Paul – I personally think Jason should be the first to go..

9:07pm HOt Tub Chit chat joking around.

It’s nice to see everyone having a good time.. Topics range from the new Iphone, 64gb vs 128bg, dating fats guys that got in shape then got fat against. They talk about “the Cloud” someone says “You can put it on any of your devices”

More topics.. Roast beef, pastrami, Arby’s, Meat Ball, Wrap Party, Getting wasted at the wrap party, smoking week in a vehicle around the corner from the wrap party.

Paul says for april fools day her mom sent her a all caps message “HELP”, She wasn’t home. (LOL, now that’s funny)

Mark and Jason getting closer…

9:41pm Kevin has been quiet tonight.. Goes to bed early.

Alex comes by… Kevin says he’s feeling really cold can’t believe how cold it is in California.
After spending about 15 minutes Kevin tells Alex he’s getting up to go outside.

9:57pm Kevin and Jason playing pool
Kevin going on about after the show and seeing his family, “I want to see a movie” Kevin jokes about everyone in the hot tub saying that Matt should be on bachelor, “He doesn’t speak is it a silent show”
Kevin points out 3 weeks after the show everyone will be back home working. (Truth)

Paul – square up square up … POW… I’m not wearing any underwear..

Josh – NOOOo

10:46pm Matt, Xmas, Alex, Raven HOH
Xmas wonders what’s up with Kevin.
Talking about Kevin acting weird. Matt says it’s because he misses his family, Kevin has been weird for a week and a half.
Alex says she talked to him and he was telling her she’s been tired tonight.

11:00pm Still one showmance in the house..

Raven – I’m ticklish on my forehead.. It’s a weird Tickle

Paul joins them.. Hints that from his Diary rooms he’s feeling they are moving forward fast in the game. He thinks tomorrow night is an eviction with another one on thursday.
Paul – I could alo be wrong (You lie)
Raven and Matt both fell they’ve been moving forward faster than usual in the Diary rooms.
Paul asls point sout that they did Xmas’ blog and tweets early.

Paul – I’ve been feeling them Kevin for a long time..
Matt says that Paul was right they have to take the first shot.
Raven says Alex and Jason thnk they have Josh and Xmas which they don’t
Paul – to an extent
Raven – they tell Josh everything ..
Paul – I’m gong to keep feeding Kevin to them.

Matt – Alex and Jason are down for final 5
Paul – so are Christmas and Josh

Raven says they should put up Alex and jason.
Paul agrees , says they’ll tell the house it’s so they can Backdoor Kevin.
Paul says He’ll offer Kevin a final 2 deal .

Paul – I personally think Jason should be the first to go..
Paul adds that they can pull alex.

Paul explains that Kevin and Alex will tie back to them once Jason goes.

Paul says Alex and Jason are the strongest duo in the house
Rraven laughs “Definitely not me and you”
Paul adds that it’s a good thing they pulled Kevin Off them that was a trio before.

11:25pm Alex, Jason and Paul
Paul telling Jason how much Matt doesn’t like him.

11:41pm Josh, Alex, Jason

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I hate Paul.

That’s it.





Paul's #1 minion

You just want to suck Paul’s d!ck

Paul's #1 minion

Why??? is t because he is playing a good game?…..and You could never play on his level


He sucks! I would never want to stoop to his level.

Matt the cereal killer

Love him or hate him, paul is in great position and is playing a really good game. He gonna win as long as he can manage jury well enough…


it’s not a good game when you are playing with idiots. he got lucky


so true


Paul still talking blah blah blah. Will he just shut up? He just likes to hear himself talk! It is unbearable to watch or listen to.

Selective Quotes

It’s not that Paul just keeps on talking.
All of the houseguests are talking.
It’s just that anything and everything Paul says gets posted on this site and is then (broken down).
If Paul were to be kicked out of this house, I don’t think this site could continue on.


Absolutely agree. Also, the comments from the site owners that focus on how terrible the people they don’t like are. Such as…

“Paul – I could alo be wrong (You lie)”

But don’t show there terrible things from the ones the do like. I don’t feel this site will be around too much longer.

Need some Canadian Vibes in there



Raspberries to both of you!
Don’t like the site don’t come………………….no one is breaking your arm.
This is my favorite site……………I prefer this site to the others!!


I love Simon and Dawg! I don’t think you’ll find a better site than theirs. But let me be a lady and hold the door open for you.


You said it, Simon! The sites continuity is due to the fact that it is the BEST BB Internet site, hands down, to feed our respective BB appetites. The humor you and Dawg add is what makes the transcriptions so darn palpable. Other websites simply cannot compare. Thanks for everything!!


Hmm…I think the site will remain as long as Big Brother is a show. This site doesn’t make Simon and Dawg money so they do it because they enjoy it.



Paul's #1 minion

Stop hatin


Then don’t.


And yet he is getting a great edit on prime time.
What gives what has happened to keeping obvious targets in the house who nobody wants to align with and putting them on the block each week while you go after serious targets. Now it seems if there is somebody in the house you do not like then you take them out & anybody they talked to because it’s a game nothing personal. Once again Josh looks like the biggest idiot in the house.


I don’t even care who wins at this point. I just SOOO wanna see Paul get blindsided, backdoored and booted to the Jury House!! That’s the one thing that could redeem this season for me.


