Natalie “YOU MOTHERTRUCKER!! AMERICA?! You voted him to be America’s Favourite for BB17?!”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 20-46-32-693

8:30pm In the bathroom – Natalie and James have a shaving cream and baby powder fight. James gets shaving cream all in her hair. Natalie yells you MOTHERTRUCKER!! James grabs the baby powder and coats her in it. Natalie asks AMERICA?! You voted him to be America’s Favourite for BB17?! My eye balls are burning, my ears are ringing! Natalie calls for a truce. James agrees and then gets her again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 20-52-47-413
FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

9:10pm In the hot tub – Vic, DaVonne and Bridgette are hanging out.

9:15pm – 9:30pm Natalie tells James I don’t like showing a lot of affection on tv. Nat and James talk about how the other night she gave up his spot in their bed to Michelle. He says she should have asked him first if it was okay. Natalie says she’s an event planner and is used to making decision without asking people. James says that same person that you gave up my bed to … is someone that doesn’t have your back. Natalie says she knows he has her back but still have to be friendly with other people. James says yeah keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 21-20-34-034

9:40pm Bridgette and Vic are talking. Vic talk about how Natalie said that he was disrespectful to women in her goodbye message. I’m a strong guy but I got sh*t on and it hurt. And my mom had to hear that. Vic talks about having to answer questions about it and how he took the high road and tried to deflect the questions. Bridgette asks is it hard for you to come back in and see her with James? Vic NO! She is just not my type of girl. I broke it off. She wanted to pursue it even after I told her I didn’t want to. And she was like oh Victor broke my heart. She doesn’t have to say those things. That hurt! I’ll let her know one day.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 21-37-42-884

10pm Natalie asks do you really trust me? I feel like some times you don’t. James says I do trust you. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Natalie says yes. You’re the only person I trust 100%. Nat sasy you know I would put up Nicole & Michelle. James says good job. Nat says and Victor. James says good job!

In the bedroom – Vic takes on a challenge to eat a whole box of cookies. He dunks each one into milk and finishes the pack.

10:40pm James goes to bed. Natalie gets up to run a couple laps in the backyard.

11:40pm This is what’s on the feeds right now…

11:55pm – 12:20am In the bedroom – Nicole tells Corey that he was acting weird today. He asks her why she thought he was acting weird. Nicole says he was just quiet. Nicole tells Corey about the finale and wrap party. She says only 1 family member got to go to the finale. She says the rest of her family stayed in her hotel room which didn’t have a tv because she still sequestered. She says they had to watch the finale on an iphone.

12:25am In the kitchen – Z asks Paulie can we talk at some point? Just stuff I’m thinking about. Paulie says okay we’ll find some time.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 00-25-06-871

12:35am Backyard Vic and Paulie playing pool. Vic says I’ve got to get Z away from you. Paulie sasy I know. Vic says I want to hang out with my bro. Paulie says she sleeps when I sleep and is awake when I’m awake. I trying to figure out why. I care for her. She said she wanted to talk. I don’t think its anything about this, I think its game related. Paulie sasy I feel comfortable if Corey or James won HOH. Paulie says I love mama Da .. this isn’t personal. She’s wanted all of us out at one point.

12:45am In the bathroom – Z tells Day you have me and Meech for sure. Da says I know James is voting for me for sure. Michelle says everyone I’ve talked to say they want Bridgette gone. Michelle says I just feel like they don’t talk to us anymore. Z says I go over there and they say its nothing but a smooth week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-02 00-44-03-807
12:50am – 2:15am Backyard – Paulie, Paul and Vic playing pool. Vic says its good because we have 2 pawns. Natalie and Bridgette. Natalie should be on the block ever week. Paul tells Vic you know who you are slowly reminding me of.. Christian Bale from American Psycho. Paulie and Paul laugh. Paul heads inside. Paulie starts talking about how amazing Frankie Grande is. “He’s a super good dude!”

In the bathroom – Meech, Z, Da and Natalie talk about pregnancy, tampons, STDS, birth control.

Paulie introduces Victor into the backyard. Paul pretends doing mixed martial arts on him.

(Hey all Simon here)
3:35am Natalie, Paulie, Paul, Zakiyah
The guys are working out.. just chit chat…
Paulie says he won’t surf at Australia or new zealand..
Paul – I f****g hate insect hands down
Natalie – I got food poisoning from eating a scorpion
Natalie – I can’t believe you hate blood sausage.. It’s healthy for you.. You don’t eat it everyday just BBQ’s

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 03-43-13-478

Paul – Zakiyah you look terrifying.. You look like a cannibal

Natalie – I would be a cuddle bug but I would be a good puppy.. Play cuddle.. Play cuddle..
If Natalie was a puppy at the pound, “I would be the first one chosen.. “

Paul is impersonating girls on snapchat, tinder and instagram using the “puppy” filter..

Paul – if it’s a dog filter swiping left.. If it’s a group photo swiping left.. Put a picture of your f*** face no filter.. Am I meeting up with a a f****g dog..


(Paul showing girls using “the dog filter” )

Paul explains that he’s only met 4 people on tinder because he goes for the long game. He doesn’t just message people wanting to “bone” he sees if people are compatable first. Adds that all the people he’s met on tinder are his friends now.
Paul – if you can talk with me longer than an hour on a coffee date.. We’re friends now

3:45am Natalie goes to bed..

Zakiyah wants to get a pocahontas tattoo on her arm.
Paulie recommends if she wants to get into modelling to keep the tattoos to a minimum tells her the one on her back is probably fine because it’s on her back.
Zakiyah wants to remove that one..

Zakiyah has a longer reach than Paul, “Head kick for days..”
They go on about how Zakiyah could be a great fighter because of her proportions.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 03-49-13-785

4:00am Paul going on about his MMA skillz
Paul – When I’m in the cage it’s a completely different side of me.. It triggers.. It taught me to control when to do what when to release that emotion..

Paul – you drew blood… it’s done..
Paul – my sons going to be into jiu jitsu by the time he’s outta the womb.. By the time he’s 18 stud.. Make sure he’s not a d1ck head..

Paul – light him up pow pop pop…

The guys continue to work out Zakiyah asks them if they like girls with muscle bodies..
Paul – it’s not my personal taste but I have friends that are really into it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-02 04-28-38-368

4:30am … They mostly come out at night…mostly..

4:46am Zakiyah and Paulie Backyard

Zakiyah – I just wanted to see where your head’s at
Paulie – I don’t care..
Paulie – everything changes with the wind.. I was going to talk to you when we get the chance.. I was also going to talk to MEECH..
Paulie says he’s been pushing for Da’Vonne but it doesn’t have to be this week it can be next week.. She has said she is coming after, Paulie, nicole and Corey that’s 3 out of them 5..
Paulie – bridgette will come after 2 outta the 5 of us.. At the end of the day she’s also mentioned Nicole’s name so it’s 3 outta 5 on both..

