Paul “He bullies people to the point where they’re afraid of him & manipulates them”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 03-44-05-097
12:10am Paulie and Paul playing chess. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Nicole is talking to Da. Nicole asks has Frank tried to campaign to you at all? Da says no. Nicole says same but he’s making me uncomfortable. Da says I’ve heard he’s been talking to everybody else. Nicole says me too. Da asks did he campaign to Corey? Nicole says yeah .. and he told him not to trust me! I’m dunzo with him! Its hilarious because literally I’ve done nothing to him. I’m just going to do nothing about it.. just sit here and take it and pray that he doesn’t have the round trip ticket. Apparently he is thinking about talking to me to get me to trust him. I will never trust you Frank! Never! Ever! Ever! EVER! I was having a really good day until I saw him trying to campaign to people like Z. Da says that was weird .. didn’t you (Frank) just say you didn’t like her!? Nicole says he (Frank) does it when she (Bridgette) isn’t looking. Da says I almost want to tell her. Nicole says Paul said he wants to tell her. Nicole says he wanted you (Da) to go so bad he thought he could sway me and when he realized he couldn’t thats when he threw me under the bus. Da says that’s crazy. Frank joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 04-30-17-510
1am – 2am Paul tells Paulie I want to see if there’s a painting in the Paris room. Paulie says he tried it and it didn’t work. Paul says he just tried it and it does work. Paulie says maybe it just works for you because you were the first to find it. If I ever find anything out I will just tell you and no one else. Paulie says yeah. Paulie says that Corey has always been siding on the side of what Frank has said. I wants DaVonne out eventually after Tiffany. Paul says I definitely know Nicole has something shaddy going on. Da joins them. She tells them how Nicole said she would never trust Frank. Paulie says I say once Frank and Bridgette are gone I say we put up two pawns and then back door her. (Nicole) Da says she build a friendship with me. You’re (Paulie) attached to Corey .. you wouldn’t put her up. Paul says none of us would put them (Nicole & Corey) up. Paulie says the only way to know for sure is to put them both on the block and see what they talk about. If they throw anybody under the bus. Or see who Corey acts if Nicole is on the block by herself with someone else. Da says I feel like she would break before Corey does. Paulie says the reason why Nicole put me on the block was because she said she couldn’t trust me. Da says she (Nicole) said she was afraid of you because of her relationship with Cody. Da says she (Nicole) didn’t play sketchy in her season. Paulie says maybe Thursday we tell Bridgette that Franks been campaigning against you. Da says or go full throttle and tell her that we’ve flipped the vote Because Frank was campaigning against her. She would sh*t. Frank was telling everyone you wanted to go home so we flipped the votes. Da tells Paulie he should go to Frank and tell him you want me to get you the votes .. you need to tell me what is going on with Nicole. Da says we’ve got two goals that we’re trying to reach .. one we’re trying to get Bridgette to know what the f**k is going on so that she will open up and two we’re trying to find out what this sh*t is about the four. They head down stairs. Paul tells Nicole we’re about to stir sh*t up.. we’re about to tell Bridgette what Frank said. Nicole asks about her wanting to go home? Paul says yeah go tell the boys.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 04-46-54-590

3am – 3:25am Paulie and Frank are talking in the safari room. Paulie says I know you think that Nicole, James and Da have something. Da said something about Nicole, Corey, you and Bridgette. So I wanted to talk to you about it first because I’m trying to flip the votes on Bridgette. But at the end of the day 1 of you are staying .. and hopefully one of you have the round trip ticket things and both of you stay. You know I trust Corey. Is he down with everything? Frank says he (Corey) said I’m voting however I want to this week despite what the house wants and that means I’m voting to keep you. Paulie says I’m voting to keep you. Da was really confident that Z is voting you out. I would really have to force my hand to get her to keep you. Is Bridgette really wanting to go home? Is Nicole definitely someone we can’t trust. Frank says I don’t think so. I think Da, Nicole and James are a lot closer than we think. Paulie says I’ve always trusted Corey .. we just need to clip Nicole. Frank says I would rather clip James and Natalie. I don’t like the way he is playing the game. He’s a floater. Right now I want Da out and Nicole out. Paulie says I really think we can get the votes to keep you. I think I can convince Michelle.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 04-55-37-501

3:15am Hammock. Paul tells Bridgette about how he was talking to Da and Paulie and Paulie brought up the fact of flipping votes because Bridgette said she was okay with going home. Bridgette asks who said that? Paul says Paulie. And I said I’m sorry who has been telling you that Bridgette is okay with going home? Paul says Paulie said Frank. Bridgette says of course I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to go home. From my understanding the whole house was voting Frank out. I wanted to talk to you and find out why you’re just rolling over belly up and wanting to go home. Bridgette says that agreement was we weren’t going to campaign against each other. Paul says I know in the past you’ve been bullied before. Now they’re trying to flip the votes. Paul says my understanding is that the votes are flipping and you’re going home. Bridgette says he’s been telling me he’s a dead man walking. Paul says the whole house is under the impression you want to go home. Bridgette says of course I miss my home and my family. Paul says there is no strategy here .. one of you are going home. If we send someone home because of none factual things then that sucks.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 05-18-23-483
Paul says if you want you can call him out here right now and I’ll get right in his face and tell him the same thing. People’s distaste for you went up when you started hanging out with him (Frank). You can’t be that ignorant that 1 person is only telling you the facts. Paul says you know that POV .. I threw that to you for you to take Bronte off. Who got in your ear, who put Bronte on the block? Did you know Frank want to take you three to the end because he knew he could house all of you and pluck you off one by one. I bet you didn’t know that either… but instead you choose to listen to one person. This is all information that I’ve heard. If you want to throw me under the bus to Frank I will gladly say all of this sh*t to his face because I am probably the only person in this house that is not afraid of Frank. Who is not uncomfortable around Frank. Who hasn’t been bothered by Frank. Everybody else has been bothered by Frank. Which is what makes me see a bully. Frank is not funny to me. Frank is a bully! And I don’t accept that. He slapped Da’s a$$, he slapped Z’s a$$! Do you know how disrespectful that is?!!? He called both of them sluts .. I heard it! Bridgette says he said he didn’t. Paul says I HEARD IT!! Many people heard it. This is me watching you from a distance and shaking my head. But after I heard this I had to tell you because you’ve been oblivious to a LIAR! Frank was a dead man walking He is a manipulator. He bullies people to the point where they’re afraid of him and then he manipulates them. Come on I know you’re not a stupid person!!! When he convinced you it was in your best interest to stay up on the block, I almost slapped you. Bridgette says I tried to win the veto.

