Kyland WON the Veto!! “You’ll see me arguing with production for at least 8 minutes!”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto Players: Everyone
Power of Veto: Kyland
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Kyland WON the VETO!

12:37pm – 6:37pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the BB Comics power of veto competition.

The house guests are in the kitchen talking about the competition. Xavier – you will watch it back and literally see me arguing with production for at least 8 minutes! As far as the attention to detail that sh*t was done. I laid them all next to each other so that I could see the differences so that when I went across it was easier to spot them. Azah – I thought I did that sh*t in 9 minutes! They all laugh. They each talk about the differences in each of the house guests BB comics. Tiff didn’t figure it out before the time limit ran out.

The house guests all sit around the table and then head to the living room to pose for “photos”.

7:10pm Storage room. Big D and Kyland.
Big D – I will still ask you out on another date but I don’t know how much longer I can keep taking this beating from you. Twice in one week. Ky – I didn’t mean to. Big D – I was like oh they showed my time first so that means I am not going to get it. Ky – I thought I did it in 15 minutes. I thought I lost. Good job! Seriously good job! Big D – until you backstab me. Look at the face .. I already know it. As Ky is leaving the storage room Ky says now you’re about to be.

7:20pm Kitchen – The house guests continue to talk about the comp. Xavier – After this I have not

7:42pm HOH room. Tiffany talking to the cameras.
Tiffany – Everyone can go. I can’t be loyal to anyone else in this game if he keeps me in this house and that’s what I have to effectively deliver to him. Hoping that it lands, hoping that he sees it. Hoping that our relationship is not broken. Hoping that it can be repaired because right now nobody in this house can save me but him and we will see. I am definitely going to try. Nobody else can offer me anything. We will see.. its a tough spot to be in!

8:30pm – 9:30pm Dinner time.. Tiffany is still annoyed and wishes she knew where she went wrong in the veto comp. She figures she had everything right except for the order. They go through the order and all the right comic. Tiff – I was done! I was the f**k done! Ky and Xavier move to the living room and continue to talk about the comp and their strategies.

9:30pm – 9:38pm Bathroom. Hannah talking to the live feeders.
Hannah – so I am a bit upset with myself for not being able to win BB comics with is the comp that we just played. It just wasn’t my comp to win and that is okay. Kyland won so chances are that he will leave noms the same. I do plan on offering him a deal if he uses the veto on me this week. Then I will vote however he wants me to vote. I will use the veto on him next week and I also plan on offering an official final two deal. If I do lose Tiff at the end of this week then I really have to reconfigure my strategy. I need to figure out how I am going to navigate through this game. How I am going to maneuver through this game without her. As far as whether or not I plan on honoring a final two deal with him…. I don’t know. At that point if I am at final three and I have to make that choice I will make that decision then. If noms stay the or even if they don’t I plan on offering a final three deal with Xavier and Kyland. My biggest regret has been trusting someone so much as an individual where you’re believing everything that they say as fact instead of being able to objectively evaluate the game. I feel like I have given Tiff everything and she has given me everything. I have trusted her and she has trusted me and sometimes that trust has clouded my judgement. I plan on expressing that to Ky and Xavier. If you can’t beat them, join them. I don’t want Big D and Azah both sitting in the final three. They haven’t really had to show their cards. They haven’t had an active role in the Cookout. I don’t want to strike any deals with Big D. I just want to make him feel comfortable.

10pm Bedroom. Tiffany talking to the cameras.
Tiffany – I don’t like to be a person that takes a long time to learn from my mistakes and unlike life in this house you don’t have a lot of time. I need to be able to effectively have a conversation with Ky to allow him to understand. In order to stay in this house I need him …and I think he needs me too but he doesn’t needs the me that is not going to be loyal or isn’t going to trust him… that is going to challenge him on everything. I understand that. He needs me to be the best of me and if I want to stay in this game I don’t have any choice but to be that. That is the conversation that we have to have and I hope that he understands that. I plan to keep my word to him for keeping me in the game. I am definitely not going to give up. He has a lot of other competition out there. I know he wants to take a competitor to the end.. based on today I might be out of the running. I can definitely have his back and always vote for him. One thing I will leave here a better person.

11:30pm – 12am HOH room. Hannah, Xavier and Big D
They’re talking about the evicted house guests and past events of the season.

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Bye Bye Tiff


Get to steppin Tiff.

