Paulie “Its official, Natalie’s finally admitted about her FT’s” Corey “Worst liar ever!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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5:25pm – 6:20pm Backyard – Z, Bridgette and Natalie are having girl talk about random things. Paul and Paulie come out to play pool.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 18-18-35-003

6:15pm Backyard – Paulie tells James its official, Natalie’s finally admitted about her FT’s. James asks what? Paulie says her FT’s. James asks what are FT’s? Paulie says fake t!tties. James says well they were kind of.. Nicole says obvious. James says yeah. Paulie says she held on to it for 50 something days that they were real. James asks oh they are real? Paulie says no she held on for 50 something days that they were real. Corey knew really early on because he had to snap her back and said if you lie I could pop one. Nicole says which you really don’t need to know that. Corey says no. I was like I don’t want to pop one of them and she whispered okay they’re fake. That’s what I thought, I don’t care .. *snap*! Corey says so funny, its not even a big deal. Paulie says she was saying by the pool that in Venezuela at age 16 you either get your nose done or your boobs done. Corey says Worst liar ever! Paulie talks about how he was accused of yelling over the wall with a megaphone because I posted a picture of myself outside the studio. I was like shut the f**k up. Ya’ll have nothing better to do. Go back to je*king off and m@sturbating. I wouldn’t be dumb enough to post a picture of myself outside if I did do that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 18-24-18-178

6:30pm – 6:45pm Z and Paulie alone. Z says you know what I heard he put me up because I give him dirty looks. Paulie says he said that in his poem. Z says oh… I was smiling more today. Paulie says who cares. He’s one person. You’ve talked to two people and only need 3 votes. Z says that she seem very comfortable. Paulie says of course she’s comfortable she tried to blow peoples sh*t up. Z asks is Victor telling you anything .. since I’m his target? Paulie says no he just wants to break the couples up. Z says it kind of gets me excited that he views me as a threat though. Paulie says yeah either that or he’s just a D-hay (d!ck head). Z says or he’s jealous. Paulie says I’ve got myself a fine a$$ woman.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 18-36-36-061

6:50pm Z asks Paulie if he will keep her? Paulie says obviously. You make me fried chicken. She doesn’t. Just kidding. Yes, I’ll keep you. I think you’re fine especially after her veto ceremony speech. That was not a good idea.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 18-53-27-499

7:10pm – 7:30pm Kitchen – Natalie and Bridgette whispering. Natalie tells Bridgette that she trusts her and James .. that’s it. Natalie says I definitely want to win comps. I’m not leaving this house without winning an HOH. I’m not afraid to win comps. You have nothing to worry about with James putting you up. Bridgette brings up how James promised to not put her up and then did. Natalie says it wasn’t James’s decision. He didn’t want to do it. Bridgette says but he still did it. Bridgette says its not like I’m going after James. If he wanted me to trust him he shouldn’t have put me up.

Natalie says I’m always watching and observing. Bridgette lists off all the people that trust Paulie. Everyone trusts Paulie. Natalie tells Bridgette to be nice to Vic. He won’t put you up. Natalie says there is already a layout of who they want out. Bridgette asks where are we on the list. Natalie says no f**king idea. I’ve been talking really good about you. Putting little feelers out there. Natalie says you have to keep telling people you trust them. I tell Paulie all the time I trust him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 19-00-35-349

7:30pm – 7:35pm James asks Natalie to get something from the storage room for him. When she goes in there she finds two bags that he filled with pink water and froze her flip flops in. JAMEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! JOSEEEPPPHHHHHHHHH!! You better sleep with one eye open!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 19-31-00-016

7:45pm – 7:55pm Z, Nicole and Paulie are working out. Michelle says that her crush is Ian Terry and Jordan from BBcan.

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Botox Pelosi

When it comes to FT’s my rule is that if I am allowed to touch them they are real to me.

Botox Pelosi

Much like you said, if they have not drawn a breath yet, abort them.

Botox Pelosi

If your going to steal my screen name could you at least post something that makes sense?

