Mark “If I stay I go to the bat for you. I’ve never given my word and broken it.”

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5:55pm HOH room. Josh and Christmas.
Christmas – she (Alex) is 100% on board with you being in the top five. Josh – you spoke to her? Christmas – yeah we were just talking. Christmas – she is really wanting Kevin out. Josh – she wants Mark, Matt and then Kevin. Christmas – and then Raven. Christmas talks about how Mark was willing to do anything to stay. Alex was like f**K that. As he starts to realize he is going home he will try and stir the pot. She was like I’m not believing anything that f**ker says. It will probably be good to get out any more secrets if there anything to get. Josh – I could talk to him. Christmas – Is there any other information we need? He doesn’t have any information on me. If he does, it would be made up. I’ve played unintentionally a pretty low key game. Apparently I am super aggressive. Josh – yeah, who says that? Christmas – just collective understanding. Josh – no you have a bada$$ don’t f**k with me vibe.. personality. I don’t think you’ve played a low key game. Every time I’ve called someone out you’ve been right there with me. Christmas – but we do need to separate from Paul. Josh – yeah. Christmas – I am going to be hanging out with her (Alex) a lot more. Josh – I’m going to hang out with Jason more. Christmas – I’ll hang out with Raven more. Josh – I could hang out with Matt more. Christmas – no, don’t… hang out with Jason more. Christmas – if Jason and Alex are out of it (HOH) and Kevin .. make sure that f**ker is out of it too.. somehow discreetly throw it too. Josh – if its me, Matt and Raven.. I’ll just drop. Christmas – no you have to play like you slipped. And be like f**k this is the week I needed to win. Christmas – because if they win they’re taking out Matt. Which doesn’t hurt us a ton. Josh – but we need Matt to take them out. Christmas – you and Paul need to not win HOH next week. We need to be cautious that they don’t find out we’re working both sides of the house. Josh – they’re not on to me like that.

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6:05pm – 6:30pm Mark joins Josh and Christmas up in the HOH room.
Mark – tomorrow is the day .. so I wanted to come up and see if there are any deals to be made. If not, that’s okay but I would regret it if I didn’t. Christmas – its a difficult position. Josh – out of everyone you’ve handled it so good. You just aligned yourself with the wrong people. You aligned yourself with the enemy. Christmas – they played their game with no consideration for you. I promised you I would think about it… I would like to still sit on it. Someone might blow their top tonight. Josh – my whole thing is this… you were on board to get Cody out.. you have / had a final 2 deal with Jason since the beginning. Mark – yeah. Josh – how is that going to change. Mark – I am alone in this game. After Jason did what he did, (put him up during the double eviction).. we’re done. He threw me in the fire. If I stay I go to the bat for you. I’ve never given my word and broken it. Christmas – did you have a final 2 with Elena. Mark – no, just that we had each other’s backs. Christmas – did she have one with anyone? Mark – if she did, she didn’t tell me. Christmas – I definitely think you’re much more deserving to be here than Cody. Mark – thank you.

Josh – I can appreciate as a man how you’ve been handling it. What is your relationship with Kevin. Mark – Kevin just talks. Me and him have never talked game. I don’t know if he has with anyone else. In the game I am alone. If you think I can be an asset. You (Christmas) don’t compete in HOH, you (Josh) do. I’ve never broken my work with anyone ..except with Cody. Josh – if you turned on Cody when he was a close friend and we’ve had problems .. how can I believe you. Mark – Cody messed up my game. He put my game in jeopardy. The only time I went against you was when you threw my name out in front of the entire house. Josh – I believe what you’re saying and that you don’t have anyone. Personally I really like you and all I can do is go off the last 50 days. I can’t get past you turning your back on Cody. Mark – you turned your back on me because of a personal issue. You’re the one that threw me under the bus. Christmas – where are we game-wise? How do you see the house? Mark – if Matt and Raven win .. I personally think they are coming after you. You’re the only two that have done anything for me and I pay back my debts. Christmas – I can’t compete next week.. Am I the toad in this situation? Josh – down the road if the power shifts and we don’t have the numbers would you turn on us? Mark – I wouldn’t. I am all alone and I am pledging my allegiance to you. And not even that there is a big move that could be made. Josh – you have to give us more than that? Mark – look at Alex and Jason.. they’re winning things and everyone likes them. If you do put me up, just don’t tell Alex. She deserves to be here but if she is down in the final 3 or 4 she is going to win. I gave my safety to Paul because he gave me friendship and I promised him I would pay him back. I repay my debts. Alex and Jason are scary. They win competitions, they have Kevin and Paul and people like them. Josh – I respect that you respect the game move. Mark – thank you for hearing me out. Mark hugs Christmas and leaves.

