Over the top Final Power of Veto Meeting

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Jason uses the veto on himself. Morgan’s only option for a replacement is Shelby.

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Justin and Jason will get to vote tomorrow on who they want to evict. (Hint it’ll be Shelby)

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7:50pm – 9:20pm Bedroom – Kryssie and Justin are talking. Kryssie – I don’t know how I’m supposed to go in there and act like I’m super happy. Justin – yeah .. Don’t let this stress you out. Kryssie – if you catch him on the way out .. talk to him. Figure out what the f**k is going on. Justin – I’m going to talk to him but he is probably going to go back up there.. But there is nothing they could try to sell to him to make him turn. Kryssie – I don’t think there is anything they could do. There is no reason to get rid of me .. I’m not a threat in any possible way. Justin – maybe its that he knows if its between me and him … that you would probably pick me. But if its me and him up there and what-cha-ma-call-it has to pick … you know maybe he could be trying to convince her to pick him over me. I have no idea.. and that’s why is just important for us to win. Kryssie – if I’m even still here. Justin – why wouldn’t you. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to turn right now because .. what if he went over there it would be 3 against 1 if you’re gone. Whereas it would be 3 of us against Morgan. It doesn’t help that he’s been saying he’s going to vote you out this whole time. Kryssie – all week! Justin – I don’t think he would do that. I think he is a much better person than that. I think this house just makes you extremely paranoid. Jason joins them. Jason hugs Kryssie. Jason – please don’t be worried about anything. Kryssie says she’s just crying about missing her boyfriend. They hang out and talk about random things.

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9:25pm – 10:30pm They head to the kitchen to make quesadillas. They talk about the house guest memory wall photos. Jason – Whitney looks older in hers. Danielle looks older in hers. Justin – I look like I’m about to paint my portrait. Jason talks about figuring out that Liz and Julia were twins last season.

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11pm Morgan and Shelby go to sleep..

11:52pm Kryssie burps.

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12:15am Jason and Kryssie talk about random things while laying in bed. Jason – I’m succeeding which I know is the best game move to do to stay loyal when I know that’s like the dumbest thing I could do. I’m doing that to be a good person and he’s still like well Jason’s not a good person. Kryssie – he didn’t say that. He just doesn’t like the way you talk to me. I think its an honor thing … the fact that I’m a female and you talk to me like that. Jason – oh f**k off! That sh*t’s dumb. I’m making decisions that are for his benefit and not mine. My benefit is to go with you and Morgan. And I’m going to f**king lose the game because I f**king bring him there. Kryssie – I don’t think you’re going to lose. Jason – and he’s been chirping this whole time about me. Kryssie – no he hasn’t. He said that to you today. Jason – why if he is so nice and deserving am I going to give him a chance. We could ensure we’re first and second … instead we’re playing for third because we’re going to bring santa clause with us. Kryssie – do you really thing he would win? Jason – I wouldn’t be surprised. Kryssie – that’s not who America wants to win. Jason – well I hope they wouldn’t respect that just like I hope they would respect the things we’ve done. That’s why I wonder if we’re making the wrong decision here. I want to win HOH so I don’t have to make the decision because if I win the veto .. I don’t know what the f**k I’m going to do. Kryssie – I think the game you’ve played is worlds different than the game he’s played. Jason – there’s going to be more naysayers that hate on my game. Jury members don’t respect floaters …but America.. I don’t know?! Justin joins them and they all talk about random things.

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3:30am All the house guests are sleeping.

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Just cancelled my CBS All Access. If I wanted to spend time watching people fart and burp I would rather invite my nephews over because at least they’re nice.

Botox Pelosi

Damn I liked Shelby.

BB has gone to the dogs

Shelby leaving sucks!!

Jason is evil
America should have voted him out!!


Again, so pissed. I loathe those 3.


Utterly and totally boring.
As expected.


Well this sucks! Big pile of crap season.


…and a huge side order of vomit, no make it 3


Yes, it is boring, but nothing worse than watching a little brat throw temper tantrums and cry all day. The only time she was happy was when she was sticking it to the other side. Take your toys and go the hell home you big crybaby. Morgan, you aren,t going to talk to the other side next week. So what is different from your snotty attitude this week? What a couple of entitled little bitches. They don,t leave the HOH room except for food and then go right back up to their palace. That sure makes for good TV…..oh I forgot, they get into their bikinis and sit in the bathtub for viewing stimulation and to conjur up votes. What a joke.

Marsha The Moose

Oh you stupid twat! Who with any sense of self respect would purposely go and sit with those disturbed misifits called the Late Night Jamboree!! Production will have to call in an exorcist to cleanse the bad joojoo from that house once this miserable fake Big Brother is finally over!


You have the nerve to call someone a twat while calling these players names? Who are u to talk to people that way. Anyone is entitled to an opinion on this site, so shut your foul mouth up, act like a human being, and thumbs down their remark like most people with a little self respect would


Exactly! They’re acting like LNJ


Well BB better clean the whole damn house without missing a spot!


That’s a fact and i second that emotion! I love undiluted facts, keep up the good work

Big Edie

I love to watch Shelby and Morgan in the HOH RM. When Morgan went to shower and Shelby was listening to music, I switched cams to the kitchen with LNC. After 5 mins of burping and such, I had to switch back to HOH RM and watch Shelby listen to music again. I liked Jason on his season but this year, him aloing with Kryssie are disgusting. Justin is great and funny and his live Drs are so uplifting and positive! Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all!


I find it funny how upset people are because they didn’t get their way. The :LNJ destroyed the Plastics Accept it. You have No One Else to blame but them! LMAO even production couldn’t make the Plastics relevant.They were completely dominated when they were giving every advantage in the book hahahahah RIP


You are delusional LNJ didn’t do anything but talk sh*t act vile and show how ugly humans can be when surrounded by people like themselves.
It was Jason’s fans who destroyed the ballsmashers and his fans are even more disgusting than him, to not condemn his actions but to support and defend him shows how sick some parts of society really are.


