Nicole – “BB16 was a great cast, It was like summer camp”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 14-11-54-931
2:10pm Nicole, Corey and Paul
Twitter and Instagram follower conversation. (this seems to be what Big Brother is turning into a dating show with everyone wanting to get 100K followers)

Talk moves to Zach
Paul asks her what is Zach’s personality like
Nicole – hot and cold.. my best friend sometimes then yelling at me.. I’ve never known someone like that..
Nicole – he’s very sweet.. I never not liked him.. he could do anything to me I would forgive him in a heartbeat..

Nicole – “BB16 was a great cast, It was like summer camp”
Nicole says Frankie knew everything that was going on in the house he predicted everything and told them so there was no surprised. (AKA production)
Nicole goes on about how smart Frankie was, “3 majorssssssssssssssssss”, “he was pure muscle and really balanced because he was a Broadway dancer”
Nicole says she was pretty boring in her first season she could watch it.
Nicole says Da’Vonne probably had the best Diary rooms.
Paul and Corey agree that Zakiyah was brutal on the DR they think she would “Shred” on people.
Nicole – you guys…
Paul – she probably verbally killed you in the DR

Pau llets them know that Zakiyah and PAulie had s$x 5 times. Nicole is shocked says she feels a little sketched out by Zakiyah now after she would say she always felt alone.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 14-22-04-666

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 14-41-42-005

2:32pm Nicole and Natalie
They agree the prize should be increased to 1 million for all the stress this season has put them thru. (i was thinking 250K)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 14-47-32-644

2:46pm Tokyo room Nicole and Corey
Chit chat..
Nicole – Whattttttttt why are you so mad at meeeeeeeeeee
Production – Corey please put on your microphone
Nicole warns him to NOT get too cocky or confident about tomorrow.
Nicole starts asking him “scenarios” with a girl

Nic – “So .. you are … you had a rough month but not that rough.. Anddddddd you are at workkkkkk anddd there’s this girl there that is much older”
Nic – shes like 6 years older than you
Corey – wow ok
Nic – anddddd she’s… 31.. Ok.. anddddddd she just is very flirty with you persistent like wanting your attention like you can tell..
Nic – she the girl that just goes for it, she knows you have a girlfriend she knows like .. she knows all that crap. (ok is this what happened between her and Hayden, corey asks her and she says not)
Nic – anyways you go to a Holiday party and you bring your girlfriend and she’s there.. anddddd.. you know she’s kinda staring at you the whole time and you know she likes you but you don’t tell your girlfriend about this girl
Nic – so you know.. she has no idea this girl as been overly flirty.. you might be oblivious to it but shouldn’t be oblivious to it.

Corey starts laughing.. “Oh my gosh.. make it a little more obvious.. just tell me the story”
Nicole – this is a scenario I’m making up
Corey – ya right.. I know you are not making this up 10000%
Nic – so…. umm… so a couple weeks later lets just say, how would you feel about this girl.. A couple weeks later you and your girlfriend break up..
Nicole – it doesn’t have anything to do with this girl but now she knows you broke up she’s was a stage 4 she’s now a stage 5
Nicole – do you like the persistence of this girl.. you turned her down like 7 times but she keeps asking.. how do you feel about this situation.
Corey – why don’t we just go for lunch that would be our hangout.
Corey – am I attracted to her
Nicole – no
Corey – than no.. I wold totally blow it off.. Like..
Nic – she’s writing all over your Facebook
Corey – I would let her keep doing it.. I wouldn’t egg is on but I wouldn’t entertain it either I would like what she said or comment back.. I would let her feel like she’s a lone with this flirting escapade.
Corey adds he would always talk abotu him seeing other girls, “I would let her know I’m not interested”


Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 15-01-41-526

3:00pm Corey and Paul Yokyo room
talking about after this week it’ll be Paul and Corey or paul and Victor. They wonder about the care package and HOH..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 15-04-00-943

3:04pm Bros..
Paul says he’s been up since 6 talked to the live feeders for 5 hours then Corey and Nicole for another hour.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 15-08-19-598

natalie says there’s beard hair everywhere.
Victor looks “ewww.. I’ll take that out for you”
james says it looks like little pubes