Captain Crunch

Vic completely wasted this HOH, really Michelle and Zakiyah are the noms?? Gets backdoored and still trusts Paulie smh. He’s gonna feel real stupid when they take him out in the DE like Da warned him. He had the chance to make a big move by putting PP up or Paulie and Nicole and got talked into putting up 2 people who have a combined 1 win together. Wheeeew this is a huge move on his part.

sunny dee

lol, day should have named names. all she said was ‘they’ plan to get him out. He’s too clueless to figure out that ‘they’ is the same people who got her out: paul, paulie, corey, etc, as in the people vic wants to work with the most.

i wish paulie actually did want zak out. I’d have more respect for him

Only can wish

Victor has Brawn but absolutely no Brains…He couldn’t add 1 Paulie backdoored him + 1 Day saying they are going to try to get him out again DE = 2 Victor’s a$$ is out the door the 2nd time around with no return ticket.




It sickens me to know that Paulie actually might win this season.


Why? He’s playing the best game so he deserves to win. Who would you rather win? A turd like Nicole, Corey, or Nutless James?


I agree that he is a good game player but I would be so disappointed to know that one guy ended up steamrolling the season again. I just want someone to wake up and realize they are being played just to keep things interesting. I want to see a power shift. Hopefully Zakiyah goes this week and that shakes things up.

Half P

I would rather see Paul win than Paulie. At least Paul doesn’t put Z down all the time.


He’s a twat.


You need to be more specific. Most of the “he’s” this season are twats.

Only can wish

I honestly would rather Paul to win. I think he played a better social game.


Me, too!!


Samboooooodee is a nut job. He just wants to drink James’ bath water but is pissed that Nat Nat is already in the tub. He is not into pussy.


Paulie is by far one of the most disgusting guys in BB history! The conversation pertaining to Nat’s FT (fake tits), WHO CARES!!! Anything to degrade women and Paulie’s there. Yuck!!! Derrick/Cody, what do you think of him? And you know this is who he is outside the house. Please, Paul/Vic get him out during DE! AND Listening to Nicole/Corey, with Nicoleeee hoping to get a care package because she wants to know Americaaaa likessss her as much as if not more than Natalieeeee!!! She loves when the guys talk down about the women in the house! So sad! James, please grow a pair and use your X ‘power’ to vote out Z! Wise up and get out of Paulie’s ass!


Lol. Paulie is making a big deal Out of nothing.

The thing is didn’t Nat said before that it is fake?

Zee to the Pee

I can’t believe Paulie doesn’t use the Veto on Z, telling her she is safe but now he is telling her she needs to get the votes. WTF??? Is Z really that stupid that she doesn’t know Paulie is actively screwing her?


Literally and figuratively….. ;-D


that pic of james is how i look after i leave one of my brilliant witty comments then simon immediately writes a new post ;(

About to upset people

Surprised Nicole didn’t freak out. Correy was aware, did not say anything, and diffused the stupid conversation.

Interesting that James was already aware and “played” stupid.

Bryn Mawr Mama

Wait for it…it’s going to bug her and bug her, and tonight she’s going to be all over him tonight about what else do you know that you’re not tellin me? I’d be fabulous if she annoys the crap out of him to the point he tells her to take a hike and leave him alone. Nicole would be a hot mess and I for one would take a certain amount of pleasure in that.
Mean? Sure. Don’t care!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Am I the only one that Paul is growing on?

sunny dee


i’d like to see him win the bribing care package. i think he’d actually do something with it.

Powder Puff Girl

you have a very good point.

Michelle Stan

No,you’re not. I’m as bored with this game as you are.


oh fear not im sure theres plenty of other trump supporters here who feel the same way


i watch a lot of politics and I come here to take a break from it. Go to Huffington for your rhetoric.

Powder Puff Girl

I am not growing on Paul but I will respect him if he challenges Paulie and makes a move. Paulie states weekly he needs to cut Z. Paul is bright enough to see through Paulies smokescreen I will put up my girl but your girl needs to go before mine. Paulie will take Z not P to final 2.

Frank Eats His Juicy Farts

Paul grows on you like herpes. And to be really cruel he keeps coming back!



