Paul about Nicole “I’m going to sh*t on her! I’ll rattle her cages!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 21-33-05-487

9:30pm HOH room – Nat tells James I kind of do want to backdoor Corey. James sasy its your HOH. Nat says I do want to backdoor him for being a super douche. And I do think Paul and Vic would forgive me. James says that its breaking her heart having put Vic up. It makes me feel bad that I lied. That I told him we were good and then I put him up. Nat starts crying. James says you have to make hard decisions. Its done. Someone had to go up, someone’s feelings were going to be hurt. Its not like we’re targeting him. Nat says I know Paul lied and stuff. James says he’s good, he’s good with words. Nat says I kind of want to back door Corey because he’s a douche. Nat says they’re probably going to vote Vic out. James says lets be honest Vic is probably going to win the veto. Nat says Vic is just such a nice guy. I feel bad. Nat says she thinks she’s losing her mind. James says we’re all losing our minds. Keep your eyes on the prize .. 500K! Nat says she doesn’t think she will make it. James says I am going to try and take you as far as I can. And who knows you might pull out another one of these wins.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 21-31-22-668
9:35pm In the kitchen – Vic and Paul say how they won’t campaign against each other. Vic says the mastermind behind everything is James. Paul says I know that. Michelle says my mind was still Corey and Nicole until I talked to Natalie. I would be going against James and Natalie. Nat is really upset and feels really bad, especially about you. Michelle tells Vic, I will use it (veto) on you. Vic says if next week if Vic and I are still on the block we won’t campaign against each other. Vic says you’re right the only person we have to convince is James. Michelle says James said if we go after Nicole and Corey he is just worried that you’ll go after him. Michelle says my hands were tied. Vic says if we can get James on board. Paul joins them. Paul asks why wouldn’t James be on board. Vic says he thinks we would go after him. Paul asks why the f**k would we go after James. Vic says resentment. Paul says we wouldn’t be mad, we were just hurt. Meech says I can’t even win HOH. Vic says and Natalie can’t either. If one of us goes home, James is the only one playing for his life next week. They (Nicole & Corey) are going to put up Me and James or Me and you (Meech). Meech asks who do we want to play if we get house guest pick? Nicole or Corey? Paul and Vic say Nicole. Meech tells Paul sorry I already told Vic If I win the veto I am pulling him (Vic) down. If any thing it gives you 3 days to campaign. Paul says just make sure you put Corey up. Meech says I don’t decide, Nicole does. She wants Corey up anyways. Nicole is the talker though. Paul and Vic say it doesn’t matter.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 21-45-00-198

10pm – 10:30pm Safari – Vic, Meech, Paul and James. Vic says if we get a chance I think we should pull the trigger and get back on the plan. Paul says as beautiful as that sounds its Natalie and her’s HOH. If I leave and go to the jury house I’ll be happy. I don’t have to give you this sympathy bullsh*t. None of my family members are dying. Paul says I want revenge. I want to know when this happened, why it happened. Paul asks James are you on board with this? James says yeah I’m on board. Paul says I’ll rattle the cage if you need me to. They agree to all talk without Nicole and Corey. Vic says I’m not mad at Nat at all. James says I should have been more in touch with her. Last night I told her its her HOH and I support whatever decision she makes. Nat did that because she thought I was going to be in trouble. Paul says I can respect that. And even more so that she’s a ride or die with you. I’m mad at those two that put a bad name on my head. Those two that are scary, that they could do that. Meech says Nicole is a superfan. Paul says I’m going to sh*t on her! They talk about how hopefully either Nicole or Corey sit out of the veto tomorrow. Paul says I’ll rattle her cages! Paul asks do you want me to call them out tonight? Michelle says I don’t know talk to Nat. If it rattles their cages yeah. James and Michelle leave. Vic says if we pull out a veto win tomorrow .. and then back door Corey. Paul says but they’re going to campaign hard. Vic says don’t let them talk to anyone. Just sit in on every conversation. You don’t even have to say anything.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 22-15-39-604

10:50pm HOH room – Vic, Paul and Meech. Paul says I hope if we win and we get him up there that we don’t have to do any campaigning. Michelle says no.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 22-50-40-836

11pm – 11:20pm Kitchen – Nicole tells Corey you’re the only one that can get to her. (Meech) You need to talk to her. She’s got something against me. Corey says you need to earn her trust back. Nicole says its not even a trust thing. I can’t relate to her. I’ll try. I hurt her. The whole Da thing hurt her. I wanted to tell her and Paulie wouldn’t let me. Corey says talk to her about it. Nicole says and she’s mad at me because I wanted to vote her out over Z. Nicole tells Corey you have, James, Me and Michelle. You have nothing to worry about. Corey says is worried about going up if the veto is used. We need to win this veto tomorrow and keep it the same. Nicole says I know Corey. Corey says hopefully after the veto ceremony and they’re both up there still and we control the votes. If it comes down to it, I am voting Vic out. Nicole says thats a way to piss Michelle off. Corey says I don’t care. I’m not scared of Michelle. It would be a stupid game move to keep Vic. Paul can’t win sh*t.

Nicole asks Corey do you trust James 100%? Corey says yes. Nicole asks should I? Corey says yeah.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 23-04-42-353

11:15pm – 11:30pm HOH room – Natalie is annoyed they put up Vic and Paul instead of Nicole and Corey. Vic says its okay, no one is mad. We have a way to fix it. we have 4 and hopefully James is playing which is 5. Nat says Oh I am going in tomorrow… I’m breaking my neck tomorrow. I’m pulling you off if I win. Vic says thank you. If Corey gets that care package who do you think he is going after .. the two guys left in the house. One of us and James. Vic says I am almost positive the next care package is an HOH take over. Nat says I wish I didn’t win this HOH. Paul joins them says he wants to call out Nicole. They tell him not now. Nat says she’s talked enough game today. Paul says no tomorrow before the veto to rattle her cage. Nat tells him tomorrow. Paul says lets go with the plan to put up Corey. Lock your f**king door. Vic and Paul say if anyone gets house guest choice we pick James. Nat says I f**ked up. Vic says its okay its good tv. Paul and Vic tell them if they say anything about something we’ve done to wrong you .. just ask us.

