“I just want to be the best me.. to be the best me is to put myself in a situation that can truly unlock my potential”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto Players: ?
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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12:18 am Hannah
I’m so frustrated .. Kyland, Tiffany and I at least I was under the impression we had a final 3 deal What does Kyland end up doing? He nominates two people that were supposed to be working with him which tells me that he must have deals with someone else AKA the guys of the season.. Xavier and BIGD. I do feel defeated in the sense that I don’t see a path to the end if that’s the case. I mean I would have to win this upcoming veto and win HOH next week and split up the guys. That way it’s two girls and two guys in final 4. IF Azah wins tomorrow maybe we can convince Azah to use the veto on me and maybe we can convince Kyland to put up Xavier. That way me and Azah can vote Xavier out. It would be Kyland, Azah, BIGD, Me, and Tiff.. then we send Kyland home and BOOM it’s the four of us final 4. I need to work on my relationship with Azah.. I need to I need to. Maybe if I can form a final 2 deal with BIGD .. I need to make X feel good about me. If I can make a final 3 with myself BIGD and Azah and a final 2 with myself and Azah and myself and KY and make X feel good about me as well. That way I’m covered from all angles. I need to win HOH next week If I don’t they are going to pick me off. It’ll be the three guys in final 3.
Azah needs to win.. no I need to win.. if I don’t win then I won’t mind Azah winning. Then we control the votes to send whoever is sitting next to Tiffany home. If Tiffany wins than Azah goes up and X and BIGD will vote me out. Tiff can’t win. If Ky wins maybe he keeps noms the same. IF BIGD wins he leaves noms the same. IF it’s me and Tiff I need to separate myself from her and make these people believe that Tiffany won’t be campaigning for me in jury and that she isn’t undeniably loyal to me

(Alyssa must have felt frustrated with her Final 3-2 with Hannah)

12:49 am Kyland
“I was stoked getting a letter from you after my third HOH.. maybe a bad decision we’ll find out”
“Yeah I .. I’m honoured to be asked to be your best man.. of course. I’m so excited for the opportunity.”
“I need to go bed right now I have a veto tomorrow, and an important one. I love you man”
“It’s pretty significant for the cookout to make it to the final six unscathed.. we are arguably the most successful alliance in this game and now we’re going to have our first African American winner in the game. after 23 seasons.. it’s kinda a big deal. I am honoured to be part of it. Everyone plays a roll everyone deserves credit. I’m so thankful for this squad. I am thankful for everyone in the house. If I could have played this game different I would have but unfortunately, you know I saw an opportunity to do something that was bigger than my individual game umm and my individual desire.. I saw an opportunity to provide.. to be a part of uhh.. Creating a… decently visible representation of Black excellence I know how important representation is. I think that you know and appreciate that in our relationship.
Blood sweat and tears went into this. and now we’re here. so .. uhh.. now I’m HOH i’m final 5. I just hope that final 5 becomes final 2. Tomorrow will be a move that could make the difference.
I do see myself sitting in those final 2 chairs.
Feeds flip to the jokers laying in their beds.. When we’re back.
Ky – I’m so thankful to be here right now.
Ky goes on about how much he loves Hananh and Tiffany.
Ky – I don’t love certain things tiffany has done in this game. It sucks by her own admission she has been distrustful of me in this game at moments when she should not have been. Her mistake was not trusting me her mistake was when she stopped trusting me. There was moments when I had her back throughout this game. I had always pictured us going to the end together along with Xavier. The three of us. I’m a crazy person that wants to go to the end with the best. Now it seems like that is not possible so I make this move. It’s strategic it’s not personal. It’s my best option to accomplish my individual goals and you know.. uhh.. hopefully, you see that I have defended her consistently and been loyal to her even though she just admitted to be she hasn’t been loyal to me.
Ky – He has not defended me, She has not looked out for me and had my back the same way I have had hers. So .. I Did not come to this decision lightly and uh.. it is not easy this is the hardest thing I’ve done so far. I wish things could have played out differently. She is amazing. She could win this veto and send me out next week. Or I win the veto we work out a deal and make it to the end. Anything can happen. Expect the unexpected..
Feeds cut (Grod yelling at him to scrub that thought from his mind)
When we’re back Kyland is saying he feels like he and Xavier didn’t play a game like Derrick and Cody they played their own game.
Ky – I love the way he plays the game and I respect him as a competitor .. and I respect everyone else as the competitors.. right now everyone is telling me he’s the best you know.. I can’t help myself I need to sit down next to him because I want to compete against the best in this house.. in this game. and Uhh it’s not because I have an ego that makes me want to be the best amongst people in the house I just want to be the best me the only way to be the best me is to put myself in a situation that can truly unlock my potential.. that Goku mentality I’ll let you charge up transform.. power up whatever because how can I reach my potential if I don’t let you if I don’t face you at your best. If I don’t face the best and face them at their best. I don’t know if I can beat him I don’t know If I can beat a lot of people to be honest. I don’t know it I can make it to final 2. But I believe that I can so Uhh.. this week I am looking at scenarios if Nominations stay the same I know that some people will want to take a shot at Hannah next week. I don’t know if I do personally. She’s going to be the third-best competitor in the house if Tiffany leaves. I love her to come to the end with us but I can’t make choices for the whole house. I will defend her the best I can while honouring the agreements I have.
Kyland says he doesn’t even need to win the veto if Tiffany wins it he’s worked through scenarios where they still move forward together with Xavier.
Kyland – I could be wrong and I could be wrong about Xavier..