So if there is any information that we can leverage against Frank this is what we do. There is no splitting a wedge between you two .. one of you is going home. Betrayal sucks but leaving this house sucks more. Bridgette says okay lets do something. I need to talk to Nicole and Corey. Paul asks why I need to know why to know if its a good idea or not. I need to talk to Z and Da. Paul asks why Nicole and Corey. Bridgette says because it seems they’re playing both sides. Paul asks which sides .. to my knowledge that was is a majority and then you and Frank. Paul says you can trust Da, Paulie and I think you can see you can trust me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 05-36-09-565

4:30am Z, Da, Vic are talking to Bridgette about how Frank has been saying you want to go home. Da says he made us feel like you actually wanted to go home. Bridgette says I don’t want to go home! I didn’t know he called you and Z a sl*t. I am really truly sorry I didn’t defend you. Paul said he heard it with his own ears. He made it sound like it was a ploy against him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 05-54-11-277

In the backyard –
Paul tells Frank about how he told Bridgette about the things he’s heard about him telling people she wants to go home.

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

5:10am In the kitchen – Frank tells Paulie that Paul told him he’s been hearing that I’ve been going around saying Bridgette wants to go home. I haven’t been saying that to anyone. Paulie says yeah I’ve been saying it. Frank says yeah I know. But she doesn’t think I’m the one saying it does she. Paulie says she thinks you’re campaigning against her. Frank says I’m more worried about her being upset. If I have to go home, I have to go home. Paulie says I’ll tell her I’m the one saying it. Frank’s my boy. The guys a f**king legend .. he’s not going to not try and get the veto used on him or not try and not go out of this house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 05-59-51-814

5:45am – 6:20am Frank tells Bridgette to talk to him. You think I’m campaigning against you? Bridgette says yeah. Frank says I have not told anyone you wanted to go home. Bridgette says I just feel silly. Frank says I’ve only asked 2 people about their votes. I asked Nicole and Z. Z asked me does Bridgette want to be here? And I said we both want to be here. Paulie just said he was the one that said you want to go home. He just told me and he will tell you. I never told anyone you wanted to go home. He heard both of us saying we miss home and he’s running with it. You’re my best friend in the house. DO you think I’m bullsh*tting you?! You should trust in the fact that I’m not bullsh*tting you. Bridgette says okay.

update coming they really haven’t been up to much today….

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watching nicole cuddle with corey is SO creepy and awkward. and her crying the other night because of a fight they had was hilarious. she’s so worried she will be portrayed as a bitch. then michelle said bridgette seems like the type of girl who just needs a man. she said that to nicole. lol no it’s nicole who needs a man (a very odd one i might add).

Just curious.

Seriously Bridget is the most gorgeous person i have ever seen. She can make a gay man straight.


Except Cory.


Bridgette is a 12 year old screaming child
really sad


These girls grab on like a leech and suck the life right out of the show. Ugh!


Fuck off Paul you’re the worst person in there!


Oh my gosh, this freaking dude SUCKS!! I hope Frank goes up to his ass and calls him on all his bullsh*t. I guarantee if Frank stood up to him he’d back down like the little bitch he is. And why the hell is Bridget even listening to his ass? Paulie needs to put his b*tch on a leash!!


Paul is an idiot. he over does it with the BS lies and snitching. the HG’s are so stupid that they can’t even notice that this fool is making shit up straight to their faces. everyone has heard Frank and Bridgette side of the story and the red flags on Paul should have been raised weeks ago. Nicole better wise up because if she had any brains she should know how keeping frank helps her survive longer.


Is why they should have ousted Paul when they had the chance! Now we gotta get rid of Frank and hope we can get rid of Paul next week. Victor isn’t a threat except when it comes to dancing. LOL

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

I really want Frank to go home now. Just so he can see all the sh!t talking Tattoo has been doing. At the after party I would like for him to beat his a$$!!! The guys already gone and he’s just rubbing it in. He thinks he’s actually doing something but he’s Pauline’s boy and that’s all he is!!!

It's a boy

If Austin and Jace has a baby together it would be Paul!


If Frank could piss off Paul bad enough to cause paul to hit him or get physical Paul would have to go home and Frank would be guaranteed a spot in jury. Correct?


Come on now, Paul hit Frank??? Lol he’s too much of a p*ssy


get a job
get a life

Coreys A$$hole

Yo momma!


Paul is not an enticing person to watch.

