Nicole – “Coreeeeeeeeeeeyyyy I have a very important day todaaaaaaaaaaay”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 08-39-32-678

This is how good Corey’s sleep was last night..

(Keep in mind a lot of people think it’s double eviction tonight because of James’ gut which has been wrong 100% of the time)

10:17am Nicole getting ready for the day. Packing plenty of tampons and such..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 10-30-30-367

10:30am HOH Corey and Nicole
Nicole – who cleaned the kitchen all night
Corey said he did until 5am “Couldn’t sleep”
He lists off everything he did.
Stairs, dusts everything, Chairs, stove tops, fridge, dishes, etc etc.. (it was pretty substantial.. maybe production gave him adderall he says he always cleans when on it)
Nicole – did you try to sleep..
Corey being sarcastic “I didn’t try to sleep on the most important night”
Nicole – Coreeeeeeeyyyyyyy I have a very important day todayyyy
Nicole – did you sleep after 5.. It’s cause all that Coffee you drink..

Nicole – I’m counting on you, it’s the only way we’ll still be here for sure.

Nicole – it’s day 75 we’ve come a long way..
Corey – indeed

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 10-48-59-598
10:51am Natalie starts packing @11:03 JAmes wakes up
James- I really liked that song this morning.. Gave you hope..
Jame s- you dressing up today..
Natalie – yeah if they say we can dress up
Natalie says she has 2 outfits ready to go her workout outfit and her dress up outfit..
James says all his stuff is either in that Pile or on that hook. Natalie has all her stuff packed up on the suitcase.
James’ gut is still telling him it’s double.

James – you find all the things you were missing
Nat – no
Nat – I’m missing a lot of stuff.. Stuff I don’t care about.. These black workout pants..
James – if you do go to Jury someone will give them back to you..
Natalie starts talking about how much weight she gained.
James- that’s a cute shirt.. You haven’t worn that have you
Natalie says no.
Natalie pulls out a pink dress “That’s a cute dress.. I might wear that on eviction”
James – today might be your day ..
James laughs
Natale – thanks for saying that James..
James – no I don’t want you to go.. What am I going to do without you… am I going to talk to mister jenkins..
James says he didn’t mean anything by it just that the game is very unpredictable.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 11-10-19-651

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 11-23-32-595

11:20am Michelle wakes up to find out she’s on the block and going home..

11:30am HOH Lockdown called.. Feeds will be down for at least a hour maybe 2.

1:12pm Paul and Victor London room..
Agreeing they have to win the HOH today.
Joking around
Paul – if I had to I would lose but i’m going to win
Victor – yeah I want to win and will only lose if I have to

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 13-23-43-142

1:22pm James, Natalie and Michelle
James – hey I think you’re going home
Michelle – really
James joking..
Jame s- you’ve talked to him yet..
Michelle – no

Michelle says it makes sense that it’s us against them “So why don’t they want Paul”
James- they want Victor for themselves… (ZOMG)
Michelle- I can hear them setting up the booth’s outside.. With the drill
James – it’ll be A/B True/False
Michelle – If I stay i’m trying my hardest to win and keep you both safe..

Michelle – Victor is creeping hard on Nicole.. It’s scarey..
Jasm e- if he was doing that to Natalie.. I would be like BRO..
Michelle – do you see it Nat..
Michele – it’s like scarey

Michelle tells Natalie if she’s still here just know that Michelle will have her back

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 13-55-22-885

1:55pm London room James, Natalie and Meech
Meech – they would have to be stupid to keep me cause I’m gunning for Nicole
Meech – Victor makes me want to throw up.. he’s really creepy.. you think Corey gets mad
Nat – he’s infatuated by her..

Meech – why do all the girls like her
Natalie says none of the guys in this house are worth it except for James.
Meech says she’s going to dump baby powder all over Nicole, Corey, Victo and Paul’s face, “By losers”

Natalie – lets say you put Nicole and Victor up right.. Nicole’s going to know that Corey needs to get that Veto for her.. so she’ll drop that comp and give it to Corey.. you know what I’m saying

Meech – you know what’s always a good predictor.. the MOCK vote.
Meech – I was talking to Paul and he’s like Victor isn’t telling me.. don’t you think Victor would tell him if he’s staying not going home.. there’s no way victor doesn’t know I feel like
nat – I don’t know to be honest..
Natalie still running though scenarios.. Mentions how they should have taken Nicole or Corey out last week.. That would me Paulie came back and it would be Paul, Victor, Meech, Natalie and James trying to get Nicole and Paulie out.
Michelle agrees they would have been in a better spot. (But that means going against James’ gut)