Misty Beethoven

Couple of things:
1) I don’t think anyone thought she came by those naturally
2) They are hers, bought and paid for
3) Props to Corey for not blabbing
4) It’s no one’s business
5) Paulie’s an asshole for trying to embarrass her
6) I hope this eats at James and he rethinks how he uses his vote cancellations


What was Paulie expecting? For her to be like “Hi my name is Natalie and I’ve had my boobs done”?


Paulie doesn’t deserve to win the game, he’s the only one that had two people to teach him what he knows. If not for that he would be playing just like the others so he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, and not as good looking as he thinks he is.
I would like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he worth.
He is one green eyed monster when it comes to another guy getting more attention than he gets. petty ass kid.


I mostly agree with what you’re saying, but regardless of the fact that he had two teachers (and I don’t really count Cody because even though he made it to final 2, he’s kind of a dumbass), if Paulie makes it to the end, he definitely deserves to win, no question. As despicable as he is, he’s running the game, and if he escapes eviction, he’s the best player of the season.

Boy Wonder

Did we not already know that Natalie’s boobs were fake? They look fake ffs never mind she said she got them done because she was flat as a board. This was weeks ago.


These guys made a big deal out of it like 12 year olds. Last year 5 girls had their boobs done. 4 if you discount Audrey because being transgender what else was she to do?


Hormone therapy could stimulate breast growth in guys. It may not have been necessary for Audrey to have implants.


if you have a penis your a dude , PERIOD !


Paulie honestly thinks it was his business to know about Nat’s boobs. F this guy.


I think we’ve established that he’s a vial SOB. No decency, no class, no humility. He’s trash.


There’s nobody that I want to get ACP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nat is the only hope of someone putting Paulie up.

Only can wish

I think Natalie would put up Paulie and Natalie. I don’t think she care for Nicole too much.

Only can wish

I meant to say Natalie would put up Paulie and Nicole. Natalie doesn’t care for Nicole. I glad a few people knew what I meant to say.

I'll Have a Rob Roy

I’m sick of people saying how Victor wasted his HOH. Why is that? He is getting out people he wants out. They just happen to be girls but it’s who he wants. They tried for Bridgette and he flat out said NO. So how is this wasted? Because the crowd wants Paulie out, Well too bad Victor cant see what we do but he cant, so he trusts him and is doing what he wants. Doesn’t seem wasted for him if he’s satisfied with this.
He cant hear us screaming at the TV saying “You Fooooooool”


Victor is the one that proclaimed that he was coming after paulie…nope…hasn’t happened. He then put up who paulie told him to. Not his idea…not his choice.

Big Boring

Yes, he was on a mission for revenge against paulie, that was dropped immediately when he re-entered due to Paul.


Yes it is His choice and not Paulies because he thinks the girls are after him. Yes he did change his mind about Paulie and squashed it..Remember! Guess not.

Only can wish

Victor is going after Z and Michelle, because his dumb a$$ thought Day was talking about the girls coming after him. When he was in the house those two were considered the mean girls.

A boobjob. What huge news...

Isn’t it kind of a bigger deal that Corey’s sexuality is fake?


No. It’s a bigger deal that Victor has a pea for a brain.

just me

Wth….is Paulie jealous or pissed because Nat isn’t drooling over him or what? He is a shallow person. Disgusting. Oh and Nicole is just jealous because Nat is alot prettier than she is…. Ugly and vile on the inside radiates on the outside. The language these people use, they should all have their mouths washed out with soap. James is useless, all he wants is paid vacations and America’s favorite… He deserves neither.


I would give my eye teeth if Glenn could get America’s Favorite Player this season. He NEVER stood a chance and DESERVES that $25,000 a heck of a lot more that James or any of these other idiots!!!! GO GLENN FOR AFP!!!!!!!

mary lou retton

Production sure didn’t want Glenn back in the house so made sure they put him in a Battle Back comp he had no chance of winning . . . a fifty-year-old man who is 50 pounds overweight in basically a balance beam marathon. IF that doesn’t say GTFO, I don’t know what does.