There have been boisterous, brazen, and coarse Big Brother Game Players that have been entertaining to watch in the past (the Big Brother seasons that hooked viewers – and viewers tune in each summer hopeful to see a Big Brother Game Players similar to “the Big Brother Past.).” Such Game Players, liked or not liked as individuals by viewers, that were faithful to playing The Game of Big Brother allowed the Game of Big Brother to accomplish what it is designed to do: Provide viewers with heart stirring moments, provide viewers with the emotional intellective of watching numerous strangers live together without contact from the outside world while simultaneously playing The Game of Big Brother, and provide viewers with unforgettable monumental Big Brother Game Plays. Such past players have played Big Brother correctly – being loyal, have a Big Brother Game Plan, and playing the game under the premise of Big Brother tradition, custom, and adage “expect the unexpected.” More so, Big Brother Game Players of the past participated in the challenge of actively competing in The Big Brother Game.

Today’s Big Brother viewers get to watch Big Brother Game Players threatening to self evict a zillion times per hour if things do not go their way , “The House” sitting around like jesters pointlessly rambling, turning The Game of Big Brother into a mockery with the lampoonery of unschooled Big Brother Game Players, the nonexistent knowledge of how to play the game, and the absent desire to play the game of Big Brother.

There was a time where Big Brother HGs could be honest and straightforward with each other – for example, one HG may have offered another HG constructive criticism in an attempt to make the other HG better at the game / more competitive. There was a time when this would happen an nobody would cry and label a person a bully – a bully for being interested in assisting another HG / other HGs to be more productive in the Game of Big Brother. An environment not overrun with distortion of reality created strong players and interesting seasons – as the majority of HGs wanted to compete, wanted to be the best, wanted to know how to be the best.

Now there seems to be adversity to competition. The HG enter the house with their F2 speeches (I should win because I have less money than anyone here, I should win because I have children, I should win because I work with kids and want to purchase them all new soccer balls). “The House” mentality takes over.

“The House” mentality would be similar to going to a football game where the football players stayed on the field crying at each other (you hurt my feelings when you tackled me). If a couple of people started to try to play football (to actually play the game that they are on the field to do) – other football players would sit around endlessly complaining about the football players actually doing what they are supposed to be doing (playing the game of football).

Today it seems as though any Big Brother HG interested in playing The Game of Big Brother is destined to have “The House” get rid of him/her. “The House” is not interested in actually playing The Game of Big Brother.

Paul exaggerates his own importance – Paul believes that he is more intelligent than anyone else – Paul is difficult to watch. As is Paulie. “PP” is unwatchable.

Dawg and Simon, Thank you for continuing to push forward! Online Big Brother is the best part of Big Brother.


You’re welcome thanks for the visit 🙂


Your comment is so spot on! I really agree with everything you’ve said. It would be nice to see the real Big Brother game being played … I don’t think I would continue to watch Big Brother if this fine website wasn’t here for me to enjoy. Simon and Dawg do the best job, I refuse to visit any other spoiler site. Thank you Simon and Dawg! Your excellence is so greatly appreciated 🙂


Thanks BB glad you like the site and we appreciate the visit.

Killer K

I was starting to come around a little bit on Paul but wow what an asshole! Gotta go above and beyond to bury Frank? Trying to be the next Evel Dick or some shit…as Far as James, Nicole and Da’Vonne? What did BB do, draw up a list of who would SUCK the most to bring back?

Nicole…another whiny ass millennial……James did NOT deserve a 2nd chance, he was good last year. but THAT good to come back? Fuck NO! And Da’Vonne? Worst choice ever……who the fuck gets rewarded for getting bounced so early the 1st go round? Booooooo!

I’ve been loving this season….but sadly….Franks going…..and I will have NO ONE to root for…..let the SUCK fest begin!

Vet Tech

ITs funny how the vets come in to the house with a target on them and then proceed to dump on each other. You think if they would have worked together the could have gone a long way. None of them are going to last long after frank leaves

Powder Puff Girls

Initially the vets wanted to stick together as they were targets. Once they found allies with the newbies their quest became “LAST VET STANDING” … egomaniacs!


Who gets bounced that early and gets another chance? Mike Boogie


you had me til you said “I’ve been loving this season”. this season sucked from the beginning.


I wish I had the job of writing Zingbots lines for this cast.


Let’s hear some zings!


Corey, it looks like you found love in the Big Brother house… with Viiiictooor

Zakiyah, your modeling career is about to take off as you become a popular spokesmodel…ffoooor Kooootex.

Paulie, if you think you’ve seen the last of Roadkill youre wrong, it’s oooon yoooouuur head.

Frank, the EPA needs your help to improve ooouuuur aaaair qualitityyyyy.

Michelle, you’re so concerned with eating healthy so you won’t get fat, so why are you always worried about yooouur body?

Nicole, would you like some cheese, tool I go with hour whiiiine?


Lol that’s really funny! You sure made my day!


Frank played a pretty terrible game himself so why doesn’t he get your criticism? When people say Frank threw out everyone’s name they aren’t lying.

Powder Puff Girls

This is the way I see the Frank downfall. Frank was the strategic, voice of the 8 pack when they wanted to remove the Josea alliance. Frank wanted to remove the entire alliance before taking out other players. While they were gunning for Frank he was still gunning for the remainder of the alliance (Josea, Victor were gone at the time). During this time Da’Vonne was doing the same thing but her method was pitting people against each other (Tiffany, Frank). So the plan changed take out Tiffany.

Frank tried to align with too many people and got caught with his pants down. These people were not clean themselves they were plotting against each other but Frank is feared the most due to his competition reputation and his ability to talk game. James was not plotting he was nesting at this time.

