Paul “I know you’re a straight shooter but Natalie is telling me something completely different.”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 04-24-30-090

12am Kitchen – Nat says I have a feeling a few cast members aren’t going to be liked by other cast members. James agrees. Nicole and Corey join them. Nicole is bragging about beating Corey in dominoes. Corey tells her he’ll meet her on a basket ball court any day. Nicole says you’re so bitter after you lose. Corey asks what makes you think I didn’t let you lose. Nicole says you of all people would not let me lose. Corey asks what does that mean. Corey and Nicole head to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 04-26-48-095

1:10am HOH room – Paul asks James to come up to the HOH room to talk. Paul says I have something to ask you. Paul says pertaining to the week that I was put on the block, me and Vic. When that was happening you know I was told that Nicole and Corey were the ones that told Nat that I was coming after you. But I found out that, that’s not the case. I was told that you were the one that told Natalie that. I just wanted to know if that was true? James says its not. I promise you. Paul says Honestly I don’t care at this point. But I was told it was you. James says remember on eviction night and Natalie looked pissed off, that’s when Nicole told Natalie in the bathroom. Paul asks How sure are you that Nicole told you that? James says after the live show Nicole told us both in the bathroom again .. but she didn’t say that you were coming after her. She said that Paulie told her that you said to him. Paul says I know that you’re a straight shooter but Natalie is telling me something completely different. I’m not trying to toss a wedge between you two. You’re both on the block, that doesn’t do anything for me but I was apologized to by her and then I was told that you were the one that who gave her that information. James says I didn’t, I swear. Vic says she basically said that she got bad advice from you and she regretted taking that advice. James asks WHAT?! She told me that she campaigned for her to go home.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 04-40-12-120

Vic says she came up here the first time and said sorry, I got information from James. Some bad information essentially. Paul says some times you trust people and it ends up backfiring in the end. Essentially saying it was your fault. After the veto, this morning she tells us that she wanted to campaign for us to vote her out. She said that if she had won the veto she would have used it on you. I’m not buying that. I could be playing this game with my mother, and I wouldn’t use it on her because its not a life and death thing. James says I promise you I have nothing to hide. Paul says I am telling you right now .. man to man I was not coming after you. Paul says I am not going to tell Nicole and Corey, this is just for me. Vic says its just very suspect. James says we’ve had fights down there and she’s apologized. Vic says it is hard for me to go after someone who is taking the blunt of the blame for something they didn’t do. James says I was the deciding vote to vote you out. James says she (Nat) told me if I link up with certain people she would never talk to me again. Paul says I was made public enemy number one and I don’t know why. James says it was nothing made up it was just what I was told from Natalie and from Nicole. Paul says I respect the way you handle things. It could have just been a game move or a reverse psychology move. James says I’m not going to relay anything. James leaves. Paul tells Vic we need to make sure he doesn’t tell Nicole and Corey because they might be like YO?! What are you doing?! Vic says you can just say you were throwing a wrench in their (Nat & James) relationship. Paul says we have to tell them before, he tells them. Vic thinks they don’t tell Nicole and Corey. Paul says its better if I take the blame for this one. I was made to be public enemy number 1 and needed to find out why. I’ll go tell them (Nicole and Corey) they’re (Nat & James) are so full of sh*t.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 04-37-08-316
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1:25am – 2:45am James joins Nat by the hot tub. Nat says Nicole is making it to final 2. I can honestly see Nicole and Paul in the final 2. Nicole even knows if you made it to final 3 you would her to the final 2. James says at this point in the game I don’t even know who I would choose. Nat asks did they tell you I was going home? James says no ones told me anything. James tells Nat about his experience being a prison guard. James and Nat head to bed. Nat talks about how she didn’t realize the show was about back stabbing and lying. James says I can’t wait to see your diary rooms.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-05 05-09-28-221

2:10am – 4am HOH room – Vic says well Natalie the best player in the game got the worst player in the game out. Paul says Look Natalie I thought it was really disrespectful of you to pinch my butt. Vic and Paul talk about random things. Vic says imagine if we get to day 93 and we’re not on the block. Paul says if we get to final 3 … we’ve won. If we wanted to play smart we would get rid of James and then Corey and then have 2 girls. Vic says I don’t want to do that I want to play loyal. Paul and Vic shut off the lights and get in bed. Paul laughs you wake up in a straight jacket and all of this was a figment of your imagination.

4:10am All the house guests are sleeping..

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We haven’t seen this kind of stupid (Nicole and Cory) since Jeff and Jordan.


