Nat “I’m so sick of fighting. Please can we just stop! STOP! I can’t any more!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 18-03-24-639

5:10pm Backyard – Corey and Nicole are playing dominoes. Meanwhile – Paul and Nat are chatting on the lounger about their lives outside of the house. Paul asks what time it is. Corey tells him. Paul jumps up and says nap time! He heads inside and tells them to wake him up if there are any drones. He heads up outside the HOH room and tries the Paris telephone. The secret code to get into the paris room doesn’t work so he goes to take a nap in the HOH bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 18-14-26-218

5:25pm Vic and James play a game of pool. James talks to Nat and says the she was in the DR but didn’t come look for him when she came out. Nat says she did in the london room. James says he was in the havenot room. People can tell that there’s tension between us. Nat asks who? James says Victor. Nat asks what did you say? James says I don’t know. Nat – there’s no tension on my end. I’m just trying to relax. James – well so what do you want me to just leave you alone. Nat – no, I just want to relax. There’s no tension on my end but if there is on your end then we can talk about it. James – you’re just all distant again. Nat – we’re on the block together. James – we only have a few more days together. Nat – Okay, lets just have fun. The fact that people think there’s drama makes me look worse.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 18-20-39-867
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James – its crazy … I can tell! Nat – there is nothing wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong on my end. If there is on your side then voice your opinion. Lets just enjoy our time. I don’t like the constant fighting. James – brings up how she was getting upset about her mic. Nat – I’ve been binged 5 times today. Of course I’m going to be upset. James – I know but we know one of us is going home. I’m content with going home. Nat – I think you’re over thinking this. I had fun last night. I don’t know why were talking about this. I’m so sick of fighting. Please can we just stop! STOP! I can’t any more. James – I’m just trying to talk to you. You make me feel this way. Nat – We can hang out and play dominoes. James – I’ve been holding us together for 80 days.. its just hard. Nat – The way you talk to me. You told me to be positive when I was getting dinged in front of everyone. You can talk to me in a better way. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m literally motivating myself every day to be positive. I’m done talking about it. I really don’t like having these discussions. James – well when you’re in a relationship… not that we’re in an full fledged relationship but you have to talk about it. Nat – you know I don’t know how. I just want to have fun and not have these conversations anymore. James – in 2 – 3 days we’re not going to be able to talk any more. You’re distant in here .. you might not want to talk to me anymore outside of here. Nat asks why would you say that?!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 18-14-29-653

6:20pm – 6:35pm Corey gives Nicole a piggyback. Nicole asks this is what it looks like from your prospective? Corey says yeah. Corey and Vic play a game of pool.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 18-32-08-319

6:45pm – 7:20pm Kitchen – James says if you weren’t in here I would have never gotten in a showmance I don’t know who I would have latched on to? Nat says Bridgette. James says yeah I would have latched on to her before Frank stole her away. Nat says I am the sweetest think you’ll ever meet and I can be just as mean too … if someone gives me a reason. They head out into the backyard. James asks big brother to turn on the hot tub tonight so we can give you some steamy action! Nat tells James no matter what happens with us. I will always care about you. Obviously I want to stay but if you do I would be so happy for you. its just a sh*tty situation. Big Brother turns on the hot tub. Nat – YAY YAY YAYYYYYYYY! Nat tells James she is going to ask for 1 sympathy vote. I don’t want to go out without any votes. Do you think Paul will give me one? James says if they know who is going for sure .. then maybe but if they have any doubt they won’t. James – Thursday I would ask. Nat – I feel like you know you’re staying and I’m going. James – I’m telling you, I don’t know.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 19-12-40-968

7:10pm – 7:20pm Nicole shaves Corey’s chest. Nicole asks if he shaves his stomach? Corey says you’ve got to go ALL the way down. Nicole says stop. Nicole shaves around his belly button and says this is as far as I go. Corey asks are you serious? You’re a nurse. Nicole says its different with you. Corey – you have to do more with strangers.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 19-04-39-976

7:45pm – 8pm Corey, Nicole and Victor are playing dominoes. Nat and James are in the hot tub role playing about how aggressive guys are when they hit on Natalie.

James tells Nat – my plan if I stay is to throw everything. Nat asks why? James – so they think this dude sucks! Nat – then you’ll be the next one out. James – I’m just kidding. Nat – I campaigned for you. James – I campaigned for you too to Corey and Nicole. Nat – I sh*t on myself. I told Vic and Paul to vote me out. I’m happy for you, I’m just sad I’m going home. James – don’t feel like you sh*t on yourself. Nat – I did! I don’t really care anymore. James – we both campaigned for each other to stay. It cancels each other out. Its still up to the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 20-03-36-784

8:00pm James and Natalie Hot Tub

Natalie says he’s safe this week because he’s got a final 3 with Nicole and Corey.
James says he doesn’t, “those are serious allegations”
Natalie says Corey has told her things she said to him.

Natalie – I’m going to leave this house with not only 1 vote.. It’s going to suck..
James – are you a secret super fan that I don’t know about..
Nat – shut up
Jam es- the first time I met you.. You were just worried about getting to Juru …
Nat – I was setting goals for myself.
James – I didn’t get a vote last season

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 20-30-41-636

8:28pm London room Natalie and James
Natalie – I just know I’m going home and it sucks
James- someone tell you something I don’t know

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 21-07-23-050
9:07pm James and Corey
James saying that Natalie is pissed off at him she blames him on what happened.
Corey says that is the dumbest thing he’s ever heard.
James adds that Natalie trusted Paul and Victor. She listened to james and betrayed them and that is why she’s going.
Cory – Oh my god..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 21-55-22-064
9:53pm James and Natalie
Playing dominos poolside..
Natalie says Victor hates talking to her he won’t even look at her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 22-17-20-481
10:15pm Nicole and Corey
Talking about James “checking out”
They agree the only reason JAme would put them up is for natalie.