12:23 am Jokers talking game
Azah says she’s trusting Kyland right now “He didn’t put me up”
DF points out if she didn’t “make those commitments” with Kyland she would have gone up
Azah – that was god man
DF – that was my black a$$ telling you to fix it
Azah – did you set that up?
DF – I told him he needs to fix his relationship with you and I told you to be open-minded and this is why..
Azah – if tiffany comes down who goes up?
DF – just a pawn.. I dunno that’s his decision it could be you but it’s not you going home. That is why we have to go for Veto. I’m not changing it if I win.
DF – I can’t afford for me to use the veto and for ou to go up
Azah – mmmmhmmm
Azah – did he talk to you about Final 4
DF – he mentioned that but he still hasn’t told me who the fourth person is
Azah – right now he says X but do you think he would really do that?
DF – possible
DF – we’re in the middle. If Hannah wins she’ll put up those two
Azah – that’s going to be hard for me.
DF – that is my worst fear. one of them win Veto. That’s a lot for me.
Azah – if X wins next week who do you think he puts up?
DF – Hannah and me or Hannah, You or Hannah and Ky

Azah – I hope you all don’t have a final 3
DF – we don’t but you need to look at it this way people can have agreements you know. I can sit there and say YEAH I’m cool with Ky and say YEAH I’m cool with X and I’m COOL with Azah. Whoever wins is going to pick who goes up.

Azah best case is X wins HOH
DF – we don’t know what he’s going to do.. we don’t know.. at this point we only try..
Azah – the reason for me is I told Ky that whoever he’s on the block next week I would vote for him. If Hannah is HOH and it’s Ky and X thats hard.. you get what I’m saying?
DF -that’s why we have to pray they never end up on the block toegether
DF – here is my worst fear.. being down to three. You’re up with X I made a deal with X since the beginning. My morals because of how much you and me have been close to each other.. I’ll sit there and be like I’m going to take Azah to the end.
DF says if she made a deal with someone and he’s sitting next to that person in the final 3 and she send DF he can’t be upset with her. “Do what you have to do.. that’s what I’m getting at”
Azah says X wants to do a four with them and both X and Ky want to take the jokers to 3.
Azah – here’s my thing. If I don’t win I want you to win so I’m never going to.. When I made that final 3 with you guys what did I tell you? I’m okay with third.. it’s not that I’m okay with third to settle with for something. I respect covenants and commitments that have been made with him.

1:22 am Everyone sleeping.

8:24 am Getting up

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Final 6 Rundown

Azah – Playing for 3rd place. Happy with 3rd place as long as 1st and 2nd go to X and DF. She’s hoping when CBS cuts the check to X that they’ll put her phone number on it. After she hands the $750,000 grand prize to X and he ghosts her upon leaving the BB House, she can dream about their “covenant,” her take on their F3, as she boils his bunny (Fatal Attraction reference, for those who don’t get it).

DF – Taking credit for Azah not being on the block. Yesterday, he was taking credit for the CO plus-one strategy. In his speech at the finals (after X drags him to F2), he will declare that he came-up with the law of gravity and that he constructed the design for the first spaceship to Mars, but he couldn’t go to Mars himself because there are no accommodations for his size.

