“One of the questions I ask myself is. should I have always trusted him or should I have never trusted him”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto Players: Everyone
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Fun Times

8:55 am Tiff to Camera
I knew it was inevitable I would end up on the block.. today I am optimistic.. today I need to win.. they want me out of here it was made very clear..
I don’t know who to trust. I do feel like I can trust Azah. I do feel I can trust Hannah. The guys definitely want me out of here. So today I have to win and that is all I can focus on .. relaxing my nerves staying calm and having fun. There is no time to be emotional so I’m not.
The only thing I am emotional about is the fact is is my son’s birthday.

I feel like DX I feel like I need to win. I probably need to win every competition I am eligible to play in because apparently, I am the number one target. Honesty I’m not mad. I knew I came in this house to play I’ve been wanting to play this game I’ve been playing this game. If they view me as a threat I must be playing. If it’s not personal then it’s game and if my game’s a threat it is what it is. I would probably try to get me out too..

In this house, people tell you something and they do it different.. I know I’m guilty of it. Should I have trusted him or shouldn’t I. I don’t know how do you know?
I knew coming in you couldn’t trust anybody but you have to be able to work with people
Honestly, there isn’t anything major I would have changed about the way I played the game. Some minor tweaks like. I talked too much.
I am who I am, I played as me.
It makes me wonder. If we didn’t have the six I probably would’ve been out so at this point it is what it is. I have to win the veto.

If I lose I lose.. that’s life cause outside of this house life goes on and inside of this house life goes on. At this point of the game, I’m not thinking about anybody but me that is all everyone else’s thinking about. Everyone now is thinking about themselves. It is officially an Individual game.
I got to safe me and I will. I’ve manifested a lot of things in my life and in this house, I can manifest a win.
Tiff – there’s a son I need to provide for. There is a grand prize that will guarantee I will be able to do something for him and Me. Hopefully, for me there are opportunities after this. (Whitney is seeking her fame on Onlyfans)
Tiff – hopefully I have not embarrassed my family or myself. I’ve had moments

9:10 am Tiff and Azah
Tiffany – one of the questions I ask myself is. should I have always trusted him or should I have never trusted him
Tiff – there was a point I did and there was a point I doubted. There was a point I felt guilty that I doubted and tried
Tiff – there was a point I didn’t then there as a point I tried
Tiff says X and Kyland are working together “there is no way they are not working together. They want two of the guys in the final 2. I’m not mad about that”
Tiff adds that the three guys have something together they might take Azah but they might make it all guys in the end.
Tiff – I’m like Damn Ky I could have gotten a 5th places prize I would have been happy with that..
Tiff – there’s still the veto

Azah – at this point I’m happy with whatever. There are people whose stories resonates with me I would be happy if they won. I felt that way with you and BIGD.
Tiff – I don’t know if they will take him to the end. The fact that Kyland didn’t put up X they hvae something. X will win this game. F** it I’ll vote for X

Tiff – We all deserve the money but if X gets to final 2 and we’re talking about WHO played the game and he’s still here? X played the hell outta this game. I don’t see a flaw in his game. Not one. I can’t say he lied.. he kept his mouth shut he’s very disciplined he pissed nobody off. There is nobody in jury that disliked him. He is playing a better game than anybody in this house”
Tiff – if he makes it to final 2 he gets my vote.
Tiff X played the better game than anybody in this house right now
Tiff – ky’s mission is two black men sitting in the final 2 I ain’t mad I wanted it to be two of us.. I won’t be surprised if I leave this house and I see those two in the final 2.
Tif f- I don’t know if Ky is keeping him here for a shield..
Tiff – it’ll be me and then Ky .. unless they keep winning back to back and carry BIGD to three. WHo knows X might take BIGD and tell Ky thank you
Tiff – if you win HOH what do you do?
Azah – Ky has got to go. I don’t know why he spared me this week
Tiff – at this point I don’t know if you can get him outs.. You need the votes.
Tiff says if hannah gets evicted and she goes on to win HOH she would put Ky up against BIGD. “I know you both don’t vote for Ky” (X/Azah)
Tiff says she’s not sure if it was her winning that HOH or Ky knowing that they were disconnected. “He doubted me I doubted him..”
Tiff says she doubted Tiff and Ky doubted her. “X is the most consistent he trusts him the most he trust me the least because he knows I don’t fully trust him”
Tiff – he trusts you next because you are very honest with how you feel. He trusts Hannah probably after that he feels she would choose me. So when he looked at his options which way does he go? The last thing he said in his speech it’s not about who he can beat its about who will be hardest for him to work with. that’s me I know that.
Tiff – I’m not confused at all that he feels out of the five remaining the most challenging for him to work with.. I said since day one I am a challenge PERIOD

Tiffany called to the Diary Room

Tiff – I am not for everybody..
Azah – nobody is
Tiff – I know what my family would tell me they’re also not in this house playing this game
As tiffany walks away “you should have been nicer to that young man you talking about him all the time.”

10:24 am Chit chat

10:43 AM Kyland joins in in the chit chat about past events in the house. Sarah Beth and how deadly she woud been in the double.