Corey says he’s been dropping subtle hints to James.

10:30pm HOH Final 4
Paul says Natalie thinks she’s staying.
Victor – it’s working out perfectly
Paul – James thinks he’s going
Nicole – she’s going to crap herself. they are goign to think it’s James when they hear the 3 to zero

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 23-06-53-841
11:07pm Nicole – COooooreeeeeeyyyyy

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 23-12-06-218

11:22pm – 11:40pm Nicole and Corey
Corey says he would be mad at her if she doesn’t take him to the end. He says he’ll never talk to her again.
Corey thinks Nicole has just as good of a chance to win against him.
Nicole disagrees says she 1000% cannot beat Corey in the final 2 she would be giving Corey 500K dollars.

Corey says Nicole will be final 3 100%..
Nicole – yo think so
Corey – 1 thousand percent..
Nicole – don’t jinx meeeeeeeeee
Corey says him or James are going next.

Nicole suggest that James threw the Veto “He did really bad”
Nicole tells Corey to Take Victor if he can
Corey brings up not gettign evicted twice.
Nicole – by then you might pass him in comps wins..
Nicole goes on about how Corey was more strategic than Victor “He doesn’t know how to campaign .. winning comps is important but.. Big brother is Social, Strategic and Comps..”

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Skips mom

Poor poor James for having to deal with Natalie. You can not win an argument with her and she clearly does not give a hoot about his feelings. The way she talks to him is disgraceful. Very passive aggressive and selfish.


Her and Paulie are perfect for one another


smh i wish nat could grasp the concept you should have to fight for 500k


James and her are NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP REALLY! That’s what Nat is trying to say. DROP IT JAMES AND HAVE FUN YOU INSECURE BABY


smh @ James saying he should of never gotten in a showmance this season. dude, you were not in one, and Nat continues to tell you that you are not in a showmance with her.

Blame James

Well…looks like James is aligned and super obsessed with a girl that has no romantic interest in him…

Thank goodness this ain’t his first rodeo!



Another Hillary Lie

Natalie is starting to crack.

trump has tiny hands and a tiny brain

she has been cracked long before she entered the house

Hillary Left Our Men to Die at Benghazi

Who knows they still could decide to oust James by Thursday.


When I read these comments, I’m under the impression that everyone thinks James is this holy saint that has done nothing wrong, and Nat is this evil chick that’s been using him. They’re not perfect, and they have both used each other in this game, emotionally.

I completely understand Nat’s current situation. She aligned herself with James and trusted him in this game. He screwed up big time. He listened to his faulty “gut”, threw comps, betrayed the wrong people and often didn’t listen to Nat who was pretty much always right. It’s very frustrating to be in an alliance with a stubborn person like James.

By the way, whether she’s attracted to him or not, it’s not clear (extremely unlikely), but I do believe that she’s emotionally attached to him and she’s now facing a guaranteed separation. I feel for her.


C’mon as a Nat fan you’re far more delusional.

Most of her game observation came from others and her execution is among the worst of all time. Let’s just look at post-Paulie (a move Paul and Bridgette deserve the most credit for): She wins HOH and James convinces her to turn on Vic and Paul….and it took next to no effort. Did she ever think before nominations to call up Paul in private and question him, to see his reaction, see what he might say about who said what, and read him? Did she ever think to call up Nicole and Corey to sweat them, see what they might say, what info they have, and get them to offer allegiance first?

Nope Nat had power, so she informed Nicole and Corey they were now partners, then immediately after nominations she finally talks to Paul and Vic and wavers and rats out her new partners, saying they made her do it and Paul goes at Nicole. Nat ensured that nobody trusted her…especially with Nicole’s HOH, when she didn’t even talk to her and instead hid all week.

Nat hid for 2 months, finally listened to Bridgette who had a relationship with Paul, once she realized her time was coming up….then as soon as she had power her head swelled and with no clue how the game works and no Bridgette to tell her, she blew it, not James. She’s not even bright enough to see James was reticent about turning on Paulie, ratting the get Z movement out, and was literally the last one on board, only after Paul was clear…so the guy who was last one in on the move you take credit for and think is your calling card…that’s the guy you just listen to?

If turning oneself into a victim was a pro sport, Nat would be the Lebron James….


None of this matters. The bottom line is that Nat doesn’t owe James anything. They are not officially in a romantic relationship, and they have never kissed. People can be close and flirtatious and never go past the friends level, no matter how much one of them wants that. It’s called life. Get over it.


…they’ve kissed twice.


…they’ve kissed twice.


She gave him two pecks on the lips, not at all in a romantic way.


That’s crap! She told him in the beginning when he was cuddling others that she had strong feelings for him and he was hurting her heart by not being more serious about her. She’s a dick.


I’ve been wondering about all the anti-Nat-ness too. She seemed a favourite during much of July – full make-up and all. I was away from Internet most of August (but did hear about her role in ousting Paulie) and have been wondering what turned the tide against her. The week before Michelle’s eviction was terrible game play granted, or is it just that fans have gotten tired of her in general? Was there was some “terrible” event that I haven’t heard about?


