Paul “I guarantee he does [campaign] when the POV isn’t used. I bet all my balls on it. All one of them.”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 19-36-40-822
7:25pm Safari room – Nicole and Michelle are talking. Nicole says he (Frank) just wants to talk to me and get you to use it. He wanted me to come and talk to you and James to get you to use it. I said no not tonight. Z, Paul and Vic join them. Nicole says I don’t get why he would throw names out there. I think its strategy to get voted out. Has he not learned his lesson. Nicole asks who do you want to go home this week? Z says Frank. Nicole says I want Frank out too. Paul says Frank can handle pressure. She (Bridgette) cannot. I don’t mind which way it goes, if people want one thing I’ll go with it. Paul says you know how he said he wouldn’t campaign against Bridgette. I guarantee he does if the POV isn’t used. There is no way. He is just saying that now. I will bet all my balls on it. All one of them. He isn’t going to go belly up because of some girl he met 30 days ago. Z says we just need to get her a$$ out next week. Paul says if I’m not HOH next week I volunteer to go up as a pawn. Friendship! Vic says I plan on being HOH.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 19-23-26-195

7:40pm In the kitchen – Frank & Bridgette. Frank says if the rest of the hosue gets on our side it just makes sense for us to go after James and Natalie. Bridgette agrees and says for doing all this f**ked up sh*t. They hear the phone ringing and run to go get it. Corey answers it and no one is there. He hangs up. Then the phone rings again. Corey asks WHAT?! I will find you and I will kill you. Frank asks they still didn’t say anything? Corey says no.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 19-43-39-281

7:45pm Safari room – Paul, Z, Nicole, Michelle, Vic and Corey. Vic tells Corey he hasn’t used him as his servant yet today. Nicole says they (Corey & Vic) have a weird dynamic. They even have a name Vicorey. Corey asks Vic what do you want me to do baby?!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 19-59-28-356
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 20-26-00-927

8:05pm – 8:30pm Paulie tells Corey .. I just wish Michelle would tell him (Frank) I’m not going to use it. You know I love the guy and I would totally be on board for doing this but we’ve got to break him and Bridgette up. They’re talking to too many people. If they’re here alone the can easily not be a threat but together they’ll just pick people off. Corey asks is Michelle considering using it? Paulie says no. She’s not telling him. Paulie says if Frank goes home, you and I are chilling. Corey says Da will be gunning for us. We just have to make sure she doesn’t win anything. Paulie says we have to win during the double eviction .. I would put her up next to Z … I mean knowing Z isn’t going to go home. We’re sitting good. The last think I want is Frank knowing he is going home and then turning heat on to us. Corey says we would get Bridgette too. Paulie says no body has any idea about James. Most people just think Paulie and Corey are just friendly. Paulie says I would rather have Michelle here to take out Bridgette or Victor. Paulie says it would be fun to flip the house.. It would be big brother to a T .. I just think everyone would be freaked out. James joins them. Paulie says I’m just trying to sleep as much as possible so Frank can’t have his meeting. I think Michelle should just say I don’t feel comfortable using it. The only way she would us it would be to make sure we send Frank home over Bridgette. She wants Bridgette gone over Frank. James says Michelle wants to say in her veto ceremony speech “I’ve decided to use the POV on .. MYSELF! (then make fart noises) James asks who do we go after next? Paulie says I say Da. I would want to push for Victor or Paul to win to take the shot. Paulie says I would rather all three of us not win unless Bridgette is gunning for you .. so that all of us are playing in the double eviction. Corey asks who do we not want to win HOH? James says Da or Bridgette. Paulie says I think Vic would go after Da… he’s all about this guys thing. Z, Nicole and Vic join them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 20-27-00-573

8:35pm In the kitchen – Frank says look at this little sh*t head! F**King Beating me in OTEV! When we get out of this house I’m going to stab you in the throat! Michelle says Do IT! Frank says I won’t. I hate my picture. Yours looks great.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-24 20-36-06-424

8:50pm HOH room – Nicole, Corey, Paul, Paulie, James, Zakiayah and Vic are hanging out. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Frank and Michelle are talking about BB alumni.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 20-56-18-819

8:55pm Kitchen Michelle and Frank
Chit chat about past seasons and the current cast.
Frank says Zakiyah might be the Ashley edit because she never really talks game.

