“I haven’t done anything wrong.. I don’t get to cuddle you at night to release my stress”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 20-11-44-798

8:05pm Hot Tub Corey and Victor
Corey – I’ll be friends with her forever.. We both just got out of relationships there’s no way she should be getting mad at me..
Corey – I’ll be cool and hang out with her at the wrap party and stuff..
Corey – wasn’t James saying that he regrets his wrap party because was like around Meg the whole time.
Vic – hey he said when he came back no showmance have more fun at the wrap party.
(James telling these people he had a showmance with Meg)

Corey about Nicole – “She knows I’m not going to be all up her bu**.. Even if she was my girlfriend I wouldn’t be up her bu** the entire time.. I would still be out mingling.
Corey – that probably bothers her , I like to meet people
Vic – Jealously is probably a factor for sure..
Corey – we hang out all day everyday .. 24/7 and I think she’s going to be like well I don’t hang out with Corey all day every day
Victor – he doesn’t like me
Corey – ya .. she doesn’t like me anymore..
Corey – that’s totally not the case at all.. I’ll hit you up in Ubly you can come to Dallas..

Corey says when Nicole got out of BB16 she was dating Hayden they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
Corey saying he’s not coming out of the place with a relationship, “I’m sorry we can talk and tell people we are cool we are talking but it’s not going to be like her and Hayden”
Corey – she thinks it has to be better than her and Hayden as soon as we get outta here and i’m like No NO NO NO..
Corey – sorry.. Looks how that ended.. You don’t want to make that same mistake twice
Victor – she should just enjoy it for what it’s worth

Corey says they’re will be so many cool guys that want to hook up with Nicole.

Victor says he didn’t want to get locked into a showmance.
Corey – Yup I know… fool got out early..
Victor – 4 days in regret..

Victor laughs “James“
Victor – I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with her.
They laugh about all the guys with showmances getting “Locked up” during the wrap party.

Corey – Is Paul asleep still
Victor – he’s f***d
Corey – he’s not sleeping tonight.

They say the plan is to stay up all day Tuesday so they can sleep all day Wednesday.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 20-33-52-756
8:26pm HOH Corey and Nicole
Corey saying that whole interaction they had “was not natural”
Nicole says she’s stressed. Corey says he’s exhausted.
Corey is getting pissy because he wanted her to come outside this morning to motivate him while he worked out.
Corey – you made some comment about working out.. Like I don’t care you worked out”
Corey – you look like I hurt your feelings..
Nicole – noooooooo you’re not hurtinggggggggggggg
Nicole – I’m going to be starting my period probably tonight.. Having this power this week is hard.. I could have thrown my game away this week and don’t even know it..
Nicole – doesn’t have to me it’s you.. I feel like I get a lot of space and I don’t feel like I have any space..

Nicole says she’s getting overwhelmed “I really like Vic and Paul I just can’t hangout with them all the time..”
Nic – I feel bad that they don’t think I want them to study earlier.. Sketch sketch sketch I might go on the block..
Nicole starts to cry.. “Before she goes she’s going to try and take me down.. Stop trying to ruin my game”
Nic – I’m sick of it I haven’t done anything wrong…
Nic – I’m little I can’t carry all this stress.. All these people have been coming to me since day one.. Thinking about Jury.. it’s just fricken hard..
Nic – I can’t make all these people happy all the time..
Nic – I can be be strong but not all the time strong.. It catches up to me.. And I’m starting my period..

They laugh
Corey – fools emotional
Nic – I am
Corey – I know what you’re saying but be grateful for getting this far.. You are in a good spot stay positive about it.. You know try not to be sketchy be happy.
Corey tells her not to bring negative attention to herself
Nicole – I’m not COREYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Corey says nobody cares if Michelle craps on Nicole other than Natalie and natalie or James will be going next
Nic – I feel like I’ve worked really hard.. I don’t want to give the jury members the satisfaction of me walking into that house.. I refuse..
Nic – and I don’t get to cuddle you at night to release my stress..

