J – “Next week should be real easy as long as Bridgette doesn’t win” [WIN BRIDGETTE]

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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People just started getting up at 3:15pm.. For most of the day Natalie was the only one up..

11:00am Natalie is the only one up Cleans the bathroom and kitchen

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-02-01-494
12:12pm Natalie on the ground

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-02-16-494

12:20pm Natalie stretch
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-03-07-499

12:30pm Natalie kickbacks

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-03-00-497

12:43pm Natalie cat and Camel

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-12-11-977

2:03pm HOH James and Natalie
Natalie says Paul told Bridgette that Frank is campaigning.
James – is Bridgette mad
Natalie – she cried said I feel so alone
James- that is what people are trying to tell her.. damn, Frank’s in this game for himself, he was using her
Natalie – He was using her to get ahead.. he’s fine with throwing her under the bus
James says Frank was using Bridgette as strategy
Natalie – You give me good advice he gives her advice that makes her a target
James – Next week should be real easy as long as Bridgette doesn’t win.. If Bridgette doesn’t win we have another week of coolness.
Natalie – I’m going to try and win

Natalie doesn’t think Nicole will try and win
James says Da is going to try and win. James says Bridgette is going up along with whoever the house wants.
If Da wins she’ll put up BRidgette and maybe someone she secretly doesn’t like. (Nicole)
Natalie is scared to be going up as a pawn.
James assures her she is safe.
James – when I go missing.. I’m talking game. I’m in a room with people… (lol)

James says she needs to keep her social game up and be good with everyone in the house in case he gets out and she has to fend for herself.
Natalie – am I liked
James – You’re a playful bubbly person

Natalie – Nicole is playing Dirty and Corey does whatever Nicole does
Natalie – I think theres an all girls alliance and I’m not in it.. I think there is

James tells her Victor or Paul will be the general pawns.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-27-54-765

3:30pm People slowly getting up.. OMG

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-44-19-020

3:40pm James and Da HOH

Da is saying Nicole was the one that tried to form up the alliance with Frank and Bridgette, Corey was dragged in.
Da – it was Nicole the whole time..
Da – they gunning for Nicole now.. Zakiyah is mad because Zakiyah had a friendship.. Paul and Paulie feel played..
Da – She’s been doing a lot of sneaky stuff… Apparently it’s supposed to be Bridgette than Victor is supposed to take out Nicole then we take out Victor
James – then probably Nat Nat huh
Da – I’m trying to prevent that as long as possible.. I’m like No there’s bigger things to do
James asks if Bridgette is mad at Frank for campaigning .
Da’Vonne says she saw Bridgette and Frank laying by the pool watching the sun rise. So she’s not sure Bridgette us upset with Frank.
James- she’s just oblivious now.. They are girlfriend and boyfriend..
Da’Vonne says Bridgette told her Nicole confirmed everything Tiffany told her about what Zakiyah and Da’Vonne was saying .
She’s been Trifling all across the board

Da’Vonne says Nicole was panicking last night because everyone was talking and not to her, “Her face is all red.. She’s scared”
James says if Frank comes back they will have a strong group, Nicole, Corey, Frank, Bridgette
Da’Vonne – She did something to Frank he’s going around saying Don’t trust her
Da – Apparently if she wins HOH she’s putting up Nicole and Victor .. Paul cleared all of our names

James says he can’t handle Victor
Da – he’s getting on my nerves.. Legit.. On my nerves..
James says Natalie wanted to backdoor Victor this week
Da – She hates him
James – I wouldn’t say she hates him

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 15-57-22-441

3:57pm Victor and James Victor Filling James in on the nights events.. Basically says Paul told Bridgette Frank is campaigning to stay and Paul told Frank he’s not voting for him and he wants Frank out.

James says he slept in. “his wife” woke him up early “She said I can’t date someone that doesn’t get up for work”

4:14pm Corey, James and Victor Kitchen
James heard the crew building the set in the backyard they said “That’s not going to fit pound it harder”

4:43pm Victor is making tacos using Turkey meat that is suspect. James mentions how it smells bad, Corey and Victor both smell it but Victor doesn’t care he’s cooking it. They all joke about them having diarrhea tomorrow.
James- dude that don’t smell too good bro… some of that stuff been sitting out for awhile.. It’s up to you I dunno.. it’s not supposed to smell like that

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 16-54-13-754
4:55pm The rotten meat taco tastes alright
Victor – I get diarrhea with normal tacos anyways.
Corey and Victor agree the tacos taste fine.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 16-59-57-065
4:58pm Frank and Bridgette
Talking about Frank calling Da’Vonne/Zakiyah sl*ts. Frank says there was just the 2 times he doesn’t use that word.