Da’Vonne incident: Da’Vonne called Frank a Douche, he replied in kind calling her a “slut”. She does not tell the the houseguests she started the conversation by calling him a douche. Ass slapping: Da’Vonne allowed Frank to do this a second time making him think it was okay. She milked this situation to her benefit when she took these complaints to the houseguests. When the HG’s reacted in her favour she walked away from the conversation with a smug smile. To me, it was very obvious these incidents became gameplay for her and help seal his fate. They look at Frank differently it is okay for Paul to say he wants to punch Bridgette in the face make her life miserable.

I hope Frank gets a ticket back into the house and scares the pants of them.


Would really like to see Lane or Enzo comeback as a vet.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 18 HG's

Can’t stand Paul. He didn’t thrown anything to Bridgette. Now he just looks like a douche. He already did, but douch-ier.

Nicole, no one believes you.

Is anyone truly going to play this game? Makes me miss Vanessa..hurts to say, but true.

Keeping it Real

I think it’s very unfortunate that BB brings out the worst in so many of the HGs (and fans). I can’t support anyone who claims hatred of someone they don’t even truly know, plots to emotionally disturb someone, or threatens physical violence (directly or indirectly).

I’m rooting for the nice people, which in the case of this season means James, Natalie, Corey, and Nicole (I don’t consider lying in the BB game a major offense…it’s part of the game).



Lying emotionally disturbs people. So, you can’t support anyone, actually, and should maybe just give up on the show.

Wait for Survivor to come back. They carefully edit the show to ensure we root for the right people and have a more satisfying ending. Doesn’t always work, but it’s easier on the psyche.

True Dat

I agree.
With KIR, that is.

There is nothing wrong with wanting good people to do well over cruel people.

Yes, Nicole has lied, but it hasn’t been about someone’s character or intentionally designed to hurt someone. There is a difference.

I don’t sense that you could understand where we are coming from, and that’s fine. But, hey, don’t make it personal. That’s just wrong.

Keeping it Real

Nah! I completely disagree. You can’t go into the house and claim to be a perfect person. None of us expect the HGs to be golden or free of deception . That’s part of the game. However, lying about yourself is different than making up lies about others that are designed to attack their character or, as in Paul’s words, “destroy” them.

I was disappointed that Nicole didn’t fess up with Da when confronted during the last BIG, yet she was so deep in that role of playing both sides (Frank and Da) that I guess she figured she needed to stick to her story. Da knows she’s lying, and funny enough, Nicole knows that Da is aware she’s lying. Both of those girls understand the game and need for deception. I just believe that when someone fabricates horrible lies about other people to discredit them or shame them in some way it’s just wrong. Defending yourself in the game is one thing, openly spewing disgusting lies for the sake of messing with someone’s head and heart is another.

True Dat



Yea I also can’t understand Nicole hell bent on denying she made a final 2 w/Frank. they all know he was making the same deal with everyone. I would have just said yea he came to me about it so I said ok just so he would trust me more and not target me. Tell Da but of course I had no intention on honoring it with him. That would have went a lot further with Da who I believe at some point made the same deal w/Frank. If not final 2 maybe final 4 with the other vets. A little honesty or 1/2 honesty with Da could have saved her from looking so sketchy. Even to Michelle the other night on AD (while Michelle was licking the butter out of the microwave popcorn bag) swore she never made a final 2 deal w/Frank Again could have told the same story how Frank thinks they had a final 2 but how she was just playing along.

Keeping it Real

Exactly, Dan!

I was sure Nicole would tell Da in private that she openly denied it to protect their alliance. It might have worked, but I suppose Nicole had already decided she wasn’t going to work with Da’.

I blame Nicole for starting the destruction of the Vets alliance. She quickly shipped Corey and Da realized she couldn’t trust that. So began the Da deception that was too hard for Da to escape, much like walking into a latge spider web in the attic. The remnants are everywhere.

I was hopeful the vets would stick together and that maybe there might even be a “secret” incentive for the vets making it to final 4 together or the newbies all outlasting the vets.

I truly hope there are more secrets to come.

I love BB, just don’t like seeing the ugliness of humanity. It’s so completely unnecessary.


Day encouraged Nicole and Corey to be together. They even included her in the showmances alliance that they could avoided telling her about. James wasn’t even included. Nicole trusted her and Day was the one with loyalty problems.

sunny dee

during that time where corey is talking to James and Nat, on the previous page i think, he also mentioned he didn’t understand why Day is so dead set against him. James may have said well she’s on about the showmances (or corey suggested that, not sure), and then he went on to explain that the only reason Corey first talked to Nicole in the first place because Day was in his ear saying oh nicole likes you corey, and one time he happened to have a flower in his hand and she’s again in his ear, basically pushing him on over to nicole telling him give nicole that flower, she really likes you, etc etc. basically he said he may have connected with nicole anyway, but the reality is that at that first contact was instigated and pushed fairly aggressively by Day. so if she’s targeting showmances, (and we know she’s talking about them from the beginning, including wanting no part in being 5th of a 4some), then why did she push so hard to get this one going.

i’d actually have more respect for her gaming if she didn’t turn on every single person who ever wanted to work alongside of her (excluding james, she almost seems sincere with him), and when she is talking about nicole to paul and paulie now, she has no need to lie about it all. james has tried to reason with her with some logic, and nicole doesn’t help her own case by always denying things instead of saying, oh of course i said that, i want him to be misted, obviously.

Never worse then bb15

Word! (KIR)????

True Dat

KIR= keeping it real


Hillary is that you?


Not now, Bill. I’m busy!

Powder Puff Girls

I am rooting for the best player to win that does not include Paul, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Z. This season has been the worst for gang mentality, outright mean people. Paul is leading the charge right now and people are egging him on they are guilty has him. Even James (fearing the return ticket) egged Paul on to have it with out with Frank. Lying is part of the game but this year they have taken to a new low.