Nicole says she can see herself sitting in the final 2 she’s felt it from the beginning. She’s really worried of getting out during the double that she thinks is on Thursday. Nicole points out if she leaves thursday she would have latest 2 more days than her last season.
Nicole says she’s weirded out about what is going on in the house. Says she’s worried Victor will vote out Paul.
Corey – then should I offer him the 5 thousand dollars..
Nic – no

They talk about Corey giving her the 5grand and she can give it back after the show.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 20-58-39-424

8:58pm Bros…

Corey – there’s only 4 Jury members and we still have to put in 5 Jury members.
They are convinced the double is Thursday.

Vic – I thought Frank was going to last a lot longer
Corey – once him and Da started butting heads..
Vic – I never say that.. he was in a good spot after I left.
Corey – he changed.. i don’t know if he got way too comfortable.. he was playing a lot like Paulie did.. making all these alliances finals.. and they all came out..
Corey – he was throwing the people under the bus left and right..
Corey says Frank and Day go in a big fight in the Tokyo room, she told everyone he was goign to put Paulie and Corey up Frank told the “You know I wouldn’t put you up right”
Corey laughs says after that Frank went downhill.
Talk goes to Slop farts…
Corey says the worst part f being a have nots is the farts.
they laugh

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 21-30-48-024

9:31pm Victor wishing he could punch a hole through the bumper car
Victor says he’s not going to complain too much Corey’s been a have not 4 times.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 21-50-56-519

9:50pm Bros playing pool… Chit chat..

10:20pm Kitchen Natalie and Nicole
Natalie asks her if she has animals at her house
Nicole says she has pets but no farm animals.

They laugh about the guys not knowing what to do when they cry.
Nicole – I’m going to start my period too I can tell. I’m starting to get cramppppppppps..
Nicole whimpers about HOH says that everyone knows each other so well now.
Natalie says she hated being HOH

10:39pm Everyone eating chit chat in the kitchen
Natalie mentions that James never did 1 dish since this week
James – I don’t want to let Victor down.
They joke around that JAmes is “Domesticated” now

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 22-54-22-385

11:00pm Big mutha F-ing big meech studying.
(She must think she’s staying)

Natalie joins her.
Natalie says she wants the green light that Michelle is 100% safe, “I know you are safe”
Michelle says she’s only been called into the Diary room once and everyone else has been called in a lot.
Natalie says maybe Paul is goign home and production is trying to get as much funny out of him
Michelle says she thinks it’s best she doesn’t talk to Corey and Nicole.
Natalie agrees.
Michelle says Victor is super annoying this week like he use to be
Natalie – he won’t do dishes anymore you noticed that
Michelle – James is doing them now, maybe he’s afraid of Victor
Natalie – yeah maybe i don’t know..
Michelle – I want to call Victor out on Thursday..
Natalie says not to in case Victor wins the HOH.
Michelle goes over her speech
“well guys it’s been a very very boring week it’s been kinda crappy.. but i’m up against a person that will butt kiss you all.. I won’t give you a generic speech like have a great season, I really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone please keep me here.. no i’m not about that what I can do is threaten you all if you guys vote me out I will hysterically start bawling and I know you guys wouldn’t want to send me out to Julie like that.”
Meech – is that funny
Natalie – eyah that’s good.

Natalie says she can feel it that Michelle will win the HOH. Michelle laughs says Victor will end up kissing their butts.

11:31pm hot tub Natalie and Michelle
Natalie says if Meech wins the HOH and puts up Nicole/Corey and Victor wins the POV he’ll take one of them down then the renom would have to be Natalie or James.
Natalie – we’ll have to discuss it with James..
Michelle says she’s going to target Nicole next week and if Nicole wins the veto she’ll put up Victor.
James rolls in with some cookies..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 23-43-40-490

11:44pm Hot Tub
James – i’m going to get fit when I get outta here..
Natalie says she really wants Michelle to stay.
James says Paul is the target he’s going home.
James- my guts telling me Paul’s going home my guts been right 99% of the time..
James – I do know if we don’t win HOH 1 if not 2 of us will be on the block.. that’s what my guts telling me
Natalie says if Paul stays Victor and Paul are winning the game.
James – If you were going home she would tell me.. she told me Paul was teh target in the HOH room..
Meech – when
James – before the nominations
Meech – ohh.. I didn’t now that..
11:52pm they are glad they sent out Victor because than Paulie would be back in the game “ruining their lives”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-29 23-51-50-643

11:50pm HOH Victor, Paul, Nicole and Corey
Corey wondering if Meeech is goign to campaign.
Paul and Nicoel suggest that maybe Meech “Checked out”

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Give me a thumbs up????????