Paulie says he “Doesn’t care” what happens wants the house to decide
Zakiyah – I want us on the same page..
Paulie – When it comes to this I don’t care either way..
Zakiyah – I understand I feel eh same way .. I WANT TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE
Paulie – I feel like we are
Zakiyah – personally I want Bridgette out because I don’t care for the girl…
Zakiyah says there’s “Small things.. She told me what to do.. Sha;; sh1t” that Bridgette is doing all day she say it’s “women to women things, working my nerves a little bit”
Zakiyah – I’m being petty..

6:05am Paul, JAmes, Paulie and Zakiyah still up chit chatting..

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I voted 20 times for james America packages 2
I want to save bridget for 3 or 4

Tiny Trump Hands

This is a worthless Care Package. Vote will be unanimous, so I’m voting Michele so she can’t ever win anything better. Bridgette for safety, James go co- HOH

Big Brother Is Life

Isn’t this care package for um week 7 not week 6. So voting bridgette or da’vonne doesn’t interfere with the eviction.

TX rar

If you vote vot someone evicted, the care package is voided.

Plz dont give Michelle anything. She’s a mean, insecure girl. Dont award negativity.


“Plz dont give Michelle anything. She’s a mean, insecure girl. Dont award negativity.”

Speaking of negativity….

Paulie won already

Yes it is next week and will not impact this week’s eviction. I was trying to come up with a strategy to give it to somebody who would potentially put up Paul and/or Paulie, and came to the sad conclusion that everyone would put up Paulie picks, or girls. Note that Natalie said in this post she would put up Nicole and Michelle if she won HOH. Nobody seems very concerned about a boy band.
This is why I am giving this weeks eliminate two votes to Da, hoping that if she gets voted out and has the return ticket she will be angry with PP instead of Nicole.

sunny dee

nat checks in with james on After Dark, making sure he doesn’t have an alliance with nicole. they don’t say alot, or discuss noms, but i think it’s pretty clear to james that she’s asking because she would put nicole up. they were discussing the fast double eviction night where you don’t have time to think about it, and i think James was saying well, you have to know ahead of time who your main goal is so you are prepared.

i think we know nat wants victor out, if he is around, she will put him up, and i think the majority will take the shot to get him out, and she will get points for that. assuming she wins anything.

i notice zak is trying to get info out of paulie, and he isn’t giving it, since he knows she just plans to take it back to day. i think even she clues in that his not saying he’s voting bridgette out for sure is a clue. she wants to vote how he is going to vote, or she thinks she’ll be his target probably. too late for that.

Voided Care Package


Can you please confirm if we vote for Da/Bridgette to receive NEXT week’s care package (2 voided votes) and she’s evicted THIS week NOONE will receive the package?

I keep hearing different versions of the rules and just want to be sure. Thanks and sorry if you’ve already answered this question.


Who is Noone?

Care packages

That’s a good question for Simon/Dawg.
I swear I read somewhere that if the winner of the Care Package is voted out then the next HG with the most votes gets it.
I have another question too.
Can the HG who wins the $5000 bribe keep it for themselves?
And this is to everyone here. Why not wait till after the next eviction and hoh determination to vote?


Julie said the next care package will be awarded on Sunday. I think it is safe to believe that whomever is voted out on Thursday will not get the care package, unless of course they have the round ticket.


I think Julie meant the ACP will be revealed to the TV audience on the Sunday episode. It is actually given to the winning HG on Friday after HOH is played and before nominations. At least that is how he first one was done.


Guess natalie is a potty mouth trash too


“Potty mouth” really? Thats a phrase for 5 year olds, not grown adult men a,d women. First of all, she said “mothertrucker” second who cares if she did say the “f” bomb? This isn’t a prudish, born-again, hippocrite, group, just in case you hadn’t noticed.


Didn’t Nat just say, “Mother TRUCKER” how is that potty mouth?


Guess Jen finally found a way to say something bad about Nat. The jealousy got to her and she found a fault and needed to call her “potty mouth trash”.

I’d be more comfortable good people who say mf (which she didn’t) rather than people who call someone “trash” for swearing who they don’t even know! I really hope you trashed everyone else in the house for swearing too. You seem very sheltered and jealous with that comment. Have a nice day! 🙂


More comfortable around*


Catty jealous female detected.


victor is such a goof. hes so jealous that james is with natalie. hes a shallow douche bag and when he walked in he wanted to juggle nats jumbo ( . )( . ) as soon as he saw them. now hes saying shes not my type and we should put her up everyweek. what a LOSER. hes such a GOOF. i have never seen bigger jealousy in my life. for sure hes a JELLY school drop out. my name is victor and i dance the tango. let me seduce you with my antonia banderas impression. HATORADE

TX rar

I see the complete opposite. Nat got burned when he said they should just be friends. Nat continued to talk anout him for WEEKs after he was gone. She was embarrassed by him on TV and won’t let it go.
Victor has a fun sense of humour but these HG are so immature they can’t relate and would rather be the mean kids

TX rar aka: victors mom

Seriously?!? Victor is and has been a total d-bag! He thinks he is gods gift to everyone and everything! Nobody likes him. Natalie didn’t want to pursue him, because he kept saying crappy things to her. I wouldn’t even call him a goof…he is trying so hard to be likable, that now they like even less!

Victor is a Goof (aka Natalie's mom/sister)

Natalie is the type of girl that can’t be alone. Why did she keep complaining avout Victor blowing her off 2-3 weeks after he was gone if she didnt care ? She constantly wants someone else to validate her when she says OVER and OVER, “I hate my body. I feel like this body doesnt even Belong to me.” She even denied at first that she had a boob job. She a. Ice enought girl but you gotta look at all her actions.


So what if she denied having a boob job? It’s nobody else’s business.

Pinocchio Obama

Well nobody denies that she looks good.


Same here, voting for James this week. I know it may put a target on his back but I think he may need it to try and save Nat next week. Voting for Brig for #3 or #4, haven’t decided yet which one would help her more at this point.