Frank is saying the other side is securing their position in the case Bridgette wins HOH, “what she’s saying is Bridgette don’t put Da’Vonne up”

(Feeds cutting in and out of this conversation)

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Powder Puff Girls

thank you Simon, all the best.

Fuzzy Num Num

Dang, for people living that close together, the sure do believe lies. Lies that could be easily uncovered if they’d just talk to each other.

One problem with that

So you go talk to someone. How do you know they aren’t the one lying?

Keeping it Real

Imagine that! People talking to each other instead of just about each other.

sunny dee

haven’t seen people talking alone, since day doesn’t let anyone be alone, or after dark doesn’t show it, but i am pretty sure people see thru Day’s attempts. I mean, all along she’s saying these things about Frank this and Frank that, until frank is on the block and out. Now she’s going to be all Nicole this and that. How does she think people interpret Frank saying to not trust Nicole, it doesn’t sound like someone who is working with Nicole. and now she’s telling James that if frank comes back right there is this alliance that she has made up, and that more than anything frank is saying isn’t there. more likely she would plan to join forces with frank if he came back, to target nicole.

why she would target nicole with or without her saying what she did is beyond me, nicole isn’t winning anything and even day admits she is unlikely to get voted out. if corey and nicole were on the block he’d get the bro vote, but no one in their right mind should be voting a non winning non threatening Nicole versus an opportunity to get Corey out. And is Zak saying what Day claims she is telling her, or is she spinning it. cuz watching zak and nicole talking all they talk about is Day’s lies, and Day getting caught out in her lies and generally overplaying.

which is the word i’ve been searching for with day, definitely overplaying everything. I’d like to see victor win and put day on the block for sure. lol. then have to campaign to nicole. even if he’s going all bro guys, i think he still likes nicole best, and as long as he likes corey the very best, he’s not as likely to target nicole when there are so many other options out there.


Agree with your statement but i am confused with Paulie encouraging Paul to believe DaVonne?? Paulie has been doing the same thing with Frank that DaVonne is accusing Nicole of doing and yet he sits silent with everyone letting the Nicole target remain?? DaVonne was the target for next week but Nicole is taking the blame for DaVonne finding out (thru Frank)?? Is DaVonne being played now or are they going to target Nicole???

sunny dee

my guess is they wouldn’t want to alienate corey this early, and try to deflect off of nicole in some way first. after all, when people say nicole, they are also saying corey and the bros don’t want that. they will most likely keep pushing the day/vic/bridget combo until at least all of those are done and gone, knowing along the way that zak, michelle, nat and nicole might be casualties (you notice they don’t think any of them might be evicted, just choosing which girl and vic will be.) but if they are going to prioritize, nicole would be very low on the list, not at the top, same with zak. partly because they aren’t winning, and partly because their male counterparts are saying they are in control of them (lol).


Simon/Dawg – Do you think Frank has the round trip ticket?


Nat Nat thank you for being you


9 fat girls voted on this comment.


I hope he comes back and then people wake up and it’s him, Bridgette, Natalie, Michelle and possibly James and da (if they pull their heads out) against the rest of the douchers.

Ian's Lament

I think the round trip would be wasted on Frank because is game is just so blown up.
I hope whoever has it lasts for 3 or 4 weeks so the paranoia will build and cause the houseguests to worry about those they betray.


If he came back he could change it up though. Honestly all of the hg left are so horrible, the though of any of them
going out then coming back is terrible aside from Nat or Bridgette.


Julie Chen : Wake up houseguests! ! you’re getting paid! less than minimum wage but you’re still getting paid! wake up!


James sure is clueless. Da already told him that the “house” plans Bridgette, Vic then Nat as the order for eviction. Just who does he think the “house” is?! He totally screwed up his HOH and not only put himself but unfortunately Nat on the fast track to juryville. So James don’t judge Frank for screwing up Bridgette’s game because he did the same thing for her that you did for Nat. Got her to jury.

sunny dee

pretty sure that’s Day’s screwup. James she must realize has already gotten the house memo about it being bridget then victor, or vic then bridget if necessary. It’s Days continued mistake to keep telling him that she’s targeting couples and he is in one. she just forgets who she’s talking to but if half the remaining HGs are in couples of some sort then it is in their best interest for Day to be evicted even before victor,

@PowderPuffGirls, I agree, she’s been picking at the vets since day 2 almost. she’s talking about this alliance, or that final 2, but never once mentions how they were supposed to be in a Vet4 the end. She will start talking, and it will be obvious to the others what she’s been doing all along, but i’m sure she’ll plant some James seeds as well. like gee i like him, but that’s a showmance, ‘he’s got to gooooo’.

