Big Brother 18 Week 11 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: James AND Nat
Have Nots None

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Corey did not use the POwer of Veto. Natalie and James remain on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 11-23-15-938

Pre POV Ceremony workout..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 11-29-39-178

11:29am London room James and Natalie
Natalie – that was a really nice speech.. “I’m not going to campaign against her.. “

Natalie – we made a really dumb game move trusting Nicole and Corey..really dumb game move.. What a dumb game move
Natalie says they should have trusted the people in “This room working together to get Paulie out” (But Natalie PAul lied about FRIES!)
James- hey that was my fault..
Nat – that’s not your fault
James – ya..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 11-35-16-798

11:34am Suntanning Pool games etc..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 11-37-36-997

Natalie – I’m going to get dressed up every day just to feel better..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 12-23-54-718
12:24pm Suntanning and Pool…

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 13-35-44-373

1:33pm Natalie and James.
Natalie – why are they whispering.. It is what it is.. It’s so annoying..
James – ya I know
Nat – it’s’ always Paul
James- he’s a little gamer..

Natalie called into the Diary room.

Looks like a domino game has started up!

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 13-46-33-669
1:45pm Victor, Paul and Nicole..
Talking about Natalie trying to get to Nicole and Corey trying to make Nicole feel bad for her. Nicole says she has trouble feeling Sympathy towards Natalie.
Paul says Natalie is full of sh1t
Victor – she just plays Victim

Corey joins them. Paul says he wishes he could send Natalie and James both out at the same time since they both want to go out so bad..

Back to dominoes ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 14-54-22-889
2:00pm Kitchen James and Natalie

Natalie going on about Nicole talking sh1t about her all season and she never started talking about Nicole until after Meech told her all these bad things she was saying about Natalie.

Natalie – she cuddled with you to separate us.. That’s weird to me
Nat – I wasn’t an evil dickl where I was mean to people.. I came into this game as myself and I gave it my all.. I lost myself a couple times in this house 100%..
Nat – if they used something I said that isn’t cool at the end of the day me nad my family know who I am.. Friends know who I am.. I know leaving this house that not 1 person was perfect this whole game.. I know that so if People are going to bash me.. I know in my heart I wasn’t trying to be malicious everyone had parts to everything.. I really don’t care ..
James- ya

After a long feeds on fish..
James- you are really special to me whatever does happen.. And if you do decide either way..
Nat – what
Jam es- all i’m saying is you came here for half a million dollars.. If you get an inkling your staying and you need to campaign
Nmat – NO that never crossed my mind to campaign.. I know you were the target I campaign to keep you. It’s up to them.

James – i Just want to let you know now seriously..
Nat – James it’s oK seriously..
Nat says “we should campaign to keep ourselves .. I told you that and now that I’m on the block with you I still am not going to campaign against you”
Natalie goes on not knowing anything about Big Brother. She thought it was like the real world. “Cool comp.. Win cool things and we just had fun”
Nat – no idea someone gets nominated.. NO idea..
Nat – but I did try something new
James- you met a country Asian guy
Nat – I’m very content.. Staying or leaving I’m very content..
James – I’m banking on maybe survivor calling or Amazing race. You know.. I think that would be really cool.. But Survivor would be my sh1t
Nat – you actually would be very good

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 14-42-14-936
Natalie and James backyard..
Nat – I’m goign to miss you
James- i’m going to miss you too
Natalie says the one thing she learnt by being on the show is how important family is over work she’s was so busy with work prior to being on the show that she negelected what is reall important to her.
James agrees says one of the reason he left the military is because he was working away his whole life and missed family and friends. “All i had is my military family.. I was always gone on the weekends.. friends would text me. ask me out I would say I can’t training this weekend”
Natalie – Paul’s done so much.. they’ve all done so much..

2:56pm Corey, Nicole, Victor, Paul are playing Charades!!!
(they did ask Natalie and James)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 15-07-27-764

3:08pm Natalie and James
natalie says she never drank between 21 and 23 but when she was 25 “I was living live.. I kinda lost myself… found it again when I was 26”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 15-19-15-027

3:18pm Paul and Victor
Paul – 2 in 5 shot
Victor – winning the grand prize
Paul – I’ll take that..

Vic – 40% chance of winning something..