I know that the ACP is not good until next week, and since I think Gidget will survive this eviction, I am voting for her to get it. They seem to waffle as to when to “clip” her. So once she survives this week, having this advantage for next week, could help her? I don’t know anymore guys… She probably would still get booted even with 2 less votes. Whatever. I’m burning brain cells reading this site, yet like a car crash, I can’t stop looking!

sunny dee

when it comes to the ‘safe for a week’, i was planning to vote for nicole. i know that the PPs have their eye on her, and any votings that thwart their plans, and then risk them having to vote out people they don’t want out, is good for me whether i want nicole further, i know i don’t want them, and eventually she might figure it out and put them up to get them out.

it’s kind of easy with the way people are volunteering to be pawns, you just say, here zak and paul go up, someone wins veto takes zak down, and up goes paulie, splits that up. anyone who can’t see that they aren’t part of that deserves to be next. anyway no care packages for corey (he’ll just waste it), paul or paulie or victor. co HOH could also be nicole, since she wouldnt’ be nominated during that one either, forces PPs to eliminate what they refer to as ‘weak’ girls, since they consider bridgette and nicole to be ‘strong’ players, let’s make sure they get care packages, and so does james so he can use it to help out the other ‘weak’ one. natalie.


So Z has become a mime now?

co hoh and bribe twist rules

co hoh twists rules and scenarios…

the bribe twist, likely at final 6 or 7 stage, depending if someone returns and/or a double eviction, it will be interesting to see how this is done…will the winner get to choose their person to bribe privately? which action will they pick? what if the person chosen to be bribed declines the bribe for not wanting a target on themselves due to taking money or performing an action that annoys others? does the care package winner then keep the money if the bribe is declined? will the person doing the bribing have a set time they have to decide the person and action by or perhaps they can leave it as late as the eviction vote and then decide they want whoever to vote a certain way? this is also the fifth and last care package and in the week after the round trip ticket possible returning player twist is over(bribing a vote at final 7 or 6 would mean a 2-1 or 2-2 or 3-1 vote could get flipped, with only a unanimous vote unable to have potential to be flipped by the bribe of 1 vote)

The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

and with the co hoh twist, likely at the final 7 or 8 stage, what happens if that weeks hoh also wins the co hoh care package? would they get to choose the co hoh? can someone be hoh the previous week & then also get to be eligible for co hoh the week after meaning they would be hoh 2 weeks in a row? or could they win the co hoh package and then compete in the following weeks hoh? or even be hoh, co hoh and hoh in 3 successive weeks? how would the co hohs decide a renom if veto was used but neither of the co hohs were the veto winner? maybe whoever the veto is used on, whichever hoh put that person up then they choose the renom rather than having to agree on a combined decision? as there will be 2 hohs & 2 noms that week, probably each hoh picks 1 chip each in veto draw

if anyone can help clarify the exact rules of these 2 twists it would be appreciated, thanks


boring bridgette doesnt need saving

she will get carried to the end because she is a crappy player that nobody would vote for to win

she is no longer an underdog who needs public voting help to prop up her poor play

if she finishes runner up it will not be deserved based on her play so far

big brother needs to stop giving the runner up prizemoney and rewarding bad players who get carried to the end


I am not going to vote for rat floater Nicole. That can be her punishment for making us listen to all her whining.

I am not going to vote for Bridgette either. I refuse to reward someone who has virtually done nothing, and made dumb decisions most of the season spending almost all her time with Frank. Not a fan of the ‘poor me’ mentality. She has played poorly, and now with it likely her poor play will get rewarded by not only players wanting to take a goat to the end for an easy win, but fans who obsessively root for the underdog, thats even more of a reason why I will not vote for her. I refuse to reward bad play in Big Brother, which screws over players who have played better games and are much more worthy of an advantage in the game.


Exactly! Play the f-ing game or go home! I’d rather have a sneaking liar bigmouth whatever to play than a “hehe people are so mean!” type. Do you know what show you are on??? Do whatever it takes to win! I know many people don’t like Paulie or Da but they are there to win! Not to get a relationship or a contract deal.

I agree 100% about the people who root for the underdog. Why root for a fluttery goon who thinks they are at summer camp and gets offended because someone doesn’t want to be their friend? Write home to your Mommy about it.

The underdogs change often and so do the flip flop commenters. Anyone who is HOH is an a-hole and anyone who is on the block is the best and better get their revenge! So they win HOH and suddenly everyone here hates the underdog!


Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

Which couple gets clipped first?

Which couple do you think gets clipped first? Meaning both members of a couple evicted? Also which couple survives the longest with both its members staying alive in the game?

I would like to see these as 2 polls Simon/Dawg, I would be interested to know what people think.


Downvoted for using that stupid phrase “clipped”.

Clippy Clippardson

Down voting for down voting people using a word you don’t like.

Which couple gets clipped first?

I put clipped in there knowing it would annoy some people haha.


Ok that I can understand. lol

It worked. It made me think of Paulie and I don’t like thinking of Paulie.


“Friendship” 🙂


Can you imagine how great Thursday’s show is going to be when Da’Chima explodes?

Pinocchio Obama

Please give us a double eviction this week Julie. There is a lot of dead weight to cut in the house and the drama will kick in when these alliances start to turn on each other.

Best BB ever?

I know some people are unhappy that their favourite player has left but i still think this has the potential to be the best BB ever.

I really liked the early season and with villains like Paul and Da this year ranks up there.

Pay attention BB, you have a winning formula this year!


mmm say WHAT????


watching the live feeds and it doesn’t even feel like BB anymore. why even have evictions? bring everybody back and let them continue with their couples retreat/summer vacation. the 500K should be given and split to the live feeders subscribers who had to watch this all summer.

Tiny Trump Hands

Really Cody?

Um. No.

I would rather bring back Frankie than have to watch those dickweeds, PP, the rest of the summer.


I didn’t know this could actually happen to anyone in real life, but I LITERALLY fell out of my chair when I read that..


Ha Ha Frankie G! The UK are booing him right now. BB creep of all time.


I find it interesting that Paul comments that Frankie is a good guy. Once again CBS is trying to force him down our throat one way or another. I stopped watching CBS for two years over this because they are not going to tell me who to like. They need to shove him and his sister up their butts


“followed swiftly by a very gratuitous shot of Frankie Grande holding his private parts while showing off his bum in the bedroom.” This is a quote from Daily Mail. It appears the Skank is not too popular in the UK. When I saw him in the audience 2 or so weeks ago, I nearly lost my dinner. I don’t know why CBS is so focused on putting him in the limelight. He also appeared on GMA as part of a “makeover” team. He could not stop playing to the camera and trying to find his best camera angle. If CBS ever thought about bringing him back to BB, I would cancel my cable and toss my telly in the trash.


With you on that, I shudder to think FG appearing again on BBxx.
God Help Us!!!


ooops – forgot to post my name in previous comment


If you don’t like the Grande’s you can go lick a doughnut.