I don’t know why everyone likes Jeff and Jordan. Jordan is one of the worst winners and Jeff just kind of sucks


Jeff is just slimey and so boring, people are always whispering about him being a cheater anyways, when he does interviews he is ALWAYS staring at womens’ breasts, it’s nauseating. Jordan seems nice, but she is honestly one of the dumbest people I have ever come across, in all honesty, worse than Corey. The relationship got them some media attention and Jeff has parlayed a small time career from it, so I think that has motivated its longevity. I wouldn’t even comment about this, to each his or her own, but the devout fanatical Jeff/Jordan worshippers need a reality check.

voting block of meech, da, z, bridgette, nat and/or james will ensure nicole doesnt win

nicole cant win doing nothing all season but giving handies, then having one of the flukiest 7 days in bb history, then obsessively getting rid of meech who was the only one she could have had any chance of beating in final 2, then keeping a strong duo safe, with a bunch of females in jury who hate her

there will be a voting block of at least 5 of meech, da, z, bridgette plus james and/or nat who will ensure nicole doesnt win no matter who she is against in final 2

as jeff says at survivor tribal council – thats 5 votes, thats enough, bring me your torch

good to hear ian terry is going to ask meech on a date

Good for her. Michelle is getting a lot of bad press that is not true (watch live feeds folks).Production is scripting these people to look a certain way.(yes some are naturally that way) I think they wanted Michelle to be the obsessive super fan who was taking people stuff to sale on eBay. What Michelle said (laughing trying to be funny Meech) was I have everyone’s DNA and I am selling it on eBay. Michelle should have never mention that she got in trouble as a kid. because that’s when all the stuff started to be said. I would not put it past production to have put stuff out on twitter and boards to create this character. I also thought it was strange that James got out of Dr after they were all outside and went to Michelle bag and found his sweatshirt(set up)that’s also when James did care if Michelle went home. Michelle is smart she would know you cant sell stolen goods on eBay. Yesterday around 300 cali time Nicole said that Michelle took her foundation. Michelle’s been gone since Thursday. I remember Nicole taking a shower and doing her makeup foundation included on Saturday after the boys called her stinky she even put earrings on. Plus Nicole stuff was packed up in the hoh room because she went up to get it after eviction . Michelle was no where near the hoh room by herself.. Victor is now starting not to like Michelle now too. I also think they are starting to make Victor look like the creepy guy all over Nicole ( I believe told him to do this and that Nicole was super sweet) They are trying to make it look like Vic is trying to take Nicole from Corey that little discussion that Nicole and Corey were talking about how she told Vic to back off because they are just friends and she cares about him like Zach.(I never saw that but cant watch the feed all the time) You better believe that will be aired. This will give Corey an excuse to go after Victor. They are trying to paint Nicole and Corey as Ken and Barbie or the next Brechalle at Victor’s expenses but we all know he never cared(Corey). I fell like those two are getting the BEST editing ..Who does Corey know… I don’t like they way production is editing and scripting the whole thing some of these people especially Michelle are going to be hurt outside the house in real life when they did not do the things people are saying. The game has gotten so petty the houseguest have gotten so petty production is defiantly petty. The only one I want to win now is Victor although I think they will do what they did to Meech so he looks bad(whispering wrong information making him look creepy)

Lil Jon


Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Vic doesn’t like Ratcole. Didn’t you know that’s a Cuba /Puerto Rican thing? That’s what I learned from reading this trolls message. Funny my mother never taught me to be perverted that way!


Nicole said it was her “Diary Room” foundation that was missing. I’m *sure* they have more than one bottle of foundation – they’re in the house for months! Plus some foundations look great in natural light but terrible on camera. There’s also different foundations that you might wear inside as opposed to outside, or during activities. I don’t know if you wear makeup or not 😉 but you can go days without noticing that something is missing if it’s something you don’t wear often or if you have multiple types that you wear at different times.
Probably more than anyone ever wanted to know about foundation?


She has been in the dairy room several times after Michelle left it was over 3 days like probably at least 15 times. It seems to me that you are implying that she took it. Which I don’t believe!!! Production would have called her out they have done that in the past shows!!!


Wow, calm down! I didn’t imply anything. I was talking about foundation. I’m a female. NO ONE knows if Michelle took it or not – so defending her or accusing her is a waste of time and effort. 🙂


the useless poor losing thieving piece of $hit skank took it…leave it at that…worst hg ever!


Thinking back to a conversation that Michelle had with Nicole (and they didn’t have many) Michelle was saying she really liked the foundation they had (assume “they” meaning Production) in the DR for their use. From Nicole’s latest comments sounds like each HG has a make up bag in the DR. AT the time Michelle told Nicole she wanted to take that DR foundation and Nicole’s answer was along the lines that they were supposed to leave it in the DR. So, the makeup was not Michelle’s or even Nicole’s, it was Production’s. My point is that Michelle has made multiple statements that show she has no respect for the property of others, and all these little nothings add up to the fact that if people are looking at Michelle sideways and thinking she is a thief it is her own fault.


It was also said that she said she was taking everyone’s stuff and selling it on eBay but it has been proven on multiple sites with timestamps that she said she took everyone DNA and selling it on eBay and she was laughing. If you can give me a time stamp on that convo then sure but it was in Dr production is always there so I doubt they let her take it She admit to taking Tiffs shirt and she took Pablo(which was funny). but I would not put it past production to have put her up to it . She has been on camera almost 24 /7 if you can SHOW me where and when she took something I will shut up. I am not talking about James’s sweat shirt either because that whole scene seemed fishy.You are proving my point on how people are wrongly accused on the internet with no solid proof. I think being on camera all the time there would be something solid we would see her take it . My point is that this could ruin her life and I don’t think anyone on these shows deserve that. I have seen first hand how lies and bullying on the internet can lead to severe depression and suicide( I did social work).I would hope that no person on this forum or any other would want that for any of them.

STFU about the foundation already

That is all!

Meech is a Klepto

Meech stole your ability to reason. Time stamp that!