4:16pm Nicole, Paul and Corey
Nicole sarcastically saying sh’e Boy crazy and that is the only reason she was cast on the show was because they knew she would get with a showmance..
Corey to Nicole “BOY CRAZY “
Nicole claims she’s not boy Crazy.. “That’s the ironic part of it all”

Corey – you always had a boyfriend and you are not boy crazy
Nic – you are not sleeping in Tokyo tonight..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-05 16-32-53-983

4:45pm Feeds.. (it’s a 10 minute old screen cap but you get the idea)

Natalie and Paul talking in the backyard
Natalie says taking a shot of tequila is like venom to her.
Paul likes taking a shot of tequila
nat – I love ginger beer it’s so delicious.. I also like Corona (we’re soulmates)
Natalie going on about how Paul and her sister are “the same human” they’ll get along great.

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It’s official. Jatalie’s dead


And we thank God for that!

scripted b.s.

Nat Nat looks great. Why can’t that b!+©# Ratcole be leaving?!?! Corey should have used it. I’d rather look at Nat than that $#!++¥ nose the rest of the way. Nicole is going to win and that truly is horrible.

Hillary Wipes the Server

Natalie is going to get bounced and James will follow her out the door. I’m not happy about it but Vic/Paul/Corey/Nicole are going to be the final four.

Team Victor

smh you gotta give it up to victor and paul for convincing nicole and corey its in their best interest to go after meech then natalie and james it really shows who deserves to win the 500k

I disagree

I believe the final two will be Nicole and James. Before nominations Victor said to Paul, Corey and Nicole they need to evict James, Nicole agrees, Corey agrees, Paul agrees then, Nicole goes to work on Corey to keep James. Next, we see the bromance of Paul and Victor talking evicting Natalie. I predict final two, Nicole/James.

Corey's Mistake

Corey should have used it, it’s true, put Nicole on the block next to James, that might ensure James goes home. Sadly, James and Nicole have a secret alliance I believe and may go to the end.

Reality Check

Power to you. Now you get Corey and Nicole 24/7 for the next two weeks. You may say thank god for that, but to myself, Nicorey is a more severe punishment. Nicole’s voice, Corey’s eyes…ugh

Hillary Wipes the Server

Would you rather listen to Natalie whine and James grovel?

Reality Check

If given the choice of either Jatalie or Nicorey for 24/7, I take Jatalie.

Nicorey is harsh punishment 24/7 but add in Paul with his foul mouth, unbearable. Vic is the awesome one but he too is getting some habits because he is hanging out with Paul.

Wait until Natalie leave Thursday, then feel the wrath of Nicorey on the cameras 24/7. The bedroom scene with Nicorey is the worse. Jatalie in the bedroom is ok because James actually respects Natalie and nothing hanky panky comes out of them.


when paul wins hoh next week and puts nicorey on the block they will realize they are making a 500k mistake by not sticking with jatalie

Another Hillary Lie

Maybe James will actually play the game once Natalie leaves.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

What was James’ excuse last season? Next you’re going to say it’s Natalie’s fault James fell behind in paying child support. James was a sucky game player then and he sucks now. It’s not Natalie’s fault he sucks. James threw every competition because that’s what James does. It has nothing to do with Natalie. James is a big boy. He can suck at life on his own.

Pablo Got Punked

Last season james won’t 25K and he is going to win it again this season.


I don’t know why people keep talking about James not being a good person or father because he fell behind on child support. The child James has is from a one night stand that he was never told about until the day they called him from the hospital the day she was born. He was very happy to have that child and has been a part of her life since that day. The girl that had his daughter also has a boy from a guy that has other kids so he doesnt spend time with him so James treats that kid like his own too. James loves his daughter and that little boy and if he fell behind on child support I’m sure there was a good reason. He may not have played the game the way we wanted him to but we shouldn’t bring his kids into it. Just saying.

Pinocchio Obama

Greats points and you notice when they showed his daughter the other night the mother of his daughter was there supporting James.

She's all go James go

I ain’t saying James’ baby mama is a gold digga, but…….

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Remember when James told Natalie and Michelle that “not pulling out” is a worse mistake than killing someone while drunk driving? Real stand-up guy, that James is! Let’s all sh*t on Natalie for not being gaga over this guy! What a faker she is 🙂

And I’d give non-custodial parents the benefit of the doubt in being behind on child support, if it were an anomaly. The truth is, most non-custodial parents with child support orders don’t pay them consistently and in full. James doesn’t get a free pass from me for being America’s favorite, and he obviously didn’t get one from the authorities either. Sorry not sorry.

