Nicole “That was the meanest thing you could have said to me” Corey “IT WAS A JOKE!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 16-32-11-402

2:25pm Nat says everyone knows keeping you is better. James asks why? Nat says because I give them a run for their money. I turn it up in comps. I love how I’m such a huge threat. I try my hardest and don’t even win. I just don’t want you to stay in this game and they stick to that final 4. And you’re the next target out. James says its good to be the single person in the house because everyone wants you for the vote. Nat asks you don’t think we’ll be put up as pawns? James says probably. But you think they would vote you out over Victor? With only 5 people left. Nat says I don’t know. James says I wouldn’t.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 16-21-51-304

2:45pm – 3:15pm Suntanning… Corey says I think we could go to the end. You and me in the final 2. Nicole says don’t jinx it. Corey says I think we could beat Paul and Vic. I really do think we could pull this thing out. Its just so funny we made a final 2 day one and look where we are final 5. Nat and James walk up holding hands. James asks if its okay.. A little public affection? Nat says yeah. They talk about whether or not Michelle was Dan Gheesling’s cousin-in-law. Nat says she did tell me if she did have a secret she would whisper it to me when if she got evicted. James says she read Dan’s book too. Why would you read his book?! Nat tells Corey .. I’m getting evicted .. so tell me what your secret is. Corey says I don’t have a secret. You guys know everything about me. Nicole says I honestly don’t think he has a secret.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 16-24-11-178

4pm – 4:30pm Backyard – Nicole, Paul and Victor are talking. Nicole says that Nat said she’s been hurt. I said I’ve been hurt but you just have to pick yourself up and get back out there. And then I felt so sad she (Nat) said you have to ask me 100 times to go on a date with me. Vic says its different than just asking someone on a date… its different in here they sleep in the same bed together, they cook together, they do everything together… If I have to ask you after this 100 times to go on a date .. you can go f**k yourself. Paul says its all a facade. Its just so she can win America’s Favourite. There are people we more deserving than that. Nicole says she said she would be mad fun of. Paul asks for what? Nicole says for dating him. She didn’t say it specifically but she said her friends were going to make so much fun of her after. Nicole says and we’re going to look like such a$$es if we don’t support it. (Nat & James relationship) Paul says support my balls!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 16-50-58-129

4:30pm – 4:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back Corey had just said something that upset Nicole. Corey tells Paul and Vic – I’m in the dog house for sure!! Corey comes into the kitchen and tells Nicole – You know I’m kidding! Nicole why are you in such a bad mood. Nicole says that was the meanest thing you could have said to me. Corey says it was a joke! Nicole says not about the veto .. about true colours. Corey says it was a joke. Nicole says That was mean. I don’t want to hang out with you. You know exactly what to say to hurt people! Corey says no I don’t. Corey says IT WAS A JOKE! I do not mean it. Nicole goes to the bedroom crying. I really don’t want to talk to you right now. That hurt my feelings. I don’t know why you have to say that! Gosh! Corey says you know I was kidding. Nicole says I know. Corey says you joke all the time. Corey tells her to wipe her face off. Nicole says I’m so stressed. I haven’t had my period in 90 days. I’m stressed. Its going to hurt my feelings when you say its my true colours. That just wasn’t nic to say. Corey says you’ve said much worse. Nicole says I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to chill by myself if you’re going to be like that. Corey says it was a joke. Nicole says I’m just stressed and some times you just can’t handle jokes. I’m already having a hard time. Sorry if I’ve said way worse things. I’ll take all the blame for it. Its not the point to blame someone. Me, Paul and Vic were talking about the veto. I said I was talking like you Paul. Hopefully when I go home I talk more like me. Everyone was ending their sentences so short and then you did it so it was a joke. And you were like so you’re going to be like this now!? And then you said something about the true colours thing. We were just joking. Corey says I knew you guys were joking so I made a joke. Now I look like the bad guy. Nicole asks why do you look like the bad guy? Corey says because you were crying. And you said you don’t want to talk to me. Nicole says some times when you’re crying you want to be alone. I was telling Paul that yours and my relationship is the most genuine. Corey says you said no one can make you cry … and then I made you cry. I don’t feel good about that. Nicole says I admit I was just being emotional. You didn’t do anything wrong.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 16-51-48-306

5:10pm Corey joins Paul and Vic in the backyard. And says dodged a bullet there. They ask if Nicole was pissed? Corey says yeah. Paul says she stays in there solves a riddle .. doesn’t tell anyone and then puts you on the block. Corey laughs.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 17-13-21-281

5:20pm Hammock – Nat tells James that she doesn’t like to be touched because she feels fat. I can’t wait to leave this week. You can stay here with these losers. I would rather work and make a half a million dollars than be in here and have to be fake and hide all your mistakes. They’ve done worse than me in this game so just the fact they’re sh*tting on me. F**k them. Its not worth a half mil to me. Paul’s been sh*tting on people all season. He just feels betrayed by me. If you go, I’m going to be alone.

6pm Nicole and Corey are cooking dinner. James is showering.

6:35pm – 7:10pm Backyard – James and Natalie are playing dominoes. Paul, Vic and Corey are on the backyard couch. James and Nat head inside to the London bedroom. Paul and Victor play a game of pool.