11:45pm – 12am HOH room – Paul asks Nat do you want to know what Corey said about you? He said you’re going to be sucking on James d!ck all the way to the top and James is letting it happen. Nat asks those were his exact words? Paul says yes. Nat says sorry I’m not Z and suck d!ck on a tv show. Michelle asks did she? Nat says no she had sex the tv show. Paulie said she pulled my d!ck out. Sorry I shouldn’t have said that. Vic says we don’t need to get savage. Nat says when I liked Vic I told him I wouldn’t make out with him. And with this kid I’ve pecked him 3 times. Paul asks do we have your permission to blow their sh*t up. Nat says I want to be there when you call him out on saying I’m blowing James to get to the top. Michelle says that’s got to be the worst comment this season. Nat says I don’t even want to be on this show any more. Its been all summer of people talking about my t!ts, my a$$ .. Nat says I hope you’re not lying to me about this. Paul says I’m not. Nat says they better hope I don’t win that veto because my speech is going to be .. Vic says savage. Nat says if I had known this earlier I would have given them a great beautiful speech today and America would have been applauding. Paul wants to stay up and study the days. Vic says it might be the counting comp.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-19 23-50-51-467

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If Michelle were to ever have an original thought her head would explode. You can take her brain, shove it up a gnat’s ass and compare it to a BB in a boxcar.


Geesh I wish just once a group would stay loyal to their alliance. I wanted James, Nat, Paul, Vic and Michelle to stick together and get rid of Nicole and Corey. I’ll literally kill myself if Nicole wins. She’s done jack shit all season. All she did was whine, lie and attach herself to Corey the whole summer. Paul and Vic broke off from Corey and Paulie last week and put their trust in Nat and Michelle and how do they show their thanks? They put them on the block! I’m really getting tired of listening to Natalie whine to. She talks more about her FT than anyone else. They made fun of them, they said sorry, get over it. All she says is I’m soon sad, it hurt my heart, blah blah blah. Everyone has talked shit including Natalie, it’s BB, that’s what people do.

Natalie and Michelle didn’t think ahead. If Corey’s gone it’s guaranteed Paul or Vic get the gift package. They have no idea what it’s going to be so why not keep someone that’s on your side instead of risking someone that’s not on your side and them getting something big that could screw up their game. Do they not realize neither one of them can play in the HOH next week?

On another note, does anybody find it funny that Nicole still to this day bitches about Natalie saying Corey was cute way back at the beginning but it was ok for her to sit next to Paulie with his legs over her and her rubbing his hair haha Natalie didn’t even touch Corey but Nicole thought she was a horrible person. Gahhhhhh please don’t let Nicole or coery win!!!!


I wish production would stop already. They called Nat into Dr and now she is changing her whole approach. They also call Meech and she comes out with wrong wrong info.They were all doing fine. It was good TV now I am getting whip lash.

Let them play!!!

I can’t stand to see Nicole, now, knowing that production is pushing Nat to align with her and Corey. Let them play out their game plan!!!!!!!!!

Paulie's Psychiatrist

Please don’t, “literally kill” yourself. I literally have too many patients as it is.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

If Michelle were to ever have an original thought her head would explode. You can take her brain, shove it up a gnat’s ass and compare it to a BB in a boxcar.


lol….hey James you got friend zoned homie. Nat crying for Vic and telling you that Vic’s the nicest guy in the house.

“You, you got what I need but you say he’s just a friend
And you say he’s just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need but you say he’s just a friend
But you say he’s just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need but you say he’s just a friend
But you say he’s just a friend”


Yeah she cuddles with James and spends 90% of her time with James. But she put Vic on the block and is feeling compassion about it and said he’s nice. So clearly she wants him…




I’m so sick of Nat talking about Fake Tits I could pass out. They are Fake!!! So what. It’s ok. You paid for them what you crying about. People get those things and then want yo act like those bricks or real. Get over it. She brings attention by talking about it. Oh I guess that’s part of her game plan talk.


Lots of girls on BB have had fake tits. Nat is the only one where a big issue was made of it. I get why she’s still upset. She only found out about “FT” about a week ago.


Just imagine how sick Nat must have been about everyone else talking about her fake tits. Your outrage doesn’t seem so important now does it?


That’s true! She says she forgives them talking about her FT’s, yet brings it up again when she has nothing else to fall back on. She says she wants to self-evict because people are talking about her a$$ and FT’s. I’m sorry, this is not Big Brother 2. Where did you think you were going? What do you expect when you are in a bikini 8 hours of the day for months surrounded by 20 yr. old guys!?


All I know is everyone agreed that it was disgusting and she didn’t deserve. Until she didn’t put up NiCorey. Then suddenly it was all deserved. Transparent people around here.


Imagine Frank getting teary eyed over hearing people made fun of his NASA hat, then going on witch hunts for anybody who hurt his heart or Paul sulking because people mocked his beard and the easiest way to turn him was to reveal who joined in the beard talk?

Frank chose to wear the NASA hat and Paul chose to grow a long beard. The reasons for each are their own and any joke is about the choice….that Frank has a hat that’s like a security blanket, that Paul has a beard to look tough/scary or hiding a weak chin and acne scars. Point is we can cry foul over jokes over stuff we don’t choose, but anybody over the age of 15 can take a joke over the stuff we do choose….except Nat.

Everything about her is contrived. It’s obvious about the FT’s and had she not denied it, they never are joke material. She says she’s from Venezuela….yet not even a hint of an accept. She actually hid being a cheerleader…like getting $50 a week for 4 months to get gawked at by drunk dudes would make her a target. And let’s not forget James and the Fauxmance…


I’d love to see Natalie win BB 18, but Vic & Paul are the only 2 left who are deserving of winning 500k


This was a smart move on their part. But not what we want to see happen. Big Brother, like Survivor, used to be about the comp beasts winning in the end. And it has morphed into taking out the comp beasts and the rats and floaters end up in the finals. Look at who is left? I hate to say it, but if Vic/Paul/Corey go, Nicole may win.