I hope the next HOH puts up James and Nicole. They should have only been invited back with other Vets. Unfair to first time players. Hope they go first, then let the Newbies fend for themselves.

Corey's bleached butthole

Nicole gives me thumbs up under the sheets

The Roach Coach

If I was Victor I would seal the deal and make a final 2 deal with Corey and then clean the kitchen a bit.


Yes! Especially, now that we know he just wants to be brahs with Nicole after the show. Corey will be staring at Vic with all the girls during the wrap party, while Nicole is attached to him at the hip! lol…. You know, just like Meg was to James…

Natalie's tw@t

Go Jamesey you got this babe! Because if you don’t I’m dumping your ass.


Nicole’s worked (Corey) too hard to end up in the jury house? ???? And Corey’s too concerned about being Hayden 2.0? Instead, he wants to save himself for the “wank” party.


Corey is on the brink of a meltdown this week. he has slop on his mind, $5k care package on his mind, and trying to find a way to get Nicole completely off his mind.

Big Sister

Two things really aggravate me: Why can’t these girls chew with their mouths closed? (BBAD cameras even focus on Michelle shoving in food nonstop!) And what is all this “emotional” foolishness being blamed on their periods? Lame excuses for ridiculous behavior.



Girls Girls Girls

Yaaaaasss! This period talk is making me cringe. Just own up to being a (temporary) wreck and move on already! We all (men and women) go a little stir crazy sometimes, that’s ok, we’re all complex human beings. Stop blaming it on the blood and using it as an excuse to try and get sympathy!

Oh Please

“stop blaming it on the blood” You’re definitely a dude without a clue. It’s called hormones and it’s a real thing. You having an opinion on periods is like James’ gut feelings about the game. Stupid.


Right. You know your $#!¥. You know when it’s going down. You been handling your situation forever (probably dried up by now). Just don’t put your $#!¥ on us/others. You act like it’s all brand new every damn month. You know it’s coming, YOU KNOW! ACT LIKE YOU BEEN, BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU HAVE!


Watching Nicole really makes me feel bad for men. Nicole whines- “I’m afraid Vic will vote Paul out!” Corey- “Then I will give him the 5k bribe!” Nicole- “NooooooOOOOooooOOOoooo!” WTF are men supposed to do with that? Sorry guys!!


I totally agree Big Sister. These young ladies need to quit making women everywhere look weak and flaky by making their menstrual cycle the scapegoat of all their annoying behaviors. What a cop-out. I am a 32 year-old woman and have never played the ‘period’ card to justify my behavior. I’m also very pregnant currently and don’t play the ‘hormones’ card either, even though that one is more legitimate. I know that if I’m being a b#tch, it’s by choice.


Is it just me or does it feel like this season is going on way too long. The show is my summer escape. Summer is almost over and yet there are still a lot of weeks left and they’re just saying the same things over and over and over again. It just doesn’t feel fun at this point.


Yes…. Especially since the last few Thursday episodes get blocked out in certain areas of the country due to football! START EARLY – END in late August or early SEPT! The show is waaay toooo loooong at this point!


Nicole is stressing out big time. Production will get to her and the paranoia will make her evict Paul. Chill out Nicole!

Canadian Kev

That was the plan all along.
Why else do you think James, nor Nat has tried to talk to Nicole?

It’s annoying that it’s so obvious. They aren’t even trying to hide it.

That said, it’s the better move. Because if anyone is sitting beside either Paul or Vic on the last night, they will lose to either Paul or Vic.

Better to get them out now.

They way they’re talking about Jury (whether it’s true or not), it seems like James is the one you want to be sitting beside; seems like he has no friends in Jury.


God Nicole is soooooo annoying. She’s such a baby. Whining she doesn’t get to cuddle with Corey but but didn’t give a shit last week when James couldn’t stay in the HOH with Natalie. She acts like she has done so much in this game and is more deserving to win than anyone else. What a joke. All she’s done is lay in bed with Corey the whole season and shit talk others.