This is the first big brother I havent even watched past the third week.
I cant stand the players at all or they way they play the game.
I come on here and they annoy me even just reading about them.
Its a shame because Big brother was one thing I would look forward to each year.
In saying that Im glad you are happy but imo this is far from the best season.


Nat and James–two cuties. Ohhh, James, she’s a keeper, lol!


Lol, yeah James. She’s a keeper. So if you wanna keep her after the show, you better get some chlorophyll, lots of rope, and a basement with no windows. Pretty sure that’s he only way she’s gonna stick around.

Bolt Uprite

Chlorophyll is the green stuff in plants. Perhaps you should stop huffing chloroform.


James called a truce and then went back on his word with Natalie and the powder! Is lying part of his charm????

Penelope Taynt

OMG that is so true. If someone like Michelle made a promise during an HOH competition and broke it she would get roasted on this site. But when James betrays his word to Bridgette everyone thinks it’s cute. Who cares that you can’t trust a word that comes out of his mouth? Nothing sticks to “Teflon James”. I swear James could pull a gun on somebody in the house and he would still win the public vote for favorite player.

Outlaw Jamesy James.

Well, duh. Who wouldn’t want to see James pull a gun on most of the people left in the house?


will someone please put paulie on the block already and save this sinking ship


Do you believe in miracles? Let’s pray to the BB gods to zap Frank and Tiffany back in the game. I’m so disappointed …guess I’ll go to bed. Depressed


yes miracles happen
Bridgette’s gonna win
her big ally is Victor
PP n gang gonna fold heheh


Im equally annoyed and entertained by Paul(ie). He/they are running things perfectly.
I cant get live feeds. (canada rural satalite internet is 10xs worse then dialup) but even reading the feeds is painful at times. Never cared. But paulie is playin a great game. I missed a lot of BB seasons (probably 3-13? Ish), but i cant recall someone so confident while running the house goin on the block so nonchalantly. At least after they stopped letting ppl pick their veto players.
Paulies got thos house locked down. Day is about the only one i could see messin that up. And shes leaving. James possibly could. But i see that as a coin toss of him catching on/making a “big move”
Im thoroughly disappointed with the ladies this season. Did no one tell them this was big brother not the bachelor?! What the actual f*&k?!?!?
Im not really a paulie fan. But frick. Hes controlling the house. And hes doing it without being a total spaz/overeacting player (vanessa, amanda type comes to mind) hes winning things and jumping on the block without hesitation (unlile derrick. Steve) his showmance means nothing to him. Which is actually amusing because showmances kinda drive me crazy. (cept james and nat nat. They should have babies)
Z is useless and needs to stop talking about nat being a floater. Look in the mirror hun.
Meech is a beetch. Which would be entertaining if she pulled some rachel shit. Won comps and called people out. But she doesnt. She just worries about her weight. Bitches about girls she feels threatened by. And eats. If youre gonna be mean at least be funny/entertaining!!!
Nicole is gonna be ditched as soon as shes not needed. (although she could win me over if by chance she won an hoh by fluke and did some actual BIG moves)
Bridge is a toss up. Shes desperate to survive. She can win. She provem that. But the people left she has to depend on will just use her. I dont see her getting as much done as she potentially could.
Day is gone.
James is (i hope) starting to realize the pecking order in his group. Im not sure how things will go with him in this game. Hoping he throws us a curve ball.
Corey….. Ugh.
Vic….. Meh
Nat Nat is adorable/annoying as f*$k. Her low self esteem is annoying. Like when you have that beautiful friend who thinks they are ugly but guys throw themselves at. And they complain about their weight and you probably have 30lbs on them and u want to punch them in the face but they are actually legit the nicest and sweetest person ever….. Thats Nat. Also. From what ive read she really didnt know just what she was getting into coming onto BB. So i actually dont mind her game play (or lack there of)
At this point. Im 100% sure paul(ie) wins. Id be ok with that as a fan. Even though im not really into either of them as a player, they arw playing a good game. Unless theres a huge shake up. Which would be awesome.
The only one i reeeeeally dislike is meech. I wish they would give her a different edit for the show. Shes an ugly person inside.
Thats my 2am rant.
You are welcome.


Paulie will have to be backdoored since he’ll probably be able to win the POV and take himself off the block. I hope somebody has the guts to do it – sooner than later.


As much as I want that foul mouthed Paulie out of the house, even if on the block… I doubt his stupid minions would vote him out, even given the best chance of a back door. I’m speechless this season. Didn’t anyone learn from watching Derrick’s season?

Paulie won already

Totally and completely agree. I think even if Paulie were on the block, his minions would save him because apparently are not there to win the money but to increase their standing on social media, promote their business, or find a husband. Or as a substitute for working for the summer?


If it could be guaranteed that he was coming back, I’d sign up for BB tomorrow just to torment him. So far he’s a designer, a model, and an MMA fighter who orgies and has been raped by women…because he’s so irresistible…. I’d make fun of him mercilessly because as best I can tell his parents fund his clothing company for which he is a model and his fighting skills consist of threatening women and pretending to be willing to confront a man, yet folding easier than an accordion when the rubber meets the road….

And for the record, I don’t think he’d last more than 30 seconds with any of the guys in the house…none of whom exactly seem tough…


Don’t forget….the owner of three businesses, a DJ extraordinaire, a “professional” athlete, soon-to-be owner of a house AND an apartment in Manhattan, connected to mobsters with financial know-how, and of course very misunderstood by women bc he is SOOOO GOOD LOOKING……oh yeah, who happens to be 5’8 3/4 with a lazy eye, a phlegm problem type thing, living in his mom’s basement in suburban NJ, riding on his brother’s (and Derrick’s?) coattails, and the only girl he can get in the house is the one he DON’T WANT AND CAN’T GET RID OF. ok paulie. please get some help.

Misty Beethoven

When Paul was talking about MMA and said “when I’m in the cage…” my first thought was can’t they lock him in one now and toss the key? What a self inflated gasbag.

Fuzzy Num Num

Was the thing with Nat and Vic a blink and you miss it? Because I think I blinked.

My Two Cents

I think the majority of the Victor/Natalie thing happened in the week or so before the live feeds came on this year.


Which is the reason I stopped watching the show for a while, knowing how relationships r formed is the whole show to be deprived that for pushing back editing is horrible for the true fans, the brigade was made night one, because of a silly prank if we didn’t know that we would think those guys were real ass holes for cutting everyone like they did


I think Natalie was coached by production to get into a showmance and Victor appeared to be the match that was acceptable for the audience. Victor wasn’t here for a showmance nad Natalie then was free to find James and have fun..


