Natalie – I want you to hang out with other people, I really do

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 21-05-02-394

9:02pm Hammock Nicole and Corey
Nicole saying she’s been giving Paul too much credit in Competitions. “You whopped his but yesterday”

Nicole says Natalie “Smoked” her in the POV
Corey – she smoked everybody.. She beat Vic she beat Paul…

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 21-18-41-356

9:18pm Nicole – There’s lots of Calories in this..

Nicole – you’re not going to want to eat ice cream after that
Corey – you don’t know me…

Nicole talks about back home her family doesn’t have to buy meat. Family raise pigs, beef and Hunt they have a freezer full.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 21-35-36-608

9:30 dominoes..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 22-01-27-276

10:01pm.… This…

Nicole decides to clean the kitchen “I’m so grossed out.. And I’m changing my shirt.. “ (the ants are all over the pizza boxes)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 22-53-22-649

10:50pm James and Corey Pool..

James misses a shot “C’mon what the hell”
Corey misses a shot “Shut up”
James – where’s everybody at
Corey – sleeping like a little baby..

James – “C’mon get your angle back right.. “
Jame s- you know what’s crazy the 3 months we’ve been here it hasn’t rained 1 time
Corey – not that we know of
James – at least in Texas it would have rained onced..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 22-56-18-125

10:55pm London room Natalie and James
Natalie – I want you to hang out with other people, I really do

11:16pm Natalie and James
Nat – Even my calves gained weight
James – muscular
Nat – I’ll work out twice tomorrow.
Natalie says it really upset her that they trusted “Them”
James- sixth place.. that’s huge.. I’m psyched about that.
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 23-28-02-130
They head inside to eat fruit.
Natalie – this is good I’m glad I made it this far..
James- look at all the people you beat..
James says Natalie knew nothing about the show she did great for just “Signing papers”
Natalie – that is what i literally did just signed papers..
Natalie – If I had prepped i would have CRUSHED it ..
James – you did it on you own your social game is on point.. your smartest move in the game was befriending me..
Natalie – if Tiffany was able to get the fatal five with the spy girls that would have been 8 girls..
James says last season he had a 8 person alliance and it fell apart because they couldn’t win HOH’s
Natalie – I sometimes have to remember this is just a game but I really wanted to change my moms life..
Natalie – when I get off this show I’m goign to follow my dreams and do what I want to do.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-04 23-54-33-470

11:53pm Natalie and James eating out of an ice cream tub
Natalie – the one thing I learned this season was have a tougher skin and stick up for myself
Jame s- walk or be walked on..
natalie – all season getting walked on all over. I got my revenge..
They go on about getting Paulie out being the “best” game move..

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Jimmy 64

I hope which ever one is left James or Natalie win the next HOH
or POV just to throw a wrench in the final four plans.


If Corey/Nicole win, I think they’ll flip



Jame is RN in a good spot

Nicorey wont be tageting James over Vic/paul, now they might eb saying that but as soon as there will be Vic and James on the block there is no way they d pass up ont that opportunity. As for if Paul wins HOH he already has a talk w James in which James hinted he d work with them…so rn he is sitting pretty..He ll probably be only a pawn next week. But it s for now….

Butters Mom

On after dark Corey got called into the DR while Nicole was cleaning… he came out and said she wasnt going to like it… Then the DR calls Nicole in … when she comes out Corey asks her “how was it”… she said “idont want to talk about it”…. then she says… “now everyone is going to think… oh my god”… production shuts down convo… they move to the hammock… Nicole says “I wonder why my brother looked like he didnt want to be there in the video?” and Corey makes this BUSTED face and smirks… I think the DR talked about their under cover work and told them that everyone knows.. guessing they just were trying to believe that the cameras and america could not see it.


To Butters Mom, thanks for sharing. I think you may be right by the statement, “Now everyone is going to think…” Sounds like she may have been embarrassed by what was told to her.




Nat for AFP????


Um…hell no!


Natalie says in her bio interview, “I play the innocent nice girl, lose the first comp and later show my force.” She’s been acting the whole time. She’s used James, he should know better but was blinded, and after him protecting her, she stabs him in the back with Paul and Vic. By the way, did you hear her last night on the BBAD talking to James about how many twitter followers past BB contestants have? She knew exactly how many they had b4 BB and after the show. They became more popular. ALL THIS FROM A LITTLE SWEET THING THAT SAID, OVER AND OVER, “I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME. BULL. But she looked up twitter rankings b4 for she entered the house. Don’t let Ratalie fool you. She studied and planned. Yet she never owns up to anything and talks such trash about even the people who left the house. No class.

this ain't my first rodeo

if she gets afp, its rigged, she is annoying on the feeds, blames everyone for her being so beautiful and happy, in her eyes everyone is a peasant and they should be grateful she looks at them


The number of feeders is very small compared to the TV viewers. The TV audience will go by the CBS edit and Natalie has a good chance at AFP.


