Nicole “If Frank has the round trip ticket, I’m hitting the red button! If he does we’re all in TROUBLE!”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 03-51-23-671

In the kitchen – Nicole, James and Natalie are snacking and chatting. They ask who they think has the card. Natalie and Nicole think card # 3 has the round trip ticket (Z has card number 3). James says he thinks number 7 has it (James has card Number 7). Natalie says they’re going to definitely temp us to open the cards. James says if they temp us I will open mine! If they says numbers 7 – 10 could have 50K. I would open mine. Nicole talks about how within the first 2 hours of being back Vic asked her how’s your relationship (with Corey), has it flourished?! Natalie says better you than me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 03-48-23-043
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12:40am Backyard – Natalie gets motivated and dressed to work out. She says she can only work outwhen no one else is around. She heads out into the backyard and sits down to talk to Michelle. Michelle says she went up to Bridgette and says she apologized to about the comment (shaving her eyebrows and resuscitating her) but still doesn’t admit to remember saying it. Michelle says it was never personal and she takes it personal. Michelle says she would go and fish for information an spy on people .. that was the extent of what I said about her because she’s my target. James says she told me to go f**k myself. Michelle says pro tip number 1 don’t tell the HOH to F**k off. Nicole joins them. Nicole talks about wanting the next person she dates to be someone who doesn’t give up on her. Nicole asks we’re voting out Frank right?! Michelle says yes, that who James wants out too. Nicole says if he has the round trip ticket .. I’m hitting the red button, I’m out! Natalie says he said if he has the round trip ticket we’re all in trouble. Nicole says if he does have it we are ALL IN TROUBLE!! Nicole says if he comes back I am going to be livid! I’m going to literally hide! Really he as the option of coming back. Everyone is going to tip toe because they’re worried someone is going to come back. If he comes back him and Bridgette, together again.. we’re in trouble! Literally I would pay 5K out of my stipend for him to not come back! I’m literally scared of him. He scares the crap out of me. He would always threaten to come after me. Michelle and Natalie say he does that to them too. Nicole says he blames me for everything. Michelle says I feel guilty for not saving him. Nicole asks really, after all the things he’s said to you. You can not feel guilty for not saving someone who acted like you were expendable. Michelle says she’s worried Bridgette is going to win HOH next week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 04-02-05-498

2:20am James and Natalie head into the secret room to hang out. Natalie says we can hang out in here. James says we should just hide out in here and everyone will be like where’s James and Nat!? Natalie says wait, I can work out in here. I told you I need a private room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 04-18-06-767

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-26 04-23-03-248

4am All the house guests are now sleeping..

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Yes Nicole, please hit the red button. And take douchbag Paul with you.

Immature little

Brat as she would say! Is she 14? She tries to spin everything and play the victim. My least favorite houseguest EVER in big brother.


I so agree!!!! Nicole just whines and Paul just gets in my nerves with his looks everything he does


Thursday should be interesting!


I can’t stand Nicole, she is such a Froot loop Dingus! so dumb to think Corey cares about her, how old is she? 16? what an idiot, instead of sticking with the girls going after the big Loser

Fruit loop Dingus

I take offense to this comment….just joking…best insult ever!!!

Fruit loop dingus

Stole my name … 🙁

At Ease

To Nicole, according to Wayne and Shuster and the fans of this site…

“Well I see by the clock on the wall, that it’s time to wish you, one and all, goodbye. So long. Farewell. Adieu. Be good. Stay Well. Bye Bye. Keep Warm. Relax. At Ease. Take Care. Stay Loose. Adieu mon vieux. A la prochaine. Goodbye ’til when we never meet again!”


I’m sure most of the people commenting on here have no clue who Wayne and Shuster are, but I do, and I agree with your comment 🙂


Ahhhhh hahaaa I love Wayne and Schuster…Till we never meet again:)


Besides “under the bus” I am literally so tired of them literally using literally every other second! I literally want to punch myself in the face………..or Paul. “pots and pans bitch boy” It will be hard to handle but I can’t wait until Nicole is on the block. I thought she was so cute on her original season and chalked up some of her whining to the raw deal she got. (nobody had a chance) but now holy crap I can’t imagine having to listen to her 24/7. She makes me want to scream………….literally 🙂


Literally the use of the word literally is not as bad as it was another season when they literally said literally in every sentence, literally. At the end of the day it was literally the most used word literally by the end of the day. 🙂


It’s a re-run of Vanessa and Tiffany using the word “like”…every two seconds. I was like, they need to like stop saying LIKE!!!!


Please get Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle, Paul and Da out ASAP


blood on my hands is right up there also as way over used. the only one who should have used that term was Z when she changed her pad in front of everyone like a nasty girl .


