Paul “She thinks she is gods gift to the world. Get the f**k out of here you entitled piece of sh*t!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 04-02-58-593

12:20am Backyard Paul and Victor are playing pool. Corey is watching. Nicole comes out and tells Victor she is sorry for getting mad at him. I’ll wash your towels and clean your floor. Vic says you don’t need to do any of that. (Nicole pulled a prank on Corey that backfired and made a mess. She poured baby powder down his shorts and it went everywhere in the kitchen that Vic had cleaned.) Vic says I`m okay. Corey says fool is freaking out. Corey heads inside. Paul tells Vic don`t get upset at sh*t like that because they`re going to use it against you. Vic says dude no, that`s disrespectful. They`ve seen me cleaning all day. Paul says dude who cares, bite the f**King bullet you`re on the f**king block. Vic says she`s not going to vote for me anyways. Paul says she`ll tell other people not to vote for you. Vic says she`s already probably done that, she`s with Corey. Paul says you don`t want to give her any ammunition. She`s going to say he`s so crazy and controlling. You`ve got to tip toe around everybody. Vic says I`m just worried about 1 person (James), she is literally so far up Corey`s a$$ she can`t see the light. Paul says she can tell James that you make her feel uncomfortable. All I’m saying is be careful. Vic says she’s not voting for me. Paul says Michelle thinks she can say and do what she wants, when she wants with no repercussions. She’s being rude. She already sh*t on me this week and claimed I was an atheist. Vic says if I stay or don’t .. get power and then do what you want. Paul says she can’t play next week and other people are putting me up anyways. Vic says but not right now. Sh*t on her next week. Paul says I won’t f**k you up. She thinks she is gods gift to the world. Get the f**k out of here you entitled piece of sh*t. Vic says at this point I really don’t care if I go home. I really don’t like sucking up, its not in my nature. Paul says I haven’t sucked up to sh*t. Vic says I haven’t this whole season, I’m not going to start now. I kind of don’t even want to talk to James any more. If its their move to get me out, let it happen. I’ll tell them what I think on Thursday. Outside of here I am a real a$$hole.

12:30pm Kitchen – Meech says if I win HOH next week I am calling him (Paul) out on his bullsh*t.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 04-10-38-774

12:35am HOH room – Paul comes into talk to James. Nat tells James don’t bring it in here, can you please take it outside. Paul says its just unnecessary. They asked me to look for my shirt. I accidentally touched her clothes. (Meech blew up on Paul because he touched her clothes and said what part of don’t touch my clothes do you not understand.) I didn’t deserve to be sh*t on. I was looking for my shirt and she blew up on me. She’s been rude to me all week. I don’t think I’ve given her a reason to be mad at me. She doesn’t like being to what to do and assertiveness so I would rather avoid the situation. Paul leaves. Nat says I don’t want to be a part of any other conversations. I won HOH and shouldn’t have to deal with all this drama. He always wants to sabotage people and then can’t handle when people do it to him. Nat says he (Paul) should get blindsided. When he finds out someone doesn’t like him, he loses it. James says maybe I should act like I don’t like him. Nat says I’m just not into bringing people down.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 04-12-50-241

12:40am – 1am Backyard – Paul and Victor. Paul tells Vic I don’t need 500k to be sh*t on by somebody. They’re going to paint us as being aggressive. Vic says never cared. Paul says I want to piss in her washer. Why do my clothes smell like pee? Because you’re a b***h that’s why! Paul and Vic get in the hammock. Paul says I am sick of these people! Vic says I’m tired of this kiss a$$ f**king game. I’ll have another conversation with him (James) but not today… Wednesday. Paul says the more we’re together the more they’re going to want you out. You should go hang out with Meech.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 04-28-53-328

Nicole asks Nat if everything is still good? Nat says of course why? Nicole says I can just read him like a book. Nat says when I make up my mind. I make up my mind.

1:50am Kitchen – Nat, James, Corey, Nicole and Paul are in the kitchen chatting and eating.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 04-39-06-857

2:30am Nicole and Corey are in bed. Nicole talks about how if she won she would buy her brother a tractor and take her parents on a the trip of their lives.

HOH room – Nat, James and Meech are talking. James says that Paul knows I’m really protective of Natalie. Nat says he just uses everything to make himself look better. He thinks he is the master manipulator. Michelle says I just wish he went home that first time in the beginning. Nat says I hope its the wall comp and James wins so we’re safe. Meech says and don’t worry I would never blow up your game. Nat says she wouldn’t blow up her game either.

4:40am – 5:25am Bathroom – Paul talks to Corey in the bathroom. Paul asks have you been campaigning for yourself? Corey says no, I’m not going to. Paul asks why not? I feel like you and Victor are the same. He is like whatever happens, happens. Corey says yeah I’m the same. The conversation turn to talking about Paulie and his downfall. They reminisce about the season and the people that have left.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-23 04-58-35-329

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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Meech you know you can’t play for Hoh this Thursday right? Why keep saying you’ll put Paul up if you win? So because you and jersey girl have the power this week it gives you the right to crap on Paul all week? Don’t forget who saved yo ass from going home when you and Z where up on the block!


I hope Victor wins the Jury Buy Back, comes in and wins it all. The rest of these jamokes are not near as deserving of $550K.


I hope Da’ learns how to win comps, comes back, and blows everyone up


I hope Da’ comes back, learns how to win comps, and destroys everyone


I hope you tell us again… you know, for a third time… just in case we missed you saying it the first time, and the second time.


ME TOO!!!!


Meech is like riding a rollercoaster, so happy, crying hysterically, love you, hate you…jealous of you, sorry for being jealous of you. How the hell did she stay in the game this long?


Usually I read the updates first thing but with meech turning against Paul, because of production, I can’t read these articles.
Why would meech go with two couples? They will turn on her first! It makes no sense.
I’m skipping Wednesdays show, I’ll see what happens after the eviction and jury buy back..


it’s a Kraken season..


Cheers Mate!

Frankie's shorts

Sorry, what’s a Kraken season? What does Kraken mean?


Kraken is a rum Simon likes to drink when the seasons take a turn for the worse.



Roll Tide

Can I drink wine instead?


Victor and Paul are a couple. They may not spoon and cuddle, but they are indeed a couple and the strongest couple to boot.


If Meech really was a super fan, she would be two moves ahead of everyone else and would buddy up with Paul to have her own “duo”. She has to know that if she is banking on 2 showmances, she will come in dead last every time.