Natalie trying to get Meech to talk to Nicole and Corey
Meech – but they’re not going to keep me
Natalie – at least you’ll know MEECH .. I think you should talk to them
Meech – cause IO;m leaving
Nat – no just to clear your head..
Meech – when they say I don’t know that measns I’m goign home
Nat says that is when you say you’re not goign after them and you are not the bigger threat.
Paul comes in.. Meech says she feels like throwing up her anxiety
Paul says if Victor knew he would tell Paul.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 14-19-15-285

2:18pm Nicole, Corey and Paul Tokyo room
Nicole says if Natalie wins HOH she’ll Vomit
Paul says Natalie and James were talkign about Double eviction, “They’re both fully packed..”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 14-34-14-382
2:20pm James and Natalie
James saying Victor might throw this next HOH so that he’s free to play in the next one.
James- this is kinda a bad HOH to win.. It’s good and it’s bad
James starts saying the HOH after this next one is more important with 5 people in the house you are goign up, “And if you don’t win that Veto you’re done’
Natalie says If Nicole makes it to final 3 with Corey and Victor they are both picking her
Natalie – Victor is really close to Corey too
James – it comes to who wins the next one.
Natalie – at this point of the game it’s really about luck don’t you think.. even if you win HOH your alliance can still get taken out.
James now saying it might not be a double tomorrow.
Natalie – Julie will tell us if it’s a double right

2:40pm feeds on Natalie and James sleeping or FINAL 4 chit chatting laughing

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-01 14-53-56-770
3:12pm Meech and Natalie getting ready in silence. Final 4 cackling in the Tokyo room at each others jokes.

3:21pm feeds cut to Jeff.. they won’t be back until after the live show.

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Are we really sure Corey received the last care package and bribed Victor? If I did not know better, I would say Victor got the last care package and bribed Corey to do the house cleaning for a change ….


Corey got the care package and bribed himself to clean the house in hopes that it would help him find the last hidden immunity idol just in time for Double Jeopardy.


I just wonder…
…how would this season have played out if we had no returning Vets. Hmmmmmm….

Nina Young

Without the vets coming back it would of been a major cluster ————-. The ones that are left in the house at this point aren’t the brightest crayon’s in the box. LOL In my humble opinion this whole season of BB18 has sucked……………………… bye

Bye Felicia.....

Bye Felicia


If there were no returning vets, we would see a few more people upright, out of bed and interacting with each other.

James' Gut

Simon: “Keep in mind a lot of people think it’s double eviction tonight because of James’ gut which has been wrong 100% of the time”


I am right all the time…I feel that Meech is staying, Victor going home…and Natalie and I will date and get married after leaving Big Brother…..NOT!!!

Simon I love your comments


Simon, I apologize if this has already been asked. I live in Houston & will not get the Live episode tonight because of football, do you have a link to live streaming, or how do I find one?

Thank you for all that you do!!!

Pinocchio Obama


When I was watching last nights episode I couldn’t help thinking how hard it must be for you two to really enjoy the show since you are always posting updates so quickly especially on eviction nights. I just wanted to say that this is by far the best Big Brother site on the entire web because of all the hard work you two put into this site. Thank you guys so much for all you do for all of us who are hooked on this great show. We really appreciate your efforts.

Who broke my toothbrush?

I agree … this site is amazing! Nothing like it on the net for wall to wall coverage. Thank you guys for your unimaginable efforts.


Thank you!! Glad you like it! 🙂


Totally agree!!! Without this site, there is no show!


I believe BB will be on channel 11 while the game will be on 13… I’ll be switching back and forth! lol


Yes Anon! I was given incorrect information I guess. But I did just check & they will be on separate channels. Thank you!!

Luv Ya Texans

I live inn Houston also and ATT Channel guide says Texans – Cowboys game is on 13 (ABC). Hope they are right. The only time I want to actually see BB to watch Moo Cow go and it best be on!!! Hope they search her for ill begotten goods!!! Go Texans, Mel, do you think we’ve finally got

I also live in Houston and ATT cable guide indicates that Texans/Cowboys game will be shown on 13 (ABC). They best be right cause the ONLY time I want to see BB is tonight when hopefully MOOCOW wails her way out of the house. Hope CBS shakes her down for everybody elses stuff. She’ll make BB history in more ways than one. Mel, do ya think we finally got us a QB????

TX rar

Dallas has BB on CBS sister station KTXA at 8 cst
Texan vs Cowboys playing on CBS local affiliate
Go Cowboys!!!!


It’s on ABC not CBS in H-Town


Stupid San Francisco 49ers game is on tonight cbs in Sacramento,California…… live show damnit!

Former Rams fan

Stupid football on CBS in St. Louis and we don’t even have a team anymore!