9:03pm Frank and Bridgette
Frank tells BRidgette she should be in the HOH integrating with the group. BRidgette says she can’t she’s not good in groups. Frank heads upstairs to mingle Bridgette hangs out downstairs alone..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 21-36-47-102
9:36pm James and Da’Vonne.
James tells her she’s safe he won’t be putting her up.
James says he’s talked to Nicole, “She’s not targeting any of us..”
James doesn’t know who she’ll put up guesses it might be Victor

10:15pm PAul and Frank ion the safari room. Frank is pissed because Da’Vonne and Paulie are sleeping together in teh HOH. Frank needs Paulie so they can have a meeting with James and Michelle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 23-02-34-813

11:04pm .

Nciole and Corey were talking about how much they liked Paul now. The feel bad because at first they never liked him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 23-28-19-116

11:27pm Paul and Victor
Paul is saying all the guys are super cool with the exception of Frank he’s got to go.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-24 23-32-27-441
11:32pm Victor and Corey, “Feel my weight on your thigh”

11:40pm Frank and Bridgette in the kitchen. Frank is trying to pull this meeting off but is having trouble rounding up the people. Bridgette says she feels like it’s them vs the house. Frank says he’s getting the same feeling.

11:50pm Backyard is open. James, Natalie and Zakiyah chatting in the backyard. James assures them Frank is leaving.

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Coaster Dive

Frank leaving before jury would be so satisfying. Maybe he’ll cry like Boogie. That was pretty cool, too.

Oh, Yeah

“Get to steppin’! Get to steppin’!”

Ian's Lament

Paul= #RockinRollTroll

Powder Puff Girls

Frank needs to stay, turn the house upside down, get out the showmance4, These people are blind, Paulie wants to put Z up because he has a different opinion on athletes. RED FLAG you differ in opinions and you may go on the block. I do not care for Z but tagging her for that is overboard and very telling.


Corey is so gay, and nothing wrong with that. But just come out, Dude!! It’s 2016, not 1952. Let your Rainbow Flag Fly!


Don’t worry Frank will be back for all stars.


With 11 players still left in the house, and there being 9 jury members this year, hasn’t Frank made it to jury?

Count again

There are 12 left.


Paul is probably my most disliked player. It kind of pisses me off how BB gives him all these good edits and really doesn’t show how much of rat and kiss ass he is. Never seen someone talk so much shit and then just act like he’s this big shot. He really doesn’t like frank huh…

April in Paris

Omg a Corey victor flirty bromance would be awesome and watch Nicole boohoo hoo


Corey is so excited to finally have a guy reciprocate his attention. Guess who is next to share a bed with Nicole and Corey…Slick Vic

Corey's slippers

We have to move on sista!!! Frank’s gone so now we’re Vic’s boy!!! Damn he fine!! Now we can keep one eye on him and one eye on Pauline. We had a wet dream about an orgy with all the guys in the house! Especially with ALL Pauls little balls!!! Holla!!!


I hate half the ppl there. Especially Nicole and Paulie. And isn’t Michelle a nutritionist could of fooled me. Mean girl.


James is favorite houseguest on this poll….Really?! I mean I get it in terms of likeability but not in terms of gameplay…please. This is why we should have a poll differentiating gameplay/strategy and likeability/entertainement value…Perfect example of this was Zach, no gameplay but tremendous likeability/entertainement value…Frank has both, Vanessa had only gameplay (debatable), Paulie has only gameplay, what an ass….oh man I would like the power rankings back like last year, You had points for each of those categories per house guests.. really really enjoyed it!