But that’s a minority superfan….the majority superfans pick favorites, bend logic to support them and ignore all flaws while completely vilifying those they don’t like. That’s what we see here in the comments. There’s very little dispassionate game analysis, people plotting paths to victory and a whole sh*tload of “he’s my favorite and should get AF”, “she’s awful and deserves to be evicted”, “he’s dumb and they’re giving her the game”.

Superfans should be barred from playing because they all end up just like Michelle, picking villains to be mean to, with no sense of strategy, no ability to adjust and plot victory no matter who’s in power, and daydream they’re somebody’s favorite, just like so and so is their favorite.

Not true

Ian was a Super Fan and won the game. Was nothing like you describe.

Great player.

Steve was a Super Fan and won the game. Now, Steve rode Vanessa to the finale then back stabbed her but still a Super Fan and won.

Your “Super Fans” should be barred from playing the game is a ridiculous thought. Js.

Michelle is not a Super Fan. She is a wanna be Super Fan.


Meech isn’t a super fan, she’s a dumb@ss


Meech thinks she is with James and Nat. She doesn’t realize that James and Nat are with Nicole and Corey.

Only can wish

Meant thumbs up, DD. Good point. Michelle confuses me with her thinking process.


A TIP! If you accidentally hit the wrong thumb, hit the one you meant to hit and it corrects itself. I do it all the time.


yeah but she should realize that they are working together, there have been more than enough hints wafting under her nose (the sudden friendliness and hanging out 24/7 esp after nic trash-talked nat so much, the statement James and Nic had to make about not giving each other prizes, not wanting to nominate or evict either one – and not even seriously considering it, wanting vic and the paul on the block out of nowhere) – so she isn’t playing smart at all. And not matter what, even if she is with nat and james, they will just keep her to cut her at F3. This is quite possibly one of the dumbest series of moves in BB history, no solid or reasonable strategy involved.


She has GOT to be Bipolar.

Never cared

Or maybe she’s just a spoiled little mean girl who has no sense of self worth unless she’s making someone else’s life miserable. Makes her feel better about her own pathetic life. But thanks for insulting everybody who is legitimately bipolar with your ignorant observation.

Please don't trivialize mental illness

As a licensed psychotherapist, I find it grating when people pathologize others’ behavior based on an obvious lack of knowledge of or regard for the complexities of said pathology.


You act like Paul isn’t crapping on them as well.

straighten up

Nobody craps as hard as big beech.
Fool Never Cared

Yeah you're right Paul fans

Him crapping on people is just the headline of this article, but he’s totally not doing it. Thumbs down this comment.

The blind bias here is too much.

Just Wrong

if meech wins 500k bb really needs to restructure the show cause somethings just not right

lol what?

teams, roadkill, battle back, round trip, carepackages, jury buy back!!!

The winner of this season, (regardless who it is) is the result of a RESTRUCTURED show! *facepalm*


When did using Paulie’s insults become the cool thing to do? It’s just as douchey as when he did it.


James, Bridgette and Nat saved Meech. What are you talking about? Paul’s entire contribution was getting his vote cancelled.

Hey downvoters

What part of this is wrong?

Bridgette :)

Bring back Bridgette!!! Bridgette for the return! YES

Powder Puff Cat

Paul wanted Z gone his cancelled vote worked out to Paul’s favour a smokescreen for Paul’s game. Z was out the door no one wanted her so the point it mute. Paul was the only one adamant about Z leaving the rest could not have cared less until FTGate.


Meech didn’t forget who saved her. She’s currently aligned with them. If you think Paul saved her then your memory is failing you.


Lol. That’s 100% true but people are voting it down because it doesn’t fit with their agenda.

Horrible player...pew

Nicole smells like flounder, and so does her game play.

sunny dee

he said take his vote away so he wouldn;t have to explain voting for her to stay. the whole move he was part of ensured Meech would stay. Not sure why his actions and participations are being questioned. Just like not sure why anyone is buying all the oh he’s a liar stuff. He’s telling the truth about how things happened and who said what,, just that people are spinning him in a way to ensure that what he says isn’t believable. lol

in any case, jury back will benefit him, and not the others, and yes, michelle is delusional, especially since she really thinks there is a jury back, she should be cuddling up to the one person she could be working with, still keeping cool with the couples who don/’t think there is a jury back. being blindsided is what gets people.

Powder Puff Cat

they are casual viewers


And I’m sure you were one of those people who thought it was great when they were all crapping on Paulie, but to do it to Paul is just so terrible. The double standards on these boards….sheesh.


I’m pretty sure that James, Natalie, and Bridget were the main ones to save her that week. Especially Natalie and Bridget.


It may have been Bridgette, Meech, & Nat who started it, but if Paul had bought into it and brought Vic along, it never would have happened. James was NOT going to go along with it, if it was just Nat & Bridgette voting to keep her. That would have been going against Paulie, who was his leader.


Vic was part of it from the start, he nominated Z with the intention of evicting her


I thought it was nat who said he was an atheist and Nat starts with all the stuff. Don’t get me wrong Meech jumps on bored. Did Paul say Meech or Natalie and was that just a typo/ Either way wonder if Meech jumps on bored with the other girls because she has so many sisters and they stick up for each other all the time. I have 6 sisters and one in particular is the back up she’s always got your back no matter what. Sometimes its funny cause she will just walk up and start talking smack about someone if she thinks they have done something to us even if we are wrong lol

seriously though

Why don’t any of them (especially Natalie) bring up that James said he protects his woman and therefore wanted Paulie out. But in the POV comp that week, when Paulie opened up the box with the POV and had the POV around his neck… James opened up a box that contained money and he KEPT THE MONEY instead of taking the POV from Paulie. Was that taking care of his woman? Vic was left to take away the POV from Paulie.. And Vic didn’t originally want Paulie out. He did it for everyone else. Vic pretty much ended doing all of that for Natalie, who turned around and stabbed him in the back. And he blew up his own game for a bunch of floaters, after being promised they would have his back.
I don’t think anyone wants to watch two couples on their boring summer retreat for the rest of the season.