I think Nat was specifically put in there for James. She said in her entry video she wasn’t into fit guys. So a good looking girl not into fit guys..the only one in the house who isn’t “fit” is James…unless you count Glenn…..She was put in to be the new Meg and finally give James a chance at a showmance this year.

Bolt Uprite

Of course that is just the recollection of Rico Suave. It seemed to be news to Bridgette who was/is tight with Natalie.

TX rar

Victor, unlike Paulie, Corey, James, didnt want to get into a showmance and that stung Nat’s pride. Nat complained about Vic not being interested for weeks after it. She connected with James around that time.

Can’t blame Vic for trying to stay focused on the game! He has won 4 comps and is actually playing the game. He has to lay low this first week back to re-establish alliances but is already talking with Paulie to keep Bridgette next week and target Michelle. With the ACP2 prize he will be able to make that happen which works for me.


I wonder if Frank’s girlfriend allows him to watch the live feeds. She probably turns them on late at night when Frank is asleep, listens for Bridgette pine for her man, and burns with the jealous fire of the thousand suns.


u mad bro?

Powder Puff Girl

that is an unhealthy fixation!


it seems each week the house just feels the need to honor the hoh and simply evict whoever they decide its so boring everyone just sits around no fear of going home no strategy just a bunch of stupid kiddy games and high school crushes lalala lets make some food and try to make each other laugh its so annoying i mean hello this is big brother where you do whatever it takes to win at all costs period with no distractions or concerns about “friendship” do these people even care about the 500k?


You kidding? Every week the HOH is to honor what Paulie wants.Frank wasn’t targeting James but he went home. Paul wanted Bridgette to go because Da’ is not targeting him. But Paulie telling him she needs to go to him soo much he’s changed his mind. The fact he put Da’ up shows how much influence Paulie has. Paul could and should have put up Nat (easy pawn) if he wants Bridgette to go.


James i am sick of this dude….he brings nothing at all he looks so desperate and clingy to Nathalie its pathetic. Probably just wanting to get a paid vacation and trying to get AFP(I hope people dont vote for him because he totally does not deserve it). His pranks are not even funny any more, he should have stayed home


Renee, I agree. Polls are demonstrating once again he is moving in the direction of AFP. Why? His game is exact, not change at all, he refusing to discuss serious game play with Nat – basically stating it is a need to know basis, and to not talk game? Really? Why should Nat talk game? James/ Nat your stupid game ‘strategy’ or lack there off is close to kicking you both out the door. I do not want Nat to get AFP either, because she is faking actions in order to get AFP. I said it before and I will say it again, that is why she latched onto James. We need some miracle to safe this season. So hard to vote for anyone! Four more care packages, and I am torn which ego within the house deserves it more…Watching James on feeds tonight, I no longer want him to get any. So, now what? Da is pretty much out the door, so waste of vote, Z/Paulie/Corey/Nicole/Meech forget about it! So, left with Vic, Bridg, Paul (no longer care for his napoleon antics), and James (no words). Sad to feel this much annonyance with the hg’s.

Your friend

Calm down, relax, it’s only a game.


James is only after low hanging fruit. Jury and maybe AFP. He knows he has almost no shot at winning the game even if he tried. So instead he plays to get jury. James doesn’t want to talk game because that’s dangerous for his game, plus he’s not in the know. If he starts talking game someone will target him and by just being a vote to whoever is in charge in a given week he can float to jury. That’s why James is a little nervous now because he can’t tell exactly where the lines are.


I think James is protecting Natalie by not giving her the information he knows at the time and tells her information is on a need to know basis. If she doesn’t know the information before hand, there is no way she can repeat it and get herself in hot water.

Get rid of AFP

Get rid of AFP and maybe the hgs would actual play the game, i believe ever since AFP has come into play the houseguest know they don’t have to play and have a chance to get some money, also jury is a problem a better solution is needed but i don’t what can be done about the jury.


I had enough of james after the first season he was on. To put him on so soon put me of this season straight away.


Get Bridgette out. She still smells of Frank.


So, how many people are as annoyed by the conversation between Nat and James on BBAD? James replaying the demise between him and Meg during his season and how they both were at the bottom of the alliance, both put on the block, he won POV so Meg went home and he was next. Plus, stating when it is their (Nat/James) time, he will still stay loyal to her like he did Meg!!! OMG Do I see a repeat? Do they??? They can not be this stupid to follow the exact path during this season!!! Oh, and Nat wanting to discuss game/details what is currently taking place within the ‘house’ and James telling her she does not need to know? What??? I can not take this anymore and so sick of them just playing pranks, etc. And at this moment on BBAD, James is continuing to tell Nat to not talk game and try pry info out of him! Again, What??? Nat is trying to ask lame James for advice and he is doing his usual, “put me up, blah, blah, blah – just joking…” So over it! James do something different! No, I guess the best move is for you to play pranks, keep Nat in the dark, lay around and wait until it is your turn as well as Nat’s turn to go up and out! Yuck!!! Please America do not vote for him to be AFP again. And Please, please let Da have the round-trip ticket so she, and the other sheep can see how stupid they all are to believe and listen to PP, Cory, and Nicole. Turning BBAD off, can not take it anymore! Anyone else feel this way or view this conversation?


I understand how you feel watching BBAD only to watch boring conversations. Keep in mind the HS have nothing else to do for distraction so it’s quite normal as the time increases – so does meaningless dialog and antics. Sad but this is what happens when all the electronic toys are taken away and talking BB game is selective.

It’s the same every season but I enjoy and appreciate the ones who actually play the game.


U gotta ask yourself if davonne didn’t pit Tiffany and frank against each other, how really bad would this house would have been. Wow

Reality Check

If you want to name AFP (america’s favorite player) I want to nominate the production team. Their hard work setting up the HOH competition, the veto competition and probably other stuff that the fans do not even recognize. Since the houseguests are so hard to watch with the exception of Natalie, I would give the AFP to the production team and they could split the money to each other.


James is about getting to jury. James’ game is to make sure the heavy hitters knows he’s not trying to win the game.but just to be a vote until jury. Jury probably gets him $20-25k which is good summer money. Talking game with someone other the the one in charge is dangerous to James’ strategy.


It’s more entertaining than listening to Michelle & Z whine, pop the guys’ zits, listen to Paul SCREAM.


Hmmm. That’s a tough one: Listen to Zak & Munchelle pretending to scheme OR Listen to James and Natalie? OMG. How about just jumping off a bridge? That would be less painful.


