Paul “If I survive & go on the block again I will get a pawn tattoo. You should get a tattoo of tears.”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 03-32-47-335

12am Hot Tub – Meech, James and Nat. James says there’s only 23 days left. Meech says its comparable to how long it was from move in to when Vic first went home in the tennis comp. Meech asks James how many fan emails he gets a day. James says 5-10 a day. James asks so if we win do we put up Nicole up and Corey or Victor. Meech says Nicole and Victor. James says if Victor wins sorry Corey you go up. Nat tells Meech she needs to win this HOH. The odds are in our hands 3 against 2. James says if we win HOH we’re pretty much guaranteed one of us is getting that seat. And then the other seat goes to one of them on their side. Nat says I think America knows I’m real spicy. I am not afraid to defend myself.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 04-17-25-217

12am – 2:25am HOH room – Corey, Nicole and Paul. Paul asks so at 4 we have a 25 percent chance at winning? Or more? Vic says 50 percent chance. Paul asks how is that? Vic says there are two prizes. They conversation turns to talking about the BB Bribe. Corey says he doesn’t know when to use it or how to use it. Vic says just give it to me to vote Meech out. Paul says f**k you. Paul says I want to be a pawn again just to get a tattoo of a pawn. A pawn with friendship BB18. Nicole laughs that he wants to go up again just to get a tattoo. They laugh about the week they had the HOH where they had to roll the ball down the board to get it into the box. Paul says Natalie got it into the box so many times and then when she goes the shot she got a 2. Paul says every time I mentioned 2 I was making fun of her. Nicole says she didn’t catch on to that. Nicole talks about how she doesn’t give any pain meds when putting in a catheter. (See photo above for Corey’s reaction.) Paul and Vic leave.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 03-52-24-873

1:30am – 4:30am Bathroom – Meech and James. Meech says that she was in the hot tub the other day with Paul and he said he doesn’t take any of the showmances seriously. They’re never going to be together or last. Nat said don’t say that. You don’t know how people are outside of here. She didn’t agree with him. Meech says I was watching out for you. She said she does know that she (Nat) never would have gotten this far without you. She has a good heart. James says she’s been through a lot. Meech says I just hope she isn’t being fake nice to me. James says no, she thinks of you as her best girlfriend. Meech says I’ve never seen Nicole hangout one on one with anyone. She used to in the beginning but now I don’t even exist. She’s the type of person that once she gets a boyfriend no one else matters. James and Nat head to the London bedroom. James tells Nat to get the girls together to go against the guys. Nat tells James that she made a promise to not backside him or go against him. James says unless it comes down to us needing to backstab each other to our faces. Like if it came down to in in a comp, I would literally sh*t on you to win. James laugh and says America you should see her face. Nat tells James that he has done so much for her in this game. You have defended me and protected me. Some times I don’t feel like you appreciate me. James says I do appreciate you I do your laundry, I cook for you. Nat asks so its not just because you’re on tv. James says no, I would do that in real life.

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3am – 4:50am Safari room – Vic, Paul and Meech. Paul says if I was the target this week there is nothing I can do. I can’t change anyone’s mind. I am mentally prepared that I’m going. Meech says me too. That’s why I haven’t even campaigned to Nicole and Corey. I haven’t talked to them, why would I now. Vic heads to bed. Paul and Meech talk about the past events of the house. Paul says if I survive this week and go on the block again I will get a pawn tattoo. Meech says a key would be cool. Paul says you should get a tattoo of tears. Meech says that would be hilarious .. a tear on my face. Paul says fool is gangster. Meech says Or Big Meech on my forehead. Paul continues to talk about random life stories.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-30 04-29-46-427

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James Watch

Aside from when Nicole first got her HOH room have any of James/Nat/Meech set foot in that room? And yet they don’t think they’re in trouble despite Paul/Vic basically living up Nicole’s butt? Wow!


I think James finally talked to Nicole yesterday or after noms

Oh Jamesy you're going to be sorry

James talked to Cory about getting the $5K to throw the next hoh either to get confirmation that Paul is going home or because he doesn’t want blood on his hands. Not sure which.
I’m wondering if Cory doesn’t tell James that they are voting out Michelle and James agrees to throw the next HOH can James change his mind later?
Or is James forced to throw it once he agrees? Cause then he and Natalie are going to be the targets if Michelle goes home and Natalie doesn’t win hoh.


Whoever agrees to the bribe has to follow through with it. Unsure of the consequences if they don’t.


I think it’s great that Corey is a have not on Nicole’s HOH week. They are already so annoying together. Hope she goes before him.


I agree Nicole sucks but Corey really is awful.


I really want James AND Nicole out before the finals. They had an unfair advantage and I want someone to win that is there for the first time. Hopefully Vic and Paul for F2.


Nicole is crying, saying she’s worked so hard…SERIOUSLY NICOLE…LAYING AROUND WITH COREY FOR MONTHS IS NOT WORKING HARD. It’s a whole lot easier to win HOH and Veto when there is a handful of people left.


