“Amazing species, as lifeless as she can seem she can be a raging bull it’s very spectacular”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 14-34-47-454

12:20pm HOH pictures…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 14-40-07-069
2:11pm Kitchen Victor, Nicole and Corey
Nicole – look at the size of Corey’s back I’m fascinated by it..
Vic – you are fascinated by anything Corey .. I’m not hearing it anymore..
Vic – have you seen his toes.. He has the best toes..
Nic – I’ll stop
Vic – you can do it just leave me out of it.. Vic look at his back.. I never cared.
Nic – why can’t I tell you
Vic – I have seen Corey for 77 days, I know what he looks like
Nic – it’s not what he looks like I think he’s even cooler personality wise..
Vic – that’s fabulous I think he’s cool personality wise too..
Vic – tell me something I don’t know about Corey.. You can’t ..
Vic – the stuff you know about Corey I don’t know I don’t need to know.. Ohh he’s a great cuddler.. Never cared..
Vic – he’s kind he’s gentle.. Not with me, it doesn’t f***G matter.. Literally. .
Nicole – ok i’m done…
Corey – tell me about Mariah I don’t care about Corey..
Victor – I love the guys.. Great fabulous.. That’s all you
Vic – Am I going to bonme Corey.. Do we snuggle.. Dopes he sleep in my bed.. No..
Vic – do you hear me go CORRREEEEEEEEEEEY
COrey – COORRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEY… 1 hundred and fifty times..
Corey – I like it
Nicole – do I really say it that much
Vic – oh no… YES..
Nic – I’m going to stop saying it for the rest of the day,..
Vic – have you seen his finger nails.. He has the best finger nails..

Nicole says Corey compliments her a lot he just doesn’t do it in front of people.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 14-37-08-838

2:31pm James, Nicole and Natalie
James giving Natalie a rundown about what to expect with fans. James says that people thought the Nolan twins were tacky.
James- I think you are going to be OK… I think America likes your peppiness..
James – I’m probably going to have some people say Ohh I don’t know why you got called back JOhnny mac should have been called back or Steve should have been called back..
James – everyone is entitled to their opinions..
James- we’ll help each other get through it.. But I honestly don’t think you have a bad.. You know.. A bead persona about you..
JAmes says the most questions Natalie will get on the outside is weather her and James are together.
James- what’s the deal with you and James, Makes sure you have a good answer because I’m going to go back and read all your Q&A’s
James- remember what I said if there’s bad stuff written about you what do you do
Natalie says never comment back just ignore it.
James – they’re you go
James- if it makes you feel any better just delete and block
Natalie hopes she has a good edit
James says a lot of people will like Natalie, “I’ve been telling America you are a sweet girl.. So.. “
James – and they know I like you
James says all the fans he had likes Natalie
James- if anything you might have stolen my fans.
James says the people he would be worried about getting a lot of hate are Paulie, Michelle, Frank, Jozea and Tiffany..
(Does James have any fans left beside the hardcores ?)
Natalie goes on about not being good with technology
James says she’s got Instagram, twitter all she needs is snapchat and Facebook.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 14-51-30-195

2:51pm Chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 14-59-37-773

3:00pm Backyard Victor
Victor says he’s sad that Michelle is going home he likes her a lot but she’s with the wrong people right now, “I have to stay loyal to my people”
Victor adds that the final 4 is still strong.
Vic – we have no choice but have to win HOH.. if I win I will FOR SURE put up James and Natalie with the intention of James going home.. Cause in this game revenge.
(James is also in the backyard with Natalie poolside. James says something to Victor which spooks him)
Vic tells James he’s talking to the live feeders..
Vic – my game talk is in jeopardy just know that Karma is sweet..
Vic says if he doesn’t win HOH he’s going up, “Hands down” he’s got to embrace being a “Comp beast”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-05-17-596

3:04pm Backyard Victor starts talking in this Aussie accent doing his nature show.. “BB nature watch with Victor arroyo”

“We are studying the animal behaviors with Natalie and james once again in the wild. Natalie just prances around the water hole while James watches from afar wanting to get close but ever so distant.