6:35pm – 6:40pm After Mark leaves Josh says MAN SHUT THE F**k UP! MAN SHUT THE F**K UP! Christmas – he can work it. Josh – if Alex and Jason were up here he would have thrown us under the bus. Christmas – I am going to have to go over my calculations again. Josh – we can’t let Alex go to top three because she will roll through.. we have to take Raven. Christmas – I think Alex has to go before Kevin. F**k why can we only get rid of one at at time. The only thing that I took from that conversation was that Alex is a good competitor (WTF you just realized that now). I thought he was talking about Paul. Josh – I thought that too. If I get HOH, I am putting Matt and Alex up. Christmas – the (eviction) order is Mark, Jason, Matt, Alex and Kevin. Josh – we have to win HOH. And we have to make sure this tree temptation does not come into play. Christmas – Paul will fight you on Alex going.

6:05pm Hammock. Jason and Alex.
Jason and Alex both think Kevin is lying about his life. They think he is talking about his Dad’s life when he talks about his life. Jason – maybe he’s a cop. Alex –
he’s not a cop he’s too paranoid. Alex – if he was a rat and a gangster in his real life .. everyone in his family would be dead right now.
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6:35pm – 6:45pmPaul and Kevin playing pool while Mark watches.

7:10pm Christmas and Raven sitting on the couches chatting. Raven – hopefully we get the family videos this week. Christmas – I am going to cry when I see yours.

7:27pm Matt and Mark are playing pool. Alex, Jason, Paul, Josh and Raven are sitting in and around the hot tub chatting about random things.

8pm – 8:55pm Hot Tub. Jason – I just pissed in the hot tub to make it warmer. Josh – I hope you never change. Paul – he’s 37 years old he is not going to change. The conversation turns to talking about where to meet girls. Josh – I go up to a girl and tell her she is beautiful, can I buy you a drink. Paul – I would says Hi, I’m a huge pu$$y but you’re really pretty. I’m going to leave now. Jason – that would probably work more than his. Josh – what do you mean, I’m smooth. (LOL) Paul – I am a pu$$y. Mark – it is easier for me to talk to a girl in the grocery store than it is in a bar. Josh – if I see a girl that drives me nuts .. I am getting drunk and then approaching her. Mark – I wrote what I want to say to a girl in my phone and then pointed to it. It says I am drunk, could I take you out some time? They laugh. Mark – It worked. I got her number. The date didn’t go well though. Paul – I sent a soccer ball emoji to a girl and said whoops I kicked my soccer ball into your inbox, I’m just here to retrieve it. Josh – that’s horrible! Paul – it worked! I got her number. Paul – I am shy as t!ts! I saw a girl one time and stopped walking. She short circuited my brain. I told her you need to go home and high five your parents for banging and making you because you are so beautiful. Josh – you said that?! Paul – yeah, she laughed and thanked me. Then I dipped and never saw her again.

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I wonder if the houseguests will watch the solar eclipse tomorrow. Might as well since they are already blind.


Worst season ever!!


A group of ppl say that every year, but SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE WORST SEASON, I don’t even talk abt it all day like I would do previous seasons, I would normally talk abt it so much at work that someone would start watching BB, but this season have no bragging rights, it’s TRULY JUST AWEFUL. TRAIN WRECK AWFUL.

They aren't that nice

I feel the same. Maybe knowing that they can turn into a pack of rabid dogs is depressing when again CBS has portrayed the HGs as so likable.

Not to mention how boring it is. With xmass saying its her HOH and she’ll make a big move. I’m thinking maybe putting up alex but nooooo. She’s backdooring Mark. Shocker 🙁

Hat's Off To You

best comment all Summer.


