“I’m going to go up to Z and be like Hey you want to go up as a nom, they will shit their pants”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 21-16-48-720

9:16pm Have nots Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle
Michelle is talking about Natalie mentioning that you can sometimes get discount plastic surgery.
Michelle – I want to get my lips done..
Michelle says Natalie’s chest was a discount it cost her like 5K when is was supposed to be 10 K
Zakiyah – sh1t that’s more than I got in the Bank..
Zakiyah says her chest will be BIG wants she starts having babies, “Everyone in my family has big b**b!es they come in their mid 30’s”

Nicole – I haven’t talked to anybody..
Michelle – the guys haven’t been telling us anything
Nicole – I feel like they don’t know..
Michelle- I don’t want Bridgette to frickin stay…

Nicole telling them to stay calm they have no idea what is going to happen and they don’t want to make anyone mad.
Michelle is pissed because she wants Bridgette to go. Goes on about how they have no idea who Bridgette is targeting. Michelle says she had a chance to use the veto on Frank but she didn’t because everyone promised her that the Bridgette will be going htiw week.
Nicole – I still think she (Bridgette) is going.. We need to Chill I haven’t been poking and probing people for any information at this point.
Zakiyah – I feel like that is going to happen.. DA is going up..
Michelle – they don’t tell us anything that sucks…

Nicole – I’m going to try and see what is going on..
Nicole – I’ve never been mad at you two..
Nicole leaves.. (Whispers under her breath “GIRLS” )
Michelle – She seems like she knew stuff.. And now she’s going to run and tell Corey.. Great.. Lets eat and come back here..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 21-21-07-321

9:20pm Hammock Nicole, Paul and Corey
Paul – She’s (Da) sketch Broh.. Never cared..
Corey – Never cared..
Nicole joins.. “I have some information”
Nicole – I was cooking with Bridgette, I knew Meech and Z were really upset about it.. They are super upset I’m even talking to Bridgette.

Nicole says the girls are freaking out saying the boys are acting sketch they want to backdoor da.
COrey – we’ll there two votes who cares..
Paul – How does Michelle know that information
Corey – you said it last night
Paul – no I didn’t
Nicole – it was Z..
They agree it was Z that was told and told Michelle.
Paul – look I want bridgette gone but it doesn’t matter what I say

Nicole – they were like Bridgette is going to put me and Z up on the block and Da wouldn’t do that.
Paul – oh my god
Nicole about Michelle – We gotta keep DA in the house
Paul – well you play dumb
Nicole- I have been playing dumb.. I was saying REALLY

Nicole – they didn’t tell me what they think Da’Vonne is the replacement nomination.
Nicole – they said they’ve been trying to get information about the boys. If they knew I knew anything I would be in a lot of trouble.
Paul is going to ask MIchelle and Zakiyah if they want to go up as a pawn…
Nicole says she warned the girls to stop acting sketch before the veto is even played.
Paul is going to talk to them, This scare Nicole that they will find out she knows something and start “Gunning” for her
Paul – NICOLE noone is gunning for you. I am gunning for you

Nicole – they are very much protecting da
Paul – never cared they can protect these nuts..
Nicole – they are acting weird.. They tried to corner me to ask me how I would vote. I know exactly how I’m voting… I’m saying I’ll do what Paul wants.
Nicole – I’m trying to play dumb twiddling my hair the camera is like [Makes a zooming sound]

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 22-14-51-800

Paulie joins them
Nicole says Zakiyah and Meech are worried about Da going up they think she’s going up as the replacement. They got sketchy because she started making stir fry with bridgette.
Nicole – I’ve been playing dumb
Paul – Z and Meech are onto our sh1t ..

Paulie says he told Zakiyah already she should know Da is probably going up
Nicole – I know she’s lying to me
Paul – I’m going to go up to Z and be like Hey you want to go up as a nom, can I put you up as a nom… They will shit their pants.. Done..
Paul leaves..

Nicole – they were like you want her out.. You were talking a lot to her today.
Nicole – She’s a freaking person we’re making stir fry.. She’s a human, I hated when people neglected me in the house.. They shouldn’t be that mad at me..
Paul – Nicole, they got mad at me when I wanted to wrap Bridgette’s ankle.
Zakiyah and Meech come out..
Paulie – MEECH
Corey – MEECH
Paulie – Big Meech
Corey – MEEeeeeech
Nicole – they are frazzles as frick

Zakiyah sits with Nicole, paulie and Corey Chit chat.. Awkward..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 21-44-07-973

9:40pm Corey, Paulie and Nicole
They are going to stick with the story that DA is the target this week.
Nicole says otherwise Michele and Zakiyah are going to flip out tonight. “They do not want Da gone”
Nicole – they told me to try and come out here and get information from you.
Nicole – Paul can tell them he wants Bridgette home that can comfort them. (Z and Bridgette)
Nicole is worried they have “something” the three girls (Da, Zakiyah and Michelle)
Paulie doesn’t think they do.

