“when we’re back in power she’ll crawl up your a$$ and her toes will be sticking outta your butt”

Big Brother Gave Dillon a task to complete. He failed now they have to wear boxing gloves for the rest of the day.

Ika and Dre
Talking about Neda saying she’s like a fart going around the room.
Talking about Ika being a “Bad B1tch” and Neda isn’t. That is the problem.
Ika – I roll with Bad b1tches

Karen, William, Ika and Dre
Talking about their side winning 4 HOH’s
Ika – and they still go what they want.
Karen – the odds are with us to keep winning streak.. We win more..
Ika says if the other side wins HOH they’ll attack them..
Karen tells William to not bother with jackie anymore she’s with the other side.
Karen – only when we’re back in power she’ll crawl up your a$$ and her toes will be sticking outta your butt.

Ika says the other side doesn’t like William’s relationship with kevin first chance they’ll send him out.
William doesn’t say a lot of things when they talk. They like each other but don’t trust each other in the game.
Ika says she wants to swim in blood next week.. “I’m not here to shred letters I’m here to shed hopes and dreams”
Ika says if Dillon wins he’ll do what the other side wants.
Dre doesn’t think so.
Karen says Dillon will be sad after Emily leaves he won’t win the HOH.
Ika says the other side is telling Dillon they didn’t use the veto otherwise another member of the alliance would go up..
Ika – he’s buying it
Dre – I have a little bit more faith in him Ika

Demetres and Kevin Poolside

9:00pm karen Ika Demetres William and Dre
Karen going on that Dillon won’t come after William.
Demetres says they’re might be an hour or two before they can take the boxing gloves off.
Demetres – did I break up a serious conversation.
Ika – we’re talking about him (William) winning HOH and nobody respecting it
Ika – what’s the point of hanging out with Kevin if he doesn’t show any loyalty to you
Dre – that’s what I’m saying
Ika says William spends all day with Kevin what does he say is he voting out Emily?
William says he’s trying but kevin doesn’t say anything
Dre – it’s just sad when other people had their HOH we always respected what they want.. (LOL)

Karen going on that Dillon will take out the other side
Ika and Demetres completely disagree..
Demetres – Dillon is right back to where he was before he (William) won HOH
Dre says they never hurt Dillon but he’s never going to win HOH so they should stop worrying about it
Dre – it’s week 5 it had to happen we needed a divide
They start talking about nobody respecting William’s HOH and voting out Dillon. Karen says everyone did want Neda wanted on her HOH.
Demetres goes on that they need Dillon out this week and the only vote they can get that to happen is with Kevin’s vote.
William – today.. I’m pissed at all these fricken lies .. I’m going to say (To kevin) who you going to vote for .. are you going to vote for Dillon if you don’t trust me go sleep in the f***g blue room

9:05pm Neda and Jackie
Neda says Ika use to switch between Kevin and Bruno who she wanted out. 7

Neda – after she goes, then we can break up Dre and William next and then even get Dillon out after. Jackie – yeah. Neda – perfect. Jackie – yeah I think that’s good. Neda – if everything goes amazingly… just watch Ika wins HOH. Kevin or Bruno leave. Dre wins the next one. The other boy leaves. And then we’re f**ked. Or even we go .. who knows.. if one of them wins veto and puts one of us up. Jackie – I would think they would want to come after me but they think I’m on the bottom of the totem pole.

They talk about Sindy and how Kevin and bruno say she’s a lock but Jackie talked to her and she was still iffy.

9:15pm Karen and William HOH
William – I don’t think Dillon is a good thing for our game to be honest. Not at all. Karen – we knew that. We know that and that’s why they’re pushing so bad. I don’t think Kevin will change his mind. He thinks he is playing a great game with them. William – I don’t think so he’ll change his mind… he said a lot of times that he wanted to work with me but I knew we would never trust each other in this game. It sucks but oh well. Karen – its unfortunate. Karen – did he feel bad? William he swore on his mothers life that he could never call me a boy toy..