Natalie ended up sharing her HOH with Meech. Before the HOH, Natalie and James were with Paul & Victor. Then Nat and Meech flipped and flopped. Decided Paul was public enemy #1 and had to go. Meech wanted to put up Nicole. But put up Paul for Nat. An even though Meech liked Victor, Nat put Vic up. During all this James just followed along like a puppy. The reason Nat and Meech hate Paul is because Nicole told them it was Paul who wanted them out. (It was Paulie). Then James decided to do a final four deal with Corey and Nicole because he like the idea of a battle of the showmances. Paul won veto and took himself off the block. Corey went up as a pawn. James then voted against Vic sending him out. But Vic came right back in.


Everyone says that Nicole lied about the Paulie thing but she didn’t.
Here’s what really happened.
I rewatched the whole episode.
1. Nicole and Cory were in the bedroom talking.
2. Paulie walked in with Paul from the London bedroom.
3. Paulie says need to take a shot at Vick and there’s another person who put us in this situation James
4. Nicole said sounds good.
5. Paul said my friends let’s get ready for this day And then was laughing and talking some more.
6. In Nicole’s DR session she described her take on what happened. Paulie and Paul came out of London and Paulie says you guys have to go after Vick and James. Even though I was part of conversation I have zero intent of going after James. And I need Natale to know that Paul is the one coming after james.
7. Nicole went to Natale and James in bathroom saying that Paulie said: You know who we have to go after…Vick and James. Paul said that’s what he was going to do. And I want you to know that I’m not….
8. In James DR session HE says Nicole said PAUL was throwing my name under the bus…..
It appears that James mixed up the names and Nicole did actually say it was Paulie who said it to all of them.
And Nicole latched on to it to save her and Cory.

Not sure how Paul remembers it now. Hard to tell from his conversation with James.
But in that conversation James said that Paulie told Nicole. It seems it gets more twisted with each retelling.


Thank you for that because it helped me to understand more. I do not allows have the time to keep stuff straight nor the time to read everything but this really helped me to clear up questions that I had and you answered them. Appreciate your knowledge. Thanks


Well Natale came clean to James and told him she was flirting with all the guys in the beginning. Especially Cory who she tried to turn against Nicole. When that didn’t work out she went to Vic and Paul. Paul has said she use to pinch his butt. He didn’t want a showmance and shut her down. But it gives some credibility to Paulies comments about Natale. Maybe even the one of her letting Paul putting his hand on her thigh.
And the way she’s putting all the blame on James is just another example of her not taking responsibility for her own actions and twisted it to make her look better.
After hearing all this from Natale and Paul you’d think James would wakeup about their relationship and also realize Nicole had good reasons to jump ship. Given Michelle and Natalie past and recent actions against Nicole.
And James own actions against his other alliances.


I agree! I crack up with all the comments. I wish more people understood psychology. James is smart. He convinced Michelle and Natalie not to ask questions and not campaign. And Michelle got voted out because James convinced her that she was not the target. Now James is doing the same thing with Natalie. Don’t get me wrong Natalie and Michelle are big girls and at the end of the day what they did or did not do for their game is on them. But James was smart and convinced them not to ask questions and trust in him so they went home. Lets face it he does want the 500K but also wants to save face. People on here need to understand that after all this time inside the house people begin acting and saying things that NO ONE who has never experienced this would NEVER understand. I realize that we all have our opinions. BUT until you walk in their shoes then guess what YOU have no idea. Which is what this is all about. Yes Natalie is unraveling which is normal under the circumstances. This is a game on social, drama and endurance levels. Natalie is going through NORMAL emotions given all the pressure she is under with questioning if James is being true to her. Who would not question these things. But that is what this game and experience is all about. It is all about the viewers enjoyment. It is great to read everyone’s opinion. And lets face it we all think we could do better than that person. Again all about psychology. Great entertainment for all of us! But until we walk in their shoes inside the house the harsh comments and name calling just points back to the person saying those comments and name calling. We all have our issues but to be better people in this world need to be kind to others which is so lacking in society. This show allows some to express our own issues in our own lives by degrading and belittling other people which only make ourselves belittle ourselves and degrade ourselves. Just saying from my own opinion. Because I am guilty also of monday morning quarterbacking on someone else’s faults or failures.

Nat A Lie

I mean…does James need a clue…dude…she was never into you…you were convenient and now she has no use for you because she will be evicted this week…

Sad thing is how annoyed I am that we (me included) is spending time actually discussing, analyzing and posting about this NoMance…

Truthfully I respected Natalie when she participated in getting Paulie out, but since then she has been extra bratty, self centered, annoying, and repetitive.



I agree wth ALL you’ve said, I don’t know what’s wrong with James. Remember when Natalie was telling James how she flirted with ALL the guys in house? James said “not me”, well I think it’s taking some time for those words to get from his mouth to his ears.

Next week

Did anyone notice that next week BB is on Sunday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday?
Sunday is nominations for eviction, Tuesday is POV, Wednesday is eviction from their summaries but don’t know what’s in store for Friday.
Maybe Friday is another eviction?


Thanks for the update !