Glenn’s got my vote!


OMG!!! Z really thinks she is on the block cuz she is a threat???? And of course if thats not it then its cuz he is jealous….how about because you are a mean, fake, disgusting and blah person. Oh no that could never be the reason….can’t stand either of them but at least Michelle might win and make a move. I just hope Brigette makes it thru the double eviction so she can get the next care package….

Cory's Anus

I wonder if I could convince Nicole to stick her thumb in me.

Vic's Wee Wee

I can help with that!


I hate these people……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


Jordan from BBCAN? Really? He is probably the dumbest player in BB history.

Nat's boobs are fake...

So what! Who cares?!

Brains Over Boobs

If I were on BB….(cue dreamy music while screen goes blurry) (screen clears…we are in the HOH room…1st or 2nd week in…just the girls, the boys are all out in the backyard practicing wrestling moves and comparing boning stories)
Me: OK girls, did we come here to hook up with douche bags on national television ?
Girls: No!!
Me: did we come here to sit here and do our make up while some douche bag guy wins the game?
Girls: No!!
Me: did we come here to be catty and jealous about Who gets the most attention from A bunch of douche bag guys?
Girls: no!!
Me: did we come here to find husbands?
Girls: No!!
Me: then what did we come here for girls?
Girls: (now too caught up in my pep talk to admit to any simmering ulterior motives)
To win!!!! (cheers all around)
Me: And how do you win big brother?
Girls: PLAY!!!!
Me: that’s right! So let’s talk strategy… First the basics… Who can tell me what POV means?
(Screen blurs again…when it clears I am home watching TV: Meech is crying, Nicole is whining, and I’d rather not even say what Z is doing.)


Problem with men this season is they want to be Derrick and cody(who an idiot) and the brigade. Paulie has played an awesome social game. He just needs to sit back and see who makes it further James, Cory, or Paul and go with. They are just to stupid to compare notes.


I really think Paulie wants to take Corey to F2. He knows that would be a sure win for him.

Douchey Sideburns

he he….boobs

James ruined the season

Hey James fans how that “big move” you said James was gonna do work out for ya?

Yeah James is great. Really makes the season more enjoyable.


Victor and Paul want to target James. Nicole, Corey and James want to target Paul. Zackiyah wants to target Victor, James wants to target Victor and Bridgette wants to target the girls. Paulie is never mentioned as a target or on anyone’s radar. The one who is winning most of the comps, the one who never compromises, the one who has a bromance and showmance in the house and he is never mentioned. New alliance name for them Paulie’s stooges.( images of Moe going slap happy on all of them and telling them to snap out it)

God help me

PLEASE do not make this a night watching Cory and Nicole rocking in the Hammack. If I have to listen to her jealous attitude and that awful voice all night I’m going to kill myself. Why do they keep the camera on this annoying girl? Please somebody send her home! She is ruining the season for me. I would rather watch Cory digging at his man parts in front of girls. And that is pretty disgusting!


Does natalie really feel like she actually has an affect on this game wow, her telling Bridgette she is helping her with feelers is laughable, get your “man” to not put up your best friend and vote out Bronte then maybe u could have done something in this game lmfao


Why are they acting like half the girls they’ve been with didn’t have fake breasts? And who cares? It’s really not a big deal at all. Who ever said Paulie is just mad cus nat isn’t all over him is right. If Vic was smarter i would root for him but if he goes during DE fine, I rather have brig stay and get safety.


To be honest, most of the girls they’ve been with were bought and paid for or too drunk to remember and the few who do remember probably don’t want to.

No sh!t Sherlock

It was pretty obvious those tig ol’ bitties were fake from the get-go. Anyone who couldn’t tell needs to have their eyes checked,

No better than Z

Being a BB fan this season is like having a crappy boyfriend you just can’t seem to get rid of. He lets you down again and again, you swear you’re never going back, then after a few days without him you miss him so much that you take him back, hoping maybe this time he’s changed. Of course he never changes. And neither do these ridiculous HGs, but I keep coming back for more! I have no one to blame but myself!!!!