Pelican Tastes Like Chicken

Bitter much?


I agree. James is a good dad. Just wish he wouldn’t fall for the manipulation Natalie throws at him. Now that she doesn’t need James, did you see how she got mad that he touched her knee? Wouldn’t talk to him for a day. She’s slowly distancing and telling him just be friends now that he can’t help her. So shady.

cool carl

If James was such good dad he’d worry about what he can earn for his daughter in this game.

Nina Young

Thank You Mimi,

R U Serious

We shouldn’t bring his kid into it? But he should all the time? Good fathers do not get locked up for not paying child support. They only lock you up after you have had several chances. America’s Favorite Deadbeat Dad???

James kids

My problem with the way James played and him throwing his game away for Natalie is that he should be playing the game with the aim to win in order to better the life of his child with the money. His one and only thought should be I have to win so I can create a better life for my daughter. It should not be oh how can I make Natalie not bitch today!

You know this how?

Mimi, you talk about James like you not only know him personally, but that you know him well enough to know his innermost thoughts and feelings. I doubt either are remotely true.


I don’t have to be the mentalist to know this. What I stated was common knowledge from his first season and from this season. Not to mention the picture of his daughter with her mother and her little boy in the picture they sent him smiling from ear to ear.

Nina Young

Hey, take a breath! Everyone understands, YOU DO NOT LIKE JAMES……! That is your right and your opinion. Now let others have there own rights and opinions. James made a lot of mistakes when he was younger, including not paying his child support. He has done a lot of growing up over the last few years. Please, stop talking like you are. It really makes you look bad. I don’t think that is what you want, is it?

Life lessons

You need to get all the facts before mouthing off! Not nice……………

trump has tiny hands and a tiny brain

you mean follow everyone around and hope they like him.

Another Liberal loser

James seems to only be good at endurance comps and lame pranks.


I have suspicions that Nichole still plans on working with James. Natalie wasn’t a part of the original plan. If James is still on board with Nichole, that is yet to be seen.
I still don’t like her and I think she is one of the fakest and biggest liars in the house. I hope James turns on her.


What? Someone is lying and being fake? In the Big Brother house? Ohhhhhh Noooooo! It can’t be!!


I think Nicole is the meanest person in the house. She played the same way last time. She didn’t like any girls in the house. She wanted them all gone so she could be the only one there. I think she finds pretty girls intimidating. She’s gross and I am so tired of her whining. She’s a liiiaaaarrrrr!!! And by the way Nicole no one wants your goat boy!

Pinocchio Obama

It took a long time to get here and I still have a problem with the throwing the beads at the girls but I think I have finally come around to pulling for Victor to win.

Bad Person

Am I the only one who wonders if anyone is leaving Meech’s bowl of milk out for her? Maybe DaVonne does it.

Dirty Harry Reid

Yes, you are the only one wondering.

Another Hillary Lie

The death will be worth it if we never have to hear again:

“We made a really dumb game move trusting Nicole and Corey..really dumb game move.. What a dumb game move.”

Reality Check

If that was death, then what is this?


My ear will bleed until the end of the season.

Nat Nat's Position

Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others


Let’s be real, was it ever really alive?


Does anyone notice that in almost every sentence Natalie utters has either “I” or “me” in it? She is the most fake, narcissistic, full of herself phony.


I am going to need James to stop inserting himself into an equation that he has never fit into and to have a life plan that does not involve CBS.


Feel bad for James. You can tell he really likes her and he knows what is going on. He needs to buckle down and try to stay. Because if you look at the jury, he probable has the best chance to win (other than Victor) if he makes it to final two.

epic fail

by producer now america gort talent going win the ratings i bet

Huckleberry Hillary

Can you translate this to english please?


And I’m gonna put on a half pound of make-up every day, just to feel better.


And if I win AFP , I’m gonna get new titties twice as big as these, just to feel better.


But if anyone notices them I will be uncomfortable.

Kathie from Canada

All for Vic’s benefit no doubt. She sure wouldn’t bother for James. This all likely will set Nicole off on a jealous rage.