“You can see he’s flirting doing his mating talks.. But Natalie is not buying she stays in the water hole playing what we call hard to get.. ”

“There relationship has flourished in the Big Brother house they are so close yet so far.. “

“He have Corey.. A tall lanky animal 6, 5 he’s pale in skin but trying to get some complication.. They’re he is flipping over.. In these moment he’s the quietest relaxed .. ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-06-29-997

3:07pm James says he’s never won a mental competition.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-10-13-755

3:10pm Victor continues the nature watch in the house where he sees “an amazing species” (Meech)
“She sleeps on average 17 to 18 hours in a day she seems so cuddly and relaxing but when she awakes.. She can be very vicious.. She goes through phases.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-11-30-133
“one day she can be relaxed another she’s a wild beat.. She has tendency what they call ‘Calling people out”

“Amazing species that one..as lifeless as she can seem she can be a raging bull it’s very spectacular” to see we see it every day.. The one they call Big Meech covered head to to.. I estimate today she will wake up at 5 o’clock having slept all day.. Ohh she’s moving .. look at her turn over. ”

“I might have woken the beast.. I might get a ear full later.. We will see.. .that is BB nature watch with Victor arroyo”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-14-13-186
Victor takes the Binocular and Safari hat from the safari room. He tells Production he’s not taking it outside.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-14-52-178
“there he is that is the one they call Paul he is the crazy creature nin the BB nature watch.. he’s biting his nails he’s in the presence of James which is one of his nemesis. He’s dormant in the day and active at night. He’s a night species.. He’s what the BB nature watch like to call playing nice.. he has a distaste for James and Natalie for they have wronged him in the past.. ”
“It’s fascinating to see all three of those creatures hanging around the water.. oh my gosh.. he plays with his beard that is a sign of anger.”
Victor says he will now go outside and try to interact with the creatures…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-14-41-616

3:27pm Backyard everyone but Nicole and MEECH
James is talking about cutting your right foot off for 2 million dollars in cash.
Chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 15-51-25-261

3:49pm James and Natalie
Natalie saying that the best case is for Meech to win HOH for Nicole and Corey it’s Victor. (Natalie is going to be pissed when Michelle leaves.. this weekend is going to be good)
James says his money is banking on it being a double eviction
Natalie – 1 of us has to win (HOH)

Natalie now saying “Honestly” she likes everyone in the house
James- I’m ready to go if I go I go..
Natalie says she’s ready to go too if tit’s the 2 of them on the block she’ll sacrifice herself for James.

James says Nicole knows her butts going on the block if Victor and Corey drop and it’s just James, Natalie and Michelle in it.
Corey joins them.

Nicole, Mihcelle sleeping
Victor’s been walking around trying the phone’s, coutning things etc..
Paul, Corey and Natalie chit chat.
James somewhere off camera

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 16-40-30-729


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Love Vic


God, how annoying is Nicole? She and Nat are the two most worthless players. I’m so tired of hearing those two talk about how much they have had to do to make it this far in the game. I wish America could vote on one worthless player of the season and then that player….Nicole or Nat would have to give back their stipend. I’m pretty sure Nat is scheming on how to file a sexual harassment on anybody after the show. I wonder what Vegas would set the odds at that she accuses an innocent man of some type of sexual misconduct within the next 5 years. Any odds makers in this group!

Paulie's Dad

ZOMG!!!! 8 to 1

Paul's Dad

7 to 1


6 to 1

James's Dad

5 to 1


I wish Vic and Meech would just talk. Meech is so upset because she thinks Vic was just faking being her friend(like all the other people are doing). Meech because she is the raging bull (and doesn’t want to look like a fool on TV by going up to vic) isn’t going to ask him about it. I think of all the house guest they really could be good friends. I love Vic and Meech together and I think they would make smart ,athletic ,babies if they became more than just friends. Now don’t thumbs down me just because you want to date Vic. Seriously, I do think they really had and possibly have a chance to be good friends. BB is a cruel master!