Nat can’t make a decision and stick to it. How many times will she change her mind before this week is over?

So do you want her to BD Corey or not?

Seems like she damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t with you.

She’s changing her mind because she realized she got manipulated. Many people in the house never make that realization.


She can not think for herself! They nominate Vic and Paul. Why? Because Nicole got in her head. She wants to back door Corey. Why? Because Paul got in her head. Absolute waste of power.

And yet you didn't answer the question

Do you want Corey backdoored or not?

TX rar

The risk is that 1) nicole or corey win the POV 2) Meech & Nat flip again.

I’m fine if Corey goes this week as the end result but too many things can happen in a week.

A Girl Has No Name

Let’s not forget Nat saying Production wanted her to work with N/C. This is THEIR fault. I wish she would have stuck with the before-win plan but they can still make it right. I feel sorry that she’s hurt by their decision for moms but she still needs to cut someone’s throat this week. With the Jury buy-back, it should be Paul. I have a feeling Vic would take her to final 2.


She listened to Nicole and Corey because production told her to listen to Nicole and Corey. She kept bring up the point that she hasn’t trusted them all season and Nicole especially hasn’t talked to her much until now.

After listening to her all day before the noms, it seemed pretty clear she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of working with them. Maybe she felt like she had to because the dr was pushing her that way?


I don’t see how crying about what she just did is good game play. This is the season of crybabies.


Who claimed it was good game play? It’s an emotional reaction from guilt.

The knat

She got manipulated by Paul right there . She’s being manipulated by EVERYONE !!! She has a chance to make a big move and she’s being manipulated out of it

My guess

Fewer times than the average person here changes their mind about which houseguests are pieces of crap.


Paul trumped NiCorey’s manipulation of weak-minded, easily-led Natalie. Nat isn’t going to listen to James or think about what is best for her game now. Her only motivation will be to get out the guy who made a nasty comment about her sucking James off. Paul made an excellent move by telling Nat that Corey talked so badly about her. Even though he is all talk and no action, I just can’t root for Paul after some of the threats he has made about punching girls in the face, pots & pans, etc. But I have to admit he knows how to refocus airhead Nat’s HOH.

Nat wanted Paulie out because of FT comments. Then she put up Paul for FT comments. Now that Paul has told her about a worse insult from Corey she will focus on him. She is terrible at this game.


She changed her mind way before the dick sucking comment. She did it when she started having a discussion with Paul and figured out that she had been mislead by Nicole. Paul threw in that comment much later to solidify it.


Also, if I was in that house and someone made dick sucking comments about me… hell yeah I’d put them on the block. So would you.


Yes please send Corey home! Such a shame if him or Nicole won. Such a wasted season, hopefully next season is All Stars cause we need one.

April in Paris

Well my reply to gay Corey is thumbs up to evict Corey and thumbs down for an all stars— this season they already stole the places of 6 fans that want to play the game by having 4 vets and even worse 2 siblings of past players take places of “newbies”.


I hate to say this but if there is an “All stars” guess who will return? The Jersey jerk off Paulie.


No. He won’t. Returnees are always fan favorites.


If James goes with the plan to get rid of Corey, next week he’s on the block unless he wins HOH. If Paul left, Victor and Corey would go against each other. I’m hoping James has some game play in him.


They need to wake up and see the players are Paul and Vic or they should just all self evict cause there handing the 500 g to them


I was a fan of James when he was first on the show, this time around, I have to be honest and say that it really will not be the end of the world if James is on the block next week and he is evicted. He has done absolutely nothing this season, other than run around after Nat, and as for the pranks, I’m with Victor, he needs to grow up and play the game, and stop playing pranks. I hope this is the last time they bring James back, he really is not very good at this game, seems he is just wants a ShowMance, and I think it is over when the show is over, Don’t think Natalie is really that into him. I think She is really more into Victor than James, I know that I would be LOL…


James was just asking for America to vote for him to win America’s Favorite Player again. Seems like that and another showmance are the only reasons he came back. He’s gonna be disappointed.

Do we watch the same feeds?

Since Vic has been back Nat has been cordial with him, while spending half the day hugging James. I know you’re hating on her now but the evidence that she likes Vic more simply isn’t there.

I mean really. The whole reason she put Paul and Vic up is because she was so easily manipulated into thinking they were after James. Seems like she cares a bit to me.

Yeah you guys called it

Boy Nat sure is a terrible vile person. All this feeling bad about making a mistake. Hoping to be able to fix it and be forgiven. How dastardly!


Her biggest mistake may have been getting those FTs…either she thought people would believe they’re real or that people would never mention she has them. They have not helped her get over her feelings of insecurity.


It’s not that. It was Paulie and Paul (as calling her FTs right in front of her, and the entire house and everyone laughing. Then when she ask in front of everyone what FT’s means, they told her “nothing”. I don’t think it has to do with the actual fake boobs but more with them acting like 12 year olds and making fun of her the way they did. It was really immature and really kind of ridiculous.


When she picked out that size FTs for her size frame, she do so to get attention. She’s got it.


They really aren’t outrageously big.


If you’re seriously adopting the FT insult as your own then you are as big of a douchebag as Paulie.

Still love Nat

She is still the kindest sweetest person in the house. Unfortunately the dickheads here will jump all over anyone for game play decisions. The worst people aren’t in the house, they’re on the message boards.

Thumbs down away. I’ll still be right.


Game play decisions??? Nat’s decisions are based on who she feels most insulted by. She lives for approval by others, because she has no self-esteem. She was a pretty cheerleader and still felt she needed cosmetic surgery. That didn’t fix what is really wrong with her. She needs to learn that her worth is not based on her looks or on other people’s opinion of her.

Maybe so

But those are flaws that don’t really make someone a piece of shit human being. Having poor self esteem doesn’t hurt anyone but herself. Why attack someone for that?