Paul comes by says “How do you know it’s my beard hair”
James- it was long and Curly
Natalie laughing.. ‘it was your DNA”
Paul – I’m sorry.. how did that happen
James- fell outta your beard..
they start laughing trying to figure out whose beard the hair come from.
Natalie – it was funny.. it’s all fun
Paul again apologizes, “look it could have been Vic could have been anyone”

3:55pm Slow…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 16-14-15-927

4:14pm talking about the slip n slide HOh competition.
Corey – Dang…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 16-29-02-447

4:11pm Bathroom Natalie and Vic
Natalie – whats wrong with Paul today, he’s gettign sick
Victor he’s been sick for a couple days maybe it’s nerves.. we’ve been in here a long time.
Vic – so BIG MEECH thinks there will be a Jury Buyback (ugh) … f***g crazy
Nat – ya
Vic – someone coming back into the house
Nat – I don’t honestly, umm.. I don’t think there is goign to be one.. because what’s her name.. Julie Chen.. said this.. the… umm… you will not be coming back into the house.
Nat – she told that to everyone before they opened their cards (Roundtrip)
Vic – that is true as well
Nat – if there was a Jury buyback (Ugh) it would be weird.. umm.. .because it would be like from people that were evicted recently.. You know
vic – ya
Bat – she said specifically.. she was specific with her words.. They will not be entering back into the house.
Vic – that is true..
Victor isn’t convinced
Nat – even Nicole said she was very specific with her wording.
Natalie says she’s not going to get sick it’s just a game. (if Paulie comes back you)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 16-24-01-707

4:23pm Bathroom Natalie and James
Nat – Quick question for you if I wanted to keep Vic would you keep him..
James – depends on your argument.. is there something I should know.. you wanting to keep him
Nat – having my doubts.. you know.. stuff I’ve heard about Nicole saying and stuff.. I haven’t worked with Nicole and Corey and hearing stuff they said about me too makes me worried.
Nat – I know it’s better for you game to keep Corey.. it’s not really better for my game.. I wouldn’t be surprised Corey and Nicole won and they put me up..
Nat – what do you think… you not going to say anything..
Natalie gets pissed at james because he won’t say anything.
Natalie – I trust you and I trust your judgments..
James getting pissy that Nicole has a soft spot for Victor..
Natalie says she wants Nicole, Paul and Corey out, “Nicole has said some not cool things about me James”

Natalie says Nicole swears up and down she never said anything bad about her.
James says it’s about winning comps they have to get rid of the person that
Natalie says she can’t trust Nicole and Corey she knwos James can but Natalie can’t
James says Paul is in Victor’s ear, “those 2 have to be split up Corey and Nicole you can work with.. Paul and Victor are strategic they want to win win win win 100% all they see is that Trophy”
Natalie – I’m scared you are goign to screw me over.. I’m gettign nervous.. just knowing Nicole cuddled with you.. you are always defending her to.. that makes me feel being played.
James- she’s a great.. I don’t know.. She can be trusted more than Paul..
Natalie – do you hav a final 2 with Nicole
James – swear to god I don’t have a final 2.. all I have with Corey and Nicole is that 4 (they promised to never put each other up or vote each other out)
James says they both can beat Corey and Nicole in Comps bu they can’t beat Victor.

Natalie says why wouldn’t Corey and Nicole put them up becuase they are the only other couple. what if there is a jury member returning.
James says there will be no returning player. every decision he makes is for them.
4:48pm James- you think Corey will put up you and me if Paul’s still in teh house? hell no
James- Corey and Paul they are not going to win every HOH they won’t win every Veto.. paul just won a veto the chances of him winning another HO are kinda slim.. if he doesn’t win this HOH he’ll be in trouble.

Jame says if Paul wins the Veto and Corey/Nicole have HOH Michelle will have to go.
Natalie – that’s fine.. (HAHAHAHA)

4:51pm james- that all guys alliance helped us get where we are at.. if there was no guys alliance who knows how many times you would have been the pawn.. how many times I would go up
Nat – do you value my opinion
James – in my heart this is the best decision for us to do..
james adds his gut, heart and Brain area ll saying they have to get Victor out.

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Are they still set on putting Victor out or did James man up to vote Cory out?