Another thing I always find funny is how when the house is down to like half the people and players that have never won any comps start winning and all of sudden they think they are comp beasts (like Nicole winning HOH and POV). They aren’t beasts. They are only winning because there’s barely anyone left and it’s mostly weak floaters. The only strong comp player left is Victor.


My goodness….I agree with you 100?. And James acting like he gave Nicole the HOH. His little man ego burst.


Thumbs up x 100


She’s complaining of not cuddling him (Corey is grateful!) and yet she is the one that put him in that room!

Butters Mom

HOH didnt choose have nots… the order they fell off in the HOH comp is who was designated have nots. Victor fell first then Corey… after the already evicted house guests.


Corey fell then Victor


She did not pick the have-nots


There you have it……………once Corey and Nicole are out of the house they are friends. Not going to be a happy wrap party.


That depends on when he tells her they are good buds with benefits only.

Big Sister

My local TV weekly guide says eviction on Wednesday. You think??


James better win the next hoh or he is toast.


I cannot wait to see James and Natalie sitting on the block together. James is an idiot, and he did not give that wall comp to Nicole. James was ready to fall, who the hell throws a comp this late in the game. I can’t wait to see Nat try and kiss up to Victor and Paul when she is on the block, can’t wait to see how she turns this around to make herself the Victim while sitting on the block next to James.

Mrs. Mac

Corey is really repulsive. As much as I don’t like Nicole, I feel bad for her when she finally realizes he’s not even close to the Prince charming she had built him up to be in her head.

James is dumb as a stump

On BBAD James just said “Vizio TV’s are Sony” Nope. Vizio is it’s own company not related to Sony in any way. James is like “Yes Vizio is Sony. I know that for sure”

Idiot knows nothing and is ALWAYS wrong about the game and everything else 🙂

Get this little moron out the house please. Michelle is still thinking he knows anything “well that’s what James said” she and Natalie think Michelle is safe because James said so. Bahahaha! Bye Michelle. James you loser. You next moron!

Reality Check

Nicole, you are on your period because of your stress and annoyance of Corey? Hulk, give Nicole a hand please…

To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.


First thing that came to mind when Nicole wondered why here period was so light and unusual was ‘Wow, she could be pregnant’. She’s hormonally emotional and wants to eat multiple muffins. Could be normal for her cycle but she’s the one who’s noticing it’s unusual. Could be stress. Could be they should’ve used protection.


I really do not feel sorry for Nicole, this is her second time on Big Brother, she is always boosting Corey’s ego. How many times have you heard Corey talk about how pretty Nicole is, how he can look at her for hours ? Nicole, you are not going to be very happy at the wrap party, Corey is looking forward to mingling and hanging out with anyone who is willing to give him the time of day, once this season is over, so are you and Corey. I really do not feel sorry for you, to me you are too needy, you have spent the entire summer following Corey.

You should learn how to read men a little better, when you are the one that is always handing out all of the compliments, and telling other people in the house how great Corey is, and how handsome he is, but you never hear Corey saying things like this about you, “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU”.

Wait until you are home and hear what Corey was talking about with Victor in the hot tub, he is not coming out of the house in a relationship, he is not Hayden 2.0. I don’t really respect Corey, and think he is dumb as a box of rocks, but from what I heard him talk about tonight, you are just someone who can satisfy his sexual urges, and you are a release. Oh Well, if you ever come back on the show, hopefully you will be finished with always needing a Showmance.


It’s actually her THIRD time. Remember she came back in BB16. She was a horrible player then and the same could be said about her now. Production keeps trying to force her down our throat. I for one, hope she’s evicted right behind Michelle.


I cracked up when Victor told Corey in the hot tub tonight, that he did not want a Showmance, and he is so glad that he does not have to deal with that (Meaning Natalie), he dodged a bullet on that one. I look at James and Natalie, and I have to be honest, James is in way over his head, he really is not a very attractive man, Natalie wouldn’t give him the time of day outside of the house.

I really do think a lot of the sarcastic and negative comments Natalie makes about Victor, they are based on she feels rejected and disappointed that Victor did not want to hook up with her in a Showmance, so she had to settle for James, the least attractive and shortest man in the house. What a down grade, Natalie really wanted to be with Victor, but Victor was not having any of that !!!