James hog ties Nat

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-04 19-12-35-547

7:30pm – 7:40pm James and Nat are in bed talking. Nat talks about how her friends and family make fun of her for the guys she dates. They tell her that there are nice guys that are cute. James asks you have dated cute guys before right? Nat says yeah like 2. James – you get hit on by cute guys though right? Nat says not on social media. And at home I’m not around cute guys. James says you should come to Texas.

8pm Nicole and Corey are in the hot tub. Nicole says that Nat doesn’t think she is going. She is going to be shocked when she does. She said that she isn’t a relationship person. She’s said before that she is.

Paul and Vic are in the kitchen. Vic yelling in the kitchen. Paul asks why do they (Nat & James) have to do everything together?! Vic – I don’t know. (Funny how Paul and Vic never leave each others side either.)

8:20pm – 9pm Paul, Nicole and Vic are hanging out by the pool. Nicole talks about how Corey had another anxiety attack last night. I rubbed his back for like 30 seconds to a minute and he was snoring. Paul says he hasn’t had one in a couple weeks. Nicole says yeah, he never got them before coming in here. Paul says Natalie is really starting to grind my gears. Her move was to latch on to a guy. She would even pinch my butt and joke around with me. I just didn’t give care. I did not want a showmance. Paul says we still have to convince James that he’s leaving. Nicole says she (Nat) definitely doesn’t think she’s leaving. She’s pretending. Corey and Nicole head over to the hammock. They talk about random things.

8:30pm – 9pm HOH room – Vic is reading his letter and looking at his photos. Paul gets into the HOH bed to listen to Vic’s music. Vic has a shower.

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BB wont do anything big on thurday night with everything going on now!


Nicole confuses me when she was up in HOH she said her period was making her cranky and she had Tampons now she said she did not have one for 90 days .Plus as a nurse if she has never had herpes of any kind she should not be taking the medicine for it. I worked for a while as a pharmacy tech in school and that is very powerful stuff with side effects you don’t want if you don’t have the Herpes simplex. OMG I cant take anymore of her whining . On a side note Production needs to get her a better bathing suit too because even though I don’t care for her she has a cute figure and all the padding in that bathing suit bulges when she lays down she doesn’t need a miracle bra bathing suit.


they need do something big big because nfl and pres debates r coming


Well, since Tom Brady has taken a few weeks off to campaign for the upcoming election, unless he appears butt naked on another channel, I’ll stick with BB to the end – but only for the rest of this season. I won’t be back next year unless someone else is in charge of production who actually brings to old Big Brother back.

Dirty, filthy nichole

The sadness that I felt for Nichole when the guys all ganged up on her to get her out her first season, is long gone! She has the nerve to say that James and Natalie are playing a dirty game?!? She has become such a disappointment and just a straight up b!tch!


correct me if I am wrong but on Saturday Nicole took a shower and did her makeup with foundation and now she says its gone and they are saying Michelle took it. I don’t know what’s going on maybe production is screwing with them but the slander that Michelle is getting and now Vic thinks she’s horrible its not fair and will follow her out of the house. Michelle was gone on Saturday and Nicole finally took a bath and did her makeup even foundation nic even put on earrings ..sick of Michelle’s name from them move on and stop being petty this is worse than NAts French fries


Did anyone else hear Michelle yell that Dan Geesling is her cousin in law when she scurried out of the house with Pablo???? I guess THAT was supposed to be one of the BIG SECRETS of the season. I’m sure Dan must be very, very proud (I typed with a tremendous amount of sarcasm). <3

sunny dee

the HGs discussed and dismissed it, as did Dan himself. And as did Michelle, in post eviction interview. Just something she figured was going to either be funny or worry them, like who would care if she was, and did she think that if she was, they would regret having evicted her? more like they’d be glad they evicted her if she was his cousin in law, so weird thing to say.

i still think it is funny that both Corey and Natalie were supposedly earmarked for bachelor type shows and how production probably thought that would be an angle that might draw them together, and in fact they pretty much had zero attraction to each other, or interest.

@ the James-isn’t-cute haters, really I saw his baby’s momma, she is an attractive woman. there is this tendency in some types to claim that asian men are not attractive to anyone other than some asian women, which is ridiculous. (and clearly not true). He’s not Daniel Dae Kim but he’s still a cute guy.

Another Hillary Lie

Natalie looking good Dawg.


I will be checking every hour!!!!


james and/or nat should stop acting so damn defeated and work on joining forces with nicorey.. yes most likely one of them is going home this week but whoever stays has a great shot to go to the end with them.. clearly its stupid for nicorey to go to final four with vic and paul who they stand no real chance of beating in comps and vic cant play next week so unless paul wins most likely vic goes home then paul next week and nicorey goes against either james or nat in the end.. open your eyes and buck up jatalie stop acting like its all over cause its not!


They may keep Vic and Paul even though they are the greater threat for sheer principle. If I was Nicole or Corey there’s no way I would allow Natalie or James to win this game or even second place. Even if Vic or Paul won, I could live with that. They’re deserving of winning. James has floated all season and Natalie has played the strangest gameplay all year, if she wins BB, then the whole game is a crapshoot. So it may not be Nicole and Corey taking “better” players but more deserving players.


know what your saying but no way am i giving up 500k to prove a point.. im taking whoever i think i have the best chance to beat to the end and if they win so be it.. in fact imo corey should use the veto and send paul home this week then vic cant play next week so you send him out and move forward but thats just me.. taking vic and paul is like giving away 500k no thank you.. not to mention nicole wouldnt even be there if james didnt protect her and vote out victor so really if nicorey wants to stand on their principles they owe jatalie the courtesy just sayin..