Bro needs a haircut! He needs to ditch the Charles Manson look.


Victor looks like manson are you effin kidding me, he looks great with his hair, what century do you live in, men and woman can wear and do what they want anymore, there are no rules, Victor is just a nice guy and I feel so bad that they are trying to get him out, Hope it backfires and he comes back wins HOH and puts up James and the very annoying Natalie or the very Annoying Nicole or the equally annoying Michelle!!

Fuzzy Num Num

First: Simon, God bless you for having to listen to and repeat Nicole’s ridiculous what if a girl ( a thirty one year old girl, not woman) conversation. Because, my eyes bleed from reading it. You are a strong man.
Second: Cathy, Victor does need to trim up his hair/beard. He would look so much better.
Third: Cathy, if Victor goes out, he has the best chance of coming back in. Because no one else in the jury will beat Not-Cody. So even though I like Victor, I need him to go and then come back in.


Nicole is 23 — not 31. She is already an ER nurse, so she has some brains and my respect for doing a very difficult and necessary job.

Fuzzy Num Num

Ok. I am aware of how old Nicole is. However, if you will re-read the 2:46 Tokyo conversation, you will find what I am referring too. No where did I comment about Nicole’s career choice or her professionalism. Her conversation is, indeed, ridiculous and immature.


Or put up the ever so useless Corey, this cast was entertaining for quite a while but for the life of me I can not understand why these girls havent dealt with the all guys alliance……it’s time to start seriously playing big brother.

Snickole, wake up, play the game do the job you came to do…you are interrogating Corey about the wrong things, ask him when the guys alliance was scheming to get the girls where were you in the lineup.

Meech, quit flip flopping… are running out of options for targets play to win for yourself not for acceptance, with 500k you can buy a few friends…lol

Nat, James also was part of the all guys alliance, ask him where were you on the hit list…..which should make you question his motives to keep certain people

Victor, played a good game after his return, in the buy back I want to see him return again…just to see Snickole squirm, Corey piddle himself, and James on the block.


I love you


Simon, could we also have a ban on political comments? I come here for BB stuff, not CNN.


Are there any other rights you’d like to take away from the American people? I don’t like the idiotic political crap either, but I just ignore the asinine morons that keep putting it up.
So…I guess I’ll get a thumbs down for standing up for the first amendment…


The first amendment only means you cannot be arrested for your political rantings. It doesn’t mean you can get away with saying stupid crap on a personal site where people don’t want to listen to your BS.

Canadian Kev

Besides which, a) this is a private site, so the law doesn’t apply, and b) that was nothing but an attempt to distract.
Hey wag the dog, let’s talk about political rights, rather than the fact that Really? is just a little shit trying to change the subject.

Grow up.
And take a civics course.
Specifically on private property.


First amendment is FREEDOM OF SPEECH! It may be a private site, but it’s in AMERICA! DUH!
Read the constitution you moron!

Never cared

Ok BB Fans, quick geography, political science, and theology lesson. Correct me if I’m wrong, Simon and Dawg are from Canada and therefore their blog is originating from, you guessed it, Canada. Canada is NOT America people. The First Amendment is part of the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s not the Bible folks, and Canada is not part of the United States of America. Simply put, we’re not the boss of them πŸ™‚

Never cared

@Really?- Yup, thumbs down


I agree the house guest are playing a game there is no need to bash them they are human just like us.


You misinterpreted Simon’s post

Lady Mormont

Victor Snow


Simon, if Victor survives this, can your header for that be “The man with nine lives”


I would love to see Victor back again. Even though it may not seem fair that he was given two chances to get back in the game. The ONLY reason I say this is because I feel he has worked harder, tried harder than 90% of the houseguests there.


Are the stores stocked with enough Kraken?


The Kraken will be on me!

Big Sister

Hell, yeah! Several days ago I said Vic for AFP and I am first in line to make it happen!! I don’t give a hoot about the care package.


I’m so disappointed in Nicole. Complete snoozfest…..

I tend to find Paul funny and entertaining. I would like to see him get to the end. The buyback is really going to shape the end of the season depending on who gets back in will make such a huge difference in where the pairs end up.

Simon and dawg – awesome work as usual!!


That title made me lol, good joke Nicole.


