Big Brother 18 Spoilers Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I love Bridgette now I was just jealous because of Frank”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

POV was not used nominations stay the same

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 14-46-17-861

11:45am Michelle and Paul talk
Paul – Your speech was very savage
Michelle – I want peopel to know he (Paulie) wins comps.. like a lot.
Michelle asks him if he knows what Victor wants, does he really want her out?
Paul doesn’t think Victor is targeting Michelle but can’t clearly say he wants Zakiyah out, “Nobody has really been talking about it that’s weird” He’s unsure about the outcome of this week asks her if she’s started campaigning yet. Michelle was going to wait until after the ceremony she’s going to start now.

Michelle’s pitch for campaigning will be she’s going to offers to go up as a pawn for Paulie and to not put him up if she wins HOH during the double, “not even as a pawn” Michelle is claiming she will not put Victor or BRidgette up either. She wants to make a big move, “I got screwed over.. but don’t tell anyone”
Michelle – I have nothing bad to say about ZAkiyah..
Paul says her pitch might work a lot of people are afraid of the tings she’s bringing up.
Michelle: It would be good for a lot of people.
Paul – I’m picking up what you are putting down.. I’m in.. PItch this to Bridgette and Exec.
Michelle – ya think
Michelle counts the votes says she only needs 3 votes and she ‘thinks” she has 2 already she just needs Paul or Bridgette.
Paul – you definitely have to talk to Bridgette
Michelle- “I love Bridgette now I was just jealous because of Frank.. I’ll guarantee her safety for now.. I mean it”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 14-48-31-869
Michelle is shining a light on Paulie’s comp wins and how powerful he is in the game. She’s going to bring this up to Victor. Saying
he’s won 50% of the HOH’s comps he’s played in.
Paul tells her that Victor is close to Paulie
Michelle – so are yo I hope you don’t tell him anything
Paul wishes her luck.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 14-52-10-108

11:59am London room Paulie and Paul

Paulie – I thought Michelle’s speech was going to be worse… Z was like Michelle is calling yopu out for all your competitions wins put a target on you
Paul – that wasn’t malicious..
Paul says Michelle told him she’s not putting Bridgette or Paul he thinks she’s insinuating a James, “Lets just say it’s going to be a big move but what people want”
Paulie – she means me
Paul – I don’t think so who else wants you out..
Paulie – From a superfan point of view
Paul – here’s my concern i’m going to be honest with you let’s say Zakiyah stays, Bridgette goes next week Meech is gone that leaves me and Vic in the pool of non couples easy targets
Paulie – then we send Zakiyah home on the double eviction and send Bridgette home the following week or send Nicole home
Paul – but will that happen
Paulie – Yes if Nicole is sitting next to natalie she goes home
Paulie – AY they will always vote out the stronger player
Paulie – the fact that Michelle won’t tell you (her targets)
Paul – I can suck it outta her
Paulie- F*** it outta her
Paul – I like that one better
Paulie – BONE Her .. just be like LOOK i need to know.. She didn’t even hug me after the veto meeting
Paul – she’s stupid who cares.. My only thing is as far as the PP goes is keeping other targets in the house that are targets of other people
Paulie- Zakiyah will put up whoever I want her to put up… literally
Mentions that Michelle is being vague about who she will put up.
Paul – you know this for a fact
Paulie – for a fact.. She’ll put up Nicole and James
Paul – ya
Paulie asks who they go after during the double.
Paul says James.
Paulie – even if it’s us winning it
Paul – hmmm..
Paulie – It’ll be a big move that people want.. (Michelle’s nominations)

Paul agains saying Michelle will target James and Natalie.
Paulie – I say we got 1 more girl then take a shot at a guy.. Just to be sure
Paul – who Bridgette or Nicole
Paulie says Nicole will go for Victor, Bridgette than james before she starts diving into taking them out, “She ain’t taking a shot at Corey.. She ain’t taking a shot at one of the girls”
Paulie and Paul agree sending Nicole out during the double is a option. Paulie says put her up against Bridgette.
Paul doesn’t think they have the votes to evict Nicole against Brigette.
Paul – if Bridgette and Nat were together would Bridgette go home
Paulie – ya .. the only strong girls after this week are Nicole and Bridgette.. Vic wants to go after James and James wants to go after Vioc
Paul – James will put me and Vic up ..
Paulie – not if Bridgette is in the house
Paul – what if Bridgette is not in the house.. He’s not putting up Nicole
Paulie – get him to topu up Zakiya.. He’s a loyal guy we have an alliance.

They agree 1 of PP should try to get the HOH during the double.