Would someone please slap the shit out of Paul? This little weasel tries to act badass and threatens to punch women in the face, yet calls Frank a bully and is appalled that he slapped Da’s ass? WTF?




Hold the Door for Frank on his way out!!!!!


If my memory is correct isn’t Paul the one who was whining a few weeks ago saying he couldn’t compromise his integrity for a game? He sure looked depressed about it back then when his butt buddies josea and Vic were “clipped”. Now that he has a new love interest in Paulie he’s a total asshat. I hope he along with Michelle and Z get the much needed hate that they deserve when they are out of the house. Game or not these people are assholes!!!


Wow, just decide already! If torturing Frank and Bridgette is so much fun for these people why are they even on the block? For Paul this is just phase 1 of make Bridgette feel miserable. Make her feel foolish and betrayed by
by her only ally. His faked concern makes me dislike him even more. (Didn’t think that was possible) What did Bridgette ever do to make this pr*ck hate her so much? Also he is just looking for another excuse to call out Frank. Yeah call him out for slapping a b*tt but you want to punch a girl in the face. And FYI dummies there are no more Frank secrets. Nicole is a two face and had F2 deal with Frank. End of story.


The next thing you know Paul will call out (or just say he will) Frank on behalf of Bridgette (the girl he wants to punch in the face) for having the audacity to campaign for votes and throwing her under the bus saying she wants to go home which happens to be a lie Paulie is spreading. Paul the defender of a lady’s honor who next week he will “pots & pans” until she self evicts. PP what pair of schmucks.


So did Day. Corey was dealing with him to and nobody is going after him.


Da had a inal two with Frank also. Da is upset that Nicole did not wake her up to look for clues to the secret room. Even though she found the secret room she blames Nicole for not waking her up.
Da needs to go. She is just too paranoid!


Never a seen a season like this. Usually you have specific groups campaigning to manipulate votes, to get people out and they talk game amongst each other. This season every single house guest (minus Natalie and Victor) is talking game with the entire house.
Day said she wasn’t going to talk too much this season. It appears she can’t help herself.
I would rather Frank don’t get evicted.
I like the idea of putting Corey and Nicole up together.
Paulie thinks he is a God now saying if Zak doesn’t want to vote the way he wants he will “force his hand”. He lost me right there.


I think if you want to see an interesting week in the BB House, put Corey and Nicole up.


I’m more than ready for Frank to go home so the others can refocus their game and start turning on each other. I’d be real surprised if Nicole isn’t about to see all her machinations blow up and I think it’d be fun to watch her scramble. A double eviction would be exciting and my bet is Nic and Day would be leaving although Victor seems to be somewhat irritating to everyone at this point too. We need the editing to start looking at these people instead of Frank and the game to get larger than just him all the time.

Paul is Dead

Why couldn’t the Paul is dead rumors have been about Paul Abrahamian and not rumors?

Strawberry Fields

I buried Paul…

John Lennon

Turn me on dead man….

Tsk Tsk

Dirty Uncle Frank and Little Bridgette would’ve gotten frisky in the jury house. Know that!

Total Vacuum

Why do people hate friskiness?


yep! Frank knows she would do anything for him and I mean anything…. including murder! haha not murder but she seems so in to him you know she would do whatever he desired. remember, she told a story about passing out rubbers at a sex party in college. you know she wasn’t just there to pass out rubbers. she’s probably a big freak in the sack. notice how dirty her mouth is? Frank has a gf watching the feeds so he has to back off. In jury he would POUUUUUUNNNNNDDDD that. All the fat girls on this site will down vote that last part. Don’t care.


They ain’t fat bro….just a little thick


I cannot stand this guy. Please please please get that wannabe Paul out of the house!

Tsk Tsk

And why no Frank/Bridgette in the showmance poll? That’s legit, yo.

Just Sayin'

The only bully I see is Paul. Leave Bridgette alone!! Your phony concern makes me sick.

Does anyone like Paul?

He is the biggest loser in BB history. Hanging on by a thread and no one likes him in the house. What a fool


No! He makes me turn off feeds.


I wish I had a dollar for every time he looked in the mirror and played with that beard. I’d be RICH.


I don’t have the words to describe Paul and his buddy, Paulie. I hope the audience boos them when they get evicted. What the hell is Paul on? Perhaps he is looking to be an Evil Dick type celeb? If they have enough votes to evict Frank then WHY start all this intrigue? Good TV – NAH!


I hate Paul but booing is lame in my opinion


Omg Im so sad for Bridgette. I hated her because of Frank but I hope she turns her back to him and she will be one of my favorites i see the pictures and im feeling bad idk why


Honestly that was another waste of Paul just simply talking for another hour. Completely pointless and stupid. I have never seen someone talk as much as Paul. Ever. And at the same time say absolutely nothing.


Paul talks more than anYone else, louder than everYone else, runs back and forth within minutes of every conversation and twists out too death. He’s going to do this, he’s going to do that. He’s disgusTing and he’s a coward. Can’t STAND him.


On a non-BB US related news, it’s been announced that Frankie Grande (I know you just threw up a little bit in your mouth, sorry) will be one of the houseguests in the upcoming Celebrity BB UK season. Should we send out our apologies to the UK in advance?

Total Vacuum

What are the odds that Frankie and his famous sister were molested as children. Pretty high, I’d say.


OH, SONNY! You better call a doctor because you’re sick.

Bryn Mawr Mama

Well, if he’s on BB in the Uk, we get a reprieve from seeing his sparkly ass bouncing up and down in the front row at the finale. Unless they boot his ass out quickly, then we’re screwed.