Exactly. She is a spoiled, egotistical con artist.


You are right 10000% she deserves the title and should win AFP. the plaque will look great on he wall.
Natalie America’s Fakest Person!


NO WAY Natalie for AFP! Natalie is the snake.


Oh the irony of James being the exact same position this time last season. He just exchanged Meg for Nat.

All I remember is him and Meg sitting in those dentist chairs on the block together, talking about what could have should have happened.

This guys does not deserve that AFP money.

production rigged it

I finally just got caught up reading on here. Obviously i knew James/Natalie were going to be nominated, but i’m confused about something though. I thought you weren’t allowed to say specifically who you were going to nominate much less actually tell the person like Victor did Natalie. I remember him saying earlier in the season that he couldn’t say specifically, so what now the rules have changed and now he could all of a sudden. I also remember back in Season 12 when Brendon told Britney that he was going to nominate her then he got called into the DR and then he ended up nominating somebody else. Just interesting is all i’m saying. Also wanted to say what a huge asshole prick Paul is being, i’ve thought he was all season so i’ve hated him from the beginning but more so now because of the way he talked to Michelle and now Natalie. They haven’t done anything to justify him calling them a c*unt which he has to both of them. It’s funny though he acts all big and bad but the only people he can call names though are girls, I don’t see him calling James names or getting up in his face. Mr. and Mrs. Abrahamian i hope you are proud of the piece of shit, punk ass bitch, chicken shit, douchebag of a son you have raised. How would you feel if someone said the things he has said about your daughter if you had one? Also he wants to talk about how much time James/Natalie spend together and how they can’t do anything without each other, that’s funny coming from him because i was under the impression that him and Victor wipe each other’s ass and tongue each other’s asshole every night before bed. They along with Nicole/Corey are just as bad if not worse than James/Natalie, talk about a bunch of hypocrites. I’m done watching after Natalie leaves, because i can’t stand to look at whose left anymore. I will just come on here for the updates and i’m hoping for a Victor/Corey since they are the lesser of the 2 evils which are Paul/Nicole.


“I don’t see him calling James names or getting up in his face. Michelle and now Natalie.” because James is not being a cunt like Michelle was. Get your white knight ass out of here no one cares for it. You seem to be a nice guy the same way Frank was a “Nice Guy”.


I think you’re be a little harsh on Paul. Yes, he should not call people the c-word, but it is a generational thing. People his age use that word freely, which I personally think is gross, but whatever. For the most part he is really nice to everyone. I can’t say that about any of the other remaining houseguests who have all played the turtle game all season. He deserves to win just for being willing to actually play.


Why is it gross? Is it some sort of female shaming thing?


Well what is it? It’s only women who hold this word above all others. Like how there’s a large group of women who just don’t like the word moist. Get over it. Men don’t get upset with rooster.


you took the words right outta my mouth. i been thinking the same thing to all of these points..


LOL! “Who does Paul think he is calling people names… That piece of shit, punk ass bitch, chicken shit douchebag”.
Got it…


Paul said Production wants him to show more “attitude”, so he does.
Victor for the win!!!


I guess there is a good reason why Nat has not wanted to work out in front of the cameras. She is kind of odd looking when she doesn’t have makeup on to soften her features and even out her skin tone.


She’s cute with makeup but without, she kind of looks like a potato.

production rigged it

Simon/Dawg how come when i go to give a thumbs up or thumbs down it counts multiple times and also sometimes when i do one it counts on both of them.




Because the thumbs up/down are simply updating to other readers clicks. In other words, while you’re reading the passage and comments, your page hasn’t refreshed and in the meantime other people have already reacted in just those few minutes.


I can’t see the thumbs up or down under the comments? Any reason? Can you help?

Think about it......

Could be that there are thousands of others reading the same posts you are and they, too, are doing thumbs up or down?


You people aren’t all in my head?!


I am having the same problem


Don’t b*tch about being a fat tub of lard when you’re scarfing down ice cream.

Cory's babies

….. I think Nicole is pregnant. She’s been very emotional the past couple of weeks. She said she hasn’t had her period. Her stomach has been hurting a lot. Nicole’s been feeling very lethargic lately and that sounds like early pregnancy symptoms. I thought big brother provided protection?


Stress affects menstrual cycles and could cause intestinal issues.


Ive thought this very same thing BUT my thoughts went to Hayden as probably being the “baby daddy”.