Good for you, you got your little mean girl jab at Nat AND Nicole, all in one little comment, while also dissing James in the process. You must be sooooo proud of yourself. LOL!

You dumb!

That comment spoke the truth and wasn’t even hurtful. Get over yourself.


Nice to see Simon is still in love despite all of the hate. that is dedication! Simon for AFP = ALWAYS FOCUSED on the PU$$Y


Nat reminds Simon of his cat….only prissier.


Simon spent a year in Venezuela as a Norman missionary. Nat reminds him of the girl who looked after his chickens.

Bad Person

Simon still hasn’t gotten over Garfarkle.


Seems like Simon’s never seen a midget with fake tatas before.

hilarious haters

Those are funny posts it’s all good though, Simon’s my dude….Natalie is hott stop hating haters


Have you seen Simon- hubba bubba, Wish I was Natalie. 😉

Reality Check

We should not disrespect Simon. Simon likes Nat and still does, no big deal. Without Simon, this site will be non existent. No way that fans can do what Simon and Dawg did this season AND they are planning to do Big Brother: Over The Top


I hope he can block them. They are discussing pigs and feed off each other. It is probably the same person posting under different names. So what Simon likes Natalie.

Go Nicole!

Pure beauty inside and out and yet plays the game with an animals spirit.

Perhaps the greatest female to ever play BB.

I hope her and Vic hook up.


Pure beauty? Oh you’re talking about her nostrils. Yep.

Bad Person

Glenn hit it hard in preproduction. In 6 months, Nic will have a little chubby one with a tuft of hair on his forehead. Not Lying!


At first I thought you might be serious, but then I saw “best female player” and I was like, okay…troll

Go Where ?

Light travels faster then sound. This is why some people might even appear bright until you hear them speak.

Twist, Please!

It’s all in the name.

Another Hillary Lie

Could CBS do any more to try and win America’s Favorite for James? Sunday’s show was a James endorsement.


we wont do anything big on wed night not use the pov oops!


With as much as they’ve done this season to screw with his game, it is the least they could do.


It’s sad how production did the edit to make Natalie appear genuine in her feelings for James. Couldn’t be further from what she actually has shown recently.
On another note…I couldn’t stop laughing at the 3 guys doing a bit on the small schools. It was nice to laugh at innocent fun!

Small Schools Rule

You show up for your 10 year reunion… It’s just you. Your HS Yearbook has one page…. You do a school play…. There’s no one but you at your Prom… You rank #1 in your class, and you are at the bottom, too…. It was so stupid but I couldn’t stop laughing!


I darn near peed myself! The absolute best laugh of this or any other season and I have been watching since Season One!

Small Schools Rule

It may also be the late hour I’m watching it, like when they did the Eagle Puppet shows on After Dark. I died laughing. But then when I share with my husband the next day, he just looks at me like I’ve lost my mind lol. I’m like, “You had to be there. At 3am. Exhausted and delirious… it was funny. I swear.”


Lmao!! The small talk school. Sitting there and thinking being in the debate club!!!


I think it’s funny that no one (25% of advid feed watchers) is going to watch the online version after this season

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Nice photo selection Simon.


Still a long time in BB land til Thurs. I hope they vote James out.

Bad Person

Not me. Ihope James wins and marries Kate Gosselin they split up and she gets child support.

sunny dee

nicole and corey are two of the three voters, and she’s going to make damn sure that she keeps putting up natalie as the bigger threat. I did see on Sunday’s show she actually started the minute vic won HOH comp, putting it out there that natalie was very very close. well so was everyone else except james as close to winning, they all only neeed one more egg. nicole’s paranoia just ran into overdrive as usual.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Hopefully James’ gut will tell him he’s staying. That will mean he’s going home for sure.

Pre-Op James

Natalie looking good.


James is soooooooo boring!!
Natalie is soooooooooo annoying!!

Never thought I’d say “bring back PAULIE!!!!!!!!!!”

Mr. Jenkins

Too far, Jean. Too far.