Hey Juuulieee! CBS screwed you over more than Production screwed over the viewers – this is the last season and while the viewers will still be watching something on TV next year, come next year you will be out of a job! ZINNNNGGGGG!!!!

Bolt Uprite.

Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves, president of CBS. She will have a job.



Mama Mia

The only thing blinding in that house is Ravens beauty. That picture of her is stunning.

She has me looking online for any ooop pictures.

Heavens to mergatroid she is HHOTT!

Funniest post ever!!!!!!

Hi Raven’s (scammer) mother.


You have to be kidding me.. Raven? Beautiful? You must be referring to her body which I will agree is a great body but her face is maybe a 2 at best.. when she is all natural she looks scary and when she has make up on she looks like she let her give yea old sister apply it for her




That is the funniest post i have seen on here yet


The solar eclipse is only in canada..DUMMY


It’s not only in Canada! May not be in California, but it’s NOT only Canada. Reasearch is your friend!

Solar Eclipse is also in the U.S.

Hey Marge…you should research before calling someone a dummy! Looks like the dummy is you!


The only thing that would save this season of Big Brother is a direct hit by a meteor on the BB house.

Jessica's Birth Control

Is it possible Alex, Jason, Josh, and Christmas are NOT as dumb as we think????? They are going along with the Paul plan to take out mark, matt, kevin, and raven and then they takeout ………………………………………………..PAUL!!!!!!!
Why rock the boat now? Why risk it? You all have a clear path to final 5 by taking out both showmances and the nice guy (kevin) whom /america and the jury loves. Get it to a 5 man game with several strong players and then take out PAUL. And why tip your hand? The smart player KNOW Production/Allison Grodner loves them some Paul. If production ever got wind of a paul takedown, they would give him magic powers to stay. AND EVERYONE IN THAT GAME KNOWS IT! These people may not be as stupid as we think. Well mark, matt, kevin, and ravenare stupid. But the others might be playing a pretty smart game!!!!Who woulda thunk it!


No matter their possible strategy, they’ve blown it with viewers (or blog readers) who have witnessed their bullying behaviour techniques. their Paul worship, their tattling, and the way they ostracize the person targeted. They’ve ruined the game with their poor personalities.


Nope they’re that stupid , u heard xmas statement while she was in the dr she said she was making a biiiiig move , I actually got excited and thought yes finally someone’s gonna play this game ! But nope her big move is to take mark out ? He’s a single person in the house xmas could n should make a deal with him for him to win hoh n her to have his hoh powers meaning she’ll tell him to put up and then take paul out ! Or at least Alex or that useless Matt and raven those 2 are the most annoying people this season by far Matt has some kind of OCD cause he’s always touching his beard his face and raven eats n sleeps n talks shit about everyone when she has done nothing in this game ! But come on all Mark leaving is doing is taking out Paul’s biggest threat ! Xmas I’m so disappointed in your game play wake up your in jury now


Only problem with that is they don’t actually want to take Jason and Alex so theyre going to look like idiots when they get screwed

Captain Crunch

Xmas keeps saying they need to separate from Paul but keeps doing everything Paul tells her and watch Mark go up on the block b/c thats what Paul wants.

These idiots take everything Paul says a face-value, never cross check or compare notes b/c Paul cant lie “because of friendship”. I don’t like Paul but i hope he screws them over in the end. They all deserve to lose for keeping him this far into the game and letting him control their HOH.

Jessica's Birth Control

Dont be so sure. Christmas has been laying down subtle hints about paul but she never pushes it. She has done it with Josh, Jason, and with alex through jason. Just enough to plant the seed but not enough to give production a red flag. Remember Josh at HOH. She made several comments that this is not pauls game very subtlely. She is opening the door, but not rushing it. Its still early in her game. Let them take down mark, matt, kevin, and raven first. Pauls biggest mistake last year was that he and vic jumped the gun to take down paulie too early. He should have played things out with paulie a little longer and nicole would have been gone. Xmas IS playing a very smart. A crazy bitch with a broke foot and she is locked in to a final 5 unless someone gets too froggy.


She’s locked into final 5 because she has a broke foot. They’re not going to get rid of someone who can’t compete in half the competitions.


when is it she’ll make that move ? Do u really think things are going to fall into place just because they think it will ? She’ll be gone in the next couple weeks n look back at this week n say damn I should have taken paul or Alex out this week !