Well if Vic wanted to keep nominations same then he could take the veto. James is protecting his girl prob needs money to take care of his little girl. This is a game he needs to think of himself and daughter first and I think he is. No shame in that


I have to disagree here. Taking care of his little girl? So you show her how it’s ok to lie and not be honourable? James is scum especially if this is how you show your children how to grow up. So it’s ok for his little girl to lie to him, sneak out and heaven forbid do who knows what because it’s alright to lie to get your way?

Yeah that is honourable.


If I could ‘thumbs down’ you any more, i would!


Every single one of them lie and betray – it’s Big Brother, not Kumbaya School of Future Parenting.

Wait a sec

You’re ridiculous

James taking the veto made no sense

Vic would have still gotten a punishment in the last box and traded with James. So basically James would have given up $5K to bake pies all summer.


It wasn’t shown on the show but i remember Vic saying after the Veto comp he told James to take the 5k, Victor wanted another veto win over the 5k.


A wise man once said..through rain, sleet, or snow…b!¥©# better have my money.


Oh please, you’re reaching… Vic wanted that win, he wouldve taken the veto anyways. He was tallying them up. If he comes back, and gets to the end, he will win.
James may not be playing the best game, but he does value his relationships with people, friendzoned or not.


No he doesn’t. He values how the relationship is being perceived, not the actual relationship.

If we are p@ssies then you're a total dumb@ss!

james knew that (DUH!) victor would take the veto. So…how does that make him a p@ssy? He got $5000 and paulie didn’t get the veto.


James saved her actually with taking out to votes


I think she said she is playing the evel dick route. She is pissing everyone off, and being pretty successful being a bitch, so someone will take her because they think she has no Jury votes. I am not a fan of this strategy, but I understand it. They work for someone to take them, but they don’t try to figure out how get to the end on their own merit… They figure they could get lucky at the end cause they have a 50/50 chance. However, they are ultimately working for 2nd place.

Unfortunately for Meech, Nicole has this strategy on lock! That is why, I am sure, she wants Nicole out so much. Nicole is effortlessly; just slightly more useless and hated than she is… Plus Meech has won more, and made more moves. If she wants to continue this strategy, she needs to get nic out, or else she needs to change up her strategy.

Former James Fan

Vic or Paul for the win!!! I’m so ready for this season to be over. This is the most mentally unstable cast ever! They might as well have put Vanessa and Audrey back in there. I’m so over the crying, the whining, the nasty under-the-cover activities, the fishing for compliments, and I’m especially over anything & everything James says and does!!!


Here is the deal. I like Paul and Victor. I like James and Natalie. James is doing the right thing to take Victor out because they want Corey out and then Paul or Victor are planning on winning HOH and take James out. They have said this a few times on the live feeds. This will leave Victor and Paul with only the 3 girls left in the house. It would be a cake walk for them to the final 2. So why hate James for going after his biggest threats in the house? James floated the whole game until it was time to start playing the game. James has flipped the house twice in the last two weeks. James is in it to win it. Just like Paul and Victor are in it to win it


Their plan is all for not, since there is a jury comeback this week. It will be a whole new game come Thursday. Plus there is another double evict coming. It is still anyone’s game.


Just wondering what moves would have truly played out if production didn’t interfere & leading the house guests. House guests may be solid at one point & production leads them in another direction for OUR ENTERTAINMENT??? Back off production, we are plenty entertained without your meddling…geezz

Oh, I don’t even watch after dark anymore…Done after this season…WAY TO GO PRODUCTION…NOT!!!

Sammy Lammy Ding Dong

First, it’s a game. Second, Paul is reaping what’s he has sowed. Paulie pulled him off the block for “friendship”. Last week Paul turned on Paulie and worked to crap on him and rattle him. He laughed at Paulie and now he is pitching the fit.
As a people watcher this show is fascinating! The most revealing of character being how people react when targeted.

BB18 Worst Season

This is what we are left with….

Meech is a complete study on bipolar disorder, and the fact she’s a nutritionist, but yet constantly stuffing her face with junk food is a joke.

Nicole &Corey make paint drying look like a trip to Vegas.
And that whiny voice!!!!

James & Natalie are becoming unbearable, James is so far up her a$$ he would probably self nominate to keep her off the block..and Natalie’s overly peppy, cheerleader facade is crumbling.

Paul will end up blowing up on all of them, and get put on the block, since he is aware of their plotting.

Vic has my support, hopefully after his eviction he can win battle back again….and then HOH…if any of these other ppl win, it will truly be worst

CBS Production Sucks

If CBS loves Nicole and James so much then they should give them their own show….

Why are we forced to watch them on Big brother?

Nicole is sickening..and she willn probably be top four


Whoever comes back this week BETTER shake things up in the house. Can’t stand these “showmances” + Meech.


Get ready folks…a month of watching Corey and Nicole under the covers, and James and Natalie having a tickle fight…great….


You say that as if when a showmance goes up and becomes the underdog you won’t suddenly cheer for them and hate the HOH.


Me either. They’re annoying af. I can see why people always target showmances and here we have these 4 idiots left because of Paulie. Please future HG, take out the showmances immediately from now on.


Paulie was so right about Princess Natalie. I hope her and James are on the block next week and watch how quick Nicole and Corey turn on them. Natalie and Michelle are on a power trip and James with his whatever Natalie want to do is so stupid to turn on Paul and victor this week when Natalie had Michelle in her back pocket. They should have gotten out Corey this week and then go for Paul or victor the next time they won HOH. It would be nice if Victor comes back twice this season and he and Paul take over and watch Natalie and Michelle hide all week. James will suck it up eventhough he won’t like it because he’s going to be playing HOH by himself this week because Michelle and Natalie can’t play and either way Nicole and Corey will be safe next week regardless of who comes back. Natalie just blew up her and James game with this HOH and dragged Michelle along with them but Michelle will be safe because no one will waste an HOH on her until they’re down to final three. She’s the Victoria of this season.


Paulie was a dick and Nat is still a sweet girl. You’re mad because she put someone you like on the block. It’s pretty obvious.


For me it has nothing to do with who she put OTB. Actually, game wise, it was the right move.

What bothers me is all the nonsense that came with it. I’ve liked Natalie up until now. Her incessant whining about who said what about her is on my last nerve. FT’s, ft’s. How many times a day do we have to suffer through the ft conversations? (If you have live feeds). We get it! They were ass!oles. We all know that.

The whole crying about putting people on the block, then blasting them 5 minutes later. The whole “being hoh is too hard”, “lock the hoh door”. I mean, come on! You made a game move, now suck it up and stop whining!