Nicole is like a tick stuck on Corey’s side. He’s going to have a hard time shaking her off. She’s a needy, whiney girl. She gives herself way too much credit for her accomplishments in this game. They are just like Amanda and McCrea…unkept, lazy, and bedridden..ugh get Nicole out soon!

An Apple A Day

Agreed, except about Amanda & McCrae – they were so gross! Remember how MEAN and crazy she was? They were just straight up nasty. AND they always used the HOH shower to “do it”, no matter who had the HOH room. I mean, how disgusting is that just to think about? Like if anyone is doing anything in the shower (surely not) I don’t want to know about it. I’m even grossed out about the bumper cars. It’s like someone else doing it in your bed. I see Nicole is actually cooking of late. She has made chicken and turkey burgers on After Dark. And she cleaned the main shower after they pummeled Cory with flour & baby powder while he was showering. Pretty funny. He had little pie dough looking things sticking to his hair and body hair.

Nicole and Natalie trying to talk in the kitchen on AD last night… they are like oil and water. Crickets!

Worst Players

James was up there when she very first won to see who the target is after she very first got her room. Since then NONE of them have been up there and they keep saying they are going to not go up there and just lay low. Not sure why that is EVER a good plan in Big Brother, being on the block and not talking to anyone about how they are voting makes no sense. But that is just my opinion.

Bolt Uprite

On the other hand, Nicole is getting a little cheesed because Paul and Vic are always hovering, doing the full-court press.


To be fair, Nic & Corey did the same last week. James is supposed to do the talking, since he is in this locked alliance. Lol!

I dont think Nic is going to betray James, and I have a feeling Paul is walking out the door. I am just assuming with all the conspiracy floating around, and all the flips this year. Seems like a set up. Paul is just too strong to keep in the house anyways. Not saying Meech wont KILL the mental comp, but that would be best case senario for Nic, since meech cant vote. Its an easy flip if it were to happen.


Nicole is not going to flip on Paul it would be epic if she did but want happen. I did see one chink in Paul’s armor he is upper protective over his clothing line. That is why he got so mad at Michelle but he said he was trying to get under her skin so is she comes back with something that stings you its hard to be upset by that Paul you were really egging her on to do it to other people too. People are way underestimating Nats game she’s misted even the boards because people in the house and out are more mad a Michelle when it was Nat who turned on Paul and Vic last week. Natalie has a good game she’s got some Dr. Will in her and boogie too. I actually think Victor is the only one that sees her as a threat. Meech is going home because Nicole will not bring herself to make a big move or upset Corey. Would I love to see that yes(game would be interesting to see the alliance reset and would love for Nic to tell Meech and Nat what James did) will it happen no!!!!


Sorry about spelling if I use my tablet I always mess up and it sometimes autocorrects to something different.


Sorry Eek! But, I happen to be watching BB7 right now and Natalie has zero Will or Boogie in her. Those two really locked it up having alliances with 4 sides of the house, plus two showmances and it’s no wonder they were on All Stars. Natalie will be lucky to get an eyelash commercial. Which by the way, she completely reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker. Those of you that are too young to know who that woman is, look it up. lol. She’s just like her!


Regardless I don’t think tit for tat is good strategy when half a mil is on the line.


The only damn thing Natalie can mist is face with a fart from that Venezuelan booty.
She’s got zero swag in her social game. James is a horndog, always has been. James did not need anything convincing, a single word not need to be spoken, he looks and instant boner.


True, its dumb not to try. Im in the nat, meech (and james by assosiation) camp, so I defend all stupidity. Batman is usually always right. πŸ™‚






I think its Nori (seaweed)


thx eek

An Apple A Day

I saw that last night and was thinking the same thing! I was thinking it looked a little bit like kale when you put it in the oven to get it crispy (one of my healthy phases). She was munching down on healthy stuff last night. I think that might have been hummus she was putting on those carrots – she was eating a whole carrot, with the stem tips still on them lol. Hey, at least she was in the kitchen πŸ™‚ I’ve seen Big Meech eating in the hot tub!

Another Hillary Lie

I think James is counting on his relationship with Nicole outside of the house to save him but he doesn’t seem to have that relationship when he talks to Natalie and Meech about voting her out.


Is it Thursday yet?


Oh my God I wish it was. Thursday can’t come fast enough


Besides Victor winning, all I ask is for Nicole to be evicted soon (before Corey).
I would love to see Corey play without that annoying creep stuck to his side.

A showmance between Vic and Corey would have been so much better this season.
Nicole you suck, and take James with you.