But, Nah

Are you insane? Frank had both? Frank was disliked both of his seasons and the whole house in both seasons wanted him out. How is that, by any stretch, the sign of a great player. He was blindly aggressive, that’s all.


I can’t believe Nicole is up there too

Beat red chest

Nicole is a horrible liar. I can’t believe people like her. She is the most paranoid person in the house. I can’t wait to see her on the block crying her eyes out


Why not Brittany won favorite houseguest on her season. As I remember it she said a lot of mean things at the beginning of her season. She was especially horrible that first week before her friend was evicted. I don’t remember the girls name but she was evicted the first week.

Powder Puff Girls

When I vote for favourite player I pick the player I like the most. I do not pick the best player or the one I want to win.


Hey puffy. The poll needs to be for least hated player. I would probably vote for Bridgette. She is the least despicable. This season seems poised to devolve into a vile bros over his circle jerk, and these stupid women deserve it



Fruit loop dingus

James was one of my favorites this season but I’ve lost all respect for his game now.
Going back on a deal to benefit your own game would be shady but understandable.
But he’s not gaining anything by nominating Frank and Bridgette only helping Da and Paulie.
Btw Da is a disgusting piece of trash and talks way too much. I feel bad for Frank and Bridgette that they both believe her lies during HOH. I fully expected her to hang on after Bridgette let go.


hey dawg can production call frank in the dr in tell him about the secret room please
he need to find it if he goes im not watching a dating show of corey nicloe an pulie zachrey all summer
they really need to find a way to keep frank I heard this from about 150 people so what you think
its up too production send frank home lose fans or keep frank in keep frank a gain more fans that showmance
is not the show this is bigbrother come on production fix it please save frank


I can hear production announcing over the speakers tomorrow after veto meeting….”FRANK PICK UP THE F***KIN’ PHONE!”

Loud Noises

James admitted to them that he was pranking them. Watching them on the HOH monitor and making them run to catch the phone.


Hey Dawg, just an FYI – I think James actually later admitted to making the phone ring from the HOH room and then hanging up when Corey and Frank were answering. At first, I also thought these were subtle hints from production.

sunny dee

i never understand why people seem to fall madly in love within a week to 10 days. i know they spend time together before the feeds, and before the first HOH comp, or maybe it’s after it, not sure, they are all together for a while before we see any footage

i like a good developing friendship, but so often these people get really handsy and smoochy. i think there are some epic really awful moments like Emmett and Jillian, and Brendan and Rachel both of which get to the point of ‘really, think about the children, cuz all this crapola is on TV time, it’s not porno time, mainly here to watch an actual game. ‘

it’s unnatural in my view to go from zero to 100 in 4 days. That’s the reason i do like the natalie and james romance, it didn’t start on day 2, and they hold hands, they don’t feel each other up; under the covers. completely different, and seems like a real friendship. i don’t see many real friendships in the house that are genuine, unless it is Frank and Bridget. paulie is gaming all the bros with the promise of broing all the way to a bro finale, but a less mysoginistic ‘bro’ would be like Derrick, and consider some female at the end as well to go to the end with not some other bro who wins stuff and who people like. You think it is smart of paulie to take Corey to F2, someone that hasn’t put up anyone on the block, or targeted anyone or got mad when that somoene didn’t go home, or wins a bunch of stuff, or Corey who a lot of people like, and seems to get along with well, and always seems to be smiling, rather than scheming.


Oh and was he being her friend when he used the descriptor “yellow-back pussy” ? How about when he nominated her for roadkill? The fact that anyone thinks there’s some sort of genuine and healthy friendship between Brigette and Frank is truly laughable, but whatever floats your boat I guess..


After Frank goes this week . I’m done watching … rest of the cast Sucks.. Paul idiot . Nicole Winer . Michelle make fun of people.her parents should be proud What a c@$t. . James is same ole no backbone. Natwell if interested in James there goes her creditability .da dirty player pauley thinks he smooth .. just remember its just a game oh.


