no jury buy back, Frank is not coming back, Friday was planned to be a Ziggy Marley concert, and nobody cares if you self evict.

    2. I’m glad it’s unfair to Frank. He’s an ass. Ass in s14, and ass in s18. Never should’ve won AFP and shouldn’t this year either.

  24. If the idea that threatened to not bake pies after POV, then waited the longest to start bakingbaking didn’t convince you that he has the roundtrip, then the puppy dog edit he got last night will… Grodner just won’t quit 5 seasons in a row. The way Paulie acted on the feeds he should’ve gotten a penalty vote and a one trip ticket to jury.

  25. Unfortunately, I think Paulie has been given the RT ticket. I say this because both he and Cody seem very confident that he has it. Other HGs have only been saying “they hope” but him and his brother keep saying it definitively. If so, we will know they rigged it for him.

    1. If they rigged for him, BB wont last more than another year. They have built such a fan base that they will lose. Period.

      1. Actually, CBS has just announced that the show has been picked up for 2 more seasons (not counting the online-only version coming this Fall).

  26. I don’t know but how many people out there think Paulie might be gay?
    I think he has a thing for Corey . Come on he snuggles in bed with him
    Always defends him .maybe he doesn’t know it yet!

      1. In the past few days, I believe Paulie is indeed following Corey around everywhere to keep Corey from talking game to the others. With Nicole a havenot and having to go sleep in the havenot room, Paulie climbs in ‘weird’ bed with Corey so that he can be jarred awake, if Corey decides to get up in the night to talk his game with the others. I also, believe Paulie is doing this so that Corey or the others won’t have the opportunity to tell Corey just what Paulie’s deals are to keep himself safe and for Corey to be the one sent home…ugh!

  27. I don’t like Paulie and he thinks he is entitled to win game over everyone else. Also he can’t stand the thought of anyone else being known from this season. This is why he keeps discounting Vic’s comp wins. He can’t take it if Vic is remembered as the comp beast of this season and not him.

    BUT…that being said I hope Paulie has the RT and comes right back in and wins HOH because at this point Paul, Vic, Nat, James and Michelle need to be knocked down a peg to keep things interesting.

    Nat is beyond annoying. Constantly talking sh*t about people then only making a big deal of things said and playing victim when ANYTHING is said about her. She thinks no one else should matter but her. “James did you know they were slandering my name” Stfu you whiney self centered twat.

    Nat is the girl who said she was cyber bullied at 23 yrs old. I’m sure it was horrific for her when someone called her a twat online. Turn off social media idiot. Problem solved. Can’t stand her. She would claim I’m “cyber bullying” her now and try and have me arrested.
    No. I’m serious, she would. This girl really is a piece of work.

  28. Why does every one either complain about floaters, flip-floppers, snakes, etc? They are all strategies of the game. Everyone plays differently. Some play dirty and some play semi-clean. Others like to fly under the radar until the perfect time to hit. They are different angles to the game. So I don’t understand why people get upset about the floaters who they claim have done nothing for the game. Maybe they are observing and taking mental notes (Bridge & Nat)…. some people play more aggressively (Paulie and Vic w/comps)…. some are floppers (James & Nicole). It’s all part of the game and I think they need a mix of all strategies to make it interesting. Don’t ya think?

    1. I agree with you For the love of…
      Anyone that isn’t a comp beast is not going to win…and therefore called a floater. If it weren’t for floaters, who would we take to the finals…
      Nicole is the epitomy of a floater. She played before and is still floating. I think she is hoping to float to the finals and then turn up.

  29. I think if Paulie has the RT ticket, we might be seeing a “back to classic Big Brother” scenario like BB4, BB 5 BB6, BB9, BB10, BB11, BB13, B14, where the house is divided into two separate fractions, and they just keep going at it til the end. Some of the recent seasons have been boring BB12, BB16, BB17, because there is just one “whole house onion alliance” that gets people picked off until the core is left. BB15 is somewhat similar with Amanda and McCrae controlling the first half and then the Exterminators controlling the 2nd half. So right now this can go the BB15 way or the “house divided” way.

    1. It’s already flipping without Paulie’s return. There’s 3 pairs after he’s gone plus Meech so depending on who wins Thursday and the care package, things will get a bit zany. If Meech is a voter, she may do something crazy to shift things.