You are looking for a smoking gun that I did not allude to. My post was regarding Michelle’s “conversations” with others, i.e., telling James she “planned” to take James pants or telling Nicole she “wanted” to take the make up. I have no idea if this girl has actually taken anything other that “Pablo” out of the house, but she said these things — so now if makeup is missing … or Nat’s eye shadow brush …. whatever, the HG’s are themselves saying “Michelle did it”. Personally I think that the house is so messy that all the missing crap might just show up eventually once they pick it all up and sort it all out. I don’t watch live feeds, I don’t have time for that, I read this and a couple of the other blogs and trust they represent the feeds as they happen. Otherwise why would I bother ?

Meech is a Klepto

Bull crap, she IS a thief. Paul’s pants and sun glasses, Tiffany’s shirt, Peblo… After Dark viewers and Live Feeders witnessed it, nothing to do with production. Hell, she probably stole their stuff, too.


Don’t really care one way or the other. I did look this up and talked to a coworker who stays up all night to watch those feed after I saw this stuffs. I do have after dark though. No proof Michelle did anything other than other houseguest accusing her. You better believe these people would have screen grabs if it were true. The houseguest are playing a game and want her out. I agree with Cb they are all messy clean the house you will find your S$it. Why does it matter she’s gone. I think Nicole was actually trying to shade Nat but Nat checked her so she defaulted to Michelle. Nic is weak.

It just occured to me that Meech and presumably Natalie, will be joining Bridgette, Da’vonne, and Zakiyah in jury…

Paulie may in fact go missing


If they keep James this week, Nicole is in a much better position. Damn it.

Leopold Stotch

Exactly. And most likely, will no longer be loyal to Vic and Paul, unless Paul wins HOH. Otherwise, she and Corey will team up with James and work to get V or P out.

Whiney Mouse Voice

My ears were starting to bleed and skin crawling trying to watch last nights episode when Nicole was narrating the comp. I Gave up. Then just deleted after dark when I heard Nicole’s voice AGAIN. It’s so phony watching Nicole trying to act to sweet with Corey. They ruin the whole show. Please please let’s hope Nicole is next to go after James or Nat. Disturbing and annoying!


I think Corey is comfortable enough with Victor and Paul to no longer be led on Nicole’s leash. I don’t see him turing on V/P. It wouldn’t secure him a spot in F2 but he really hasn’t worked for it either.

Nina Young

I’m not so sure James would side with Nichole /Corey. Nicory really jerked him over. I think he would side with Vic and Paul, then get rid of Nichole.


If Jamesy stays and backs Vic & Paul, instead of Nic & whatshisname, I think this would end up being fun to watch…otherway, not so much at all….V, P & J for the final 3


About the conversation (or drilling) between Paul, Victor and James. So what is the real truth? Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Just curious


The original conversation was with Paulie, Corey, Nic, and Paul walked up on it. Paulie said the next person you need to target is James. (this was right before his eviction) Nic and Corey were nodding yes and saying yes. Paul was quite and made no comments & did not nod his head. He then walked away. Nic is the one who later wanted to stir things up and shared the info saying it was Paul who came up with it, not Paulie who really is the one who started it.

Leopold Stotch

From what I recall, we saw this on the Sunday show after Paulie’s eviction. Just before the live show during which Paulie was evicted, Paulie was with Paul, Nicole & Corey in Tokyo and told them to get James out. Immediately after that, Nicole went running to Natalie (and maybe James) in the bathroom and said “Paul just said he’s coming after James”.


All I know is Paul can make fries. He’s lied about it all season and I saw him make fries with my own eyes. Liar!

Marvin Gaye

The night Pauline got evicted he told Paul, Nicole,and Corey, To go after James…. Nicole ratted to Nat n James that Paul said it….. That’s why they flipped and put up Paul n Vic and Nat started saying lets get out Paul he shouldn’t have brought up James name….. Paul is trying to figure out who put him in the line of fire….. James still won’t say it was rat olé and is putting Nat in it…., James is low key trying to stay so he can work with Nicole n Corey…..


James is telling the truth. Paulie pulled Paul and Nicole aside when he knew he was leaving and told them to go after James. Nicole immediately ran to James and told him that Paul was coming after him. This happened right before the wall HOH that James gave to Nicole!


No it happened right before the black out HOH comp…the wall was when Vic got voted out


Thank you to everyone who helped explain this for me. I appreciate your positive feedback and knowledge.

Curious George

I rewatched the whole episode.
1. Nicole and Cory were in the bedroom talking.
2. Paulie walked in with Paul from the London bedroom.
3. Paulie says need to take a shot at Vick and there’s another person who put us in this situation James
4. Nicole said sounds good
5. Paul said my friends let’s get ready for this day And then was laughing and talking some more.
6. In Nicole’s DR session she described her take on what happened. Paulie and Paul came out of London and Paulie says you guys have to go after Vick and James. Even though I was part of conversation I have zero intent of going after James. And I need Natale to know that Paul is the one coming after james.
7. Nicole went to Natale and James in bathroom saying that Paulie said: You know who we have to go after…Vick and James. Paul said that’s what he was going to do. And I want you to know that I’m not….
8. In James DR session HE says Nicole said PAUL was throwing my name under the bus…..

It appears that James mixed up the names and Nicole did actually say it was Paulie who said it to all of them.
And Nicole latched on to it to save her and Cory.