You must be unhappy with yourself and your sh*tty life the way you constantly, insessantly dump all over all of these people. Oh yeah, they signed up for it…so that makes it ok. blah blah blah…. A lot of ppl do that here, but seem to just take it to another level. I hope that Victor wins, so that your inner devil is satisfied and thus you don’t go out to the finale and terrorize the rest of them. Geeezzz. Get a grip.

Have some complassion

I know everyone hates Nicole but I legitimately feel bad for her. Hayden and her broke up four months before going on big brother. Big brother is a mind fuck and you have to have thick skin to play. I know it destroyed Paulie emotionally. That is not enough time to heal or get into another relationship especially if haven’t gotten any closure. Corey asked her last night if she got closure and he said she said no. Hayden said he loved her a month before and then abruptly broke up with her. At the start of the season Paulie asked her if she liked Corey and her response was no and she was still damaged. I think that’s why she has been so different thus season probably has pts from s16 and her breakup. She’s acting irrational and doing things she normally wouldn’t do like sleeping with Corey on live feeds. She wouldn’t even allow Hayden to kiss her on tv. Nicole has been really paranoid, depressed, aloof, and insecure about her appearance all season. She gets her feeling hurt so easily. She ways like 90 lbs and still think she’s fat. I believe she was probably in a emotionally abusive relationship with Hayden. Nicole talked to Hayden and how he changed when he started working in the gym and started becoming critical of her. She never seemed like the clingy type but she’s overly obsessed with Corey. I wish she had a higher self esteem and kicked Corey to the curb. I think Corey intentionally told Vic just so vic can snitch and tell Nicole. He doesn’t want to be the one to break the news to her and act like a coward afterwards. Corey wants to be friends forever Are you for real, once she finds out he is dead to her afterwards. He even joked about sleeping with her in certain rooms in front of Vic several times Nicole told him to stop . If guy does that he has no respect for you. Anyways I think she’ll feel relief after she finds out about the not gay Corey hashtag.


I do not feel sorry for any of the house guests … ever. They voluntarily put themselves in the house and subject themselves to whatever comes of it. It is not a secret that everything you do and say is being recorded 24/7 and millions of people will be seeing or hearing it … and then judge you for it. And judged not only for what happens in the house during the game, but what you did before you played the game and more than likely, what you do well after the game is over. Is it really worth it?


Nicole was insecure and petty in BB16 with her buddy Christine way before Hayden even decided to pursue her. I remember how she hated Amber because she intimidated by her beauty (Nicole’s words). She pretty much said the same thing about Natalie this season.


Why is James lying and telling Victor and Corey that he had a Showmance with Meg ? that is a lie. James got as far with Meg, as Michelle got with Frank this season, that is why Michelle disliked Bridgette, she was jealous and felt as if she was kicked to the curb and dumped because Frank showed no interest in being involved with Michelle.

Canadian Kev

I don’t think James is lying.
I think he’s delusional, and actually thinks he had a showmance with Meg.


In James mind he and Meg had a Showmance. It never happened Meg saw him only as a friend. There was some things that went down after the show regarding meet and greets where Meg was still in friend mode and James thought they would be together… it did not happen and James is still a bit salty. Meg never saw James as a romantic partner only a game teammate and never lead him on.

Now he is in an obsessive relationship with Natalie. I can not really tell if Natalie has actual relationship feelings for James. if she is locked up in a house 24/7 he is nice to her so she thinks it might be love or Natalie is leading James on. Who knows and who cares… it is a showmance and most of them are not real relationships at all.

Just Wondering

Does anyone on here have any idea how Michelle eats constantly, and stays the same size? Please reply, thank you.

Eating disorders

Well. Eating disorders purging? Maybe

Just a guess

Michelle eats a lot of fiber tablets. Heard her say she ate 6 in one day.


She must have a nervous condition. She wants to eat everything she sees.

James' Gut

I love messing with his head.


I’m just waiting for one of the guys to start crying next. I could see Corey pulling a Paulie. “”I’m so stressed, I don’t know what to do with the 5gs. Somebody tell me what to dooooo” wha wha wha! Wish we could see inside the jury house might be more exciting.