If Corey uses Veto, Vic is not putting Paul up, that would be Nicole going up, voted out by Victor using tiebreaker. Yes??


EXCELLENT points! Love your way of thinking!


BUT it’s up to Vic who replaces the nom. Key point. Lol


Nic and Corey are putting up with Vic and Paul because Vic is HOH, period. Next week when Cory, Nic, or James win it will be the Nic, Corey, and James show again.

They are targeting Nat because she would be more likely to go wiht Vic and Paul over them. It’s not personal,it’s just what is most likely to get them to then end.

Those fools...

They wouldn’t know principals if was hurled in their snake like faces!


It’s a game, not an application for sainthood.


I’m so tempted to put on the jack boots…


At final 5 there is absolutely no good reason to stay loyal to the Final 4. They all know that at Final 4, Vic/Paul will be going after Nic/Corey, and vice versa. So why not swap out one of those four for James? Esp if you’re Nic/Corey, since James is a much, much weaker competitor than Vic/Paul. Vic/Paul should seriously consider taking out Corey instead of James next week if they win HOH, being that Corey seems able to win comps when he needs to and can give them a run for their money in the final three comp that favors upper body strength. Let’s see if Paul comes to this realization, if he’s capable of calming down and playing strategically after getting out Nat this week. Otherwise, this loyalty/moralistic nonsense is really making the game dull. Play to give yourself the best odds of winning, for goodness sake.


Natalie is the epitome of a spoiled brat princess. James is making a fool of himself still trying. She is the type to start a fight but then cry so the guy feels guilty. A really shameful person who sets women back if they support this behavior.

sunny dee

Nicole’s antics described here are far worse than anything i’ve seen with natalie. talk about over reacting in order to get attention and sympathy and a guy crawling around to be forgiven. How is it nicole thinks that is more sincere than what james and natalie are doing? because they have secret s3x under the covers, which is marginally better than Zak and Paulie doing it a lot more obviously?

i am not sure why nicole can’t just enjoy what she has with corey rather than always trying to rate herself as so much better than natalie. I don’t like women who hate other women, bottom line, the 2nd most important reason nicole wants natalie out is because she is threatened by her getting the guys’ attention. and the idea that if there are 3 at the end, and one is nicole and one is natalie, that whoever it is choosing will choose nat, not nicole. but leaving james in who hasn’t won that much and pretty much disliked by the rest of the jury? kind of obvious she wants f2 with him, for the win.

if nat or james with AFP, it will be because paul and vic are final 2.

Silly Girl

Corey is with Nicole for the ride only. After the show the relationship will never last. 1. Corey do not want Nicole as girlfriend 2. They live too far apart 3. Nicole is not Corey type 4. Corey only using Nicole to get to the end. 5. Corey never cared. Nicole is so silly and clueless…by now she should know that her relationship with Corey is not solid and will not be solid after the game. Corey have gotten all he wanted from Nicole. Sex is not going to keep a man or make a relationship real. Nicole is living in a fancy world a dream she needs to wake up from. Nicole has low self-esteem. Nicole and Corey to me is dead weight in the game. Bed Floaters


Wow, are you Michelle fromm bb18. Not in jury yet? Jealous much?


Yankee… People can call you jealous by the statements you are making about James and Natalie. Yankee STOP THROWING STONES AT A GLASS HOUSE. You are no the analyst for this post. We all have a right to post our opinions. If and when I want to post a comment about Nicole, Corey are any of the other HG I will. You just been checked!


I agree with silly girl Corey said he doesn’t want to be with Nicole to Victor! Nicole needs to go on a dating show because both seasons on big brother she screwed her game because of a guy! And I would root for Paul and Victor but they are so arrogant and nasty why do they have to keep bashing Natalie and James? And I think Corey is in love with Victor!

Sandy O

I think you’re right – Corey’s eyes just light up every time Victor walks in the room.


Corey is doing the same thing to Nic as Nat is to James. I am surprised he’s not get as much hate as her though.. People have forgotten how he had talked about her to Paulie NEVER Cared stuff.. That aside Nic is just as gullible as James. the only difference is it does look like Nic and Corey are doing something sexual.


You talk as if showmances are some kind of life-long commitment to a person. It’s a game bro, people are gonna get played (as they should).


Corey is as bad as Natalie. The reason he doesn’t get the same hate is due to the double standard of men and women.


I bet Corey has already put in an order with Paul for a tee that says ‘ NEVER CARED”…sorry nic…u got used worse than Jamesy


He’s already arranged for her Uber, too.

Double d

Nicole and corey are stupid to final 4 with vic and paul. Nicole and corey are just st as much floaters james and nat


Sunny, agree 100% with you re Nicole. Corey hit a nerve with her when he said She showed her true colors. Nicole tries to appear to be so innocent and incapable of doing wrong. Her infamous line “I didn’t do anything” her constant criticism of Nat when Nicole didn’t surface from under the covers with Corey until 2 weeks ago. As for the “boys” what a high disappointment. They are behaving worse than the petty girls acting like immature crude frat boys. Unfortunately Paul and Corey are rubbing off on Vic.


Just came from underneath the blankets to start playing the game. About 70 something days ago. Nicole and Corey need to be shame of themselves. Both of them are a HOT MESS!