So they found the secret room?

Big Jim

Majority of theae players are waste od space. Scared of what Nicole? Being called our on your lies and bullshit? Ridiculous


Sounds like the secret room hunt was a fiasco. And who put Paul in charge telling people to clear out and let him and only him find the prize and he will share it when the time is appropriate? If it were a single item like a diamond POV or the coup’d Etat then they should just let him have it? I don’t know why more people in the house don’t call him douche. And if Frank comes back he is going to punch Bridgette in the face? Wouldn’t it make more sense to punch Frank? Oh I forgot the big douche is a big pu$$y.


Re your comment about who put Paul in charge…blah blah blah, seems you aren’t any more of a strategist than the other house members. Paul paused as he should to consider the consequences, and he determined if it might be something that could save Frank, then he should keep it quiet. He was right to try to hold off until after Frank was evicted to let him in on the secret room. It seems the other house guests didn’t bother to consider that before getting all hyped about it.


Paul didn’t consider it too much when he was given the option to wait and come back when no one was around. Instead he chose to do it in front of everyone. There was no way the rest of them weren’t going to keep trying regardless. Especially Bridgette and Frank.


I just want to ask why they’re all so terrified of Frank….I’m not knocking him, but what’s so frightening? Who do they ascribe so much power to him?

And even if for some it’s gamesmanship, setting the stage to make sure if he returns, everybody still wants him out…which I doubt…making such a big deal about a power you might end up having is just dumb.


I wanted Frank to snatch Paul out of that phone booth so bad. Paul kept hogging it and hogging it. Then Frank went up and said let me try, so Paul got out. When Frank’s number didn’t work, he went back to look at the clues. Paul ran right back in. So then Bridgette said,”hey let me try”, and Paul would NOT let her. I was screaming Frank come back and get him out of that booth! Everyone else was trying a couple times then letting other people, but not douchbag Paul. I really just detest him.


Jeez they’re scared of Frank. Guess it’s an implicit endorsement of his awesome power in the game.


Nic is afraid of Frank! Hope he come back! She’s lied to everyone and she’s caught! Love the drama


Don’t know why everyone is making a big deal out of Nicole lying its part of the game to distract, to keep your options open. I really doubt that anyone can play big brother and not tell a few lies. Especially when you don’t know if you are being lied to as well, pay off the game also is the fear of being caught thus big brother is watching,


I don’t think most people are upset with Nicole for lying. (At least I’m not) As you said lying is a big part of this game. What I don’t like most about Nicole is her complete lack of a spine. She plays both sides (knowing that there is a rick of being caught doing so) and then completely freaks out and starts playing the victim crying and carrying on like she is the one whose been lied too, when she has been lying to people for weeks (Da’vonne, Bridget, and Frank) she is even aware of the plan Paulie and Cory have to nominate Z and get her out of the house. But there she is all in Z’s face smiling and pretending she doesn’t have a clue, and hey if she chooses to play her game that way then fine, just own it though. Don’t get caught in your lies and start acting like a big a** baby.

The greats

The greats lie….the greats rarely get caught and if they do they turn it around on the person that caught them…that’s what makes them great! Nicole is not great


James and Natalie are a cute couple, but you guys need to focus on playing the game and win!


I think they both realise they are not going to win and are just enjoying their time together in the house. I feel James is looking for a real romance.

Your Boy

Yo, your boy is sick and tired of Nicole and her her constant “whoa is me, I need a man, Corey choose me, love me” routine.Your boy needs Frank to win the round trip, win the HOH and put up Paulie and Nicole. That will really throw the house in a frenzy…


Do you mean WOE is me?


Nicole is going to win this BB18. She just came to chase after a good looking guy on the show, but doesn’t focus on her game. In the previous BB show, Nicole was after Cody, and now she is chasing after Corey. I think Corey is more interested in playing the game than in Nicole. Also, I have a feeling that Corey is gay (remember the first live show of this season when the contestants introduced to each other, and Corey commented that Victor is handsome and sexy. It is just my opinion)
If Frank leaves, Bridgette wins HOH, and she should nominate Paulie and Paul. If one of them wins POV, then nominate Z.

sunny dee

Cody? you are thinking of Christine being after Cody. Nicole and Hayden bonded early in the game, and became one of the real showmances. Their relationship lasted from the show until about January this year, or maybe December 2015, i’m guessing based on her comments.


I kind of feel sorry for Bridgette if Frank leaves. She isolated herself by staying by Frank’s side and not mixing and making friends with others.
I bet it is envelope number 8 that has a return ticket because of the poster that has Ocho on it. Unless BB changes it to number 6 (Frank’s number).