Your comment gives me life… as much life as when I get to watch a replay of Frankie’s loser face when they announce Donny as AFP. LOL! That’s TV gold… he swore Donny wouldn’t win it.

Frankie is so extra and an idiot. While reading about CBBUK, I learned that he has his own fragrance and that his famous sister helped him get the deal (of course). I was flabbergasted by that info since I never heard about such atrocity being sold in the US. Also, remember when Derek said that Frankie was absolutely foul for clipping his nails in front of everyone and let the clippings fly everywhere? Now I’m sure you dudes are vomiting… He should be the LAST person on Earth to have his own cologne… he’s not even famous…


starts tomorrow…few Americans on it…Beth from Dog the Bounty hunter is on too…also Aubrey OShay

Min O'Pause

Beth won’t take no shit from Skankie. She’ll carve her initials in his arm with those fingernails.
I always wondered how she could chase criminals in those heels and that *ahem* frontal load.


So the standard for celebrity has slipped quite a bit. I guess I qualify as I’ve been on TV a couple times…on public access which I guess is like today’s youtube. I was still a kid but child star counts, it was the eagle academic challenge and a mock supreme court trial. My family even squandered my hard earned earnings as my brother stole my fries and my mom ruined the T-shirt. I lost everything when that shirt was hit with bleach! I had to go back to mowing yards, I was 10 and broke.


Frank the lying sell-out di*k is walking out that door and he ain’t coming back. Until All-Stars 2.


Don’t be so sure of that. For some reason Paulie has decided he wants to flip the vote to keep Frank. With his level of influence over the very gullible HGs, he might make it happen.

I don’t see the logic though. Frank really should be evicted. Sending Bridgette home is a wasted HOH. Plus there’s no gurantee that keeping Frank will automatically make him align with Paulie’s game plan. After all,Frank was the one who made 1,000 deals all within the first few days of the season.


Omg. I love that Nicole is freaking out and afraid. Paul sucks. But still I’m enjoying watching all this pan out

Momma day all the way

Same here! Can’t wait to see her start freaking out in the next few weeks


People are happy now, but when she does goes on the block 90% of the people here will suddenly root for her. Just watch.


Sure,,,, I don’t care and my guess is 90% will be GLAD she’s on the block! It’s mostly about the drama for me !! I’m still gonna watch and enjoy it however it pans out


Your guess is wrong. A huge chunk of the fan base sees the target as a victim every week. Last week they all wanted Frank and Bridgette up. As soon as they went up they all became fans of them, As I said, just watch.


Oh no. Paul and big beech could be on the block weekly for the entire summer and I’d never feel bad or become a fan. No matter what happened.

Total Vacuum

Frank and Tiffany leaving pre-jury makes this season a total win for me. It’s just so satisfying. I can’t stop smiling!

These other turds in the house are little turds. Those two were the biggest, and if you didin’t flush them early, they would have gotten stuck there and just stunk up the whole place. Now, let the flushing begin!


I think I found the biggest turd in this room, (its total vacuum)


I am so confused. I begin to think Paul is playing for Paulie and not himself and then notice Paulie morphing into Paul because he wants to be him. It almost looks like Paul is playing a really good game, getting on everyone’s good side without them realizing he is playing them all. I despise his bluster but it does seem to be working for him right now. I would like to see Paul win hoh just to see how he would play it.


You are so right about Paul, if Paulie went out next Paul would take his place with the group that Paulie is over. The new kids are out smarting the return players and they have no clue they are doing it. They want Victor and Paul out because there is a chance they can out play them in comp’s. that is the only reason, they need to get rid of the dead weight girls that is sliding to the end on some boys back. Paul is a damn good player and isn’t getting the credit he should get. Victor cooks well they both do, girl’s sit on their butt’s, Victor cleans more that anyone, he has done nothing to anyone but he win’s comp’s. to me that’s playing the game, Michelle is playing maybe not the way you like but she is putting in more work that the one’s that lays around with some guy all day.


omg. These people! I’m sorry but Nicole has not lied or “played both sides” more than anyone else. In many cases, much less so! And Frank had final deals with just about everyone!! Paulie is the worst at playing all sides…these “guys” make me sick as they target only the girls cause they’re not man enough to go after each other. Corey has been more “wishy-washy” than Nicole.. He’s even already said he’s not voting Frank out!! And Paul, there’s just no words. Da, Michelle and Z are so much worse than Nicole, so I really don’t understand why she’s such a target, not just with the people in the house but on here as well.

So annoying

I agree 100%


I agree but Nicole being overly paranoid got her in deep waters. She was never going after the group. Only Dayvonne. But Frank blabber his mouth and Dayvonne used her information to spin it around on Nicole. Nicole should of been honest and not lie because now she is a target over Dayvonne. I wish Nicole would talk to Frank and he blabs to her the plan to get her and Corey out.


I agree with you that Nicole is not playing both sides more than anyone else. They are all playing bit sides but Paulie is doing that the most. Natalie even told James she doesn’t trust Pauile because he acted as though he didn’t know Frank was going up. Nicole’s biggest mistake was trusting Frank again after he told Michele that Nicole wanted to get Da out. That should have raised a red flag. The girls need to band together before they are picked off one by one but I don’t see that happening.


F*** Paul! This guy is one U llove to hate. The biggest asshole and bully there is getting all indignant and calling out others. Makes you want to just smack him upside the head.