Its all laid out- mark, matt, kevin, raven. But you are right, someone could flip the switch and get double crossed. In past seasons, that would happen. but this season is paint by numbers. paul, alex, jason, josh xmas seem willing to go to a final 5 and then its everyone for themselves. Last year paulie had everything laid out. And then he got the iron sheik treatment- suplexed, put in camel clutch, broke his back, sodmized, and taught respect. You gotta remember, Who does paul think the people in the jury really hate and wont vote for??? Paul encouraged the bullying, but it was xmas, josh, alex who were the biggest assholes. Paul wants any of them in a final 2 where its svengali vs asshole. Svengali wins. The only person that could hurt him in that final 5 is jason. Which is why paul is shitting on him now.


Alex may go up if Jason comes down. Xmas and Josh are targeting Alex and Jason. Xmas may decide to make her “Big Move” now. Josh, Mark, Raven, Kevin could vote Alex out. Paul and Jason vote Matt. Paul might actually vote Alex. When Xmas talks F3, she doesn’t include Paul. Neither does Josh. It’s X, J and Kevin (or Raven, or Matt). Fingers crossed.


xmas, josh, and kevin???? xmas is shitting all over kevin and never talks game with him. And never confides in him. She wants to get a spanking from her daddy like a bad girl, but thats it.


its been so boring not being able to troll cody and that user jessica. i thought it was troll elena time but now its just the paul show.. im a paul fan too. i had all this elena material to put up like how her eyes went greed overdrive when she saw the 5k that alex had. omg it was the biggest greed face. she should hook up with caleb


Have you been drinking?


What are these family videos Raven keeps talking about getting? That’s Survivor; isn’t it?


I have been wondering what she is talking about too…thought perhaps production offers that incentive to get these precious flowers to leave their Mama’s. But, sounds like she is confused about the show she signed up for this year.

Ugly ass laugh

Omg I can’t stand Raven, her laughing sounds like an Animal (hyenas)


I thought Xmas was going to make some big moves when she won HOH. What happened? She doesn’t have a brain in that head of hers. Again Paul’s HOH. YAWN!! sssssssss

Sir Loin of Beef

The only “big move” Xmas made was with her bowels in her HOH bathroom!

Constipation is a side effects of her pain meds! Bitchiness is too!


why is christman even still there? all those meds and opt-out of challenges. shes just full of bull crap.

Raven's huge vagina hole

Kevin is a two faced prick. I always thought that. But ever since he told everyone about Cody’s daughter after Cody was having a genuine conversation with him, I lost all respect for him, and I think he deserves all the treatment he gets. Because the other players are seeing him for the disgusting slimeball he is.


he blew it for me at the start..when he started calling Josh “blob” then the others all started doing it to. Have said for weeks when anyone goes on about how what a great guy Kevin is. He’s 55 years old and wonder what he would do if ppl on national TV were calling his kids names?? you know he wouldn’t like it but its okay for him to do it. Never did like him…DISLIKE josh completely though once he showed what a true ass bully he really is.

Judge Janie

Jason’s reaction on tonight’s episode to finding out he’s going to be a dad again had me in tears. Definitely a great guy and my favorite player.

Jason is a disappointment

Gotta love the edit BB him Jason. He’s just as bad as the rest of them.


Anyone else tired of all these silly temptations???


Hell Yeah, somehow every season the twist ruin the game. Temptations, Battle Back, Pandora’s Box, Battle Of The Block, Coup De’Tat… It’s always some BS that clearly protects Production’s Favorites…


So much for Christmas making her big move. Mark is so far from a big move…he is alone and willing to work with them but nope they’ll stick with Paul. Stupid stupid stupid!!!

trying to watch but cringe at every show

Whatever happened to player.s doing whats best for THEIR game. As soon as someone mentions Paul’s name….. BOOM – targeted, treated like crap, bullied and out the door. Cody, Jess and now Mark. PAUL WAS THEIR TARGET NOT THE CURRENT HOH’s. THIS SEASON JUST STINKS !!!! AND I wish they would give true edits on CBS about these clowns


I agree. It is the WORST SEASON EVER. They should call it PAUL”s asshole buddies.
This is too scripted to be reality
Nonsense and WAY TOO MUCH BULLYING. Paul and Josh should have been kicked out


Shelter animals for AFP. Only good thing about this season.

