Big Brother Over the Top Final Power of Veto Competition

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-22-59-335

Justin up first, time = 1:56

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-23-13-141

Shelby Second, Time = 4:24

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-23-46-458

Morgan Third, time = 11:00

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-24-27-083

Kryssie Fourth, Time = 2:05

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-24-44-146

Jason last, time = 1:30

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-26-34-639

Jason wins the veto

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 15-26-49-271

3:20pm Girls are sad they lost the LNJ is happy they won.

(Safe to say Jason will use the veto on himself and Morgan will have to put Shelby up as a replacement. Justin has the care package and is therefore not eligible. Final 4 will be Justin, Morgan, Jason and Kryssie. As it stands now Kryssie and Justin sound totally fine with Jason going to final 3 with them. Voting should be interesting. Who do you want to win outta these 4? )

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-21 20-02-27-002


Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-21 23-21-38-014

8:30pm – 9:15pm Kryssie and Jason working out in the backyard. Justin joins them and also start working out. After working out they head inside to the kitchen to make dinner.

10:30pm Morgan and Shelby go to sleep.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-21 23-29-22-904

11:35pm – 2:30am Jason, Justin and Kryssie are in the bedroom talking about racism and other random things.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping…


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Oh are you going to quit now too?


Wonder if Saturday’s “game changing” event will change anything…..


Wow, a 2 sentence day. Things couldn’t get much slower than that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jake K.

It’s sad…I really did like the Ballsmashers… But in the end the whole season seems like an agenda to give Jason a win. Disappointing. At this point just hope Morgan gets to final 3 with a veto win or the others actually wake up. Otherwise it’ll be truly be a dud when the season really started strong.


Not happy about Shelby leaving, but she will be the winner in the long run. She is going to go home to a wonderful career as a lawyer, and this will be just a bad memory. Same thing for Morgan. She comes from good stock, and will make out just fine. The other three I am not so sure about. One of them will have their life change with the money they will win. The other two (in my opinion) will continue to struggle. Therefore I cannot be too upset that Shelby is the one leaving. Out of all of them, her future looks to be the brightest. Good luck to her in the future!


You sound just like our government! The poor must stay poor and the rich get richer! Get out of hear you greedy scoundrel


Lol, Justin owns his own restaurant. But keep hating though


Shelby im a fan of yours a big fan
I just want to let you know you didn’t let us down you try your best
an to keep your head up in good luck on everything you try to do in I hope you
get everything you want back home in school yes its a sad day for us cause you might be leaving
this week but we fan know you smart in could do good thing for people if anybody talk about you on twiter
or facebook or any thing don’t think about it just know you got fans that love you an happy for you

keep your head up sweety happy thanks giving


You all did a great job, I can’t speak for everyone, but I appreciate it. Was obviously hoping Shelby or Morgan pulled out the victory. I know the care package screwed it up a bit for their plans since Justin can’t go up as a replacement. But it’s a different season and I am fine with that. Regardless it’s win or go home time and it is what it is. I am hoping Morgan pulls this next HOH victory out and wins veto, but that probably won’t happen and we will unfortunately get a LNJ ending with a Jason victory winning BBOTT…..


at this point, you want to stay, you had better win. Jason won, and had seriously good time. and the next one was justin, i am guessing from reading prior updates that he would have used the veto as well, so there’d be no difference, Shelby still goes home. her time wasn’t bad, but i am suprised by Morgan. if Morgan really didn’t want Shelby to go, did she even try to win that at all? it’s not just a short time gap between her and Jason and Justin, it’s huge. those 3 obviously worked harder, smarter and faster, whether you think Kryssie is a lazy chubby slob or not, there were two bikini super fit (allegedly) younger women there taking twice as long, and much longer than she did. the 3 had the win locked down.

and like it or not, the 3 of them are earning and winning their way to final 4, final 3 if they want, what happens with the next HOH? morgan can play, or sits it out.

Who votes for the winner if there is no jury, i will have to read up on that again. if it isn’t the former HGs, then it probably won’t matter who is at the end, america tends to vote for shock value, not necessarily deserving it value lol


I hope Jason wins.


Yeah, he’s quite the guy to look up to! Basement dwelling loser that lives off his mom and gets his dad to buy him cigarettes for BB. Makes excuses for his peice of shit life, sitting at home creeping the internet all day, instead of doing something to make his life better. Makes fun, and gossips about everyone that he’s jealousog .He’s a little lowlife, peice of shit weasel. How anyone can be a fan of his boggles my mind. Please explain to me his redeeming qualities. Unless you’re exactly like him.


So you just called yourself just as disgusting for thinking your crap don’t stink! Check your mirror again and use windex before you proceed so you can see more clearly in HD


Just reading the posts and notice that you seem to have something nasty to say about several comments. You don’t just disagree, you continue on to bash the person posting the comment. I think you should change your name on this site to NastyAssedBitch. That suits you a lot better you opinionated rat!!!