9:24pm Ika and Demetres
Demetres – they want to keep Dillon for certain reasons and obviously like we want Dillon gone because he’s directly coming after us. Ika – but you shouldn’t say anything like that to him because then he’ll tell… You can’t trust him. Demetres – I told him at the end of the day, I don’t give a f**k! I honestly .. I did not push. Ika – according to Sindy, the 6 want Dillon to stay. Demetres – who’s the 6? They’re the 4. Ika – then the 4 of them want him to stay. That’s why I’m saying don’t say anything to Kevin because he’ll just tell them back. Demetres – I know but I didn’t tell him anything that they don’t already know. I was pushing more that the distrust needs to stop and that we all need to get on the same f**king page. If you guys want to f**king keep him, then keep him. Ika – don’t lie about it. Demetres – I was trying to make it seem I was as honest as possible.

10:13pm Smoking with Boxing Gloves Neda Dillon and Emily

Sindy dancing with Boxing gloves

Eating oranges with Boxing gloves

11:50pm Sindy and Ika HOH
Ika tried to pull Sindy in..
Ika – Bruno tried talking to me and yeah it didn’t work because he didn’t … he tried to divert into I think you’re angry about Dre. I was like no. It’s not. And he wouldn’t really admit to how he was feeling. So I was just not having that fake conversation with him. Sindy – yeah, yeah, yeah.

The Six have a meeting

Ika and Sindy kitchen

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Ika is so jealous of pretty girls.


Ika is a beautiful girl, I think she is the most attractive in the house.

Are you kidding me?



Um Dre and Sindy aren’t pretty ? Dre is def more attractive than Jackie (kinda bland)


I think the woman who has an issue with other women is the one who targets Cassandra, Gary, Ika, Dre, and wants to play with Bruno, Kevin, and Dillon…


I think Bru summed that one up well:)


Neda is trying to get rid of people who would go against her. It’s not women thing, it’s game thing. And Bruno/Kevin are with her. It would be really stupid of her to get rid of them, when they are going to protect her once her immunity is gone.

And why's that

cus she’s not good at building trust and relationships with other women.


Cass went after Neda the first week. Ika was stupid to try to protect Cass from Neda. Sindy is noncommittal. If any one of them had wanted to work closely with Neda she was all for it. Neda did think Ika was going to be her number 1 until Ika pulled shit over Cass because Ika wanted to play the middle.

The women were stupid not to rally around Neda. They decided to attack her instead of working with her. Both Cass and Ika are jealous of Neda and Ika resents her because she is playing a better game than Ika.

Ika screwed over her own game. Ika chose to make Jackie an enemy. She bullied her for absolutely no reason. Then she got into a snit over voting Cass out. Cass was after Neda, Bruno and Kevin and was a far greater threat as a gamer than Jackie. Ika is framing that as having got rid of Cass FOR the others. It was the best move for the alliance not just for Neda, Bruno and Kevin. An alliance means you are playing as one. Even if Cass had not targeted Neda, Neda would still have gone after her to protect Bruno and Kevin. Neda had immunity. She made the logical game move.


Neda has such a horrible, mean girl personality, that it makes her look ugly! I was a fan but not after seeing her here on Season 5. I hope she is out next week.


Are you kidding me?? Neda has been saying behind Ika’s back since WEEK TWO that Ika was on the bottom – she was always going to put those two dudes before Ika —– go back to the feeds and check out the truth. Gary saw it from far away — go back the the feeds when he tells Cass that Ika was misguided putting so much trust in Neda (implying she should be siding with Cass) — since back in WEEK TWO. Come-on let’s stick to the facts people. As much as I wanted to like Neda, I have to go by facts and actual gameplay.

And why's that

She just lost Sindy to Ika right from under her. This after spending 30 days with Sindy. This is actually a big deal because Sindy is the number that tips things.

Maybe she shouldn’t have made Sindy cry after making Sindy ‘sit in her corner’ and getting everyone to insult the girl… was there a reason for that other than her huge head, terrible attitude, and how entitled / bad she is at keeping relationships in the house?


so both Cass and Neda made it clear on social media that they wanted to be about women power. Cass was actually not going after neda until neda wanted her gone week 1. That’s the definition of creating mistrust among women. Cass deserved to stay much longer. She had entertainment value. She was the other strong/scary female besides Neda, and she’s a veteran. What Neda did was vile in my opinion.

