“6 days and a wake up” – Spoilers

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 ?
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 15-55-47-408

10:46am Houseguests get the small table.. They’re eating french toast and mimosas
Paul – dude I’m pounding this bottle of Champaign.. I’ll be literally wasted.. James You gotta drink bro we’re not competing for another couple days ..

Paul – we’re final 3 time to have fun
Nicole – I agree
Nicole says she liked to drink when Corey was in the house
James- Close the yearbook
Paul – Close the year book
Nicole – He’s like the cutest guy ever

Paul – you guys getting a heavy comp out there. No pussy footing ..
Nicole asks them the worst fight they’ve had.
Jam essays the last one with Natalie.
Paul says the one with Meech where he was trying to talk to James in the Kitchen..
Paul – you want to take shots.. I’ll give them right back..

James- kinda sucks that third place gets nothing, First place should be 1/2 a mil is anything.. Second play should be at least 200 thousand and third place be 50
Paul – ya I agree ..
Nicole – ya .. well one of us gets nothing
Paul – that sucks
James- b@lls
James- you get to be in all 40 episodes

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 15-54-28-594
Nicole tells Paul she doesn’t want any orange juice just champagne
Paul – cheers buddy congratz on final 3 ..
Nic – we can’t be nominated anymore

Paul laughs says the two people that were nominated 1 time..
Nicole says she was nominated by him
Paul – At least you got your stripes from the block king this season

Nicole says if Michelle put her up she would have been pissed
James- especially if she tried to take you out too
Nic – key word TRIED
Nic – I’m happy I got her out of here I’m not going to lie
Paul – I’m happy
James says they drink their mimosas and go to sleep
Nicole says that is the plan

Paul wonders when they get restocked. As food is running low
Nicole – not till Saturday
Nicole hopes they get Turkey

Paul – Guys I’m wasted..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 15-47-15-531

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 16-07-28-477

The small table

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-15 16-11-41-616

3:30pm James and Paul London room
James – c’mon pussy wake up
They talk about the baby pelican Paul got.
Paul – he must be relevant.. I must have silly fans
Paul is certain production took away the Pablo that Michelle stole
Jame s- I don’t see why they would snatch it from a fan..
Paul – I would have given it away regardless.. I hope a fan has it.. cause that’s what I was going to do..
Paul – most of the shit i’m keeping will go tto fans.. I’m keeping baby Pablo
Paul says he drives a Chrysler crossfire
James says those are expensive
Paul says they are not it’s 2005 he could sell it for 5 grand it’s got 130K Miles on it.

James says he buys Chevrolet because “They’re the longest dependable trunk on teh road.. trust Chevrolet to get your family from point a to b”
James says he has a 2007 truck cost about 11K, he bought it used
James- 4 wheel drive.. crew cab.. can fit 7 people
James – that thing has power.. 5.8L V8
James goes on about his Z71 truck and it’s towing capacity
James says he got a lift kit installed 4 months before the show started, “it’s hot HID the super bright lights.. it’s got a in dash in it you can watch movies.. it’s a nice truck.. very clean”
James – that’s my baby.. it’s got 158K miles.. it’s paid off.. no leaks

James says he had a dream and his roommate crashed his truck.
Paul – 6 days and a wake up

Paul – how do you feel about this next comp
Jame s- umm… I mean I just.. I’m a little nervous.. it is something.. if it is mental; I hope I can beat her she might crack under pressure maybe I can beast it out

Paul – worst case scenario at least 1 of us is up there
Jame says when Nicole fell in last night’s HOH he was like ‘thank god’
Paul -dude me to
James- as long as 1 of us is up and still in the running.. if I win this comp set dude.. we’re set don’t even worry about it DONE
James – Victor and Natalie will be so proud of us man.. Victor is goign to toss you off the stage he’ll hug you so hard..
Jame s- I think you are goign to cry man
Paul- If I am final 2 I will cry.. it’ll be such a feeling.. holy f*** man.. it’s just gratifying to see hard work pay off.
Paul – I am mentally and physically exhausted because of this house
Paul – it chewed me up and spit me out
James – it’s been a rough season.. I know I keep saying it’s not my first rodeo but damn, last season it was fun I don’t know why it was fun last season.. yeah I went out 7 place and didn’t win the game but it wasn’t stressful..

James – this season was stressful, it had me like.. well a lot of it was arguing with Natalie.. it was the showmance.. and everyone calling each other out the fighting the yelling.. the he said she said..
James – this season got good ratings
Paul – pretty sure it did man

4:20pm James building a card tower.. Paul lingering around making coffee..