Paulie says Da was saying “weird” things about Nicole to Meech, “Basically paranoia about you.. She was trying to run with the whole Frank and Bridgette thing… “

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 21-44-33-981

Zakiyah comes back..
Paulie – Big Meech
Corey MEECH..
Paulie -where’s MEECH…
Corey MEEEEeeeech
Nicole – Ok boys what is going on this week..
Paulie – I would love to have da on the block and I’ve been pushing that with Paul.. I don’t care if Bridgette ior Da go home to be honest.. I want to see her on the block see what she does to be honest.
Paulie – I know everyone wants bridgette out because she’s a threat but right now she’s aint doing anything with a bum ankle and a bum knee.
Points out her confidence is shattered..
Paulie and Corey saying that Da has mentioned both their names, “A lot”
Corey says Meech knows that Da is shady..
Paulie says they have 4 votes, he wants to see how Da reacts, and if she starts calling people out, “I personally would like to ask her hey have you said our names and if she says no I know she’s lying”
Corey – funny she said my name to you.. And Paul.. like what are you thinking
Paulie – she was saying a while ago we gotta split these couple up
COrey – why doesn’t she like us.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 21-52-41-621
Nicole – what are you thinking Z
Z – well.. I just want Bridgette gone.
Paulie – I want the option to think about it for three days.
Z – Or backdoor victor again
Paulie – Paul would not feel comfortable doing that especially if he has the round trip ticket..
Paulie – right now Victor has latched himself onto Paul
Nicole – it’s true, he is pretty attached.
Awkward silence.. .

Zakiyah leaves .

Nicole says Zakiyah is not happy right now.
Corey – couldn’t have been more awkward..
Nicole – she doesn’t say a word.. Ever unless she’s asking me for information.
Paulie – Paul’s sketched out by z
Nicole – we have to make sure they think Bridgette is going home
Corey – what’s the point..
Nicole – I’m afraid they are going to go tell Da .. once she’s on the block we’re going to state the points
Michelle is outside..
Michelle comes up “I peed my pants on the live show”
Paulie – I wouldn’t mind seeing Da up there just to see what happens.. I don’t care who goes home.
Paulie – as of right now I’m not worried about bridgette winning.. Her knee is f***d u her ankle is f*** up

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 23-02-33-997
9:53pm Da’Vonne and James
James – so for sure
Da’Vonne – yup
James- damn
Da – I need to take notes from you because whatever you were doing to convince them to not put up Natalie it worked..
Da – I need to figure out what I need to do moving forward
Jaems – well uhhh.. I think they aren’t putting Natalie up cause.. Umm
Da – No it was definitely a double campaign. She was campaigning for herself and you of course were campaigning for her I’m in this game by myself I don’t have anybody to campaign for me.. Even when Tiffany was in here Tiffany slept the whole time and Frank campaigned for her..
Da – Everybody has somebody
Da lists of all the pais.. “I’m here by myself.. I gotta figure out what I got to do to make it I just gotta survive”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 21-58-37-402

9:58pm Paul, Paulie, Michelle , Nicole, Zakiyah and Corey
Paul – I’m going to ask about replacement nomas and if any of y’all are willing to do it.
Michelle – I will
Paul – will you really .. no sh1t..
Michelle – I would like to think you guys would send out Bridgette..
Paul – Anybody can go up I’ve already talked to Da a little bit..

Paul – Bridgette is going home that is my goal.
Paulie – I personally want to see what Da does up there.. She was panicking when she was on the block with Tiffany..
Paul – if you want to find information out fine… all i know is Bridgette is going home. that is what I’m shooting for
Paulie – I really want to see what will potentially come out.. I wouldn’t mind seeing her on the block doesn’t mean she goes home this week.

Michelle warns them about Bridgette during the double and winning the mental comps, says she’s a loose cannon they have no idea who she’s going to put up.

Michelle tells them Bridgette told her she doesn’t believe anything that Paul said to her about Frank.
Paul – I don’t care I’m sending her home this week.. That’s why she’s on the block right now.. Never carried
Paulie says he doesn’t want to be the only one fighting for this he just wants to see what Da will do. He just wants to see what happens over the next three days.
Michelle will be down with taking Da out during the double.
Michelle – this week I want Bridgette gone she scares the crap out of me
Zakiyah – I feel the same way
Michelle says Da will put up a Victor and a Natalie, “She won’t go after us”
Zakiyah agreeing with Michelle, “That’s just being honest”
Paul – I did my f***g part, if y’all want that option.. I just hoped she wouldn’t freak out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 22-54-43-485

9:58pm Natalie and James
Talking to the live feeders using the wooden spoon as a microphone..
Natalie is saying she hopes she can win the HOH this week coming up goes on about being bad at competitions.
She passes the spoon to James
James – I’ve been up for 20 hours.
Natalie – Visit my sister at the sugar factory..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 22-56-25-931