BRO MANCE. That’s what Corey said at the beginning of the show. He wanted a BRO MANCE. HE SAID IT in the DR

nicole's diary room voice

Nicole and Corey are both dumber than sh*t house rats. I would like to dump a bucket of ice water on their d*mn heads and say WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why Vic? Because of him cleaning up after himself? Because he has manly muscles, that win him comps? It couldnt be from his less than stellar social game, since his name gets thrown out for next week.
Look, I have a chip on my shoulder about vic. He was evicted, I was like BYE! Then he came back to bro out, and be Paulies bitch boy. He put the 2 strongest women on the block (sarcasm), weakest move I ever seen, and gave the girls beads. (Thats when my annoyance grew strong with him)… Wait a minute, he redeemed himself when he put Paulie up. However, that was Paul & Nat, and he just followed the crowd. Now Paul is his ride or die. Paul flip and flops every week. It seems vic cant think for himself.
The only way I feel vic can redeem himself is to vote out Paul. Like common, is Paul his best way to get to $500K? Meech is better for his game, and they get along. Its not friendship, when Paul will hack him without a thought… Paul is the triple threat, Strategic, social & comp winner. Victor is in a good spot, and next week he will be in the worst…. Lets see if he can think it through. My guess is he is just a loyal Rottweiler. Not deserving IMO


Every house guest is trying to use Victor … not just Paul. Can also be said, maybe Victor is using Paul as his shield as well (albeit unknowingly perhaps) …. with Paul around, who gets targeted first next week should Victor or Paul not win the HoH? Like many have said, may not be a bad idea to keep a bigger target around. Personally, I would rather see Victor and Paul in the final 2 (provided me with the most entertainment) … comeback kid (thanks to a lot of help from Expect The Unexpected) and the loudmouth who has managed to maneuver himself through a minefield where he has been a target pretty much since the eviction of Jozea. I believe the Sitting Ducks alliance is real and believe both will take the other to the final 2 if they manage to get themselves into the position to do so. Like Victor said, two pay checks and I believe he will be happy with either. I also think with Paul’s ability to convince people to see his side of things, he may believe he can win out over Victor in the final two if all Victor can say is he won competitions.


So Vic should evict the only guy in the house who did not vote to evict him twice and save people who have been gunning for him since week 2. No flaw in that logic.


To spoiler: Like I said, he needs strategy, not loyalty… Its his only shot at 500k, or else he is playing for 2nd place.
To GENESIS: He cant win 500k w/ paul, so vvic should be viewed and judged like the woman that are loyal to their man, they are playing for 2nd place. It seems kind of a double standard, people hate on the woman for the exact same thing, but yet he is loved. Sitting ducks alliance was self serving to Paul, they were on the outs, and used Vic as his meat sheild; it has worked, twice. It seems to me, paul has no problem saying shit behind vics back. I think if Paul makes it to F2, he wins, no matter who he takes, but Vic has a tonne more work to do. Vic wont accomplish anything without taking an independant shot at a real player, he needs strategy to win…. I may have to eat my hat, since a lot of people dont agree. But like you said, hes probably cool with the airtime, and 2nd place… eyeroll…

An Apple A Day

It truly depends on the mind set of the jury members, and Paulie can’t get his bruised ego out of the way, Zzzzzzz, well enough said.

Power of Veto Corleone

Nat….America doesn’t think you’re spicy. Clingy yes.


A whining cry baby …. oh wait, that is slander … my bad πŸ˜‰

Nat the Rat

Natalie seems to be really letting her true catty self show for weeks now. Why does she constantly have to tell everyone how good she is all the time. She makes every conversation about her. Her feel sorry for herself and victim mentality is obnoxious. I can’t wait to see her in the hot seat. Whose reputation will she ruin then? Will Vic, Corey or James make her uncomfortable? Who will she feel sexually harasses her then?


When I read this here, I LIITERALLYYYY had to walk away from my laptop. No, really…I did.
“Nat tells James that he has done so much for her in this game. You have defended me and protected me. Some times I don’t feel like you appreciate me.”
WHAT is her problem?? She needs to be evicted (simply because I don’t like her…I know, not very strategic of me) but I don’t want to upset the vibe at the Jury House. If the results of that HOH comp are any indication (all 4 remaining jurors jumped ship to head back and NO ONE was mad about it), they are pretty chill and relaxed. Nat will come in there all uncomfortable and sexually harassed and stuff.

Nat is letting ....

James know he can’t afford her…dropping all the name brand crapola she desires….another one bites the dust Jamesy


you have embarrassed yourself with pathetic game play and then you embarrass yourself even more with your desperate attempt at having a showmance.

You could not have represented yourself worse than you have this year.

Poor poor pitiful you….


cmon think maybe your being just a bit over dramatic? comments like this drive me crazy.. really you have such distain for james just some guy on a reality show who’s actually really nice to everybody and i mean hes still in there so he cant be playing that bad of a game and as far as the showmance seems to me nat is far more clingy to james he seems pretty indifferent and definitely not making some desperate attempt at one.. “You could not have represented yourself worse than you have this year” lol what the hell are you even talking about? and “poor poor pitiful you” haha you sound so ridiculous.. please try to say something you really believe instead of your desperate attempt at the cheap minion upvote that perhaps fulfills some void in your life honestly your just embarrassing yourself πŸ™‚


HAHAHAHAHA James “seems pretty indifferent and definitely not making some desperate attempt” at a showmance? As he begs for kisses? Who is embarrassing themselves? HAHAHAHAHA

James Momma

Preach!!! Why would anyone blame my Jamesy for wanting a showmance with Nat? She’s kind and beautiful and I bet that thing smell’s sweet! Roll that window up your letting all the stank out!!!