X – Arrogant, condescending, and cruel (yes, cruel). Grod’s golden boy. Winning the game. He won’t be the first arrogant, condescending, and cruel production pick to win BB.

Ky – Made a tactical error with F6 HOH. He should have nominated Azah & DF, with the potential to renom Tiff or X. Then, he could ride the middle at F5 (if veto isn’t used) while Tiff and X take shots at each other. Regardless, he’s being his best self, unlocking his potential, and will be putting employees to sleep across America next year as he delivers corporate training seminars.

Hannah – Either losing her only ally (Tiff) or getting evicted herself at F6. Even if she or Tiff win veto and they have the majority vote with Azah, the X-crazed Azah will still vote out the female. Azah has a “covenant,” after all, with X. This means Hannah’s only chance for F3 is to win every veto after Tiff is evicted this week (unless, of course, Tiff wins this week’s veto and Hannah joins jury).

Tiffany – My favorite HG this season. Problematic, no doubt, but she was the strategist of getting her alliance to F6. Her fate was sealed when she had the opportunity to cut X at F8, but she cut her ally Claire instead. X would not have done the same for her. She’ll go back to her son and her business. She’ll remain a BB Twitter favorite. But she won’t get a dollar of prize money awarded to 1st-5th place. Maybe she should have laid in bed all season.


This made me crack up!


100% the TRUTH!! Great post and I agree with each player analysis. X does prove that BB has a winner “type” most every year and take out the strong females like Janelle, Danielle, and Tiffany


Tiffany and Hannah ROYALLY screwed up their games up by who they sent out on their HOH. You do not take out a final two on your HOH when all three men we’re going to take you out next! Its fitting that both of Hannah and Tiffany are getting taken out this Thursday considering they targeted the women for the wrong reasons because what Alyssa and Claire looked like. I mentioned a couple days ago prior to KY HOH win Thursday that Hannah would regret not targeting Kyland. Now here we are, that’s what they get for targeting two women Who wanted to take them to the end for the wrong reasons and doing all the dirty work for those men who are just gonna take them out first chance they Got! It was so obvious that it was going to happen. It was so obvious that they should’ve taken out Xavier then Kyland on Thursday. They were foolish not to take those men out, and just have DF in the house as the only man who can’t win anything! Had those girls kept Alyssa and Claire- Hannah and Tiffany could have ran to the end.
I mean TIffany would’ve had three people in Claire Aza and Hannah that would’ve taken her to the Final 2 with only Alyssa and Derek F standing in her way but she wanted to keep Kyland and Xavier in the house who are the biggest competitive threats? That is just so idiotic to even comprehend to protect those men who wanted to take you out Next! That is just bad gameplay all the way around by Tiffany and Hannah. Now they have no one to blame but themselves for their poor game play while being in power.


Well said. I think that Tiff and Hannah will have the most regrets (out of all the players) when they watch back.


Don’t you think they had NO CHOICE? It was Tiff who wanted to go with DX/Hannah/Claire (and had the side deal with Christian). Then suddenly on a non comp day the feeds shut down – hours later when they returned she seemed pissed & sat thinking by herself for days & the BOOM the plus one strategy was born. What I do think she’ll regret is saying all six to F6 (she should’ve just said all to jury for 6-5 voting advantage).

The Beef

So you’re implying the 6 to final 6 strategy wasn’t a player strategy at all, but was a production fueled strategy to drive their narrative this season? That would mean Tiffany in particular has been telling big whoppers all season long as to how that was HER idea (despite the fact the Brigade used a similar strategy in BB 12), but we all know they sometimes are “guided” to do what they don’t want to do. We just don’t know how “strongly” they are guided.


Agree, thank you I think they will too. It just made no sense keeping Xavier and Kyland if your HannaH and Tiffany. When your just were doing their dirty work and for them to just target you first out of the 6.


Ditto. I think I have pretty much agreed with you all season. Lol!


Same. Great minds think alike! Lol.

another name

How did you feel about Ky saying Tiff should have always trusted him / had no reason to distrust him?
I think my brain cartwheeled.
I mean, last week his day planner was noon-1:45pm: conspire with TIff. 2pm-12am: conspire with everyone else about Tiff. midnight: get in bed with Tiff.
for every week before that remove midnight.