Tiny Trump Hands

add bridgette and frank showmance!

Pinocchio Obama

More like Frank and the mirror.


I’m over this season even quicker than when I was watching BB16. Unlikeable majority alliance steamrolling towards the end? No thanks, and atleast BB16 had people like Donny/Zach to keep the feeds interesting and a Derrick to admire. The feeds following the Bronte flip have been ZZZ and just uncomfortable to watch most of the time.


Whaaat?? You don’t think PAUL is this seasons Donny or Zach? Don’t you think he’s as likeable as Donny, or as hilariously genuine as Zach?? (Serious sarcasm! The guy is as big a douche as BB has EVER seen! Friendship is NO Fruitloop Dingus!! And just how many of “Your Boys” are in the house? His Napolean syndrome and the constant need to “Call him/her out!” is so pathetic!)


Natalie is the only one making actual sense…I’m shocked she’s playing one of the bat social games…James is the only one not trying to cut his showmance but he’s also the only one that doesn’t strategize with his showmance…I just wanna see Paul/paulie and Nicole on the block..make it happen hg!!


So the girl that has one ally, one sure vote…and that person is clueless, just a pawn for the “house”…who has one more week and after that will be on the clock, with no path to winning is playing the best game.

Nat is furniture, safe because nobody cares about her…and so clueless she let her fake boyfriend screw over her last friend and kill her best shot at an actual alliance. If she had any game, she’d have walked James off the whole anti-Frank/Bridgette thing and either punt by nominating the unimportant or make a move on somebody that never talks to her.


Anyone that doesn’t side with Frank and Bridgette is a stupid meanie.

Paul is such a HERB

I really am starting to want to give up on this season. The only fun i see in the future is when this core alliance weeds out all their franks, bridgettes, and so on and starts to have to turn on each other. That has the possibility of maybe being entertaining. But now the to jux of this post…..i swear this dude paul is the biggest toolbag to maybe ever be on BB. Alls he does is talk talk talk about how he is going to say this to someone, or do this to someone else. To my great suprise, last night he actually did do what he said he was going to do when he told bridgette about what “frank” has been saying. But all the idiot did was throw hos boy paulie under the bus, considering he was the one who tsaid that bridgette didnt want to be here and wouldnt mind going home. The kid is such a h-bomb!! Running around from convo to convo, throwing up out the mouth just straight garbage. I truly have pure distain for that kid. And i know just the type, just trying his a$$ off to fit in with the “cool kids”. He really blows donkey d!ck!!

and to his PP pal Paulie...Newsflash:

You’re not THAT intelligent….so we DO “know what you mean”


Paul and paulie = pp
Da and z = caca


Bang on comment!!!! Always thought the same thing, he’s that loser kid with no self esteem (let’s admit it cause he was probably 3’6″ tall in high school) in school that would throw things at the kids who couldn’t protect themselves because the cool kids told him too


Paul IS the biggest d-bag in BB history, all the way around! His delusions of running the house are so nauseating! Pleeeease, get Napolean out of the house!! To the jury, where there are NO cameras and he can really see what people think of him!


As I watched Nat I was wondering if you would give us plenty of screenshots Simon.

I shouldn’t have worried.

Pinocchio Obama

And we appreciate it Simon. I do not think Natalie is a threat to win but I sure do like her.


Natalie has not been a very good friend to Bridgette. Despite some of her insightful observations she has also let a man take over her (nonexistent) game play. She is nice but …well…blah.


So I guess you missed the part where Bridgette didn’t give a crap that Frank put Bronte up and was going to put Nat up.


And yes I realize this will most likely get a ton of thumbs down. Even though what i posted totally happened when people start rooting for someone they try to pretend that the questionable things they did in the past never happened. It’s fine.

Just Sayin'

The fact that you have to post a qualifier to your post says a lot about its quality. Maybe you are the one who is not seeing things as they truly are.