Sex on the internet

Nicole is going to have a tough time in her small town (less than 900 people) when she gets out of the house with her sex videos out here. Imagine being her parents and living there. It’s gotta be the talk of Ubly. And then Corey is gonna dump her as soon as he can.

Corey's Pick

That dude could have a million women better looking than Nicole out of the house. He’s just got Navy syndrome right now, once he’s off the boat, anyone other than Nicole will be looking a whole lot better James better watch Nats back at the after party, cause Corey’s gonna swoop in lmao


Did we not forget that Corey burned a goat and laughed about it? What a choice man!

He can frig off.


Not gonna get into the details, but he did not burn a goat. Do your research


Corey never burned a goat. a drunk frat buddy got a goat, doused it with lighter fluid and flicked matches at it. They all laughed about how scared the goat was. If we’re going to hate Corey let’s hate him for stuff he actually did. There’s plenty to work with.


And that is still so gosh darn funny isn’t i?. REGARDLESS – that is a piece of sh*t action on his part.


Agreed Musical…any time a person stands around cheering/laughing at someone causing or attempting to cause physical/mental pain and suffering, is sick ~ PERIOD!! You don’t have to be the ignorant person actually committing or attempting the act. Hey Corey, if we tried that to your beautiful dog…would you be laughing then or hoping someone would step in and stop it. If the goat didn’t die it was a BLESSING, however, as said be4 in a previous reply, no telling what the lighter fluid did to the goats skin…DONE


I was correcting the original hyperbole about him being a goat burner. I agree laughing at a terrified animal is a terrible thing but there’s no reason to add atrocities to his pile. There’s plenty of things that make him a douche.


It’s still bad…and shows he is a loser with no care in the world for defenseless animals. He is cruel and will discard Nicole no f*cks given and then laugh about it!!

Whiney Mouse Voice

I’m sorry but what on earth is attractive about Nicole? She is nothing but annoying in every capacity. Rarely bathes, rats nest plopped on top her head. Relentlessly Shoving her glasses up her nose with her knuckle . Her voice is beyond a nasal whiney annoyance. Nostrils that truly are coin slots. Lazy. No respect for herself or family if she’s capable of having sex every night on camera for the world to view. What man wants to listen and sleep with that? Beyond understanding. Then to top it off she portrays herself as pure and innocent while degrading every other girl in the house. She’s in for a rude awakening when she gets out and watches her behavior and how she’s perceived by the public.


I agree. BBAD was so awful tonite. Her complaining and half assed cleaning was hard to watch. She rubbed her face and poked her goofy glasses back up every 6 seconds. So annoying the whole show tonite.


Yep but Nicole claims to not even watched her last season and won’t watch this one either She had a fan base that never looks on these feeds

Ugh Nicole

It’s hilarious watching her when she has spent so much time looking at herself in the mirror when she’s had a costume or a hat on. She will pose and smile this weird smile. I think she really thinks she looks and acts cute. Good to be self confident but this girl is delusional. She may not read or watch feeds n videos but I tend to believe her family and community have and will watch.

Nic's Fugly Glasses

It’s not a smile……..she is constantly checking her teeth. LOL


Come on…knock them for their game play, and if you are going to take a dig at them personally then focus on character traits (the things they can improve upon), maybe even the hair, but lets avoid the personal attacks for things a person is born with. That is not cool.


I can’t stand Nicole, she’s yucky. She’s always touching the shared food with her fingers, not caring that other people will be eating it. Her feet are disgustingly dirty, then she climbs in bed without washing them. Victor even told her to wash her feet before she climbed on his HOH bed. And that “thing” on her head is so unflattering. I’m sure bugs and ants are nesting in there :O


Speaking of her hair, did u see when Corey did see a bug & was trying to get it out? Gross. Then when they showed the family videos she said her brother looked so sad…probably because the poor kid is getting teased at school about her soft core porn!! And seriously, she’s how old & still lives at home?? And she’s supposedly a nurse?? I’m not sure I buy that…shes so dumb!!

Are you saying what i think you're saying?

Now please bare with me, as a fan without live feeds…i watch live shows and BBAD but not every night.

Are you saying Nicole and Corey had sex????…smh…what the heck is wrong with these houseguests??..barely acquaintances, no protection, and ALOT of cameras!!!

Didnt i read on here that Nicole isnt getting her monthly cycle?…and no offense but tht girl does not appear to wash/shower daily…SMH


That conversation with James is such a great example of Paul’s overplay….overplay that in a game with non-morons would have seen him bounced long ago.

What’s the point? To all but ensure James mentions it to everybody and Nat only becomes hardened against you, which James follows, so no matter who survives thinks you’re a scheming sh*t-stirrer? To ensure Nicole and Corey see you’re trying to secure James, aren’t trustworthy, and need to go next?

Bottom line: this late in the game you need to eliminate the biggest available threat and present yourself as a good final choice due to jury unpopularity….trying to make people like you or introducing drama that’s transparent scheming and won’t have traction anyway (Nat’s already told James she blames him…over and over and over) is dumb.