Ok I'm confused

You start off with “Game play decisions???” like it’s a wild accusation… Then immediately go on rant about game play decisions in the next sentence.


I’m sorry but if there’s a physical aspect of your body you don’t like, there’s nothing wrong with changing it if you have the means to do so.


Being the sweetest person in that house is like being the shiniest kid at fat camp.

Don't kid yourself

This board has plenty of people who are far worse than anyone in that house.


You’re on a message board bashing people. You’re in no position to talk about the lack of sweetness in others.


So many people are simply incapable of admitting they’ve bashed all over a pretty decent person today because of a game decision. Nat can admit a mistake. They can’t.

Poor James

Has to baby Bratalie while she cries about putting up Victor. BOO HOO!


I am really hating this back and forth. Put your damn targets up and own your shit. This has got to be the most frustrated I’ve been with Big Brother since the year of Mcranda.


It’s too early to be frustrated with BB15.



Fruit Loop Dingus

backdoor Corey?
that would be beyond foolish for your game and btw Paul and Vic are at least as douche as Corey.


Why are people voting for Corey??


Yeah I don’t get why people are voting for Corey either!! Are you kidding me?!?!

TX rar

The only reason I can come up with is that Paulie & Nic fans are voting for Corey out of loyalty. He has done nothing so far from a game standpoint but be a follower.


Hopefully Corey will be backdoored and gone so we won’t have to worry about goat torturer getting anything.


Is it just me or does America see the house guests believing their own lies they tell? All of them.
Vic and Paul in safari room right now sweating ducks saying James has no reason to not trust us, we’ve done nothing.
Do they not remember jumping back and forth in the storage room going from side to side? They’ve lied to everyone, everyone has and then they sit there and tell theirselves they didn’t. What????? Boringgggg

April in Paris

Vic and Paul really the only 2 that haven’t flipped flopped like a tennis ball, maybe flipped for war on the jersey Italian but everyone else left is easily swayed. V & P for final 2 in my heart


Vic and Paul flip every time someone speaks. Did you see the storage room skit jumping back and forth, holding hands going from 1 side of the house to the other? They said whoever has the numbers is the side they’re on.


You might need to rewatch the segment from a couple of weeks ago. The one with them jumping back and forth simulating going to whatever group won HoH. They aren’t saints.


What Vic & Paul were doing during that episode was funny & entertaining.
Perhaps you would prefer them laying in bed all week staring at the ceiling…
Cause apparently that’s what it takes to get all you “Superfans” on their side.
People cheer for whos personality resembles them most in the house…. Embarrassing


You do realize that you can’t simply proclaim another person to be embarrassed right?

Trust me, people aren’t embarrassed because they have a different opinion than you.

So what?

Who said it wasn’t entertaining? But the original post went on about Paul and Vic not flip flopping. So pointing out that segment where they clearly were doing just that was relevant to the discussion.


I would like to see Vic and Paul as the Final 2, to me they are playing the game. James has been just like his last season, he is so unaware of what is going on, and this season he is just following Natalie around, I hope they are able to convince Natalie and Michelle to backdoor Corey. Corey, Nicole, James, and Michelle and Nat, they can all go home as far as I am concerned, if Vic is evicted, I hope he wins the Buy Back, and he comes back and kicks butt.


I think its a great decision ma boi’s are on the block! Especially vic. He needs to go… AGAIN, and then AGAIN one more time. He needs to beat out Paulie, then come back… Evict ratcole. All will be as it should.


Please please let Vic or Paul win the POV tomorrow!!! I voted so many times for Victor to win that care package. So disappointed with Michelle!! Nicole and Corey don’t deserve to win – I hope Corey gets back doored and sent home. Never cared!!


The Nicole cat lady fans are out in full force thumbing down comments…never cared Nicole fans. Nicole has not done a single, solitary thing in this game other than lay in bed with Corey and whine about what if. She’s horrible at this game. If she were to win by pure dumb luck it would be a horrible ending to this season.

TX rar

Haha. Funny post!

I have a cat BTW and Ive been team Vic/Paul and Nat for weeks. Disappointed in Nat this week tho.


Michelle has squarely placed herself between Vic and Paul, and Nicole and Cory, with a nice cushion of Natalie and James, in between.
Both her and Natalie are wondering why they didn’t put up Nicole and Cory. Both seem to be okay with Paul going, but neither seem to want Victor gone.
Michelle is looking more likely as a winner, as these three pairs take each other out.

Am I the only one that remembers?

Vic and Paul were planning to jump over to the Paulie/Nicole/Corey group if that side won HoH last week.

I swear I didn’t dream it.


There was a whole segment on the CBS show of them jumping back and forth in the storage room. Totally happened.


Not only are you right, that is the definition of floater…. floating over to whoever is in power.

Annoying stuff

This is what annoys me about reading updates here. And I realize I don’t have to read ’em here nor do I give a fk that Simon and Dawg are tired or have jobs.

Nor do I give a fk what any of you have to say…

I’m just saying…and don’t read if you don’t want to. Never cared.

‘James says it’s breaking her heart having to put Vic up’ Natalie said this. big deal if this only happened once in a while. But the names are screwed up 12 times or more every update. It is a small thing sometimes but changes the whole content of what’s going on most times when the names of who said what are f’d up so much.

Ok spare me the lame comments about how I don’t need to come here and you all wanna lick Simon and Dawgs ass. Blah Blah Blah.

I was just saying what annoys me. Deal with it:-)


too bad they can’t permanently ban your ignorant ass from logging on to their site since it annoys you so much. I think I speak for many of us when I tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF!!


They won’t remove the post because they want everyone to stand up for them. They are the Natalie of the blogger world.
This person didn’t have to be an ahole about the situation but i understand what they are saying. I’ll read through a paragraph and will like “why would Nicole & Nat ever be having this discussion” only to figure out it was Meech & Nat.


ya’ll make 🙁

I didn’t read any of these comments just scanned them for curse words.

Powder Puff Cat

I find nitpickers annoying, deal with it!


What a weirdo you are! Angry pants!


Maybe you should ask for your money back.