From what I got of the situation, Vic had more of an interest with Nicole. I thought he ask to see Nichole out of the house. Nicole lied about it, {surprise} and made it seem more than what it was, making Nat mad. This I got from bits and pieces and listening to their gossip. {We all know how reliable their gossip is.} I think Nat was more into Vic then Vic was into Nat……….. The same as I think Nat’s interest with James………the other night she referred to him as her BB boyfriend, which leads me to believe that once out of the house her interest will wan. Also, what she said to James about the sleeping situation should make bells go off in his head.


Yeah the viewership has been kind of stupid for the last few years Nat. They denfenitly pandering to the lowest demographic for the voting Nat. Yep America voted James the wuss aka the wussiest of the wussiest, aka Paulie’s bit$&, umm, I mean follower Paulie’s Follwer. Yeah that’s it. Nat, oh Nat America’s Player last year was the funny prankster. Can you believe that NaMeg? He’s playing same game he played last year, this year Meg, I mean Nat. America will probably do it again and vote him America’s Player Nat. Nat this year he will again because he will get for the same dumb reasons for fan voting him America’s player Natty. Let’s vote James cause he’s fun and pulls pranks while being given free HOH and doing Paulie’s dirty work. Forget gameplay. That shouldn’t matter when you are going for America’s Player. It’s about be fun Nat.


If they vote James AFP again no doubt he’ll be back next year we’ll never get rid of him.
Also please tell me Vanessa has no more sisters.


Actually she does but she’s a doctor, I doubt she would want to come on big brother. Besides what’s wrong with Tiffany? I’d MUCH rather have her than z, meech or Nicole even at this point.


PLEASE – no more Rousso family members on BB. The two we have witnessed on BB are obsessive, weird, and emotionally unstable. They seem to have this strange over the top craving to win BB yet have absolutely no need for the money.


I hate when people base winning strictly on the need for money. I don’t think anyone willing to go on big brother is a millionaire, so everyone “needs” the money. But sometimes maybe some people just want to play for the challenge? It shouldn’t be about who needs the money.


You are wrong. Vanessa & Tiffany’s father owns a multi-million dollar exporting business based in Paris. Vanessa has accumulated over $4 million in career earnings from playing professional poker.

James knows Nat better at the game than him.

James doesn’t let Natalie talk game. Her game sucks because of his little turd ass. He is like a insecure bf who doesn’t let his victim have friends.

Natalie should just play her own game because actually she helps James because everyone knows he has two votes with her.

James is floating riding his daddy Paulie till it’s time for Paulie to clip him. If Paulie wanted to get out Natalie James would follow his daddys commands and vote her out.

Natalie should just play the game behind his back if she has to. He can’t let her talk game because she has more of a brain than his little ugly ass.

Go ask Paulie what to do next James and let Nat play. She would be better off without your insecure controlling bf ugly chubby no game self.


I’m kind of thinking Nat will do just that (hoping). She is an event planner in real life which requires decision making and I think she is intuitive, if not great with math or comps 🙂 Her social game is VERY good and seeing her and Bridget talk more, would be OH SO AWESOME of P or P, Michelle, Z, or any number of them got “clipped” by those two little cuties. CARED BUT NOW WE DON’T CARE … SHAVE YOUR BEARDS … GET A LIFE … BYE FELICIAS!!!

Michelle is bats#*t crazy

Oh my gosh I just watched obsessed Michelle throw so much food and candy in her mouth. She was using 2 hands, couldn’t eat fast enough and was smacking chewing with her mouth open. Kept opening and closing the bag. Stopped and looked at her thighs in the mirror then asked Nicole for fiber tablets. So disturbing and disgusting watching her.


i think out of the everyone I hate Munchelle the worst. This bitch is a NUTRITIONIST and its shoveling chips, candy, and whatever is within arms reach into her mouth 24/7. She’s in bed right now eating Fiber tablets and Nicole just had to explain to her what fiber does to your body….she had to explain this to the nutritionist!!!!

Fiber=Bulky Poop

Agreed. The sadder thing is that Bitchole and Gidget are NURSES! (Bitchole is an ER NURSE)! Can you imagine having a medical emergency and needing to rely upon one of those two to save your life? Eek!


Could you (and many others) please stop with the childish, immature, name calling. You lose the point of the comment – which is usually a good one – trying to figure out who the new “name” is. Michelle=Meech, Muncho etc. Thank you.


Umm, Michelle’s nick name is Meech or Big Meech. That’s what the other house guests call her.


Try and keep up then, Granny. Welcome to the Internet!!!


She’s straight up got issues. I think she and Z will get boo’d when they leave the house. I think I want that but I know I’ll feel bad for them (even though…). I hated the way Christine fawned all over Cody but when she got boo’d, the look on her face made me sad. These are just “normal(ish)” real life people. I think they’re going to need Witness Protection, Dr. Phil, and AA (Ahole Anonymous) when they get out!


I don’t think either of them will actually be boo’d but I don’t the applause will be very loud. The main reason christine was boo’d is because she was married but still all over Cody.


You are probably right, and I hope that’s the case actually. Even though it makes my blood boil when they are so mean and childish, they ARE childish, and young both mentally & physically. They’ll take so much heat on social media for that they won’t need to be boo’d. I’m sure that’s shocking and humiliating.

Powder Puff Girl

I have 2 thoughts on this,
In medical terms that is called binging and purging. Michelle could have an eating disorder which is no laughing matter. I noticed the other night she was obsessively breaking food into tiny pieces w/ is a red flag. Constantly talking about food, weight, how others view her.

Or she could be bored, has nothing better to do than eat. There is nothing to do in that house.

The Roach Coach

I don’t like that james doesn’t want natalie to talk game at all, even with him, and not that he should tell her all the info he gathers (he kind of should tho) but at the very least he should keep her in the loop about a lot of things…
I know he thinks he is protecting her, but if james ever get evicted before natalie, natnat is screwed because she wont know anything and forced to play without an evicted james….
If james was on the block for the week or a backdoor target he would have a small amount of time to fill her in…. but if he got evicted on a double elimination night he walks out that door and has no time to fill nat in on a lot of things that could be a game changer for her and maybe even help her win the game….but instead james wont talk game with her and natnat wont have a clue as to a lot of important details that james should be telling her RIGHT NOW…
For weeks Nat didn’t want to talk game with james or anyone, she didn’t want to know anything… but lately she does and james shuts it down…. she also gave james great advice from her perspective when he was hoh and he didn’t listen


James is sooo FRUSTRATING this season!! he needs to seriously wake up from his stupor, he is just being so freaking lazy….the guy really has no game. I mean every time Natalie tries to talk game with him he basically just tells her to shut up. For example she just tried to ask him who her targets should be for double eviction and he didn’t tell her anything!! I can’t for the life of me figure out his strategy.