Reality Check

This upcoming HOH should be interesting. Vic cannot play, so he is vulnerable. Assuming Paul does not win, Nicorey has a big decision to make. Keep the final 4 intact and get slaughtered by Vic and Paul or Nicorey takes their shot and get them out. Even Nicole admitted that James is not a smart dude, so chances are she might take him in and break the Vic/Paul duo.

Can you believe we are 17 days from finale?

Happy Labour Day to Canada and Happy Labor Day to USA. Yes the spelling is correct in both countries. Don’t ask me why…


The :u” is used because Canada is bilingual(English and French) eh tabernac!!


Because Canadians were part of Britain and the British loves them some extra u’s. Actually the US started dropping the u’s to make spelling and reading simpler. I can’t remember which President wanted to revamp the English language to make it more phonetic.


I’m hoping Nicole/Corey win HOH, put up Vic and Paul, and get one of them out. Paul has been obnoxious from day 1, and that “friendship” thing he screams is bull. He’s betrayed many people, besides Paulie, who saved him, in this house. If Nic/Corey are smart, break up the physical/verbal beasts and work with James.

Franks fumes

Nat says if I prepped for this show I would bave crushed it……her delusional logic is the gift that keeps on giving! (At least for few more days)


Corey is acting like a guy who is guilty. Usually if a guy starts nitpicking at you or puts blame on you its because he guilty. He’s be very passive. Corey becomes extra flirty and loud when natHe doesn’t like Nicole he likes Natalie. He is so bitter that Nat chose Victor. After Victor was eliminated he chose


I know that you asked Simon or Dawg, so I hope you don’t mind me responding. It could be that you are thumbing up or down at the same time(s) that someone else is. Just a guess.


I thought that also but I am having the same problem


Family reunion in the kitchen! Meet up at the pizza boxes!


Do we have a clear winner of AFP? I first thought it was leaning to Glenn since he never really got to play. Then it was leaning to Bridgette since she was bullied so badly. Can you post another poll (and perhaps asking for viewer’s comments/ justifications). It would be really helpful since it seems to be sliding into the scenario that no one seems worthy. Thx.


So Natalie is leaving Thursday, which keeps James in the game.
I see Final 5 fracturing into a 3-2 split:
The 3 man bromance (Corey/Vic/Paul) vs. Nicole and James
Vic and Nicorey vs. Paul and James
Nicorey vs. Vic/Paul/James
I know a lot of people ses James still staying loyal to Nicorey, but he’s hurt by their betrayal and if he sits down with Vic and Paul, compares notes/cross-reference conversations, they could easily rope him in.
The Nicorey and Vic alliance is a stretch because while feels loyalty to them for the 5Gs and keeping him safe, I can’t see him leaving Paul or Paul teaming with James, but stranger things have happened.
Personally, I want Vic in Final 2; don’t care who the other person is.


Tell Grandpa to quit swimmin’ in that glass of sweet tea and get over here before the grandiose eat all the pepperoni.


Paul was playing a good game but now he is being careless. He was the one who seemed to think about the jury votes before that person was evicted. Now he wants to leave Natalie a bad goodbye message. He can’t afford to throw away a jury vote if he is in final 2. She is already against Nicole and Corey, so why not play on that and try to win over her vote?


I think he’s just talking big. Only an idiot would leave a nasty good bye message this late in the season.


I smell production.

The idea to keep James makes no sense strategically. Nat Nat is a vote F5 nothing more. Thus instead of a 1 vs 1 tie vote with the HOH breaking it then it’s 2-0. ie Nat out at 5 unless she wins HOH or POV. Which further suggests that Paul better win HOH or Vic and he are at risk. Alternatively let James stay he makes F4 you have a problem. He could comp out and get to part 3 of the final.
I think it’s fair to say he is not as well liked as his season. Can he win F2 versus any who are left? Jury guessing is difficult this season IMO. I’ll try my hand with some guesses.

Vic beats everyone. Back twice, comps and a decent social game.
Corey beats all the rest.
Nicole has the alum/vet argument and maybe gets Da and Z votes as a girl finalist.
Paul gets squeezed IMO but played better than Nicorey.
If James or Nat F2 I think neither wins. They isolated themselves and have a terrible social game as a result.

Who can actually play 7 questions well and chose who to sit beside? Your guess is as good as mine.


Natalie has done well in several comps. The only comps James has done well in are the wall ones. The real thing is who gets the leftovers. Natalie is more likely to pair with Vic than Nicole/Corey and James is more likely to pair with Nicole. As Nicole and Corey decide, they’ll keep James and use him for the next vote.

Lisa lisa

I think its going to be the bros,Corey,Vic,and Paul.they’re so comfy together lol,getting James out,get Nat out and hormonal Nicole out lol,Bromance final three