Paul’s just lucky that in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Paul feels very betrayed by Natalie for putting him on the block. He wants the whole truth about what happened. At first, he was sympathetic to her being lied to by Nicole. He gave her the benefit of the doubt. But then it turned out that Natalie really did want him out, so now he’s super pissed. Plus, Victor said something to Paul about Paul having so much animus toward Natalie for invalid reasons. Victor doesn’t see eye-to-eye about Paul’s hatred toward Natalie and thinks Paul’s preconceived notions about her are keeping him from seeing another point of view (namely that Natalie isn’t terrible). Paul values Victor’s opinion and wants to do what Victor wants. So Paul is trying to either confirm his own suspicions so he can tell Victor to change his target to Natalie, or change his own mind about Natalie so he can be in line with Victor in getting James out.
I’m not sure what the better game move is for Paul at this point. I think Natalie being his target is more personal than strategic. If he continues that line of gameplay, he’ll make a lot of enemies in the jury house. He’s the perfect person to bring to final two.


Agree….if Vic was listening to the following comment made by Paul when paul was interrogating James it would make me sit up and take notice.

Paul said…she (Natalie) said that if she had won the veto she would have used it on you. I’m not buying that. I could be playing this game with my mother, and I wouldn’t use it on her because its not a life and death thing.

So Paul said he would not use the veto on his own mother! Will this be a wake up call for Victor as to whether Paul will remain loyal? It would certainly have me thinking.


Natalie was saying she would use the veto on James rather than herself. Victor knows if both he and Paul are on the block, and Paul wins the veto that Paul would take himself down. Paul’s not disloyal bc in that scenario he’d be on the block too. You’re thinking of a Paulie/Zakiyah situation where Paulie was not on the block, won the veto, and left Z up there.


I wasn’t so much focused on the veto scenario as I was on the fact that Paul said the game itself wasn’t a life or death situation …in other words it’s just a game. Paul is quite capable of maneuvering to things to his advantage even if it means cutting Victor. I don’t think he will have any trouble getting him out when he needs to. He will not make the same blunder cody did.

More Nonsense

Yea…I was a bit confused by your comment also…If Paul was on the block and used the veto he should and would use it on himself..why should Victor be alarmed by that??..if there has been one person that Paul has repeatedly shown loyalty to it is Victor…Victor who was evicted twice, who ppl wanted to steer clear from, Paul showed loyalty.

And Im pretty sure if either one was on the block, together or seperate, it wouldnt be a problem to use the veto..

Only can wish

Paul and Victor were on the block together when Natalie was HOH and Michelle was Co-HOH. Paul won POV and took himself off. Victor didn’t get mad about it. Victor was evicted, but came right back in when the jury competed again. Victor and Paul talked before about wanting to take Natalie to Final 3. Paul don’t like the mind games Natalie is playing instead if just being straight with them that she would work with them.


You would think that to be true however Vic is stuck on his Loyality Play so I doubt he would even notice. Dumb!



BB18 Grossmances

If James needed confirmation that Natalie wants nothing to do with him after the show, he got several.

Right now I’m team Vic…but Vic will be vulnerable since he cannot play.. NiCorey are soon annoying but they are probably playing the smartest because they are secretly playing both sides.

Can’t wait for Natalie to be evicted, go to jury, and have them turn her against James!

Pendulum Swings

As the players flip and flop and momentum shifts..the game becomes less about strategy and more of just another reality show filled with drama.

The viewers and posters are just as fickle as half us went from disliking Paul, to hating NiCorey, to cheering for Meech and Nat (when they called Paulie out)…to now, being on Team Vic, but secretly knowing James will still be safe Thursday…

Production and CBS have been successful in tampering, and editing to serve their purpose.

Just remember it is a game, your favorites will soon become hated… and the hated will soon receive support as underdogs…

The Pendulum Swings and will again….


I really don’t care who leaves, but if V and P kept Natalie that would be better for their game. Unfortunately it really is not their choice. Nicole and Cory decide.


If Nicole and Corey is code for production, then, yeah, James is staying 100%. You could already see the tide changing against Natalie.


Can’t stand Natalie continually putting her predicament on James. It’s true he remained loyal to Nicorey, and failed to see Nat’s obvious lack of commitment (double entendre), not to mention the serious courting of their own third vote (if in final four why so devastated by Meech leaving). Clearly, Paul and Vic are strongest pair, James had it “right”, Natalie screwed it up. Still, not sympathetic enough to by his hero act. James, cut Natalie and get back to playing. Campaign to stay, wait to see who wins HOH and join that pair. Btw, not rooting for him, just can’t stand Nat’s take.

Nat A Lie

To: S.Nebula, I completely agree…

Natalie has been the main person all season (along with Bridgette, who I respect) to preach Girl Power!!!.She has said she wants to see a girl win, she judged Zakiyah and Nicole for following their men’s decision…

The moment Vic came back and won HOH…Natalie realized her game move backfired, she wants to place all blame on James…

She spent the last four days sounding like a broken record..blaming James for them trusting NiCorey…and blaming James for her being on the block..James isn’t my favorite person, but geez…everything he has done has been to keep this chick safe!!!…he has thrown his own game away for her..

I will be happy when her she gets evicted Thursday…

Maybe James will remember he is playing BigBrother and actually compete…



First of all, no matter what James has done does not really matter cause he is such a shitty player that him doing everything he can does not really mean much. Not saying anything about him as a person, just as a game player he sucks. He put them in this predicament but relying on his gut, not listening to Michelle, and encouraging the isolation.
Second, Let’s not forget that when Paulie was around, James was following “his leader”, throwing Natialie under the bus, reporting everything including damaging info to Paulie. So I am not sure how that was to the benefit of Natalie.
This is not to mention the plethora of game moves James made himself that were just awful, targeting Frank, throwing wall comp, among the few.