Would DIE if Nicole or Corey won! Anyone but them please! I was very upset that one time Andy Herren one πŸ™


I don’t want to see Natalie, James or Michelle win. They don’t deserve even being in 2nd place. I can’t wait for James to see that he is not America’s Favorite, I think he feels he has this in the bag.

Powder Puff Cat

I think the casuals will vote for James or Natalie for AFP. Hopefully the feeders, AD folks will vote otherwise. But who would they vote for?

Who would you pick for AFP? I think it will come down to vote splitting. I know many of the reddit fans are picking Bridgette. I like Paul, Bridgette and Victor. Paul for learning the game on the fly, Bridgette for the wrong reasons, that she was sh!t on. Victor for being a comp beast, good house cleaner, and learning how to conduct himself with these remaining petty fools.


::dons the jack boots::
Simon said to play nice with the posters…
::removes jack boots::
The notion that Nicole and Corey have made it this far really grates on my nerves and I hate that production seems to be intent on keeping them around.

Corey's slippers

Whatchutalkinbout NotGayCorey?

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

I so hate Frankie and now I hate Nichole for even bringing up that fool!


Simon …. I say less than $250k, I laughed so hard when the girls said 1M! It is “summer camp” this season, as well!
Nicole is in la la land. What’s up with the obsessed girl scenario!? How clueless can you be with Corey? Also, please don’t bring up Frankie!! I’m trying to forget about him!


Nicole’s maturity level is that of a 13 year old little girl. She’s absolutely obsessed with Corey. It’s grating on me. Thank God for Simon and Dawg. I can read without the whine and slumberfest. Not hating just annoyed with them. I would be over the moon if Vic stays or comes back and Nicole gets axed.


If I had to listen to Nicole all day, I think I’d jam an awl into my ear. Possibly even a lobotomy.


Nicole you certainly are delusional about how you see things and how they really are. Wasn’t it Zac who called you a fruit loop dingus??? I don’t believe he was complimenting you. The worse part of it all…… will long for the day when the viewers just thought of you as a fruit loop dingus!
Corey is not only not into you, he is humiliating you on TV and you just aren’t seeing it. I hope you have a good strong support system.,……you are going to need it!


What is this season like Nicole? Soft porn camp? Lazy pigsty training camp. Not sure what kind of camp you think it is but it sure don’t feel like any type of summer camp this year. anyone who thinks that pink haired idiot was so great, semi great, or even less then great is clearly delusional. Hey is way, way waaaaaaaaaaay, below that.


She is so lazy and enamored with Corey that she doesn’t even groom herself for cryin out loud. Goes days on end without bathing and plops her hair up into a ratty nest on top her head. It is just pathetic. No attempt what so ever to engage in the BB game.


Maybe Corey’s drunken friends will mistake her for a goat.


That is the way Corey likes her reminds him of a certain goat in his past loves.

Franks fumes

Everything that I don’t like about Nicole is confirmrd by her take on that dreadful bb16 cast…….please Nicole let me forget!


Nic is really irritating, but Nat is a horror.


I did not see any of this as I do not watch the live feeds and now I wish I had not read any of it as well ….. think I will have some of that Kraken now myself


Season 16 is like the Star Wars Christmas Special…it should never be mentioned or remembered.

Backseat Driver

Hahahahahaha……oh my, that was good!


I am going to just keep checking this site for updates, I cannot watch BBAD anymore, the only people I don’t mind listening to is Victor and Paul, I never thought I’d say that. Natalie, Michelle, James, Corey and Nicole irritate the hell out of me, I’m hoping they don’t make it much further. Nicole seems to just be so head over heels for Corey, which I don’t think is going to be anything once this game is over, she continues to blow his head up by making him think he is so good looking, he is ok, but he appears to be as dumb as a box of rocks. He cannot hold a decent conversation, he comes off as being a complete air head, just like Nicole.


You guys, I would like to let you know that I did submit the idea of a NEVER CARED PACKAGE to CBS/BIGBROTHER per most of you all’s suggestions. Maybe they will implement it if it’s not too late. It definitely could be used in the Pandora Box. Thanks for all of the positive feedback.