Maybe but then again everyone thought it was the coupe because of the Paris theme and it wasn’t. It’s possible the only clue on any of those posters is the word in green.


now how the hell could BB change it to Franks number?
Come on…that comment you gotta admit was dumb!
enough with rigged or fixed shit people!


How could they change it to Frank? Easy, they put a barcode on each ticket, like your plane ticket with limited to no other info on the ticket. When a house guest is evicted, Julie opens it and scans it. Only the barcode reader knows what it is and the output can be manipulated. Ta dah!!! That’s how.

It is rigged

Big brother will have a out door lock down, when all the houseguest are outside they will do the switch with Frank’s card knowing where it is in the house just watch and see

sunny dee

be funny if you were right and the Ocho Rios sign actually did mean pick number 8. Do we know who has number 8? wouldn’t surprise me if Victor stumbled upon #8 , gets evicted and comes right back in. that would be funny.


I was thinking 8 too for the same reason. Really want to know who has that one.


He wasn’t in the post, but I just want to say that Paul is all talk. He says things like “I’m gonna punch Bridgette in the mouth” because he knows that he is in the power position and thinks it’s okay to look down on them, and he never even can follow through because he is such a coward.
Someone please knock Paulie and Paul off of their throne. I’m hoping things get interesting when the majority starts turning on eachother.


ya punch Paul down so he can be a dwarf in the next Hobbit movie


I hope people remember the comments Paul has made when he get’s out like hoping Tiffany would die and punching Bridgette in the mouth. I feel better knowing somebody’s going to stomp his a$$ when he get’s out of the house. And Michelle giving advice about not saying FU to the HOH. Um they were already nominated. Michelle is an a$$hole and Nicole is terrible.


Hit the red button, you whiny moron!! Please let Frank come back and put these a**holes in their place. Michelle get a clue, you’re the one who can’t let things go…grow up! Paul, Paulie, Corey and Vic need to go into the secret room and get out their aggression by making sweet love to each other and quit being b*tches. James needs to pull his head out. Z is just freaking nasty, her and her pad GROSS! Da wake up team up with Frank and turn this season around. Natalie, you’re cool, screw James start playing for yourself. She seems to know more than he does. Paul as always you freaking SUCK!!!

Joe Kerr

Where the hell is my mind…I read “Natalie, go play WITH yourself.” Not “for”. Oops lol…

To comment, Dawg (or anyone for that matter), say Frank does come back and wins HOH, do you think he would make a huge move like going for Paulie or would he stick to getting Da out?


If he wins HoH, He’d have to have three big targets to aim for because just like the first Tiffany week they’ll try to screw Frank again. So Paulie next to Da’Vonne or Corey and then that leaves him able to work with Nicole maybe.


He would probably stick to Da. Do I agree with that? No. His choices have all been retribution for someone who he has had a relationship issue with. I don’t respect him for what he did with Bridgette–“I put you up because I knew you were safe.” and she buys it and says thank you? Puts her best friend up? He is the house douche.


Best comment so far

Z is MAXI Gross

Ewww. I unfortunately watched in disbelief Z putting in a period pad and underwear on in the STORAGE room (where food is kept) and INFRONT of three people (James incl.) and then NOT washing her hands and calling herself “I’m so ghetto”. Poor me because I watched this before I went to sleep and had nightmares all night. Seriously could not get the grossness of this out of my brain. Z seemed like it was an okay thing to do but I guarantee her mother, employer and any friends if she has them are all MORTIFIED. I’m not a germaphobe, but I wouldn’t want to touch a doorknob or drawer handle, a cup or fork or any item after her. Yuck puke gross.


James needs to do some damage control and let Frank and Bridgitte know that Paulie is the one that mentioned for those two to be put on the block. If Bridgitte wins HOH or if Frank stays they will target James. James is getting all the blood on his hands, while Paulie is walking away with no blood on his hands. I don’t like Paulie but have to admit that he does know how to get people to follow him. Now I even think that Victor is one of his minions the guy who wanted to get Paulie out. He played the compassion card for Frank and Brigitte while they were on the block, manipulated them to believe that he wasn’t part of the decision. The guy is playing a good game but he is arrogant and cocky, can’t wait till someone who has guts to put him up on the block.


Yeah but he had a choice. James chose to be a double dealing douche whose word means nothing AGAIN! He made the call he has to own it. Sorry Paulie made me do it doesn’t cut it.


Yes James made the decision to put them up and he should own it. But Paulie should be exposed for lying to Bridgitte and Frank. Bridgitte needs to know that Paulie was just using her and manipulating her to stay on her good side. If Bridgitte wins HOH, Natalie needs to bring this up to her if not she might put all her trust in Paulie and be another one of his puppets doing his dirty work for him.