Kind of like when someone tries to use the word “disdain” and instead comes up with “distain”—not even close to the same thing.


Paul is so funny. Maybe he should try being a comedian!! (I’m serious)




I am so sick them ALL talking like Paul and saying “fool is a…fool took a…fool blah blah blah”

Victor is the worst at using fool 450 times a day. But they all do it. Paul who started it does it the least now and is the least annoying doing it.

Please stop.

I love how Corey says “If she thinks we are going to be bf gf after the show like her and Hayden she is wrong” Ha. Of course she thinks that. She already thinks you are hers. Wake up Corey. You have a stalker on your hands.

Ok. Are we to the part where James and Nat and Nicole get voted out yet?


Idk, watching the Sunday episode I literally laughed out loud when Paul tripped and said “fool tripped”. The only entertaining part of the show for me unfortunately.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

I’m waiting for her to whine “Coreyyyyyyy my period is laaaaaaaate” in a couple of weeks. “Fool pulled out too late.”


James has not been one of my favorite house guests to watch all season. His obvious attempts to try and win America’s Favorite Player again is a little off putting. My opinion is he only won it his last season because for the most part, everyone else was worse than him … I would rather have seen Becky get it that season for admitting she got hit in the face by a train … πŸ˜‰


No, there was Johnny Mac. However, James comes off as the average Joe with a good sense of humor. Sure, its juvenile, but he has made me laugh a few times! The best thing he did was stand up for himself, like with clay. Then put them up on the block. Also his indifference and laid back personality really keeps people guessing.He also has a good heart, and anybody that says different is a nit picker. He gets really good edits, and meg was a good fit, cause she obviously friend-zoned him. He deserved it last year.
I am one of the few that like him this year, but he is hated… I think Vic is getting it (I dont agree with) but he has a large fan base as the comeback kid.


And his cat, Cosmo. I think the Cosmo stories earned him quite a few AFP votes.


James’ cat’s name is Gizmo.. I remember cause it was the same as my pet rabbit.


Can’t believe that Meech is refusing to talk to Nicole. She seems to think that Nicole should come to her?!! Is James really so clueless that he doesn’t think a convo with HOH just to touch base is needed? He is even plotting with Big Meech to put Nicole on the block next week. James is a “vet”?!!


Meech doesnt feel Nicole “should” come and talk to her. Meech went up when Nicole first won, she wasn’t made to feel welcome so said her peice and left. Meech & Nicole do not trust each other & that wont change anytime soon. She could promise her the moon, tell her lies or the truth & Nic wouldn’t believe her or save her. Nicole has made it very, very clear that she is all about the boys. The ONLY constant has been Corey, otherwise she just flip flops on which guy to dislike that day. She hates the girls everyday.

Fun Fact: Nicole is going down in BB history as the woman who votedly out the most women. (Yes, this is real)

Maybe the problem isnt them….


I guess when it comes to blow up your game in your face Meech it only applies to the men like Paul and Paulie. I don’t recall them making her feel welcome. But big bad Nicole (the woman slayer) might snub her or….shock…..lie to her so lying down and giving up is her only option. Even though it didn’t work Paul and Vic did not give up and their ruse almost worked for one hot minute to save Vic. Maybe more women have been evicted because production continuously casts women of the same caliber as dumb a$$ Meech.


Nicole isn’t voting so don’t you think she could get out of bed and interrupt her plotting to put Nicole up next week long enough to at least talk to Vic or Corey to for God’s sake? Oh! I forgot. James “Not on the Block” told her his gut says she doesn’t need to do anything.


Corey won’t use that bribe until he can figure out a way for it to end up in his own pocket, If that means using Nicole just a little longer he will do it. Of course he will have to be her paid escort at the wrap party.

Ex James fan

I had such high hopes for James, especially since I voted for him for AFP. What a waste.

Morgan LaFay

Why does Nicole constantly whine “I haven’t done anything wrong” – persecution complex? No one ever said she did anything wrong, so what’s up with that?!
And if James again mentions feeling something in his gut, I hope someone offers him some TUMS. His ninja warrior senses have failed him miserably so far.

Snake Syndrome

It’s probably because Josea and Meech called her a snake all season. Plus, she’s just trying to convince herself she did nothing shady when she knows she did. I’m not saying she was playing dirty, but she did back stab Meech, Zakiyah, Tiffany, and Da’ who were supposed to be in her original 2 alliances. I also think she feels really guilty for getting into another showmance that consumed her game when she swore up and down she wouldn’t.