But remember

They do talk. Vic has said that he likes Meech, and Meech has said that she likes Vic. He doesn’t like her in that way though. He mentions how disgusted he is by what a mess she keeps in the bedroom. Plus he has a girl at home that he likes. I think they will be really good friends once they get out of the house.
But seriously, why would a guy like Victor – who has always been nice to the other houseguests – want to be with Meech, who rarely has anything good to say about anything? Just because two people are on a show together doesn’t mean that they should want to be a couple!


You godless heathen! Everyone has to pair up and be cuddle bunnies together. We need to hear schnookums and smoogies every day! Big Brother owes us showmances!

Truthfully, I’d love a season without any showmances. The talk is so grating. James is really showing how much he’s going to cling onto Natalie. I’m sure it was the same way with Meg and she probably had to beat him like a rabid chimp to get him to back off.


@but remember They have all been gross (except vic) and Paul said it first because he had recently fought with Meech and Vic was just concurring; and while yes that was on the post it was like once on the feeds so … I just think they are funny together if you were watching the feeds(it might have been after dark) during a conversation about Frankie Grande it was hysterical and Meech was actually making fun of herself by saying a word wrong although she really did say a word wrong after that and vic corrected her. She and Vic were making me crack up. They are funny together and he can correct her and she doesn’t get mad at him. When I said a conversation I meant without Paul , Janat or Nicorey. Why all the hate its just a nice scenario and better than all the ugly fake relationships that I have seen this season.

Tiny Trump Hands

Poor Paulie, another innocent boy brought down by an evil women who didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. Please, please, let your daughters know that if a guy says or does anything to them, they need to just suck it up, and keep quiet. No one will believe them, and it will be their own fault. Better yet, buy a burka.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

It’s like people only hated Paulie’s misogyny when Natalie was working with Paul and Victor. Now that she broke her final five deal with them, she lied about the disgusting things Paulie said and did to her on camera. MRAs are so transparent. They need to go back to Reddit.

Vic the Dick

Did you love how he threw the beads at the girls during nominations? He is a good player but an ahole person.


Yeah actually that was one of the most entertaining parts of the season yet. If the beads had gone to Natalie and Michelle it would have been better but still good tv none the less

Mini Me James

It is hard to root for a bully.

But remember

All the guys were egging him on to do it. He said it as a joke (about throwing beads from his HOH basket at them) and all the guys thought that would be hilarious and really pushed him to do it. Then they were making fun of him behind his back for falling for it. They really acted like 12 year old boys when Paulie was around.

The french fry in Pauls beard

I’m pretty sure that was YOUR BOY PAUL that egged him on the most and clowned him on camera in the bathroom. Friendship? Who needs a friend like that?


Its the pack mentality. The guys were all acting like that for a while.
But at least Vick didn’t say ” here show me your ttts” like he said.

Vic's mom

He’s gonna be grounded for that bead throwing incident! No son of mine acts like that on national tv! That’s not how I raised that boy! I blame the rude PP duo for influencing him, but he’s still gonna have to answer to his mama when he gets home!

But remember

And not only that – but if every single houseguest has said what a nice guy Vic is…then why would you be correct in thinking he’s an a-hole? Every single one of the people there like him. You can’t say that for anyone else that’s been in the house all season.

Bounce Paul

Trim the beard this week Nicole.

BB Curious

Isn’t Nicole the beard?

Jimmy 64

Nicole is not the brightest person on the planet
You have the chance to take out the strongest player in the game in Paul
and you are going to take out the weakest in Michelle.

Another Hillary Lie

If Nicole was smart she would gather all the girls and make a deal. Vote Paul out and let James, Victor and Corey eat each other why the girls sit back and coast to the final three taking out whichever male is left.

Bernie was a FRAUD!

I’m pretty sure that’s what Nicole and Natalie have done all season…sit back and coast to the finals.


But they worked soooo haaaarrddd to get this far. ????. Too many useless players and add Corey to that list. The only smart thing Nicole and Corey have done is align with P&V

But remember

Well if that’s what would make her smart, then I’m glad she’s not. The thought of having to listen to ONLY Nicole, Michelle and Natalie – and their vapid conversations?? no no and please no!