Tonight on 2020

Natalie is always saying she’s so poor but I don’t understand how do you live in New York and you are poor .I live in Oklahoma and I’m poor but so is everybody else so it doesn’t feel strange …maybe because she lives in New York and there’s like penthouse houses and really rich people she think she Poor . She should come to Oklahoma you’d probably be rich ..

sunny dee

She lives in New Jersey, as far as I know, it has been mentioned often.


at first I was just going to by-pass your comment b/c it’s just so ridiculous. Do you think that the majority of people in NY live in penthouses? Did she ever say she lives in Manhattan? You do know that NY is a really big state right?

Plus yes, she’s from NJ.

Nat's Wrinkled Forehead

Why do I get left out when she puts on full stage make-up just to sit by the pool?

Too busy playing pokemon go

I dont get it… whats the story behind Paul and fries. I know he makes them a lot. Are you just making fun of him for it or is there more to it?


He said he couldn’t cook, but started making fries and was very specific about how they are cut and cooked. Because of this Nic and Meech decided he was lying about everything.


Our family didn’t watch last night’s show. No longer care–that’s how much we hate Nicorey. If nothing changes, that’s it for us. BB blew it.


Always the Clown!

Vic the Dick

Is this the worst cast ever? Think of all the losers.



Oops! You forgot two of them!

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

Hey you forgot James…omg…he makes that list! Hope BB loses his phone number. I agree he seems like a nice guy, but so boring, should not be on this show. And begging for AFP?


7 times now pov not used!

Michelle's double chin

Would make it infinitely more interesting if whoever won the POV had to use it. The possible strategies and campaiging would have way more promise than they do now.


But then, can you imagine how long some of these veto comps could be if NO one wants to WIN due to their “strategies”


If they are smart Jatalie will meet up with Nicory when the others are asleep or aren’t around and strike a deal for next week. Nicory and whoever is left Thursday will have a 3-2 advantage and a 3-1 advantage in this week’s HOH. Why they don’t think of that is beyond me. If not, Vaul is going to bulldoze them all down easily and get first and second.


Since Nicorey as a voting block of 2 would essentially decide whether James or Nat goes maybe meeting with them both would not be a good idea. The loser especially if Nat could run to Vic and Paul. Plus I think Nicole knows that she has no need to blatantly talk to James. They have had an unspoken deal since day 1.


I can’t believe she’s still going on about trusting Nicorey… she’s like a broken record!! she says she doesn’t blame James but she does. Go on and put your 10lbs of make up on and get over it!!!


Don’t you think it’s harder to get over something when it’s in your face 24-7? There is no leaving. It’s everywhere in that house. It’s a constant reminder with all the people left in the house. Easier said then done though…right? You’ve obviously been in the same situation to judge how she’s dealing with it…right?


Get rid of James kept Nat then Paul ,Vic and Natural can get rid of Nicory

Another Anonymous

Thumbs Up if you hate it when people ask Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down questions on here. Thumbs Down if you like it.

Pre-Op James

No matter what Natalie wants to do she is going to have to work with Corey and Nicole since they control who goes home this week. Whichever one wants to stay they need to work with Corey and Nicole because this is the week that Vic can’t play for HOH so the move to get rid of Paul or Vic has to be made this week.


If I remember correctly Natalie was the one who first brought up nominating Paul because he was eavesdropping in on her conversation (and about he lied about the fries lol). James said to her that they will be going after Corey and Nicole. She was then all about making a big move. He said he’ll go with what she wants as this is her HOH.


Say what you want about James but I would have said ok Natalie you are sounding like a broken record already!!


He isn’t because he’s too much of a b*tch!

Suicide Squad

My prediction is that this years winner will be Paul.


This is maddening. Why didn’t J/N state their case to Cory? Paul is a stronger player. Who would you rather be up against, us or Paul? One of two thing happen: Cory/Nic agree (unlikely but what do you have to lose) or they run and tells his bros (most likely). In this second scenario, Paul ‘call you out’. Remember last time Paul called someone out (Frank)? Frank, using logic and a calm demeanor, destroyed him. All you have to do is smile, nod and ask him ‘what should I do, lay down and die? I’m playing the game Paul.’ If all goes well, Paul implodes and C/N see his ‘true colors’ and send him home.

The answer is...