Oh and the nonstop reminder that she “earned hoh” this week. Ok, we saw. You won one. Awesome. Now embrace your hoh duties and let’s move along.

Thats just my opinion anyway.

Nat is Toxic

Sweet like cyanide. She is a selfish whiney brat. She has made two offensive racists comments this week, called someone out for their religion, lied in her rebelling of several stories about houseguest so and complains about everything. So no, not because we don’t like who she nominated but yes we don’t like her for being a brat.


Like you I was voicing my opinion. I don’t gain anything regardless of who wins. I was hoping for a final five with Michelle James victor Paul and Natalie. I was hoping Natalie and James make it to at least final four together but after this move I don’t think either will survive the next two weeks. The only way they survive is if zakiyah or Davonte comes back. Natalie may survive with Bridget coming back but if paulie or the evicted houseguest this week come back both games and Natalie will be toast. Again my opinion. It’s a game no one mad, just recognize bad moves that’s all


Regardless if Paulie was right or not in his assessment of Nat, it doesn’t discount what a rude nasty ass he was about it. He could have gotten his point across just as effectively without resorting to calling her everything short of the whore of Babylon.
That said, she has turned out to be a huge disappointment, and I’d like to see her and Nicole on the block together. That would be an entertaining week.


How did she disappoint you? Because of her nominations?


My disappointment is based on her coming in a seemingly sweet, compassionate, energetic young woman and turning into a self-absorbed, needy, high maintenance jerk. That opinion has nothing to do with who is on the block, rather it’s based all on her actions.


The comment as mentioned was “only” in regards to him calling her a princess and nothing else. I never agreed with him on anything else he said not stated I condoned or believed he was right in saying it. I believe even if the houseguest wanted to keep him after the Aaryn Grimes season CBS isn’t tolerating anyone staying in the house saying anything offensive and believe he won’t be back unless he apologizes for the things he’s said. CBS nor Big Brother want the backlash again for houseguest saying outrageously offensive things. My point was strictly in regards to him calling her a princess to which she is behaving like one since winning HOH in my opinion.


Victor and Paul are the 2 best players left. It is a very good game move to put them up regardless of how likeable Victor is.

paul and vic are the two best players

and yet, america voted big b*tch for co-hoh. way to go america voting for the best person to win!

Good luck in november morons
#feel the bern
#always been a fan of vic – ALWAYS

I know really

Showmances are so annoying, it’s true. I think nicorey has more chance of being real then Nat and James. Victor and Corey don’t seem to care as much about the game as Paul or Michelle do. I hate to say this, if Paulie comes back he’d shake things up, but if Victor gets evicted and then comes right back, that would make me the most happy I think.


You’re on crack. Nat and James might not work out. But Nicole and Corey have a 0% chance.


Nicole and Corey as a real couple? Never.
They are so childish. Nicole is a snotty brat. I liked her on BB16…can’t stand her now. She thinks that she is playing this awesome strategic game. All she has done is “cuddle” with Corey. I bet his Texas buddies are gonna have fun with that.


Corey likes Bawlie, not SnakeCole


It looks as if Corey is leading in the ACP poll here on OBB, I’m a bit confused as it seems the general consensus on here is that people (not all just “generally”) don’t want Corey or Nicole to win. I must not be reading into things correctly…is this more of a matter of keeping James & Nat safe (assuming Corey sticks to his word)?


Lots of those voters are people that don’t post. Posters tend to pick one opinion and agree with each other so that their comments get thumbs up. Some voters are more independent.

2nd year BB fan

Not knowing why other people vote, I never watched past seasons except last year. So the only one I know is James and Da. I would never vote for Cory as he has done nothing except agree with Paulie before. Even Nicole is planting the seeds of doubt and still he does nothing. I suspect that fans don’t watch the game as a game and go with past favourites and he gets the votes for Nicole.

TX rar

1) a A lot of votes are getting split between Vic & Paulie
2) voters tend not to vote for people on the block. One POV changed it eill take a bit to reflect in polls unless it is reset
3) actual voting doesnt start til Thurs and will prop include jury buy-back member

TX rar

Voting hasnt started yet but WHO would vote for Corey after telling the story during live feeds of frat buddies setting a live goat on fire at their baseball house in Texas A&M. He thought it was FUNNY!!

Paul said why would you do that? I’d never stand by and watch that happen.

Google it or look at YouTube for clips.

TX rar

June 26. 1:38 am if anyone has live feeds

Corey- “My buddy [Vinny*], he did some shit with some Four Lokos. He went and bought a goat and put it in their back yard—it was our baseball house. And he got fucked up one night and he got some lighter fluid and sprayed it on it, and went and tried to light that motherfucker on fire—he was so drunk, dude.
And this goat, it was so scared, scared to death, and it was right by the fireplace like this. [Corey demonstrates] It was just like, it wouldn’t even move. He wasn’t going to move; he was so scared. We would, we—dude, he tried to light this motherfucker on fire.”


Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. If mama day comes in she will be with james and nat. Bridgette will be the same way execpt james will vote her right out because no one comes between him and his jersey girl. If Z comes back it’ll be a waste of space. Paulie will probably go after james but most likely be out numbered so he may want Paul out. Victor would be the only one who can do some damage but only if he wins the battle back in and Hoh.


Whoever comes back this week BETTER shake things up in the house. Can’t stand these “showmances” + Meech.


Nat is nasty.


No she’s a nice girl who just happened to put popular people on the block and is getting shit on for it. Everyone liked her a few days ago.


Did Paul really just say he hasn’t sucked up to anyone this whole game?! Umm, that’s all you’ve done dude! You were the little rat that went back and forth reporting everything to Paulie and others. Kissing up, acting like you’re everyone’s best friend. You’re a small, little insecure boy who bullies girls and talks all tough then hides like a little bitch. I hate that he won the veto this week. It should be him going out Thursday! He’s all “friendship” until things aren’t going his way then his true self comes out and it’s not pretty! Please, just let him be the next one out!!


So true.
He’s a creep and so full of himself.
Threatening to pee in her washer just proves it. Hope he goes next.
And I hope Bridget comes back.


The problem with that is then it would just be the showmances against Bridgette. She’ll just go right back out the second she loses hoh or veto. That’s why one of the showmances has to be broken up next eviction.

