Adam wins the Power of Veto

Adam wins the power of veto.

1:07am The live feeds return from being blocked for the power of veto competition.

Bathroom. Adam, Kyra and Esti. Adam – I can’t believe I won that! I was actually scared. I was frightened to death that I wasn’t going to get that puzzle. Esti – but you were ahead of everyone. Adam – I just always did the boarder first and then it all fit together. Cory joins them. Cory – you were miles ahead. That was a good win! Congrats! Adam – thanks!

Adam to the camera – we need a party on Tuesday. With alcohol! Lots of alcohol! And more alcohol! And then some more alcohol! And a birthday cake.

1:40am HOH room. Dane and Anthony.
Anthony – here is the thing, we have Damien, Esti, Kyra, Cory. Dane – right. Esti is a number for you. If she somehow pulls out a win… she is putting up two boys. Minus you. Dane – she would put up Adam and Mark. Anthony – Cory swears up and down.. she tells me honestly .. I really think we need to start talking with Dane more. That’s our guy. Cory doesn’t like Damien. Well she does but she knows that Damien knew about the backdoor plan the whole time and never said anything. And I’ve been pushing that on Cory. Cory also knows that Esti’s been whatever, whatever, whatever. So those are two players whatever. Dane – she wants her to go. Anthony – she wants kyra there for the same reason that everyone wants kyra there. Damien will put up me and Mark. Dane – he isn’t putting up you. He would put up Kyra. Anthony – he ain’t putting up Kyra. Dane – yeah.. he HATES kyra. Anthony – Esti and Damien have a good relationship ..if Esti sits down with Damien she will convince him to put me up.

1:45am – 2am HOH room. Adam joins Anthony and Dane.
Anthony – we’re just talking about options .. the four options. (for the replacement nom when Adam takes himself off the block) Anthony – who saw you come in here? Dane – kyra? Adam – Kyra is in the red room. No one’s seen me come in. Anthony – we have four people .. Cory, Esti, Damien and kyra. Realistically we want Kyra to come with us to the final right? Adam – yeah. Anthony – even though Kyra’s shown strength in some areas ..probability wise that is probably our best bed. Dane – yup. Anthony – I know kyra has talked to you ..I just feel like she would put you up. Adam- I was with Sam and kyra a lot last week. And she told Kyra to stick we me and Damien. Damien just proved again that he is not a threat. Anthony – he is a threat. If I am talking from my point of view… I trust Cory the most. I know her very well. She is going to listen the most I know exactly how she feels about you and Mark. I trust kyra second because kyra will just cry her way. Then Esti and Damien last. Dane – on day 48 we need to be in-charge of the triple. Adam – I honestly feel that Cory is a threat for us. Anthony – if Cory pulls off a win I can control her. Big Brother tells them good night. Anthony, Dane and Adam head to bed.

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Wonder if Mark has the cahounas to put up a PB.
Don’t think he will.

Dane is so annoying, period

In a perfect world Adam would use the veto on himself and Mark would put Dane as a replacement nominee and backdoor his ass.

Guy From Canada

Just finished an 16 hour day at work to find Adam won. Yes! So Dane Adam and Anthony are making plans bu the HOH who is going to name the replacement wasn’t in the conversation….interesting. What makes them think Dane is safe for the week? Has Mark been playing a good game or will he stab the pretty boys in the back more? The next couple days could be very interesting.


It won’t be interesting. After all it’s BBCan7 and nothing interesting will come from this garbage season.

King Silva

I’m happy Adam won I just hope he and Dane stay strong because Cory is NO doubt stronger than Damien (1x HOH/1x Veto).

Plus Anthony needs to be checked for sure.. He may think he is a mastermind but people are on to him..

The Cold War between the Pretty Boys is in full swing and I love it.

another name

when i stopped having any faith in the supposed underdogs this season:
when they got stabbed by Dane’s tie breaker vote… and ten minutes later said you’re still one of us. From then on i’ve just viewed it as a matter of time.
Since then i’ve just been watching them like jane goodall watched the apes. anthropologically… to see just how close to clueless one can become before production just brings in a dummy in a t-shirt with their name on it and a balloon for a head… that goes unnoticed by the rest of house guests because they contribute about as much to the game.
Damien? His big goal episode one was to be part of the boy alliance dane and adam discussed on the monitors. Knowing that he isn’t one of them… is he just hoping that having a penis is like being alliance adjacent?
Este? Her big game move so far has been steering Kiki out the door by calling fair (not great) social read of the house paranoia… and kissing up to every guy in the alliance she knows exists but pretends isn’t real like she’s hoping that makes her alliance adjacent.
Kyra? nope. not in a month of sundays. nope. still burned enough by the consent comments weeks ago that supporting Kyra will never be an option. Say a man in the game had plotted and commented on getting a woman drunk to lower their inhibitions and ability to consent. There is no difference. so. nope. They can edit Kyra any way they like. Answer will always be no means no.
Cory? Cory’s head is so far up Anthony’s butt she tastes his cookies before he does.
You know that feeling you get when you see a squirrel running across the road in heavy traffic? You’d sort of like it to make it, but you know at some point it’s going to spaz, alter course, and run straight for a tire? bbcan7 underdogs are the squirrel. The semi coming down the road is the boylliance.
When the big hope for underdog watchers is one of the alliance turning on the rest: you should already be two kraken deep.
When feed watchers are buying the episode edit manufactured since episode one version of the architect of the boylliance as the season hero : why didn’t anyone tell me we started the kraken two weeks ago?
There aren’t any heroes to root for, at this point it’s just watching anthropologically to see who gets to the end and tires running over spazzed squirrels. Good thing i’ve never felt the need to like a winner as long as i could appreciate their strategy. Unless the curtain monkeys somehow manufactured a Kyra win. In that case, I’d want my time back.


SUPER LOL on Corey’s head up Anthony’s ass.

Lorne Ollerhead

Adam need to win the triple. He also needs to win out or he is gone.

another name

Tinfoil hat chat:
I have to keep reminding myself after three weeks of noticing the pattern, that conversations that happen on Friday and Saturday nights when the monkeys behind the curtains have left for the day are subject to change, or to be completely forgotten as if they never happened by Sunday morning after people have been called to d/r.


Ive been rooting for Damien but theres like 80% chance he will get evicted. And i cant feel bad for him anymore coz man, he doesnt win any comps. I think hes expecting to just float his way to the finale. He knows about the PB alliance but doesnt do anything about the info. Like sometimes he doesnt even exist in the house. They show very little of him too.

another name

so… kyra has found a secret door?
has production finally gotten my wish list and decided to send the little goblin to narnia, never to return?

another name

anthony episode edit: my mom is my real ride or die, she sacrificed for me every day. anthony feeds: we need to make each woman feel humiliated, and make them beg, and swear to do my laundry and make my meals and cut my toenails… and we’ll still evict them. that’ll teach them.
it’s two completely different universes i tell ya.


Why does Adam remind me of the monopoly man?