James is clueless, James believes Paulie is in an actual alliance with him. This season feels so reminiscent to past seasons. Da, Frank, Nicole, and James are still playing exactly how when they got Evicted on their season. A carbon copy of the script.


Nat and Vic what???? He is speaking about the first few days or what? I thought she said she doesn’t go after beefy guys only nerds but Vic makes it sound like James was her 2nd choice


Yep, Gnat tried to hookup with Vic in the beginning and he rebuffed her. She was so mad and told the girls she could get any guy and said he was disrespectful. Then she latched onto James. Now she is flirting around with Paul and Paulie because they are stronger in the game. She tried Corey and pissed Nicole off.


The consensus was Corey was full of crap, Nobody ever saw flirting from her towards him the entire time he was insisting it was happening. It seems like you share the mindset of the catty girls of the house. If Nat so much as speaks to a guy or laughs at his joke she’s flirting…

Yabba dabba doo!

Victor’s laugh is really creepy. He sounds like Robert DeNiro in CAPE FEAR.


In jury Natalie will reward James by letting him watch as she makes out with Victor.


James is literally the weakest player ever. How do you have a loyal person working with you and you refuse to do what you came there for? Your pandering for afp is pathetic. Nicole is also a weak player, pandering for dancing eyes hoping to stay a little longer for affection. I can’t believe I was hoping to see a dr will/Dan/janell/Danielle type of player…bb kinda sucks now


Same here, I know it may put a target on his back but think he may need it to try and save Nat next week.

Observant 2.0

My theory is that when production casts for this show nowadays, they are looking for peaceful, socially tolerant types. (Of course, they’re looking for “pretty people”, too). I feel that their reasoning for that is that they don’t want a repeat of that season (was it 15? 16?) with blantant racism, homophobia and jokes about pedophilia. Those loser HGs caused quite a stir and CBS was blasted for that. That cast was hideous and American generally hated them. There were even petitions floating around online to pull the show from the air and/or boot out the HGs who were making sick comments. But, when you hire a “fluffier”, tree-hugging-type cast of people who don’t have one-sided mindsets or prejudices, GENERALLY they will also be more nonchalant in regards to their overall game. It IS possible to find strong players who are decent human beings AND have great social and strategic game, yet don’t display intolerance or bigoted ideologies. They’re just hard to find. I think we can blame the way kids are raised and educated nowadays (I know I sound really old)! Young people today GENERALLY aren’t able to strategize, work hard, think critically, plan, or self-motivate. Notice how their negativity this season just comes out in the form of whining and jealousy. Young adults today would rather complain and sulk rather than create change or work for something. I fear that the greats like Dr. Will, Dan, and Janelle are a thing of the past. Oh, and I know I sound like I’m “picking on” today’s teachers, “fluffy” people, and the 20-something generation. However, I am myself a retired veteran teacher, and I’m rather left-leaning in my ideologies. I have been called “fluffy” plenty of times. At least *I* realize that *I* would not ever be cut out for a game like Big Brother (if they ever even would cast someone age 40 who doesn’t go home the first night. Lol.). That’s my self-awareness, which is something that these kiddos seriously lack. I’m not sure production knew what lame-o HGs they were casting. I don’t even think the HGs themselves realize how unfit they are for this show. Yawn.

Powder Puff Girl

“You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you find you get what you need”

Casting needs to stop hiring people who’s purpose in life is to become a reality star, model, actor. They troll the internet to find these people on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Pick the average Joe like they did in the past. You cannot avoid the bigots, racists, homophobes as they do not show their true colours until showtime.


Great observations 🙂 I’m right leaning over 40 female. America would hate me too (lol). Plus, I hate to hurt people’s feelings and I’d probably ugly cry on tv.

Jus sayin..

If I’d been drinking a shot every time I heard the word “pimple” on the feeds tonight, I’d be in a coma by now.


James reminds me of Pepe le pew
Natalie the cat. Just pitiful James.
Go kiss your bro Paulie’s butt some more.


Da is like a clueless chatterbox. She gets all the info and doesn’t know what to do with it. so she just tells her ideas to everyone. Had Da’ actually used her intuition more carefully, she could have gone much farther in the game. But because she talks WAY too much, she is her own worse enemy. Its just like last season, Da’Vonne was the first one to figure out the twin twist but blabbered it to everyone, and got herself evicted cause of it. She knows way too much.


Actually, she told Jason and he blabbed it.

Your Boy

I wish that Paul would realize – once and for all – that he is NOT my “boy”. If I hear it one more time, I’m going to vomit.

So anyway...

BBAD is a yawn fest tonight.


I would hire Rosie O’Donnell has my nutritionist before I would hire Munchelle


Yeah hearing Nay explain why she doesn’t want to kiss him really does seem like she’s playing him. I wanted it to be real but she’s showing her cards.

Tiny bubbles

Why is James asking Natalie about her period? WTH James. Gross dude.


I brought up my that my periods are irregular. That’s when he asked about them. Lay off my BB Boyfriend. Don’t know if we’ll be friends after the game, but he’s mine here in the CBS parking lot.


I know people are getting bored of these hg’s and I dont blame them. I hate to say it but I do think Nat is using james to get further in the game, and has also been very social with everyone else alot lately even tho she tells james all these people are so fake, they should call it fake big brother. I think once Nat saw james is low manom totem poll she started socializing with paul, paulie and others. She even is working with brig now, so you know she doesnt have much faith in james. You can tell by her body language the last couple days shes not that into him, it already wore off. She plays up to the cameras. Im hoping if brig stays she wins hoh n throws up paulie and michelle.


She said she was going to use the men from the start. Suprise shes using James.


Wow can’t believe we watch this crap, it was so bad tonight because the whole house doesn’t want to rock the boat, if u r going home anyways shake shit up. Natalie talking about how street smart she is, was so funny I almost died as if anybody like that would pick james as a running mate and have 0 back up plan or ability to get what u want, but keep living in LA LA land girl

Backseat Driver

Nat latched onto James when she found out Victor was being evicted. Maybe we should sit back and see what this gal can do… might surprise all of us. OR…..I’m full of shit and she’s just there for some cash and being on TV all summer.


So, any thoughts on WHO gets the Final Rose?? Will it be nasally Nicole, who’s thinking about moving to Texas? Or Lil’ Nat Nat from Jersey who’s pirouetted her way into our hearts? Or Dirty Girl Zakiyah, not afraid to change her maxi pad in public, and ready to have Paulie’s babies? Stay tuned for the most dramatic season in Big Bachelorette history!