As for Ika, Ika sided with Neda from the beginning, she looked up to her, and wanted to work with Neda and actually did a lot for their alliance. But Neda’s bad attitude, poor behaviour and treatment led to this rift, lost her that relationship as well. She was unable to build it. She keeps pushing women away. And seems to suck at trusting and working with strong women. That’s not cool. Its damn hypocritical. and disappointing!!


It’s pretty clear that Neda will be gone once her safety is up. paranoid and shady f*! She’s not making real connections, her conversations consist of talking about other people. Those ‘pleasantries’ are surface. She hasn’t been growing real loyalties.

I’m sorry but she’s real dark.


Ika has Neda pegged – “the moment she does not have control she loses her god damn mind, she loses it”. So hope Neda goes soon. She is a sulky, pouty, snobby girl and her bum kisser Bruno can go too.


Agree but I don’t see anyone putting her up Dre and Karen are obsessed with getting the boys out and the six are playing to safe but if Neda or her Army win HoH Ika is in trouble.


Ika to Karen “I can’t wait to win HoH and put Neda on the block.” Dre and Wiliam do see the ring leaders on the other side as Neda and Bruno. Especially now as they Kevin as non-confrontational. Ika / Deme will target Neda asap.

The six don’t want to put Ika up themselves, except for Neda. Bruno and Kevin jumped off board the campaign to target Ika/Deme themselves this soon when they realized Sindy’s position. But they have no problem letting Jackie / Dillon (if he stays) do it.


You’re wrong. Neda has Bruno and Kevin solid. Sindy is tight with Bruno and Kevin. Both Neda and Sindy will protect Bruno and Kevin because they are their meat shields.

People are game pieces in BB. They aren’t there to make “real loyalties” they are there to win 100K and only one person can win it.

Ika has been talking about which side of the house to choose every week so she is obviously not loyal to either side. There never was a six because Ika and Demetres have been playing both sides all along. The only reason Ika and Demetres hasn’t betrayed them yet is they didn’t think it was the right time because they don’t want Neda, Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy to join the group that wants their heads.

Ika and Demetres are trying to get Sindy and Kevin to join her and Demetres on the other side. It won’t work because Kevin is loyal to Bruno.

The only big men left are Dillon, Bruno, Kevin and Demetres. Eventually they will turn on each other and they all know it and none of them are saying it.


I’m not sure how you are arguing that its not a social game. Clearly, if she acts in a way that makes people in the house not like her, not want to work with her, if she doesn’t show that she values them or treat people with respect, then how is she going to move those “BB game pieces”? She needs people to get her there. She is not playing a good long-game. Secondly, this attitude has not been coming off well with the public. Being a good player includes being self-aware and knowing the battles that you can win. Maybe some humility and flexibility is in order. Since the blow-up two days ago, Ika has out-maneuvered her both socially and tactically.

Also Sindy is with Ika. And Bruno doesn’t want to turn against the guys – he wants to take them to the end.


I wouldn’t say she’s dark but she’s too turned on in this game. You can see the wheels literally churning all the time. She’s constantly strategizing but i think that’s cost her her social game. She doesn’t have as many relationships as other houseguests do. I think in season 2, having Jon kind of forced her to chill out and make real connections which is why she was more likeable. This time she’s too serious.

One please

Please post the Lord of the Rings narration/re-tells that went on in the backyard !! Pretty pretty Pleeeeese??


So im assuming as their is no pre jury buy back! We can assume theirs a post jury buy back which sucks because even if neda is evicted she can win her way back in again! Super unfair


That would really suck if Neda got voted back


Neda is nasty as a human being. It’s all over her and deep within. All she does is say ignorant things about others.

Look at the slop cookies and that feed… how she gunned down Gary and laughed… mocking him with her stare…that’s when she really came to light and to me. She doesn’t need to say a thing – her demeanor says it all!
I can’t stand her – Neds