Butters Mom

Victor is HOH… not Corey and Nicole. If Corey had used the veto and took one of James/Natalie down, Victor would have replaced the nom with Nicole. He would not have put Paul on the block… so Im not sure how Paul gets sent home this week…??? He’s not on the block.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Paul loses in every final 2 scenario. Everyone in and out of the house is very aware of Paul’s d*ckish behavior (where did loyalty get him? Repeatedly boned). It makes sense to take him to the end. Nicole has proven herself to be an unapologetic liar, so Natalie and James have that against her. Natalie’s best bet would be to talk to Nicole alone and either get some dirt on her or make up some. Natalie can say that Nicole wants to take a shot at Victor, because she knows that Victor has a great chance of making into final two based on his competition prowess and will take Paul to final 2. And then Victor will win because everyone wins sitting next to Paul. That’s such an egregious accusation that it would be stupid for Victor not to believe it (that’s Lying 101). It might also be true (that’s also part of Lying 101 – sprinkle a little truth in there). Victor tells Paul and Corey. Paul conveniently remembers that Nicole lied to get him on the block to begin with. Corey already knows that Nicole lied to get Paul on the block, so he knows she’s a liar. Natalie can also remind everyone of Nicole’s loyalty to James. Straight up tell them that Production told her that she and James should work with Nicole. Plant the seed in Corey’s head that Nicole might actually take James to final two rather than Corey. Any doubt that Natalie can put in the other houseguests’ heads will be to her benefit. If it gets her evicted anyway, at least she f*cks some minds.

Froot Loop Dingus

Disagree… Paul beats everyone left in the house easily with the exception of Victor. With Paul & Vic final 2 it’s a toss up.


That would be true if they voted based on game play, but they won’t. They will vote for who their friends are and what they think America would want. Sadly, Paul never got a CP and isn’t particularly close to anyone in jury. He is likeable and funny, but forgettable. No one would care if he got voted out and no one really sees him as someone who deserves the win.

I do believe that Paul deserves it, mainly because he hasn’t manipulated others to get to the end. Besides Vic, he has played the cleanest and most honest game. He clearly has morals and values underneath all the cursing and bad boy bravado. But this is BB.


I don’t get the Paul “fries” thing, can someone enlighten me?


When Nat and Meech were HOH they talked a lot of cr@p about Paul. Meech claimed that Paul said he was an atheist and yet during some convo he said “I swear to God”. Strike one. Then they said that Paul claimed he was not much of a cook and yet he told a story about having friends over and making……Fries!!.. Another lie. He CAN cook! Strike 2. And then they thought they caught him eavesdropping on them. Super sketch Strike 3! Which ultimately made him the one to target. That and Nicole telling Nat/James that Paul was targeting James (which I think was actually Paulie). Oh! Lets not forget productions influence.

Big Klepto Meech's Dirty Feet

Meech was just pathological. The comment about Paul being an atheist was out of thin air. He also was discussing the fact that atheism is also a faith based religion because the argument that there is no God can not be proven and also requires faith. He was on the debate team in college.

Meech was so full of hate that she constantly conjured up crap about the other houseguests. It still bothers me that Nat became so close to Meech, because for a girl to be so against talKing crap about other people, she laid there and giggled at every nasty thing Meech said.


From what I remember, I think he told them he couldn’t cook then he said he used to make fries for the guys in college. So Michelle and Nat said he lied to their faces.

Botox Pelosi

I would vote James out because Natalie will crumble once James is gone since nobody will listen to her rambling anymore.


With all the very vocal feminists in the cast this year,accusing various guys of sexual innuendoes, etc…isn’t it ironic that the females, once again, utilized live sex (Nic, Zak) or promised it but didn’t deliver (Bridge, Nat) and those who would definitely have jumped any male if he had offered (Meech, Bronte) or female (Tif)…to survive in the game?? Since BB began as a scientific social experiment…I suppose this little tv game show just proves how women have had to survive in society all along. Throw your T&A out there and grab the strongest guy and hopefully that’s the route to the top. BUT with all the desperation shown on their part when other women come into play alongside them…or when jealousy takes over…like when Meech looked at Corey a certain way and so Nicole said she must go…even if it’s not the best move to make…it’s no wonder why the women never succeed in the end. Yes, we have Corey who will cast aside Nicole…and Nat who is already letting James down in a gentle way, (especially when he says he loves her!)….but both Corey and Nat (the best looking couple) know how to deal with these people whom they would NEVER go out with in real life…because they’ve done it so many times to others. The other day NAT was telling JAMES how she’s been with all races, black, white, asian, etc. so he shouldn’t feel thankful she’s even looked at him (I think there’s a word for that kind of girl)…. Meanwhile, JAMES has lost the game over his “love” affair and will be remembered for handing over his HOH to a girl who stabbed him in the back a game later. NICOLE will probably lose out too and head back to farm town as a HARLOT. The females and males who came looking for a life partner in reality came to the wrong place. Consequently, they forgot to play the game. It’s like going to a high stakes poker game ($500,000) in Vegas and crying because the other players didn’t treat them right when they lost, or they didn’t become good friends or lovers, or respect them, or whatever other complaints our cast has had. What a bunch of babies!