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i tried to read through all the posts but im still confused, who is paul lying to nicole or james, do we know who he really is taking to final 2???

They're all lying

they’re all lying to each other, till the very end.


They are all telling each other they are final two. My guess would be that he would take Nic though. She needs the money more then James and Paul has said that she is one of the people he would stay in touch with after the show is over.


When did Paul say that?


Nicole does not need the money. She lives with her parents and still has ALL of her stipend money from BB16.

Pinocchio Obama

The entire house is lying to each other to try and cover all their bases.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work this season. You guys rock!

In That Order

In That Order:
September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Tomorrow: Natalie
Next: Victor
Then: Corey…

Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

Final two: James and Nicole.
**Remember this post when it happens**

— In That Order

Then who wins?

Ok IN THAT ORDER, who wins?


James is first for Afp? I could name a bunch of people who should get it over him! He is so full of himself. I think the thing I hate the most about him is how he treated Meg after 17. Meg was dating some guy from survivor and because James thought him and Meg were ACTUALLY a thing he exposed the relationship which he had no right of doing. He plays up to the camera and is so fake. Please don’t have James win afp he already won he doesn’t need it.

Ba bing


Big Sister

Done and every day until Monday!! CBS.com over and over for Vic!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Paul is looking good. Think James will throw part two too?


He won’t throw it. He’s just not that smart. He will lose, though.


Hey James. What the hell do you mean Victor will be so happy to see Nicole voted out?
You betrayed and voted him out too. Vic will be happy to see either of you.






Looks like someone needs to learn how to count!!!!!!


you were 6ixth mofo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haw haw

Canuck Chick

It’s hilarious that James keeps saying he was in a showmance…
Does his following her around like a puppy begging for a kiss count as a showmance?

Reality Check

The kiss count between Nat Nat and James in the Big Brother House stands at 2.

Big Jim

Rooting for James in Part 2. Paul takes the final comp boits Nicole cruises to 500K. Victor or Frank AFP

Liar, Liar, Pantsuits on Fire

No way I waste a vote on Frank. James for the win and Victor for America’s Favorite Player.

Trump the bigot scammer

From a game point of view, scole has zero chances of winning. Her biggest mistake not getting along with half of the house and jumping into a showmance. Her social skills suck big time. Sssss. She never tried to bond with the girls. Same mistakes from previous season. Ssssssss. In the other hand moises, he played a helll out of game. If moises go the final 2 with either scole or geisha james, moises would win. If scole go agaisnt geisha james, geisha james would win. Ssssssssss. Sometimes i think scole is desperate finding the prince charming. Sssssss

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

if Paul is smart he will take James to the final with him.

Victor for AFP.


Two things….hope Paul can bite his tongue w/ his shit talking of James to Nicole. 6 days of that is just too much, since James ain’t a douche, played like crap, & should be called out on that, nothing else. I don’t want to hear Paul spew for hours as if he was reading the comments from this site. Second, if Paul and Nicole are in the F2, will Michelle just coup d’gras herself on live TV? She’ll stand up, mutter something and samurai suicide herself.


I noticed that in updates (not here) on other sites, James comments are often taken out of context of a conversation or made to sound serious when he is just joking (he even said he will bro it up and make crap up) to demonize him. Whereas with Paul…all the crap he says about the other houseguests, and all the swearing are often left out, so it doesn’t make him look bad. I don’t think Paul is a terrible person, but he is way worse than James as far as he treats people and ‘goes after them’ verbally…but it is overlooked or left out in alot of sites I read…


I agree Paul need to keep his dirty mouth shut


Wont happen. There wont be a final 2 of Paul and Nicole as they arent taking each other and James is throwing part 2. It will be James beating Paul or Nicole.

$500k James winner
$50k Paul or Nicole(whoever of the two wins part 3 of the hoh then takes James final 2 and loses to James)
$25k Vic Americas favorite
$0k Nicole or Paul(whoever of the two loses part 3 of the hoh then gets evicted)


That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Paul’s biggest mistake will be taking Nicole to the final 2. Dude, don’t be stupid!


Paul is the best player in this game: He had an awesome social game, won many comps and was smart and manipulative enough to get where he is. He’s a loud mouth and at time offensive. But year after year, bitter jury members vote on gameplay, not on who they like the most. Based on that, Paul should be good. However… I’m afraid that his use of the C word might cost him at least a couple of votes (Meech and Bridgett) and ultimately the game. Remember how Meech told the rest of the jury about that incident as soon as she walked in. They all seems shocked.