Waiting for Thursday

Bridget might pull the girls together.
Maybe takeout Paul then Cory or Nicole. Instead of bringing a girl to the end for being a floater they’ll bring Cory.
Cory is the biggest floater especially after not studying for the veto.

School is out for the summer

Nicole and Corey didn’t have to study for that POV. Production told them what the plan was and they would be safe no matter what. Hey Grodner….suck my b@lls.


PAUL … if things work out right, it will be like Natalie’s and Michelle’s HoH never happened … just imagine the drama that will ensue if Victor is evicted, wins the buy back and comes right back into the house, wins HoH, and then to top if all off, receives the ACP bribe … sure would be entertaining.


Nat is so right! She won the HOH and should not have to be involved in talking game or owning her decision of who she put on the block. How dare they! She should be sitting in her big pink princess chair with her Jamesy Wamesy rubbing her feet while she applies the 7th layer of make-up and complains about who hurt her heart and made her feel some type of way. The other players must have some nerve to disrespect her HOH in such a manner. Don’t they know she has a hurt neck?


And don’t forget that Paul … He JUST doesn’t know how to make fries! Why is he lying about making fries!?! I can’t believe Paul lies … He really can’t make fries.
Doesn’t he realize that he’s bringing so much drama to MY HOH … And I’m telling you he doesn’t know how much o make fries 😉


This would be such a great time for a reset button. It would be soooo funny.


MICHELLE … did there happen to be a pair of Flip Flops in that care package you received this week?


The house looks much better! It was gross and nasty with Kleenex or TP on the floors.

TX rar

Victor cleaned it while everyone else sat in the sun or watched.

Then useless Nicole tried to douse Corey with baby powered right after kitchen was cleaned.


Please let something screw their plans for this week.


Im looking forward to a PP SHOWDOWN, im jus saying.


i wish frank was still in the house.. at this point anyone besides victor winning the 500k is just disappointing


Vic should get the money just for cleaning the house.

Big surprise

Paul’s ugliness is showing up again.


Exactly. His more charming side came out once his back was against the wall, and he began ingratiating himself into the good graces of the house. He started getting cocky again once Vic came back into the game, although it was still balanced out by his better qualities. But this week the bad is completely overtaking him again. I also find it interesting that Vic admitted he’s a total a$$ outside of the house. He’s another one who pulled out all the charms when he had to. I was hoping that maybe they aren’t such bad guys and just got carried out with the game initially, but really it’s hard to rationalize their mentality at this point. The house will bring out the worst in people, but it seems likely that IRL I would really dislike the both of them.

Not so much

I really don’t think the girls bullying him makes him look ugly. Actually read the update. The only ones who are acting ugly are Meech and Nat.

Wait for it

It won’t be long now before Paul threatens to punch Meech in the face. That would make 4 girls by my count.

Reality Check

Correction 5 girls, James is still hiding Natalie’s coattails. Add in zombie Corey and a Vic (normal person), you get a bad horror movie.


i think victor deserves to stay, he’s become my favorite in the house but with these people that’s not really saying much. but i understand wanting to get him out the house, i honestly feel like if he makes it to the end he has a good chance of winning the whole thing. i wish he would have gotten the care package. michelle is silly for siding with the showmances like , dude, you’re in nobody’s final two, literally everyone has a partner but you! do what’s best for your game.


I just think the best way for Michelle to get herself a second person is to cut Vic and bring in Paul. I don’t see Nicole and her working well together if they cut Corey. By getting Vic out she gets rid of the current favorite to win and creates an ally for herself.

Paulie was right about Nat.

Nat and Michelle think cuz their smear job on Paulie worked that they can do the same to Paul. James the useless pussy of course goes along with this and does whatever she wants and dreams of a final 4 with him Nat, Nicole and Corey. His dream. Our worst nightmare.

Paul is getting a raw deal and I can’t wait to see it backfire in the lame 5’s face.

Wait for Michelle to cry to Victor when he comes back in and she finds out James told Nicole she was gunning for her and not Paul.

Any of the lame 5 winning is not ok. Paul and Vic have some work to do but it’s not over yet!


Paulie was a dick and Nat is a good person.

Paul is smearing too

But you like Paul so that doesn’t bother you.

Worst season ever

Paul is doing a smear job on who? Nicole? He only talks bad about Nicole to Victor. And what he says about her is true.

A smear job is when you have a target and you make up lies about them and turn small things into big major ordeals. You steer everyone to be leery of that person thus getting them out.

Also..I don’t like Paul or any of the remaining houseguests.

I think once Paulie was gone Nat turned her smear job to Paul. He is her biggest threat now to win the game over her. If she can get Paul out after Vic her next target will be Nicole.

Paul is a person who tries to make his life sound better than it is. He is a huge douche. In the game he has not been the snake that Nat and Nicole have been.

Do I like Paul? No. Would I rather see him win than Nat, Nicole, James, Corey and Michelle? Hell yes!

Yeah yeah

Nat put someone you like on the block so she is a terrible person. We get it. Lame.


I’m bored

I don't post @ all

Does anyone else think this week’s package sucks? I think it’s funny how the HG think it’s an HOH takeover. For all the James & Nat hate on here (Dawg & Simon, could you be any more obvious on how you wish “things” went?), being in the BB house makes you realize it’s a hame of biding time. Natalie could become a Jordan, who didn’t do anything until it was final 7. Paul played too hard, but is a delight to watch. Vic is likable, but the mofo was already booted. And he’s a beast. We all love big moves. James did the big move. Paul and Vic saw the opportunity and pounced w/ James to bounce Paulie… But Paul and Vic are TOO damn dangerous. The jury buyback will be fun.


I have a love hate relationship with Paul. (:


Omg everything is about Nat’s hoh. I won hoh so this, I won hoh so that. Hoh is tooooo hard.

I just want this week over. I can’t do the showmances another second.


James is the worst, can’t stand that phone douche! Natalie’s revealing her true character now too, maybe Paulie was right about her. She was ok when she kept her mouth shut. And meech is the same old disgusting Meech, Corey and Nicole just blend into the walls. Go Paul or Victor! Your the only hope left to salvage the season!

So women should keep their mouth shut?

If they do that then they are ok. But if they actually play the game and target someone then they have bad character somehow? What a load of crap.

Not all women...