Ian's Lament

Did you not just read that James Nat and Meech all will put her up next week? By taking out Meech she gets off their radar because they will still have to go after Paul. She is taking out someone who us completely against her and would never vote for her.How is that a bad move? SMH


It would be a great plan, but she cannot win against Vic or Paul so it is stupid for her to keep Paul. Nicole for biggest fool this season because by keeping them she is handing them 500,000 to one of these bullies. No matter what James says he would not vote Nicole out!


If Nicole doesn’t keep Paul, then she is the next biggest target for James, Natalie, and Michelle. Her best move at this point in the game is to take out Michelle so both sides have no option but to work with her and corey. But she should have made a bigger move a long time ago. She waited until day 70 to start playing the game.


Pretty sure the next target if Paul went/after Paul is Victor. Not Nicole. James wont let Nicole be voted out when Vic or Corey would do.


I don’t care what people think, I really like Vic. Hes really grown on me these past few weeks. If he doesn’t win I’m definitely voting for him for America’s Favorite!


Yep Vic is growing on me too and he’s funny Victor is getting popular

I'll say...

When he first came in I thought he was a total A-hole. He acted like he was gods gift. He has since he came back in (the first time) really changed his tune. I hope it’s genuine and he’s not just putting on a show so the people will Iike him. He seems genuine…


Well…considering Vic said he’s an A-hOle in real life, I think you have your answer. This was on BBAD during a conversation with one of the guys. But yeah, Vic 2.0 is funny and likeable. He has done a complete reverse of Paulie. I’ve never seen an HG go from being so loved to so hated quite like Paulie did. Frank dropped in popularity inside the house, while James has dropped more outside the house.

I actually like James better this year than last year. I think Natalie has been a good influence, altho I don’t know how he’s put up with her at times (same with Corey with Nicole). He also seems more mature (except when he’s in prank mode) next to these other guys who would have no vocabulary without the letter “F”. James game play was subpar last season and I think that’s improved somewhat. He is one of two vets still in the game! I completely understand why Nicole has lost fans, but I’m not understanding why James has lost so many. Is it because of Natalie (thumbs up) or game play (down)??

James is a loser

James has lost fans bc of both gameplay and Natalie. He for one doesn’t play the game and his gut is always wrong. He has little understanding of the house dynamics and is not a good competitor. He doesn’t ever keep to his word. He also only cares about getting AFP and makes audacious statements such as being a shoe in for Americas favorite and saying Prodcution would never give him a bad edit bc they love him. In terms of Natalie he is disliked bc he’s gone gaga puppy dog for another girl who doesn’t like him and is getting used and abused and can’t see it. He is letting some biotch annoying user cost him a chance at a half million that could go to his daughter. A father should not let a woman get in the way of his kids welfare. That’s what bothers me the most.

sunny dee

Vic and Paul very entertaining, what with Friendship Hour and BB Nature shows 🙂

Nicole is embarrassing to watch, and embarrassing herself as well. When he forgets her name after they leave the house she’s going to look back at this show and freak out. for everyone’s sake i hope she gets evicted next, but who other than michelle is going to do that? even natalie is unlikely to put up corey/nicole because james won’t let her not put up vic/paul


Corey’s going to forget her name as he steps off the stage unless she wants to “cuddle” one more time in the backyard under the table.


VICTOR … you just jumped up a bit on the list of who I think may deserve the America’s Favorite Player prize. Funny stuff.


I want Vic to win now if no other reason than he told Nicole what every Live Feeder wants to tell her… stop with the Corrrrreeeeeyyyyyy 150 times a day Corrrrreeey… are you sure Simon and Dawg weren’t sending him psychic messages LoL


I can’t wait for bb19! But knowing Big Brother, it will probably let me down…


LMFAO Victor. Him and Paul make this show!

Pinocchio Obama

Nice job on the Natalie photos Simon.