  30. How on earth does Corey have so many votes in the co hoh poll since the reset!
    He’s really dull and doesn’t bring anything to the game!

    1. people are doing what i was afraid they’d do — splitting the votes between two which allows a 3rd person to end up winning if they aren’t careful when one of the tops wins hoh. all should have gone to michelle imo no spliiting

      corey polls high on another site too i saw 2 days ago, imagine what the cbs one will be like, say mich wins hoh, corey gets acp

    2. Corey rates high in the poll because people want to see the drama. if Corey doesn’t shake things up Vic and Paul just steamroll to the final.

  31. Based on the edit CBS gave to Paulie, I am trying to prepare myself for the twist tonight.

    CBS obviously feels that we are all ignorant and either don’t watch the feeds, read great sites like this, or follow any of the former houseguest.

    After they pull the bs of getting Paulie back in the house I will likely follow the show less.

    Hopefully Victor or Paul will still somehow win the show

  32. Hope Paulie has the round trip ticket. Natalie is a hypocrite and she sat around talking bad behind Paulies back and that is what she insinuated Paulie had been doing. Natalie flirted and accused Paulie of flirting. Natalie is a HYPOCRITE. James, Paul and Victor broke their alliance before they should have and were snakes and didn’t keep their agreement.

  33. Even if the worst thing happens and Paulie comes back in the house, who says he can win the HOH. If he does, then because of the Americas surprise package he will only get to nominate 1 person for eviction. The other side of the house has the numbers to get out who they want if that side wins the package. That would drive him nuts if they were to evict Corey next week, and he no longer has his “BOY”‘. Everyone will still be after him, and he won’t be able to play for HOH the next time.

  34. I hope Vic win this weeks care package. I wasn’t a fan initially but he has come back swinging! Vic and Paul #thenewpowercouple

    1. No thanks. I don’t need another week of Paul and Victor running the house. That would be a real snoozefest. I hope MIchelle gets the care package. At least this would make Paul and Victor sweat a little and add some spice to the game.

  35. The house guests who don’t open their tickets are going to be offered a chance to either keep their ticket with a chance to come back when eliminated like it is now, or they can sell it back tonight for $$, or a keep it for a shot at a special play-off type house power. That is if Paulie doesn’t have ticket. If they sell if “back” to BB for cash, then the evicted house guests will have a shot of “winning” the sold back tickets. Somehow or another those tickets will still be in play after tonight.

  36. What if….. NONE of the house guests ever had a return ticket. After all – that would insure we were all tuned in EVERY week to see who was returning! THEN…. after all evicted house guests are in the jury house Bib Brother announces a jury by back. That would insure everyone had a chance to come back in. Another “fair” competition would give all jury members an equal chance back in. If house guests are forbidden from opening all envelopes then no one would have ever been the wiser and BB would get higher ratings every week anticipating who had the ticket.

  37. I was also very disappointed to see the favorable edit Paulie got last night. I was like “Really, CBS?” That kind of cements it for me that he probably does have the round trip ticket.

  38. I bet Production told Paulie to cry so he would look better to the viewers. Notice how he got a kind edit last night. They didn’t show how he refused to cook the pies and how he was crying about claustrophobia to the other house guests or down right refusal to go to the jury house. They showed he was being “ganged up” on before the POV. Kind of makes me feel they want him in the house. No doubt CBS is trying to repair the damage he’s done. CBS should be very careful if they’re trying to manipulate him into staying. Allowing his bullying, negative comments and misogynist attitude, antisemitic comments, and using his Aunt’s cancer as a reason for him to stay would show how CBS has blatant and total disregard for what this POS and CBS’ golden boy represents!

      1. Yes indeed he did, talking to someone he said “All the N. Jersey Jewish people are a$$holes. That was the only time I heard that type of comment but it clearly shows what kind of industrial size douche he is and what he thinks of others. I said earlier I hope all of the “Jersey Girls”, “N. Jersey Jewish folks” (Why only N. Jersey?)
        and all of the people offended he would use a terrible disease as game play, meet him at the Newark airport and give him the proper meet, greet, and beat he deserves.

  39. I watched Paulie tell America that he was a “Born and Bred Competitor”. Just about every world class athlete has said that they learned far more from losing, than they ever did from winning. If your daddy tells you that you are special, and you play in a league where score isn’t kept, and everyone gets a participant ribbon, you just might end up on nationwide TV sobbing because you think it is unfair when you lose.