Cant Wait

cant wait for next week when corey and nicole are sitting on the block begging james for some sympathy

sunny dee

with nicole saying i don’t knnoooooooooooooooooooooooow whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he put meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee upppppppppppp iiiiiiiiiiiiiii didn’t dooooooooooooo anyyyyyyyyyyyythingggggggggggggggggg tooooooooooooo jamezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

always someone else’s fault


Okay…never did anything wrong let her tell it. I hope she do not win.


It’s a fast forward week, having 2 evictions, which is why there is an extra day. They have to get the numbers right for the last few weeks.


If I remember correctly from past seasons that should be the remaining houseguests doing a reminiscing episode of all the houseguests


one of the shows will be INSTANT EVICTIOn maybe?


Nicole is sooooo anoooyyyiiinnnggg. She’ll have a rude awakening when she gets out and finds out how much she is disliked by the fans.


I like Nicole and so do plenty of other fans. Nat is the one who fans will not like for the way she treats james.


Nichole just took a gigantic dump on James! Huge! Just another reason not to like her. Find a new argument…


If she just took a dump on James, then add me to her fan list.

Not Really

Really a dump on James?
Have you seen James game play? He’s dumped on all his other alliances and didn’t keep his word to Bridget. And Michelle’s public agression against Nicole and Natalie’s past actions too it’s hard to find a reason for Nicole to trust any of them.

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

James should never have been brought back. He’s boring, all he cares about is AFP. I’m betting this is his ‘last rodeo’ on BB.


Could you imagine a James and Natalie date outside the BB house??

James – you’re distant
Nat – jamsey that hurts my heart
Nat – I’m so fat, I’m so nice to everybody and all I get is dinged
James – I’m so happy I made it to 6th place.
Nat- I can’t believe I got Paulie out
Nat – James did you know people were calling me FT?
James – you’re acting distant again

Oh boy……


James is just being a big baby because the guilt of his stupid game move is sending natalie to the jury

Natalie sucks

She turned in Paul and victor the moment she won HOH. Before she even talked to James she treated them different. Bayakiecis the one who told Michelle to target Paul and this whole mess is Natalies fault. Whether Vic or Corey were evicted by James, Natalie still went against and betrayed her alliance first.

#Free Pablo

French Fries then thigh-gate


She needs to take responsibility for her own actions, instead of pointing fingers at James . And James needs to open his eyes, does he really want a relationship with someone who blames him for everything, whines all the time, and rather play victim then put the past behind and get on with life. That kind of relationship would be so draining , just like listening to them now.

Just sayin'

I could see her making James choose between her and his little girl – she would be so jealous of his attention to someone other than her even if it’s his daughter. She would play the passive aggressive game with him to get his attention away from his daughter – play the victim, manipulate him. She would be bad for his relationship with his daughter. I’ve seen women like her ruin men’s relationships with their little girls many times. He’s better without her outside of this game.

An Apple A Day

She certainly takes credit for getting Paulie out. She was really quick to find reason to turn on Paul, i.e. Fry-Gate, the lamest excuse ever to break an alliance. No one twisted her arm in any equation. She stated over and over again, she thinks for herself. And “they don’t talk game” (which of course was only true in the beginning). She leads James around like a puppy dog. She’s a beautiful girl 15 lbs up or 15 lbs down. The constant complaining about her looks and her feelings is getting really old.

POTUS Donald

I disagree with you, Natalie would be a pretty girl 35 lbs down! (minus 2 lbs of caked on face paint)

What Does The Troll Say?

Right…. because you can get a girl like that… with your witty charm, your great looks, and let’s not forget your courage!..Please, Troll Boy, tell me more?


Get a clue, JAMESY. She wants nothing to do with you. You’re annoying me at this point, jesus.


It’s been obvious to everybody in the house all season and to a great many of us watching, you’d think now that it’s clear he can’t help her anymore and she’s got no time for him, he’d wake up…and yet since so many here bought this fauxmance hook, line, and sinker, maybe James wants to be so annoying and needy that Nat blows up, thereby locking up the women’s vote for America’s Favorite…


So the new fall BB is only on CBS All Access? Is that one of those things you have to pay for? I noticed that the post eviction interviews with Jeff are not on the CBS website, but on All Access, so you have to pay to watch what was previously free? I might be interested in the fall BB to see what they do the same or differently, but if I have to pay to watch it, I’m not that interested. Is this accurate or is All Access free and I’m just misinformed?


Yep, you have to pay for it. CBS is turning out all these gimmicks to get subscribers to their All Access nonsense, and an off-season Big Brother is just another one.


Only 5.99 a month. Plus access to all of cbs, not just big brother. It’s not too bad.

BB Fan2

Already pay for CBS on cable why should I pay double to watch 1 show that doesn’t play on cable


And it’s $9.99 a month if you want no commercials or ads.


This is the first year that I subscribed to the live feeds and I think $5.99 a month is very reasonable. You have access to past and present CBS shows so it’s worth it for sure.


Wed, Sept 7th – 8/7c – Veto events
Thurs, Sept 8th – 9/8c – Live Eviction
Sun, Sept 11th – 8/7c – HoH/Nominations
Tues, Sept 13th – 8/7c – Fast Fwd Eviction (taped on Monday)
Wed, Sept 14th – 8/7c – Live Eviction
Fri, Sept 16th – 8/7c – possibly Memory Lane
Wed, Sept 21st – 9:30 PM ET – Live, 90-min Finale


jame used nat like bait!kist bri used frank!