Nicole, Big Brother is a game, not summer camp. She seriously does not realize how BORING BB16 was?!? I would want to win by overcoming obstacles and strategic game play, not loafing around all summer…


It was more like the summer of ants the way they all voted in unison. That was one of the major reasons I was frustrated by the season

Judd's granny

Well, I thought I should take a look-see in at Simon and Dawg’s place . I’m glad to see the cat ladies finally standing up for themselves. They’ve taken a lot of lip on this blog. I have a friend who’s a cat lady. I can’t go to her house, because of my allergies, but she’s real nice. I’m a dog person myself. Got me a wiener dog to look after the chickens. He’s a real good boy like Mister Pickles.
So anyway, this morning Judd said he had to run to Rite Aid and Walgreen’s and CVS to get some Sudafed , and for me to stay out of the kitchen tonight ,because Spencer and Pizza Boy were coming in for a few days, and he had to cook “dinner” for them. So while he was gone UPS came with an Amazon package , which I opened because this is my house. So inside was what looked a plastic toy. The instructions called it Fellatio Doll Nicole. When Judd got back, he started yelling about me opening his mail. I told him it’s my house, so shut it up. I said what is that thing? He said it’s a doll that looks
like That Nicole on Big Brother and it’s even got its nose pinned back like her, and if you squeeze it, it makes annoying noises. Dammit Granny , it says satisfaction guaranteed! Oh Well. So Judd and Spencer and Pizza Boy have been locked in my kitchen with that thing for a couple days and I just thought I’d check in on Simon and Dawg. You boys doing all right?

Min O'Pause

I missed ya Granny! But I see now why you’ve been preoccupied πŸ˜‰


The HG’s can’t have it both ways. Don’t ask for an “easy week””, or wish it was more like summer camp…but then another time it is all about what America wants to see, or what their (imaginary) fans want. Do they think America wants to watch a summer camp with a bunch of slobs sitting around and sleeping? Playing nice, orderly games and let two or three people run the house and everybody else tries to hide aND hey, time to play pot ball, the most unertaining game of all time. No, we want action and intrigue, lying , weasling, and confrontations, back stabbing, and maybe even trying to win a comp instead of throwing them all.

Nana Jo

Corey is actually a robot. Wait, unfair to robots! He has zero charisma, zero personality. Even his looks don’t do a thing for me because they’re not animated by any soul. His eyes are dead. Nicole is pathetic and just plain nuts….Corey has no interest in her whatsoever. I literally can’t stand watching or listening to either of them. I would rather watch snails copulate.

I hope Victor wins …what a great Guy! Paul is my second choice. The rest, Meh. I was a big Natalie fan but I think the BB confinement is getting to her in a big way. James just baffles me ….and Meeech, well she is who she is, no more no less.

Frankie's shorts

Watching BBAD with Nicole and Corey IS watching snails copulate.

Reality Check

So after 71 days, Jamesy has only two kisses from Nat Nat. One for James winning the HOH and the other one at the county fair. James, you massage her back, feet, shoulders…she has not done one iota on you. James, you keep on asking Nat if she loves you, um, if the girl really love you, she will tell you right away. James, for future references, stay away from girls from the state of New York. You got burn by Meg and I think you are going to be burn by Nat.

On Nat’s HOH blog, she said she loves her family, her friends, her best friend Lauren and her co HOH buddy Meech. No mention of loving James except thanking him for guiding her this far in the game. You know when Meech gets love and James does not…not good.

James, two kisses, sacrificing yourself for Nat, sacrificing your game, for what? Another fail showmance? Was it worth it? Of course I cannot blame this on Nat, why force the issue when James is guiding you to $500,000.

James is a nice guy on the outside world, with his charitable works and helping others. His choice of ladies is not good at all. One more chance James to refocus and start playing for the girl in your life, your daughter Baleigh.

Froot Loop Dingus

Can’t wait until Natalie starts telling everyone the beard hair is a way for Paul to manipulate people and it’s hurting her heart.

Either that or she’ll collect DNA from all the guys in the house to use when she accuses them of sexual harassment.


Such a great cast Robyn Kass(sarcasm)!!!