Paulie says if Nicole/Corey/james wins she’s putting up Brigette and Victor
If Natalie wins it’s Exec and one of them (PP)
Paulie – Natalie’s not going to win.. it’s questions.. This past comp is the closest one for her to win
PAul – when do we clip her
Paulie says they clip her after Nicole leaves.. James and natalie or Zakiyah and Natalie as the nominations.

Paul asks him who he wants out Michelle?
Paulie says he wants to see how the two girls campaign. Brings up Zakiyah saying Michelle is going to try and blow up Paulie’s game.
Paulie – I want to see if that’s true..
Paulie – I heard that Michelle and Da’Vonne came up with the fata; 5 and came up with the “Advancement” to mess up the guys
Paul – she told me she already has 2 votes.. That is what she said.. To stay.. One of them being Nat?
PAuli – we’ll see this week.. I dunno..
Paul – JAmes isn’t canceling out your vote
Paulie – James says he wants to vote Michelle outta the house. Corey/Nicole want Michelle outta the house..
Paulie wonders if Michelle means Bridgette
Paul thinks Michelle is bluffing
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 14-51-43-097

Paul – James and Nat are starting to rub me the wrong way.. Behaviorally
Paulie – We really need to separate Nicole and Corey.. They spend A long time outta every day talking not about life but game. .. it’s obvious
Paulie – he doesn’t talk much about what Nicole says gamewise
Paul – no he doesn’t
Paulie -and …
Paul – Nicole and then James?
Paulie suggests during double they put up Nicole and James
Paul – I like that.. Tell one of them they are a pawn
Paulie – I would take that shot
Paul – I would take that shot
Paulie saying he’ll put Bridgette and Nicole up with James as the replacement
Paul suggest they put James and Nicole both up neither have been pawns yet.

Paul – who will turn their guns on you, Ncioel/James?
Paulie – Bridgette will do it the soonest.. after that Nicole will do it when it came down to 7, James would do it that’s why he wants Exec out like now
Paul – it’s in our best interest to keep exec in the longest
Paulie – we need to use Exec to get out Nicole or James then we get rid of him next
Pualie doesn’t want to risk bringing a girl in final 3 because all the girls in the jury will vote for them if they make it to the final 2.
Paulie – the only girl I would feel comfortable going to 4 is Natalie.
Paulie’s final 4 is PP, Natalie and Corey

Paulie – it needs to be a all guys final it’s the only chance we got

Paul questions if Corey is the best person to bring to final 3 because of his athletic potential.
Paulie says time will tell.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 15-32-49-044

12:30pm Zakiyah comes in
Paulie tells her Michelle is saying she’s got a big target that everyone wants.
Paulie – I think she’s talking about me
Paul – I don’t think so ..
Paulie – She has to be talking about me.. there is only 1 reason why she would bring up statistics in a nomination speech.. if she had the chance she would take the shot.

Paul – she claims to like Bridgette now
Paulie – Michelle doesn’t care she’ll throw someone under the bus if that means budding up to someone she hated she’ll do it..
Paulie thinks Michelle will use her speech as a in to start conversation about Paulie’s comp wins to members of the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 15-43-02-899

2:00am Nicole and Zakiyah
Zakiyah says she feels like she’s in trouble this week. Nicole says no, Her and Corey are trying to keep her in the house 100%.
Natalie – I’m 100% working on keeping you in the house
Zakiyah doesn’t understand why Victor is after her
Nicole – he can’t vote.. you’re staying and that is your target
Zakiyah – ohh 100%
Zakiyah mentions how Michelle is looking to make a big move and take Paulie out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 15-49-23-393

2:04pm Bridgette and Corey
Corey – I’m not that close to Z.. I’m close to James and Natalie.. Paulie pretty close to ..Michelle and Paul I’m kinda close.
Bridgette – Nicole is close to both of them.. Meech and Z I wonder how she feels..
Bridgette is 50/50 who to vote out this week
Corey – Z sucks at comps she’s the worst player in the game as far as comps go
Bridgette – I’m afraid if Michelle wins HOH
Corey says Michelle is probably going home this week.
Bridgette mentions that’s not what Vic wants.
Bridgette – I’m down with keeping Z

Corey – who do you trust
Bridgette – I trust Paulie.. I trust you.. I trust Paul
Corey – Paul is really pressuring Z and going around telling people I wanted to keep Z if anything Paulie is that’s his girl.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-01-15-432

2:29am Natalie and Michelle
Michelle says she only needs 1 more persons if James and Natalie vote her to stay.
Michelle – I was talking to Corey earlier and apparently Zakiyah is the target
Nat – I don’t know
Mich – you think I can get Bridgette’s vote
Nat – have to see
Mich – those people screwed me over I want to put my trust into other people.. Frank always said Bridgette is super loyal
Nat – she’s very very loyal