Or maybe I’m an independent thinking and not part of the hive mind here.

And I'm Just Sayin'

The fact that you seem to think that a phrase like “as things truly are” belongs in a discussion that’s based purely on subjective opinions is silly.


Bridgette was lied to by virtually the whole house that Bronte was safe. Bronte herself said she didn’t know until 20 mins before eviction when they flipped. Bridgette did not use the veto to keep Nat safe. This has nothing to do with Frank but at least he did not make a public declaration to keep them off the block if they let him win Roadkill and then douche out. In the end Bridgette chose Nat over Bronte so yes I think that it is ok to say that Nat has not repaid the favor in kind by not fighting harder for her friend.


How is she not fighting for her? Nat has said that she’s voting Frank out 100%. She tried to get Michelle to make up with Bridgette. What more can she do?


So why didn’t Bridgette take Bronte off and tell Frank to put someone besides Nat up? That would have been fighting for her friends. She didn’t even attempt it.


Yes yes, Bridgette is up on the block so therefore everyone else is mean. Suddenly even sweet Nat is horrible too for not falling on the sword for her even though it won’t change anything.


Whaaaat?! Nat has given up on Bridget after warning her for weeks about Frank. Bridget was the bad friend- she turned her back on her bff (spy girl) alliance for Frank… and unlike the rest of the alliances in the house- their alliance was rooted in friendship and a genuine want to go to the end as a threesome (every other alliance has backstabbed and bashed one another from the get-go). Bridget chose to take Frank’s advice (Spy Girls had talked about putting Nicole/Corey if they won), not to save Bronte (which led to her getting evicted), and brushed off all Nat’s warnings about Frank (which he later admits to). Nat is a saint for even caring about Bridget at all anymore.

Don't waste your time

The herd has decided that Frank and Bridgette are pure gentle souls who have never done wrong in this game.

Ashy AF

Da is so ugly! Inside and out


I’d love to see anyone try and point out a single thing in your post that’s incorrect.

Powder Puff Girls

Natalie was tight with Bronte, Bridgette was an afterthought. Bridgette was not close to anyone from the start of the game she was an outsider but hung out with the girls. Frank was the first one that offered her friendship/safety after the Josea alliance broke up. Natalie had James. Natalie and Bronte wanted to be friends for life it was different they needed Bridgette for the numbers.


Bridgette for HOH put up Paul and Paulie with Nic or James replacement.

Rooting for the Fatal 4

I seriously hope Michelle and Z could rally the girls (including Natalie), so that they could destroy the men of the house. Even though people say Nicole isn’t playing a good game… she is still in a really good spot. Think about it…
Btw Natalie is the new Jordan


Michelle and Z are too complacent to make a move against the guys, and too petty to work with the girls.


If the old saying ” pretty is as pretty does” is true, both those girls are butt ugly. And Z is a filthy skank too. Obviously raised by wolves.

Tiny Trump Hands

Ditto for Paul and Paulie, Ugly and classless inside and out.


Oh Ava! Pretty is as pretty says, too. Your words don’t reflect pretty, and they are all I know of you. Please use your kind words, sweetie. If you have none then it’s best to remain silent. Make me proud!

Howard's gonna rape me

Michelle and Z rallying the girls . Did you mean to say poisoning the girls? Or stabbing the girls? I have no idea what you’ve been watching. M and Z are sociopaths.

Franks fumes

Impossible that requires them removing their heads from their asses for a minute…not gonna happen.

Ashy AF

Da is so ugly


Ugly would know ugly. Upgrade your mentality.

Goldarn Genius

I wish all BB fans were as smart as me. Then I wouldn’t have to keep explaining why they’re wrong.


I know!!!


Shut it.


I get you Grumpy!

Tiny Trump Hands

Nicole is going to lose her mind when she see’s this. I like Nicole but, the constant whining is very unappealing. I can’t imagine that in the ER she talks like that. She needs to build some confidence and own LIFE. It’s such a waste to whine your way through it.

Corey's slippers

She’s old news!!! All I’m worried about is these tacos Vic and my Corey are eating. Generating a little love sauce for tonight!!!


Zzz can we fast forward about two weeks please! Ready for this season to be over with already. Just give Paulie the check already. Has there ever been a cast with such shit long term game? I can’t help but to laugh at James and Natalie, talking about man we going two be safe for two more weeks, after that we going straight to the jury house!


