Big Brother Over The Top Eviction Spoilers Shelby Vs Kryssie

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 17-54-41-355

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 17-55-55-290

Kryssie and Shelby give their speeches.. Shelby tells them she’s soon to be a lawyer..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 17-56-35-098

Jason Votes to evict Shelby

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 17-57-05-161

Justin Votes to evict Shelby

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 17-58-23-977

Shelby is evicted


Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 17-59-07-042

Julie says all 4 will play in the HOH. The winner becomes the final HOH and automatically advances to Finale night. This HOH gets to pick another houseguest with them to the finale. The loser of the final HOH goes home.

MOrgan tells them Alex was her sister.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 18-12-27-372

Getting ready for the HOH. Final 4 high five.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-23 19-05-48-233

7:07pm HOH Starts

Jason wins PArt 1 of the HOH. THis means he picks someone to go to final 3 with him. Chances are he’ll pick Kryssie. On The loser of part 2 is evicted. The winner joins Jason and Kryssie? to the final 3.

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Sad to see Shelby leave. Go Morgan.

Raiders Rule



Jason just won final HOH


Please not Jason or Kryssie. Justin or Morgan FTW.

Jason Jason Jason

I want Jason to win!!

Cindy Withanesse

Don’t worry, he will. The check has had his name on it since day 1.


Completely agree with you, only a moron can’t see where this is going and has been headed since week 1, maybe they pretend it’s not rigged so just like Christmas morning they can be “surprised”.
What does this nasty little troll have on CBS or who did he bl*w on his way out last time to be able to come back.
Pure filth


You can unfortunately write that check out to Jason now…


if the final three is jason, kryssie, and justin ( hopefully not) who will you guys vote for? (don’t have cbs all access, just been keeping up thanks to simon and dawg. never stop what you guys do! appreciate it very much!!)


In that scenario I will vote for Justin. I would vote for JoJo the piñata before I would cast a vote for Jason and could never vote for Kryssie. Justin has played a great social game and he has tried hard in most comps. Jason has zero social skills and is the one I believe is most responsible for the vile behaviour of the LNJ. I can’t believe CBS is going to make returning players the winner of two seasons in a row. It is a huge disappointment to me.




If Jason wins this, Big Brother needs to take a serious look at placing vets in with newbies. Not fair to first time players at all.


They all knew that Jason had a huge fan following and leaving him in the game was risky; espcially leaving him in over Dani at this late stage of the game. Ball Smashers were so confident that they could beat Jason at comps and get him out at anytime they felt like it. It’s truly their fault and their fault alone for not getting him out when the opportunity presented itself.


Agree with u. I wanted Shelby and Morgan to win so bad, but what were they thinking voting out Daniele over Jason once American is voting for the winner? That was just so stupid…

John Celis

Jason RUINED this season!!!


Totally agree with u. If he was not season this season would have 100$ perfect, but it was 90% instead.


Vote for Morgan !!!!! If she can win next part of HOH and make it to final 3. Just can’t stand the thought of any of the others in the house winning. They are vile, rude, obnoxious and just plain nasty people.


That’s a lie! Omg, why didn’t you add Justin along with Morgan? What has he done to not get that same respect and love? He wasn’t vulgar with anyone and Morgan even flirted with him and leading him on only to benefit plastics game play which he realized she was a fake and he was even catering to her and tried to team up with her but for some reason just like yourself, she was allergic to a beautiful black man that has a beautiful heart and played an overall clean game with much love but somehow gets looked over.


Didn’t have the feeds but checked in on this site to see how it was going, The fact that Krissie and Jason two of the worst people from what I could see shows me that america choice involment is not a good thing in this type of show. What can I expect tho they elected Trump.

Black Olives Matter

It’s okay Snowflake you will be “safe”, we elected Trump and thank God we did, Russia wants to restore full relations (sure beats war) other nations now want to do the same, the stock market is at an all time high with a few major American company;s deciding to bring back some of their production to the US. He is reaching out to ALL Americans and unlike the other Presidents of the last 40 plus years he is putting Americans first.
Another benefit is all these losers who might follow through with what they said/promised and leave this beautiful country because he won, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
Biggest flaw in your statement is the conservative which is who elected Mr Trump wouldn’t support these kind of people, they are good decent people who go to work and contribute to society. Do you remember the riots after the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections? That’s right they didn’t happen because we are responsible people who know how to behave in public and even when we don’t win we know that’s how the system works and we can try again in another 4 years. Their claim that Trump will destroy America is STUPID when they are burning cars, looting stores and beating other people up, what is going to be left for him to destroy.


You forgot the ‘white’ in your ‘all Americans’ comment there.


Go join a cry in or find a shelter dog to hug! I am not a libtard and I disliked the bird boy and the burp biotch as much as most


Can only hope Morgan can pull it off next cause other three would have been long gone in a regular BB. All the America’s votes packages etc just ruined this show,


If it’s Jason, Kryssie and Morgan – I will vote Morgan to win.
If it’s Jason, Kryssie and Justin – I will vote for Justin to win. Either way I think Justin’s going to win America’s favorite player although I’d be happy with Alex or Shelby too. I hope Jason never returns to big brother. He is disgusting.


Morgan for the win!!! And I’m voting Shelby for America’s Favorite. I’m still very bitter about how horrible this turned out but maybe they realize what an epic fail it was to have America’s input and a vet at the same time. If not count another out for next season.