Nat – dude you gotta campaign and you know how to do it right
Mich – the people I see not voting for me are Paulie and Nicole..
Michelle points out that Zakiyah and Paulie cuddle

Michelle – Nicole has lied to my face multiple times
Nat – she has
Michelle – Tiffany, Frank and Da’Vonne all said not to trust Nicole.. why are 3 people saying that..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-13-07-926

3:40pm backyard Victor, Nicole, Corey
Nicole says she doesn’t care either way who goes. Her and Corey say they are not afraid of Zakiyah winning a competition. Nicole doesn’t even think Zakiyah is capable of winning by fluke.
Corey – they are the same person to me..
Nicole – if Z can pull out a win I feel Paulie can control it.. he got her to drop off that thing..
James/Paulie join them.
Paulie says Michelle brought up a statistic to put heat on him so it’s obvious who he wants gone.
Paulie mentions that Michelle is saying she has targets in mind and they are BIG targets, “It’s someone everyone will be OK with”
Victor – if you want Michelle out I’m cool with that.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-05-22-112

4:04pm backyard
James tells COrey and Nicole he’s vetoing both their votes this week..
Corey asks him not to
James says he’s just joking..
Nicole says her and Christine are civil, “we use to talk and stuff when we got out.. ”
James- what happened
Nicole – I dunno life
James – she’s still married
Nicole – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-33-55-583

4:30pm Tokyo room Nicole and James
Talking about Corey and Nicole giggling until 6am every night.
Nicole – have they ever asked you about that.. In there(Diary room)
James – no
James is worried that someone will try and take a shot at him and Corey during the double
Corey comes by.
Corey brings up his conversation with Bridgette, says that Bridgette is fine with Nicole
Nicole – I can’t talk game to her I don’t know why it isn’t in my bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Corey says Bridgette is not after Nicole, Bridgette will be targeting Zakiyah. Corey says he’s trying to get Bridgette to put Zakiyah and Paul up.
Corey says Paul is reeling in Bridgette and Michelle he’ll be pissed when they send Zakiyah home.
Paul told Bridgette that Corey and Nicole really want to get Michelle out.
Corey – I was like why do you think he wants Z out because Michelle is going to come after you.. She was like ohh sh1t
Nicole – he said me and you
James – Paul is playing dirty..
Corey says Bridgette is 100% going after Paul and Zakiyah now.
Nicole – Vic cannot think for himself.. He believes everything
Corey wants to take Paul out next week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-31-49-577
4:32pm Paulie and Bridgette
Paulie making jokes about Michelle’s speech that told everyone statistically he’s won 50% of the HOH comps he’s played in.
Bridgette – Natalie want me to trust James… I just can’t
Paulie – it’s tough.. I do feel like Frank was his target 100%
Bridgette – his entire game play is doing what other people tell him to do
Paulie – true..

Paulie says Michelle is putting them up if she wins HOH she wants to make a big move that everyone will agree with.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-47-42-696

4:44pm James and Corey have nots
Corey – Pauls the one that wants Bridgette out the most.. tell her that.
James says they are trying to build a squad, Michelle, Paul, Victor and Bridgette
Corey – we got to cut that off.. Bridgette is smart dude but anything physical she is not going to win
James- maybe some true false..
Corey – maybe

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-08 16-57-00-464

4:55pm – 5:00pm HOH Victor and Paul
Victor says it’s starting to sound everyone wants Michelle gone. Explains what happened in the backyard.
Paul – that’s bullsh1t dude
Paul explains they took Da’Vonne out when Bridgette was coming after him
Victor – Michelle isn’t gunning for me.. now Michelle is going out
Paul – I’m a little bit annoyed.. what can we do
Victor mentions they don’t have a pair in the house like the 3 showmances do.
Paul – what can we do you can’t vote and i’m 1 vote..
Victor – f****
Victor hopes Michelle has the round trip ticket.
They agree they can’t fight to keep Michelle because it’ll mess up their game.
They agree this will bite them in the a$$ later.
Paul – I could tell they were all already on that side.. there’s nothing we can do…. f***

Victor – they are literally saying Michelle is the stronger player
Paul – no way

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Unbattled Block

This week can be summed up in one word “Meh”

I mean it’s pretty hard to get behind either Meech or Zakiyah. Meech who was beyond mean to Bridgette and others, yet cries at the smallest things and cares only to make it to Zingbot…. Zakiyah who said something to the effect that she ” wants to fight Bridgete at the aftershow”. To think with all the audition tapes BB got that these two were even selected is beyond me

That being said..What is important this week is not who is evicted but what effect it hopefully has on the house dynamics

Newsflash to Nicole,Corey,James,Natalie,James,Bridgette When two guys hang out together all the time,and one cuts his hair just like the other, and they dress identically….drumroll….they are in a Final 2 deal !! DUH !!!!!