The woman’s voice who always made the most sense, and who I wish was still in the game over any of these girls, is Bridgette. She’s a strong woman who is mature beyond her years. Compared to her, no other girl left in the game has said anything worth listening to…

Natalie is proving herself to be less than advertised. Remember she said “I really try to be humble…I could have any guy I want”?There is nothing humble about that statement! Now we have to listen to her tout her HOH like it’s a lifetime accomplishment that carries such a heavy burden, and that everyone should leave her alone to enjoy it or she will wish she never won it. On top of that, we now see that she’s starting to drop these racist comments around James, such as describing an Asian accent by saying “ching, chang, chung”, or telling James he should like one of her snack chips because they’re made in South Korea. I wonder if she’s done using James for all he’s worth yet (which wasn’t much to begin with!).

Regarding Michelle, once again, she is saying bad and mean things about other people – and making it up as she goes. To call someone an atheist and to use that as strategy is an ugly thing to do, especially when that person was just part of her alliance a few days ago. She is easily manipulated, mislead and has no self-control or self-awareness. Her parents failed her in a big way.

Seeing how production manipulated Natalie’s and Michelle’s nominations was appalling. I wonder if that could have happened with 2 guys in the HOH at the same time?

And don’t get me started about Nicole. She is a snake, just like Michelle said. She brings nothing to this game except for her willingness to provide Corey with a warm spot to ejaculate as he’s imagining his 6’2″ boyfriend.

Buffalo Nickel

Couldn’t agree with you more! Happens time and time again, male or female-give someone a little power (HOH) and their true colors show thru. Nat and her racial comments toward her “best ally” in the game say a lot. Along with her generally changed attitude give us a peek at her real personality. Meech has issues. Nichole wants us to believe in her “small town sweet girl” persona but her actions speak for themselves.

Old Lady

Damn you’re good ( Right On )


Bring Victory back to really shake the game up they all will Shit there pants. So sick of the couples what a waste of air time.


Ever since Paulie got evicted I’m done watching Big Brother. Paulie did nothing wrong. He was just playing the game. If Natalie and Michelle were in the seasons with Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Dan, or Derek they wouldn’t last. Michelle is a cry baby and Natalie is a floater. I hope one of the guys wins except James wins Big Brother. I won’t be watching but I hope that’s who wins.


Paulie was an absolute Dbag misogynist, It’s like people have a 24 hour memory around here.


The way James protects Nichole makes me wonder if there is a side deal that we dont know about. Maybe the vets that make it to a certain point get some kind of bonus. Just think its kind of strange. Seems like he would get rid of Nat before Nic.


Well, duh!


I really can’t stand anybody left after Vic is gone. Production has done a really fine job screwing up this whole season. So very obvious their influence on this game.

Only can wish

I see when the HGS get alittle HOH power, they get alittle big headed. I’m disappointed in how Natalie and Michelle are acting towards Paul. I dont like the name calling on his part. Yes, he can be little aggressive in his game playing, but he is no different when he was helping them get Paulie out last week. There is no need to be nasty!!! Michelle telling Paul ” Don’t touch my clothes”, telling the HGS he lied about knowing how to cook fries. Really, Michelle!!! Natalie don’t want Paul bringing drama in the HOH room, telling Paul and James to take their conversation outside the HOH room. Oh, i forgot only she can do it. Natalie is depending on James to win the next HOH because he won the wall comp. his season. She fail to realize that these are different people playing this season. If Paul wins HOH or Victor comes back in and wins HOH, Natalie and Michelle are going to be crying and James looking stupid. I hope Natalie, James, and Michelle plan to get Paul out backfires.


Really starting to get sick of the complacency of the nimrods. You can’t discount jury votes. James and Nicole at this point probably have the least but Meech is making up ground fast. If God forbid Corey makes it to F2 with any of them he will probably win. Hope whoever comes back sends them scurrying like the cockaroaches (Gina Marie pronunciation) that they are.


Why is Corey winning the care package ? ????


Because he got more votes.

Because ...

… a lot of people don’t like Paul, myself included. He’s not my “boy”.


Because people are splitting their votes between Victor and Paul. To bad we can’t all unit and pick either Paul or Victor and vote for one of them


But you’re perfectly ok with rewarding an animal torturer? Says a lot about the people who vote for him.


I’m not really a Paul fan either, and he’s definitely not “my boy.” But I couldn’t bring myself to hit “vote” on Corey’s picture. He’s disgusting. I would never reward a piece of scum like Corey.

bearded midget

STFU paul


Paul to needs to calm down. He’s not even on the block anymore. He’s gotten too comfortable in the house with Vic. With so little people left did he not think he would be a target? And as soon as people caught onto Paulie he was public enemy number one so why would Paul think he’s any different? Getting Paul and Vic out is the best option for the rest of the house guests. They can’t beat Paul and Vic physically and mentally they’re both strong too. This late in the game nobody should be surprised they’re a target.

Only can wish

It’s not so much that he didn’t think he would be a target, it’s more of who targeted him. I think he would have expected it from Nicole and Corey than Natalie and Michelle, because they were just working together to get Paulie out the house. Then they are being lame about the reasons why they did it, instead of being up front with him and Victor.

Powder Puff Cat

I do not think it is in the best interest in Meech’s game to get out Paul or Victor but that bridge is burned.
James has Corey and Nicole
Nat had flip flip Meech
Victor would have been a good ally for Natalie but not for James. If V/J/N ended up F2 – she would have 2 takers not with Nicole or Corey. These houseguest do not investigate claims made by HGs they just believe the story and make a rash decision, do not make deals. If you are in a showmance and your partner is a strong player you have to be able to cut them if you want to win 500k

Lawyer Time

There better b some repercussions with James and Snakole for all the promises of $10 grand gifts if they make it to final 4….I can’t stand any of these fakemance POS…..Lames & Snakole got in trouble with production yesterday apparently… or both should b kicked off the show for this! Totally not allowed …CBS could b in some serious $h!t with this!

2nd year BB fan

And their Care Package is only $5k


When I read the headline, I thought they were talking about Natalie lol
Outside of Vic, there is no one in the house now I want to win. I just want to see the jury buyback (and only want Vic or Paulie to win), jury house footage and even catch up on the evicted houseguests. Anything but these showmances!
Meech needs to be nominated so she can blow stuff up again


Who the heck says there an as*** outside the house….if Vic knows he’s a jerk why doesn’t he change I was starting to like him but obviously his personality is more 1st time Vic in the house….also what’s with all these guys being sore losers Paulie,Vic and Paul cocky where there winning but complainers and whining when they don’t pathetic this is big brother!