It’s on channell CW12


BIG BROTHER will be on cbs sister station 31KMAX in SACTOWN 8pst


Go Cowboys! We get Big Brother on the CBS affiliate. 🙂


Yay Meech, don’t give Nicorey the satisfaction of begging them to keep you. Nicole’s been playing a weasel game. And Corey’s been using her. For a guy who almost made it to the pro baseball league, he’s been also playing a wimpy game. I don’t know if lacking his adderall is good excuse. He and Nicole must be doing their churches proud. ;- o


MICHELLE … do not campaign and try to save yourself … just stay in bed and stuff your face with all the fattening things you can find in the house … The course of action any Super Fan would take ….

Supper Fan

That’s what I’ll be doing tonight.


Don’t forget stealing things! Does anyone know what she stole? I hear she’s a klepto, but I don’t know what she’s pocketing.

Another Hillary Lie

It would be great if during her good bye messages Julie showed clips of Meech’s five finger discount skills.

Meech's Dirty Feet

She’s a klepto, & how is it Nat has gained 15+ pounds, and Big Meech stuffs hee face 24/7 & remains skinny as a rail? She hates everyone… The Mean Girl has teamed up with The Nice Girl, who is stuck with the full time job of talking her off the ledge. Meech has become Nat’s summer project, except she will fail, & James knows it…. Yet he just lays there. All three need to GO so the final four can battle out out. So done with the three Walking Dead.


I have the live feeds, and there are plenty of rooms not shown for long periods of time. I think these guys might be nose blind to the piles of puke Meech has got to spewing somewher (check the empty suitcases). She is obsessed with the word vomit, always threatening or promising if so and so does something. I really hope she didn’t open the four jars of peanut butter to be malicious with all the finger licking. Maybe she just couldn’t find a favorite. Bye meech go have fun with the haters club in the jury (except Bridget). You’ll fit right in.

Meech's Dirty Feet

That’s kind of where I was headed with regard to her eating habits and lack of weight gain. This sight tends to either go real judgy towards any hint of unfounded accusations towards the house guests, or full on gangster with personal insults. Big Meech has given allot to go on… Time for an intervention with ProductIon to reclaim all the houseguests personal items, not to mention whatever she’s stolen from Production and the house. Seriously, Wth?


Some sites are saying she has Paul’s $300 sunglasses, Nat’s bikini bottoms and underwear (!?!?), Z’s romper and several tops and dresses. . .I don’t remember all of them. There’s an article on Reddit about her stealing. They’re just accusations now; no proof of anything. I do know she wore one of Tiffany’s tops on double eviction night and told Nat she took it out of Tiff’s bag without her knowledge. Last night, Meech was packing and Nat asked “Who’s sweat pants are those?” and Meech said Paul’s. (7:45 last night)


She also took James’s hoodie that he hadn’t seen since the first few weeks of the show . The other day James told Nat that he just found it in the bottom of Michele’s bag. What a Loser! I wish the HGs would have called a group meeting this morning and dumped her whole bag to see what all is in it.

TX rar

Meech got mad at Paul (?) a couple weeks ago bc he looked through her clean laundry trying to find something. Now it makes sense why she got SOOO mad. She was afraid of getting caught with stuff.


For someone that eats so much Michelle must have a high metabolism cuz it doesn’t seem like she has gained much weight.


According to The Baseball Cube, Corey Brooks pitched 2.2 innings in relief over 3 games in 2012 for Texas A&M. He was undrafted in the 2012 MLB Amateur Draft. Sure, he was a college baseball player, but not “almost pro”.

Another Hillary Lie

He meant “almost bro.”

Tonight on 2020

so what do you all think will happen tonight? Michelle gets voted out .she tries to throw Nicole under the bus,she tries to throw paul under the bus, she goes off on Victor , she throws up,she cries like her dog just got ran over , or she just stands up hugs a few people and does absolutely nothing like she did all week …

James is a disappointment

Michelle will pluck Natalie’s whiskers before she walks out the door.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I hope James is the next one to go. He IS a disappointment! Also, does anyone else think Ratcole looks like she walks around stinking most of the time? I’d hate to know what her bed sheets smell like. Every time my dog farts I think of Ratcole.


Michelle makes another Big Meech speech, gets voted out, and Julie asks her …. “So Michelle, what is it exactly that makes you a super fan? Obviously knowing how to play the game is not one of the attributes necessary for you to call yourself a super fan.”

Paul's French Fries

She tries to make a scene because she’s delusional and doesn’t think anyone has been watching BBAD, feeds, or following this site. Claims to Julie she did everything she could, which for MEECH stuffing her face and whining is about all she can do. I’m going to also call that she breaks down on the stage after getting epic-ly booed by everyone.
She had a huge chance to pick up some fans but blew it helping out Nat Fat and James.