Salty at him for trying good for hin for even flortomg with her compared to him.. way out of his league she was a nfl cheerleader dude has a lazy eye




OMG….what else can you say about these people.( that’s not cruel ) .

Silly Girl

Every one in the house painted there own picture of themselves… so if the shoes fit…then it fit. That statement is not being cruel. If they don’t want people to look at them in a negative way then the HG should share a better picture of themselves.


Geez…. Your grammar…. Fix it before you hit “post”…


Here’s some jack boots for you.


Stop playing! we all make mistakes and you are no different. So what… I spelled (their) wrong. I will Not be checking my grammar are any thing else. It is..what it is.. I am human and humans makes mistakes. Most of the people that post comments from time to time will misspell a word or two. So stop playing and keep it real. You are NOT perfect at make mistakes too. I hope this is a wakeup call for you..YOU MAKE MISTAKES TOO YOU ARE NOT PERFECT! check check check


Oh Silly girl Im beggin’ you
Tell me all the things that I wanna hear
Oh Silly girl I’m in love with you


Stop blubbering you buffoon!


Nicole is sensing that she, like James is being used. Corey would NEVER date Nicole outside that house either, he would be after a girl that looks like Natalie, face it, NIcole is very mousey and the whiny voice, eeeeeeek.


Nat is gross, I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

Nicole is my lover

i would, with my 5.5″ pole…. yeah!

Big brother 18

Victor told Nicole if Corey doesn’t marry you then I will. Holy crap he does like her and it’s really sweet of him to say. Once Victor finds out she slept with Corey he won’t want her either. She’s damaged goods after his lock talk. She has many locks now lol Nicole is literally going to have a nervous every breakdown after this show. Nicole has been so narcotic and she’s not thinking rationally. She’s playing with too much emotions after her heartbreak with Hayden. She’s always the heartbreaker and the tables have turned now. Shes humiliated her family and on top it of it Hayden deleted his Twitter account. I feel bad for her because she’s so in love with Corey she’s risked her reputation for a fuckboy. He plays with her emotions and turns everything on her and she ends up apologizing for it.

Reality Check

To be fair Hayden was bad for her from the beginning. She’s better off without him

Tonight on 2020

Wow your comment is completely sexist.why she damaged goods .are you some sort of virgin ? she likes Cory .people hooked up and sleep with each other every day… and you have no idea if she really did have sex or not’s just so sexist that Nicole is damaged goods men can sleep and do whatever they want and they’re not damaged . did your mother only sleep with your father is she damaged goods ..was your father he like gross what a whore .do you have a sister has she slept with anybody other than her husband do you have aunts is everybody just only with to be with one person or their damage goods need to check yourself and what century are in ..I think Nicole is absolutely annoying at times but she’s not damaged goods ..


smh whoa someone touch a nerve perhaps

nic tears...

why is Nicole crying?


I agree 100%. Everyone knows how much guys LOVE girls who sleep with every man they come across. Most of them won’t even touch a girl now if she hasn’t been exposed to the human papiloma virus before she turns 11. No sir, girls that sleep around are NOT damaged goods and women EVERYWHERE resent you for implying such a thing. How dare you!!! Here’s to sleeping with every Tom, Dick, and Harry just because it feels good!!!!


Maybe Corey should use the veto so Nic can go up and out.

Morgan LaFay

Oh FFS, Nicole says mean shitty things to Corey, he gets pissed, and then she’s like whyyyyy are yoooouuuu maaaaaddd at me. Corey says mean shitty things to Nicole and she dissolves into a big puddle. If I wanted to watch this juvenile crap, I’d turn on reruns of Glee or DeGrassi High.

Min O'Pause

No period for 90 days? Does BB spring for EPT piss tests?


Her not having a period for so many days may explain a lot, when pregnant your emotions run all over the place. You become a basket case, crying , needy, whiny, unsure of yourself .

BB Curious

She can’t be pregnant. He pulled out. That works, doesn’t it?


yeah it works for sure NOT…have 3 little ones with husband..we used the pull out method as well LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Min O'Pause

So when’s your due date?


Have they even been in the house 90 days? Wtf was she doing during sequester?

Min O'Pause

New OBB poll: if Nicole is knocked up who is the baby daddy? I vote for Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband Prince Whatshisass who claimed to have fathered Dannielynn Smith.


And she’s been really emotional. Maybe she should get a test.
You’d think as a nurse she’d use birth control, but that’s not 100%.


Oh boo hoo hoo ….Nicole’s feelings are hurt. Wait til she goes back in the real world and find out everything that Corey has said about her and their “relationship”!!!! She gonna cry herself a river.


Who do you think will feel like the bigger fool? Thumbs up James, thumbs down Nicole.


wait how are we supposed to know if the down votes are for nicole or your post.. stop being a thumb whore

sunny dee

corey has been recorded saying a few things, tho probably edited out of the tv shows, if she googles feeds excerpts she’ll find it. she probably won’t tho, she’ll just still be waiting 3 weeks later for his text, email or phone call.

james could watch 24/7 live feeds and episodes and natalie will always be consistently telling others what he gets told by her. in fact it would only solidify that she actually cares for him, because there is no benefit to her telling bronte, michelle and/or bridgette how much she likes him, etc, if anything the benefit would be in telling them she thinks aligning with a vet is a good game play.

i don’t believe corey and nicole made a final 2 on day 1, not at all, yet he mentions it today? no way, plus lets not forget she also made some deals with james, frank and day probably similar ones. funny how everyone tells the truth about her and she still manages to wiggle out of it by just being indignant and denying it? if no one realizes that it is more than michelle wanting her out, it was michelle knows some deep dark secrets.