Natalie thanks everyone for the care package. She goes through the package contents..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 23-06-29-015
10:17pm Marinating James shoe because he put mayo in the lotion bottle and the soap bottle
Natalie says her “Current Boyfriend” made her bath in mayo so this is what happens.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 23-07-54-008

There plan is to freeze James’ crocs overnight and pretend they are making steaks tomorrow.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 22-58-41-995

10:52pm Da’Vonne reading the bible

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 23-28-01-432

11:18pm Paul and Corey HOH Bed
Corey – da just sits there in that one spot and creeps.. it’s weird.. gives me the heebie jeebies
Paul – does give me the heebie jeebs
Corey – her eyes are like … just look like that
Paul wonders why Da is the only person being “Sketch”
Corey she is very very sketch.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-31 23-44-41-972

11:38pm Have nots Zakiyah, Michelle and Nicole
ZAkiyah didn’t realize paulie felt that strongly against Da’Vonne
Michelle – he hates her
Zakiyah – I would put Victors a$$ in a heartbeat
Michelle thinks the boys have an alliance, do you thin Nicole
Nicole – No… I dunno…
Michelle – they’ve been spending a lot of time locked up together..
Zakiyah – mmmmhmmmmm
Michelle – they don’t even invite us
ZAkiyah – they can have guy time we’ll have girl time.
Michelle – we got to step up our game.

they start to study dates…

11:57pm Nicole – you guys ready for bed
Michelle – ya.. tomorrow is freaking Veto meeting

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Fuzzy Num Num

Too little too late Meeh and Max-Z. Your boyz have just decided your fates.

Reality Check

Since when did Nicole became the 3rd Nolan sister?

Michelle asks Nicole if the boys have something. Nicole: “I dooooon’t naaaaaaaw.”

Just go away Nicole, you are definitely one of the most useless houseguest in the history of Big Brother. Just look up in the sky Nicole and tell us the fans on why the sky is blue?

At least Big Meech and Z are trying to do some strategy. Which is unbelievable.


WHY SHOULD SHE EVEN THINK ABOUT KEEPING DA? Nicole is in a much better position in the guys alliance than in an alliance with 2 girls who can’t win anything


“Do you think the boys are working together” “I don’t knoooooooooow, I don’t think sooooooooooo” and then she runs outside and tells the guys ” I have some information for you” We had such potential for a strong female alliance this year but they threw that in the crapper vey quickly. So many smart strong women in this country and this is what the producers pick? Now this week even if they turn on Con Corleone a girl still gets evicted and they are now 5-5 getting picked off one by one.


At least Nicole is trying to make Bridgette feel better. When is it ok to make someone feel all alone.
Nicole is playing the game! Frank and Da threw her under the bus when more then once.
If a guy goes around talking to all the girls it is ok, but if a girl does it the CAT NAILS comes out.
Michelle didn’t get the boy, Frank, so she went after Bridgette. That is the only reason why she wants Bridgette gone.
All the girls – Need to step up and think about the $$$$$ not the guys, but that won’t happen 🙁
Couples: They should create alliance of the finally 6!
First Place – James and Natalie – Nice and Sweet
Second Place – Cory and Nicole
Third Place – Paulie and Z

sunny dee

DAy as usual shooting her mouth off to James, probably the vote that could save her, by listing off all the pairs who have someones, and she has ‘no one’, (and who’s fault is that?), when he’s probably thinking, hey day, i thought you and i had each other, so you’re saying not? plus then she says ‘and Paul has michelle’. oh REALLY, since when exactly?? do they spend any time together (who did she say victor had? or bridget?)

i’m sure his eyes are rolling so far back in his head right now. the things she says, you just want to vote her out because she is so ungrateful and so disloyal, and kind of blinded. She thinks Zak and Paulie are close, when it is really Paul and Paulie. she doesn’t want to admit that it is zak and meech she is closest to, and who apparently have her back. and before you know it, she threw out zak’s name instead of her own


So sick of hearing “BIG MEECH” every five minutes. They could get rid of all those catty girls, excluding Natalie. She’s the only one with a good heart.


When have they ever brought up race? I guess everybody who evicts day is a racist. You must be a fan of the mean girls, glad to know they have at least 1 fan

donut licking ho

So now you believe that you’re are a clairvoyant? You know what they REALLY mean, huh?
Ok its official, you are a total f’ing moron. And it seems YOU have some pretty racist feelings. Stop being a hate-peddler!


Yea definitely not. Paul was fixated on getting out Frank, he hates white people too?