I, for one, am so appreciative of this site that I can overlook a few minor errors. I am also mature and respectful enough not to whine about it. Finally, I am smart enough to know that if I want a job done perfectly….to do it myself.


Get the feeds yourself and do your own blog, genius! Even if they mess up an name, I still know what’s going on, even without watching the feeds. You’re probably one of those grammar naz!s on social media. Dude, get off these boards. I vote to evict you. Who’s with me?


Right. Pay the $6 for feeds you cheap ass, the you wouldn’t have to come on here. And if by chance you have the feeds then why come on here to begin with?

TX rar

I’d cast that vote with you :). Board posters are here to discuss points and have fun with real fans. If you dont wanna be here then move on.


I don’t want to get any blood on my hands so I’m going to go with the house on this.


Are you related to Paul?

Bolt Uprite

If you pay attention it really isn’t that difficult to follow. Or you could spring for the feeds, but then, you come here so you don’t have to.


Is it that bad? really I would think if this f***G blog was unreadable there wouldn’t be people coming here.


It’s rough to do this sometimes.. My advice to everyone that doesn’t like OBB or our style of spoilers..
Go to another site there’s plenty out there or write up your own spoilers in the comments and show me up.


Simon/Dawg…it’s just that one D-hay. i enjoy this site. I agree with the others, I come here to interact with other fans, read the updates, read the comments, read others theories and guesses. You’re doing a great job! This is my first year with feeds and as I have stated before….you guys deserve a medal or something having to decipher the gibberish from just Paulie alone! Thank you from.all of us!!!


Thanks Kelpskeys, glad you enjoy all this crazy 🙂

The Roach Coach

I’m with Nat, Victor is the nicest guy, unlike Nat I’m not in-love with him…
Hope he wins though


Yeah she’s nice to him in between cuddling sessions with James. Clearly so in love…


Now, even Corey says Meech wasted the Care package and that her choice was the worst game move EVER! Dam, Corey and Nichole.. I want you OUT! But, it looks like you’ll float to the win. So disappointing!

Reality Check

This is why I am so frustrated with James. James is so worried that any negativity will cost his relationship with Natalie.

If James had a backbone, he would have discuss the nomination with Natalie. Instead of discussing, Natalie had an overreaction to FT’s and threw Paul in for eviction. James in the meantime was agreeing and motivating her because it is her HOH. If Nat wanted Paul out, James agrees. If Nat wanted Nicole out, James would agree. If Nat wanted a moon with pink glowing lights, James will get it for her too.


James doesn’t care about her, he just cares about keeping his name out of everyone’s mouths. As long as they are talking about her they are not talking about him.

Nichols is doing the same thing. She is obviously bored and having zero fun in the house this summer. But she is able to hide behind Cory.

Neither James or Nic will even try to win an HOH until the very end. It’s all about staying under the radar to get to the end with them.


James is just using Nat to do his work for him. He is angling for AFP and jury votes. He has encouraged Nat in her paranoia about being a victim so she will make the enemies in jury. If he can manage to get them to final 2, he will get the votes because Nat will have burned her bridges.

Guy Fom Canada

Is it wrong the only reason I want Paulie back in the house is to watch him make more pies?


I like excitement in the house…. it makes for good TV and it helps make it through the night at work.

This season tho a lot of people are wearing their feelings on their sleeves and forgetting they are in a game competing for a LARGE sum of money….. If they wrote you the winning check, would you think it was good game play or would you be thinking you shouldn’t have done what you did to win cuz it ‘hurt someone’s feelings’?

People have different strategies…. ALOT of BB players over the years have laid low and not won comps until the end, some have won all along and kept a target on their back, its all in how someone thinks it will help them, no need to bash someone and name call just because they are working their strategy.

Vic and Paul can lie and be conniving but when someone pulls one over on them, they become sore losers. They bashed Paulie for it and at this point, they are both acting just as inappropriate as Paulie, especially Paul.

The thing that REALLY bugs me tho is Vic and Paul think it is okay to ‘rattle’ someone before a comp, that is DIRTY GAME PLAY in my opinion….. but they act like they have never done anything wrong…. Give it up guys, why would ANY one want to take you any further when Vic can beast his way thru comps and Paul can talk his way out of a paper bag…. Paul saying he was atheist and telling Natalie and Michelle they suck at this game shows me he doesn’t deserve to win…. I was pro-Paul until then…. why badger the girls cuz they won and put you on the block.


What is wrong with Paul saying he is an atheist? This is America, we have freedom of religion here. And they have never successfully rattled anyone, they are just young cocky men blowing smoke. It’s not attractive but harmless.


There is nothing wrong with Paul saying he is athiest. I totally agree with you we have that freedom. I was merely quoting his comment. Him making that statement to me was like HE was the one trying to label himself. What purpose was it serving, none in my opinion. Once again he was just babbling crap.

As far as him getting people on board to ‘rattle’ people before comps, he tried that with Paulie and to me, that shows me Pauls character, he plays dirty and says mean stuff to people. The comment he is now telling Nat that Corey said about she is gonna stay under the covers give James head and float to the end is bull. That wording is Pauls, not Corey’s, why now that Paul feels his back is against the wall he pulls it out? It only hurt Natalie’s feelings and if the truth be know, it was never said. I’m done with Paul. Again, he was one of my favs to win but not now


Did you just say Paul doesn’t deserve to win because he said he was Atheist? What about Day and her bible, was that okay? What if someone said they were Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist?


It must be lurkers that vote for Corey for the last care package because as it stands, he’s #1 in the poll. Lame.

TX rar

I’m relieved to see it is a virtual 3 way tie this morning. This one is $5k.. Victor deserves the money IMO.


I believe the $5k has to be given to another player to perform some action.


I don’t know if I should be impressed or grossed out by how slick James is. You notice how he has no problem with just shaking his head about poor dumb Natalie while he has her do all of his dirty work?

He’s good at this game. The smartest thing he did this summer was put her in front of him so she can take the bullets. That is why men have ladies go first.