Silly Girl

Okay…Nicole will be crying for a long long time. Corey do not want Nicole outside the house. This no period talk of Nicole…she needs to shut her month because she just open a can of worms or mess that people watching is going to have field day with. Grow Up Nicole…know when to speak and know when to keep quiet. Why are you crying over a man and a man you just met not to long ago. You have shown Corey all your weaknesses…he will continue to use you.

Bob Cobb

Wow, showmances taking a beating…. Yesterday, it was Nat pissed at James. Today, Nicole is pissed at Corey.
Tomorrow Paul will be pissed at Vic.

Michelle's double chin

But are we sure Paul is the female in that relationship?


I dunno, it’s 2016, they can both be the men in their relationship.


Or the bitch.


Wonder how CBS will edit the live feeds for the show this week to create storylines. This should be the calmest week before the pace gets fast-tracked

Vic fan

What did Cory say that was so bad? And why hasn’t Nicole had a period in 90 days? Run for the hills Cory.


Sounds like feeds were out. Corey told Paul Nicole can’t cry on show or something like that and so he said SOMETHING to make her cry!!!!


with NFL starting up what BB going do producer going do?


Nicorey is imploding, periods are missing, #Jatalie is fake, and Big Meech is in jury.
Can we just split the feeds between the two houses now?

It will get worse

I’ve read that in posts at the end of the last few seasons of BB.
Remember when all there was to watch was Ian swinging on the hammock.


I can only assume that if they were joking about true colors and Nicole got upset that they were referring to Nicole’s catty and jealous attitude towards all the other women.

Natalie's Great-aunt Gladys

Nicole, here’s a tip: when you’re with someone who regularly says hurtful things and then follows it up with, “I was just JOKING!” you should run the other way. Whether it WAS a joke or not doesn’t matter … why volunteer for the grief? Stock up on some self-respect.


Someone should give that same tip to Corey. Works both ways, Aunt Gladys.

GoFundMe Account for Peblo's Rescue

The thing is, Cory is very passive aggressive and he sort of enjoys picking at her. Like he’s bored, She’s his ride or die in the house, but he clearly doesn’t plan on anything outside the house outside of friendship. But he isn’t REALLY joking. He’s passive aggressively poking at her because it’s fun to him. And he’s not really begging her forgiveness because he knows he has her, and he’s not really that into her. It is what it is. If he’d had the choice, I think he would easily have gone to the Final 2 with Paulie over Nicole.


I don’t feel sorry for her because she’s mean to him too . She says a lot of things before thinks and acts like it wasn’t a big deal. During the Hoh she was rooting for Victor instead of him. Called him out for being slow and said Victor was a comp beast. That’s what she’s done all season by emasculating him and making him feel like he isn’t worthy. Her apologies are like a broken record because she keeps doing it. He told her she made him feel insecure and got upset with her because she didn’t want to play dominos on his team and chose Victor instead. You want to know what her excuse was lol everything she does is strategic. What does does dominoes have to do with strategy. Yesterday after the veto she told Corey she surprised that he was smart enough to win. He got his feeling hurt and withdrew from her again. She apologized and he forgave her. Last night he was pissed that she allows the dr to give her lines about Corey being a dumb jock. when got mad she turned it around on him and gave him the cold shoulder. A few weeks back Corey asked her on a date in Paris she told him no. He told her he was mad her. She begged him to tell her why he said you know why. He finally caved said you rejected my date and he wouldn’t be asking her again. She complained about the way he asked her out. They both bickered back and forth until she told him she wasn’t playing games and got up. He quickly grabbed her and started cuddling her again. He talks to her in baby talk and that is so freakin cringeworthy to listen to. It’s so repulsive to here two grown adults act like teenagers bickering.


Nicole & Corey are perfect for each other – he will break her heart after the show and she will finally get what she has been dishing out almost all season. However she really wins because Corey is not the perfect guy by any means, He does not know how to be a boyfriend. He is a player for both sides if you know what I mean. Nicole doesnot deserve that.

Vic fan

check out James the overbearing boyfriend (?) . He walks Natalie outside holding her hand, then sits next to her on the lounger when she lays out to tan. He won’t let her out of his sight for a second. I bet he sits outside the towlet when she poops. So gross!


LOL this is one of the funniest post I have read all season. It is evident that the man is delusional and desperate to get any sort of attention from a female. He was the same last year and nothing has changed this year. In fact, he has gotten much worse and despite Bratalie using him and showing her true colours and even stating that she just wants to be friends, this guy begs to hold her hands etc.

CBS is gonna edit the shit outta these 2 and make them look like saints on the tv show. The CBS sheep love and eat up all the fakemance shit. The only real showmance this season was Paul and Pablo until BIG LEECH stole him.


funny how people thinks james is such a pathetic loser lucky to have a female even look his direction.. personally i dont know james but outside the bb house hes out with his crew on periscope almost every night constantly getting approached by hot females hanging all over him buying him drinks etc.. he definitely doesnt look like a guy who has any issues getting women just sayin..


You don’t know him personally then how would you know he gets approached by hot girls. Every woman is dying to be with a 5 foot out of shape Walmart employee. He’s just too dreamy isn’t he?….Besides I am only judging him on his behaviour inside the house where has been purely desperate. I don’t care how he is outside the house because I don’t care about his personal life outside the house.