“The house” -____-

An ornery mouse

Why so much clothing, Nat? This had a shot at greatest OBB posting of all time.

I really wish Natalie would follow her own instincts instead of listening to the dipshit she’s with. She usually has a pretty good read on things, but she incorrectly assumes James knows more about strategy since he’s already played the game.

So anyway...

I can’t watch anymore. I just can’t stand Paul and Paulie. I hope someone beats the shit out if them. Sorry but that’s how I feel.


I like this man Paul. He reminds me of Trump.

Hey guess what?

You want them to be physically assaulted. You’re a terrible person as well. Irony.


I wanna punch Paul in his face….seriously. I gotta fast forward through when he’s in DR. That troll looking f*ckboy says “your boy” 1 more time I’ll rip his balls off from inside Paulie’s mouth


Horseshoe, lmfao, I’d paying anything for that be Pauls zing from Zingbot.


This made me laugh out loud so hard!! The mental picture was the best!!


That’s how we all feel, I wish Frank’s dad Psycho Sid would come in on Thursday and power bomb both of them


Damn these people are lazy, wake the F*CK up!!!


I think they’re just a little hesitant to compare stories with one another. Wouldn’t you be? If I were just telling person X about person Y and then ten minutes later in with person Y in the kitchen laughing, person X automatically feels like I was playing them, multiply that by 15 other HGs and the paranoia skyrockets.


going be like buy back next 4 weeks now!


OMG. Now Da is doing to Nicole what she did to Tiffany! Please people wake up and get Da, Paulie and Paul out…biggest group of spineless cowards ever!



Howard's gonna rape me

Don’t hate on Duh for actually playing strategically.Just because Nicole is from Meeechigan doesn’t mean you have to feel sorry for her.


Exactly! People can’t stand Nicole but if it wasn’t for Frank she would be in the best spot right now. So i’m rooting for her hoping she will evict Da, Paul and Paulie.


And what she did to Frank… that bitch lives and breathes “planting seeds”.

never ever ever liked Day. Still don’t.


She does have a soothing voice though


I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Bored. Do something different people!
The same conversations over and over.
The same speculations. The same people being ostracized and picked off.
The house wants this, the house wants that. I wish I could reach in and slap everybody and say, “SNAP OUT OF IT.”
I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just getting caught up… Paul is a snake and a rat. Why doesn’t anyone call him out? I just want someone to shut him up!!!Also I’m so behind I had no idea Nicole and Corey were “that”close, having sex (all over the internet) I knew she liked him a lot but thought it wasn’t really reciprocated on his end. Humm seems he kept saying early on she wasn’t his type (lol)but he did really like her as a friend.


they had there chance get him bnow look what is happeninh!why not get frank the tank out!

Franks fumes

Spell check anyone!


spell check nazis!


The only way Corey and Nicole will be having sex is if she pegs him.

Joe Kerr

Paul, Nicole or Michelle….Paul, Nicole or Michelle…

“Hey Joe…what are you debating?”

Who the hell I can’t stand more. Paul is a bearded bit*hard, Nicole is a whiny high schooler fawning over a man who is fawning over Vic. And Michelle is, well, Michelle. Throw in an Italian DJ and his love/hate relationship with an unsanitary red chips lover and you got a summer of sham.

Rant done. Thank you for listening.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Don’t forget about pu$$y James! The house wants The house wants The house wants. Playing the same game as last time. F$cking idiot!! So is that POS Paul!!

Never told a lie

… James is such a scrub, Munchelle
is dweeb, Z and Paul share a maxi pad box
Oh and Da! Confirming stereotypes every time she open her neck… she a forgettable a** b!%#*


“Da’Vonne says Bridgett told her Nicole confirmed everything Tiffany told her about what Zakiyah and Da’Vonne was saying”…..whose on first? Oh yea, definitely all across the board.

Reality Check

Nat Nat up since 11 am, rest of the houseguest 430 pm. Production fed up with the houseguests, goes to backyard and smash things for tomorrow’s HOH. Forget the indoor lockdown, the houseguest slept away.

Oh yeah, there are people who do go from home from work at 430 pm, reality check to all the houseguests leaving big brother. $550,000 to the winner and runner up, they should just split the money and give it to the fans who spent money to watch this.