I’m not too sure he is that concerned about who is going hom Nat and him are safe this week. If meech goes… She will vote for James or Nat.. so probably better that he thinks Paul is going home anyway. If meech stays yeah that would be better, but not worth him campaigning for her or anything. Meech now won’t put him on the block and neither will Nicole or Nat, not will Nicole or Nat vote him out.


There has been so much discussion on what an idiot, bad player Nicole is because she should be targeting Paul and instead she is playing personal and wasting an HOH on Michelle.
Throughout various comments that were made yesterday by James, Natalie and Michelle this much was made clear-they are all still assuming that Michelle is staying and Paul is the target. Based on the game that the three of them claim to be playing (loyal, honest, taking out the biggest threats) that should buy back a little trust between Nicole and Michelle and should make James and Nat feel like their alliance with Nicorey is still good and make Victor the next target.
We all know that Paul is not the target. I am basing this on what JNM think they know and, even based on that Michelle and Natalie have made it very clear that their next target is Nicole-NOT Victor and James has mentioned putting Nicorey OTB together to break them up without even using Victor as a pawn. This is exactly why Nicole is making the best game move. I have not been a Nicole fan this season and hate to admit she is being smart but this is a smart move. JNM are not and will not ever be loyal. I know that Paul and Victor may be harder to beat in the end but she has a better chance of getting to the end with them than she does JNM.
As for the overall attitude of JNM this week-what the hell delusional alternate reality world are they living in? They think Victor and Paul are backstabbing them. They think they owe them something. Paul should be thankful because he didn’t get evicted even though HE won the POV and pulled himself down. Victor should be thankful because he wasn’t the target even though he DID get evicted. Nicorey would be fools not to work with them even though it has been announced to the whole house (thank you James) that Michelle is coming for Nicole and Natalie wanted Corey voted out last week so Victor could stay. And what’s with Michelle planning on calling Victor out? Call him out for what? Victor is kissing ass because he is willing to work with the only people left in the house? Hey Miss Superfan. Dan was willing to work with Frank when he had to. That’s how you play the game. Michelle and Natalie have become very bitter nasty people this week. I hope the plan stays on track and Nicole does not change her mind about keeping Paul and this time I hope it is a blindside.
Also, I don’t have an issue with someone doing whatever they have to in order to provide a better life for their child. However, the vets are making more than the other HGs with a bonus on top of their stipend. James already has 5K (which Victor gave up in order to make sure he had the POV and took Paulie out just to be screwed over by JNM the following week.) On top of that, James has been incredibly arrogant about the AFP prize and how positive he is that he will win. I would much rather see Corey stick to the original plan of giving Victor the bribe money.


Just you wait and see Grendon….
However, assume Meech wins the mental comp hoh… She puts up Nic/vic or nic/corey. James and Nat will vote out the man.
Say meech loses, who has been Pauls target almost the entire game? NIC! Or a vet, so James/nic or nat/james w/ nic backdoor. I firmly believe everyone in that house is after Nic. You have to think she has never been on the block, shes a vet, shes won comps now. She has pretty much 2 guaranteed votes; Paulie & Z, prob Day too.
Just because words are said, doesnt mean its fact… james/nat/meech have been in power a few times, and nic wasnt even close to the block. I think they would gun after physical.. Because we all know in F3, at least 1 comp is guaranteed to the strongest male.

However NEVERMIND NIC!!! Its vic that could make the best play of the summer!!!! Vote out his boi, then gun after nicorey.. go with the weak 3 to finals, and crush them. But he cant think that far ahead.


I don’t know what show you’re watching because Michelle is the only one who wants Nicole out and once she’s gone Nicole is all but guaranteed final 3….while leaving her in the game gives James/Nat a definite final 3rd and one equally attractive to Paul/Vic as somebody they feel is easiest to beat.

If Nicole and Corey are nominated, doesn’t matter who is the controlling voting couple, Corey goes because he’s a guy….and the reality is those couples are after each other, not Nicole and Corey. There’s no chance that next week isn’t James/Nat or Paul/Vic on the block and even if one wins the veto and Nicole goes up, she’s 100% safe. Why would the HOH and his partner voting turn on Nicole, save their adversary couple and ensure Corey is on their adversaries side? To do that means the next HOH is 3 on 1.

The same logic applies to this week: Why would Nicole save Michelle, who is so clearly James/Nat’s side piece, ensuring the next HOH is 3 on 1, with Vic just as likely to float back to the numbers….putting Nicole and Corey right back to where they were at the start of last week. Alliances are over this late in the game. It’s all survive and advance….and Nicole is sitting pretty once Michelle goes.


I was thinking Nicole is making a good game move by getting rid of Meech this week. At first I totally thought she was dumb to get rid of Paul. But seeing as how it may be a mental comp for HOH and out of everyone studying Meech seemed to do the best…. She is better off getting rid of her now. Meech wanted to get rid of her last week, and sure as hell will do it next week if she gets the chance. I doubt very highly Vic and Paul will win every single competition like the idiots in the house think. She will have her chance to get rid of them since Nat/James will go after them first if they’re still in the house together. Plus since the bribe HAS to be used I think Corey should give it to James to throw the HOH, seriously, if the idiot is willing to do it then he needs to give him that money. As long as they are able to get him out next week who really cares what he thinks if Pau;/Vic win the next HOH.