Do not like Paul!!!


How dare you. Paul has been nothing but loyal.


stab her in the throat? relax buddy, u need to go home #byefrank


Ever heard of a joke? Really, you think that was in earnest. If you think Frank should go then say so! Don’t friggin use a lame ass reason.

But, Nah

Gotta love Frank. Slapping sluts and stabbing throats. Then he puts on the wounded puppy face and acts like he was left at the campground during family vacation and boom! America’s Favorite Player!

Misty Beethoven

Yeah, but then she said “do it” which told me right there she has a crush on Frank. Funny, I would have bet the house she would have had a thing for Paul, because he’s so edgy, ya know?

I hate all of you

now a woman can’t bs a guy cause all of a sudden she’s crushing on him. What are you, a middle schooler?


He was just joking. That’s just his sense of humor. He’s not the only one that should be relaxing….


Too funny that Paulie says that Frank is talking too much to too many people!

Lying Stack of Sh*t

I’m done with James! As a former fan-can’t wait till Natalie drops his ass and oh yeah he’s outta the house. Too bad he’ll go to jury…own your decision douche don’t blame the rest of the house. Your word sucks! Even Gizmo hates your ass.

But, Nah

Frank has lied over and over about any and everything. There’s not a person in the house he hasn’t thrown under the bus and sold out.


you’re correct but he’s the only one playing the game. Once he’s gone it’ll be a boring house until the brat pack has to start turning on each other. I want to see Z, Michelle and Paul “clipped and tagged” asap!!!!


It’s just a show… everything is going to be ok.


It’ll be ok unless you vote for Hillary. See D’Sousza’s “Hillary’s America” and you will find out that the true history of the Democrat party.


Yes, because we’ll all be okay with Trump as president.


Hillary and Donald are both terrible. Sometimes I wonder if this is some elaborate joke to see if we would actually vote for either of them.


There is a reason that film only got 5% on rotten tomatoes.


Because RT is a conglomerate score of 2,000 left wing rating sites.


Political sidebar: It’s really the morons in congress that screwed the country over. If I remember my education, congress was supposed to be a part time job.


Yup! A part time job they actively do about 1/3 of that time.

I cannot wait for this election to be over. I almost envy the HGs right now that aren’t seeing any of the circus out here because it’s embarrassing.

Aaaaand political rant /over


I hope Frank and Bridgette realize that they should stay close to the phone, while the comfy “house” hangs out and talks about them.


hey dawg production please save frank please


it is not in james’ best interests to get rid of frank. getting rid of davonne is also a waste of an hoh. she is all bark and very little bite. keep the bigger targets in the house (frank or bridgette, victor, and showmances) and have them get rid of each other. davonne talks too much but i do believe she has james’ back. cut her after the others are gone. so much better to be on the top of a five (frank, james, nat, da, paul?) vs the bottom of showmances and michelle. as much as it sucked for james to break his word to bridgette (although i never would have made a deal with her anyway) james would have to had either put both of them up or neither of them up to guarantee they could get at least one of them out. on a side note, soooooo glad nicole got exposed!!! it’s like dude, everyones lying!! why is everyone so pressed about davonne (who, again , has won diddly squat) when everyone lied to frank about who they voted for when bronte went home??


could you do a poll for least favorite?

Powder Puff Girls

The poll is for Favourite HG. So you look at the bottom of the rankings to see who is the worst player :

Zakiyah @ 1.17%

work up from the the bottom of the poll.


While I understand the logic of what you’re saying…I disagree that the bottom of the favorite poll is what op was asking for. I think, and I could be wrong, that op was asking for a most disliked poll, in which case Z wouldn’t win because most people are just apathetic towards her which is why she hardly gets any votes for favorite.