Nat A Lie

Cleary….Everything James did benefited Natalie…because after its all said and done..she made Final 6 and she is still in the game…doesnt matter if James threw her under bus to Paulie, because at end of it…James supported Natalie in getting Paulie thrown out…

Not sure which Bigbrother show your watching, but to anyone with sense, its seems that James would damn near self evict if Natalie asked.

Of course things have shifted this week because CBS still wants James around…but make no mistake…Natalie went alot further than any of us felt she deserved..

Team Victor/Paul!!!


Guys who’s going home this week? Nat or James?


So who is telling the truth about the conversation Paul and Victor had with James?

Quit It

We heard you the first time.


Who shat in your sandwich?


James screwed up but might have another chance if he keeps his mouth shut. His “gut” has been wrong this entire time. If he hadn’t been trying to protect two girls and worried about his own game he wouldn’t be in this predicament. Nat has done everything based on what James told her to do. That’s her fault. Nicole is useless and had basically won just one comp. Paul and Vic are the most deserving even though I hate this side of Paul when he’s on the side of power. He’s a bad influence on Vic who might actually be the best person in the house. If I get my wish James goes this week then Nicole next and maybe we won’t see them again after finale night. Corey won’t shed a tear when she’s gone. I think he wants Vic all to himself!!!


Production wants james and Nicole final 2. Theyll make it to top 4.
They’ve been working together all season. Nicole and corey control the vote this week, so they will vote out Nat.
Next week james will win hoh and we will see more “drama”.

Blame James

I’m so disgusted with James this season is a complete repeat of his last appearance. Only difference was Meg was actually honest with him….Natalie has made it crystal clear that she was just using him….and all their chatter of “I win veto, I’m taking you down, and telling everyone to vote me out”…Complete and total BS!..

James needs to go but he will not be evicted this week…

However he may start trying to play for real once his self-centered, whiny distraction (aka Natalie) leaves….

Nic's Manly Glasses

Watching Lames stare incessantly at Gnat is weird. I think he is a Pervy troll.


Paul and Vic were telling the truth. Nat said she trusted James and was wrong for doing it. She then went back to James and changed her statement to, “she trusted the wrong person” (leaving James to assume she was talking about Nic). Nat has been playing everyone the whole time. I don’t buy that she didn’t know what this game was all about.
Did you catch James saying her smartest move was befriending him?


James – you did it on you own your social game is on point.. your smartest move in the game was befriending me..

Not the smartest move she could have made. James is a turtle. His entire game is to do whatever he’s told to do so he can be dragged along. He tried desperately to keep Natalie from causing waves and that led to anyone she could have worked with getting tossed. Bronte, Bridgette, Michelle, and Tiffany would have worked with Natalie absent James. It is the exact same scenario as last year. James turtled up and let everyone willing to work with him get evicted and when the target finally turned on him he tried to play but he had no one willing to help. You could tell James was terrified about the flip with Zakiyah. He was not going to do anything until everyone else (except Paulie, Nicole/Corey) in the house came to him and said they were all on board.

Paulie's Psychiatrist

Exactly! James didn’t throw away his game, because he hadn’t played one. He should have been him listening to Natalie. She has been much more accurate in her assessment of others (then James quiets her down). I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it sure looks like James and Nicole are silently playing together, either before the game, or from what they get from production.

voting block of meech, da, z, bridgette, nat and/or james will ensure nicole doesnt win

looking forward to seeing the paulie jury verbal smackdown continue on thursday with meech joining the party haha

And Natalie might soon be joining them, so it will continue to get better for Paulie soon… BWAHAHA!

Meech is going to spill the beans to Z about Paulie telling the whole house how many times they had s*x without condoms!! Bet Paulie left that part out when he was trying to make good with Z


James will stay this week. Nicole will see to that. I know that Nicole needs her gone, because she knows if Natalie stays this week, and Paul wins HOH he will take one of them out, probably Corey and go with Nat and Nicole to final 4. Nat might even be Paul and Vics choice for a final 3. Nicole also thinks James will work with them against Paul and Vic. Vic will definitely take Paul to final 2. He is as loyal as Cody was. Paul is the one I would like to see gone. He is a shit-disturber and while a great talker, I think he is the only one who can maybe beat Victor. Victor coming back into the house 2 times could work against him with the jury in this case. While James’s gameplay this year has “hurt my heart” I can stomach him much better than Nicole. She has been a disappointment as well. She never owns up to anything and blames everyone else. Corey is a 12 year old mind in a 25 year old body. He never grew up. Natalie………..well I won’t even waste my breath. She is every mother-in-laws worst nightmare.


Ugg Nat stop blaming James, ultimately it was your half of an HOH, the choice was yours who to put up.

About to upset people

This is so stupid, obvious that production wanted a vet to win. Production told Nat to play with Nicorey and suddenly her targets changed.