If Paulie didn’t get booed, Meech won’t either. CBS seems to be controlling this now.

Another Hillary Lie

My prediction is that when Julie tells Meech she has been evicted she will spontaneously combust.

Backseat Driver

She will say……”the dog ate my homework.”


Is there any guarantee that Big Munch will get out of bed tonight?


The look on Victors face when he got the $5000 yesterday made me smile. He definitely deserved it. He’s been the realest houseguest this season and 100% has my vote for Americas Favourite Houseguest.


He was genuinely happy and grateful. Victor is the most humble person in the house at this point. Glad that he got $5K and a new TV.

Vic the Dick

Humble people do not bully girls with beads. Ask Bridgette if she thinks Victor is humble.

Vic's mom



They evicted him. That was just sweet karma with a bit of entertainment for the viewers.


that is the best moment in the history of BB 18. All were smiling from ear to ear. Paul because he could sleep. Cory because he had the pleasure of giving it to him and the response he was going for. Nicole because it was a wonderful moment to view. Vic for finally getting the accolades he needs to know of how much he fought to get back in the house. I loved this moment

Bolt Uprite

AFP? Humble? That arrogant prick shouldn’t even be there. Evicted TWICE. In the same season. He’s like a tick. If he “wins” this thing it will make BB even more of a laughingstock because production has brought back someone the HG, according to the rules, have expelled two times already. What a joke.


Each one of you guys on this thread are 100% correct and you took the words right out of my mouth.
Victor is an awesome dude!!
It’s safe to say we are all in agreement of that.


Clay, I suspected you swung this way.


Totally agree! He was horrible. Totally Bro-ing out, gets booted, comes back and makes the strong move of putting z & meech OTB, for the man who evicted him. Did some more bro-ing out. Makes an actual strong move to boot Paulie, but doesnt come up with the idea on his own, and follows his instruction. Is a loyal little puppy, until he gets booted again. Comes back and bros out. His name has been thrown out almost every week. He is pretty much given the bribe out of pity (and a hint of sexual desire), as he has not had 1 original thought, or adds anything to anyone game besides being a meat shield. OHHHH, but the poor guy is broke! Seriously? The guy is probably making more spending cash from this summer than I and the 10 previous commenters make for the entire year, you know, since his mom pays rent. His fan base is decent; gullible with a short term memory, so he should be able to roll out a decent living by default w/ PR.

Humble? Gimme an effing break.


Victor just pawn in game of life……..

James is a disappointment

James, can you walk out the door with Michelle? Please??

Bye Mich

What happened to Vic and 5k? Am I missing something? Thanks!

Another Hillary Lie

Corey offered Vic the $5,000 bribe to vote out meech.

Bolt Uprite

Corey gifted the payoff to Vic so they can visit the bathhouses in Nawlins after Corey dumps Nicole.


“James – no I don’t want you to go.. What am I going to do without you…”

How about play the game and not chase a pipe dream about being with Natalie after the show?

Ian's Lament

It’s going to be hilarious if they are on the block next to each other and he wins Veto uses it on her and ends up evicted only for her to go over to Victor.

Misty Beethoven

So Nat’s “missing a lot of stuff?” Hmmmm…


I’ve read several people who think it’s Michelle that is taking her stuff, but I think it’s James. Her HOH slippers went missing and everyone suggested they check Michelle’s bags (she’d packed for eviction); all the while, James was “packing” for his gut feeling double eviction hypothesis. I think James is the one stealing the house stuff. He comes across to me as the type that would do that kind of thing. I mean, can’t you just picture him sitting in the jury house sniffing Natalie’s slippers????? I sure can.

See ya Meech

Michelle openly packed Paul pants after saying that he let her borrow them once and she’s keeping them.

Missing ChillTown

I do not think it is the slippers James will be sniffing…


It seems that the thief Munch, has quite a bit of everyone’s stuff hidden in her bag. She will sell it on her eBay site. That’s her real job. She got very angry when she thought Vic was in her stuff. She got Paulie’s sunglasses.

Dirty Birdie

LMAO @ those manly bird feet! She hasn’t showered in how long???

D@mn Shame!!!!!!

And to think she was just putting those NASTY AZZ Eagles Claws all over the kitchen Tuesday night……….they need to quarantine that whole place and Big Meech!!!!!!!


I think that Paul and Vic could see that Nicole could be swayed by a bit of coaxing. After all, Vic was voted out to protect Corey and Nicole. That would be why they never left the HOH room all week long. They wanted to make sure that there would be no reneging on the deal they made with Nic and Corey. James isn’t intuitive enough to sense that the game dynamic changed, and that the girls and him were becoming more and more at risk with every hour that V & P spent in the HOH. Nicole would have flipped in a hurry if James had gone up to plead his case to her. (Although I do think she loves the attention of having 3 guys fawn over her all week long.)