Oh so you’re salty about my opinions? Just keep on movin and back at you with everything you say. You’re just mad because your rat girl is leaving boo hoo


Now that Shelby is being eliminated, I think Jason should win! They should never have let a veteran get this far! And it’s partly americas fault for never nominating him, helping his alliance with important care packages!
If they don’t give him the win then I think it’s slightly hypocritical.

If Justin or krissy wins, I might pull my hair out!

If Morgan makes it to win final 3, I don’t think she deserves the win because she hasn’t played an amazing game, but I respect her as the last ball smashers standing so would be content if she won!

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks for your efforts Simon and Dawg. You guys are the best.


Simon and dawg……you guys rock so freakin’ hard. Thank you for all that you do. We all appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Let’s all donate a bit to the kracken fund. I surely will this week. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Morgan ftw

Ah Big thank you

Thank you guys!!
I didn’t watch feeds but you guys keep me up to date with what was happening and I really enjoyed it… See you guys when BB19 or BB20 which ever they call it comes on ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh yuck!


This was a fun but iffy season in terms of fan favorites. I was always a huge Jason fan but the second he started acting vile on this season, I was done with him, his crew and his deluded fan base. I was team ballsmashers and now that the final 3 has been laid out, I have no interest and will not continue to watch. Kryssie and Jason are just way too unlikable for me to invest anymore time into this shit show. I really must say THANKS a MILLION to Simon and Dawg for maintaining this amazing site for us fans. You guys are awesome and much gratitude to all that you do. I am out XOXO


Just called and called my CBS ALL ACCESS and it never felt better.

Fuck Jason! I am gay and am so disgusted that he represents my community, none of my friends call women or girls “bitches, hos and sluts” the way he does. He is such a hideous person and it was hard to stomach this season. If he wins, he will be the most undeserving winner in my eyes. He’s a arrogant, rude, insecure and very un-entertaining human being who leads a very sheltered life in his mother’s basement. I hope to never see him on my screen again!

lol what?

“none of my friends call women or girls โ€œbitches, hos and slutsโ€ the way he does”
Do you and your friends play a cutthroat player vs player game of elimination?
No? OK !


You tell him! Keeping it real

Cindy Withanesse

Awww, I see Jason’s redneck mommy finally fished enough cash to pay her internet bill.


Wait are you guys the same people that were rooting for Paul. I can’t keep up with your yo-yoing double standards

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

After watching feeds and reading Simon & Dawg faithfully, I am sad to say that Morghan doesn’t deserve the win (big Ball Smasher fan, best alliance name ever). Justin is the lesser of the other evils. It’s kind of like the election in America.


You hit the nail on its ugly big old head! Teehee

I'll miss you Shelby

I am completely bummed that Shelby will be leaving the game. Out of all the people left, she deserves to stay. I keep analyzing their finish times for the POV comp and can’t help but wonder if production had something to do with Jason, Kyrssie, and Justin finishing with times they did. Morgan and Shelby are more intelligent than any of the other three and yet their finish times weren’t close to any of them. It is such a disgrace that Justin and Kryssie will probably make it to final 3 with Jason. I hope that Morgan can win the POV next week. I wish America could save you Shelby.


I am a BS fan – but frankly I am not surprised by Shelby’s time on that comp. She sucked at the go find it and put it in a box for the Halloween comp. This was basically the same thing. I have no words for Morgan’s time. I really don’t think Production had anything to do with the outcome.Except that we mysteriously went to fish before Justin started. Did they let him check it out first? Don’t know and doesn’t matter as Justin did not win.


Before the veto Jason was begging the big brother gods to let him win the game so he could change his life. Apparently he needs a change handed to him like everything else. No working at it for him.


Oh stop it already. You sound more of a brat than him. How often were those girls begging for things? Almost every day, and just last night Morgan was begging for a comp. that was suited to her. Shelby corrected her and told her point blank that her HOH comp. was selected for her talents. Most of them have done exactly the same thing.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Justin or Jason for the win : )


Yasssssss! Go baby GO

John Celis

Jason is the worst this season. What a nasty piece of work! This season was pretty lame and now that someone from the LNJ crew is going to win. It has dissolved into pure awfulness. Cancelled my All Access today!


Cancelled my cbs access. Can’t stand on LNJ. If Justin wants to win he should take Morgan. Jason will win. Production wants that. Yuck. He acts likes this all the time I can see why he lives in his mom’s basement and has no significant other. The money would not last long with him

The Roach Coach

Reading the comments and everyone sounds like they are parting ways and saying goodbye and the game has concluded…
Did this game just end or is there still 5 people in the house?