Nat is beautiful for sure. I’m really wondering about the different octives of her voice. On BBAD one minute her voice is deeper and normal and as soon as James says something to the cameras to America and she turns to the camera to say something it’s back up to that cringey nasally voice. What is that ? You have a normal voice. Drives me crazy. I do think Vic is making a mistake. He knows he should evict James but he’s listening to nic and Corey. The fact that he doesn’t get nic and Corey are pushing their own agenda is why Paul may beat him if they are final 2. Usually Paul is completely clued in and he fills Vic in. Not sure why Paul is on board with voting Nat. I would think he would feel James would be the one after them. To avenge Nat if for no other reason. I think Vic will pay for keeping James next week if he doesn’t win veto


The difference in voice quality is all about volume I think. Voices get higher (and pop/squeak/crack) when we speak louder.


man if i was james or corey i’d be giving my girl a good foot message every day!


Victor calling Nicole beautiful on live feeds 9/5 10:44 am mark cam 4. Corey’s under his breath it looks like he’s saying mother fucker. To be honest Corey is so silent while these two have been flirting for at least 5 minutes. I think Nicole has a crush on Victor and Victor obviously has a crush on her. She told Corey last night Victor wants marry her if he doesn’t and his eyes got wide. Corey said he would never do that to his friends girlfriend or ex. Corey tried grabbing Nicole’s foot while they were sitting on the hammock and Nicole moved her foot away from him. He asked her why are you acting so weird. Soon after Corey asked her are you going to marry Victor? She said no . He wanted to know why she didn’t want to marry him. Nicole said she wasn’t interested in him. I don’t think Corey believed her.


That would be the highlight of the season if she breaks up with Cory for Victor.


It makes sense that he question her if she’d marry Victor. Especially after embarrassing him in front of Victor and Paul about question he asked Nicole a while back. He wanted to know if they met the one they want to marry. Nicole thought his marriage question was redundant to ask again. Right after that awkward pause, Victor responded I think i already have met her. Nicole questioned who Vic was talking about while twirling her hair. Corie looked at Nicole and called her a brat and he had the saddest look on his face. He nervously and awkwardly stood quiet for A long time while they continued to talk. Even after her apology he still looked discouraged.

Butters Mom

I dont watch the live feeds but do watch after dark… I know Corey has told Victor and Paulie that he is not going to be with Nicole after the show and that she isnt his type … I guess I dont understand why he cares if she and Victor end up together… other than he’s afraid she will trade her alliance with Corey in the game for Victor. If Corey is jealous, then Nicole is actually doing the right thing by acting the way she is towards Victor in front of Corey… some guys and Corey seems to fit this profile, are only interested in a girl if there is a challenge… the girl becomes more desirable because someone else wants her… Victor is actually helping Nicole gain Coreys interest by doing this even if it hurts Corey. Probably not Victors intentions because he probably isnt that way about women.


Corey was curious about her dating life and asked Nicole the week of Vic eviction when they were have nots together if she would go on that date with Victor. She said no He asked why not? she said he wasn’t her type. Quickly after with a smile he asked her what her type was? She said not Vic. The night of Zakiyahs birthday they stood up late together as have nots when Nicole started talking about her past Drs sessions and she mentioned Vic being cute. Corey thought she was talking about him. Corey said you think I’m cute with a suprised smile she said no. Corey said I knew you voted to keep him, just so you can go on a date with him. Nicole denied it. But he still looked puzzled. Corey thought that week Nicole was acting weird. Corey said he seriously though she was the one vote to keep him. He said he didn’t like Victor for obvious reasons like asking Nicole on a date. Nicole cleared the air that she did not like Victor but she just had sympathy for him. Corey started flirting with her and asked her to cuddle with him in the bumpers cars.