Pauls social game. If its that awesome why was he nominated 6 times? If its that awesome everyone in jury should really like him. Thats not the case. You are right about the c word. Really dumb to say that to someone in the jury phase. Has his play really been that good? To quote him he has been boned by everyone he has worked with and has only been shown loyalty from Vic. He has been fairly flukey to survive as long as he did with twists as well, its not solely because of his own play.

Nicoles social game has been terrible this season. Particularly made no effort with the girls. Obsessed over getting Michelle out for personal reasons then tried to sell it as a strategic move, leaving two pairs safe and getting rid of the 2 girls, perhaps the only two people she may have had a chance of beating. Nicole must know the history of the show and going into final 5 with all guys and her is pretty dumb as hardly ever in the North American format has a girl beaten a guy.

James has the best social game of the 3. He may not have played the best overall, but his social game has been the best of those still alive.

Dont discount social game and likeability as major reasons for how jurors will vote, particularly in a season with average gameplay. If I was voting, I would likely vote for someone who I worked with and/or liked over someone I didnt work with and/or I disliked and/or their gameplay was just ok but not great. I would only vote the other way if a player deserved it with very impressive gameplay like a Dan, Will or Derrick type player.


Does Nicole ever talk about anything else besides Derrick, Cody and Corey. She’s like a broken record. Corey admitted to someone that he was just so tired of Nicole bringing up Cody and Derrick all the time. Victor had to tell her to stop talking about Corey all the time. Glad James and Paul told her to close the yearbook. The only girl she talked to was Zackiyah and the conversation was only about Corey. It would be so annoying having a conversation with her.


Hey guys – on previous posts I saw some comments about Corey complaining about last POV? Was that on the cbs show last night? I didn’t see it or hear it – what was the issue?

Butters Mom

His buttons were not working in the comp.


My impression was that Corey didn’t stomp hard enough on the buttons and verify that it was registering by looking up at the counter. He was putting speed as a priority. Paul made a point of verifying. He was slower but accurate. Corey was panicking and taking a huge risk by not double checking. He took that risk hoping he could argue with the ref later if need be. Just as he has probably done in baseball over the years.

Hillary Lied Four People Died

If James makes the final two Victor will be a lock for AFP. I still don’t understand how James is so popular.


Its so cute that paul got a mini Pablo to cuddle with and take home…ty bb for giving him that…too too cute

Betcha anything paul will have Pablo tee shirts….just you WATCH

Katie Girl

Why are you people voting James AFP? He didnt do anything except follow Natalie around. He floated to the end. Vote Victor AFP!!!

Lying Hillary Diving in the Polls & on her Face

Is James even trying to study for part two of the comp? The last thing we need is for Nicole to win this thing.

James go home

My ideal ending would be James out third getting what he deserves NOTHING, Paul for the win and Vic AFP!


Nicole had a handjob booth set up this season. James did not. Nicole has been much more irritating to listen to. Brutal in fact. It is for this I would much rather see Nicole get nothing for 3rd and see Paul and James battle for the win.

Sounds good but

James and Nicole are splitting EVERYTHING IN HALF My guess is that they made this deal in stone before the show. So they both get something no matter what


Dear allison grodner and rich meehan,

I never want to see james or nicole on this show again


Dear Allison and Rich… Please bring back James and Nicole!!


Seems to me that if James is,in fact, having trouble paying his child support, maybe he shouldn’t be putting his money into pimping his ride. Just my opinion!


I was waiting to see when the purposely written derogatory wording would show up. It’s a deliberate ploy.
As is the constant pandering for so and so to get AFP. It’s meant as an irritant to get folks to do the opposite.
Or the reverse to elicit sympathy.
People will vote for who they want and James is not a geisha boy.


I’m surprised James hasn’t said he’s throwing the HoH, maybe I missed it lol.

Mister pickles

So, the reason James needs a big ole 4 wheel drive truck is……..?


No idea but hell either need a booster seat or phone book to be able to see over the steering wheel


So he can be tall…..


Small man syndrome.


If ur a Paul fan, no matter what happens in round 2 hoh, it’s all about ” the scales of justice ” . Win that and you will have chance to money. Since James is hapless, nic vs Paul on the scale .. Paul fails, neither of the other two will take him . Pretty simple . Same sitch as last year

Delta 231

And the reason Paul is going to buy his Mom a 300,000 car is Mr Pickles? I would say it is none of our business.