Nicole is probably the most useless wothless player to ever play and return. Wtf were they thinking when they got this one to return. Fan favourite when ?just picked some idiots for this instead of actual getting players anyone actually wanted to see. Both times she’s been here just wasted it behind guys .. What the fawk does she see in Corey. He’s clearly playing for the other team and dumber than those Benny squirrels in the Friggen hiuse. He’s so vacant it isnt a joke.yet he thinks he’s a great player. Easily forgettable and I can’t wait til they both go away for life.
Production should give America a vote one full season. Who to evict and random things so we play along too..and not rig it!!! Who in the hell voted for some of these packages to get to these morons.
I miss anything before season 13 or mayybe14. No fights. No drama. House voting. No one has balls to make moves without being sold down the river by half their team. No ones truly loyal to their alliance. Playing 4 at a time.
I loved this game… Now it’s just who can float the longest under the showmance guise


Anonymous you are super bitter. There are worse players in the house. James is pretty sure he is going to be AFP. Natalie is so vain and it’s exhausting to hear her whining all the time and how she manipulates Paul. And Meech is just disgusting. She’s a slob and I can’t stand to watch her eat and she is a bully. She can dish it out but she can’t take it.


I totally agree with you. Some of the things I miss from past seasons is you never knew how someone was going to vote and everyone kept it a secret. If it was a vote that upset others, they would try to make it look like the other guy had voted that way. Also, I really miss them drawing straws for teams to see who would be have nots. Loved some of the games they played to not be a have not and some of the weird stuff they had to eat or drink. It kept them from sitting around bored and gave the viewers something to watch.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Predicted order of dismissal from the house:

7. Meech
6. James
5. Nat
4. Corey
3. Vic

Final 2: Paul & Nicole. Paul wins.

If Vic makes final two, he will win.

The only way Nicole wins: vs Natalie or Corey. Too close to call against James.

The only way Corey wins: vs Natalie or James

The only way James can win: vs Natalie. Too close to call against Nicole.

The only way Natalie wins: if everyone else drops dead.


There is no way Nat is 5th place. If James is out, no one would be scared by her so the other 2 duos would for sure go against each other. I think it will be:
7. Meech
5. Paul
4. Nat (That’s the most difficult. I think Vic would win HoH and Nicole the veto so i think she would vote out Nat).
3. Nicole if Vic wins/ Victor if Nicole wins
2. Corey
1. Nicole/ Victor basing on third place
But once James will be voted out everything will be much more interesting because the HoH in top 5 sill be CRUCIAL.

sunny dee

I can’t see corey winning over anyone, even if the anyone is natalie. He’s a big lump who got lucky with a comp. She’s stood the distance thru a lot of comps even if she didn’t win them, she didn’t back down. wasn’t he first off the rope? she made a deal with vic before she came down hours later.

James would win over Corey, easily. see above, plus he made game changing moves (even if they were against what he would have normally done, he still did them), and corey has still just been a lump. When he did get HOH, he let the dudes run it, and got out Bridgette, who basically had no allies, and was injured and unlikely to win anything going forward. even on the jury back, she wasn’t going to last it out, so still after all this time not repaired.

anyone in their right mind should take corey to the end, unless he pulls something out of his lazy butt and starts making moves or winning. he can’t even make a move with the bribe, he is still leaning towards giving it to nicole???!!!

i wanted paul to have it, even better that paul is on the block and if he had it would have been really funny to watch the others wondering what he’d do with it hahaha.

Is this season over yet?

Michelle is an idiot. She’s getting exactly what she deserves. She blew her co-HOH by not gettint Nicole out.. and now look whats going to happen to her.

Nicole is brain dead and boy crazy. She’s making the dumbest move by teaming up with Paul and Vic. PV are rhe strongest players left to play! She cant honestly think she will get votes against any of the HG’s left at the end. She’s been in the bed all season.

Corey and Natalie are the same person. Using a vet showmance as a strategy with no intention of it going outside the house. Corey’s anxious to bone rando’s at the wrap party and Natalie is anxious to flirt with Vic without James around.

Casting this season was awful. AWFUL.

Paul and Vic make this show bearable. Vic for the 500k.


But in the likely event that Nicole was evicted week, she would’ve come back anyway as the new hoh, and if Michelle had been the hoh who evicted her, there would be no possibility that Nicole would flip and vote out Paul. There’s barely a possibility now, but that’s better than nothing.

Nicoles rats nest

I disagree. I think James helped nicole get thru that comp. Told her the best way to stand/crouch. Had she been on the opposite side beside Paulie and Da.. Paulie would have held out and she would have fell. James would have HOH and i think Paul and Vic would be up. Another safe week for meech.