Bolt Uprite

“They laugh about the guys not knowing what to do when they cry.”

And they bitch about it too. What’s a guy to do? It isn’t like they can go out with their friends, do yard work, go out and work on the car in the garage.

If half of you know the answer, please clue in the other half, because ‘make yourself scarce’ isn’t an option in the house.


Is it wrong to take pleasure in watching Nicole cry and break down? If she is breaking down this much now over basically nothing can you imagine the tantrum she will have when she finds out she has been Corey’s summer slut? Not sure why I enjoy it so. After the season I will seek professional help……………….or just put the Kraken away until next year 🙂

Season Stinks, thanks James

at this point, I’d rather the final four were Frank, Tif, Bronte and Jozea


Nicole saying she worked hard to get to this point . DELUSIONAL is her middle name . laying in bed giving handies for a month b4 your go farther is hard work fer sure . WHERE THE HELL IS MY MONEY YOU P O S ! MORE BALDWIN , LESS EVERYONE ELSE . why should Vic do dishes he is on slop NAT .


Let’s go Vic. I want to see him go to the end. These showmances sicken me. I can’t listen to Natalie go on about how nice she is and she doesn’t do anything wrong. Love me America!!!!!! Every time you turn around she’s talking about someone behind their back and James goes right along with her. He talks about the game with such authority and half the time he’s wrong. And his pranks are getting a little tired. Oh Vic isn’t washing any dishes… I have yet to see Nat pick up a sponge. Meech is annoying constantly stuffing her face with snacks and citing Season 16… Season 14… I’m a super fan. She’s not playing any super fan game, that’s for sure. She’s another one who talks about anyone who is not in the room. Can’t listen to Nicole’s whining. Paul is playing a good game and I think is funny, but I don’t like him for some reason. I really would like to see Vic win and Corey sitting right next to him, not because Corey’s done anything in the game, but ridiculously enough because he looked into his dog’s eyes and fell in love and he loves Christmas.


“Michelle says she thinks it’s best she doesn’t talk to Corey and Nicole.
Natalie agrees.”

Can we just put to rest this notion that Nat was a player? So she wants Michelle to stay, but does she know she needs 3 votes? If she does, where does she think a 3rd is coming from? Victor? The guy they’ve been bashing. Does she think the best way to lock up Corey’s vote is by staying away, which will ensure he thinks Michelle isn’t a threat?

Nat’s been carried by others, but is just bossy and self-obsessed enough to convince people she’s a player and we see proof of that whenever she’s left to her own devices without Bridgette, Paul, or James (in that order of game smarts) telling her what to do.

Anna Mccamy

Will i not corey fan anymore he is a jerk. If doesn’t want tob date outside the house he needs to stop acting like loves her know and stay out of her bed. Shame on him . He is big jerk.

BB fan for life

First I want to say thank you to Simon and Dawg for the site and posts, especially when I have to watch a panthers game. (Not a fan) I think Nicole is doing the right thing getting the cry baby who needs constant babysitting from everyone and self assurance that she is pretty, smart, etc. Last week she(meech) made it clear she wanted Nicole out, so that’s apparent. Next is James who throws her(meech) under the bus, and now tells her “oh your safe, Paul knows he’s going home!” I think Paul would be campaigning and throwing fits all over the house it that was the case. Finally I think victor deserves to be final 2 because he got back in not based on Americas vote but by fighting his arse off to be there, social game might be a little off but is he supposed to trust James and his crew when all James has done is lied straight to the face and then bam evicted from his vote!? NO! Victor, Paul or Cory in the finals and only because Cory won’t win. Let big F-Ing motha Meech self evict and do a rewind and DE all in one night. End this season of crap already please?!?!?


I am big fan of vic and want him to win!!! I hope that nicole and james are sitting in jury soon! The whole setting up f2 and game strategy with derrick b4 season is bs and big brother bringing them back knowing this n helping them to get there sucks!!! Those two blow and are so dellusional abt there game play and them being great players, look at nics greed of telling corey to give her the 5k not vic and her telling corey she knows she will be in f2… really nic??? Guess production must of put that in ur head just like james cuz hes saying same thing…