Sounds just like the crying liberals with their cry-ins, shelter dogs for comfort and safety pins to show they care.
HAHAHAHA! bunch of babies who can’t accept loss. Give a liberal a hug, they need it

Cindy Withanesse

You’re an idiot.


My tears of joy won’t stop


I’m excited!!! Bye Shelby!!! And hopefully bye to Morgan next week! 😛

Kelley Greene

So you’re a Jason fan?? Maybe you can go visit him in his mother’s basement for Christmas! Trolls!

I am!

Yes I am and a LNJ fan!!!! Hopefully I will meet him after he wins this $250k! Lmao bitter betty!! Go cry with Shelby and Morgan


Meet him? For what so he can rub his boogers on you as well? Call you vile names? (some people like that I guess) or do you expect him to share his winnings with you? Meet him that is too funny. Like that little bird beak basement dweller is someone important. I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on that ant if he was on fire!


But yet here you are taking time out of your day to talk about him lol the things that jason does doesnt affect me personally so I could give a shit lol its very hard to offend me so what he says I think is funny. He has kept me entertained and that’s all that matters! What concerns me is how much hate u have for him! Its just a show on the internet!!!! Jeez lol I hope u have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🙂


If Jason got to thinking, he might think voting out kryssie is smart, she’s never been americas nominee and he might think she’s funny and think maybe America likes that so may think she’s a threat in the final (she’s not but he has no reason to suspect otherwise)

And he should realize that Justin is a major threat and they know he gets segments of him dancing and singing which is against the rules, suggesting America likes that.

Jason’s best shot at winning is against Shelby and Morgan, IMO. Just because the ballsmashers would likely get split votes!


Justin is not a strategic player, or BB viewer so he’s not thinking as a player, he’s a follower. Also, Scott was on “Rob has a podcast” yesterday and talked about how everyone was afraid to even mention Jason’s name because they thought America would Put them on the block. He said that after Monty got nominated by America after targeting Jason one week one, the rest knew to never nominate Jason. Because of the way BBOTT works, jason got so many advantages for staying in the game. Plus dumbing down the F4 veto so it had zero mental challenge garenteeg the misfits would win


What is garenteeg ???

Ariana Grande stinks!

This show is too long. In the UK they understood the public saturation when the show is dragged far too long and in 2016 their BBUK lasted for 8 weeks which was totally fine (7 weeks would have been even better IMO).

BBUS is atrocious not only because of the dreadful lineups but also because the show is too long. The cast for BBOTT is excellent but the show is just too long — the format is tired and pushing to have 3-4-5 super-tired and empty people staying in for weeks cannot be interesting for viewers.

In the UK there were 9 people in the last week. There were three evictions before the final night and the last 6 were in the finals. In that way the shows were not excessively boring. Maybe a good example for the BBUS to follow.

team lnj

may the best man wins. cancelling membership from CBS now is useless, they already got your monthly fee for November. Plastics thought good looks n tone bodies will always win out, sorry, BB is about entertainment not who is the prettiest. LNJ earned it, they were the underdogs. Farting, burping, choice of words may not have been pleasant to us viewers but they were the group who bought the entertainment for us in their winnings. Suck it up plastic fans, it is what it is. None of these contestants will remember us tomorrow, they are there to entertain us and we pay them


When does BBCAN start?

Walking With Bears

No Simon!!!! Does that mean you wont be doing updated for BBCAN5???? I will be lost without Online Big Brother!!!


I’m just over here like, “when you going to stop bringing vets back – if you want to do that do an all stars”.


Just wanted to check Jason’s twitter to see how people are viewing him this year! But only confirmed people are able on his twitter and the rest are blocked. I guess that he is getting a lot of negative feed back!


It still amazes me that people are still arguing that Jason did nothing but relied on America.

Week 1 he saved himself thru the veto, votes in favor for LNJ
Week 2 saved by America through Krissy’s CP although was not in danger because Alex at that point wanted to work with him
Week 3 AN and CP went to Scott and the plastics’ side, he was saved because Scott is so determined to get rid of a showmance, also Jason has game/social relationship with Scott and Alex
Week 4 Krissy’s HOH, AN and CP went to the plastic side yet again
Week 5 Dani’s HOH: Shelby got the care package and AN nominated/sacrificed Scott to protect the four ball smashers, the trio started to pull Whitney from the balls smasher
Week 6 Jason got the CP for him to not be able to compete the DE, completely backfired as not only he was able to convince Shelby (the supposed “best” player on the plastics) to claim whitney instead of dani, he won the veto and sabotaged her hoh. This was also the week that Whitney completely defected the plastics.
Week 6 DE. Morgan won safety for two people
Week 7 Jason managed to make people believe that him and dani are a pair with full knowledge that she will go before him, AV went to their side as Morgan sat on the block
Week 8 Won the veto and his safety.

Jason is not the best and nicest person in the house but as a player (now that shelby’s leaving) he is the best among the remaining players. Morgan apart from her veto win is in the same boat as Kryssie, the only difference is that she played for her sister while kryssie for Jason. Also if you are going to count the votes, it is pretty evident that both sides was able to gain advantage because of it, it can even be arguable that Jason’s CP could’ve been his demise in the game had he not pull that veto win.


That’s a very interesting bit of revisionist history!


Kryssie just threw Justin under the bus. She told Jason that Justin was thinking of not taking Jason to finals. So now Jason is now thinking he might not bring Justin to the finals. Would love if Justin found out what Kryssie just did. Voted her out this week, Morgan would have the deciding vote.