Paul can’t leave cause the HG’s would all try to fall on a sword to save him then acuse the person who put him on the block of being a bully and give that person hell until they left the house claiming the worst game player ever. Worst than Jody is what they would claim. It is going to look like Alex & Jason should have taken the deal from Cody and weaponized him. Seeing how Paul is turning on his alliance with them.


Frankly I wish Paul would leave and take his peanut gallery with him……………donate the money to charity.
CBS would then fire AG and go back to old format.


People who say “they should just donate the money to charity” has never had any real money.


Matt hates Jason?
That’s the ruse Paul??
Well we know Jason wants Maven out, but OF COURSE, he’s too stupid to realize what’s going on.
And, his coach, Alex is misted by Paul and busy with her Kevin Cop paranoia.
I had hoped that Jason or Alex won the next H.O.H to throw a wrench in this plan, and force
Paul’s hand on Kevin or Matt. Either way, Paul is insulated by the duos. SOMEONE needs to get a whiff of something to stir the pot.


The old Whistle Nut surprise. Classic BB strategy. LOL

Here’s what I’d ask you. Alex and Jason aren’t in the room and Matt and Raven are. Due these 2 not have a clue? If Paul isn’t with you he’s talking about you. One of these 2 better win HOH or they both go up. How is his gnomeness going to explain why Maven aren’t going up? Maybe they get a clue and scramble. Most likely they go to sleep and count sheep!

Well the other thing that’s pretty clear is Paul and Raven worked out a strategy before the season. Almost no convos til this week and now Paul and Raven are chatting like allies since week one. Production had the fix in from day one hard.

The part I find truely disgusting is these sheeple are so bad playing BB Paul could win without the production fix!!!


For the life of me I CANNOT understand why this group of idiots don’t see what a manipulative game that weasel Paul is playing. The only one that has outright said anything about getting Paul out is Mark and look where that has gotten him. They are all just giving $500,000 to the jerk. Yes, he is playing the game (and apparently doing it well) but they are completely blind and just plain stupid for letting him control everything and everyone. Would someone in that house just take the blinders off and get rid of him! It probably won’t happen, but one can hope…


yes! People think Paul is playing a good game which he isn’t…he just got lucky to be in a house with majority of stupid people.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Raven’s mother said the GoFundMe was started by a fan after Raven had gone into the BB house. However Raven begged fans to support the GoFundMe proving that’s also a lie.
What a bunch of scammers.
Please……whoever is in the audience when she’s evicted……boo LOUD!!!!!


What in the world is wrong with these people….! How on earth have they let themselves
Get to this point in the game and not realized how Paul is using them not just one of them but all of them. For those of you who do not get the live feeds you are only seeing whatCBS wants you to see . There is so much that goes on and is said that you would want to just SCREAM ! Paul is the biggest S$&t stirrer that I have ever seen…!he has provoked every outburst that has taken place in this house my 7 yr old granddaughter was in ear shot of one of the shows and said to me Nana he is a “BULLY” and he is a grown up how come he is so mean. Please let even just one of them realize what he is doing and send him “OUT” …!

Where's Matt's family ?

We all know Matt is certainly no prize in a Cracker Jack box but Raven is a bottom of the barrel trailer trash. Who thinks Matt will head for the hills and hide a few years after seeing how much the public hates Raven?


I’ve actually gone full circle in my dislike for Paul to actually rooting for him now. The only houseguest who deserves to win at this point. I mean he has been HoH 11 times already. That must be a record?


Kind of off topic, but do you think the house guests are aware of the upcoming eclipse? I’m sure that’s all they would be talking about it if production told them. They’ll be so shocked when it happens. Hopefully they won’t be on lockdown.


I always root for vets when they return to play again. Paul is the only vet I dislike. I even rooted for Rachel and that’s not easy haha! But I dislike these players more. Big brother, just donate the 500,000 to charity and we’ll call it done. Any charity but Ravens


Why is eclipse comment a thumbs down?


Just dreaming, but wouldn’t it be fun if someone overheard Paul making his deals with one of the pairs? Say Christmas hears him working with Alex. Do you think she would figure out that he has a deal with 3 different couples. She would most-likely justify it as stragity.


I am digging Paul this season. He’s got a good social game and is puppeteering very intelligently. Also, he adds energy!

every episode is a eye roll

He has the right idea but wrong implementation. Yes you want to control the house, yes you want to get your agenda taken care of but the blood on other people hand, yes puppeteer as best as you can and stir the pot if it takes the target off your back … however he has done it all in such a disrespectful way its hard root for him.


This has been the season of “I made big moves” — ????. These fools are seriously going to feel stupid when they get out and realize they all did exactly what Paul wanted each and every HOH. No one made any moves and no one did anything but look like assholes on national tv….my favorite summer pastime has been super predictable and boring this year…they only reason they have such high ratings is because people are tuning in to see the bullying of Jody and Mark…


Bullying? Have you heard Jessica talk? She constantly made fun of people even on the outside of the house – calling people fat and ugly. Her behavior is pure scum.


Simon it is up to you to make these updates interesting now. It has become predictable and boring now.. -_-


I’m dying to see “Operation Back Door Paul.” Houseguests! DO SOMETHING! Stop waiting for Paul’s orders. He’s a BB veteran….he’s manipulating all of you!
Please somebody, anybody….lead the operation to BACK DOOR PAUL….or he’ll take the prize away from you.