Powder Puff Girls

so sorry typo you look at the bottom to find “least favourite” not worst player – saw Z’s name and wrote the wrong think because I think she is the worst player out of the entire cast.

Frank for the secret power

I hope he gets a coup d’etat and doesn’t waste it on Da! I’d love to see him put up Paulie and Nicole to break up at least one of these stupid showmances!


If James really wanted to make a game changing move, he would have struck a deal with Frank and Bridgette and with Victor (who is basically a free agent at this point) to create a solid five. Him, Natalie, Frank, Bridgette, and Victor are all competition beasts and could honestly run the house. That would leave Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, Da’vonne, Paul, and Michelle. Nicole and Paulie already distrust Da’vonne. Paul will go to whoever has power in the house. Zakiyah is more focused on Paulie than the actual game. Even if it was five on seven, I still like their chances especially if one of them would have gone this week. Even if he had done this, Frank, Bridgette, and even Victor would have been bigger targets before him and Natalie.


I don’t think frank leaving the house will make it boring. From the conversations of the last 24 hrs it sounds like everyone is starting to lose it. Cant wait to see someone blow up Paulie’s sh#t. Was Nicole this ditsy last time she played? I thought she won some comps last time?

The Real Mimi

Love it when people lack the creativity to use their own name. Thanks for the compliment!

So Sad

As a fan of the dirty uncle/niece showmance that Frank and Bridgette have going on, I’m disappointed that they aren’t going to be in jury together. She could’ve sat on his lap and fished in his pockets for candy and giggled.


I think D just found the secret room.She was in the room by herself just staring at the departure signs…Hence she is nowhere to be found

So anyway...

Not gonna happen but I would love to see the look on those mean girls faces if Bridgette won AFP.

Bryn Mawr Mama

I’ve got AD on, and Z, Paulie, Nicole, and I think Corey are all in the bed. I hope James has a clean set of sheets available, because that would skeeve me out sleeping in that bed after they’d been in it. It’s just a quirk of mine, besides no one should be sleeping in that dang bed except him.
And Paul, we get you’re an expert on Belgian beer. You can stop talking about it. And lastly, Victor is playing it smart, listening and taking everything in. He may surprise us all.

sunny dee

my quirk, which i think is pretty valid, is the shirtlessness. that’s bare skin on couches, chairs, and bed linens when not in bed. it’s actually kind of gross to be hugging strangers without your shirt on, getting your skin cells and sweat on them. transferring all that to a back of a chair, then some other shirtless guy doing the same thing. hygienically speaking, not to mention, air conditioning, why aren’t they wearing shirts, when others are wrapping themselves in blankets half the time?

i remember cody (and james does this as well) wearing the looser tank tops, still shows arms and whatever but at least other HGs are protected from claimmy skin sticking to a kitchen chair, or bumper car 🙂


What skeeves me out is all their dirty feet all over everyone’s bed/sheets… They mostly walk around barefoot…


I got to give it to Frank…he doesn’t quit!! Day screwed his whole game up and sits back and wonders why Frank is after her!??!! I like Day for entertainment value…but I hate her game play! She is not loyal to one person in that house!! I believe the only people left in the house that could figure out the secret room is Bridgette and Frank…not because production will help them (I hope they do) but because they appear to be a bit smarter and more determined than the rest of them!!!


Frank screwed his own game. Not Day. He played too hard, too early by trying to turn his own alliance members against each other. Why is his downfall because of Davonne?


Nicole is always asking “is she mad at me” “are you mad at me?” It’s so annoying, cus it’s her guilty conscience for all her damn lies.

Fuzzy Num Num

Oh yay! Capt. Little Piddle is gonna rip a ball off. On the plus side Corey “Crazy Eye” has a new “friend”. Nicole better watch Victor like a hawk. He’s gonna steal her man.