Nat has been shit on for doing nothing wrong more than practically anyone in BB history. She honestly tried to be friends with all the people that were doing so. With all the talking behind her back I can forgive her for being momentarily confused about who to really trust.


No one is badgering anyone.
Paul and victor are in no way like Paulie. Paulie did so many stupid, shitty things it’s not even funny. Why pee in the hot tub? Why the crap with zakiyah? Why the whiney crying and sick Grandma AUNT. Victor and Paul have not pulled any of that crap. Pisses me off the comparison.


All the house guests have done or said things that have been underhanded and dirty … it is a game of backstabbing and deceit and it should not come as a surprise to anyone when it happens and just like the house guests themselves, when fans choose different house guests to like or dislike. I do think that some of what has happened inside the house goes beyond just playing a game but each house guest will have to answer for their actions after the game has ended and goes back to the real world. These type of shows rely on all the drama to be successful and I think the show was getting a little predictable and boring until Paulie’s game was blown up … the drama and flip flopping since has been a season saver.

Butters Mom

Natalie talking trash about Z and Paulie having sex while neither are there to defend themselves is no better than someone calling her FT. She is not a nice girl and she is a crappy BB player…. putting people up and 5 mintutes later changing her mind and crying about it … geeez… make a decision… stick to it until the veto is played and then adjust accordingly… I hope noms stay the same… I hope Corey and Nicole get blasted by Paul like he says he’s going to do and then I hope Corey and Nicole vote his arse out for it. Why do I hope this… because I can’t stand Natalie and Meech… mean girls … both of them! I just wish James would wake the hell up and get over that mean little meatball he’s so dazzled by.

Powder Puff Cat

I hope the noms do not stay the same. I hope nicorey does not win the veto and corey goes up. Don’t want to loose Paul or Victor to Nicorey,

Butt Mom Does Budapest.

Ok let me tell you a little about Butt Mom. She is still not over Vanessa. Vanessa was and still is in her head She hated Tiffany and Bridgette also.

Butt Mom hates most women but she likes Nicole. Hmmm that should tell you a lot right there. She likes Nicole.

Butt Mom is a hater and jealous.

Nat and Michelle never cared.

Vanessa says hello Butt Mom…From her 12 million dollar Vegas home while you live in a dump. Sorry for your circumstance. I’m sure things will get better for you. Good luck with that hating the women on Big Brother thing.

Butters Mom

The only thing you got right about me is that I did not care for Vanessa or her sister. I dont remember anything about you troll. Get over yourself.


Remember last week when they flipped the house on Paulie and you loved them?


Ha! Lol! You called Natalie a mean little meatball! I could not stop laughing. I loved it.

Nicole's Vagisil

Paul needs to take his whiny attention seeking spoiled brat self back to mommy and daddy.


I hope Victor Wins the POV, and I hope Corey is put up and voted out. Please James, stay out of it, you have been no help what so ever, all you do is agree with whatever Nat says, and then you are so thrilled to say your girl. You don’t have a Girl, do you not see how Natalie is so upset that she made a mistake and put Vic up ? Do you really think Nat is going to want anything to do with you after this game is over ? Nat can find someone in Jersey who will fill your shoes to build her up and agree with whatever she says. Please you are a nice guy, but if you would put as much effort in strategy and game play, as you do in playing pranks, you would be one hell of a game player, grow up get your mind back on winning 500K. You are so annoying with being Nat’s little cheer leader, Victor and Paul are no saints, but at least they are playing the game, you are so worried about Natalie being upset.

Natalie is very annoying, all she does is play the victim, but in the show on Friday night before she won HOH, she jumped up in Paul’s arms and hugged him, but after winning HOH, now she says he has lied to her, and he was talking about her FT’s. Last week Corey was clapping along with Paulie in the HOH when Paulie was giving her a hard time about being Fake. Natalie, get over yourself and stop playing the Victim and talking about your heart was hurt.

Playing the victim?

You act like she’s making it up. Are you seriously going to sit there and act like people haven’t said some extremely terrible things about her for no reason? Funny because everyone agreed that was the case up until she put up Paul and Vic.

For all the talk of hating people playing on emotion a lot of people here sure do change opinions on emotion.


Natalie, please stop obsessing over your FT’s, why are you still harping on about what was said last week. You keep saying you want to go home, you don’t want to be here, people talking about your Butt, your FT’s, people saying you are using James, if you really don’t want to be in the house, then self EVICT !! I for one am tired of hearing you whinnying about everyone talking about you, they are mean to you, Nicole never said anything to me, I have tried to be nice, but Nicole and Corey just won’t be my friend. Well why the HELL didn’t you put Nicole and Corey on the Block ??? Natalie, please stop playing the victim, I am so over you, get ready to be on the block next week, you and your fake friend zone showmance with James !!!!


If she didn’t want people talking about her FTs, she shouldn’t have bought them and had them surgically implanted in her. Just like if Z didn’t want Nat talking about her sexual activities in the house, she shouldn’t have screwed Paulie. They both gave everyone the ammunition.


So why didn’t you post this 2 days ago?

Oh wait, she was doing what you wanted then and therefore still a good person. Lame.


Okay serious question. why does everyone seem to hate Nicole and Corey so much. Yes I get that Nicole has lied. I get they teamed up with Paulie. so did a lot of the house guest at first. But I do not get why they want Corey out so much. Other then winning the HOH and VETO that took out Brig, what has he really done in the game? What has he done to earn so much anger? Maybe I missed something, so please tell me.

No this is not a I support Nicole or Corey moment, this is a honest tell me what is going on moment.

What have these two done in this game that has so many hating them, in the house and outside the house? Have they done anything that no other player has done in the past? Why are the enemy number one and two?

Butters Mom

Everyone hates Corey because he told a story about a frat house friend getting drunk and trying to set a goat on fire. Everyone hates Nicole because she isnt playing the game and is laying in bed all the time and whining with Corey.