Who has manly birdie feet? Nicole? Z was the one with man feet! Holy smokes she could ski on those hoofs!


So disappointed in the Nat/James/Meech gameplay this week (lack of), wtf, did production tell them to just give up cuz they want the Final4 alliance at the end? It’s weird considering how they were with Paulie in the house, Meech and Nat had more game in them back then (James has no game and it’s effin annoying). It sucks cuz I have a feeling that Nicole could’ve been easily swayed if they talked to her….not that I want Paul gone, but it would’ve been nice to see some campaigning this week.

Never cared

I agree. Nicole was on the fence about trusting Paul. It would have been the perfect chance to sway her and Corey. But alas, Meech spent the whole week having a pity party and now her eviction will be a merciful relief. Fingers crossed, Vic for the win!

TX rar

A diff commenter nicknamed them The 3 Stooges.

James face during mental comps.

Well at least James can’t tell Michelle she going home two hours before live eviction episode. I think Nat and James kinda know she going and don’t really care. She actually just dead weight to everyone. Leave already mean girl. Michelle knows she going so no blind side. Sucks. Her fast paced high pitched speech voice is annoying so hope she makes it quick.

Michelle was in good spot till she got the Co HOH. That’s what got her in with Nat and Lames. She got the CP to put up Nicole and she totally fk’d that up listening to Nat and Lames.

The fun tonight will be the HOH comp. Hopefully Paul or Vic win. Nat is only one that has chance other than them if it’s mental comp. James is dumb as a stump. And Corey doesn’t want to win cuz he doesn’t want to be one to put up James and Nat. Corey will throw it to Vic if he can.

Nat would be interesting if she wins. Her target would be Paul. I don’t think she would put Vic up. Maybe Corey.

I hope to see James and Nicole on the block. But will settle for James and Nat if Paul wins. I think if it’s mental Paul has it won.

College Football and Pro on tonight so it’s gonna be a flip channel BB watch tonight. Catch the eviction and HOH. Otherwise it’s FOOTBALL!


Bye Meech its soo time for you to go! Hope James is next one out! These people need to snap out of it and play the game… Stop acting like a bunch of ungrateful jacka**’s!!! Vic and paul are the only two actually enjoying the experience and making the best out of situations and still being entertaining… Vic or Paul for Hoh win and Vic for winning the whole game! Loved your BB nature watch, funny!!!

Big Jim


Big sexy 41

Honestly dude, everybody has on opinion on all the HG . Some folks play hard, others, not so much . Did Paulie get a bit weird? Yup . Bla Bla. You can think what you want about each player. But as for the game and gameplay, Meech 100% is an immature fool . 500 k jus sitting there, and you just quit ? Sleeping and crying? Dude your supposed to be a superfan . She will hate herself in hindsight. No hate, she’s so young . But James man, wtf man .. You have a family . Get the F outta bed and make moves. I’d kill to get in that house! It’s apparent … They jus don’t have the horsepower to finish the 90 days. Meech goes tonight . James and Nat next . And you know what ? They deserve to get bounced. In this financial climate you act like this ? Fuckin amateurs

Balls of Steel

Michelle doesn’t want to campaign because she is a super fan and wants to experience everything. She has done almost everything except win the game and be a member of the jury. Especially after hearing everyone talk about the jury house. She got excited and is ready to go because she knows she is not going to win and they will put them in a hotel that last week.
James won’t campaign for Michelle because that means he will have to leave Natalie and now that he knows she dont like him he is scared she is going to go flirt with Victor and Paul as soon as he goes to the HOH room. Or he is worried she will go to HOH with him and since he knows Corey isn’t in it for the long term with Nicole then he may start thinking Natalie is cute. We already know she likes him.


Ewww Meech! Wash those dirty feet before you go to sleep.

James just shut up about your gut. Your game play sucks!


Cannot wait until tonight!

Paul's French Fries

I’m just curious about how everyone would jury-vote if the final two somehow manage to be Victor and Corey? I’ve read so many that feel Victor has been evicted twice and doesn’t deserve the 500k, so would him being in final 2 with Corey change that thought process???? I’m just curious.


I would have to say Victor or Paul over any other house guest should the final 2 not be both Paul and Victor. If the final 2 is Paul and Victor, my vote would go to Paul at this point but still a few weeks to go and that may change depending on what happens. Think Paul has played a more well rounded game so far.