I'm getting a tattoo after this season



It’s rum, people.


Hello to everyone that says Nicole is dumb to keep Paul..James just said, “Nicole knows her butts going on the block if Victor and Corey drop and it’s just James, Natalie and Michelle in it.”. I guess she’s not so dumb now. At least with Paul and Vic she would last another week since they are gunning for James and Nat first!

The Roach Coach

You’re right!

But let’s be honest, if youre a fan of Nicole you don’t care the least about gameplay, obviously. If your fave player spends an entire season in bed cuddling, you could care less about game. So, realistically Nicole fans are young girls who enjoy the showmance aspect of Nicole. So, these fans who care less about strategy or gameplay for 2+ months, obviously refuse to appreciate that Nicole made the right decision by teaming with P&V. Instead, I’m sure Nicole fans want her to team up with the 2 remaining girls, or just stick with Corey and only Corey.

Nicole fans have no idea what is best as far as gameplay, how could they, their favorite player hasn’t played the game, yet she’s their favorite…

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like Nicole until she teamed with P&V (the very reason her fans are knocking her). Not because I’m a fan of P&V, simply because it was her first and ONLY strategic move THUS FAR!!!!!

Paul = 500k


Actually, I never said I was a Nicole fan. I was until she hooked up with Corey and proved that a showmance was more important to her then actually playing the game.. I want Vic or Paul to win so I am glad Nicole is wanting to keep them. I was just responding to everyone’s insistence of how dumb she is to keep Paul. No matter what, I doubt she will make it to the final 2 even if she kept Meech and got rid of Paul. Meech is just as stupid as Nicole and has no interest in going after the bigger threats. She’s obsessed with Nicole so if Nicole saves Paul I think she will, at the very least, make it o the final 4 if Vic, Paul, or Corey can win the next HOH.

Just Sayin'

I know!!! I’ve been saying it in several posts. HOW?? Can James, Nat and especially Meech, who is ON THE BLOCK, just lay around and assume that Paul is going while planning to put up Corey/Nicole and Vic next week? I don’t know if James is blowing smoke because at this point Meech is a lost cause or if he is really that dumb. James seems to think that he is the only BB house check bouncer.
It won’t happen but I would love it if these dummies are sure that Paul is going and that Big Meech’s Big Bounce is a Blindside.


The BB nature watch hilarious


I think it was the most entertaining thing that has happened all season.

just me

I think Victor being Baldwin the eagle was funnier on after dark, it was hilarious. Victor seems to have a great sense of humor. Paul is pretty funny as well, without them boring!!!!! All we would ear is Cooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, James I look fat, James are you mad,
Coooooooooooorrrrrreeeeeeeyyyyyyy whats wroooooooooong. James do you think people like me?
Coooooooooorreeyyyyyyyyyyy. awful


Anyone think Vic is as bored as we r??

Franks fumes

CBS will not show the funny side of Vic….it will only concentrate on James kindergarden pranks playing to the lowest common denominator…..expect the expected James will be AFP (BUMMER)!


Natalie’s edit seems to push her to the front for AFP. She won’t make it to the end.


I’m nature watching too victor.


Vic or Paul must win. But I fear Riigage for a Nicole win ????

Big Brother

Natalie asked if she can go to Corey’s wedding and he said yes and smiled. She didn’t didn’t say Nicole and Corey’s wedding she just said his. Then he said this messy bun can come too. I think he’s going to go for Natalie once the season is over. He becomes more open with body language when he interacts with her and his eyes flash when they make eye contact. He never preens with Nicole like he does with Natalie. He described the kind of girl he likes and Natalie fits the description. He likes brown hair brown eyed girls that are fit and have a wild side to them. That doesn’t sound like Nicole at all. Did you hear the story about his ex being a crazy chick and a cheater and he kept taking her back. How many times has he mentioned how he hates Natalie because she chose Vic over him. He even called Nicole Nat one time and she was livid. He doesn’t hold grudges so I’m sure he’ll hit her up. He said he’s a sucker when it comes to girls. I’ve notice every time he hears something bad about Nat he instantly starts flirting more with Nicole and checks for Nats reaction. He told Nicole he likes the chase and Nat doesn’t even give him attention anymore so it’s like cat and mouse again.