I don’t get it either. They have all lied and have all been guilty of going back and forth between sides and telling what the other side is saying. Nicole and Corey are not doing it any more than the other side. Some people are calling Nicole, ratcole or comparing her to Christine. I wouldn’t go that far but issue that she is playing a different game the last time. Nicole is the least catty of most of the girls. She stopped hanging out with the other girls because they were being mean. And Corey sort of came to Natalie’s defense when they were talking about Natalie’s FT. Yes, Corey is a little spacey and may appear to be a doofus but he has ADD and cannot take his medicine per the DR because it may be advantage to his game.

I find Paul very funny at times but do not like the way he attacked Nicole. He is one of those people who likes to be louder in an argument and it gets intimatidating. Nicole couldn’t even get a word in. Why was everyone all over Paulie when he did it but and called him a bully but not Paul. If he would have done it to Michele or Natalie they would have cried.

Wait until Natalie gets out and hears what Victor and Paul have said about her. She is really going to freak out.

TX rar

i believe it is bc they have done nothing but follow Paulie’s lead. Total floaters and kiss A**.
When Paulie was really nasty and personal with the women, Nicole/Corey laughed and supported Paulie vs telling him to keep it to the game and not personal misogynistic attacks. That is not game play it is lack of character and integrity.

I’d like to hear other non-Corey/Nic posters add their views tho.


Cory set a goat on fire before and was happily acting a douche before him an Paulie got put up. Nicole does nothing but lay in bed and jerk cory off. They can do that in jury house with their buddies Max z and Bawlie.


Corey did NOT do that. One of his frat boys tried. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before making a comment like that.


Correct Corey did not light the goat on fire he sat back and watched.


Which makes him just as pathetic. Try to set an innocent animal on fire in front of me I’ll tackle you. Lol

BB18 anonymous

Everyone who gets out on the block is so outraged! Why? Because nobody else wants to hand over half a mil to you? Come on. Only one can win. Victor can’t count. There are THREE couples in this game. He and Paul count. They are loyal to each other over everone else. Natalie and James are clueless. They believe everything they hear and never think to ask ” if Corey was comfortable enough to say that in front of you Paul, what we’re you saying???” Nobody in this house can be trusted beyond their own showmance. The only straight shooters I see right now are Corey and Nicole.and the biggest snake is Paul. Earning trust and then throwing his posse under the bus as soon as it suits him. I hope they send his ass packing.

Eye's Rolled Back!!

I have been amazed that no one has commented over the last week about Paul’s ability to keep his “sheep” in the London Room. NO ONE hung out in the HOH room last week they were holding court with “King Paul”! As soon as Natalie gets some “fresh air” she decides to get out Paul and Vic. She had sound reasoning. In order to win she has to get through Paul and Victor. Corey and Nicole don’t win anything and unlike Meech’s strange thoughts, the are not social players! Come on Natalie! This is your chance to beat out the real power couple in the house….Paul and Vic!!!!!


So you think Paul being a nice guy who people actually like to hang out with makes him a bad guy? I don’t think Paul considers anyone sheep or minions. He doesn’t try to control other players. He has earned the other HGs admiration, which wasn’t easy for him to do. He overcame biases and prejudice that the others didn’t bother to cover up in the beginning. Good for him for being popular.

Anonymously famous

I think the following:
Meech- floater. Worst super fan ever. Mean girl 2nd in command
Natalie: hypocrite. She spoke on paulie to zakiya but blew up when paulie talked about her to James. Also talking about paulie and z when they arent there saying Z sucks d!$# on tv (even though that’s not accurate ) and not understanding that Corey’s alleged comment was about her being a floater and not a head dr makes her a dumb mean girl #1.
James: has no game. Just accidentally does things right to stay in the game. Also, he believes everything he hears instead of questioning why. Example of what he should say “Hey paul. Why exactly would corey say something so awful to you? And what we’re you saying at the time to make him trust you with that comment???”
Paul: snake. Throw you under the bus in a minute.
Victor: ok guy. Trusts a snake. And can’t count. There are actually 3 couples in this house. He and paul count.
Corey: trusts too many people. Stick with nicole. Ditch james before he sends you packing.
Nicole: nice girl but talked too much in the beginning. She has managed to survive though.
There can only be one winner. Nobody is going to hand you half a mil. They all need to wake up.

The Roach Coach

Shut up Meech! Just Shut up!

Her game is the HG’s game who most recently showed her attention by casually speaking with her.


Now useless James is saying how he has Nicole in his pocket and how her parents love him outside the house. Put that together with how even Derrick admits he talked to both Paulie and James before the season, and there was a hush-hush team before they even went into sequester.

Evict Corey

I just want Corey gone, after that, Evict James, thank you.


Corey is ahead on the polls because he has some fans and he now has Nicole’s built-in fans who can’t vote for her anymore. The bribe deal would have been a better fit for Paul. He would have made it fun and interesting. I feel bad for victor because every time he turns around he’s getting boned. He was good to Natalie and James and this is what he got for his efforts.#team sitting ducks.
Someone also did a whole write up on another site asking folks to vote for Corey. Really annoying . whomever gets their walking papers- Vic or Paul , I hope they come right back in.
Corey and Nicole are a complete snoozefest. Crap!!!!!!


A bunch of emotional indecisive players. Rewind back before Nat won HOH she was saying she wanted Paul out for game reasons, he a manipulator and liar. Now she regrets her decision and is blaming it on Nicole and Corey.
Zak might as well had been HOH this week. Never in BBhistory have I seen someone (Paul) siting on the block telling the HOH to lock their door so others can’t get in so they can’t talk game and them go along with it!
I’m disappointed in Natalie.
For the people wondering why Corey is at the top of the care package pole.. It’s because he is the lesser of the three evils. America doesn’t like control freaks it is the reason everyone turned on Paulie. Paul is just like Paulie but Just passive aggressive. Corey also handled himself like man while he was on the block last week. It was none of this bs Paul and Vic are doing. Even tho they promised him they wouldn’t put him and Paulie up when he won HOH.
Nat needs to make a decision and ride it out. Don’t forget the reason she wanted Paul up in the first place. Truth is Paul did a lot and James knows all about it. I don’t know what game James is playing. It’s funny cause he hears that Nat was flirting with other guys but he is just happy someone showed interest in him I guess… Hella lame

Paul can go. All the players that talked about self evicting can go too. Fucking whiners don’t deserve to win all that money. They are staying in a nice house, but it’s junky as fuck every time we turn on the tv.