Jesus you SJW will jump at anything


Yes sir! there we have it. I knew as soon as Da or Max-Z hit the block or were the target of the week the race baiters would be put waving the flag. NEVER has anyone in the house mentioned race. All I see on here and my statements and opinions have been about Da turning on every alliance she has been involved with. She is not capable of working with a group and sticking with it without getting all paranoid. She cries she is all by herself well who’s fault is that? 8 pack, fatal 5, showmance plus 1, vets, she stabbed them all in the back and created distrust in each. She has not won crap, gave away her one chance at HOH and acts like she is the one who sent everyone else packing! Her game sucks and she could be purple from Pluto for all we care. As I said before the ones who jump to play the race card are the true racists. And Max-Z is a nasty spiteful mean biotch regardless of nationality, color or religion. But I guarantee (I will bet Paul’s ball on it) as soon as she hits the block a fresh deck of race cards will be played.


@ Lol Nawww:
HCM are always trying to be in charge but always mess s*#^ up. Try thinking before you respond.


I love racial flavors, they’re delicious.


Zakiyah and Michelle, those two girls are unbearable. The reason why they want Bridgette out is because they spend a lot of their time inside the house making the girl feel like shit for no reason whatsoever.. Of course she’s going to put you two on the block if she wins HOH. Out of the two of them, I think I disliked Michelle more until about 10 days ago. Now I dislike Zakiyah more. She’s just fucking useless. Not only is she a non-factor in competitions, but her social game is horrible. She might be the most jealous person I have ever seen inside the Big Brother house throughout all the seasons. If she isn’t complaining about Paulie doing this or Paulie doing that, she’s making Bridgette feel like shit for no other reason than working with Frank. She’s even resorted to making fun of Natalie for winning the care package this week. She’s just a nasty and hateful person. There’s seriously no redeeming qualities about her, like she’s good in the diary room, or she’s the underdog or something. She brings nothing to the show. I’ve never been a fan of Da’Vonne, but at least Da’Vonne is playing the game. Zakiyah just sits there. She goes from room to room carrying that negative energy around with her. The other houseguests have even started to notice. I’d never root for someone like Victor, who’s just a body at this point in the game with no personality, but I dislike Zakiyah so much I’d love to see Victor win an HOH and put her ass on the block so Paulie doesn’t have to. I’m not rooting for Paulie, but his side is running things and he won’t do it himself (which is smart cause it’ll just be a shit storm), so someone like Victor has to.

Thumbs up!

Wish I could give this comment at least 30 more thumbs up.


Agreed! Z has to go. She contributes zero to the mix. She is so worried about Paulie that she is missing the whole point. Hope she takes Nicole with her at the Double Evict…


As much as I’ve disliked this season, I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. As awful as it sounds, I’m going to look forward to seeing people like Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Michelle being slowly voted out. It would be even better if PP joins them as well. Would absolutely love to see Bridgette outlast the first three especially.

Team Corey or Natalie here. Only two people who I don’t completely dislike. Natalie genuinely seems to have a good heart.


I wouldn’t mind Apple Pie Corey or Nat either. Everyone else is a waste. Actually I don’t mind Michelle even though she’s a dick sometimes I would still rather her over Zak and Nicole whose totally lame and I don’t even feel like typing the rest of the idiots. Bridgette is too nice and unless she wins something they will use her and then cut her head off. James will take a bullet for Nat and end his game and Nicole will throw Corey to the Jackal’s like we saw her do pretty much suggesting that he offer to go up instead of her. “Why Me”…WTF not you dopey!


I see the CBS Website finally woke up and fixed having Natalie available as a potential Care Package #2 after around 5 hours, the question is what happened to those 5 hours of votes that went to Natalie before CBS noticed?


BB fan

What is racial about it? No one has implied that at all. Just because someone is black doesn’t make it racial. Putting her on the block has been paulie’s idea and Paulie has been crushing on z and she’s black. It’s about da s game play. Haven’t you been watching? Da goes to each person and talks shit about the other person …. Yada Yada Yada she’s going on the block.

Anonymous 100

Not saying it’s racial but so do everyone else . When Paul asked Nicole to go on the block she almost shit a brick and starred throwing out names also.James exactly got a moment of clarity about being on the bottom but he seems to have lost it again .Corey and the others also had problems with it too. The only reason Pauline did it is he wanted to be taken off soon Day could be backdoored. I don’t comment often but it does seem that she get other of hate for doing the same things everybody else do.


Victor’s problem is that no one is talking game to him. He is following the lead of his supposed best friend in the game – Paul. Who keeps him in the dark and tells him to lay low. Victor is too loyal. He has won 4 comps to get back in,plus the first comp. So, I think he’s worked to be there and deserves it. Unlike sourpuss zakiyah who has done nothing to earn her stay.

TX rar

I feel like Vic is tryng to lay low since he just got back into the house and needs to try to build an aliance with someone. He can win comps tho – both mental and physical.

donut licking ho

You are part of the problem. Crying wolf about racism is not only disgusting but completely counter-productive to race relations. Stop being a f’ing moron.