In BB14 was frank treated the way he is treated in this season? People truly hate him this season. I didn’t have live feeds back then I only watched the show so I’m curious


Yes he was. He fought every week to win POV




The 2 Ferret Heads Paul and Paulie are annoying to listen to. Please someone shut Paul up especially. His over the top antics are sickening. Every other word between the 2 of them is F$&k. They can’t say a complete sentence without it. Paul has such a high opinion of himself. Thinks he’s so cleaver, smart, witty. He’s an idiot. Can’t wait for someone to give them a taste of their own medicine !!! Eviction will be glorious to watch:)


Hmmm they might be gay. They call themselves PP!
Look alikes too.
Wait for Corey to get same Haircut.

One Ball Paul

PP = Peter Puffers


Pillow Pals


PP= Pecker Poppers

An ornery mouse

I think it’s funny that Paulie has basically stolen Paul’s look, yet it’s Paul who is the “Mini Me” in this equation….. a much louder and less likable version of Mini Me.

Motorboat Natalie

I’m so sick of Nicole. I can’t believe they brought her dumb ass back. I’m also so disappointed in James’s game. It’s like he learned nothing from playing before. Meanwhile King Paulie is running the house with no fucks given. UGH!

Buford Anderson

After the camera’s were on Nicole and Corey the majority on the time on BBAD last night there’s nothing I’d like to see more than her self evict. She seems to get worse every day.


Welp I’m a Frank fan and I’d love for him to come back but I doubt he will. And once he leaves this season is officially shit.
The fact it’s another season of doing what the house wants is a joke, they need more twists in the game to put a stop to that shit.


I disagree. We dont need more twists we need no twists. We also need no wannabe actors in the cast. Which is pretty much all it has become for years. Notice how the twins from last year are in the font row of every live episode now because they cant leave LA because they think bb will propel them to superstardom. Which has literally never happend. Not once in 18 seasons. Also Ive been saying it for years but Grodner has got to go. She plays favorites every year and her favorites always come back. Plus all the micromanaging of the game has been killing the game for years. Remember when allison grodner knew that bringing frankie grande on the show would guarantee the young ariana fans would watch for life. Where are those fans? They aint watching. The casting has GOT to get better and thats all on the executive producer.

Backseat Driver

Well said Kyle 14………


Part of it is a sense of pseudo celebrity. From Big Brother maybe they go to the Amazing Race, Survivor, or some other reality show on a cable channel. Frankie had that one show special to see if they could spin it to a series. Some have used it to help modeling careers or charge appearance fees, Steve was planning on charging to skype with fans. They aren’t going to get super famous but they have been able to milk it enough to avoid having real jobs.


He was going to charge people “his fans” to Skype with him, what a little dick head!


I bet nicole gives corey handjobs under the covers.


And I bet he imagines it’s Vic when she does!


You’re a pathetic POS!!!


I am not strategist b any stretch of the imagination but I think the vote needs to flip to evicting Bridgette. The new twist in the game (round trip ticket) is designed to save a vet….too much talk of getting Frank and Day out and Day was actually on the block. Hence, round trip ticket.
James (funny how he managed to win a comp once Victor returned) won’t care which one goes, Michelle will be over the moon and if the Showmances look at it objectively, keeping Frank takes the focus off of them.
What I would like to see is Da’, Meech, and whoever is left of F/B team up and rope in Victor. He does not fit in with the other group and is smart enough to know he is lower on the totem pole than Paul….he is a target and probably the next one.
I cannot believe the nastiness of Z….that maxi pad incident is the act of a person who is either homeless, no home training or lives very much alone. And did anyone catch her licking her fork before putting it into the community jar of cheese/sour cream the other day?
THANK YOU Simon and Dawg for giving us BB US fans a place to call home every summer!


My ideal scenario would be for Frank not only to have the round trip ticket & come back into the house but to turn around & win HOH. Then have Frank put Paulie & Corey on the block say if Corey comes down, Nicole will take his place & if Paulie comes down, Paul will take his place. That would not only be a big move & shake up the house but pin alliance against alliance & houseguest against houseguest. Then Frank & Bridgette can team up with Davonne & Victor since she’s really the only other person actually trying to play the game & Victor can win comps.


you nailed it. I hope this really happens, it would be AWESOME


Ewwwww I must’ve missed the maxi pad incident. I can only imagine. ICK! No way it slipped her mind she was on camera. People always expose who they really are. Just nasty:(


Thanks Simon….just got out of a meeting at work. Throughout the entire meeting the video played over and over in my head. LoL


The memory of this was burned in my mind the first time you posted it, I can’t bare to watch it again. But it just proves the point I said the first time, when will they learn cameras are everywhere, and once it is out there , it will play over and over, and your life can never be the same again.