  40. Paulie said he wouldn’t campaign against “his boy” Corey but that’s what he’s been doing since being put up on the block. And as to his comment that he has morals….. his mind is in another universe where right is wrong and in his case “wrong is right”.

  41. why does everyone here hate Paulie. He is one of the best bb player. I think Paul is actually the worse.I really want Paulie to have a RT and then we see the game.

    1. Thank you! Even if you hate the guy, this is great TV. I agree that Paul is a snake and has pulled really dirty moves. If Paulie leaves, the season is over, in terms of competition and entertainment.

    2. “your boy” Paulie said “Paul If I can’t get Vic, I’m going after you. you’re a snake, a manipulative weasel!”. If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black and if it’s the stab in the back that Paul gave “your boy” then you have double standards and you should be evicted from here too…..

  42. I really hope Paulie has the round trip ticket because otherwise this season will become boring and predictable. How can you so called big brother fans not want to see him back and for the insanity to continue for at least one more week. I want him to win the next HOH, and for that comfortable 4 pack to start turning on one another. I definitely don’t want Paulie to win, but the drama of this week and the fact that battle lines are clearly drawn, are enough for me to want to see his stay in the house extended for at least couple weeks.

    1. There can still be drama and excitement without Paulie in the game. If Nicole or Corey win HoH and the Veto … two people besides Corey and Nicole will be on the block come eviction night. (Unless of course something happens and they end their showmance and choose not to save each other from the block .. which then would be drama and excitment as well if that happened)

    2. If on the slim chance Paulie does not have the Golden Return Ticket… hopefully BB will show more footage of the goings on in the jury house! If he does not want to be there… it will be miserable for him (he he) and if he was lying about his claustrophobia (he was) – hopefully his true colors will shine AGAIN! And we all want to see how he is treated by the ladies already there!

  43. Sorry to say this, but PAUL has played the game the best. He has been able to get people to do his moves for him. Nat did a BIG move by flipping the house on Paulie. I am sorry, but nobody has done anything else. Although, James is my favorite HG.

    1. I was with you until the James favorite part! JK you have a right to like who you want as a favorite. I try not to favor any of them and just enjoy the backstabbing and double crossing. Keeps me from being all butt hurt like some when their favorite gets booted and they start claiming it is rigged and my personal favorite when they feel the need to come on a blog and announce how they are DONE with BB and never watching again. Like CBS or anyone else gives a rats a$$. I find James to be a pretty good guy just a little gullible allowing girls like Nat and Meg to affect his game play. I feel he messed up with Frank. He should have stuck with the vets at that point and got rid of Pauline. But it is what it is we will se how it plays out at this point. Much better then the last couple of seasons I just hope one of the pairs use Munchie to target the other once the get rid of major Tom the space man. (yes as little as I care for Nicole she is not a threat to do anything and might come in handy getting to 4 and then get rid of her dumb a$$) As it stands “your boy” is the 4th place man at best.

  44. First off, I never liked Paulie, he is the definition of a DB… and I could not wait to see him evicted WITHOUT the RT! He’s by far my most disliked HG personally…
    However, that being said, I don’t want to see him evicted tonight…
    Simply because he’s alone, and while he’s a huge threat in any comp, I really believe Corey is the play this week…
    Corey has Nicole, Paulie has no one, if Paulie stayed he’d be screwed and no shot of gathering alliance members, he’d be evicted in no time, it’d make thing a lot more interesting….
    Plus I would love to see that FRUITLOOP DINGUS have a breakdown and everyone will tell her Corey isn’t in to her after he’s gone….
    But if Paulie leaves and no RT i’ll be jumping for joy, just think Corey is the play this week…

  45. I didn’t expect boredom to set in so early this season. Can we just FF thru to the finale? I haven’t even picked anybody I want to win, the remaining HGs are just that underwhelming and/or flawed for me to care.

  46. Lmao I just watched the live feeds from last week and Corey told Nicole I love you three times and he did it in sign language too. She brushed it off and didn’t say anything and changed the subject. I think She still likes Hayden lol They got in a little banter about the vacation she got after zingbot. Nicole got pissed at him for the honeymoon comment and she told him she’s not taking him. He responded fine take Hayden under his breath. Corey has asked her if she still has feelings for Hayden and he doesn’t like her talking about him. Corey didn’t know Nicole and Hayden weren’t that close as the tv portrayed them to be. He thought Nicole was way more into Hayden because she was with him more and open with on tv than she is with Corey. But Nicole reassured him that hayden and her weren’t as open as it was on tv and he had to wait to kiss her. The Dr never asks about there showmance so he assumed they weren’t as serious as Hayden.