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You’re crazy if you don’t see that Natalie holds all the cards in that fake relationship.


I think no one really played the game. They all played emotions. You hurt my feelings so I’m putting you on the block. Not, you are a strong person I’m putting you up. Name calling. Ugh. I don’t like Paul. Off Camara he has called everyone the worse names and got a way with it. Get him out. And Nicole is too Cocky and Whines.

please vic and paul for final 2

any other combo would be incredibly boring. At least they might make it interesting


be boring wed night pov not used!


Here is the thing Nicole needs to understand when she has said Corey has been acting weird for the last week. He is a 6’5″ guy that has been trying to cram himself into a bumper car to sleep and was on slop… the fart causing cuisine that feels like steel wool has been ripping through his intestines. Don’t you think sleep deprivation and discomfort can make you cranky… jeez. Now he can’t even joke with her and she blows off the handle… Hell on Earth.

I just want Natalie and James both gone. They are getting annoying. Lets be honest if James won the PoV he would have used it on himself and so would Nat if she won it…. they are just not honorable people. At this point they are thinking of voting out Nat because she is a bigger threat than James…. he really hasn’t been throwing that many comps. I watched him last season and he lost comps he needed to win and in this season he has lost comps he needed to win, James only skill is he is small and can stand on an endurance challenge longer than most. I hate to say this no matter how bad at the game Natalie is…. she is still better than James. Heck if he listened to her they would be in a better place and safe this week. I hate to say it…. but James is not only just a fool for love, he is a fool in general.


It is too late in the season now but would have been fun if Julie asked hgs to cast votes for eviction. When announcing results she would say by a vote of 5 to 2, (so and so ) are evicted. Then she immediately announces this is a double eviction and the other person OTB is immediately evicted. Might stop people going up as pawns, willingly, and it may stop people from throwing veto comp.


I’ve already put this season of BB behind me. With all the twists and turns CBS has instituted, season after season, all in the name of making the show more entertaining, I find myself feeling nostalgic for the good old days. You know, when there were no “veterans” and, if you were evicted, you didn’t get two and three tries to re-enter the house. Surely there are sufficient numbers of people who would love a chance to play the game, whom we’ve never seen before and who are not in any way connected to previous houseguests. Somewhere, in all the confusion, the original spirit of the competition has been lost. The house gets fabulous upgrades every season, slop is no longer that oatmeal-looking crud and that’s OK, I suppose. But, the houseguests had to be more imaginative when they had fewer luxuries. Now they come into the house, pick a team/ side and one or two players decide who stays and who goes, irrespective of who wins HOH.
I think it is more entertaining when the houseguests have to spend more time figuring out, as individuals, how best to get ahead in the game. The showmances keep that from happening b/c the couples forget why they auditioned. Ladies and gents, I give you James and Zakiyah. Nicole talked James into giving her the HOH


Just watched the show. Can Nic and Corey be anymore annoying? I hope the next time they jump up to bump each other they miss and go flying.


I wanna hit him with a baseball bat every time I see him jump like that. Cocky assface.

Reality Check

What is up with Paul? Ever since Big Meech threw Paolo out of Big Brother, Paul has been in a foul foul mood. Nothing but swearing and bad mouthing people everyday. It is tiring seeing this everyday from him.


I’ve been wondering if Paul has been secretly punking us. I think blow up Pablo represents Paul’s little Pablo. He took that blow up everywhere. And he was much too attached to it.

Franks fumes

I think Paul is not mad at house guests but at DR……Why would Paul side with Nic Corey to get Nat out it makes no sense….He knows production is ruining he and Vics plans and hes expected to do as hes told by them against his own good game judgement.


They are all getting tired of being in the house. The season is way too long, I hope next summer they take note of it and do some rescheduling. They are all tired, cranky, and annoying at this point, Paul just isn’t an exception to it.

Meech taking Pablo was a low thing to do though, and I do think Paul felt all of the disrepect that was intentional on Meech’s part. Even though Pablo was just a floaty, it was Paul’s partner in crime. Now he has no one and nothing to have fun with. The guy has been homesick since week 3, give him a break.

Paul Loves Peblo

Break ups are hard, Bro.

The Roach Coach

James wants in that jury house so bad before Natalie!

No way he’s risking her in that house this week with the possibility of Victor getting evicted, before James is in there to watch her every move.


No…..Vic doesn’t want her. She’s not is type.


Hmmm. I wonder why, when he had the chance, James decided Nicole’s plea for a letter from her mother took precedence over his need to hear from/ about his daughter, etc. He didn’t even mention the fact that they all miss their families. I liked the way Victor handled it when Natalie tried the same tactic. He told her to earn the HOH title and get the satisfaction from knowing it wasn’t handed to her.
James’ lack of a will to truly get in the game this season is a perfect example of why they need stop bringing “veterans” back into the game. With few exceptions, the veterans simply lack the fresh energy that comes with playing for the first time. They either think they know it all (Frank), or, come in with a strategy that they used the first time, without considering that they are playing against a new and different group of people (DaVonne’s mouth) and therefore, their gameplay needs to be more adaptable. Props to NIcole for trying to address problems in her previous game, but let’s face it: Paulie and Paul were running the show. And now Paul is managing all of them, including Victor.


finally the sitting ducks on the show. too bad production missed it several weeks back when P/V were talking to Meech and she said”sitting ducks” Vic couldn’t control his giggle & had to scramble to play off why he was laughing


What an immature season! I really hope production casts people with more of an age variety next season. I can’t stand hearing “your boy”, “shit on me”, “fool”, “friendship”, “bruh” anymore.