Watch out loserq

Josh is so tough. I love how he cussed out Mark… after he left the room.

I would pay for the McGregor-Mayweather fight if Mark-Josh and Cody-Paul (special knife boxing rules, of course) were the undercard.


Christmas: I’ve got to win this week, so I can make BIG, BIG moves!! This house isn’t gonna know what’s coming!
i.e. Nominate and then vote the way everyone on the live feeds and forums allready know you will- how Paul wants, nay, demands from his fellow HGs-thus rendering the season boring, pointless and a waste of our BB season that we wait all year to watch. I hope she personally finds this post 2 months from now.


To all these comments regaurding Xmas DR comment. please remember this disgusting trash bag b**tch is just spewing what production wants for the edits. Some of the stupid comment from most HGs comes from production. I bet the Cody backdoor and him not telling anyone was production as well.


Is it me or is Mark the 1st person to try to make a deal with the person who got HoH. I think the other weeks the nominees just sulked


Cody tried to make multiple deals with Alex and Jason


X-mas talked about getting to be HOH so she could make a big game move. Her big game move was… backdoor the target of the entire house, I mean Paul’s target, wait the house target. Whatever it’s all the same. PATHETIC! I thought she would be a hard charging female player to look up to. My mistake. No mind of her own.


Win Paul it just a game don’t let Xmas flip the script

Kids Rock

Josh has really made a great comeback in this game!!! Nobody expected Josh to make it past week2!!’ He is playing game… props MEATBALL

Bolt Uprite.

That must be why he’s always YELLING in the DR clips, he’s trying to convince us and himself that he’s not really a moron. He’s being carried to the end by multiple people because of his Princess Victoria vibe.




So true.. I swore he was going to be targeted when he took the safety during the first competition. His unfounded paranoia and inflated sense of importance.. like why would u be the prime target? Lol he definitely has made strides. I wouldn’t mind Josh win if he makes a big move to take out a power player


I love how Christmas said over and over again in the DR that she going to shake up the house; make a big move but than turns around and does what paul wants by putting Jason/Matt on the block and plans to back door Mark when Jason comes off the block……

Sorry Christmas that’s NOT a big move…..

…That’s a Paul HOH move….


What year/season did live feeds start? Perhaps casting got bad and the game changes once it started…needed to get certain “types” to entertain the 24/7 feeds and it turned into more of a MTV real world/the challenge type of casting call.

Backseat Driver

Good point……I think you are spot on!

Am I watching Carrie?

I wonder how Petty Alex will be when she does not win the 5k? Will she make a scene with Paul about lying like she did with Elena?


She did nothinqg. She thinks she even won the HOH Paul gave to her and she was to stupid to realize. Every night she has to get “her medicine” what a mess, Clueless. She is a nasty old mess


She didn’t even answer the last question to win! Paul purposely answered wrong so Christmas could win. Christmas never even put down an answer!! Then she acts like SHE won the HOH!

Next week they want Raven or Matt to win HOH. That should be interesting to see those idiots as HOH!



Do not support them. Horrible like NazI to fellow Americans with them. Awful and mean. Now is the time to call them out on being evil to their fellow human being. DO NOT LET THEM EARN A CENT FROM, BEING HATEFUL BULLY AND EVIL TO ANOTHER HUMAN. WRONG!!!!!


How this comment got any thumbs up is a mystery. You say they are hateful but call Alex a derogatory name and say things like “murder Matt” and “Nazis”. Clearly you have issues and so does the people who up voted. I’m sorry but that comment is “hateful”.


Raven looked horrible on tonight’s episode, she had some serious bags under her eyes.


And this is why women feel bad about themselves. You’ve never been tired and had bags under your eyes? Yeeeesh


I don’t know why Josh is so hung up on Mark turning his back on Cody. Matt, Raven and Elena also turned their back on Cody when he tried to back donor Paul. Also if Mark did not turn on Cody, Mark would have voted to evict Christmas.