James’ entire strategy in both seasons was to get to jury. That’s it. No, still nothing else. He does this by floating to whoever is in charge and just going with “the house”. Even when he is HoH, he let everyone know he’s a vote for them. Talking game for James is dangerous because someone may think he’s plotting. Natalie may be thinking of trying for the $500k but that freaks him out because then he’s a target. He may make a “big” move once jury hits and likely be one of the first out and James will be ecstatic with that.


James said tonight that he wants to open “the reality bar” if he wins the $50k! THAT did it for me! It’s enough to hear that all he cares about is jury, but he’s ACTUALLY there TRYING, and now CAMPAIGNING for AFP! Dude, begging just makes you looks more like an idiot. He’s become America’s Favorite PAWN! Because he allows others to TELL him his strategy. We don’t like how condescending he is to Natalie. He says he’s protecting her??? That’s waaaay more controlling than Nat needs. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he is NOT named AFP!!


Does anyone know name of that word game they play a lot where u have to guess and say check 1 2 3? Looks fun to play but i couldn’t find it when I googled it. Not sure what the rules are.

Curious BB

I now realize Natalie sees James as a good friend and not a potential love interest. She likes the attention and needs a male around her. The only remaining option is James. He will be disappointed again, after the show, because this will be an ongoing friendship but not romance.

It's all staged

I bet the HGs get $$ for doing certain things, like being in a showmance

Min O'Pause

Did I read correctly that Paulie said Skankie Grande is a great guy? I just puked in my mouth.


My problem is if Da goes Z and Michelle would still go after Bridgette because they are dumb as rocks.



Michelle, possibly. Z? I wouldn’t worry too much about who she goes “after”. You have to be able to win in order to do any damage. Unless Someone throws a comp to her, I don’t see it happening. And she has no real clout in the house other than with Michelle possibly. Which Michelle is already stupidly after Bridgette.


Gnat is starting hang with others and flirt with the guys. I see her game plan. it might just work. she doesn’t like Vic because she made a play for him and he did not reciprocate. She was pissed and said, I can get any guy I want.


I didn’t think I could like Paulie any less, but hearing him say that Frankie Grande was a great guy, good friend, just a really great person…..well, let’s just say I vomited a little in my mouth. That man was just vile….now I think Paulie is moron too !

TX rar

I thought the exact same thing. Prior to that he’s talking to Vic and says “Z sleeps when I sleep and is awake when I’m awake and I don’t know why”.

Seriously? Just man up and tell her BB game is business and quit playing the victim while talking with the guys about her.


Damn! Nat has an std? Another one off my list. Sorry, Nat. Not riding this train to happy town.

TX rar

Vic and Paulie (and James/Nat). both want to keep Bridgett next week and go after Michelle. I’m voting ACP2 for Vic bc I think he will use it to help that happen. Saving ACP3/4 for James/Bridgette.

That is why I like Vic. He has a fun personality and seems grounded. He avoided the showmance that Nat was trying for in week 1 unlike the other boys. Given time I think even Paul and Michelle would connect as a showmance.


Actually, nothing to laugh about! So boring and predicable. These showmances are all fake and one sided. Perhaps, that’s why James doesn’t talk game w/ Ms wanna be AFP. He doesn’t really trust her-and he shouldn’t.
Please, ladies STOP picking at the guys pimples. It is disgusting and NOT GOOD TV. Really, there should be a primer on what not to do on reality TV…i.e. changing your maxi pad, constantly taking about boning, eating a sh$tload of food etc…Primarily being bonifide asses.


Is Bridgette Korean? She’s pretty!


She must be mixed-race and I actually think she has such a beautiful face more than anyone in the house. And she is super sweet to boot. Zach wants her OUT because he (lol) sees Paulie getting closer and laughing with her.

An Yang Ha Seyo

according to google she is half filipino and and half white

james is korean


So now Paul the douche is an MMA fighter? OMG – can America evict him please!

String Cheese Theory

Armenian’s love to fight.


They should rename this game “Paulies Paycheck”


Lol!! That’s totally true. Paulie got coached and he can’t stop talking about it and these fools still follow him. They have been getting dumber people every year. But this year they filled the house will dumb followers. Paul talks all that mess but Paulie told him to do something and he automatically agrees. Gave Paulie the money now cause they just handing it to him anyway.

tea leaves

What a bunch of fruit loops. I cannot get behind any of them this year. By process of elimination I think either Frank Bridge or James will get afp. Hoping not James since this was his pathetic goal.


No way Frankie gets it. I hate it but it will probably be James again. Yuck!

TX rar --- ACP 2 details

CBS’s specific explanation of this round’s awarded power is as such: “The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in next week’s eviction.”

When you’re deciding which of the other remaining HGs to support cautiously support Da’Vonne because she’s the most likely evictee this week then your votes go to no one UNLESS she has the Round Trip ticket. You’ll also want to keep in mind the other pending prizes. The following three packages will be “3 super safety,” “co-HoH,” and “BB Bribe.” Whoever wins this package won’t be eligible for those next three.CBS’s specific explanation of this round’s awarded power is as such: “The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in next week’s eviction.”
When you’re deciding which of the other remaining HGs to support cautiously support Da’Vonne because she’s the most likely evictee this week then your votes go to no one unless she has the Round Trip ticket. You’ll also want to keep in mind the other pending prizes. The following three packages will be “ 3 super safety,” “4 co-HoH,” and “5 BB Bribe.” Whoever wins this package won’t be eligible for those next three.
Voting for this week’s care package opened yesterday and will continue until Friday, August 5th at 10AM PT. You have 20 votes each day. Shortly after that the HGs will learn who has won the next prize and remember all the details will be openly revealed. We don’t know if the HG who receives this has to make a publicly reveal of the canceled votes or even when that decision must be made.

Voting for this week’s care package opened yesterday and will continue until Friday, August 5th at 10AM PT. You have 20 votes each day. Shortly after that the HGs will learn who has won the next prize and remember all the details will be openly revealed. We don’t know if the HG who receives this has to make a publicly reveal of the canceled votes or even when that decision must be made.


Can someone explain how the BB Bribe will work if they open all packages in front of all houseguest?


My guess is though they know who has the bribe, they don’t know who will actually end up with the bribe.


A box falls out of the sky and James runs up and opens the card.

James reads the name on the card of the house guest who the package is for.

HG gets excited and opens the box to find the ACP is for a bribe.

James says “Damn!”

Everyone gets jealous and starts plotting against the ACP winner.

Paulie comes for a sit down and explains that if he can be given the bribe to make everything right.

ACP winner agrees.

BB18 slogs on.


Can the winner of the bribe use it to bribe Paul to shave that damn forest off his face?


“Paulie starts to talk how amazing frankie grande is…. ”



So since “Z” is walking around in “Whiteface” can I start crying she is being racist?