What’s interesting about Ky’s statement is that I think he actually believes it. I think that somehow in his twisted logic, he thinks that he’s been loyal to Tiff. It defies reason, but everything that Ky does and says defies reason.

another name

I feel like everything he cam talks is what he thinks feed viewers want to hear, and not what he is actually thinking.
That’s the assumption I’ve been making since his first HOH.


EXACTLY – did Ky ever reveal all his side deals? Did he tell her he was putting up Claire? ON SB HOH she implied to each of Tiff/Claire/DX/Hannah that Big D/Ally were going up with X seemingly her back door target until the 5 hour Kyversation shifted it to Claire/Big D and he never told her. They’ve all lied or withheld so THAT talk felt more like he knows the fans won’t appreciate these nominations (I wonder if he knows live feeders SEE EVERYTHING including bed time).


I think every word out of his mouth is Bull Sh*t

moaning myrtle

Thank you! You nailed it and I laughed at the same time. Thank you for adding to the enjoyment of the season! I would love your take on Claire. Yup, we all know X will win and I am with you, I just don’t see how he is playing such an excellent game. Also, I agreeX is cruel in a passive -aggressive way. Besides hearing from Claire on eviction night and seeing how Tiffany will “manage those folks in the jury” ( will Tiff tell the truth?) will Alyssa stop being so naive? I am most interested in reading your observations of the finale as well as another name( with respect to many other here to numerous to mention.


We’re so in sync on our reads this season 😉

I called X cruel recently as well – it was one thing for him to be in his feels about not getting his way but quite another to witness the manner in which he acted with regard to Tiff.

The one area we might disagree is I sort of see a route for Hannah to get to F2 b/c Xavier really likes her. He said he trusted (& liked) Ally & Hannah the most so I don’t think that door is closed especially if Tiff leaves (BOO!!!) this week.

Ky is full of sh*t about what he’s saying about Tiff. Ironically seems like Tiff letting him in her bed was the same time the shift occurred (almost like the guy who chases the girl & immediately loses interest once he catches her). I do think he might bring Hannah (if he survives the DE) b/c he won’t completely trust Azah, won’t want X having Big D as a F2 option & his ego won’t allow him to believe Hannah could beat him or that X would take her over him to F2.

I don’t see an avenue for her with Big D b/c he only wants men in the end (even over Azah) and anything she says to him (other than a F2) will be run right back to X and/or Ky.

As for Azah — Hannah can out all the F3 & F2 deals X/Ky have (& Big D) which will resonate b/c X/DF both LIED to her. Hannah can say this week hurts b/c week ago X/Ky each made (Tiff/Han) F3 deals so clearly they are covered on all sides. AND she should tell her Ally said X REALLY wanted her to win F7 HOH which makes sense b/c he complained all week about Tiff & that doesn’t make sense unless he was hoping to break the CO to keep Ally.

If Hannah is smart she tells Azah you’ve been honest & loyal but it’s annoying that Ky/X are calling out Tiff when they’re are guiltier. It’s unlikely Azah wins a comp but Hannah should try to get her in agreement for F2 & at very least NOT to vote against each other.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Kyland speaks a secret language only twins can understand. SHATUP!!!!

bumbling bee

but, where are the twins who can understand him?




I dislike X and Ky and BigD so much that I just don’t know how I can get to the end of this season. I may have to just leave it and never google the ending so I don’t have to hear that X or Ky have won.


Why cant they have a jury member come back like they have done in the past.


Don’t know if any of my faves ever made it to jury or not, but ya gotta love some of the past players, I.e. Fessee: “who flipped?”, Nicole F: “it’s not faaaaiir”; Zac: “Fruit loop dingus”; JC trying to get in bed with every man in the house; Rockstar: On my daughter’s birthday??”; Raven: 6 Kidneys & every made-up disease/ailment in the book….ok, way more, but tons of priceless moments. See? It’s entertainment, folks.


C’mon. X has been declared Grod’s winner this season from day one. What Grod wants, Grod gets. And he is definitely her type: hot looking guy. She picks those early. But, hey, I still find, considering what else is offered on tv, BB is entertaining & that’s why I watch tv. Not to be lectured by SJW’s, class warfare types, us vs them, ppl writing obvious school or work essays——it’s (a type) of entertainment that I enjoy. A social experiment that shows just who we really are. Not so pretty at times, but nothing to be taken seriously—-it’s a scripted game show, folks.