Can’t believe that Nicole, Paul and Michelle kept eating the food once she put her hands in the dip and chips.

Buford Anderson

After the camera’s were on Nicole and Corey the majority on the time on BBAD last night there’s nothing I’d like to see more than her self evict. She seems to get worse every day. BB please never bring this bimbo or her friend Zak back into the house.


Zak was pure gold.. just sayin. people still use his phase fruit loop dingus obviously..


Agreed. Last nite was awful to watch. Nicory kept repeating the same 12 words over and over and over. I’m so over them. 12 yr olds.


Who has ticket number 8?


I no longer like James.. he’s letting others control his HOH. Like really the guy can’t even sleep on his HOH bed with all the others including couples sleeping on there yuck..


Have to remember that James and Natalie went to the secret room to be alone since everyone stays in the HOH room. I think that was smart thinking on their part.


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Thanks for the reminder! I just ordered some things I needed and it was as simple as clicking on the word….sent me to Amazon and a few more clicks then voila`……I’ve made my order. Love it! Also love helping you guys keep the lights on.


Thanks! the support is appreciated. 🙂 🙂


Sorry I forgot about this the other day when I placed an order so I am sending you another donation.


I order every week from Amazon. I love them I will access from here first next time 🙂


Thanks! 🙂


Does Amazon have maxipads?


Simon – Just an FYI…I ordered a new Alienware Gaming Computer for my 16yr old, 3 wks ago, using your link.



What games are they playing? Those computers are fancy.


He has a large variety of games thru his Steam account.
War / Fantasy / Racing etc.


No one has the winning envelope. Production has 12 winning envelopes and will swap one out with who they want to win.


Like most every twist this one is rife with shenanigans.. I just hope whoever They decide to bring back is someone that shakes the house dynamic up. This is season is slowly starting to get stale.

There’s a cowardly majority that runs the house moving from singled out houseguest to another singled out houseguest.. I don’t want to see 3 weeks of Bridgette, Victor, Natalie getting ostracized then evicted all while the others walk around like their shit don’t smell.


Ugggghhhhh me either, Simon. Me either.


I’m not a real fan of any of these guys but that scenario is what irritates me the last few seasons. The phrase, what the house wants, should get that house guest a brutal beating. I’m not asking for screaming matches in the storage room, but I’d like some actual maneuvering by multiple house guests jockeying for position.


Simon, this season is looking like it could rival bb16 for worst season ever. Most fans pulling for Frank just for the sake of drama. But we know he won’t win the game. F3will probably be Paul, Paulie, and a goat. If the goat is not Nat or Bridgette there will be no fan base for any of the 3 finalists. I know Cody’s giving the game to Derrick will not be challenged as dumbest move ever, but I really can’t see this season being salvaged.


Paulie, Paul, Goat final 3 is BB16 bad unless the route they take to get there is filled with excitement. Which is almost never the case like we saw in bb16.


This has been my major disappointment the past few seasons. There is a huge alliance at the beginning. No one has any real loyalty to anyone they are aligned with and for some reason they decided house rule was the way to vote. I think the house decision may have even preceded season 16 but 16 was the season, with the combo of house rule and battle of the block, that turned into one of the most boring seasons ever. That is why I could never rank Derrick up there with Dan or Dr. Will. He very well may have been one of the greatest but we will never know. The BoB worked so clearly to his advantage that he never had to work for his win.

I have never given up on the show because my favorite didn’t win. I have come close to giving up on the show the past 3 years because all I need to do is check each Thursday to see who has been evicted and see that nothing has changed. I like the thrill of having clear alliances that battle back and forth, even if the collateral damage takes out one of my favorites. That’s what makes the show exciting. Season 6, I didn’t own a computer and was strictly a tv viewer. At the end of the season I was not rooting for either of the people in the final 2 but it was still a great season. The Nerd Herd against Kaysar and friends. Constant power shifts. Kaysar evicted twice and Janelle coming back to win HOH. There was never a ‘house vote’. When Kaysar was otb, even though they knew they didn’t have the votes to save him, Janelle and Howie never would have voted against him. What would have been the point? It wouldn’t have made the Nerd Herd suddenly stop targeting them.