So annoying

Stop blaming Nicole it’s Freaking Dayvonne spinning it on Nicole. Tiffanny was telling the truth about Day. Nicole is getting the backlash when Day was being a flip flop in the beginning making Nicole very paranoid that Frank was making deals with everyone and vice versa. Nicole got stuck in the Middle and now she’s being dragged in the mess. It was Dayvonnes doings to get Bronte voted out. Corey caught onto to days shenanigans once he spoke to Frank and Tiffanny and everything added up. Nicole didn’t want to work with Frank after he said Corey and Nicole were isolating Tiffany but that was because Day told everyone to watch what they say around her and not give her any info and same thing for Tiff. Dayvonne made a deal with Tiff saying Frank’s after her and then. She even said Frank and tiff is after him. Now who is the rat. Nicole should of kept her dumb mouth shut about including Day in the 5th wheel showman car. After that she spilled the beans to James and Tiffany. Nicole should of been straight up about her deal with Frank and they wouldn’t be coming after them because it screwed both of there games.


I hope Nicole blows up Zakiyah and Dayvonne side deal. Nicole told Corey day and Frank were gunning for them at least. It’s the reason she ratted out Dayvonne to protect the showmances. Zakiyah never told Paulie the truth. Dayvonne blabbed her mouth both to James and Tiffany.


This is the first year that I do not have a favorite player. I don’t like any of them at all. That ironically has made it fun to watch. I love the drama and hate the showmances. Showmances ruin each year. Just my opinion.


I agree Kelly! I was just commenting that not “rooting” for anyone makes it more enjoyable. I look forward to all of them squirming on the block and stabbing each other in the back. I can’t say I personally hate any of them since I don’t know them enough to care but some of the things they say and do I am like wow are you really like that in the real world. MAX-Z now that totally blew my mind. 20 years of marriage and 4 daughters and never saw a pad being changed or put on. That is one of the things I thought women did in private. Doing it right in front of others was bad but to sit and put her hands in the food after that was mind blowing. The others not calling her out???? I would have had to say hey man go wash your hands, what are you doing putting your hands in the food. I see her prepping food on AD now and it scares me. After seeing that I would definitely not eat anything she had her hands on

Enter the Wagon

ED was worse than Paul. Way worse. And a lot of people despised him for it, but he had even more people that loved him.

Some people just watched the TV show only and believed the hero edit.

Some people live feeds and knew he was human garbage in spite of what the TV show portrayed.

And then some people watched the live feeds and the hero edit on the TV show and decided to believe the TV show! Simply because they liked the story and were attracted to his crusty magnetism.

This latter category are the Frank fans. He’s guilty of everything he accuses others of doing. And he’s a bigger bully than Paul. But, they are attracted, for some reason, to his hillbilly charm and won’t let go of that for the world.


Evel D never played a rat game.

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

ED was a total prick I agree but I think a lot of it was game play. Not that it’s ok but at least he was trying to win the game. This punk a$$ Paul is a follower and a POS!!! If he makes it to F4 it’s bc the rest of the house our idiots.

Momma day all the way

Nicole has it coming for her. That little rat


BRAVO Paul – Now you have given Bridgette more of a reason to come after you when she wins another HoH.
Frank was never staying this Week they all have the votes to get rid of him. BUT they just like to gang up on someone, And Nicole is a part of it, Surprise, surprise !!!! If Bridgette wins HoH her targets will be Nicole and Paul you can count on that. – I really hope that happens, just so Nicole sweats and Paul blows a gasket.


So no matter who goes home every week for the rest of the season, I’m still going to hate who’s left. Ugh.


Like most people you’ll probably suddenly become a fan of whoever is on the block each week.


I love it when folks are on the block, unsafe with no options…that is when they really start to play the game!


I wish Natilie would of been awake so she could observe what is really going on. I wish Nicole/Corey and James/Natilie and even Victor. They should of worked together. Nicole should of stayed away from the mean click because now she’s going home. I hope Bridget confides to Nicole and Natilie and they figure out what’s really going on. Those five are the nicest in the house.

Pet peeve time

Ugh… “would of, should of”

It’s “would have” and “should have”. Your sentences make no sense.


It’s better to teach with kindness, Dear, than to treat someone like he/she is stupid!

Min O'Pause

If Nicole goes home it’s because Corey prefers playing Hide the Salami rather than Button Button Who’s Got a Button.


How much longer until Paul and Paulie morph into one person? And how much longer till Corey and Vic kiss?


The show would morph into Must Watch TV


I hope that after this season is over Paul takes the time to read what the fans truly think of him. I didn’t like him and his loudmouth from the get-go and now I just plain despise him. All the bullshit he spews: “I’ll call him/her/them out RIGHT NOW!!” ” I’ll pots-and-pans them all effin week!” And his brag this morning about talking to Bridgette..”I RUINED her!” That little man is one despicable human being.


Anyone who’d love to give a good yank on that nasty ass nose ring of Pauls gimme a thumbs up!!

Loud Noises

Your Boy would eff you up.


Your boy is PISSED and is gunna call me out. That’s not FRIENDSHIP. Guess what? NEVER CARED!


when is Paulie’s bitch-boy going to go down on him? his nose is so far up his as I would not be surprised for him to take “friendship” all the way.


I am sorry, but it is so hard to support Frank this season. Hate him or like him, James definitely made the right decision to target Frank. Frank never had James in any of his deals and was going to clip him sooner or later (Remember: he said because James has a kid = sympathy story = 500k). Frank is as bad as Nicole. The only difference is that Frank got caught out first because people were sharing their stories. As you can see now, Nicole is looking very likely to have a similar fate. As for Paul, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think he has a plan of attack because I think he is not that stupid to side with Paulie’s team as he has no chance or winning if he does. We will have to wait and see.