Frank will find the secret room and undo James HOH this week and Frank will become new HOH and put up Paulie/Cory .Then Frank says” don’t give a s–t which one of you guys pull yourselves off this week I will put your girlfriend in your place.” THAT WOULD BE GREAT TV

Fuzzy Num Num

Except I don’t think either one would care. Corey now has Victor. And Not-Cody doesn’t really like Zak that much.


I’ve never been okay with the idea of production rigging things in the past, but I really hope they strongly hint to Frank the answer/information to the hidden room. The reason I want this to happen is because once Frank is gone, it’ll be unbearable watching the rest of these people. We have the mean girls (Michelle, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne) just hating on everything, Paul being up Paulie’s ass while he’s running his mouth, Nicole fawning over Corey and his wet dreams, James and Natalie (Mr. 7th place and Mrs. 4th place), Bridgette being made fun of and shunned, and Victor still really exited he got a cool belt for winning the Battle Back.


I agree. If Fridgette especially Frank leaves, I will quit subscribing AD. It is not gonna be fun to watch these idiots in the house. Can’t stand Z and Nicole thinking they are in the Bachelorette. One more thing, it is so annoying to watch Z for 20 minutes and I counted how many times she scratched her head… 10 TIMES. She is always itching. So gross!


Nicole is talking to DaVonne and James in London room, about past relationship with Hayden, new one with Corey…
Frank is in Safari room with Paul, while he’s rinsing his nose ring. Frank has a camera with telescopic lense, turning it, studying it, while Paul is soaking nose and talking and talking…
Paul leaves and Frank starts searching everything in Safari room. I think that him/Bridgette know to search for a clue.


I think frank, vic, bridgette and Da could find the secret if they would just put a little time into it. They seem more obversant. I wish!

Sho Nuff

Frank has been tipped off about a possible hidden power.. He’s turning stuff over looking for a clue.


From looking at the last bit I caught, I think it’s only Frank that is on to finding something. Bridgette’s been in the kitchen baking, to relieve stress, and the house has been talking amongst themselves, with Paul and Victor telling riveting stories, as always.
No more feeds on Frank for now.


I hope frank find that secret room I really do come on frank find It


Dawg, did you see that short clip of Paul rinsing his nose in the saline bowl, and Frank in there with him?
Paul talking as usual, and Frank uh-huhhing him, as he’s looking through the lense of a telescopic camera. As soon asPaul leaves, Frank starts going through everything in that room, as if he’s looking for something.


Did anyone else see frank looking for something ? And messing with the camera


I saw it, too! That was a quick view, but it got me excited! I wish Vic would leave Frank and Bridgette alone, so Frank can talk to her.
Those two good heads together, should figure it out!


When’s Zingbot getting here?! I want Nicole and Z to stay in the house long enough to get zinged about their pathetic showmances.


Paul stop betting me away and threatening to constantly pull them off and stick them somewhere or your forehead. This lack of respect is making me go inwards and wanting to hide from you.

Fuzzy Num Num

Am I missing something? Has Not-Cody pulled a Pink Peacock and kicked James out of the HOH bed? Good grief!


Frank looking at camera at 10:05pm CAM 1


Can you expand for us non-feeders?

sunny dee

i would want natalie and james to figure out about the room, and find it, but unfortunately it seems like they never left the have not room, and i fear they will never leave the HOH room now. i don’t think there are any clues or incentives in those rooms, you have to kind of hang out in the living room area, for the departures signs, and a few other things. which is probably why frank found something, if he is looking thru a camera (?) i figure there is a bold clue in that

he’s just in the wrong room, and he will need the number to phone, and to know to phone, it isn’t going to happen by searching thru stuff. or maybe he’s looking for that jewelry that bridget dropped that belongs to DAy


Backyard opens up and most going out there.
Frank in kitchen with Bridgette and seems to try to be conveying facial/body language to her.
She looks confused, but interested.
Frank says just Paulie and Michelle are left to go out, and someone should wake them up, so they know that by is open.
If he found out about the clues, I hope that he’s allowed to tell Bridgette, so they can figure it out together, while everyone else is in the back yard.