Michelle's eyebrows

What a sausage fest. These girls are catching on way too late and they won’t be able to do anything about it. This is what happens when you worry about dicks more than winning the game. Zakiyah makes people like Jenn city and Ashley from season 14 seem like good players.


“Omg they want to evict day they must be racist! Omg some ppl on this site don’t like my favorite houseguest Day they must be racist!”
Seriously that’s how stupid some of you sound. I guess Day and Z get to slide all the way to F2 untouched. No one in the house has EVER made any racial comments. Just because they want to evict your favorite doesn’t make them racist. The houseguests wanted to evict Frank and Tiffany just as much as Day if not more than her.
Sorry for the rant but I can’t stand when people pull race into BB


No even if they got to final 2 we would have the same a$$hats saying “see they didn’t give her the win because she is black” I am with you it makes me so mad I can’t help but rant. I am so tired of every issue having race dragged into it.


Was watching the feeds when Nicole ratted Meech and Z out. Could not believe that she ratted them out in less than 5 minutes!
Nicole is so dumb because she learned nothing from her original season! Hellooo Ratcole!!!!!
I can’t wait till they evict her butt!

TX rar

Nicole is tired of the mean girl vindictiveness from Meech & Z. She’s over them and knows what people to align with. We’ve all seen how the dbl eviction can flip a house. She has her strategy but needs to separate more from Corey.


See how Nicole practically ran to the backyard to tell the boys what Michelle and Zakiyah were saying? Now is she’s acting like Christine and Andy the Rat combined together or what? Way to go, Ratcole…you’ll get yours!!!!

Oh Brother

Definitely racial and has nothing to do with Da being vocal about targeting Paulie and the showmances. Just like Paulie’s earlier racially motivated obsession with getting Tiff out.

Oh Brother

Definitely racial and has nothing to do with Da having been vocal about targeting Paulie and the showmances. Just like Paulie’s earlier racially-motivated obsession with getting out Tiff.


I like victor. Good guy. Doesn’t deserve the BS he’s getting and neither does Bridgette.


In her season Nicole got screwed by an all dominant male alliance. How stupid is she to not realise that is about to happen this year as well?


Why couldn’t it be zakiyah instead of Da’vonne?

Just saying

Verrrrryyy good point!


I know Cory IS NOT talking somebody’s eyes being heebie jeebie! He is the biggest weirdo in there. How in the hell can people say Day is the biggest liar in the house. Have you not been watching Nicole all season. Cory and Nicole have been making up lies all season. Even when Day is sitting there saying and doing nothing, they have something to say. Nicole will stab a female in the back everyday, to be down with the guys. Wherever there’s a dick, Nicole will follow. Hoping Michelle wins the next HOH. Remember she said, once someone betrays her, she never forgets. She will feel like they betrayed her and now “her” Frank is gone. She’s vendictive and maybe that’s needed to flip the house. Paulie, Cory, Nicole and James(pathetic ass) need to feel the heat. Nicole will scramble and squeal like a pig!


Trey 2 you r absolutely right. Corny Corey and Nasal Nicole and their pathetic crew take offense at DA playing the game but their azz are lying, grinning and faking ignorant 24/7. Paulie should win becuz these dumb azz folks are clueless.


Ever notice they rarely show meech on the bb edits. It’s prolly bc she’s useless and a terrible person. Not to mention that when she doesn’t wear makeup she’s hideous.


I used to like Nicole on her season, but this season…no ma’am. No. Just no. When will they all open their eyes and stop playing Paulie’s game for him??? Ugh! And here I was, under the impression that they were supposed to be “playing” the game to win 500k for themselves…smh.


Ugh will someone put maxi-z on the block please she brings nothing to the game now I’m wondering why didn’t she go on are you the one because she not on the right reality show all she does is talk shit can’t win comp has a questionable social game say what you want about day but at least she’s playing the game but not a great one all maxi-z does is talk about paulie this and that and is acting like they really dated if she’s not doing that she’s always bringing nat and bridgette down and comes across as jealous and desperate I hope when she leaves the BB house she gets all the backlash and have time to reflect . Michelle is a very bitter woman she looks down on people too like bridgette and nat even though they did nothing to her and is jealous of the people that are in a showmance since nat had got a care package from America she’s trying really hard to get a care package too saying I was jealous for bridgette and other stuff America don’t fall for it once a mean girl always a mean girl .