Tiff explains to them how Claire took the news about going up. Claire was very understanding and good about the whole situation. “We cried and we laughed.. ”
Cookout sharing stories about the season. Lots of laughs at Claire’s campaigning attempts.

11:16 am They’re talking about whether or not Ky will hook up with SB after the season is over. Ky is saying no. “I think ahh she’s not a casual person”
X says it could happen as long as SB isn’t in a relationship
They start making bets. DF and Hannah both say Ky will hook up. X says only if she’s not in a relationship.
They argue over a time frame. 2 years.
DF bets Ky 1000 that Ky will hook up with SB within two years of the show’s ending.

11:57 am waiting

12:37pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition.. It will likely be a long one as its supposed to be the BB Comics individual comp.

2:23pm Still blocked.

3:06pm Still nothing..

4:35pm Still kittens..

5:30pm No feeds for you..

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Well that was interesting. I watched a few IGTV videos: Claire & Alyssa’s Goodbye interviews and a video listed as “Claire Tells All” as well as Alyssa doing a video.3 goodbye messages were shown to Claire and because it was a double Alyssa had no goodbye messages. The goodbye messages to Claire were only from the girls. Alyssa somehow thought that X would be out of the door next, lol. Claire is more in tune with what is going on in the Big Brother house since she thinks that Azah will make it to Final 3 purely as a pawn. I also was intrigued that she was looking forward to seeing Kyland in the Jury House soon “for personal reasons, not game”


X mentioned yesterday he told Alyssa in his goodbye message he made a pledge to something before he entered the house that he had to stick to. Interesting.


X could have been lying since he knew Kyland did it with 2 houseguests

another name

Am I imagining or did this happen?
During Ky’s second HOH.
Claire to Tiff before Claire got called into D/R on Tuesday:
Claire told Tiff that Ky was never taking a shot at X, and she believed they were working together.
During SB’s HOH.
Dx to Tiff while Tiff was conspiring to get rid of Claire a week later:
Dx told Tiff that Ky and X definitely had something together, and weren’t going to take shots at each other.
During Tiff’s first HOH.
Claire again: asked if Tiff was sure SB should be the target when the boys were most likely working together and more dangerous.
relented to Tiff.
Ky pushes for Tiff and X to become a final 3 to Tiff.
SB to Tiff:
The guys are together. If you get rid of me, they will win.
During Tiff’s second HOH:
Claire yet again tells Tiff that getting rid of her means she’s going to be targeted next. Claire tells her keeping them both (Ky and X) is handing them the game.

Tiff is acting like she’s made a brand new discovery, that she had no warning whatsoever.

Have I gone mad? Those things actually happened in that order…. didn’t they?


It is not so much as a sudden discovery as a topic for her to say solo to the viewing audience as if she doesn’t know what the live feeders are seeing as well as what is shown to the tv viewing audience. Then finally saying it to others (even though with Azah it won’t mean much of anything)

Game fan

Power of Veto Players: ?

Well we do know who actually.


Everyone is playing in this veto.

The Beef

So in other words, it’s total bullshit – there, I said it for you in plain English.


Either you are of sound mind or we all have gone collectively insane. Tiff suddenly seems to be concerned for her own game. When she said, “there’s a son I need to provide for. There is a grand prize that will guarantee I will be able to do something for him and me,” my reaction was… Where was this energy at F8?

another name

I still say remember the morning after muffy reared her head?
I had a dream about how it would all work out morning?
funny how she had this vision of clarity after HOURS in the diary room.
that’s about the time her edit started improving.
Then she won an HOH i don’t think they wanted her to win on feeds (second time this season a live feeds HOH has been won by the wrong person from the storyline plan imo), and her edit shifts to villain.


She was never production’s pick for this season, but she may have gotten to F5 or F4 if she hadn’t disobeyed their orders for that HOH shown on the live feeds.


They should have gotten X out while they could. But just didn’t have the numbers to get him out. Would have been very different game now.

another name

Yeah, I made a case for why X should be evicted the moment his ass touched the block the first time.
I got an awful lot of pushback.
But then again, the actual individuals and HOW they played the game have been irrelevant largely to the mission is the only thing that matters WHY crowd.


Tick, tick, tick Tiffany.

DON THE CON Endorsed A Pedophile

Tiffany and Hannah put themselves in a bad position.


If tiff leaves. That leaves Hanna in the middle. She could be a very important vote.

another name

In the middle between who exactly?
between Ky and X?
between the three men and Azah?
Her position if she stays is quite clear, as they stated yesterday: they didn’t consider her a member of cookout because they weren’t sure if she was in any way shape or form black.
She’s either a sitting duck for eviction by the men sitting next to Azah so Azah can’t claim she never touched the block, or she’s sitting on the block next to Ky after X wins HOH.
Her important vote will most likely be her vote from jury.

Game fan

X is not worried about azah & big D as a pair. Cause he (and ky) can beat them . Ky might target azah& big D on the block, but he can’t win the next one. Big D is happy to go to f3 with the guys. Azah would prefer ky to go but she won’t put X next to him .. so it won’t matter , the guys are gonna evict hanna if for some miracle she gets that hoh. Hannah needs Hoh/veto to survive

BB fan

She will be 100%expendable Hannah
They don’t want to keep her.
Ky and X want to keep Azah and DF to FINAL 4 because they’re beatable!