Absolute idiots. They “target” people playing the game by them selves and call them a threat. After Jessica Cody wasn’t a threat. Even if he won hoh he couldn’t play the next and couldn’t win every veto. Same goes with mark this week. They say Alex is dangerous and her and Jason need to be broken up..but it until next week??wtf. They notice that Paul is playing good but don’t get that that means they need to take him out. They are the most dumb cast ever. Wasteee. But I’m still watching lol so maybe I’m dumb too

Walton's Mountain

Young Raven Walton will be admonished by the church elders for wearing Mr. Whistleboy’s work leathers. We acknowledge that this was done in jest, but still deemed inappropriate attire. Please continue to pray for Sister Walton’s continued success!


This show has to be scripted. If I won HOH I would not allow anyone to have secret meetings in there without me. I would not allow someone to share the room with me. Not one of these people have even questioned who Paul wants to take to the end? I don’t really care who wins at this point because all of them are like scum on the sole of your shoes, I would throw them away and buy a new pair.


I stopped watching this season weeks ago.,..whenever I check spoilers nothing disappointing the whole extra stuff added with temptation only made these houseguests more stupid..2017 has to be season of Floaters..

The Foosa

In all seriousness, is CBS brass pleased with this years shitshow? If so, it says more than enough about CBS as a whole….I wish I didn’t like Survivor and The Amazing Race, however give CBS time to eventually deconstruct those two as well…They have jumped the shark so many times this season and I’m starting to think CBS is asking their viewers to “suspend their disbelief”, like a very bad “B” movie where things just don’t make sense or add up, thus asking the viewer to stick your head in the sand and ignore the obvious.

Jimmy Two Times Two Times

OMG Paul, could you be any more of a “one upper” its so embarrassing. No one can have 1 not 1 thing that he doesn’t try to match. EVEN IF he has been there done that, so, stfu and let someone else tell a story or shine for like 3 seconds, fricken idiot! Oh yeah I totally got her number after that x 3, dip shit why not tell that story first then. *Eyeball roll on the floor *.

Yes Grinch, like you’re going to make any big moves. Dayumm I hope Mark stays in the house some how. I mean at this point. Why shouldn’t he win, his game isn’t to bad and he still manages to hang in there lol.


The “men” (and I am using that term loosely) for this season has to be the biggest collection of p$$sies I have ever encountered. Every single one of them has a mangina. Tough talkers until the person walks in the room. Constantly crying in private and public. Cereal eating weenies. Is this what they call milleniums? When I was in the joint we used to call them punks. Face down, bottom up, biting down on the pillow. I would have turned these twinks out and sold them for a pack of Luckys to the Aryans.


Christmas should make that “Big” move. Put Alex on the block. Keep Mark. He offered her a sweet deal to keep him in the game.


Smart move would to put up Raven next to Matt. Last showmance left in the house. Only piss off 1 person than 2 couples.


It seems like Production TOLD Mark to take the temptation bc everyone else just stood around looking at each other as he was the only one to go take part in it… and if there are 5 temptations, and they want them to all be used by the final 3, Mark would have to be the one to take the first temptation being that he is about to go out the door and once you take one, you cant take another…. My guess is that Production also told Mark to give the save a friend to Paul…. yet again giving Paul a safe week…. like he wasnt safe already. These stupid temptations are weak and unnecessary. Those friendship bracelets just keep on giving friends to Paul.. even now. How can anyone say he is playing a great game when Production just keeps on giving him “freebies”? And now, he’s talking to the camera and giving us his strategy, so Derrick like, after Derrick comes in and leaves again… smh… over this season.


Seriously? Mark, you have never given your word and broke it? Who voted Jody out then? I was rooting for you, now I can’t wait your lying ass get kicked out of the door


Yeah….that didn’t make sense to give Paul the safety, because he is not anyone’s target. It was just to secure his spot….it was a wasted move completely.


This is the worst season ever. Seems its scripted. Should be named” PAUL AND THE IDIOTS” as Paul given every opportunity to win. Never seen so many ZOMBIES . All share one MIND…PAUL’S.
Paul and Josh are BULLIES .Production should have kicked them out . What a display of bully mentality.
Not fun or enjoyable to watch all the idiots pick on one individual .