Nat and Meech were both told by James that if they wanted him to vote Corey out he would. James made the choice to give them both the finger. CBS brings back Vic and here we are Nicole in the final 2 with Paul being such a jerk to Nat (Nat started it) that Nic will pull the necessary votes to win. Nat would work with Vic and probably as soon as next week, Paul and Vic will be crying that they sent out the wrong person.

About to upset people

Yes, James arrogance did cost himself his and Nat’s game.

She should drop him 1st chance she got. He must hear how he has gone from her bb boyfriend to her bb best friend.

He brought that on himself.

Now I will sit back and wait for the Lames supporters and Nat haters to hate on this post.

Nina Young

I’m not going to bash either of them, I will say that Nat is 26 years old and she is the one who put Paul and Vic up on the block. Yes, James was the deciding vote, but Nat did this to herself. She was HOH and if she didn’t want to put Vic and Paul on the block, then she shouldn’t have. She needs to accept her part of the blame and stop putting it all on James. No one can make anyone else do something if they truly don’t want to!


“Paul says if we get to final 3 … we’ve won. If we wanted to play smart we would get rid of James and then Corey and then have 2 girls. Vic says I don’t want to do that I want to play loyal. ”
VIc may not win the game playing loyal, but he has won my heart over even more with that statement. Vic has come a long way from Day 1 as a player. I have no idea what he is like in the real world (he says he is kind of an asshole), but hopefully his growth and maturity carry over outside the house.


yeah thats sounds real nice and all if were talking about real life but were not and thats the problem with vics lapdog loyalty in the bb house.. none of these people are in a position to give away 500k cmon be serious its a game and thats life changing money.. however vic or anyone else in the house lives their life outside of bb is fair game to judge but inside its all about the money and these players should do anything it takes to win the money period.. vics downfall could indeed be his loyalty and thats a big price to pay to stay loyal to people youll likely never see again anyway smh


Loyal? The only person vic should feel loyal too is Paul. The rest of em’ voted him out 2 x’s. He is misted by Nicole’s feminine ways, and loves bro-ing out w/ corey… Everyone has wronged him, but he cant see past his own nose. His strategy is being a loyal rottweiler. Vic is so overrated.


Z needs to come back in the game, she would of been the savior to this season.


Only Glenn could have made this season better.


Go see a doctor.

Kathie from Canada

All I can think with Paul’s conversation with James is he is doing a ‘truth test’. Maybe he is trying to decide if he and Vic should go 4 on 1 against James if Natalie was truthful. Conversely if he thinks James is being honest , he, Vic and James go 3 on 2 against Nicole and Corey. Just a wild guess.


Can’t stand Paul but have to give him sneaky props.

All of a sudden Paul wants to talk to James to find out…whatever. Paul’s not interested in the answer to the question at all. After Vic won HOH the Final 4 were in the HOH room talking about who to put up. Paul said James & Nicole came up with reasons why it should be Nat. This told Paul that Nicole wants to work with James at Final 5. He knows that this week it’s up to Nicole & Corey to evict whoever they want.

All of a sudden Paul wants to talk to James?????????? I wonder why……Could it be that he is trying to isolate James from Nat, rekindle “Friendship” (to cut off Nicole/Corey from James) so that he has James at Final 5?

Guess I’ll know if the next “talk” with James includes “wow they voted out your girl!” & continued bashing of Nicole/Corey.


Vic needs to listen to what he has been told by James. Nicole told Nat who told him that Paul was coming after James. He should also listen to the many who have called out Nicole for her lying. It may seem “honorable” to play loyal but frankly Vic and Paul are dumb to ignore the facts that are right in front of them. They also are discounting that James and Nic are the last two vets in the game who had a friendly relationship prior to the season AND that when push came to shove and James had to choose between Corey and Vic James chose Corey. If they vote out Nat and one of them goes next week than they deserve it for letting their bros against the ho attitude guide their strategy. Play loyal to proven backstabbers….smh…


Vic and Paul have zero control over who goes this week. Corey and Nicole make that call. There are only 3 votes. Might as well present a united front so there’s not something for James to exploit next week. Gotta fake being people’s buddies until you can crush them.


Yes they do. They could trick Nicorey into spitting their vote. Paul has already planted the seed that he wants to be the decider and Nicorey agreed to keep the vote secret so Jatalie does not know who is going. And with all the crap he has talked about Nat already Nicorey would not doubt that he 100% is voting her out so getting them to actually vote that way is possible. Nicorey might worry that it could be a test of their loyalty and go along. Hey it might not work but they came real close to getting James to vote out Corey with their ruse that Paul had abandoned Vic and turned to Nicorey while Vic was still loyal to Jatalie and Meech.


If Nicole and Corey are set to evict Natalie, it’s not worth the conflict. Vic can’t play in the next HoH and that leaves Paul going against Nicole/Corey and either James/Natalie. He’s at a disadvantage and there’s little reason to antagonize the other pair just yet. Push comes to shove Nicole and Corey can tell Paul and Vic to kiss off and vote out whoever they want. Which is why it would have been best if Natalie had won the veto because then Paul could make sure James went home.


It is Vic’s HOH and if he tells them he wants James out and Nicorey goes against him they risk tipping their hand. If Paul wins HOH then Nicorey could find themselves the target and not James. Vic is loyal til you prove otherwise and this would be seen as a betrayal. Nicole never wants to show her hand and likes hiding so I doubt that she would roll the dice and hope that Paul doesn’t win. She is not a gambler and would want to go into F5 with the target securely on Nat and not having P/V question her loyalty.