Azah needs to win veto, take one off to get rid of a guy, but she is too far up the guys butts to do that…


She’s far up Xavier’s butt. The funny thing is that he can care less. lol


Azah and DF can’t be this obtuse. They’re both just placeholders for whoever sits next to them because neither of them are getting $750,000. Unless they make it to final 2 together which is highly unlikely.


Here’s the thing though. What are they supposed to do? Yeah. X is the biggest threat. It makes the most sense to try to get him out ASAP. But you just said it yourself. Big D and Azah have no shot at winning unless they are next to each other. Neither of them would win if they sat next to Tiff or Hannah either. So can you really say it’s dumb on their part not to attempt to get X out? At this point, everyone left wants to take them to final 3. It doesn’t really matter what they do.


From what I see, the CO was only good for X, Ky, Tiffany, & Hannah. Because, in a past game, each of those would have been voted out by anyone because of their game play. They are all smart players and/or physically strong!

Azah and DF are floaters and only helped the other four beat them. Evidently, the cause is greater than the idea of winning $750K. Kudos to them, because I would have taken the money over the cause. I would have liked to see Azah play her own game. I had high hopes for her at the beginning.

I would love to see Hannah win, but I think X has it in the bag unless he loses the veto when he’s on the block. I think he’s going to gun for it during final 4, the most important veto.

another name

Az is not a floater.
Couch is not a floater.
Being a floater would have been actually doing something.
Even then, they barely qualify as coasters.

another name

love it


I call them “horizontal”!


Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought it was mentioned Big D was a down on his luck could hardly pay his bills security guard. I read an article from two years ago that showed him all dressed up at his job of Academy Admissions Director at Valley Forge military academy. He also mentions attending that school via chauffeur from grades 8-12. So I’m curious why the act? His idea or bb’s idea.


Oh, interesting. I didn’t know all that. I’ve always disliked the idea of taking BB players to jury and beyond because they “need the money.” It’s Big Brother, not the state welfare program.


Agree 100%. This is a competetion.


This info plus x goodbye message to Alyssa saying he made a pledge to something before entering the house plus x on feeds saying the 6 split the money and kyland shut it down quick saying we can’t talk about that is making me wonder if this season is about to implode all over grod and cbs. Lol


Yeah, when I heard him say that I thought the same thing. Maybe that was the idea behind the prize money increase this season…so they could all divide it. Personally, I wouldn’t want it that way if I was playing, but can understand it for people like the horizontal (DF, Azah).


He’s the son of former Boxer Joe Frazer. Someone posted the other day he has LOTS of money, owns a gym etc but was going to play up needing money. To be fair -I have not idea if that poster was correct. What I DO KNOW is he did say on feeds he had to cancel a trip to Puerto Rico so he could go into quarantine for BB. So if you’re Mom needs money or you’re that broke why are you going on a trip?

X brought up splitting the money (between the six) & jumped on changing the subject quickly (he CAN talk fast & concise when necessary lol). Just 1st ($750k) & 2nd ($75k) place would equate to $137,500 each but technically it would be more b/c if they intended to do that they’d have to factor in each of the salaries which increase for top 5 positions. The thing is BB contract DOES NOT allow them to do this. The way around it is “gifts” Derrick L did that his season buying Caleb a truck & Cody things. I’d worry about Big D b/c he strikes me as someone who wouldn’t be willing to share (and he’s already shown that going for the $7500 in domino comp with X on the block & Azah in danger– although he’d make more if they added up the 6’s earnings & split it (more than double).


When a dominant alliance achieves their goal for final 6, the show tanks in my opinion. The real savory game play is when an alliance member attacks another alliance member along the way, loyalties change mid game making the game-play way more interesting. We are left with 6 players who have all agreed that so long as one of the six wins they all succeed. The exact recipe for BORING!!!!


The final 6 in the house are racist, it is too bad they feel this way. They have probably ruined any other person of colors chances of playing the game again because of their comments. There whole game was to make sure no matter what that a black person wins this year. It is disgusting the way they promised and back stabbed every other person in the house because they were not black. So much for uniting people in America. X made a comment America is watching twice we sure are X.


It’s 9/11. Still breaks my heart every year. God Bless America & the heroes who gave all. Makes these petty fusses occurring on BB look so trivial.