Natalie sucks

Don’t forget “pissed” “literally” and “G”


This is coming from a girl: Am I the only one to not find Corey attractive? There is something very assholesque about him. Something about his face, his gestures and his attitude.


Looks alone, for about a hot minute, I thought Paulie was attractive but then he opened his mouth. With Cory, decent looking guy for sure, but he is way too boring and as you get a hint into his real personality from this forum and After Dark, he does have a mean streak. So no, he’s not that attractive. Total package (aside the fact that they are all too young for me) Victor is the most attractive.

Min O'Pause

Nope. I don’t find him attractive. He makes me think of Marty Feldman with those eyes.


He’s probably cuter in person. He has pretty eyes when they aren’t wanky looking lol I don’t find him cute either but with more facial scruff I think he’s more attractive. I don’t like the way he styles his hair either. I’ve met Nicole in person after the bb16 finale. She looks different on tv and she’s not ugly and her nostrils don’t look as big. She’s a cute girl in person and very friendly.


Coming from a female, On the outside Corey is very attractive but on the inside no so much. I don’t trust a man when he looks up and to the side as I am talking to him. Never trusted that trait in a person, male or female.


I think the majority of people don’t find corey attractive. I never found him cute and he has a terrible, bland personality. He’s not funny and he’s dumb as can be. So when it cowls down to it he has nothing going for him.


Corey is cute, probably a decent fellow outside that mad house. I don’t know his so I will say think the best of him, at least for the most part he has kept his word.

Victor is the sexiest. Lets be honest he is hoy.

Paul under that beard is probably the most handsome, judging by his eyes and nose… mouth looks oK too.

Paulie is physically attractive and then he opens his mouth.

Jozea, cute on the outside narcissist and a bit cray cray on the inside. I generally avoid gay men like him when it comes to dating,

Frank repulsed me so long ago…. nice a^& is the closest compliment I can think of.

James…. too short. I was repulsed by him last Season. For me he reeks of Pervy Creeper Stalker Guy or “your so sweet and so needy… weird.”. Lets be honest his baby Mama was in his video from Home (that isn’t Texas)… there is a story there and why the hell did he move to Texas I know it wasn’t work.

Just Sayin

His personal life has nothing to do with playing BB.


His personal life has everything to do with Big Brother when he is a returning houseguest. It does… people talk about their personal lives as part of the game strategy as a way to endear themselves to people… so if you are a returning houseguest, with a baby mama that lives in another state where you have DUI’s and other difficulties with the law, and you move to another state and it s not for a job opportunity, you work very hard to impress a girl with your job as a prison guard…. yes personal life does play into Big Brother. A huge part of the game is personal life.

In matters of attraction which was the topic of the original post… personal life is a huge part of that. Having a few DUI’s can make some body extremely unattractive. In my case I find DUI’s unattractive because I know someone killed way to young by a drunk driver. Baby Mama’s should be a huge red flag for a girl and if he has or has not paid child support.

Another Anonymous

Wow! They must have gotten some soap opera director to do tonight’s episode. James and Natalie came off like Romeo and Juliet. Star-crossed lovers, totally devoted to each other, who are now being separated by dastardly villains. James was worried that they would be portrayed as an old married couple sleeping in separate beds. Instead, they are shown as the epitome of true love. Barf! CBS is really pushing one of them to win AFP.

Then Nicole and Corey are shown as the evil villains, cackling with glee as they stab James and Natalie in the back. Well, Nicole and Corey are pretty evil, but the portrayal was really over the top.

And what was with making Corey seem like a crazy person–jabbering about Harry Potter in his sleep?


That was pretty funny, his sleep talking something about Harry Potter? I am NOT a Cory fan, however I can’t imagine being that tall and sleeping in those bumper cars. It’s really kind of crap that they inflict a punishment that isn’t really that tough on people who are 5’5″ and shorter versus the poor schmuck that’s 6’4″ tall.


Yeah I was dying and I’m not a Corey fan at all. He was saying something about “playing a game of Harry Potter”. WTF was he dreaming about??!

#Pablo #pissssed

Natalie and Nicole are the reason Natalie and Nicole cannot hold on to a boyfriend. 24/7 nagging, example: Nicole Correeeeey are you mad at me, Correeeeey is acting weird with me


I hope Victor unloads all the shit talking Corey has done these past couple of weeks.Victors best bet to stay in the game is to take advantage of Nicole emotions by throwing Corey under the bus. Victor likes Nicole and tries to build her up because she’s so insecure. I think if Nicole and Corey were to get into a relationship it would be a very toxic one. He seems like the verbally abusive type but since they are on camera he has to play nice. He told her if you were to have kids would you be one of those moms that let themselves go.he wants a wife that is very fit. He also wants a wife that is a stay at home wife. He sounds like the controlling type. You hear the way he talks to his baseball team. He cusses them out. He doesn’t seem like he has a close relationship with his parents. He doesn’t even care if they show up to the finale and would rather be with friends instead. His dad was very abusive with him growing up playing sports.


Just curious – is this your thought or was it shown on tv/feeds?
“His dad was very abusive with him growing up playing sports.”