Tell me, if Meech is first in mental comps, who is second? Paul and nic?.. and Nic doesnt get to play. They are equally dangerous in that aspect, but I feel Paul more so. Meech wins hoh, who votes? The same people if Paul wins. Same noms (I dont think Paul will go after Jatalie, I think Nic is his target… They are kind of interchangeable. Meech is vocal, but so has Paul. Look at them individually, and Paul is the bigger threat, period. He wanted Nic out the first time he laid eyes on her. He wanted her gone last week, and any other week he has not been in her camp. I dont know how people dont see through his B.S

You think James is going to throw the hoh? for 5k, 3 couples at f6? Really? I suppose we will watch and see.


Only time will tell (actually, only Paul winning HOH will tell) but I think you are wrong. Paul did want Nicole out but he also thought he had a deal with James, Nat and Meech. Those bridges are burned.
When the game started he wanted all the vets out. When he continued to target Nicole he was in The Executives, which James was a part of. If Nicole and Corey keep their word and get rid of Michelle this week I think Paul would give them at least a week of loyalty in return. If he really wants to go back to targeting a vet, Nicole isn’t the only vet. Even if he put James and Nicole up together, Victor and Paul would most likely vote out James. If Paul wants to target a vet why not target James and keep Nicole? James has won more comps, a girl has never beat a guy in final 2 and James is already guaranteed the AFP prize (at least that’s what he keeps telling everyone) so why keep him around?

Nicole's conditioner

Nicole needs to brush her hair more often. How does a grown woman get that many tangles?? And the way she brushes it!!!!…..omg!

Newbie loving it

Thank you for saying that! I cringe every time I hear and see her brushing her hair. Just hearing it on her mic drives me nuts because she needs a different brush. I also have very long hair (and I am middle aged) and the right shampoo and conditioner ALONG with a professional hair brush go a long way. I know most will think it petty of me for harping on this but hearing her brush her hair gives me nightmares.

Nicole's conditioner

Yes! The sound of it, thru her mic is horrible! Give her some No More Tangles, or something!


Nicole keeps saying that because she is trying to convince herself (and America) that she hasn’t lied and talked bad about people.


James doesn’t want Meech and Nat talking to Nicole because 1) he doesn’t want them to learn anything that is going on, and 2) he is afraid the dummies will say something to ruin his commitment/alliance with Nicole. James is being a snake to Nat and Meech. They listen to him, which is stupid. James has talked to Nicole. She doesn’t trust him and for good reason.


pretty sure Nicole knows her best chance of making final two is with both James and Corey in the final three with her. James tipped off Nicole that Natalie was targeting Corey… may have been James lost his head in the moment dealing with Paul but then again, what better way to tip off someone he has a secret alliance with and tell her it was only his vote that saved Corey last week …. and perhaps her saying she is not trusting James is only to divert attention from her alliance with him … that could be risky though as it may put a bigger target on James


Let’s not forget that Corey, Paulie, and James planned to cut their showmances as soon as they didn’t need them for votes.

Power of Veto Corleone

Add Nat to that list. She will drop James in a hot second if it means staying in the house one more day


This big stupid meech thing of trusting james that shes not the target reminds me so much of Meg trusting james last year that she wasnt the target. Aaand meg evicted easily.


Corey is almost as bad as Paulie at this point. He is leading Nicole on. He said it himself that Nicole and him aren’t walking out of here in a relationship. Yet he cuddles her, kisses her and had s€x with her.


takes two to tango ….. Nicole is not a little girl and neither was Zakiyah. I do not agree with the things Paulie and Corey are doing but they both had more than willing partners ….


Really getting to the point that I don’t want to watch BB anymore. Players throwing comps and all of the whining. Why would anyone vote James as their favorite player? He has thrown more comps than anyone. He is not playing the game. It would be hilarious if National didn’t talk to him after BB is over. Nicole is so annoying she needs to stop talking. Corey is a complete MORON!


Dr. Will threw comps all the time and he was deemed ‘the greatest player to ever play big brother’. Granted, James is no dr. Will, but, maybe that’s his strategy so he’s not seen as a threat. And before you ask, no, it’s not James’ mom or friend or relative. I’m just saying maybe that’s the way he wants to roll.


Can this season be over already!?


I hope all those Corey voters for the ACP enjoy watching him give to his not girlfriend. I can’t help myself so I will say it again. The whole concept of the BB bribe (especially with this cast) was LAME! LAME! LAME!!!!