Twice as Nice

If the current jurors didn’t want Vic to win they should have hung on longer.

sunny dee

Corey’s abilities are 2nd place material. He wouldn’t get first no matter who he is sitting beside. the more he loses, the more he throws will just solidify that. if he is F3 he will lose those 2 comps, and hope for the best that someone picks him, and unless they are like Derrick/Cody, they will pick him. (i’m assuming corey, paul, vic, nicole combo F3, and nicole isn’t the winner of the 3rd part so she isn’t the one choosing who to sit next to?)

Another Hillary Lie

Mr. Jenkins is a 8-1 vote over Corey. Nicole is clingy.


If it was Corey and James, I would prefer Corey wins. Hate to admit it, but I voted for James for AFP last time. Sigh

TX rar

Victor has fought for and earned his way this far. That is what playing BB is all about. He has a great attitude and seems to have a relationship with all the HG. He was the ONLY houseguest to clean or cook until this week. He deserves F2 AND the win!!


Fingernails on the chalkboard, Dawg, fingernails on the chalkboard. ROFLMBO!!!! Geez, I declare I can hear Nicole talking during these posts.

Unbattled Block

At first i talked about how much it was strategically better for Nicole to get Paul out.

But the more i watch Meech do nothing, the more i am onboard with her eviction tonight.

I am also beyond disappointed w James and Natalie too. They spend the whole week watching Paul and Vic hang out with Nicole and Corey and have done nothing but watch the train get ready to run them over. Did they REALLY think Paul could not outsmart Nicole after Meech trashed her on DE night ?


Backseat Driver

James has got to GO…….his “rooster in the henhouse” attitude is bugging the crap out of me. He’s acting like he has this season of BB sewn up! I will be cracking the Kraken when this guy gets evicted!


This will not be a popular comment but WTH. I would vote Glen for AF. CBS only cast him as collateral damage and an easy person to evict the first day. He is roughly 30 years older than most of the children in the house, not in great physical condition for some of the comps that have been held and CBS wanted to protect the wanna be stars and the possible showmances. I don’t think Glen had a hidden agenda, he simply wanted to be on BB. His stipend would be minuscule so would like to see him get the money.


I agree 100% Taylor and have said so from the beginning. If everyone remembers, Glenn got screwed out of his game when he beat (of all people) Corey to the buzzer, but with good edit, they gave it to Corey, evicted Glenn and it was swept under the rug. NO ONE deserves AFP and the $25,000 more than Glenn. He NEVER even had a chance. GLENN FOR AFP!!!!


Just signing on to play no matter how old you are or what you intentions were does not really justify being America’s Favorite Player in my opinion. You actually have to be around long enough to earn being a favorite. Going out the first night of the show and losing at your only chance to get back into the house does not make much of a case to me … and neither does the excuse of not liking any of the other house guests who stayed way longer and revealed so much more of who they really are. Sorry, but in this case, my favorite players are Paul or Victor … they have provided the most entertainment value to the show over the course of the season in my opinion.

Pepto Bismol

James, your gut is not working properly. Please take a long swig and then get the sh*t out of the bb house.

Zingbot Says ...

Hey Big Meech, I guess what you say is true. You really are a superfan … of Audrey!!! ZING! ZING!!!


Ready for tonight so I can turn my volume back up watching BBAD cause Crunch Meeche will be gone!


Meech will be gone but we will still be stuck listening to Nicole whine and pet Corrreeeyyyyyy. I want Nicole and James gone.


I love OBB, but the comment section is way too savage for me. tbh all because people don’t like them doesn’t mean you should be calling people names like “ratcole, fatalie, Snorey” is just a bit too savage

Charlotte 89

This has got to be the most boring final 7 I’ve ever seen! Stopped watching feeds, stopped watching cbs show, just come here to read some updates.
Nicole crying about how stressed she is and how hard she’s worked is laughable! Will only watch the finale of it does not include her or her pet Corey.
Also, this girl is gonna go full on break down mode when she gets out of the house and realizes Corey does not want to be with her.


Surprised all of these gals don’t have whiskers, they sure have been a catty bunch. RE: Dirty Birdie & Maddi,
Crunch & Munch took a shower last night on AD. Just shows how dirty that house is. I wonder how much of the missing stuff in in Munchie’s bag? I think the last post when she was packing Natalie asked her about some sweat pants and she said they were Paul’s. Called them collateral damage or the spoils of war? The only missing thing I do not think she has is Nat’s missing (dirty?) panties. We all know ole Lamesy Jamesy got no gamesy stole those during that VETO comp. Once he sniffs the color out of them he will hang them from the rearview of his pick-um-up truck. Didn’t he also say he was taking one of her HOH pictures to put in there so he can show off “his girl”? Nothing would be more satisfying to me then both him and his gal on the block together to see how fast she turns on him and if he falls on his sword for her. After all we have seen I do believe he would be dumb enough to do just that.