Compound that with how many comps they have won versus how few you have won, and that should raise a red flag the size of a tent !

Please Please figure this out and bust up that dynamic. The season, and our viewing sanity, depend on it


captain obvioso party of 1 your tables ready.. so insightful lol


I kinda want meech to make it to zingbot. She will bawl her eyes out. She cant handle any critiscism.


another smart move by paulie getting rid of z while making everyone else including z think he wants to keep her.. smh the boy just continues to dominate


Come on really that’s not what’s happening. Hey but nice trying to get the boards to go along with getting meech out.


apparently eek you are blind to paulies domination as well its amazing how naive these hgs are when zak gets evicted thursday the sinister smile on paulies face will say it all


This show needs a major revamp. Fire Grodner, fire Robyn, and get Lynne Spillman and the other people who cast for Survivor, people who actually have personalities, and know how to play the game. I’m sick of seeing only one or two people playing the game every year while the rest of the house eats, sleeps and waits to be evicted. This isn’t summer camp.


right cause survivor contestants are always so interesting and dynamic.. please stop complaining and get over it i mean its just a stupid tv show relax and just stop watching if its so painful for you.. your constant complaints are far more boring than any season of any reality show ever 😉


Part of the problem is the pool of cast members. Survivor runs 39 days so even with a week on either end you’re at about 6 weeks out of your life for a shot at a million dollars. Even after taxes you’ll pull in about $600K. Big Brother runs nearly 100 days plus time before and after the show so you’re out almost a third of the year for a shot at $500k which after taxes is roughly $350k. The number of people willing and able to risk that much time for $350k is much smaller and skews to the younger generation. Couple that with live feeds 24/7 and more people looking to build a brand of themselves try to get into the show. Survivor doesn’t have that so they are able to focus more attention to the game, comps, and making sure they keep things interesting because that’s the only way they’ll make the weekly edit in a positive light.

Houka Inumuta

Can’t stand Victor. Sunday night’s nomination was uncalled for, and I would LOVE for Paulie and Paul to drop him once they’re done with him. That would be the greatest moment of the season for me!

Doesn’t look like a girl will win this year, unfortunately. When a group of guys form an alliance they seem to dominate the game. Perhaps Nicole and Natalie will stay in the house longer since they are with Corey and James. Natalie is actually really good at comps. Too bad she didn’t beat Victor.

I was thrilled when Steve took Liz to the end in last year’s season of Big Brother~! That was great. I’m hoping for the same outcome; instead of it being two guys on finale night, maybe one guy and a girl. C’mon Nat Nat!!


Houka Inumuta…. Don’t you think that it’s Pretty SAD and PATHETIC that the only chance a girl has at winning depends on how far a guy takes them…. There are no strong women playing, they all are playing weak “I’ll be your pawn” or ” I’ll put up who you tell me to put up” games…. Just PATHETIC


The women lost when they didn’t vote out Paul, should of kept the numbers instead they got sucked in to the frank and da dumb mess which altered the numbers and just getting out frank did nothing to stop this male train especially when vic came back. Too many dudes that can compete for the girls to win this season unless the guys go after each other right now


Vote Nicole for super safety! Bridgette doesn’t need it this week she should get the HOH one. I want PP’s plan to get Nicole out to fail. I don’t not like them. I’m routing for anyone to win besides PP and Victor or exec as they call him. So dumb.


Bridgette is just another PP puppet now.

golden safe bridge

Bridgey bridge is in a good spot. She’s already been “pulled in” by PP, especially Paul as an extra vote and/or
pawn. Now she is conjuring up an imprint of a final four that includes her
to the most likely to be 3rd place Cory. Now to put fair cards on the table for Paul… Paulie and Cory must cut ties to
they’re showmances before they attempt to evict Bridget or they could go with Natalie to final 4 which would be the more neutral choice once James gets sent packing b/c she has no previous association to any of the men involved.

Don't fool yourself

Bridgette is fully on board the “I trust Paul and Paulie” train. If she gets HoH it’ll just be yet another one that they can control. She has no scheme right now other than to do as told.


I don’t think that’s true. Bridgette was the one pointing out all of Paulies wins a couple nights ago. Judging by her convo with Nat, Bridgette knows what’s up with Paulie. She sees what’s happening, but hasn’t been in any sort of position to do anything about it.