Yall r so negative, give it a rest this season is so much better than some of the others. Vic and paul aren’t even all that Natalie is playing a much better game and her and James are making smart decisions so relax and don’t send hate towards them. No offense but most of u guys are annoying af


I wonder if Chill is the only one liking his/her own comment…


Ditto that!!
Chill for real
Paul can return to his parents mansion without buying that Bentley


Ditto that!!
Chill for real


This season’s winner should get only $100k with a chance of never returning again, not unless it’s Vic. These HG’s have done nothing, absolutely nothing (in my Sgt. Schultz voice from Hogans Heroes)

Is it over yet?

Yes, the winnings should only be given with the promise that they will never return to play BB ever again.


Dear Nicole: We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. The sloth we have hired sleeps less than you do and rocks the suit better.

About to upset people

Natalie is an idiot. James hasn’t beaten anyone in any comps this season. (His HOH was thrown to him)

He is clearly up Nicole’s @$$ and she is just to stupid to realize it. She deserves what is going to happen to her

Self Created Stress

I love how some house guests are saying they are stressed. Holy doodle, really……where is the self responsibility these days? These people are on a reality show that THEY CHOOSE to be on, yet they want more money because it is so stressful? Wow, how does this cast on Big Bro keep topping themselves for looking like the biggest fools in Big Bro history.
Did I fall into an alternative Universe where the strategy of whining, complaining and self entitlement was the way to win Big Bro? Thank god I have spared myself of the live feeds and just come to quickly read the updates on here….even this is starting to make me squeamish.
When will the girls in the house also come to realization that beauty isn’t just on the outside, but more on the inside. As a guy, I would be running away far far away from this cast of ladies, the only one I would care to know would be Bridgette, all the other girls, so highly insecure it screams out in their meanness and constant needing to be coddled.


I beg CBS to stop putting ALL these millennial thin skinned people on BB. I would find it awesome if they would only put 30 somethings on the next season. Natalie and Michelle whining and bawling is driving me insane!

30 somethings

30 somethings have jobs, kids, morgages, etc. to worry about. No time to spend 99 days in a reality show house. I don’t blame them for feeling stressed (though the wanting extra money is dumb). Spend that long in one place is unnatural. We’re not wired to do that, it’s why prison is considered a bad thing.


Poor James, he’s probably never had the feeling that everyone’s looking at or flirting with his girl. Get ready bud, better have thick skin, it’s normal for guys to be attracted to beautiful women. Coming from the south I bought for sure he would be used to that, every guy is constantly on the hunt. He’s not cut out to be WITH Natalie, if he’s intimidated by Victor (who like me is from Louisiana and as I mentioned before is always on the hunt) he likes the idea of Natalie, who doesn’t love the idea of potentially dating an NFL cheerleader? But in reality, so does every other red blooded man in the whole of North America, which is who he would be competing with in the real world. It’s a shame watching these people throw away 500k and the title of Big Brother champ for relationships that don’t work out.


you see how james get when nattile talk about Nicole he don’t say nothing
but when nattile talk about pual he say something about pual james is the worst player ever in big brother history how did he get America favorite player last year we must being sleep when we voted he should never be on this game if I was survivor or amzing race I will not want him on my show

More Anonymous

What’s annoying is the constant dribble coming from the mouths of these house guests. I expected more than two – three weeks of entertainment. While that lasted it was great, but now the season is evolving into a crash and burn. For me it’s not hitting a pothole, but a crater. If I wanted to be annoyed, a phone call to my ex would do it.

Only can wish

“My heart is hurting” because we have to suffer through this borrrriiiinnnggg a$$ season. OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!


BBAD was nearly 4 hours last night and I finished it in 10 mins (that’s because the FF couldn’t go any faster). Maybe it’s time BB is re-vamped entirely.

The lull this year is early and long. I’m trying to hang in there, but it’s hard to watch with the remaining HGs.

Backseat Driver

You have hit on something here that had occurred to me…….I think Big Brother CBS needs to re-tool this show. “Survivor” has listened to their viewers somewhat and are constantly improving and moving away from some of their previous stale seasons and contestant choices. BB keeps coming up with twists and “surprises” but damn…..they need to do a better job on the selection process of the house guests! More ages, body shapes, etc.

Rat's Nest

Why don’t the other girls show Ratcole how to brush her hair? It’s fairly obvious she doesn’t know how.