“It’s funny cause he hears that Nat was flirting with other guys but he is just happy someone showed interest in him I guess”

They did a whole segment on James flirting with every girl in the house. He’d have no right to complain. And for all the talk of Nat flirting with other guys it’s strange how it never seemed to show up in the feeds and recaps to the extent these guys claimed. Something pretty much 95% of this board agreed about 2 days ago.


corey or nicole not gonna win this season, believe me, how can bb give 500k to the people that played almost 0 game, jury won’t respect their game too, nat , meech, vic, paul or someone that will back from jury will win this season,


james does deserve to go home for this silly move. he could have been her voice of reason but couldn’t man it up. why flip flop btw alliance this late in the game. I do hope corey gets backdoored and leaves and next eeek paulvic regains power again and get jamesnatalie out. why change your plans after already ruffling the feathers with them.


James doesn’t deserve to go home because of Nat’s silly move, James deserves to go home because he’s not even playing to win. He just wants America’s Favorite Player again and I don’t see him getting it.


Ummm, James is the mastermind? I object, your Honor, there is no evidence to support this allegation. James has an alibi that will testify that he could not have been the mastermind behind anything thus far as he’s been hiding in the friendzone all summer. And really, even if his alibi is deemed unreliable we will call experts that will testify that James, in his diminished BB capacity, couldn’t mastermind his way out of a paper bag. It just isn’t plausible. Should this case make it to trial it would only succeed at being an utter waste of time for the court. As such, we will be filing a motion to suppress the rumors and fantastical tales told by those houseguests that have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making such ridiculous claims in order to create a false narrative and spread dissension within the house. We also move that should the motion to suppress be granted, all charges be dropped due to the utter lack of evidence.

Thank you, your Honor.


James would have to make sure it’s ok for everyone if he made a bowel movement.

Chesty Morgan

What a little shit head Paul is. “Do you want me to tell you what Corey said about you”?…How about you tell them what you have said about all of them? He knows that Corey will get tripped up in his words and it will look like Paul is the good guy by pointing out what “Corey” said. He’s such a worm sometimes.
If he said that about her blowing James to get further, he didn’t mean it literally that she’s SD it was more of a figure of speech, friggin simpletons in that house. Once again bring it back to Nat and “people are so mean. it’s been all about my butt and boobs all summer”. Ya, because you wont shut up about any comment made or not made ,ever. Constantly bringing it back to this. (with Paul’s help of course, weasel haha)

Marvin Gaye

Another waste of a Care Package…. Way to go Michelle you had your chance to get revenge for Da by putting up the Snake/Rat Nicole and you blew it….. These folks are pathetic


Even though I don’t care about that part of the game. Victor and Nat would make a cute couple.
I hate when the HOH wins Veto and then takes down one of their noms. Why not get someone else in your alliance to do it so you don’t look like a fool. She crys about it even…oh boy.
James must feel like a schnook.


Paul is a manipulator. No question. Natalie is a manipulator. Nicole is a manipulator. Corey is a dumbass. James is guiless. Michelle is a manipulator. The wailing kind. Victor is competitive. The only way for the others to win is to evict Victor and then ignore manipulation and win comps. Time for James to turn it on and start winning stuff.

Marvin Gaye

The Snake did it again…. I have no idea how Nicole got Nat like that!!! Nicole ratted the girls out all summer to the guys and these girls somehow still trust her…. I’m thinking it’s only because she is no real threat but Corey is, so cut Corey and Ratcole is up for grabs! They should have put up Paul and Corey.


I’m going to start with this…I’m Canadian (obviously). I’ve seen some of my fellow Countrymen/women trashing on Americans over the upcoming Presidential Election. Stop. This is a site about TV show. Personal attacks, especially about something that has nothing to do with the game…just stop.

Okay now about the game. From day one I thought Jozea, Victor and Paul were d-bags. I thought Paulie was playing a good game, was even rootin’ for him. Then his character came through. Cocky. True d-bag. And after getting put on the block, lost his mind. Literally. He’s a scared little boy inside all that macho crap. I actually felt sorry for him, not because he got what he deserved for his attitude and actions…but because he’s messed up.

I came to actually like Victor and Paul. Yeah they’ve done some shady $hit…but that’s BB. I liked James on his season, I like him on this one. He’s doing nothing…on purpose. Remember last season, how sick we all were of hearing the phrase “blood on my hands”? He has none on his…so far.

Nicole’s strategy is the same. Her voice annoyyyyyys meeeee to noooooo end…but she does have a strategy. They both know what happens when you get in the spotlight. You get to shake hands with Julie.

I like how Natalie has been able to shake up the game…but her “big moves”…the actual right moves (being instrumental in getting strong players nominated and/or evicted)…have been made soley on what someone else said about her that “hurt her heart”. That’s playing ridiculously emotional, which never works in BB. She’s just gotten lucky that the targets have been the right ones.

I have to agree, even though I like them for whatever reason now (which could change with the next update by Simon or Dawg…it happens) …that Victor & Paul are the right targets. Vic’s comp wins make him a threat, Paul’s social game makes him a threat. Nicole and Corey are NO threat in either of those areas.

And as far as the bribe ACP goes…Corey is absolutely the right HG to receive it. The only HG that may be able to be bribed for a vote, or a veto deal (first things that come to mind worthy of a bribe) is James…you know how he likes his 5 G’s! Everyone else…not as eager as he might be.

Big Meech is a train wreck, and Jozea is still a d-bag. Messiah my a$$.

And don’t get me started on this jury member returning BS. Ugh.

Rant over.

TX rar

Great post! (I agree with every point you made too.)



A rational analysis!! Spot on to every one of your points!

And while I agree with you about the Buy Back (ugh)….I’m hoping Bridgette wins it!!!!!