Mister pickles

Doodley doodley doo


It cracks me up how everyone thinks they know how the jury will vote.

Nicole-is obsessed with hating Nicole. Wanted her out more than Vic, the largest threat in the house. Was put up and evicted by Nicole.
Paul-called her the c word. Lied about the fries. Flipped to the other side after she and Nat betrayed him and Vic
This girl operates on pure emotion and holds grudges until the end of time! No one can predict who she will vote for between Nic and Paul.

Nicole-has not liked Nic from the beginning. Never trusted her. Was part of a showmance that Da despised. Nic sided with the people that got her out instead of working with the girl’s alliance or the vets. Showed she was impressed with Nic for the last 2 weeks but may not be enough reason to give her the vote.
Paul-don’t think she had any issues with Paul but might hold his c word use against him. He is a male!
I think she will be more reasonable in her vote but unless James is in the final 2 it’s hard to tell who SHE thinks played the game better between Nic and Paul. However, she was rooting for Vic To win so maybe that will parlay to Paul

Nicole- never worked with Nicole, never trusted Nicole. Nic hid behind Paulie and Corey and we know how she feels about them! Nic worked with Paulie and Corey to get her out on her showmance’s HOH.
Paul-most likely doesn’t like him because he is loud and crude, especially with/toward women. He’s a male.
Bridgette is another one that I think will vote for James but it’s hard to know how much the gender factor will outweigh the gameplay and who knows how she feels about Nicole Choosing a showmance over an all girl’s alliance if it is between Nic and Paul. Both were a part of getting her precious Frank out. Most likely her vote will be based on what she hears went on in the house after she was evicted? (which will be from Natalie and Meech’s viewpoint). Wonder if she will detest Paul after she hears their fry lie theory! We shall see

Nicole-was backstabbed by Nicorey when they had a final 4 deal with them. Knows she had a hand in getting her on the block and evicted. Knows how close James and Nicole were…may harbor some jealousy or resentment.
Paul-she knows she did him wrong but then felt like he sh!t on her after she apologized. he’s a meanie!
Unless James is in the final 2, I think Nat’s vote will be heavily influenced by what Michelle and Bridgette think. We saw how she kept changing her mind during her HOH regarding who she despised at the moment, so I highly doubt she will decide based on gameplay and more of who she thinks was nicer to her…..but then again the wind can blow on the way into the building and change her mind!

Nicole-had a hand in backstabbing him at the end. Is in love with Corey and won’t give him the time of day.
James-was the deciding vote that got him evicted the second time.
We know he would vote for Paul. It killed Victor to be betrayed and put up by Nicole and Corey but he is just so in love with Nicole, he will probably vote for her so he has an excuse to visit her in Ubley….without Corey! But then again, he likes to get revenge….will it be revenge for the one who got him out the 2nd time or the one who got him out the 3rd time?

As for Paulie, Z and Corey, we know that Nicole will get their votes if in the final 2. If between James and Paul, Corey will most likely pick James since he has “had his back since day 1”. Paulie could be a toss up because both guys had a huge part in getting him out. And Z? Well we know she will still be under Paulie’s spell so whomever he chooses will probably get her vote!

I guess we won’t know where the jury really stands until the round table discussion. Until then…..

Lying Hillary Taking Bribes 24/7

Can you please post this again page seventeen didn’t post to my computer?

Zakiyah for AFP

I hate everyone in the house. Worst season ever! It’s sad when the jury house is more exciting.


No zakiyah I mean maxi-z she’s not even in running for AFP what has she been done nothing has she made any game moves no did she put her maxi pad on in the storage room and proceed to put her hand in a bag of chips yes did she have sex with Paulie on national tv yes all season she’s been a waste of space she can’t win comps to save her life and keeps crawling back to that asshole Paulie my favorite part of that jury segment was day saying ” this is the man you laid with ” aw good times also Bridgette saying you make my skin boil . If she says I didn’t come on the show to have a showmance I’ma scream she’s so beautiful and she doesn’t deserve a asshole like Paulie if they date after the show he would be the controlling boyfriend which is a recipe for disaster tho what a waste had so much potential so much.


i don’t know if either Paul or Nicole should take James to final 2, He’s got alot of people that like him in the jury house. To fans i think its a no brainer he didnt do ANYTHING in the house. But he didn’t make enemies ( of course its hard to make enemies when you dont play the game ) . I just dont think he even deserves $50k,
At least Paul and Nicole played. Paul for 500K, nicole 50K