As far as the producer manipulated twists, I used to be completely against them. I viewed BB as a game show that should be fair and viewed manipulation as cheating. However, it’s not a game show, it’s a reality show. If twists that favor certain HGs keep the show from being a snooze-fest then I’m not going to complain. Without Jeff’s coop-de-crap, as he referred to it, season 11 was another,( maybe the first), that started with a huge alliance pecking off the outsiders one at a time. That may have also been the season that started the house voting trend. When it is a twist that has something to do with viewers voting, maybe the HGs that don’t benefit from the twist should consider why it is that America would not be voting for something that would help them. The people on the bad end of America’s vote, (like Cappy losing by a landslide to Kaysar) ALWAYS think they are the good people and America loves them and the other side of the house are the evil and bad people that America hates.

sunny dee

i think i noticed house voting first time in Frank’s season, with the returning vets as coaches and teams. The concept of teams is basically automatically an alliance, and a voting block and whichever is HOH they have to agree. the other part of that is that there is another team that doesn’t want to have members eliminated, so they go and make an alliance with the HOH team, so bigger block. in order to stay untargeted for weeks in advance, you then have to say everyone in the team will vote for what the HOH team wants.

i don’t think you can not have house voting, house deciding without the teams really, they are forced into doing the HOH nom, or making a deal with HOH team, dragging all team members into that deal, and so on.

i don’t think i saw a team actively agree to throw HOH to ensure that another team member would NOT win HOH, so their rival team could then put them on the block. that would be the opposite of team playing lol

after you

You wanna blame someone, blame Grodner. Ever since she took over it has been one housepet after another, one twist after another. She doesn’t listen to the fans, only the ones that agree with her (like that tweet that was pro-frank she retweeted the other day). She is single handedly dismantling the show which is why it’s a shadow of its former self.

Tears on my pillow

IF…right out of the chute Frank gets voted out and wins the round trip and comes back in…you might as well say “RIGGED”!! Sure everyone has a 1 in 12 chance but to have it on the very 1st one would be extremely fishy!!


I’m all for a “rigged” envelope…specificity with Frank’s number on it. I don’t care. This game I’d going to go down hill guaranteed if Frank goes home this week. Win win if Nicole self evicts. Also, while we are rigging things…Paul’s ticket should read “One Way trip…NEVER to return to any BB season then give him a new set of Pots and Pans as a departing gift.”


Rig it right up. I’m fine with that if it saves this season. Lol. Big brother is my summer thing and these assholes are ruining it.


Michelle needs to go away and she needs to take Paul with her they are the most unlikeable people I think this game has ever had. I hope Frank has the envelope but if production doesn’t have a hand in it it’s unlikely since it’s a 1/12 chance. I can’t believe within 2 weeks I went from hating Frank to liking him simply because these other houseguests are way worse…I am cheering him on just so he can beat these morons.


Ummm, don’t forget about Amanda and McCrae, they were pretty vile. Z’s maxi pad incident was a page taken right out of Amanda’s book, Amanda was so yeasty. But yeah, Paul and Michelle freaking suck and are right up there with them as Grade A a**holes


I missed Z’s maxi pad incident. Can you share what happened? Thanks!


That was the most disgusting and disturbing thing I have ever seen. Her parents must be proud. She couldn’t go to the restroom for that. I have been married over 20 years and I would NEVER do that in front of my husband.


For those who are about to check out padigate, take a deep breath, make sure little kids are out of the room, and prepare to stare dumbstruck at someone putting on a pad in front of 2 guys and 2 girls in a room full of food while they are munching on chips…
Each time I’m reminded of this, I’m baffled. This isn’t even ghetto, white trash, or crack whore prostitute. At least the crack whore would have gone behind the trash can. This might be a problem if she plans to return to her previous position.

Unsanitary Napkin

I’m sure Paulie’s family cannot wait to embrace her. I hope when she is evicted, Julie refuses to shake her hand. And a special thanks to Simon for breaking my brain. Lol


hey dawg how you doing say dawg to me in my family we hope frank have the winning ticket to comeback


Who has envelope #1? Cause the card read 11 cards have one way tickets, only 1 has a around trip ticket. ?


Excellent observation!


The way I see it right now, Victor is playing both sides right now much like Paul is, since he has been back in the house and gathering info as he goes along this week. – I still believe he will go after Paulie if he wins HoH next week if it happens. I would love for that to happen. Not to mention He also knows Paul works both sides of the house so he can gain a ton of info that way as well. I can see Victor putting Corey up along side with him.
At the other end you have Frank telling everyone Nicole hates Da and Paulie saying the same thing. But what the boys don’t see is when they aren’t around is the girls ( Nicole , Da, Z, and Meech ) huddle up for their END briefings each day to vent and talk strategy. A BITCH session whether the girls called it one or not it is a unofficial alliance. You see it almost every night. Nat isn’t there neither is Bridgette or another boy. Getting those 4 girls out of the house may prove harder then anyone of the boys think !!!! – I would really love to see Michelle or Da finally win an HoH !!!