2nd year BB fan

I wouldn’t put much into a comment like that. What does it mean? He does not take crap from people? Is he saying it just to make himself feel better?

skeptical onlooker

So now. Nat thinks she’s the Queen. Now says that Paul has been touching her thigh. After denying it when Paulie was causing shite.
It’s the rag on Paul/Vic show. NOT or strategy…just personal hate..feeding on each other.
Meech is just lady Muck. With some serious issues.
But I tell you what.
And..this is wishul thinking. And this will happen If Vic wins and comes back in the house.
If Vic DOES win…Nat will turn on James. Like that. (snap)….because she’s just using him..( in thinks she’s the better player).
Meech will blame James/Nat and throw everyone under the bus.
If Vic/Paul win HOH..either one….James and Nat on the comes down…Nicole goes up.
I for one cannot wait to see James out. Followed by Nic /Nat and meech. Any order.
Corey can come 3rd.


There’s lots of hate coming from you as well. Maybe work on that before pointing it out in others.


I don’t see the hate. Just his opinion.


Nicole sucks at this game. Corey sucks at this game. James sucks at this game.

There. Is that better?


I can’t wait for Thursday! I really hope Vic comes back so that I can watch Nat and Meech squirm! I never thought I’d say this, but Vic has earned my respect, not only for his game play, but keeping a level head amidst all the BS. Plus, he’s the only one who cleans up after all the pigs in there! Nat’s HoH really has gone to her head, and Meech, WOW! I was in James and Nat’s corner, but all the whining and trash talk, I’m over it! Has anyone else noticed how Nat’s voice is all cutesy when she talks to the camera, but when she talks game, it’s totally different and doesn’t sound like a chipmunk? Like I said, I was in her corner, but I’m just not a fan anymore. I don’t care how beautiful you are on the outside, when your personality shows how ugly you are on the inside, beauty doesn’t matter, at least in my opinion. I know this is BB, but damn, why do you have to sell your soul to the devil (production) and lose all shreds of dignity and honesty you had. Vic and Paul are the only two who have played the game and made it worth watching these last few weeks. I can’t help but think that Vic really won the package, but they gave it to Meech for the drama because Nat never would have put up Paul if Vic was beside her as Co-Hoh. Nicole and Corey would have been on the hot seat but production wasn’t having that! It’s not fair to the “new” players when production stacks the deck for their favorite “old” players to win, which explains why Nic hasn’t even attempted to play because she knew she didn’t have to, just ride to the end, give handy’s, and walk away with at least 50 G’s. Got news for you Production, yes, James and Nicole were liked on their seasons, but this season, we’ve seen them for who they truly are and they are NOT America’s favorites, just yours. Get your hands out of the cookie jar and let the people actually playing the game, to battle it out! Ok, rant over, had to get that out!


I agree with almost everything you said.

Like you, I think Vic won the latest ACP, but production handed it to Michelle. When you vote for ACP, there’s a disclaimer that states the producers can negate votes – which means they can effectively hand each ACP to whoever they want – and we will never see the true accounting.

Production tends to meddle with each season, which can be very frustrating. But this season, they are simply controlling the game in a way that is ruining it for most fans.

On Sunday, CBSBigBrother twitter asked “Should the showmances stick together?”
The negative responses were OVERWHELMING!

Let’s hope CBS takes the hint and stops protecting these gag-enducing fake showmances!

Ian's Lament

Paul used to love using Meech to call out other people. Trying to play the game with someone like that is playing with fire and ” friendship” got burned.

Jesus you people all share a brain

It’s like you can’t think for yourselves. Next week you’ll all have different community opinions and all agree with each other.


Jesus, do you have any insights, complaints or witticisms about the game or did you just come on here to insult others?


I have plenty of observations about the game. But I made that comment because it’s true. Watching people be sheep irritates me.

GTF outta here

Your complaining and criticizing without contributing irritates the rest of us!


Peoples’ opinions change as new information is presented. For instance, many might not have liked Vic when he seemed to be a part of the ‘he-man woman-haters’ club. But as time passes we can see that he possesses very likable qualities, especially when compared to the rest who are left. Many might have liked Nat because she was sweet and innocent but now we can see that she is neither. I have never liked Corey since the minute I heard about he and his friends setting a goat on fire. My opinion of him hasn’t changed because he is unrepentant to this day and actually thinks it was funny. Anyone capable of harming a helpless animal like that is a sick individual and should be avoided. And so on, and so on… You get it, now?


Nat says, “when I make up my mind, I make up my mind”.
You sure about that?


Same thing could be said of this board…


Indeed … looking in mirrors can be painful


In reality she should have said, when Jamezie makes up my mind, my mind is made up.


NATALIE … should you ever win HoH again, you must nominate ZIngbot for saying you have hairy armpits … that is just too mean and unacceptable …


Natalie was sweet when she had no power ( first half of the season ) now that she does have power she thinks she runs shit. Paul isn’t my fave but I hope he wins hoh. And I hope Vic comes back cus this is so boring.

Paulie back = siding with showmances cause of Corey,

Brig = siding with nat

Day= can’t win shit

Zak= can’t win shit

Vic= against showmances

The HOH does runs things

For the week at least. That’s the nature of the game. What are you wanting? An HOH to not nominate people?


It’s nice to see how many people Victor has won over since this season started


It’s amazing really. that seems to be the message this year. so many players have changed throughout the course of the season.

Bye Bye BB

As a long time fan, I must say this season is driving me away. All the “entitled” people on there that just don’t get the game. I like(d) Natalie but just can’t take her, “it’s my HOH, I shouldn’t have to deal with this drama”….umm that is what Big Bro is, all drama. That is what gets me, these people KNOW what Big Bro is….even if they say they have never heard of Big Bro or watched it (which anyone that says this I believe is a game ploy).

This has been a Big Bro for the ages, all the whining, crying and emotional breakdowns. Now I get some people like these emotional trainwrecks and love watching showmances…but come on….I want to see players that are strategic who don’t cry and whine.

It has come time to turn off BB forever. The casts are getting boring, especially if they “know” each other outside the house…thanks but no thanks CBS…not doing anymore Big Bros. Maybe it is best the next season is all online and I will just forgeeeeeeeet abbbbboouuut it!