2nd year BB fan

Do you think that Natalie is going cut James and link up with Paul and Michelle, if Vic is gone?


Tinfoil hat time. Every time James speaks, I’m more certain he’s dead set on protecting Nicole because of preseason shenanigans. Taking a step back, Natalie should see James is more interested in keeping the Nicole/Corey pair up even though Natalie doesn’t trust her and she and Nicole have been on opposite sides of the votes a few times. She’s starting to see that Nicole and Corey will be interested in taking a shot at the last pair to make sure they can control the votes. I’m thinking Natalie will go up during the week if Corey or Nicole are given an HoH.


Dog burned alive on youtube – if after viewing this video you even think Corey has redemption – it’s with God. Animals scream inj pain not to mention he thinks it’s funny. He should be jailed for what he did. Nicole is a scumbag for even being attracted to this. Zakiyah is a whore who thinks she is a ‘strong=ass’ woman. Who taught her this bullshit? These girls are so pathetic but the men are just as or more pathetic because they know they rule the women who ‘pretend to be ‘strong’ass’ women. Fucok all of you. God Bless the Mighty who really are Mighty.

Natalie Sucks

Today we enjoyed a short break from Nat slamming Paul over something delusional because she used her words to insult Z over something delusional by saying the reason Nat didn’t cook is because Z was jealous of Natalie when it came to the kitchen……. Then James and Nat heated exchange in the bathroom kinda showed some real cracks there. Their relationship is superficial and they basically both manipulate each other.


Just watched the veto show and oddly they seem to be setting it up like it’s going to be a crazy blindside by taking out Vic. They’ve been about getting Vic/Paul out since day 1 of Natalie’s week right?


I get it, you all love Vic and Paul, hate the rest. Can there be other topics besides this?

Misty Beethoven

Sure! What did you have in mind? Hemlines – long or short? Who will win the Super bowl? Kale – is it a superfood or not? Just let us know.

Guy From Canada

You missed gluten intolerance


Okay then, could we get Staff Sergeant R. Lee Ermey to come in and make them clean the whole house? That place is nasty. I’d feel like I’d need to bathe in bleach to stay clean. I’d be terrified if they switched the lightd to UV black lights for the feeds one night. It’s look like some crime scene in there.

just watched the veto show

Simon, i want to play nice but, whoever voted big beech for co-hoh, you ruined the show. Thanks a lot

good luck in novermber


If you want to play nice then please don’t assume that everyone that voted, voted for Michelle. I voted for Victor. Last season I voted for Johnny Mac to win AFP not James. Looks like I had the right idea. American Politics has nothing to do with this season of BB. Please if you really want to play nice don’t compare the 2. We’re screwed either way.

Team Vic & Paul

Wish Vic comes back and put Nats ass on block :/

Texas Code

I am born and raised in Texas and I have never heard of a Texas Code. James makes it seem as though it’s taught in schools or church. He’s delusional if he wants to go by that logic though he should man up and stop talking behind people’s back and say what he has to say to their face. ITS THE TEXAS WAY

Natalie Sucks

James so called Texas code applies to everyone if it fits his agenda for that week. He has yet talked to Corey to ask him if he said that Natalie is sucking James’ d!ck to the end. Must not bother him that much or else he knows it’s true.


Were you raised in the city? Cause us born and raised in Texans DO know Texas code. Unless you’re under 35 and in the cupcake generation. (Which has nothing to do with Texas.) For us raised in Texas when stores were closed on Sunday till 1988, prayed at every school event, rode with our shotguns in the gun rack on the back window, we know Texas code. Don’t Mess With Texas
That’s why I don’t think it will necessarily be Natalie who breaks James heart. That whining, blaming, making excuses, always needing reassurance, constant attention, doesn’t set well with Texas men.

Texas Code

I am 35, and was raised in a farming community. (Natalie Sucks) makes an excellent point, not only a “Texas Man” would be offended having a woman he cares for being accused of being a tramp, but any man worth his salt would be, just proving James a.) Cares more about playing “the middle” than any relationship with Nat or B.) he’s a poor excuse for a man Texas or otherwise

Team Edward

I may have missed something. There was a rumor that Nicole and James promised to split the $$$$ with each other. Any truth to this? Is that why James is being shady with Nat???