I’ll be the dissenting voice here, I can take the abuse ๐Ÿ˜‰ Shelby and Jason are the only 2 left that played hard. Even though the house was very (awesomely) divided for BBOT, I wasn’t rooting for either side, I was rooting for individual players. For anyone who wants Morgan to win, while she played a great social game, she’s also acted entitled throughout. She (and Alex) lost me with their refusal to wear their Halloween costumes the way they were intended – just another reason why Shelby is so great, she did the makeup and the hair for her costume even though it wasn’t a ‘pretty look’ for her. I have no patience for Kryssie and though I find Justin amusing, he hasn’t really played. Regardless of what fans for each side say, BOTH SIDES talked HORRIBLY about the other. That said, if Shelby goes, Jason is the only one left that I would consider worthy of the win, but hell, I thought the same thing about Paul so what do I know.
Thanks for the updates Simon & Dawg! See y’all next season!


I just love how real you kept it! Regardless of the person their crap can stink too, just like everyone else so they gets no pass

Well said

Chicago Peach….I agree with your comment completely. Morgan acts very entitled, and so does Shelby when things are going her way. Ranting about throwing tantrums in DR,and how they have spent at least most of the evening crying, not just today, but whenever things don,t go their way. While the other side aren,t my favourites, they dealt with it when they lost comps. The banana bread incident and Jenga also reinforces the feeling that those two are unwilling to share, and even when Justin cooks them dinner several times, they couldn’t even offer a piece of the banana bread. Quite petty behaviour in my opinion.


Jason had to hide the pineapple that the girls wanted to eat. Why? Because that’s what Jason does when things don’t go his way. He is like a child who grabs the other children’s toys when things don’t go his way and has a tantrum. I’m sorry but rubbing boogers and sweaty armpits on objects is an act of a child not a man. Justin is the one that had to act like a parent and asked him to return the pineapple to them. If Jason had lost that veto there was no way he would of returned that pineapple. I really thing that there is something wrong with him. He has emotional inmmaturaty and can’t comprehend things like an adult!


Fuck y’all.


I really wanted Shelby to win, but now that she’s out I can handle anyone but Kryssie. Jason played hard this season and survived when he should’ve been the house’s biggest target. Justin kept us entertained and knew how to play to America. Morgan handled the sister twist well and seemed to know when to lay low and when to play. They ALL complained about each other incessantly, and I don’t hold that against them because of the stress of the game and living with each other 24/7. The reason I don’t want Kryssie to win is she is blind to America’s motives – thinking we LOVE her, when a lot of the votes for her side went that way from Jason or Danielle fans. She also complained a lot about the game in general and was constantly talking about things being unfair. I also can’t respect anyone who thinks just because you already have money that you shouldn’t win. If the best player is a billionaire, let the billionaire win; that thinking always seems like sour grapes to me. Regardless, it’s been an entertaining season, and I will watch BBOTT again if given the opportunity.


is coming soon!! YAY!


Morgan is a sucka for Shelby! Shelby is very critical of everybody because she thinks that she’s perfect and everyone else is less then she is. During her bikini girl show with Morgan, notice how Shelby hated on everything Morgan was saying about someone and ended up getting the vote she wanted while Morgan just let her have it without contesting. Shelby once again got her way by giving Morgan Jason so she can do the same thing and once again got her way by saying more negative things. Shelby will be broken if she chose to let her secret out to the others and they showed absolutely no reaction like she expects. It’s more important to her then anyone else because they are looking at her attitude which is no better then those she talk negatively about in one way or another every chance she gets, just not as vulgar but still annoying just as well for those who gets sick and tired of hearing it like myself. I am so happy to see her leaving, FINALLY


I just called to cancel my subscription to the live feeds. They did ask why I was cancelling and I let them know about the vile delusional characters on this show and I could no longer stomach it. They said they will forward my feedback to CBS. So those that are ready to cancel, please call. 1-888-274-5343


Hello CBS? I wanna cancel my subscription to BB because it didn’t end my way. Waa Waa Waa!


Yoyoyo….I am sure that you cancelling (along with your little sheep) your subscription with one week to go will really upset CBS at this point. Give me a break. They don’t give a damn that you are leaving because your favorites aren’t winning. They have had vile, bad mannered people on the show before many times, and I have read the same complaint before. That person/persons were not removed, and the next year more vile people show up on the show. As you can see from reading the posts, other people have different feelings about certain people on the show. That is what makes it interesting to come to sites like this to read what they have to say. You are entitled to cancel at any time and that is your right to do so, but please don’t think they really give a damn at this point, because they don’t. The show is almost over.


The only thing I’m hoping for now is a 3rd place finish for Krissie and if there an AFP, Shelby takes it. The looks on the LNJ faces will be as funny as when Frankie G expected AFP…not.


Proud of Shelby from the beginning she was picked on by Jason, Justin week after week saying he HATES her & wants her gone. How she turned around her awkwardness & dominated. Mostly I will miss her live DRs she had the best time of all. She deserved to be in F3, would’ve got my vote. Jason played a dirty game & all around disgusting (shame I voted him in too)! I’d probably vote for Justin of the 3 because well Shelby said so!


I think big brother should not bring back a vet unless it is to coach or they all are vets
I think it should all newbies next year with no conection to the past big brother house guess