She has to go along with whatever they’re doing at the time because they are the ones in control right now. That doesn’t mean she’s fallen for their bs or actually trust them. You heard her dr about paul, she said she has to trust him “for now.”

But she doesn't have to trust him

It’s a conscious decision, and a bad one.

Powder Puff Girl

Bridgette has come along way since the start of the game. She was dispensable as a Spygirl Bronte and Nat were very close. Was just used as a number in the Josea alliance. The only friend she had was Frank. She has done what is necessary to stay in the game she no other option. I would like to see her win HOH and see what she is made of. If the opportunity is there she may BD Paulie.

She did win HOH

And her friend went home. She’ll do what she’s told do to with another HOH. Thinking she’s going to pull off some big move is just a dream.


You’re right about Bridgette’s HOH, if she wins it, I just want to see her outlast the mean girls.


Nicole is terrible!!! She needs to go home. I love how she’s talking about not worrying about Z winning a comp. She’s won nothing! And James. I’m canceling your votes. Syke!!! Ha Ha he’s funny. He’s a freaking chump who won’t do a damn thing. Pauline for the win only bc he’s the only one playing.


I would laugh my ass off if these douchebags took Nat to final 4, she wins comps to get in final 2, and the jury gives it to her.


That would be fucking glorious man, that will definitely be a superb ending to a crappy season.


And Glenn wins America’s Favorite…imagine their faces.

Big Boring

I second this sentiment

sunny dee

paulie, finally waking up, says ‘gee, corey is kind of athletic, maybe it’s not such a good idea to have him in as F3.’

gee, ya THINK?

he’s so darn scared of girls voting for girls, even tho he assumes he will ‘always’ beat all the girls, he’s trying so hard to get them all out before final 6 (that would be his dream final 6), when a smarter player would look at them all and think, hey, there’s a few girls not winning stuff (nicole, michelle, zak, natalie), maybe my dream team should be all females. The surest way to get women mad at you might be to target and eliminate them all with a guys alliance dominating. the surest way, if you assume all girls will always be bitter voters, (which is never true), is to pop them off one by one, instead of sincerely working with them.

he would be far better off for final 4 or 5, considering he is fairly athletic and did ok in a mental comp, to pop off all the guys, one by one, working aligned with all the girls that are left, just like Frank was trying to do with bridgette and michelle, and a couple of others. at the end, if there is the hard work comps, he could position himself to be the chooser, not hoping to be chosen. he ends up with corey and paul, he has zero guarantees of winning the first part.

Ino Yamanaka

I would like to see natalie, bridgette and James make an alliance and get the big dogs out. That would be great…probably won’t happen though. I just hate that they are all letting the guys control everything.


Is James going to eliminate Paulie’s vote? Is he really thinking of keeping Meech?


That will be the only saving grace for this show. Please do something other than following the PP’s James please!!!!


I liked James’ and Nat’s deduction that taking out ‘Z’ weakens Paulie. I am disgusted that Paulie says she’ll do whatever he wants. Geesh, he acts like her pimp.


Listen, James is a big friggin talker who does not have the balls to cancel Paulie’s vote. He can talk big all he wants but he is nothing but a little, weasel and chump who will follow that jack ass Paulie to the ends of the earth. Paulie could present him with cyanide laced cool aid and that little dummy would chomp at the bit to drink it. He is sickening and a waste of space. AFP??? What is wrong with America? They must think this weasel is some kind of power player when in reality he sucks at this game and needs to go along with Noistricole. And what is this I hear he has Dopey Paulie’s dad for a manager?? He needs a manager, reeeaally? What for? Who on God’s green earth would pay to see this retarded looking dummy? Go figure.


Derrick’s dad, not Paulie’s.


I really don’t take too much seriously what PP said. They Keep saying: We vote out her, but there is Also her, oh and Also him… and bla bla bla. Unfortunately for them, people now recognized Paulie as the biggest threat and they can’t win everything. So…… can’t wait to see both of them out the door even before reaching top4.
Btw i seriously hope James makes that move, even though it would not benefit his game, it would seriously shake up the game. I Also hope Michelle has the Round trip ticket 😀

Nonon Jakuzure

At the start of BB18 when Victor was talking about himself, he alluded to the fact that he was a babe magnet, a sex machine, and could get any girl he wanted whenever he wanted one. He was very full of himself over his appeal and manliness. After his nomination speech, it is obvious that Victor is a true woman hater who uses women anyway he can and anyway he wants to meet his needs. He is a real sleaze-ball. Women beware. This guy is not worth any time you waste on him. Hope his good buddies Paul and Paulie evict him again at the first opportunity.