Powder Puff Girls

IMHO After Da’Vonne targets Nicole she will target James I think she should concentrate on her game rather than trying to be the “Only Vet Standing”. Like building alliances she really has no one right now but James. Michelle, Z have lost interested in her game.

sunny dee

she could have had paulie, zak, nicole and corey in a solid alliance, but she turned her nose up at that, too good for that kind of alliance, she thinks. She could have had a solid Vets4 with nicole, frank and james, but almost immediately starts angling to get frank out, now nicole, next james i assume, She could have had a solid girls alliance with the 5, but another case of being too good for that, she thinks, so she figures a way to undermine and interfere with that, and/or target members in the almost alliance.

not sure what game she is playing where she thinks she can isolate and alienate so many people so early, (i know it is half way now, but lets face it, she got a target on her back 2 weeks ago when it became clear this is what she is doing behind everyone’s back. she was on the block to potentially go home, just the alternative was even more of a trainwreck)


You know Bridgette is real is sweet, sincere and a very nice person…she’s got bad rap for nothing..just cuz of jealous mean girls!
I wanna see her take Michelle out 1st!!!

Froot Loop Dingus

Am I the only one hoping for Victor to win HOH. I think he would shake it up good.


Either Victor or Natalie for the win to prove that they are stronger than they seem. Maybe Natalie will prove she can be independent of James

Powder Puff Girls

I remember when Canada voted for the brothers to get HOH BBCan4. What a let down, no big moves, they joined Jared’s “entitled” Cool Kids Sorority the opposite of what Canada wanted. I am cautious about Vic have no idea where he stands and think he will stand with Paulie, Paul.

Franks fumes

Yeah James that’s just what feeders want is another week of your sad ass junior high crush…Pauls assholism …Da skating not winning anything…Paulies little corleone act…ect. ect Whoa I just threw up in my mouth a little.


I think Frank has been crying. This has gotten so out of hand. These people are something else. I can’t stand Day. Frank is an ass and shouldn’t made those disgusting comments and slapping the girls butts is not okay. Bridgett is very fragile and probably mentally unstable and these people know she is weak minded especially knowing the way Frank talks to her and they used her emotions.


Can someone please remind me why Michelle is obsessively hating Bridgette?

Pinocchio Obama


Powder Puff Girls

Jealousy, she wanted Frank openly admitted this information to Bridgette.


She not only wanted to work with Frank as his ride or die but also said a couple of times she has/had a crush on him so she is jealous. We all know what can happen when someone is jealous. In many cases it can be downright dangerous


I’m just having trouble deciding who to vote for… or against… in the “new poll.”

Pinocchio Obama

Good job not using the veto Michelle. I’m hoping Frank gets bounced.


2nd place in viewers MC vs BB


So Frank goes tomorrow and I don’t think he’ll return. My biggest fear is we end up with everyone basically lining up to get evicted. At least with Frank there were two clear sides. I fear a timid game where no one goes against “the house”.
Da’Vonne could be a side but she couldn’t win a hair flipping contest so she needs someone else to actually do something for her and I don’t see people taking that risk with her.
The blonde whiner is just a space holder.
Corey is just happy to be there with his bros.
Zakiyah…no, just no.
Michelle is not someone to sway folks, although she’s got some crazy to spare.
James/Nat they are almost back to James/Meg, they have no one but they aren’t a target yet.
Paulie is doing stuff but I fear it’ll end up too predictable to be entertaining.
Paul is a coward who only confronts when the target has little chance to retaliate. Why challenge Frank now? He’s on the block and the veto wasn’t played. He’s not even someone you love to hate.
Victor isn’t entertaining and I’m not sure he can shake things up.
Bridgette has no one except Natalie sort of. Her only chance is to win HoH every other week and just start swinging and then beasting the veto each week. The moment she’s loses both those in the week is the moment she goes to jury.


I’m done with this season just give the paulie the check already take us all out of our misery . luckily celebrity BB UK is coming on tommorow there’s that the fame whore himself frankie grande is on there if anybody doesn’t know already at least he won’t ever come back on BB US or special episode like that God bless the people of UK they’ll need it .


Watching these idiots gives me a ego boost, at least this season is helping out for something.

Min O'Pause

Vicorey probably can’t smell the bad taco meat cause they’re used to wearing a dirty Sanchez…….

Misty Beethoven


Marvin Gaye

Vic and Paul need to go asap… Those are two votes that can always go either way….. right now they are up Paulies butt…
James needs to get Da, Z, Michelle, Nat n Bridgette on the same page to take out his biggest comp… Paulie, Corey, Vic, Paul, and Nicole