  47. Paulie said if he’s going out then he’s going out classy.
    Excuse me but I think that ship has already sailed and Paulie missed the boat.

  48. I think Nicole’s whole song and pony dance with Corey has been for the benefit of Hayden. She’s probably hoping he’s watching and this is her ” screw you ” moment. Why would she talk so much about Hayden to Corey? Who does that with a ” new ” Love interest? She needs to go too.

  49. If Natalie says “America” one more time I am going to barf. Her and James play to the cameras and frankly it’s pathetic. They really think everyone just loves them and one of them will for sure win AFP.

    Natalie, first of all 99% of America
    does not watch BB. If you want, say hi to the live feeders. Enough with your “America” crap. It’s pathetic how pathetic you seem when you say it.

    Also does anyone notice how Natalie every convo about the end of the show she always says she needs time with her family and friends and doesn’t want James around. He usually is like well I’ll call you and she says no not right away I need time.

    She doesn’t even want this guy calling saying hi after the show. Read between the lines people. She drops little hints to James all the time that she has absolutely no intention of dating him after this.

  50. Three of my grown kids watch the show only. No feeds, updates, spoilers.
    ALL OF THEM sympathized with Paulie last night. Made me sick. Their favorites from just watching are Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Stupid kids. Or CBS for victimizing Paulie, making Nicole look like the sweet innocent thing she’s not.
    And, I’m shocked that after the poll was reset people here are still voting for Michelle. She is the weakest, most gullible player in the house and how stupid to vote for her when if by some chance Paulie gets back in, Corey or Nicole win HOH, she will EASILY be roped in to do their bid on nominations. I can’t believe people on here are so clueless.
    If this forum was the BB house, a lot of you would just lemming down the rabbit hole.

    1. Only reason to get emotionally involved in this game is if you have a financial stake in the outcome or it somehow has an effect on your life … makes no difference to me who wins or loses really … just entertainment to fill a little down time

      1. I agree. I watch just to watch. Hopefully see some good game play. Some backstabbing house flipping power back and forth. I can’t understand the people that get so worked up when their favorites get the ax. All but one is going to get the ax at some point. I don’t know these people and they surly could not car less about my old cripple a$$ so I just watch and try to enjoy. Take pleasure when someone gets a good blindside.

  51. What is going on in the house this morning? Paulie entered the DR at 3:33 am BBT and the cameras switched to having two on the Have Not room and two on London room. They were on those two rooms only since around 3:50 am BBT w/o showing Paulie coming out of the DR. Production woke the house guests late and since the wake up they have been on Jeff reels. Is something going on? Is Paulie M.I.A?

  52. Does anyone know who got into Natalie’s bag of underwear and spread them around the house during last week’s veto comp? In Episode 23, CBS showed a shot of Victor holding up a pair of sheer black shorts. The waist looked a little large for Natalie’s size, but could’ve been hers. I haven’t seen or heard anyone confess to the dirty deed since.

  53. 20 votes for BigMeech every day since 8/14. I hope I don’t regret this!
    Meech/Vic/James/Nat for Final Four!!!

  54. Would love it if Paulie got the return ticket and returned to the house as the next HOH. I’d love to see the house flipped. I don’t like the game when you can predict the winner which will be Paul (as of now).

  55. I like Corey but the way they have edited him makes him look like a complete douchebag. A few weeks ago when they showed Corey talking about his dog to Nicole they used weird Disney like music and showed Corey’s eyes all bugged out with a silly grin that was hilarious. Much like when Victoria on BB16 found out that Frankie was Ariana’s sister. They played weird music and showed Victoria’s eyes bugging out. Again hilarious.