Exactly – you said it well. Unfortunately, this has been VIc’s downfall all season. He is loyal to a fault. And it can ruin his game. But that’s also what makes him so lovable. He is so trusting and loyal – great characteristics, but in BB you have to be able to adjust your game.

Just Sayin

Vic could still play loyal to Nicorey and have James voted out. Why give Nicorey an edge they can exploit. If James happens to win HOH who exactly do they think he will put up??? Instead of worrying which one is a bigger comp threat because you NEVER know! they should think about who they would target if the worst happens.


Is it possible that we can cancel America’s Favorite Player this season? None of them deserve it.


You can vote for Glenn to send a message to CBS.

Misty Beethoven

Outside of Vic, I wouldn’t want to get to know any of these people. Pretty much an unlikeable group of people.


I don’t get it. Is everyone watching the same show I’m watching?!?!?! Nicole and Corey promised to keep James and Natalie safe and that’s exactly what they did. Because they got rid of Meech that was a backstab? They never promised to keep Meech safe…..


Just because you’re not putting someone on the block, it doesn’t mean that you’re keeping them safe. Nicole backstabbed James and Natalie in so many ways.

– They were in James and Nat’s ears when Nat was HOH and pushed them to get rid of Vic. James could have voted to evict Corey but he didn’t because he thought they had something.
– Paulie gathered Paul, Vic, Corey and Nicole just prior to being evicted and asked them to get rid of James after he’s gone (as a revenge). Nicole went to James with this info, except that: instead of saying this was coming from Paulie, she said that Paul was after James.
– After Nicole won HOH, they annulled their final 4 deal with James and Natalie and aligned with Vic and Paul. Now she’s saying that their final 4 deal was fake.

James is no saint and he’s played a bad game, trusting the wrong people and tarnishing his character by bouncing checks. That being said, Nicole has played a VERY DIRTY game. She is a snake.

Nasty Nic

Very true! Snake is a perfect description. The entire time she’s being shady and a snake she professes to be perfect (and pure while having sex on camera) owning none of her vile behavior. All the while claiming Nat and James are dirty. That halo she believes shines on top her ratty nest has red horns.


They kept their end of the bargain. Maybe they came to win the game and not just be floaters and do nothing like James and Natalie have done all season. You act like no one else has ever broken a deal or gone back on their word!!

Butters Mom

I agree with you. Michelle had made it perfectly clear that she was targeting Nicole. For James and Natalie to team up with Michelle would make Nicole and Corey think they could not trust them… add to that, James told Paul right where everyone could hear that Natalie wanted to vote out Corey instead of Victor. Another reason for Nicole and Corey to not trust the alliance of Natalie and James… add to that the history of James going back on his word… Nicole and Corey did honor their allience with James and Natalie by not putting either of them up on the block… Michelle was never part of the deal… They should be grateful that neither of them were sent packing and realize it could have been one of them considering that Natalie wanted to send Corey out over Vic.

2nd Season BB Fan

Paul can’t change the votes this time.
But I wonder if Paul is doing the truth test to actually decide if he should seriously take a run at the HOH. I really think he has thrown a few of the last ones.
So he is deciding 1) if he needs to win HOH (who should he trust) 2) rebuilding relationship with James (if James doesn’t run to Nicole! Paul may be giving James to much credit for thinking he won’t) 3) pointing out to Vic that they will have to go after Nicory sooner than later.
Next he will apologize to Natalie for wronging her before eviction.


All of you people are like bullies..
Like seriously who cares if production scripts it why do you watch the show if it bugs you SOOOOOO MUCH?!?!?!? all of you people talking shit about Nicole, are we back in high school. Like come on this is what drives people to kill themselves. If “production” is scripting this then hate on THEM not the PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE. They are going to read what you say. This will never go away. How can you guys live with yourself. This is suppose to be for fans supporters . Not for bullies, haters, and bitches who talk shit.


I for the life of me cant understand why any Vet is still in the game. 12 newbies against 4 Vets and they couldn’t get them out? Getting out the vets should have been the first order of business for the newbies

The end of Nicorey!!!!!!!

Did here Victor blatantly call Nicole beautiful in front Corey? Ha ha good for him! I think Victor is going to blow up Coreys game and true intentions with Nicole. I see it happening soon. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. My ears won’t be bleeding anymore. I can’t wait, there will be no more whining,no more late night shenanigans, no more coreyyyyyyyyy obsessing, and no more arguments. I don’t want to see Nicole hurt but this conversation has to happen the guy is using her. It would be nice if she plays out their relationship up until he’s on block. I would love to see her blindside evict Corey and in her goodbye message she breaks up with him and says choses Victor. I would have more respect for her afterwards and at least she’ll regain a little dignity back.


why is it ok for Corey to blatantly use Nicole taking it to another level, sleeping and doing whatever they do under those covers, but Natalie is a “slut” and she hasn’t promised anything but besties for James.


Paul and Vic have no control over who stays or goes. Nicole and Corey have the deciding votes. Paul and victor are still in a bind no matter who stays.


If Nat stays and win, she will put Nicorey on the block. If James stay and win, he will go after Vic and Paul, so it does make a difference. Getting James our is best for Paul and Vic’s game