DF bets Ky 1000 that Ky will hook up with SB within two years of the show’s ending.

Ummmm…. Hasn’t DF been complaining that he has no money and that’s why he needs to win prizes? Where is this 1,000 coming from? Looks like he needs some lessons in money management, not a second place prize of $50k.

another name

It’s 75 plus accrued participation rate this season.


Ah, thanks for the correction. I seem to recall Couch saying something about, “Let’s get to final 2, so I can at least go home with $50k.” Do the HGs not know that 2nd place was bumped-up?

In other news, have you ever had two NOPEs in a season? What about three? Just wondering, cuz I’m guessing Couch is close to NOPE status and that may be a record.

another name

Claire looked it up in the rule book with Tiff.
Tiff told the house yesterday.
Season 19 I noped THE ENTIRE HOUSE. By week 4 the entire cast.
Just an abysmal season. I noped one preseason as a gut level never. When the news of in house intimidation and “bully” tactics came out just before feeds started I noped a big chunk of them. and it didn’t get better with the introduction of Paul. By 4 I was just waiting to watch each one fail.


Ugh BB19. Yep, the entire house deserved that nope.


Curious, what is this 5th place finish that Dx talked about earlier on in the game that Tiff is referring to? Is there a lot more many for 5th compared to 6th?


BB Cash Prizes (someone please correct me if I’m wrong here)

Weekly Stipend = $1K for every week in the House or Jury, hence “I just want to make it to jury.”

1st Place = $500K usually; $750K this season (1st place does not get the weekly $1k stipend)
2nd Place = $50K (2nd place does not get the weekly $1k stipend)
3rd Place = $10K bonus + $1k weekly stipend; total around $25K
4th Place = $7.5 K bonus + $1k weekly stipend; total around $22.5K
5th Place = $5K bonus + $1 weekly stipend; total around $20K

AFP gets $25K in addition to their weekly stipend and/or bonus pay

Cash prizes along the way, such as the $5K to SB in the veto comp (DX should’ve stood his ground).


Thanks that explains it.


Tiff said they changed second to $75k this season.


Hannah or Tiff need to win that Veto and get with Azah to vote out the Replacement Nominee. Azah probably won’t do it though since she’s closer to the guys


If Ky weren’t HOH and he could be the replacement nominee, then Azah would likely vote him out. But she will never vote against DF or X. She’d volunteer to self-evict before voting against DF or X. She’s bonded with DF staring at the ceiling together all summer and she’s a heartbeat away from tattoo-ing X’s name on her @ss.


Unfortunately, you are correct

Game fan

Azah IS the replacement


Not if she wins the Veto herself

another name

….one minute…. crying from laughter….
so… what veto comp would that be?


Maybe the one that DF keeps saying…”I almost won that. I should’ve had that one…!” Hahaha


Anything is possible! Expect The Unexpected!! Lol!


I really want a female to win this year because out of 22 seasons, there has only been 7 female winners, not including Celebrity Big Brother or BBOTT


I wish that Azah wanted the same thing. If Tiff or Hannah win veto, Azah has the swing vote. But she’ll vote against the other CO females and go to F4 with three guys who will cut her to make F3.


Yep. Her little crush on Xavier just may cost her 1st or 2nd place


Azah sleeping on X on the couch, she is so desperate. Wake up woman, he’s just not that into you! I wish she could see how desperate she looks. Wake up and play the darn game.


She’s as desperate as Tiffany lol


A guy like X could have his pick of a ton of women, Azah NOT being one of them. How obvious can you get.

The Beef

She’s thirsty as Hell, and I just don’t get it because she’s not that bad of a looking woman!

No fave yet

To fill in the boring times of this season I’ve been binging BB season 15 and David (1st evicted) is now on Naked and Afraid to Love season 1.

No fave yet

Well, their goal is achieved. A partially black/black person will win BB. Good job. At this point the game is over. They will follow the script to the end. Doesn’t really matter who is there at the end. Wonder if Survivor will even up the poc cast this year.


Waiting for the feeds to return at which time I expect to see Couch complaining that there were no accommodations made in the BB Comics zipline for someone his size.


I am trying to remember how many Comic comps had zip lines and how many just had them running up and down


I’m surprised he hasn’t asked for a stunt double.


Yep, you nailed it. I can’t offer a rebuttal to your assessments.


Sad tiff. Ky won veto


Another boring week. Thanks Simon & Dawg for getting through another week of KY HOH.


lol No problem. At this point dealing with another week of Ky as HOH we need danger pay ..

The Beef

Yeah, Ky is a Hell of a man! Uses women like Tiffany like a plaything, and then puts her OTB to get her out of the game. If you’re going to play with a woman in bed, maybe you shouldn’t plan on evicting them from the game the next week, if you want respect from people who actually care about loyalty. It’s just not a good look, even though they both took part in it. He’s the one with the power, and he’s the one who’s doing her dirty this week.