I Love My Pick Up

Yeah, that’s the ONLY way he’ll get her in his truck BAAAAAAAHAAAAA!!!!!


So we’re 4 hrs away from th live show and none of the 3 have uttered a word to Nicory. Just. Wow. I guess in the back of James’ mind, he knows he’s already going to leave with 55k (50 for coming on and the 5 he won in veto comp) Hell, he probably STILL thinks he’s getting the AFP too, so why worry or even bother? Just mail it in and let CBS promote their glory boys (sitting ducks) to th finale. He’s gonna catch a lotta heat when he gets out for taking the bitch route for most of the season.


The reason these 3 knuckle heads (N,M,J) are in this mess is because of james. James ability to be “too patience” (“Not the right time to act”, sounds very familiar), his ability to sway/vote with the house, his lust for romance, his desire for attention from the viewers( his ridiculous pranks), his quest for 25k and many more, has killed Meech and his alliance any chance to win.This guy played the exact same game last year which almost cost an austwins a win. You would think after a failed strategy, he would consider to look outside of the box and try something different (be unpredictable). However, instead he would rather play it safe and settle for 25k at the cost of his allies(very selfish of him).

In addition, Meech the “super fan”, should have realized that james game has not work in the past and in the present it will not work now, she should have anticipate and plan accordingly (jump ship and make deals with n and c). It would have been a 50/50 chance, it could have work, sadly she will never know. Her pride has killed her chance at this game.

As for Nat, she to focus on personal attacks, and hiding behind a member instead of controlling the game to be marketable at the end for jury votes.

All 3 j,n,m are all blinded by their weakness to see the goal at the end is to win and be the best at this game. I don’t get it, they are very close and yet they fold. I hate to admit it, but james is the new meg for this season. He is way off his with intuition.

I have to give to paul and vic, the only thing on their mind is to win at all cost. That is the reason they are successful at changing the game in their favor. Its astounding, that we have 2 vets who are “completely clueless” and p and v are playing with experience, as if they done this before. Its incomprehensible.

Reality Check

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, Big Meech, the first contestant in history to not campaign before the eviction vote. Meech, you did something that nobody will ever do again in Big Brother.

Break the Kraken, cause I am going in


SIMON: CBS ALL ACCESS Released info on new show today


Meh. Don’t kill yourself over it, bro. You already work hard enough for us from June til pretty much October.


I’ll start off watching. Prize money not as much as the original BB. No blackouts

Patty Cakes

Big Brother Over the Top — never cared. My brains cells need time to regenerate.


Take a break. Especially after this season you deserve a vacation from Big Brother


Maybe just an update a day type thing if you test it out. I won’t pay to see it so you guys will be the only way I get any info and I’m not too fussed about seeing it. Unless it turns out to be really good then I may have to watch and you’ll have to cover it.


im so sick of michelle I’ve never seen someone so jealous of another player in big brother history!!!!!! get over yourself everyone is beautiful and unique in there own way!!!!!

also don’t hate the player hate the game!!!!!! nicole you better vote her out!!!!!!


Meech has a thing for Vic, at one time Vic liked Meech……….she was his “ride and die girl,” even Paul was ready to drag her along. But last week, when she did what Nat and James wanted, and the boys went up and Vic was evicted. Vic and Paul dropped her like a “hot potato” along with James and Nat. What is amazing………..these 3 think they are the ones who are being betrayed. Talk about 3 people who think the world revolves around them. “James the guru of the game” of all people should understand this………but nope, right over his head. {no pun intended}
“Meech the super fan” knows in her heart that she screwed herself. She never stood a chance with 2 couples, but she did with the boys, she has no one to blame but herself.

Phoebe and Nicole

Have guys seen that episode of friends where Phoebe is dating two guys at the same time? One guy is hot with a nice body and the other one is smartened romantic. At the end Phoebe can’t choose between the two guys because they both have something the other doesn’t have. The find out they’ve been played. Phoebe finds the hot one is a sensitive romantic (Corey) but he leaves her because she had a romantic picnic with the smart one. While the smart who one (Victor) turns out to have nice body Leaves her to because she slept with the hot one. They both dump her and I have the feeling Nicole is going to get the same outcome at the end of the season because she’s been playing them both.

Michelle's dirty feet

Michelle is a p**sy for not campaigning to stay in the house. There are a lot of people that would kill to be in that house. Shame on you!


OMG I hope meech is the one to leave tonight!!!!!!!

Another Hillary Lie

Meech is toast.