POTUS Donald

Shut the front door, I have used every language translator software, including one for Spanglish and I still can’t understand you, first three days in office and you’re gone sodbo, frodo.


She could of made her own decision


Could of?


yet cictor cant his own decision without paul


Paul………STFU…….you are NOT my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie looks sooooooooooo much better without all the makeup!

Uncle Teddy

This week sucks

Captain Crunch

James is embarrassing himself, good grief he needs to just let Natalie go but he doesnt get it.

Reality Check

James is so clingy to Natalie.
James is like that dude praying for Natalie to say something “I love you, I want to be with you forever.” Sadly James, you will never get to hear it.

The bar had already announced “last call.” Time to head for the exit James. The Titanic hit the iceberg and sank.

For a vet, James is one of the dumbest houseguest to play the game.

I'm Wupped

James keeps mentioning the Amazing Race to Natalie because he’s wanting to hear her say, “Oh, Jamesy, I’d love to do the Amazing Race with you!” He looks so desperate giving her all these openings to affirm she wants to spend time with him after the show, and she either shoots them down or just lets them fall straight to the ground.

Reality Check

That is an excellent point.

Would anybody be surprised if James and Nat be invited to do the Bold and Beautiful 2016 Halloween edition? I personally would not want them but depends on what the CBS honcho wants.

condolences to Simon

Simon, two more days with Nat on the feed. Embrace it with a Kraken. Please no Celine Dion “my heart goes on” music because that is too cheesy.


I am so over Natalie and James, why does he keep begging for affection, keep saying they are in a relationship, James seems to be so oblivious to what is going on, he is not in any kind of relationship.

Natalie keeps telling him we are friends, she sleeps in another bed, he can’t hug, kiss or show her any affection, and she is not showing him any, America is not going to look at her as a loose woman, just because she is hugging or let’s James hold her hand, she had not problem a few weeks ago when she was on top, with letting James massage her back or neck. It is all about Natalie, why doesn’t James just stop begging for her attention.

James has said he feels like he is the one who does everything, he is the one who has to be there for her to build her up, he told Michelle that Natalie has never shown him any kind of attention, made him feel that he matters, nut he just can’t stop begging, it is like he wants so bad to be able to say that he had a showmance.

James, please know that you don’t need to keep dropping hints about being on Survivor or doing the amazing race with Natalie, Natalie would rather do the amazing race with Victor before doing anything outside of the house with you. Did you not hear her say that her friends are going to tease her about you when she gets home, not my words, but she stated that it sounded like because you are not a very attractive man, to me that was a slap in the face.

James, please let it go, you are not a bad guy, it just seems that you are very lonely and really want to have someone in your life, but Natalie is not the one. Hold your head up, stop being so weak when it comes to Natalie, she does not need you anymore, she has moved on, she has shown that by the way she treats you.

I have said this before, Natalie flirted with Corey, Victor, Paulie, they all shot her down, and she ended up having to settle for you, if Victor showed Natalie any kind of affection, I bet she would not have a problem kissing him on TV, or snuggling up with him, same with Corey or Paulie, she just used you to get this far, you have served your purpose, I’m not saying that you deserved this, I’m just saying that Natalie is very needy, and she loves playing the Victim. You see to be a nice guy, forget about Natalie and move on, you should stop being there for this one sided friendship, Natalie is a user, and you deserve to be treated better, she keeps playing the friend card on you, have you noticed you are the only one between the two of you that says you are in a relationship? James, move on. Natalie has already checked out on you !

Natalie sucks

Agree. Actually someone compiled pictures of Natalie and Victor when the feeds first came on of her snuggling in bed with Victor with her hand under his face cheek and a few others. So I think it is just James she is playing for a fool.

Nat the Rat

Natalie seems to have no problem showing PDA with Victor.


They make a hot couple.


James doesn’t deserve this, he was the only guy in the house who had respect for women. For Natalie to play these games, it disgust me. She talks about how she thought she was going to be on the Bachelor. Um, I can’t stand that show. A bunch of women fighting over one man. Making out with him just before or after another woman took their turn. EEWWW! I don’t understand why that was okay for her to be on and James didn’t question her. DUH!!

Jber Can

I disagree with all the posters above. She may not care for James romantically but she definitely cares about him as a person. James threw himself under the bus to try to get thrown out so she could say but Nat did exactly the same thing so James could stay. I think they’re both stressed with being on the block after having come so close. James is probably kicking himself for giving up the HoH to Nicole last week, instead of taking it and getting with Vic or Paul out of the house in which case there would have been no Nicole-Corey-Vic-Paul final four. I think both James and Nat through their actions have indicated definitely that they really care about the other person. I’m not sure if they’re on the same page as to the nature of the relationship but there’s real caring there.

For those who find James a little needy, remember that he experienced this before and had a rude awakening with Meg so it’s no wonder he’s a little insecure. I can see also where that would be hard to deal with at the same time as you’re stressed out with being on the block, as far as Nat goes. Give them both a break.