How gross

I was super disgusted and grossed out at that nomination ceremony. That whole bead comment and the throwing of the beads towards the girls shows the amazing job Victor’s family did of raising such a well mannered animal.


Victor has one true love in his life and that’s himself.
Paulie has one true love in his life and that’s himself.

Paulie won already

If Vic makes it to final two (unlikely) he will not win no matter who he drags with him because if he has his way there will be six women on the jury and none of them like him.


is it over yet?


44 days… : (


It’s not not who stays but rather what who stays means. If Zakiyah stays then we have the status quo of everyone just playing follow the leader. If Michelle stays, Paulie isn’t overly affected but it means people are starting to realize they need to chip away at his power base. Zakiyah will vote and do whatever Paulie says but she’s not integral to his plans. I’m hoping for a shift because it’ll be more entertaining for me.

Marvin Gaye

It’s obvious that Paul is playing Paulie! Paul is playing a better game right now than Paulie…. Paulie has too much blood on his hands… If Meechi leaves it’s blood on Paulie if Z leaves it’s blood on James…. Paulie made his first mistake by winning the Veto this week and his second mistake by not using it….. Z was a vote for him anyway he choose to use it and she was a shield cAuse they all want her out…… this is the beginning if the END FOR Paulies dominance….. EGO GOT THE BEST OF HIM


Maybe if the rt ticket isn’t used there will be a jury buyback. And maybe Da’vonne will come back. Maybe…


C’mon James do it, use your ACP and you will win AFP again.
Do it not and i hope you drift into a Smurfdom nightmare!


Lets be real Paulie is playing the best game, he’s manipulating these idiots and running the house like it’s nobody’s business.(Unfortunately)

One more thing- I hate Nicole!!!

That’s all.


A hundred thumps up!


Get Paulie out!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we have some shot at an interesting last few weeks! Ughhh!

How gross

I’m a little late to the party as I just watched Sundays HOH comp/noms. Was anybody grossed out at that speech that came out of Victor’s mouth? Actually, I had more of an issue w the whole beads thing. I’m just completely appalled at what I just witnessed.

Min O'Pause

Oh yeah, he’s a major asshole.

James didn't help clean up the kitchen

Anyone asking if James isn’t going to do what Paulie wants is a delusional James fan. Did he tell Paulie he is cancelling his vote like he said he was going to? No. You really think this pussy is going to do anything without his daddys permission?

Bye Michelle. Even Paul is basically on board with it now. He isn’t going to lie to Paulie yet. Later in game maybe.

Some of you think James has any power or a dick? BOFL! Delusional fkk*rs.:-)


Vic gave the nomination speech with the beads, with Paulie and Paul egging him on. {The boys have “little boys mentality”.} However, some could say this was Karma working at its best. Z and Meech have been horrible to other people in the house. { Making fun and ostracizing other players}
Unfortunately, this usually does not make for a good TV experience for the viewers. They need to go back to the old format, players of all ages, who want to play the game for the love of the game. More interesting and fun for the viewers. No more models and actors, they are boring and dull witted.


Regardless of who deserved what or acted which ever way, his speech was disgusting, especially considering how fixated he was with Natalie saying he’s disrespectful of women. And to think he thought it was so cunning and historical, give me a break! Not only should your mother be ashamed of you Victor (yeah that’s right mammas boy), your noms were lame, your poem sucked, your ego is so big you don’t even see you’re being taken advantage of, and your HoH is a total waste. However, it amuses me that you’re so vain you’re definitely going to watch yourself get hosed. Now that’s something I’d like CBS to air. There was potential. Such a shame.


As an aspiring actor, I’d just like to say that not all of us are like that. I would love to play bb, but it would be because I love games and I love bb. I would readily play if it weren’t televised. Fame would have nothing to do with it. My career and BB would be completely separate.

Feeds problem

Anyone having a problem watching the feeds online on an iPad where the entire CBS web page is displayed, causing the feeds screen to be really tiny? I can find no way to enlarge it. Chats show up on the right, type is too small to read. I deleted the CBS app, updated to the latest software release and restarted. Nothing worked. Every other web site like this one launches normal.

team girls says:

James vote to keep Michele .As soon as a girl gets HOH vote any guy but James out! James will support the girls. If a girl gets HOH in DE vote Paulie out!

Roll Tide

Pauline needs to go, then the next to go, Paul. Then we have a game. I do not want Paul to win either. He is disgusting!


But remember Paul’s mommy wants a new Bentley…………….so sick and I assume his tattooed bearded boyfriend wants some presents also


Okay someone might have already asked this, but why is Paul wearing the duck floaty?