At some point most of them have said if they won they’d ‘throw’ something other people’s way. Nicole and James have both said it to one another and James said he’d give something to Natalie too. As vets of this game both Nicole and James should know that they cannot do that. It’s in their contract, even I know that b/c it’s not the first year it’s come up. Nicole was the one called into the diary room and reprimanded and told to tell James that she wouldn’t do that. Now if i’m correct she did it in front of a bunch of people which might have included Paul. If I was in the room that would have raised a few red flags for me. But yes, they are not allowed to ‘share’ the prize money, not really sure how BB would know but that’s the rule.

Unbattled Block

BB16 was a great cast according to Nicole…

That proves that the airflow to the brain is being cutoff by the compressed diameter of Nicole’s nostrils

Simon/Dawg We may have to go straight to the Tequila shots

Reality Check

Tequila is nice but the official alcohol drink on this site is Kraken Rum.

I support kraken rum because extraordinary people such as Simon praising this product


Why does everyone this season get HOHititis?


I read somewhere that Corey thought it was fun to give the homeless expired gift cards. Did anyone hear him say that?


After Corey laughed about burning a goat, I feel production stepped in, and that is why he limits his verbiage. BUT, you are correct! Every so often when the douche speaks for more than a minute his conversations pertain to his brother/friend, etc., kicked someones ass – dude, or boning hot women (while Nic drools, thinking she is so special that he realllllyyyy likessssss meeeeee), and other disrespectful, entitled comments. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM TO GET ACP! Production trys hard to let viewers think he is all american. He is not!!!

Min O'Pause

Geeze sometimes,I weep for mankind.


That is so horrible and makes me so sad to think anyone would do that


After watching the show tonite………..I’m noticing that Paul has the same sense of entitlement that Paulie had. Many of the same attiributes…..getting agressive when put on the block (this shouldn’t happen to me! I didn’t plan this so it can not happen!), sleeping in the HOH bed as if he was HOH, and an ego that could eat him alive. I wonder if Paulie wins the buy back if Paul would automatically go back to following behind him & kissing up to him?

Voting for Corey for ACP5 & hoping that it’s Bridgette that wins the buy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Simon for your post asking to keep the ugliness out of the comments. Hope it works, but I’m expecting a lot of vicious comments to my post. H8R’s gonna H8.


I said it before, and I will say it again, “Why would anyone vote for Corey knowing he thought it funny when his frat boys threw lighter fluid on a goat and proceeded to attempt lighting the poor goat on fire!????” WHY???? Please, vote for Victor in the event he returns, or Paul! NOT GOAT BURNING COREY!!! Still hoping the douche and his friends get in trouble. AND hoping lame James and Nat do not get AFP because that is all they do – play to the camera, “Americaaaa…” they are aware of what they say/do, including mentioning charities, in order to gain AFP votes. Phoney BB players… first time, I fast forward BBAD.


I think it would be great if Corey leaves. Bridgett comes back and her and Victor go to final 2. Two come back players.


Ugh. It’s actually a really smart move to get rid of Vic or Paul. I’m just sad it’s happening the way it is and I’m not ready for it. I cannot stand anymore Nicole & Corey. When Nicole was telling Corey they should study and he said “who carrres” I wanted him immediately evicted. These two are the only options for replacment because clearly James wasn’t going to be put up and he has the nerve to say who cares!?! That’s just insane to me! And he’s starting to talk like Nicole.. Sums up how pathetic they (and much of the season) have been. Seriously, I hope Corey gets evicted. And if we can’t get that lucky, I hope Vic comes back. And then I hope Paul wins HoH and we get to see Nicole vs. James on the block. I’d love to see Nat call James on his protection of Nicole. I wish Julie Chen would tell them on finale night how disappointed fans were with BB18. That might be the best blindside of the season.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

It’s always summer camp in Nicole’s brain. I’m sorry. I don’t like talking about people’s intelligence, but she’s so dumb. I can’t handle how dumb she is. How is this woman a nurse? I wouldn’t trust her to care for a plant.

I hope someone works some magic to evict Corey and have Bridgette come back. Hopefully the Higher Power Paul believes in is smiling down on the BB house and does the right thing.