Peggy Hill

Nice feet MEECH!

So anyway...

Michelle deserves to lose for not campaigning and the Nicole sucks for not coming clean with Michelle and telling her she’s leaving. Paul deserves to win this game.


I agree. Paul certainly deserves to win although I am still rooting for Vic because he deserves it, too…. and he’s hot… and he’s my future cabana boy. YESSS!!!!!!!!

Vic fan

Thumbs up 100x!!!

About to upset people

The comment regarding James’s gut being 100% wrong this season was freaking hilarious

Morgan LaFay

Yep, all ready for tonite: Krakken, Coke, Pravda, ice bucket in freezer, veggies and hummus, deli tray, cream cheese brownies…it’s going to be a good night. Does anyone have a suggestion for a drinking game?


Every time Big Munch nods her head and says “Righhhttt” ( counted 104 times talking to Paul on After dark in one 10 min converstion ) take a drink or every time Nicole says “Buuuuutttttt” do a shot buuuttt you’ll probably pass out quick

Min O'Pause

Everything we here the repulsive phrase “your boy.” If he’d been my boy I would’ve put him in the yard with a chicken tied to him hoping gypsies would steal him. My luck, they’d take the chicken and leave him behind…

Min O'Pause

That’s everytime we hear….
Damn autocorrect.


The perfect time for a drinking game would have been when Corey gave Vic the 5K bribe and you drank ever time Paul said ‘That’s Awesome’. [I’m glad Vic got it, you could tell he appreciated it].

Vic/Corey/Nicole were all happy, laughing & hugging.
Paul – not so much. He got real quiet & walked to the far side of the room to the mirror to smooth his beard.

Paul kept saying ‘That’s Awesome’ over & over, in a very monotone voice. I counted 29 times, at least, (& I might have missed a few) within a 4-5 minute period.

I would have thought he would have been happy for his buddy to get the money… but from his voice & body motions it didn’t seem like he was happy at all. No idea as to why though. Maybe jealousy?


Wow I don’t get the feeds it’s very interesting how you describe that. I hope they show that about Paul when they show the bribe on the show


“. . .because of James’ gut, which has been wrong 100% of the time.” LOL

Nicole's Nasty Bird Nest

I got ill watching BBAD with Nicole playing and rubbing Coteys head. They ruin the show and the feeds ugh


Vote Dawg. Always vote Dawg!

Virginia Disgusted

Why was it ok for meech to rub her dirty ass feet on the ice and nat looked on laughing that’s wrong And people are missing things and meech is walking right out of the door with it Those people use ice to drink and she rubs her dirty feet on it I bet nat told James and he just won’t use the ice this is sad how meech can get it away with that


She won’t be laughing if she gets a brain eating parasite from Screech’s nasty feet.

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up

Nicole’s tone of voice is painfull to listen to. The only explanation is she must be bresthing pure Helium just before her DR sessions.

Nicole Pure Michigan

No!!! Natalie used up all the helium this week when she hosted the Christmas POV!!!! The sound of her voice during that POV was more irritatingly squeaky high pitched than any time Nicole spoke during the whole season! I know…hard to believe but true…honestly. My ears bled!


James has broke 100% of the deals he ever made when he won power 4 times in two seasons > Jace , shelly & clay , frank and lastly victor . He isn’t trustworthy, and has no perception of what is really going on around him . ie gut 100% wrong .last night was disappointing that they didn’t show Vics safari comments . America doesn’t know how funny and quick witted Victor really is in the house . MORE BALDWIN , LESS EVERYONE ELSE .

one for the road

sleeping and eating account for about 22 hours of big meechs day, factor in another hour for crying and another hour taking a big meech sheet from all the food she ate, no wonder she didnt have time to campaign lol only fitting if she has a big ole sammich behind her seat tonight and eats on the way out the door and while julie tries to talk to her….some kinda superfan..what a waste

Chili Beans

Michelle, to blow up people sh..t you have to get out bed & play the game. If she got a dollar for every time she’s said that, she could have left weeks ago. BYE BYE

production rigged it

I was rooting for James and Natalie for final 2 but I can’t root for James anymore because he is a full blown moron. First he throws the HOH to Nicole depending on who you believe, some think he was getting ready to fall. Then he says in the kitchen in front of everybody to Paul i’m gonna throw myself under the bus last week Natalie wanted Victor to stay, what he really did was throw Natalie under the bus and when Nicole heard that she started thinking she couldn’t trust them. I don’t know why Natalie isn’t furious with him over that, I guess she figures it doesn’t matter at this point. So way to go James you and your gut just screwed yourself and Natalie out of a chance to win 500K. Can’t wait until y’all get out of the house and she tells you to hit the road back to Texas.