Powder Puff Girl

Most likely for attention he is a reality wh@re? He drives me nuts talking to the camera, checking to see if camera is on him as if we are in agreement with his unquestionable wit. He is not front-running on the fan list I think he will be disappointed when he gets evicted.


I personally couldn’t tolerate Paul for more than a few hours. No way I’d last a day in a house with him and all his loud mouth antics. He’s always ‘on’. The noise and gimmicks and the need to be entertaining to all the HGs shows he’s someone who needs attention 24/7.


He needs mommy to calm him down

Min O'Pause

Don’t know why he’s wearing it but it sure screws up any plan to throw him in the pool and drown his egotistical ass.


not if they put him in upside down. Maybe someone can throw some sand in that duck


Big news, Hollywood has offered Meech the starring role in a new move called “Eat, Cry, Sleep”.
Can’t wait!


James can win this if he wakes up to Paulie’s game. If he doesn’t wake up PP will take him out.


Paul is so lonely his new showmance is the rubber duck! He starting to remind me of Ryan Gosling in the movie Lars and The Real Girl.


I thought 15-year-ago-me was a vile and disgusting human being. Thanks to Paulie, I feel so much better about myself. I clearly had no idea what vile and disgusting really was… it’s him.

Bad Breath

I couldn’t agree more – Paulie is one of the most repulsive and repugnant individuals I’ve ever seen. He’s no prize and any woman who attaches herself to him is in need of some serious guidance/counseling.


Whoever edits these posts needs to use spellchecker.


Hey Simon,
I think we just witnessed BURT volunteering to spellcheck and edit posts for you!

Powder Puff Girl

You should encourage people to write not discourage them. If you do not write you do not learn. If someone gets the point across job well done! If you want to make a difference there are plenty of ESL, school/ high school, adult learning programs that are in need of grammar police.


hahaha omg simon 🙂

listen burt we will all assume your new here so yeah theres that..


you do get that we are very lucky that Simon goes to all the hard work of transcribing everything these people say, for us. Who gives a rats butt if words are misspelt, he does the best he can and I for one am grateful.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Simon!!! please keep up the VERY good work!


Here’s an idea…. if you think you can do it better than OBB, start your own Big Brother site or…. STFU.


Who gives a shit, Can you read that ok?


I find your comment to be very hurtful and disrespectful.
For years, Simon and Dawg MAKE THE TIME to transcribe every minute of live feed action for those who cannot afford them or can’t find the time to enjoy them. They have jobs and families and sacrifice sleep to keep people like YOU entertained and informed. They provide us commenters a place to vent, strategize and share opinions.
Who gives a crap about some misspelled words? If all you can offer to the conversations here is criticism, maybe you need to find a new forum.


And again….
Simon and Dawg started this site out of the goodness of their hearts so we wouldn’t have to plod through hours and hours of godforsaken garbage (there should be a medal regarding season 16) so we don’t have to. While they make a little money from this site it’s not nearly enough to justify the amount of work they do on this. It’s a labor of love we get to benefit from now. They each have other jobs they have to do because they also have families who I assume would rather not live behind a dumpster in an alley of a restaurant (better food access). So if they misspell some things, skip some words, make a sentence I have to reread to understand then I can live with it. After all I don’t have to pay them unless I choose too and I still get the same access as everyone else.

And for the love of god, people! I is used in the subject and me is used in the predicate. I hear it all the time from these mouth breathing idiots! So and so isn’t targeting her and I; it’s her and me, you neanderthal!

I also realize I may have made a few grammatical goofs and I really don’t care…the biggest thing is that we can understand what’s going on. I think they stopped with the drinking games while transcribing…


I’ve asked this before but never got an answer. What’ the deal with Bridgette and the BASIL PLANT?? Did I miss something? That plant is in every screenshot of hers.


I have no clue where that plant even came from. I’m like you why is it there now, maybe she request it from the DR, they can do that for some things.


Do you donate to the site, Burt? If not, I suggest you not complain about it and move on to one that you deem acceptable.


Even if you do donate, you need to relax. It’s not like it’s a mass of gibberish unless they get the drinking games going again.


PP meetings are really starting to get so boring.. Paul telling Paulie we have to get James and Paulie saying later one we can (really think Paulie wants to keep James till the final 5 guys but just saying that to Paul to calm him down). It’s amazing how much Paul despises James as every PP meeting is just Paul bashing James and would not doubt the dirty uncle Paul is jealous that Natalie really likes James.

I just hope that James, Cory, Natalie and Nicole team up and get Paul out this week as Paul is scheming to get them all out starting with James…..


Apparently Meech’s speech has tanked any hope for her staying. The POV ceremony with Paulie the winner was not the time to call out Paulie and declare that now that her head is out of a potato chip bag she wants to make “Big” moves.