If it’s Jason, Kryssie and Morgan. I will be voting for Morgan. If it’s Jason, Kryssie and Justin I will be voting for Justin. I just can’t reward the nasty things said, the physical threats made and actually physically putting boogers, wiping their armpits on others stuff that Jason and Kryssie did. Justin has been overall fairly respectful of the others, he’s said a few things over the line and Morgan has too, but they have been far more respectful to others.

Either way we ACTUALLY don’t know how the votes actually total up, but Jason will win. Not saying CBS is lying about the actual votes, but it has seemed suspect at times… Would be cool IF they do this next time to actually show a live tally of the votes for however long the voting occurs or something along those lines. Also, don’t bring in a vet with an already established fanbase with America having so much influence…

T-town Chick

I liked this season for the most part, mainly for America’s nomination and vote. Because the fans had that power, I feel it made the cast play harder from the beginning. The majority of the cast didnt float. I liked that. I also liked that there was no jury. I’m sick and tired of these surfer, bikini model wantabee’s who show up, try to get into a “showmance” and just stay under the radar so they can make it to jury.


I am hoping Morgan pulls off the win on Monday and my vote will go to her. If it is jason, krissie and Justin I am not voting. Like to see Shelby for favorite player.


Justin plays to cameras to much. He acts like America is stupid. I am tired of all the sad stories to get your vote. Play the Damn game. Cannot take LNJ at the finals. Krissie is playing Jason against Justin so Jason will go off and hoping America will vote for her. Not h happening here. I will either be able to vote for Morgan or no one. Not giving ON I my vote. Hopefully they will look at this and see how awful they were..that includes Justin.


Shelby played to the camera’s too by acting like waitress just to get an unnecessary reaction from people, which is stupid because nobody cares as much as she does about her life then she does but obviously she thinks everyone, including waitresses are beneath her as well as stupid! But for some reason that gets a pass and Justin don’t get no love! What’s happening with America smh


bb please no more sister cusin conection cast
no more vets with rookie
just all rookie with no conection to the past big brother house guess that will make big brother good again
form the fans


I really don’t think anything can make Big Brother good again. No matter what combination of people they put in there most have seen the show and go in with their formula in hand playing from the second they enter the house. They don’t really care to have conversations getting to know each other. It’s all game all the time and to me that takes the enjoyment out of the show. They really do need to stop with the returning house guests mixed with newbies though.


sorry, but i’ll always want a fan/superfan in F3, or F2, even if it is Jason. I do not want a recruit, ever, like we ended up in the last BB CAN, even if one of the brothers was a good fan, the other wasn’t, and blondie didn’t even know a thing about the show at all. if all 4 of the remaining HGs here are fans/superfans, fine. otherwise, whoever isn’t needs to go

Vote on game, not emotionally..Be fair, it's a game! :)

I didn’t care for all the nasty talk this year either, but both sides were doing it. Shelby, who I myself liked, talked like trash, wanting someone to “f *ck” , and warned BB to send a female PA or she would f them.. She asked Justin his penis size several times, and then wanted to see it’s outline thru his shorts, after asking Jason to have sex with her, all while lounging beside Jason on what later became Justin’s bed, laughing her funny Shelby laugh and having fun. Also,she told Morgan that she asked to F a producer in the dairy room; she whined constantly; argued for 5 hrs after the broken mirror incident for things to go her way, later admitting to Morgan in the bathroom that she was in wrong( broke it), and even later bragged she went through 5 people in the diary room. She talked horribly about Jason, Justin, Krissy, Whitney, Danielle, Shane , Cornbread and others behind the scene. Morgan went along and talked about others as well, but mainly, Morgan has not had half the game Jason had. Yes, they all talked about each other, but Jason out played them all. That is what should be voted on. Not cuteness, bikini girl segments, ect. No one wanted to work with Morgan after she lied in the week Neely was on the block about voting out Scott, no one trusted her again. They knew Jason was a threat, but failed to get him out. That was their fault. He deserves this win, no matter how he acted, it is about the game, not popularity.. This isn’t high school. Vote on game play. I wish them all the best in the future, as I know they are all amplified in here in their actions. I’m not voting emotionally, I’m voting fairly. He out-played them. He will never be back, as this is his second time, and you never have to see him again if you hate him so, but do not deny him the win, because he is not your cup of tea. Be fair. He beat her fair and square. Her 11 min veto run to his just over a minute; then she was hardly started when he won final HOH; the Balance comp with the balls Jason won, Morgan was not even close. I can’t see where anyone left in the house deserves the win. He may be crude, but this isn’t finishing school, it is BBOTT. Be fair, not biased-or I should say, I’m going to vote fair, my vote is for Jason’s gameplay. Perhaps if you didn’t watch the feeds, you shouldn’t vote, because you did not see the game play, just the back n forth comments. The “he said -she said” bull never makes for a fair fight, or a clear representation of what really went on- especially nothing about game. I enjoyed this 1st season of BBOTT, See you all next Summer for regular BB. 🙂 Thank you Simon and Dawg for all you do! 🙂
Prayers for the families of all those who lost their lives in the fires in Gatlinburg, Tenn., and Western N.C, and surrounding areas. Thinking of all those affected by this terrible tragedy. xx