skeptical onlooker

Zak follows (stalks) Paulie everywhere. It’s cringeworthy. Then talks in a baby voice..and to top it all off…has a (fake) fit when she has a nipslip. * OH NO..she whines..everyone will think I’m loose*.
( This..I’m sure..because she thinks Italian men like their women *pure.
It’s so fake and transparent…especially as she walks around with basically nothing on.
Paulie says he likes her little romper outits. Now…she’s in even less.
What she doesn’t understand..it’s sexier to leave something to the imagination.
By the end of next week…Paulie is going to feel trapped…and is going to be sick to death of her.
It’s so pathetic…I hope when she watches the show…she learns what NOT to do.
On the other hand….when not creeping after Paulie..she’s as mean as shite.
And Da. glad she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. Not so great, right? Mean as hell to Tiff and Frank.
Now that the shoe is on the other foot….meh.
I’m hoping Tiff and rank are watching this go down….and enjoying every second of it. I know I am.
Not because I’m vindictive…but because Da was not behaving in Game mode. She made it personal.
Same for Paul and Paulie. I think they’ll get their comeuppance as well.
They may get to the end….but will see what the REAL fans think of them..and their *gameplay*.
I expect and understand lies and backstabbing…but can’t abide the personal..bullying..hateful way they treated Tiff and Frank. Bridgitt hopefully stays and does something great. True..she’s a bit boring..but she may surprise us yet.
Natalie….very lovable..and hopefully gets some backbone..and plays BB.
James is just …a zero. I had high hopes from him. Fuhgeddaboud it.

Brontë's Zen

Is there anything that Michelle, Zakiyah, or Nicole could do to redeem themselves or nah?


Nope. Never…..

Never cared

So they should all just let Da win so they don’t look like racists??? No one has brought up race even once that I’ve seen, except Z talking to Da! What an utterly ridiculous accusation, and a good example of how deeply troubled this country still is when it comes to the topic of race.

FishPoke says OUCH!

Now everyone feels sorry for Da’? Please. She brought this on herself just like Paul will. She had so much enjoyment voting out others with her unfunny messages. I wonder how she will feel when she gets some unfunny messages. She’s playing with people who want to lay low. This is why she seems “sketch” God get another word FFS. I think Da did to much damage and people know about it and now their talking.

Yes Paul, Bridgette is such a threat right now, she freaks everyone out with her Hulk like abilities. Friggin idiot ! Cant wait to see that beard really sweat. (ew I just read it back lol)

Only can wish

Yes, I feel bad for Day. I felt bad for Frank and Bridget too. When targets were put on their backs, the other HGS act like they had the plague. Nicole is only being friendly to Bridget because PP told her to and to irritate the other girls. Like Day said, she has nobody to fall back on. I don’t like some things she did, but no different then the rest of HGS. We may not like how she’s playing the game, but at least she is playing. I don’t like how PP is playing, but they’re playing. People keep saying she haven’t won comps, I personally think (JMO) Day have done better than Nicole. Nicole won the first comp and that’s it. Eventhough, Da haven’t won, she came close than all the girls except Michelle won POV. I’m just saying, give the girl some credit. You all are so hard on Day. I guess she is trying not to show her weakness in the game, but being tough. Look at Natalie, she’s nice and all, but people are saying she is a floater and have a weak game. I’m just hoping Day has the ticket because I want to see Paulie’s reaction.


i made a comment how Z and Da are typical rap video groupies bc they really catty like in the show love and hip hop and automatically someone said why u gotta say that. bc they are black. and im like this is the problem with america where everything bad said or done to a black person is automatically a racial thing. no one ever brought up that your of african decent and we live in a new age where we don’t judge a person by thier color. we judge them by the way they act. and z and da act the same bc they are catty not because they are black. thats just a coincidence. but ya u can totally see the hood rat side of day coming out where she dont take sh1t from nobody. such typical behavior for her personality. and if she feels like shes being cornered she will automatically think shes being discriminated against. acting like a typical uneducated child. that hair flick she did to tiff was so ghetto. such a sore loser. i hope she gets back doored. shes just as big of a floater as nat. she hasnt won anything.


That hair flick was so blown out of proportion. Zero f*cks given by Big Brother.


No, it wasnt that bad but she admitted to doing it. It was childish, low-class, behavior. But not that big a deal but dont defend it- just makes you look in denial.


Nicole and Bridgette are typical penis chasers lol like the girls on Vanderpump Rules. They are desperate for the boys at the detriment of other girls. They are threatened by strong women who call them out on their childish sh**. According to them Da is a liar and trouble maker lmbo. The same thing they accuse her of doing–they are doing. However, they want to get away with it. Typical typical typical typical behavior.Nicole, Tiffany, Frank, Paul and Corey are so ghetto it’s pathetic. They also butcher the English language–like, dunno, etc.


You should break the Prozac’s in half next time.

Anonymous 100

If it wasn’t intended to to be racist why did you specify just Day and Z in the context of video girls and love and hip hop a black show. Why not include all of the girls who are catty and mean because that comment could describe all of them except Natalie. If you don’t want to seem racist don’t stereotype.


Exactly Anonymous 100. Why mentionLove &HipHop….I guess folks araren’t supposed to be able to see through that BS…puhlese. Keep it real or handle the backdraft


Your the only one bringing up race minus a few other people that need to slapped on here. Cut it out and leave that conversation for your dinner table. Just Grow Up. Sometimes an issue isn’t an issue until you bring it up.