I agree with you. Both seem to be insecure. And I’m sure having gotten this close would be heartbreaking , but I do not agree with the way Nat has now been treating James , her so called best friend. She has been very immature in he actions and words. Her, James and Meech tried a big move and it wasn’t a bad one really. Everyone knows Vic and Paul were the strongest so if you’re going to have a chance they needed to be targets. Who would have known the outcome for sure. No one knew that Paul would win veto , nor did they know there was going to be a jury buy back. If known of course not the right time. Since we knew we all believed Victor was actually the only one that could prevent Paulie from re entering, so I don’t think anyone was too upset that Paul was the target, but once he got the veto and Cory went up I think it as a given for Vic to go. Like I said one of the strongest ones gone. If Corey went Paulie probably would have come back and and realigned with Paul first and even though Vic knew he wasn’t the target Paul would have won him over to him and Paulie. Now since James voted for Corey Nic would go with the guys. James, Nat and Meech would be doomed as it ended up anyways. So since not aware of the buy back voting Vic out was the best move. Anyways what bothers me now is Nat owes James an appology that’s genuine. She has questioned his loyalty, constantly asking if he has any f2 or3 with anyone (Nic) , and always now blaming him for the situation they’re in now. I had always liked both of them, even if they only remained friends. But unforunetly I am very disappointed in her. I don’t feel it has been right how the guys treated her or any of the girls, very disrespectful mostly and their foul mouths have not impressed me one bit, but Nat has shown a very unbecomingly side of herself , much like Meech and her hatred towards Bridgette, then Nic when neither one deserved it. And you notice once she got real buddy buddy with Meech who talked so much bs about everyone, this is when Nat changed. So I do feel sorry for James . I think he sees what’s going on but what can he do now. Start some big fight with her? I think he’s smart enough to get through the week without any more drama but come away from it better informed about Nat’s intentions.


The only person I see falling for Nats charm is Corey. His ideal girl sounded just like Natalie. He likes Athletic brunette girls with brown eyes. His first crush was Nat before she chose Victor. Ever since then he’s been so bitter towards her. His celebrity crush is Selena Gomez and she looks similar to Natalie. Victor was over Nat the moment they had their date. She was too flirty, superficial, and contrived. Corey on the other hand loves being in toxic relationships with woman that cheat and treat him like garbage. Nat is exactly like that type of woman. He wanted Vic out just so he could sweep Nat off her feet. Nat and Corey flirted after Victor got evicted but Corey backed down once James told him he had a crush on Nat.


By Natalie’s own words to James she admits she went after Cory but he wasn’t buying what she was selling.


She keeps giving him mixed signals. She referred to him as her “soulmate” on, I think, Sunday’s episode. I don’t like either of them personally, but he isn’t straight-up delusional. She is giving him false hope, either intentionally, because she wants to avoid hurting his feelings, because she doesn’t know how to handle his feelings for her, or some combination.

sunny dee

seriously what is wrong with these ‘adults’. If they think someone is acting ‘weird’ why can’t they just ignore it and carry on like nothing is wrong, or that they don’t think something is wrong, like normal adults. Why they got to talk about their feelings, and what they think is going on, when half the time doing that starts an argument that wasn’t even going to happen until they started talking like they assume something is wrong.


nat comes out of DR, looks in a room for james, doesn’t see him, gets her stuff to go outside.
James, assumes she’s mad at him and should have turned the house upside down looking for him.
nat wonders why, if everyone knows the backyard might be locked down, and they’ve been outside sitting in the sun all day, james would even imagine that she would want to be inside the house, and why isn’t he outside ???:


nicole. pls, of course you were cast because you were voted most likely to hook up a showmance, just like james was recast because he is most likely to do pranks and hide in things to scare people.

And james, pls stop talking about Survivor, personally i think it is a lame show, and look what happened, Caleb did get cast on it, and look what happened to him.

An Apple A Day

Caleb was oddly very good on Survivor. He actually got hosed when he went home because the competition they set up for them was causing them to drop like flies from heat exhaustion and dehydration. The poor guy didn’t wan’t to give up like some of the others did and unfortunately, 3 people passed out, and they couldn’t get his temperature or his heart rate down.


I thought that Caleb had actually matured whilst on Survivor.


It is also confirmed that he will be on season 34 (not the one airing this month but the one near March)


it ws winter time there anyway what do you suspecr!


In some places they don’t really refer to winter because it never really gets cold. It certainly seemed hot when everyone was sweating and turning lobster red.


I’m with you sunny dee, these HGs have zero ability to communicate and it’s maddening, especially between the Showmance’s. For gods sake, they’ve been in these “relationships” for what, 70-80 days? If you don’t know how to talk to one another and ask questions when you’re unsure of your partners feelings then that’s a whole other set of issues. I can’t with them right now.

I’m also likely in the minority here but out of everyone left in that house I’m finding Nicole to be the most irritating. Yes Nat’s complaining has gotten old and she should really stop but if I had to choose, I’d gladly listen to her if it meant I didn’t have to see or hear Nicole for the rest of the season (or my life, honestly).

Misty Beethoven

I’m with you 100% regarding Nicole. As annoying as Natalie is, Nicole is 10 times worse. If BB stupidly brings her back for an All Stars season, I will probably have to skip viewing it, because she makes me irrationaly pissed off. Drives my poor husband crazy.


They need to get rid of James this week or it’s going to bite paul and vic in the ass for sure


For me it’s not so much the fact that she’s still in (even though that is terrible), but I can’t stand the fact that Nicole’s never even been NOMINATED!


laugh so hard nicole win hoh and cory and victor on the block

POTUS Donald

You laugh so hard coinslot nicole put fries and paul if Nat stay will corey have fun in victor or kill time instead?