I’m not entirely sure what Michelle would do if she won HOH. But I would definitely like to see Da’ win it. I will probably get a lot of thumbs down, but no matter what people may want to believe Da’ is one of the only people (beside probably Frank & Paulie) who are actually playing the game. She is not one of my favorite players by a long shot, but I do think she would nominate Paulie or Cory or even Nicole, the first chance she got and stir sh*t up in that house.

Feeling blue

I so want Frank to have this envelope. But even if production is going to get involved, would they bring the secret up and then have it used literally the first week and the suspense of it be over just like that ? I don’t know. But the more I think about it. The more I think there will be no miracle. I am really wondering if I can maintain interest if that happens. Some of these people are just hard to watch. Keep praying for a miracle. No one wants to see Paulie steamroll through all the weaker players. I certainly don’t either


Hit the red button Nicole…please!
or wake the fuck up and quit being a whiny suck!


This cast isn’t as bad as BB15, but they’re pretty damn close. They’re a bunch of bullies… Their strategy doesn’t even come down to game play, it’s all about the high school shomances..I really hope Frank has the round trip ticket because season is quickly becoming predictable… My prediction Bridgette, Victor are next out. I can’t stand Napolean (Paul), Fruit Loop Dingus (Nicole), The Jolly Green Giant (Corey), Z pop wannabe, or Paulie Wop, but especially Michelle.. She doesn’t even deserve a nickname She’s a real b***h.. I realize the people I want to win can’t always win, but throw me a bone here. I hope James, Frank, Natalie, or Bridgette win.. fingers crossed


Simon or Dawg,
I’ve been hearing a rumor in the live feeds chat about a BB19 in the fall, do yall know anything about it?


I’m thinking fake. the source has been very wrong with the BB18 cast “rumors” so not seeing how they are right now with this.


Thanks Simon!!
I found an article in reality blurred but I didn’t know how reliable they are..


I use to think they were reliable but for the past year they been pumping out some BS.

Penelope Taynt

Well if the envelope twist is not rigged then Frank has an 8.3% chance of remaining in the house. Unfortunately the house seems united in evicting Frank and I believe him when he says he would never campaign against Bridgette. I like that Michelle stated she feels guilty about sending Frank home. I wish she would have come to that conclusion earlier and used the veto. I’m not a fan of Frank as a person but without him in the game I’m concerned that this season will become a real snoozefest.


Michelle is in love with Frank. Frank is a pimp. He could turn out Bridgette and Michelle. My man!


Turning out Michelle might prove to be pretty difficult. Not many takers.


How do we petition CBS to choose houseguests that are a bit more mature and want to play the game? I think this cast is so boring with its whining and lovesick, immature girls who act like they are in high school! I liked Nicole on her first season… but, this season she is a whiny bore. Would it be that difficult to choose smart players and see who can outsmart, outplay, outwit each other? Or, would that be too boring for the major type of audience that this show draws?

Mike Booger

Unfortunately CBS is looking for sensationalism by casting siblings and other unlikable returnees. They want us all fired up. I would enjoy the show so much more watching a group of people with better social skills and most importantly a group that has more of an age variety: 20s, 30s and a few 40s.


That is exactly what I am talking about! I agree on the “sensationalism”…but, can’t sensationalism also be about people arguing over past and future moves made? There would still be backstabbing and deception going on. I would add that the 20 years old should be more mid and late 20’s! I am tired of immature showmances!


The problems you have are: It’s roughly 100 days long, the reward is a possible $360k after taxes, constant scrutiny of every word out of your mouth and placement of your finger. At best you can gross about $20k from the stipend, I have no idea what it is but at $1500 a week for 14 weeks it’s close.

So who wants to be on the show? People looking to get into entertainment, advance their own brand of whatever, or young people with little concrete ties to jobs, or spouse. Couple this with the fact that they are looking for people with “big” personalities who will fit into the basic roles they’ve decided make for good TV. Some who will showmance with someone.

Unfortunately, the pool to draw a diverse cast is pretty shallow so we too often see cookie cutter types and the same season play out each year. This year has had some sparks of a fun season and hopefull even with Frank out we can get an explosion of entertainment.


You have now made me depressed!

A Girl Has No Name

Agree with most, also Frank’s other problem is he still sorta trust Paulie and Corey and maybe Nicole a little bit. He’s playing like he did a bit in his original season, a bit niave. He trusted Boogie way too much and now he’s believing Paulie way to much. He should have told Bridg to put up Nicole and Paulie and then we’ll start seeing a real game. Would love to see Paulie OTB, he’s sitting too pretty and to cocky for my liking.