For people who make these kind of posts about negative racial stereotypes. Do everyone a favor and Please title your name as “TROLL PoST” so we can skip it.

(Mumbles) I just want to gossip about a show where people get evicted, scheming to win the big prize money. I’m not here for all of the personal feelings regarding stereo types. It’s just entertainment and this chick is turning this forum into something else. Geesh.

Anonymous 100

Just as you I have a right to my opinion.I was not the one to bring up race . I was commenting on a post that someone else had written .it is stereotypical to bring up the negative way someone behaves on a black show to describe the only two black girls in the house when the other girls are acting the same way . If people are going to bring up such behavior attribute it to all that pay black or white. Not a troll stand by my statement.

Big Sister

How could anyone accuse you of being a racist? All you did was use terms like “hood rat”, “ghetto”. Your sensitivity is Oscar worthy. Dripping sarcasm…


Hope Da has round trip ticket. Want to see some fireworks. Everybody calling out everybody. As much as I dislike the girls being mean. I want Nicole on the ???? seat. She always says she stressing, lets see her really stress.


Vanessa may have had her emotional melt downs last season but AT LEAST she played the game ! The females this season are whiny , jealous, mean, clueless,dumb….jeez, are there anymore adjectives I’m missing? They are getting played by the boys big time but all they care abt is shitting on Bridgette as much as they can! I’d rather see fu*king Meech the Biotch and Z-pad booted before Da now!

Stop being oversensitive

You are accusing a person of racism based on a gamemove?
It s a bit racist to say that a white person cannot do anything to a person of different color without the reaons behind it being that he is a racist ….Do you like this game? We can play more…anything you do I ll say you are a racist for it …it s a great game !!!

Marvin Gaye

It will be just one BIG SAUSAGE FESTIVAL SOON WITH JAMES ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TOTEM POLE….. I really dislike the way Nicole is being a Rat for the boys…. And she wonder why Da wants her gone …. Da is the only girl who sees Nicole for the Rat she is..

Shell Belle

I lost all respect for Nicole. Don’t expose the people that could potentially vote for you to stay in the house. She’s running to the guys giving them info when it’s completely unnecessary.

Only can wish

Nicole is a snitch big time. Do she realize that she can turn this game around with the info she has on both sides. Why don’t they suggest Paulie stay on the block since Paul keep saying it’s a trust game, then turn the tables on Paulie. The girls would have a big advantage because they got the numbers. Then we only vote for the girls to get care packages. The guys would be pissed.


Where is it written that if you happen to dislike someone who is black, the only reason can be because they are black? Da has been caught for weeks now talking sh®t about all of the others except James. And with him she was dumb enough to say the couples need to be split up. She is a big mouth who decided to throw everyone else into the mix to keep herself safe. Doesn’t work. Once branded in BB it is only a matter of time. Z is just plain vile, nasty and mean. Jealous and petty as well. Being ” “chocolate” girls has nothing to do with how badly they have chosen to play the game. In fact, Michelle is just as vile and petty as those two, just as disliked and she’s white. So it would be nice if for once everybody put away the deck of race cards and just admitted they are nasty people. PERIOD. Oh, and neither Da nor Z have won a comp to help themselves.


Da’Vonne’s game is a lot like what Audrey tried to do. Spread misinformation and lies to get different sides targeting each other and staying in the middle herself. It doesn’t work if the sides will talk with each other and then all the crap backs up on the crap stirrer.


Da than Z next something not sitting right with me. What’s the reason for keeping Nicole’s whiney sneaky ass. Paul said Da was looking at him funny. What is she suppose do. Da since you know your being sent home I would blow up Paulie, Nicole and Corey forget Paul he is a useless butt boy.

No Nane

Da is the only girl on to Ratcole….. And she wonder why Da wants her gone ….. This season will be one Big sausage fest soon…… I’m really disappointed in James. He is blinded by protecting Nat who is Bridgette friend…. Dude is P$&@” Whipped and has never had the goods….. Paulie is about to expose himself soon and why do they keep lying saying Da is volunteering to go up…


I’m white and I have her a thumbs up for this post because truth is: no minorities have ever won big brother. America use to be really racist and there was never a black president. Once America became lest racist….we got one.


Check the facts before you speak!
There HAS been minority’s to win Big Brother. Jun won and she’s a female and Asian. Other females have won also. The only Houseguests who aren’t minority’s this season is Frank, Corey. So there is a VERY high chance for a minority to win again this season. Paulie-Italian
Paul- Armenian
Victor-Puerto Rican
Glenn – Mexican
Josea- Puerto Rican
Dayvonne-African American
Bridget – Philippino
Natalie- Venezuelan
Zakiah- African American
Tiffany- French
LOTS of diversity within this cast.
It’s great! I hope a minority wins this season!!