“Paulie- F*** it outta her”? Congrats Moma Calafiore for raising this boy.

sunny dee

and how dumb is michelle to use the veto ceremony to make a random targeted comment, to the guy who she should know is running everyone else and making everyone else’s decisions. hey, paulie, who no one else wants out of the house, i am coming for you. so she just put a target on her own back in the eyes of pretty much everyone except maybe natalie, who isn’t smart enough to realize that maybe she shouldn’t be targeting vic and nicole.

the only reason PP wants nat around is because they know her targets. Michelle should know not to promise safety to paulie of all people, but to tell him that her targets are vic and nat, the two safest people to name.


I am totally disgusted by Paulie this year. I would have never believed that he came from the same family as Cody. Cody respected people, and never used the foul language Paulie does. I, at this point would have preferred Austin from last year. He was gross to look at, but didn’t treat people the way Paulie does. Paul is another one that I find disgusting, but not on the same level as Paulie. I hope his family and his idol Derrick are really proud of him. Not one sentence comes out of his mouth that isn’t a lie, and I am so tired of him going to “clip” everyone. He can’t stop talking long enough to listen to anyone.


Shout out to BIG MEECH for shining a spotlight on Paulie and giving these HGs something to think about. Paul is verbalizing how he is playing Paulie’s game (he wanted Bridge out on his HOH but Paulie’s target went instead) and both he and VIc are seeing that they are the outsiders and keeping Bridge and Meech is to their advantage.
Corey is saying that needs to be clipped. Paulie wants Meech gone. Nicole doesn’t give two shits either way. Does Z even realize she is on the block?
Lines are being drawn and with the combination of DE and the two cancelled votes, maybe someone won’t be afraid to get their hands bloody. .


James, if you don’t use it wisely , biggest pu$$y EVER


I was so excited when viewing BBAD and Nat/James discussing best for their game to get rid of Z. Therefore, James planned to cancel Paulie/Nicole votes. BUT, later I viewed on BBAD, once again votes will go the way Paulie wants, and Meech will be voted out! James caved once again to Paulie’s wishes, and the rest of the idiot hg’s are as well! OMG! Why keep a 1/2 of a couple when it only benefits Paulie’s game – Z WILL NEVER SWAY TOWARDS ANYONE BUT PAULIE!!! Meech can be easily swayed!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid – so here we go with what Paulie wants, what is good for Paulie’s game… I hope Paul gets saved for DE because at this point he may be the only wise one to go after Paulie after hg’s go against his wishes once again (remember Bridge/Da evict). BUT, please do not save Nicoleeeeee… Lets mess up repulsive, arrogant Paulie’s plans and watch his ego falter!!! Paul/Vic/Meech/Bridge/Nat (not lame james) need to flip house/Paulies power and STOP making it easy for him to slide to f2.


Paulie wants the women out because he says in the end if there is a woman in final 2 the women will vote for the female. What he’s not counting on is how many women will know how cocky he was and how he ditched Z while still keeping his hands on her and how spiteful they all may be anyhow.


I’m laughing at Michelle campaigning (and crying). I mean how dare her. She was one of those bitching when Frank tried to campaign. Oh but I guess it’s different when your ass is on the block, huh??? Wish both the bullies Zakiyah and Meech go home one right after the other! See ya!


im not voting for pulie on none of America packges

No Name

I think Paul really wants to blow up Paulie’s game over this Michelle/Zakiyah dispute, but he’s hesitant to reach out to Vic about trying to do it.

If he can muster the courage to talk to Vic about it, and get him to agree, I think he might try to make a move for this eviction.

All he needs to do is get Vic in line and then approach James and Natalie about voting Zakiyah out. He just needs to tell James that Paulie is targeting them.

Then hope like hell one of them wins the HOH for double eviction and put Paulie on the block and out the door before he even knows what happened.


The weeks still young…this is Big Brother…we know there will be several flip flops before Thursday, and the DR loves to put doubt in their heads, so yeah.
On the flip side, did anyone notice how Paulie is going to everyone about Meech’s speech calling him out?? If he wasn’t worried, he wouldn’t be bringing it up so much…while I agree that it was somewhat stupid to call him out on the block, I have to wonder if any of the info will seep into the pea brains??? If anything, it HAS to get them thinking… (but then again, this is by far the dumbest cast in BB history)

Ariana Grande stinks!

Paulie re Michelle”: “Eff that outta her! BONE her!”

Paulie should do that to his own mother who raised him to be like this, and to his disgusting sister who is known for her intercourse with dogs! I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted and I only hope someone disfigures Paulie as soon as he leaves the BB house.