I think Nat and Vic will hook up


I meant thumbs down for Vic & Nat hookup Vic is a bit bitter


New BB twist:

Remaining houseguests switch positions with all previously evicted houseguests this season.

Frank wins!


It has taken all this time and I just became a fan of Safari Vic…….just so long as he doesn’t laugh.


“James- I’m ready to go if I go I go..
Natalie says she’s ready to go too if tit’s the 2 of them on the block she’ll sacrifice herself for James.”

I can’t wait til Vic or Paul win HOH.

Meech Mccarthy

Michelle is Melissa Mccarthy in a ‘skinny’ suit. And I use skinny suit loosely.


Michelle’s not fat. She may be unpleasant but she’s not fat, obese, chunky, or chubby.

But remember

They should give Vic and Paul a show of their own – going on adventures or doing challenges. I would definitely watch!


Paul and Vic would be good in a buddy cop movie or tv show.


Love Vic!!! Vic for the Win!!!! Rest suck besides paul but he dsnt need money but was by far one of the most entertaining most the season and Vic is halarious too!!! Love his baldwin impersonations, nicole jokes, fake flirting with corey to mess with nicole, that he told nicole stop saying coreys name every 5 min!!! His animal commentary and his nat/james commentary… I really hope he makes it f2 and takes the whole thing!!! Fit Vic you are the only one I can even root for this week. James is a douche n hope hes next! Corey boring as f*ck, nicole just plain annoying, meech just negative nancy, #debbie downer, n cnt take one more week of seeing her pig out n cry abt herself… natalie just lost in the game n cnt stop talking abt afp which her or james dnt deserve at all!!!


Why would james bring out the bb rulebook and start reading to Vic something about relationship with producers. Then fish.


They aren’t supposed to talk about anything specific about the “intellectual property” of Big Brother. It’s considered insider info and secret. They sign NDA’s not to divulge that stuff.


I hope they get Paul out, and James and victor are final 2


Do you think Victor has a crush on Nicole?


Honestly, I do think Vic likes Nicole and he’s tired of hearing her talk about Corey all the time. He asked if her parents would like him. If a guy wasn’t interested he wouldn’t ask those types of questions. Vic wants to visit her in Ubly. Why would he want to go there when there isn’t anything do in a small town.

Vic's Mom

Nicole is not his type at all! He likes his women to be smart and able to carry on an intelligent conversation! He prefers them to be well- groomed and have their own interests outside the relationship. And maybe just a little bit harder to get Nicole we’ve seen what you do under the covers every night with Corey the whole internet has…So no, my Victor is definitely not interested in Nicole. She’s a sweet girl though. ( fake smile)

Mike Z

Vic’s Nature show was hilarious. I think he is a lot smarter than most people think. I first noticed it in that store/math comp he won early on in the season.

Vic has a..

degree in finance…OF COURSE HE”S BRIGHT!!!!


Oh good grief! It’s getting HARD to even read and find solace HERE, where people are supposed to be level headed, see the truth, and NOT fall for the BS being hacked in the house, or by CBS!
I can’t BELIEVE the fall for Victor and Paul! They’ve been told by production to clean up their image because of how far they’ve gotten in the game. And you fall for Paul’s friendship on the feeds. Victors Nature Show. Gag. It’s BS people.
And they can’t even keep from letting some of their fakeness slip out!
“Don’t tell anyone how much we love Jozea, everyone hates him. But I can’t wait to get out and hang with him”.
They’re still the same two hateful, mean spirited men who followed the messiah and thinks they’re one too.
Character matters, and they haven’t had a change in character, just strategy, for the house, AND for the viewers.


Paul’s security watch and Vic’s nature watch is the funniest things I’ve seen and heard this season. Lmao Between Vic’s comp wins, his maturity during his HOH and taking full responsibility for his decisions and now that nature watch I think he does deserve AFP.


I think personally Victor has what it takes to make it in the show biz world.He is young, very good looking,likable, and he can act.He is very marketable and CBS would be dumb not to look at him and put him on a show and see how it goes.