Your list is not right. This is the American version your version is speaking in terms of people being first generation. Tiffany does not call herself French she is White, Italians are considered White, Josea considered himself Black. lol we were just talking about this in my Sociology class, but yeah Big Brother has gotten a little bit more diverse over the years. It’s strange cause some seasons are diverse others not so much so.
Corey- white
Bridget -white/Asian
Josea- black
Victor- Hispanic
Paul-Armenian (White …like the Kardashians)

I just want the best player to win


I agree with you but for one thing. No BLACKS here they are now calling themselves ( Chocolate): Never heard that until this show doesn’t surprise me, this makes about the 6th name they have changed calling themselves, so they are never satisfied with anything not ever their true selves.


Neck red!!


Racist? Really?? Good grief!!!


meech and Zak are starting to wake up. Let’s keep the momentum going. I love how Meech volunteered to go up and Pailie got all shit faced!!!

Everyone in the house is sketch. They are even trying to get Emmy nominations by switching conversations when people walk by.
Somebody please post up PP and Nicole. James think he is protecting his queen. I can’t wait till the shit hit the fan and everyone finds out everyone knew.


So Nicole learnt from her season and decided to emulate …. Christine??!!
I am not a huge fan of Paulie, but at least unlike Derrick, he had some balls to put himself up on the block, (though stupid gameplay wise), but great to watch.


Remember Glenn for America’s Favorite Player!


I get so sick and tired of self entitled people that refuse to see racism and cringes when facts are spoken, then then calls it a “race card!” IT’S RACISM WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING’S THOSE ACCUSING THE CHOCOLATE OF, but for what other reason then RACISM it’s a billion times worse piled up with extra accusations topped with so much hate, when there are other players in similar or same situation? How can anyone stomach someone like Frank who you gave a high five and a pass for his foul actions and you even hated the chocolate even more for fighting back! Racism is real the “race card ” is an excuse to be racist unless it affects you personally with no chocolate involved in the situation, that’s the only way you’ll see unfairness

Only can wish

I respect your opinion and I do see your point. No Chocolate (as you say) has ever won BB. Majority rules in a way. JMO Racism is blind, people see what they want to see. Frank was voted out over game play and not for what he was doing/saying to Day and Z. Not to start anything, but if a black male did to Nicole and Natalie what Frank did, the HGS would have lost it for sure. People have to look at it from both sides. Then it was said she’s playing victim or had the angry black woman syndrome. ALL of the HGS are being mean spirited, hateful, lying etc. It was brought in comments before, but I don’t think to the point of it being racist. We are all having grown up conversations, there’s is not need for an uproar of negativity. Can’t we all just get along???


Here is the difference between Da and Nicole. Yes. They both lie.. Da not only throws names out there, she does it with no loyalty. She has trashed everyone who tried to work with her except James. Nicole hides it better by being loyal to allies, sharing info and being nice to others. Da is playing alone because she didn’t want to be at the bottom of the alliance with N,C,P and Z. So she turned and talked to Tiffany who promptly blew her up. Da got CAUGHT …. Da also had not lived down her nasty attitude from last year. She cannot keep her mouth shut and made herself a target. You want to call people racists you might consider that reverse racism is just as bad. Entitlement has no place in a game show. Or real life either. If Da wanted it bad enough she would have earned it. Win a comp or two and kept her mouth shut.

Big Sister

This is what I call dealing a reverse race card from the bottom of the deck.

I hate Corey and Paul

So, Day sitting on the couch reading the Bible is sketch? Apart from all the crazy things that happen in that house, Day siting on the couch is sketch? I hate this season.


Racist? Geez, not even wasting my breath. Victor is growing on me. He’s funny and Paul is such a two faced coward and talks about him for really no good reason. He’s out of control. I started hating Paulie but now I’m starting to think he MAY be playing the cards he was dealt with these people and he’s morphing into Paul for game. And he sees Z is useless. If that’s the case, that it’s game, I can sort of respect that. The petty crap disgusts me. I use to think Z was beautiful but between her catty behavior, whining & pouting, can’t win comps, straddling Paulie like some love sick desperate puppy (no shade to puppies), she’s now my least favorite in the house by far! Honestly, her being black & beautiful is the only good thing about her.


sooooo…. now that we all have that out of our systems can we get back to Paulie as a mob boss, Nicole, her ugly nostrils, dick chasing and whiney voice, James and Paul being midgets, Z being totally disgusting with her maxi pad and yeast, Nat’s fake boobs and has to be using James, Michelle’s obvious mental and eating disorder, Corey being in the closet, Victor being a weirdo and Corey’s secret lover, and poor poor Bridg the poor misunderstood underdog who last week yall could not wait to get out bashing? Because none of those references are slanderous right?! Please …. every player has/is being attacked for one reason or another… Da just happens to be getting it bad this week, and come on she is a little ghetto at times and so is Z just like Nicole is such a stupid white girl its sad. It is what it is.