Local Target

I feel like the whole season all of the women in the house have talked nothing but trash behind Nicole’s back. Also, the comments here on this website about her take me back to OBB season 13 with Rachel. She was getting verbally evicerated in the comments the whole season up until the final 4/5 when many people stared rooting for her. Nicole is not the best player to play this game, but is is far from the worst – she has been in the best position in the house for a while now.


She uses the needy/innocent little girl strategy to manipulate the boys in the house and has hid behind powerful players all season. No one respects that type of a “gameplay “. Yes, she’s in a good spot now, thanks to everyone else.


I actually enjoy reading the butthurt comments about her

James's imaginary relationship

I swear I am a real thing. If I keep repeating it maybe it will be true. America’s going to love me and give me AFP.


Yup, Natalie is packing up the show and getting ready to leave ole Jamesy. Good thing this isn’t his first rodeo (rodeo clown!).

BB Fan

OMG Nat STFU glad you are gone this week. Don’t care for James but no one should have to listen to you 24/7

Local Target

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. In double boiler, melt chocolate and blend in vanilla. Add the chilled eggs, one at a time. Beat with electric mixer on high speed at least 2 minutes after adding each egg. Pour into baked pie shell. Chill 4 hours before serving. Top with whipped cream or topping.


And shove it up your …

You forgot...

“This isn’t my first rodeo”


Oh, so James is gonna win America’s fave with the pity vote! This is just the kind of shit stage 10 clingers pull-if and when they fiiinnnnnnaaaaaalllly realize she doesn’t want them, it turns into the absolutely worse passive aggressive mess! Where Natalie will end up hating the guy -then Mr. Nice guy James says- well, she was just a stone, cold bitch!


Big Brother 18 has been pretty quiet since Paulie Calafiore was evicted. The drama has been minimal, and the houseguests are pretty calm on the live feeds. A lot of sleeping happens, and that makes for a pretty boring ending to the season. There are three duos left in the BB house, and this week, one of them will be split up.
James and Natalie will be sitting as the nominees for Thursday’s live eviction. It appears that Natalie will be voted out, but James still could be out the door if there is a last-minute change of heart. Nicole and Corey are going to be the deciding vote as they always vote together. In fact, NiCorey (Nicole and Corey) does everything together.Nicole has always been shy in the Big Brother house. When she was in her showmance with Hayden, there were boundaries. This time with Corey, she has none. The two were caught getting frisky under the covers more than once on the live feeds. Knowing that her mother is likely watching hasn’t stopped Nicole from eagerly pursuing Corey.The likelihood of Nicole being pregnant is slim. Big Brother would have her seeing a doctor and possibly have to pull her from the game due to increased risks to the pregnancy. When she talked with Corey about it, he seemed uninterested. He has already told Victor that outside of the house, he isn’t interested in anything with Nicole.
Things in the house haven’t been the same, and they will continue to change from here. In roughly two weeks, the finale will air. The final two will have to face the jury members and plead their case about why they deserve to win. Nicole has a shot at getting to the final three, but the final two will prove to be more difficult. If “NiCorey” splits up and someone is sent to the jury house, her world would end. She is completely dependent on Corey for attention all the time. Nicole rarely has been seen without Corey expect in those special moments where they use the bathroom or do their diary room sessions.
Rumors are going to swirl through the Big Brother house. It is a part of the game, and sometimes they are purposely leaked to the media to boost popularity. The ratings are good, and the show has been renewed for two more seasons. This season wasn’t perfect, but it was better than some of the earlier ones that were uneventful. There has been no update on the feeds about Nicole and her menstrual cycle, but if she is concerned, a doctor visit can easily be made by production.

Anonymous 2

This can’t be the Frodo that usually comments. This post had correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and made sense! If it is you – thank you for reviewing first. It makes it a lot easier to read.


the stuff i find on reddit oop

Rosetta Stone

Yeah, this isn’t his original thoughts. Dude is copying and pasting.

dr will

what meed do you need anyways!

An Apple A Day

You know it’s getting deep into the season when all the blog readers are turning on each other lol. We’re just an angry, unfulfilled bunch of BB viewers.


Dawg for HOH!

POTUS Donald

James, Natalie is FRIENDS with you for two reasons:
1. Victor, Paul, Paulie, Corey, Frank rejected her
2. And you remind her of the neighborhood Chinese take-out delivery guy




Frodo, usually reading your posts requires 2 translators and the Rosetta Stone. What meds are you taking that result in this sudden coherency? Whatever it is, kudos to modern medicine.

dr will


POTUS Donald

If anyone wonder why Paul’s voice is up three octaves, why he’s shedding his beard and why he’s growing moobs; it’s because Meech walked out with his loaded nutsack in her bag.

POTUS Donald

Good Job Natalie! After you finish Corey, you can do Natalie’s chin and upper lip


cory and vixtor cant play there own game yet without paul!

POTUS Donald

James fans are delusional! James is a deadbeat dad and now lately he’s been talking about his throwing his game for his fakemance. Forget that he is tens of thousands of dollars in arears with child support, the needy fool wants part of the action that Zakiah and Nicole got, (AND HE WOULDN’T PULL OUT!).
James thinks that taking out his fake daughter (have you done a DNA test James) to Disneyland will make up for not paying for child support the last few years and hopes that his gut is right and he’ll win AFP which will make him charming enough to skip out on future child support payments.
The only AFP that you’ll win is Asian Fakemance Punk!