  56. Paulie got a great edit last night. Frankly I was surprised after Sundays show which showed his colors and proved him a liar. The editing out of his veto speech really got me though because according to Victor it was a doozy and several of them were left with mouths hanging open, it was that awful. What I find fishy is the fact that he is SO SURE now that he has the winning ticket, and even his brother has stated that he has it. It would make for good TV except for the fact that he has not been co-operative with production at all, and outright defied them at times. I would think they would be eager to get rid of this little shit! I can’t see them rewarding him for his displays of temper and outright defiance to the rules, outright distaste for women, and his foul mouth. He is a monster on this show, and I for one cannot imagine how he will act if he does in fact come right back and win the HOH. I have read above that people are feeling sorry for him because he is alone now. He wouldn’t be alone for two seconds if he came back in. Corey and Nicole will be so far up his ass they will be able to see James clogs. Nicole and Corey both don’t know the extent he has gone to in making everyone else uncomfortable in the house. They can’t even get out of bed long enough to speak to most people about keeping Corey.

  57. i’ve had no doubt that either paul or paulie would have the round trip ticket by analyzing the episode edits. i know people were jumping on the grodner will save frank or the da’s the ocho conspiracy trains, but i always thought for storyline there would be a paulie/paul breech leading to a 2 or 3 week battle. it’s only been a one week battle so far, so nothing production can capitalize on after making so much of the pp alliance. with the edit given to paulie last night (the poor loyal victim of conspiracy edit), my mind still hasn’t been changed.
    i hope i’m wrong, but where was the presentation of paulie refusing to do his task (should have been a penalty vote), whining for three days, trying to throw everyone under the bus, claustrofauxbia lie, and cancer aunt? I guess none of that happened. instead paulie bravely stood up for all that is good and right against the onslaught of backstabbers. okay. that’s another way to look at things…… some edit.
    man, i really hope i’m wrong, but i’m still thinking paulie isn’t going anywhere.

  58. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Natalie won HOH and had a shirt in her basket that said…..
    “You say Jersey Girl like it’s a bad thing!”
    I wish next time Paulie calls Natalie a Jersey girl she would say your momma. Look on FB she’s the picture in the dictionary under the definition of a Jersey Girl. (Paulie’s MoM)

  59. I am not a fan of Paulie’s at all but part of me really wants him to have the roundtrip ticket just to shake things up for a little bit longer. If Paulie leaves, Paul and Victor will most likely walk straight to the final 2. Michelle and Natalie do next to nothing, James will follow what Paul and Victor want and Nicole and Corey will get easily picked off within the next couple of weeks. I’m not really a fan of any of these people left but I just want to to be entertained a little longer!

  60. After watching many seasons of BB..and really loathing some players..I dislike Paulie the most. Aarin’s (sp) ignorant racist comments…Amanda’s cringeworthy sex ..( She looked like a praying mantis devouring her mate)..and bullying…Frankie’s antics..ugh…and some others.
    But Paulie embodies so many off putting tendencies. He really does seem like a psychopath. If you have a list of 10 signs of a psychopath..well..check all 10.
    IF what he’s done is game related..OK…not great..but for $500,000….we expect some dirty play.
    However…and I’m not going into everything that we’ve witnessed…then he’s a zero in everyway.
    The ONLY way that I can be OK with Paulie having the to see him being evicted TWICE!!!
    Paul and Vic deserve to be final 2.
    If just for the fact that Vic HAD to battle back..and was backdoored. And did make the biggest move so far.
    Paul..because he had to dodge so many bullets…is smart…and came back from being the next basically holding everything together for the 5.
    When I think of how Paulie and his co horts treated HG’S when on the block…isolating them…bullying them…and then I see how Paul/Vic/James/Nat/Michelle treat him…I’m a bit indignant.
    I wish he really had a taste of his own medicine.
    My wish? NO RT!!! Buy back..Bridgit wins.

  61. Wouldn’t it be funny if Natalie one head of household and in her basket was a T-shirt that said…..
    “you say Jersey girl like it’s a bad thing!”
    Just once I would love to hear her say when he calls her a Jersey girl Your Mama!

  62. OK, Big Brother should allways end NOW. There’s no one worth watching anymanetc.

    There is no one left that is really likeable anymore……again.
    Paulie’s an a__ toward women
    Corry and James don’t do anything – They may as well be twins just trying to make Nicole and Nat happy respectivley. Meech a bully, cry baby and generally just disliked, Paul just really a snake douship. Vic great at comps but being controlled by Paul.

    And i hate when it gets predictable.

  63. Help! North East Ohio viewer here who needs a link to a stream tonight’s episode!!! It’s that one night of the year the NFL throws a wrench in our viewing schedule!! Can anyone help a girl out??!

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