Mean girls? Really?! Bridgette talked/talks just as much bull as the rest of them!!She had Bronte (talked equally as much crap) and Natalie, and got with Frank when things got dicey (understandable, wtv) ! Now that Frank’s ship is sinking she’s been bullied all of a sudden, which is a load of bull because its big brother and every season people talk crap about each other (hate speech excluded)this is nothing new!!No one owes Bridgette anything and she isn’t some victim of bullying, if you watch the feeds you know she was an equal participant in the crap talking so please come off it! I’m sick of the double standards on this website. You people must not have watched Brittney, Janelle, and honestly plenty of other men who never seem to be mentioned for their catty behaviour? The way you people will bend over backwards to justify supporting Frank, someone who’s proven time and time again to be a misogynistic racist is gross as hell too.


Thank You for recognizing it. I’m glad someone else notices Bridgette is not the little poor ‘woe is me’ she wants everybody to think she is. She was equally as nasty when she was HOH and had her Spy Girls (goofy) alliance. Now she’s whining that everyone hates her. She wouldn’t give a care if her pathetic group hadn’t fallen apart. Part of being able to advance in this game is to be able to suck it up sometimes,reinvent yourself and move on to other alliances. Paul is a perfect example. He was part of that ridiculous Messiah Josea team and nobody on the other side liked him. After that group fell apart, Paul has managed to attach himself to the power group and nobody seems to be targeting him at all lately. Meanwhile Bridgette expects people to come to her and apologize and be her friend. What would that benefit anybody in that house right now? She’s an untouchable because she’s on the block. She should be the one doing outreach, not the other way around.


Anyone else think that Paulie may lose his reign soon? Now that Vic is back Paul may try to start a takeover. After all most everyone hear about the Pauli/Z/Corey/Nicole/DA thing, and I don’t really believe Paulie is really serious about the 4 guys going to the end together(of course James & Corey might be gullible to believe that). I think it might be easy to convince enough the others work together to take Paulie out because they will have the numbers .


SIMON, DAWG There’s a guy on Twitter @BBTooms that has a screen shot of Frank in Secret Room pushing a Reset Button. It was a day ago. Could be fake. I don’t know


Frank has a way of spitting his anger to a person so that they take it as a joke. Stabbing someone in the throat don’t sound funny at all. I know he really hates her and wishes he could but stupid bobble head people will laugh and say he is joking. Just like the fake apology he gave Da and he hates her so much he can’t stop gunning for her & talking about her so much. What happened to that apology and keep it moving? She’s not a threat and won no comps so why continue to bully? He purposely tried to make Da lose her cool from that first smack but she didn’t to save her game. Frank never liked her and wanted her out from jump street for his own emotional reasons.


Just woke up about 20 min ago to a clusterf&?k of a house meeting being ended by Paul in the HOH room. It sounds like Day and Z weren’t supposed to be there, but Paul and Victor made sure they were. Not sure, since I caught the tail end of it and I’m just going by what they are saying.
Bottom line, Paulie told Frank that there’s no need for more meetings because veto won’t be used and he will go home on Thursday. Paulie and everyone else seemed uncomfortable, except for Paul, Victor and Day.
Paul commented that most live feeders will think he’s an asshole and he doesn’t care. Right on there, Paul. This one certainly does.


Houseguests…please evict Victor…he is a doucher who hates women…he insults women constantly…macho pig…mothers warn ur daughters…doucher on the loose

One ball Paul

I’m in love with Bridgett

Fan of Fuzzy Num Num

I do not know who you are, but your BB posts always crack me the hell up. I enjoy reading them immensely, so please do not ever stop commenting on the houseguests and their respective behaviors. Too funny and always on point!

Fuzzy Num Num

Why thank you. I will try. They just give us so much ammunition.

Cindy Withanesse

I bet Paul’s pubes are way longer than his penis.