The problem you all seem to forget is the part before Paulie went home when he said to Corey , James and Victor you all need to go after James and Meech when I leave the house and get them out. – Then Nicole ran to James and told him that Paul would probably use that against her and Corey for Paulie saying that so James is aware of Paul’s target’s. Nicole is also aware that Corey will target James if given the chance.
That’s why Nicole keeps saying NO NO NO to corey all week long about breaking her promise to James and working with him.
Deep down I really do think Nicole is using Corey, to get to the end and she knows it will go nowhere after the show. – I also think James was just saying give him the 5K but wasn’t serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul gets voted out in a surprise tie breaker by Nicole on Thursday. – Because Nicole is perfectly aware that the guys have been in an alliance all summer long. One less at F6 is good for her game when the others can take out Michelle anyways when she has never won anything but a measly Veto at the beginning of the Summer !!! Besides James will have Nicole’s back.


Oops I meant Corey,Paul and Victor – Not Corey, James and Victor in my first sentence there. But I think you get the just of what I was trying to say and who all was involved in that conversation with Paulie !

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Big Brother gave Corey that care package to watch him struggle and short circuit over what to do with all that responsibility. Unfortunately, it won’t make for good television, even in this boring week.

More Anonymous

Bigbrother Network reports the live eviction dates as follows so there won’t be another DE but a Fast Forward:
Thurs, Sept. 1st – 6 HGs left
Thurs, Sept. 8th – 5 HGs left
Mon, Sept. 12th – 4 HGs left
Wed, Sept. 14th – 3 HGs left
Wed, Sept. 21st – Finale & winner revealed

Backseat Driver

Will everybody know when and how the bribe will be used or is it all kept secret between the two players?

Another Hillary Lie

They don’t have to but can keep it secret if they want to.

More Anonymous

When feeds are down this late in the game, BB should show jury house highlights. They can get another former favorite HG to narrate, then intersperse between Jeff’s redundant segments.


Hindsight being 20/20 I wish all the care packages had gone differently. The one I wish the most was different was “Never Not”. I really wish Natalie was on slop and in a bumper car!


My own personal choices to this point.

Cabbage Patch Kid- I liked her all season. I liked her loyalty to Frank and she kept playing even as she was isolated and bullied. One of the very few I liked this season.

Victor- he simply played hard all season. He understands the game as well. Only truely bad decision was his initial alliance. It was really bad choice though.

Paul- Pawn boy has been original, don’t care….. the great fool. πŸ™‚ He’s been next one evicted for awhile. Hope he stays this week.

Frank- please don’t boo to loudly. I still like the guy though he was nothing like his season this time round.

AFP Bridge or Vic I’d be happy.

As for F2 Paul and Vic would be hilarious. But F6 HOH will have a lot to do with it. Corey/Nicole are well set up they can go with either other couple. It looks like Ratcole has to break the tie which could be a James/Nat problem. Best result Paul or Vic win and James becomes the target IMO. Maybe he’d actually spend time in the HOH room ROFL. WTF would Nat do without James. She has no social game to speak of.

Skips Mom

Can we give an award to Vic’s mom for raising the best human being? The best bred award.

Vic the Dick

This is a joke right? Does Vic throw beads at his Mom?


I agree, the bead thing was distasteful and a little over the top. With that said however, I think he’s acted very well in the house. He’s nice to people, respectful, never lashes out or is mean spirited. Always smiling and in a good mood. Helps around the house with chores, etc. Even when he put Paulie up he was a class act when Paulie was coming unhinged at him. I personally hope he wins AFP, if not the 500K.

Vic's mom

Don’t worry, when he gets home I’m gonna grab him by the ear and and give him a good talking to about that bead incident! That is not how I raised my Victor to be! He was hanging out with those rude boys Paul and Paulie and they convinced my sweet Victor to throw those beads. He’s gonna hear from his mama about that one, mark my words!

Hats not a good look for you Michelle

Whenever Michelle wears hats she looks like she is on her way to murder her obsession she is stalking. She is central castings dream for a movie about the next Jodi Arias. Psycho stalker wardrobe is not a good look for a jealous mentally ill mean girl.

Her crossed crazy eyes only shaded by the cap. Scary stuff:-0

Newbie loving it

I am really beginning to wonder why James keeps telling Natalie and Meech that Paul is definitely going home. Which seems to prevent both of them from going to Nicole. Is it because he truly believes that Nicole will uphold her original statement that Paul is the target? Or is James just too blind and believes Nicole? Or is this James plan all along to get Meech out? Is the theory correct that James and Nicole had a F2 planned since the beginning? Not sure what direction to think. So far the feeds are showing that Nicole is gunning for Meech to be evicted. But is this productions plan so see how they can manipulate the HG’s so that the live feeds produce speculation since they will be having an ALL ACCESS only season coming up very shortly. My opinion is that production is trying different theories with these HG’s in order to learn what directions to take with the online version coming. just my opinion and thoughts. I think each HG brings something different to the game. So to each their own. Only time will tell who wins. Looking forward to thursday because Nicole is going to end up having to vote since it sounds like it will be a tie.


It’s because James is a hell of a lot smarter than Nicole and it would not even enter his mind that she would even entertain the idea of keeping the biggest, strongest, showmance together who clearly flips their loyalty to whomever is HOH, and because he can’t think that stupid, he assumes Paul is out the door.