I think it would be cool if big brother do a couple demographic seasons…where the contestants are all between the age of 40-55 or have a season where everyone weights over 200 pounds or have a split season of younger vs. older. Farm worker season, dancer season, etc. I think it would be interesting than seeing the same all the time

Guy From Canada

You mean the jocks, nerds, cool kids twist? They’ve done that ????


Paul just talked about which people he would and would not get along with in the real world. The only house guests he would NOT get along with in real life-Tiffany, Bronte, Natalie and Bridget, and Jozea-he could only handle in small increments. Funny, 4 out of the 5 people he would not get along with were in his original alliance. The one he could handle only in small increments, well Jozea, Victor and Paul were talking about moving in together so I don’t know how that fits in with his small increments plan. Then he extolled the virtues of Paulie and how he is such a great guy, funny and kind. He also talked about getting old and never wanting to act old. Apparently being crabby a lot is a sign of acting old. Excuse me but isn’t being PISSED all the time basically the same thing as being crabby? Oh, and we have a breaking news bulletin: Paul’s plans for the day include calling someone out.


So basically another Paul filibuster. I commend you for being able to pay enough attention to even repeat one of his conversations. I have to turn him off. Lol


Production going to have an outdoor lockdown so they can switch out envelopes if Frank doesn’t have the round trip


Switch out envelopes? Could you elaborate?


They don’t have to do anything that overt. Everyone has an envelope, so all they’d have to do is have him bring the envelope to the DR and if they wanted to they could switch it then. I’m sure they’ll tell every house guest to bring the envelope with them so they can do a clip where they wave them around for us on TV. I’m not sure they’ll bother saving Frank though if they think they can get enough drama from the rest starting to devour each other.


Funny how these idiots are so obsessed over Frank. Its like they think they won the game once he is out…..but there will be 11 people left.

A smarter mid-pack player would realize that keeping a hyper-target like Frank in the game takes heat and targets off of others. A low-key guy like Corey should realize that having Frank around makes Corey an invisible target, and he could slide a few more weeks. Once Frank is out, Corey is the next big athletic guy.

Let Frank/Paul/Davonne pound each other around for a couple more weeks.


This show sucks. No one has the balls to play the game. James get your head out of your ass. I hope Frank stays. If Frank and Da team up with brigg and Vic. There’s a team.kick paulie and niccole out. Then zwould be so losted.

Powder Puff Girls

Da’vonne cannot see further than her nose all she wants is Frank out. She really has no one in her alliance but James at this point and he would vote her out if the house wanted it (James and Nat). Michelle, Z are not close as she thinks. She needs to strategize as the HG’s knows her game is lying and pitting people against each other.


This is not the same BB I started watching years ago. I was enthralled back then at the scheming, plotting and secrecy involved because my mind doesn’t work that way. Anymore, they all just plain lie. They don’t scheme. None of them can keep anything to themselves. They are all about showmances instead of real alliances. When I thought no one could be more irritating than Frankie, enter Paul. When I thought Rachel was worst ever, enter Michelle. When I was so glad no more whiny Nicole, enter Nicole. I really long for a smart and diverse group to play this game, like they used to cast.

skeptical onlooker

Last night, on the feeds…Nicole is whining as nauseum..SO worried that the outside world will now think she’s a meanie…because dont’cha know..she is STILL going on about her outburst when in the room with Tiffany. She cries..even her crying is whiny..and then……….Corey says…(and now I know why he’s *with her..
* Aww..says know you’re AMERICA’S SWEETHEART*.
FFS!!!!! Nicole smiles….accepts this willy nilly. And now I get it.
Corey believes this crock. So he puts up with Ms Clingy, needy, whiny, ANNOYING AS HELL returnee.
Paul and Paulie..who now call themselves..PROUDLY…..PEE & PEE…yes, really…spend their time turning each other on by verbally bitching and bashing Frank and Bridgitte. It was nauseating…over the top.
Pee & Pee? To me..that’s 2 little men ..with the brains the size of peas….and will now be thought of by me as..
Peanut & Pecan. 2 nuts.
Frank has a one in 12 shot of returning. ( because I don’t see how this can be rigged)… I WISH he has it!!!


People should just play for themselves. May if I was in that house, I will just be a loner, hoping that fate is on my side. If I win HOH dominate who I want to and when I can compete for HOH, let me win the veto or some other power to keep me in the house right to the end. What a day will that be?


Paulie is constantly admiring himself and his hair (ferret) in the mirrors. He’s quite impressed with himself. Lol


The funniest thing ever would be that if Frank does has the winning ticket he tells Julie “no thanks!” when it is revealed.