Nasty Nicole

Nicole loves making Corey jealous and all guys for that matter. It validates her and gets her attention. She’s an immature needy spiteful girl. She can’t deal with other girls because of her jealousy issues. She craves attention. Nasty ,annoying ,terrible hygiene and disgusting.

Annoying Nicole

So true! If another girl is getting attention she’ll somehow weasel her way into the conversation. She’s very catty with woman and plays victim all the time. Anytime Nat speaks in a group setting Nicole cuts her off. Whatever she’s doing is working because all the guys want her attention. She’s been pretty much aloof with all the girls this season, too busy flirting with the boys. James likes Nicole, Paulie called her adorable, Frank called her adorable, Paul thinks she awesome, Victor has a weird crush on her. Not one girl likes Nicole. Jozae is gay so he counts as another girl who hates Nicole. I don’t get why they like her. Her voice is so annoying and she’s not innocent like she claims to be. I think Cory is over her being an attention hog.

Another Hillary Lie

i think the only couple that will survive after the show is Victor and Paul.

Bad Person

I miss Bronte’s cameltoe shots.

Count Chocula

Bronte is hot.

Hillary for Prison

“Looks like a domino game has started up!”

LOL Simon. Let the excitment begin.


@Hillary… your comment made me laugh. Poor Simon and Dawg. Compared to the activity level of this year’s lazy cast, “Potball” now seems like an extreme sport!

Backseat Driver

Maybe Production should occasionally flash on the screen in the BB house what $500G looks like to remind the players what’s at stake here…….all cash, stacked up on the screen. These people get in the house, hook up, play to win AFP, get jealous, put on make-up, etc. and forget to play the game!
Solution: A cast of various ages and backgrounds.


It is odd how they all seem to think of these people they’ve just met/hooked up with as their BFFs and loves of their lives, and eviction is as devastating as death. They act like that every year. This game must really mess with their heads. Can’t figure out why else.

America listen

Nat and meeche said Paul lied about making FF before so they were upset about that’s what the fries are about I can’t wait for this to be over with and they see how they all acted ridiculous for things that weren’t important


So Nat claims she doesn’t want to show affection to James on camera because she might appear “promiscuous” even though she literally threw herself on every guy there but after being rejected landed on James . Yet, several times she has said she applied for and was chosen to be on The Bachelor. I’m pretty sure she is full of shit because the ladies on The Bachelor who’re themselves out for the camera. Nice try Nat. She is straight up using him and he looks like a fool….once again.


And James once again says he’s “banking on Survivor or Amazing Race to call”. His ego can’t get any more inflated. Between him thinking he’s CBS’s golden boy, and his constant pandering for AFP, he needs to get the hell out of that house and away from the cameras or his head will explode because it can’t possibly get any bigger.

Froot Loop Dingus

Lames on Survivor… good heavens. His turtle, ride the middle and float from one alliance to another and “allegedly” throwing every comp would be a disaster.

Not to mention that he’s proven to be completely untrustworthy and his word is meaningless. He’d be the first person voted out.

On Amazing Race… even worse. That fool can’t make a decision on his own to save his life. And if he listens to his “gut” he’d get lost on every leg.

Please no more of this chump. Two seasons on BB is two too many!

Shannon borrowed your tootbrush

I hope James wins the next HOH. Not because I’m Team James, but because then the game will really get lively.


I may be wrong, but it sure seems like Codey is getting FED UP with Nicole’s antics! Maybe he is just getting ready for when the time comes to “cut” her. (Tomorrow would be fine with me, or better yet tonight!!!)
Not really a fan of Vic, but I do think he has learned a lot about life during this game. He is aself proclaimed a$$h0le, but I do believe he has seen MUCH BIGGER a@@h0les this season (PAULIE for one!). So with that said “GO VIC”!!!


It would have been great if Corey used the POV and took James off, Nicole went up and they said there was an all guys alliance. Not that I want that, but at least a good blind side to help this season.
I think James needs to win HOH so the final 4 have to turn on each other. Missing the excitement these last several weeks.

Pelican Tastes Like Chicken

Great job on the yard photos Simon.


Well that’s exactly what’s going to happen . James will now win an HOH.

Marvin Gaye

It’s about to get real boring in that house…