Because James told Nicole, Michelle wanted her out (during Michelle’s Co-HOH). His plan was to put Michelle and Paul up and vote out Michelle. He doubted anybody would be entering the house again. He told Nicole everything Michelle said and pretended to Natalie and Michelle that he did damage control about Paul. Natalie has no clue that James threw Michelle’s name under the bus. He doesn’t want them talking to Nicole because he’s afraid she might tell them all of that. Michelle is too much of a hateful, spiteful, jealous person to take her lazy behind up there to talk to her. She actually has an attitude at Victor and calling him fake, because he’s not showing her attention anymore. James, Natalie and Michelle calls him fake, when they are the ones that backdoored him last week.


Your insight is something that did not occur to me. James was positive that no one was coming back so he WAS trying to set it up that Meech and Paul would be the noms if Nicorey won HOH. I think Paul was the target but if Paul won Veto and James/Nat pawn he wanted to make sure Meech would take the fall. Now as you pointed out he is trying to cover his a$$.


The messy bun looks sexy on some girls, but on Nicole it makes her look like a homeless druggie!


I’ve always wondered how she got it up so high. Long hair is heavy, so I was trying to figure out her technique. I liked it the first week. Now, I think it looks super sloppy on her.

Nat Nat's FT'S

My hope is that James goes next week, because he’s not playing to win, he’s playing for 2nd and I just can’t get down with that. He’ll take any cash prize to add to the nest egg, not to mention he’s annoying as F**K with all of his guarantee’s. Nat should have been pissed because MEECH called the buy back and James and his infinite wisdom said there was nooooo way that was going to happen. He’s a little bitch when he’s confronted and for all his “code” talk he’ll let anyone with a Y chromosome say what they want to his make believe girlfriend.


James needs to leave Nat alone she is just using him and will continue to use him if they have a relationship outside of the house, she should be doing his laundry, dishes, and cooking for him, NAT TAKE CARE OF YOUR MAN!!!!


Lets see here … this is what I think they think …

Nicole thinks the final 3 should be her, Corey and James
Corey thinks the final 3 should be him, Nicole and Victor
James thinks the final 3 should be him Nicole and Natalie
Victor thinks the final 3 should be him Paul and Corey
Paul thinks the final 3 should be him Victor and #nevercared who the other person is
Natalie … well, does she really think?

Vic the Dick

Vic thinks the final three should be him, him and him.


Wait! What?
“Nat tells James that he has done so much for her in this game. You have defended me and protected me. “. And then she says he doesn’t appreciate her? What a self centered little girl! I hope she “sees” what we are seeing when she watches the tapes after BB is over

Natalie Sucks

She also went for Vic first, Corey second, Paulie third and then James was her third choice. Her whole “I don’t go for attractive guys” crap narrative is just as fake as she is.


CBS has fictional shows that have “adult” situations. Yet their reality show purposely omits the “adult” stuff. WTF CBS?


Corey and Nicole are so stupid to not go after a big game move with the $5K. If they were smart, they would go to Fing Meech, I’ll give you the $5K IF you will NEVER put one of us up, if you will NEVER vote to evict one of us unless we are BOTH on block. This is the only way we can assure a big threat goes, and assure you’re not going to get us. Otherwise, it’s adios Meech”
That’s how I would use it.


Interesting …. would that be two separate things though … not nominating and then not voting out … would that require two bribes is my question? And also, does not the bribe end at the completion of the next HoH .. meaning that both the bribe has to be given and the deed completed by the end of the next HoH? So, the best you could do is getting some to throw the comp but not control who is nominated next?


* Next HoH Competition … not the entire reign of the next HoH


The way I read it, the bribe has to be an “game related action” that has to be concluded by then of the next HOH comp according to the card that Corey received, even though THAT is not what the fans voted on that the action had to be completed by the end of the next live eviction.


Is it just me, or do others feel this is the longest BB season ever? Yes, thumbs up.

Ba Bing

Simon & dawg do y’all mind throwing up a vote to see where everyone stands on Americas fav player ? I need help on who to vote for when the time comes πŸ˜‰ thanks !


Oh Paul, lol.


How about deleting any post that begins “Nicole should” or “James is”. Save us all some time.


I’m getting the vibes that Victor really likes Nicole. When Corey was venting to Victor about Nicole he was egging on Coreys frustration with Nicole. Today Victor was prying for answers from Corey to see if he’s into Nicole or not. Corey called Nicole a cuddlemance, teamance and a bestfriend. He described his ideal woman and he didn’t describe Nicole at all and basically described more of a Natalie type or a Victor type…… Victor doesn’t want to see Nicole hurt and called her an Angel and sweetheart. Corey’s now doing damage control and acting sweet with Nicole. Victor is going to relay this information to Nicole and I hope it happens soon because I rather her know now just so she can cut him when he least expects it.


Maybe he’s just mining for useful info to use at a later date, if and when he needs to split them up as a team.