CBS Meaningless Rules

If James & Nicole aren’t removed from the game for their blatant bribery rule violation, the other houseguests should sue CBS! So sick of CBS forcing their scripted agenda vs integrity of a true game! Why even have so-called “rules!” No penalty vote for Paulie’s refusal to bake pies or threatening violence & now no real consequence to James & Nicole! Check out the $10K bribe talk here & voice your demands for eviction!


Is the jury buyback a definite thing? Or just speculation?

just me

Who is going to clean the house when Victor is gone? Seems like he is the only one that cleans, the rest of the house guest just lay around all day and bitch about everything. I think next season cleaning the house should be a punishment of some sort.


The rest are perfectly happy living in filth.


“I won HOH and shouldn’t have to deal with this drama” – A hello whiny twit – you won HOH and have to deal with the drama. What part of this show have you not watched in the past. I honestly hoped a woman would win this season but between those hooking up and those being cry babies….sigh….a huge thanks to those who continue to exploit our own gender and making women look like tramps or whiners! Here is hoping Victor takes it all. James – my appreciation for you in the past is gone. Play the game and stop looking to get laid!

Please Apply!!

Cirsey, you should seriously apply to Big Bro! As a male, I would love to watch more females play the game without making the female population out to look like victims, especially ones that come onto the show and their whole game play is I’m a female, so I’m a victim. This new hypersensitive female of 2016 is what guys run from. Most guys want a female that knows who she is, doesn’t need constant coddling and reassurance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a strong female. A house full of Becky’s(from last season) would be amazing to watch. That girl got hit by a train and didn’t once use it to play a victim.

Just me

I think it would be perfect if Victor were to win the Jury buy back (Let’s face it James is voting him out) and then win the whole game. I can’t remember if anyone has ever won after being voted out, but after being voted out twice and winning your way back into the house twice…he would DEFINITELY deserve the $500,000!!!


Corey never looks at Natilie but lately he has been slipping up and blushing around her. He rarely use to interact with her and was pissed she chose Victor over him. But now he’s been giving her compliments. He got really tense when Nicole showed him affection in front of the group and never usually acts that way. He usually likes when she does show him affection. He doesn’t want to cuddle her anymore and called a stupid bitch. Corey left the bed and went to the hammock instead and then talked to Paul for hours. I don’t know how many hints he has to given her about being single that he has to give her that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. The girl is oblivious to think he wants something more.

Hit it and quit it

He already got what he wanted from whiney Nicole. She’s disposable now!


Someone asked Paul if Corey was really into Nicole ( I forget who asked that question). It was a about a week and a half ago. Paul said that the reason Corey was into Nicole because she was popular with the fans last year. He believes that he is using her for his social media.

So sad

I think so too. That’s really terrible. Well a lot of people think he’s gay and I don’t think he is but I think there is definitely something really sketchy about him. He said he’s taking Nicole to final 2 because she won’t win any jury votes. I hope Nicole doesn’t pick him. Paul and Victor should call him out tto Nicole so she votes to keep Victor. He’s a terrible person for using a young naive girl. I know she’s 24 but let’s be honest she acts like a teenager in love and has ruined her innocent reputation for it, Nicole grew up very sheltered from the real world. She lives In a small community of Omish people. Corey is a douche and opportunist. Victor likes Nicole has thrown Corey UTB about a girl he wants to marry once the shows over. He probably told Victor he doesn’t like Nicole before he got evicted.I thought it was very strange how Victor flirted so much with Nicole but I think he did it because he actually liked her. He always tries to break them up and I hope it does work before Thursday eviction. I doubt Nicole will believe them.

Morgan LaFay

First of all, it’s Amish. Secondly, she’s not Amish, so even if her small town has an Amish populatio, it would have no impact on her. Yes, she seems somewhat naive at times, but no so naive that she should know better than engaging in intimate relations in tv. That’s not naive, that’s just stupid. And her question of wondering if she will be able to get a job after this, all I can say is it’s probably not going to be easy.

So sad

That’s very disrespectful to call her a bitch. When did he say that? I think that’s why he won’t kiss her. I remember he told Nicole he puts on blinders when he’s in a relationship. But since he’s about to break up with Nicole once the show is over he’ll probaly go after Nat. They always glance at each other but quickly look away without anyone catching them. I think those two made a deal to keep away from each other until the shows over. But things didn’t workout because Natilie was too flirty and he got turned off by it. He told Nicole in the beginning he didn’t like her and saw her as a friend and he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Natilie and Corey were flirting a lot once Victor left but backed off once he seen Nicole getting Jealous. Natilie said she hopes to find her Prince Charming and immediately she looked at Corey. He cracked a smile at her and started snapping his fingers. Corey used Nicole to make her jealous. That’s why he said he hopes Nicole is okay with being friends after the show well buddy you know that’s not going to happen after sleeping with her. Natilie is probably the girl that he dates that’s controlling that he got in the tarot cards.

James fans are pussies just like him.

I see the James and Nat fans have come out of their holes again.

Don’t mind them those fools are so delusional they really think James and Nat are truly in love and they are hoping they can see a BB wedding of Nat and James televised on CBS in a special 2 hour episode next fall.

Ok so you wanna cut on all the posters here James fans? Good. Well I’m here to shove it back in your face you delusional couch sitters. Go get a job. At least James works at Wal Mart. You collect SSI and sit online all day.

Ok I have a life. I’m out till the next time I stop and see James fans post nothing relative to the game and only cut on the posters here.


Oh heaven forbid some people like different houseguests than you. Truly that is something to throw a temper tantrum about.


It looks like the fix is in for Nicole and James. Attempting to cheat, bribes?
Production telling Natalie who to side with.
All they need now is for Paulie to come back and the plan is back on track.
What a load of BS!!!
Those three NIC,James and Paulie have been saying and doing things that would have gotten any other HG in trouble or bounced.
How is any of this fair to the newbies?
The whole game has been stacked against them.
Coached, outside deals coming in, refusing to do punishments. There’s probably more that I have forgotten.

Done with this community

You’re all slack jawed simpletons that are easily manipulated into changing your opinions every week. None of you are capable of having an original thought.

We never heard that before...

And aren’t you so original, coming up with something we haven’t heard before? LOL

TX rar

Diff people post comments each week AND those with the live feeds or BBAD have more info than the casual TV viewer

Instead of attacking posters why dont you comment about the game or HG