It was shown on the feeds.

Silly Girl

No jealousy here. Just a true statement. I have no reason to be jealous….what Jealous of Nicole continue to make a big fool of herself. Keep it real. No jealousy here…




CBS moved BB Live Eviction week after next from Thursday to Wednesday September 14 because of Thursday Night Football


looking more like Natalie is toast…..

Who do you think will win next HOH?

1. Paul
2. Corey
3. James
4. Nicole

Who do you think will win the next VETO?
1. Paul
2. Victor
3. James
4. Corey
5. Nicole


Thought it was hilarious when Corey was mumbling Harry Potter, Harry Potter in his sleep


You don’t know him personally then how would you know he gets approached by hot girls.
Every woman is dying to be with a 5 foot out of shape Walmart employee. He’s just too dreamy isn’t he?….
Besides I am only judging him on his behaviour inside the house where has been purely desperate. I don’t care how he is outside the house because I don’t care about his personal life outside the house.


You mad bro?


You’re a troll. There’s no way in hell James has hot females after him. That’s why he acts so desperate for female companionship.


haha that dude does sound mad but to be honest i have seen james on periscope plenty of times with lots of hot girls the guy is constantly streaming there


Doesn’t count when the hot chicks just want to good on him, pose for a selfie, and pat the top of his head like a pet.


… when is this season going to end this is one of the most forgettable seasons ever the only person I’ll remember is Paul . …. I’m hoping for a vic win but the odds are not in his favor if Paul doesn’t win next week vic goes home if he doesn’t win the veto he definitely goes home out of all the people in the house if.. vic indeed goes next week I’m going for unpopular opinion James cause I now remember why I hated Paul what a douchebag I’m tired of him james,natalie,nicole,and corey besides if he’s in f2 he’s not going to win AFP , nicole will take James to final 2 & lose she hasn’t made friends in the house except for the guys and considering the jury house is full of women and all the girls hate paulie 😉 (fun times in jury) she’s not winning the game only with corey she will .


Doesn’t anyone get it yet! Nicole has the biggest crush on Victor. She going to sneak a F. 2 with him. A few nights ago she spent hours on her face, even pulling out her beard hairs., And who goes to bed wearing a ton of makeup? Then she sits in the bed posing. Just praying Victor would show up to see her in all her glory UGH. Watch she’ll start fighting with Corey and go off faking her cries and tears, again just hoping Victor will come and comfort her.

Big Meech's Eviction Eyelashes

Nat is irritating me. The constant need for validation and self obsession is bothersome. Reading the feeds, she also come off a bit FAKE.

Natalie sucks

Watching her on the feeds is almost unbearable. She whines, talks like a baby, begs for attention, makes every conversation about her and is really negative. She has a mean streak us live feeders see and CBS doesn’t show it. I feel sorry for any one who dates her because she is exhausting. Also, when her and Michelle put their dirty feet all over the fridge, kitchen handles, microwave and in the ice and laughed about it to spite Victor the other night, I lost total respect for her.

Big Meech's Eviction Eyelashes

I totally agree with you. At first I thought she was innocent and too sweet for this show, but as the show has progressed, her mask has worn away.


Vanessa should’ve stuck it out with Austin. She would have won.

For realz

The only people with any redeemable qualities are Victor and James


Harry Potter? Harry Potter? Wanna play a game of Harry Potter??


Checked in this evening and see there was in fact a Nicole/Corey meltdown of the day…at least they’re consistent.

I’m also really loving that Natalie keeps saying how adamant she is that she’ll be the one leaving this week and then we get Nicole saying “Nat has no idea she’s leaving,” and then talk devolves into an all around “let’s bash James and Natalie” party. I get that Natalie is being insanely annoying these days but when you have Nicole/Corey saying how weird or standoffish they’re being, when Nicole and Corey have practically been Siamese Twins all season, and then Paul wondering why James/Natalie have to do everything together when he’s rarely without Vic more than 10ft away at all times, it’s just too much. If anything I hope when they all get out of there that they do in fact watch the season back, live feeds and all, as it seems like it would be a great learning experience for them. The things they’re seeing in the other HG’s are in fact the same things they’re doing. Yay social experiments.

Random: A couple weeks ago Nicole was talking about period cramps and whatnot like she was currently having them, then today she’s saying she hasn’t had her period in 90 days. While I can’t believe I’m even wondering about this, I’m baffled by it. Also, everyone knows you don’t have to be pregnant to miss a period, right? Because stress among other things can in fact throw the system off its game.

Okay. I feel like I just pulled a Natalie with Paul and fries. Paul made fries, he lied!!! Nicole said she had cramps and now she hasn’t had her period in 90 days LIAR.

I’m going to bed now.

An Apple A Day

On one hand, I can’t believe we’re talking about this LOL but I’ll add that she has stated more than once on After Dark that they haven’t been normal. Very light, only 2 days. So she’ll have symptoms like cramps but they just aren’t the same. So maybe she’s over stating that she hasn’t had one in 90 days. Maybe just not a normal one.


Hahaha I know, I discuss a lot of things when watching BB/feeds but the menstrual cycle of an HG isn’t a topic I would’ve forseen being relevant/on the table to talk about. It’s bizarre, but here we are lol 😉

Don't cry Nic

Guys are attracted towards her cause she’s down to earth. She’s like a siren. Except instead of beautiful melodies it’s more like elongated pronunciation.