BB Fan

Don’t know what James is seriously.. Deadbeat dad or loving father but instead of lounging around for three months twice with a bunch of immature kids he could actually go back to school get a better job and earn the money to support his child. The money he got for AFP could have been better spent that way.

not a james fan

Yeah coulda whouda shoulda Lets get real he’s just a lazy git looking for an easy ticket. Not gonna happen. Lets face it not good looking immature pranks not even funny and personality of a snail.


I am pretty sure the child is James’. Looked very ugly and kind of asian. The mother, on the other hand, was prettier than Natalie. Maybe she was very very drunk when the intercourse took place?


ride or die now!

Never cared

James, buddy, just stop asking her about the “relationship”. You’re embarrassing yourself and looking totally pathetic. She’s just not that into you and she’s trying to convey that without outright crushing your soul Brah. Just take her advice and enjoy each other’s company until one of you goes out this week. Doesn’t matter which one goes. You’ll only miss her for a week and then you’ll be reunited in the jury house.


If the word “like” suddenly was banished from the English language, Corey would be rendered mute. Seriously brah, you sound like you’re 14.


That and the Brah he calls Nicole. I have never called a girl Brah (or Bro back in the day) and find it very strange. The other night on AD he did it a couple of times and she said it back to him once and I thought that sure is a strange way to talk to your “girlfriend” or any woman for that matter. Christ I must be getting old!

not as annoying since I understand it but they and a lot of posters say ” I can’t with these people” I keep wondering where is the rest. I can’t……………..listen to, take these, I guess it is all of it and just shortened to I can’t? That I at least understand but Brah I can’t.


I’m so sick of Paul and every other F word out of his mouth. I’ve always been a Victor fan, but Paul is rubbing off on him in a horrible way. The thought of Corey or Nicole winning this makes me sick! This has to be one of the worst seasons ever, just get it over already.

The Roach Coach

Who is HoH again???
….oh that’s right it’s not Paul? But,,,it isn’t Nicorey either? Sometimes you’s think it was those 3…but it’s not….
It’s Victor!!!!
How silly of me, I almost forgot!!

Huge kudos to Victor, the fact that he is HoH at such an important point in this game and IS NOT LETTING ALL THE POWER GO TO HIS HEAD shows how great of a game he is playing!!!
The realest Person in that house!!!

Cool, Calm, Collected, and on noone’s radar after a crucial HoH.

Yes, He’s been evicted twice, and it’ll likely cost him, but only because the remaining HG’s did not see his competitions to battle back to fully respect his game (I’m looking at you Paulie)

Great Game so far Vic, I’m sure he has made his family extremely proud, which is something rare in this house!


If he is the realist person in the house, he might win bigly!


I find it funny that the all guy’s alliance that Paulie had with Paul, Victory, Corey, James are all still in the house….

Mr. Jenkins

I thought about that, too… poetic justice that he’s in the Jury House with just the girls, and Natalie is most likely to walk through the door next. Too funny!

Mirror Reflections

When you observe James and Nat they are mirror reflections of each other and it is why they came together this season. Natalie is a highly insecure person and James is a highly insecure person. Natalie seeks approval by talking about how fat she is or how someone did her wrong and James seeks approval in the sense of trying to get Natalie to say something like Yes James we will absolutely positively going to date outside the house. A common trait of needy people is to seek out acceptance from another person rather then just accept themselves for who they are.
A very sexy trait of anyone, male or female is confidence in the sense of knowing oneself and not having to go around fishing for compliments or having to be coddled into feeling self worth. Those people that seek compliments are not self assured and honestly too much effort……it doesnt matter how beautiful a person is on the outside, if they dont have inner beauty and play a victim is run the other way.


Oh geez ,James is going to win America’s favorite again.


Where’s that roaming goat?

The Roach Coach

Jaw just hit the floor when Nicole told Corey she wouldn’t take him to final 2 and would roll with James…
Corey, “can we just not talk about this until we get to that point”
I hope that bites you NicHOE

Just me

The statements Nicole and Corey make show how stupid they are. Why aren’t they talking about keeping James and then the three of them go after Paul and Vic? Vic can’t play in the next HOH? Do they want to win or give it to Paul or Vic? Paul thinks he has it because he’s going to say he pulled the strings, but I don’t think people feel the “friendship”, he has let the real him out too much.

So snyway...

There sure are s lot of Dr. Phils here. These people are playing a game. Enough already with the psychoanalysis.


Please, I can’t take one more scene of Nichole and Corey in THAT bed! Stop. Those two

Briffault's Law

Natalie proving Briffault’s Law true once again.

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.
There are a few corollaries I would add:
Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.
Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)
A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which is not bloody likely).

= Nat in a nutshell


C’mon let’s face it, Nat used James, and he’s of no use to her anymore and has become distant. James was shocked that a cute girl like Nat would pay any attention to him and thus screwed up his whole game. Nat from the beginning was for “girl power” and she was riding James’ coat tails to get to the end and cut him loose. I believe when she was HOH she really thought her and Meech had a great chance to get to the end together, when they were talking in the hot tub about all the comps they were going to win. Just a little bit delirious.


In James season, he latched on to Meg and she flat told him no chance, yet he played the heart sick puppy and that got him AFP. That is what he is doing now, too! He is trying to play the heart sick puppy that has been used to gain sympathy for AFP. That is all. If you believe anything else than you have to believe that he may be a little sicko stalker who ignors girls feelings and continues to stalk until he get arrested. I don’t believe that. It’s all an act, just like Nat’s sweet, dumb, clueless about BB is an act.