I’ve watched several seasons now and can’t ever remember there being this many assholes in the house at the same time.


Boy how soon we forget season 9 & 15.


Paul is a liar and an asshole. Hes trying to like evil dick that’s going to hurt him inside the house and people are going to boo him

Getting BOOed

…One can only hope! The only two I saw actually get booed by the audience were Aaryn from BB15 and Christine from BB16. Maybe a few for Frankie Grande too. Were there others?

Great moment from last night

Amanda from BB15 as well.


I like Bridgette. But she is too innocent.I hope she goes home this week, and avoids being stuck in jury with these feral bloodsuckers.


Paul really better hope that Frank doesn’t go straight home tomorrow because when he gets home and sees everything that Paul has been saying he’s liable to beat his little punk ass at the finale as soon as he gets his CBS check.
I would love to see that!! Here you go Frank, here’s your check for Big Brother…put it in his pocket and then turn around and beat the f*** out of Paul. Talk about a backyard Jeff interview moment.

Just a thoughts

I hope B gets HOH next week if frank can’t be saved. Hopefully one of them has round trip ticket. Then put up Paul and Michelle. Two like able players, by house standards, and watch them battle each other. Da is a replacement if either of them come down. Just hopeful that either B or Frank get HOH next week and scramble this all up.


Paulie is sitting so pretty….and yet it’s all dumb luck.

All he needs to do is what he was doing. Say he’d vote for Frank, but it doesn’t look good….then just drill into everybody else he’s desperate and will make sh*t up, just in case he gets desperate. Bridgette will move towards him afterward thanks to Frank and if Frank comes back, he’s good with him.

But now he’s doing this dumb stuff, poisoning Bridgette on Frank…which by extension will hurt his chances to gather him up…but then backtracks with Frank saying no, It was his mistake and he’ll tell Bridgette. So now if Paul’s nonsense works, she doesn’t trust him and if it didn’t, then he just left his lap dog hanging out to dry, not to mention the others seeing he’s a puppetmaster.

I want to admire his game…but really it’s just playing with frightened, paranoid, sycophants that makes him look skillful.

Wut Now

We might be able to save Frank if we get 100,000 signatures on a petition for the Whitehouse. I think that’s how the slaves were free.


The thing is, I don’t want to.


Da and Max-Z have been drifting apart lately. Da has it out for Nicole is not as tight with Max-Z I can only assume she plans on working with James (which brings along Nat) and maybe Michelle for a 4th. She needs to keep a solid 4 is she wants to battle the lovebirds. I am enjoying not rooting for anyone this season. They all have given us reason to dislike their game play at some point. I want to see them all squirm on the block for one reason or another. None more than Con Corleone and his bitch-boy Paul. Of them all I think Bridgette would bother me the least if she won at this point. I know Nicole wonders why “we are mad at her” and “what she has ever done to us” but good grief girl grow up and have some self respect! MAX-Z went from poor game play to just plain nasty. The whole shirtless boy band can go kick dirt for all I care. Michelle is just mean and jealous. Paul is a total a$$hat as everyone agrees the dude is just out there. Frank was ok just not sure why he tried to make so many side deals when he had a good thing going (much like Da) Da is all show and no go. Talks mad sh*t in the DR but hasn’t done sh*t to back it up. James and Nat busy playing house. Yea give me Bridgette the lesser of the evils I guess


Bwahahahaha……..MAX-Z I love it, I hope you don’t mind but from now on that’s what I’m calling Z. Freaking hilarious!!!


Not at all! Not at all it sure fits her. That is what I call her now. Paulie is Con Corleone since he thinks he is the godfather. Paul is pots and pans bitch-boy. I loved someone’s screen name “Nicole’s coin slot nostrils” it is so fitting and it is all I can see when I look at her. I don’t think I have ever seen nostrils like that before! I am sure other have some good ones for the other HG that are quite fitting. I would love to hear what people come up with




Big Beech


EGADS! worthless = paul
whiney= nicole
closet dweller =corey
crusty = michelle
mirror watcher = Paulie/ Zakehia
entitled = Davonne
lively= James
lewd = frank
shrewd = victor

What's my name again?

forgettable = Bridgette


It’s official. I hate Paul and Paulie, the blunder twins. What’s sad is neither of these fucktards are on anyone’s radar. Open your eyes house guests, or those idiots are final two.

Powder Puff Girls

I think Corey wants to keep Frank after watching him chat Nicole on Afterdark – she was having a meltdown about Frank. His body language spoke volumes and I think he had doubts about Nicole’s gameplay. Anyone else see that or is it just my wishful thinking? He needs to think for himself Paulie will not take him to final 2 he will take Paul or Z.


Is it me, anyone nauseated by the Paulie and Z showmance? It’s just so sickening to watch. I hope it blows up both their games.


It’s actually quite pathetic. I think she’s going to be pretty embarrassed once she’s out and watches this season.

She’s super clingy. Always hunting him down and draping herself all over him. Freaks out if any other females sit by him, talk to him, or look in his general direction.

I think he just takes it in because, well she’s attractive and he is a guy. But it’s pretty obvious the feelings arent mutual. He’s not into her anywhere near the level she’s into him. She really needs to learn how to play hard to get. Lol. She’s way too easy and clingy. Must be insecure or something. Idk but it’s hard to watch.


You took the words right out of my mouth.

Min O'Pause

ZZZzzzzzzz…..wake we when Vicorey do the nasty….or the Walking Dead starts, whichever comes first.

Min O'Pause

How about bringing back AF players or the winners from each season for BB 19? At least we don’t have to worry about seeing Skankie either way.


I’m so tired of CBS bringing back old players. I don’t care who it is.