DON THE CON endorsed a phedophile

Hannah is probably following Tiffany out the door on Thursday.

Joe endoresed a grand wizard

Just like Claire said it would happen. Df or Azah will be in F2


No it’s going to be Xavier and Kyland.
Derek F and Azah can’t win jack SQUAT!

Game fan

She can win a comp at the double
I won’t be suprised if ky is next


Bye Bye Bye Felicia !!!!

Not Sorry

No one says that anymore!!! Lol


ok Karen 🙂

BB fan

Tiffany did it to herself when she got rid of Claire. Hannah will be having the same fate this Thursday from sending out Alyssa instead Of taking out the men. Those girls literally screwed up their own games with their HOH reigns this past Thursday. They threw their games away for those men. Was it worth it ladies? Well they did it to themselves with bad gameplay while being in power.

Game fan

It wasn’t for the men , it was for the cookout mission …

Aunt cece

The women were playing for the cookout, the men were playing for themselves.


yep, the CO for BB history


Mission? don’t even go there and say it.
This is all on Tiffany and Hannah with their bad gameplay last week- 100% did this to themselves with their HOH last week.
Both of those girls backed them selves into a corner. Now this week both of them have their games on lifelines because they took out the wrong people Who had a final two with them and everybody else remaining wants them both out the door!
Tiffany and Hannah both made horrible decisions with whom they targeted as HOH-each of them got rid of a final two. Alyssa was wanting to take Hannah to the end and cut Xavier at three which is why she felt betrayed by Hannah talking to Julie. I mean you do not get rid of final twos with 8 people left when all three men are coming after you both?! Hannah and Tiffy didn’t even think three steps ahead didn’t even consider what would happen if they kept those men and the men getting the power.

For getting rid of Claire and Alyssa Who had a final two with the respective HOH’s that took them out this is all on Hannah and Tiffany! You play and make decisions to further yourself to get yourself to the end of the game.
You play to win the game!
It made no effing sense keeping kyland and Xavier last week! Mission?
Don’t even start with that. Not an EXCUSE! This is the exact reason why you do not base your ultimate decisions in big brother on race. This trouble is all on them, they created it – Hannah and tiffany made the wrong decisions!


You talk like BB is the only thing they have in their whole life. They have family, careers, communities, life outside of BB. They rather lose the game then get all the hate after the game by the black community if they went after the CO men before completing the mission, especially due to the double standard.

MJ Addiez

Not sure why there are 43 likes to this comment lol. I thought it was crystal clear why they were working together? ?Do you not understand that it was for the cookout? ?. Tiffany knew what she was doing and so did Hannah. From Day 1. They should’ve won the HOH period because at this point its a singles game. ????


Tiffany and Hannah got rid of somebody who was going to take them both (Claire taking Tiffany; Alyssa taking Hannah) to the final 2! Instead Tiffany and Hannah kept them men safe who we’re just going to target them anyways. Tiffany and Hannah literally made such bad moves last Thursday in who they sent out with their HOHs- Their logic was so flawed and it was foolish because they thought solely on race.
Hannah said that whoever has a Target a Xavier yet is foolish will speak for yourself there Hannah that’s all on you and Tiffy!
You both sent out claire who wanted to take you all to the final three!!

The Foosa

Well, given all the heavy handed censoring on the site this season, there’s really no need to visit here anymore. B-bye Simon and Dawg after 6 yrs lurking here….I did the same with Youtube, many other options that let differing opinions to be spoken, even if they are uncomfortable for many….

Great season! Eyeroll x 1000


DerekF and Azah do not deserve to win 2nd or 3rd place.

Big Brother 23 Fan

DerekF and Azah do not deserve to be in the top five.

Yellow Ducky For The Win

They don’t even deserve to be in the game! They are utterly useless and hardly making any effort to play. I would say Azah is the worst of the two.


The question now is who will follow Tiff out the door ?

Game fan

X hoh / big D hoh /azah hoh – probably all will do hannah and ky – ky is going if Hannah wins veto
Hannah hoh – interesting , cause she is talking about joining X and ky to a f3 deal . If she does that – azah is evicted on her hoh. If she doesn’t , it’s ky . ky is winning veto than it’s x .
Big D get to final 4 easily


I don’t quite think so with Hannah because she has commented on DF floating to the end and needing to be evicted


Hate to see Tiff leave. Hope that Azah can see it’s going to be all men at the end and try her best to stick with Hannah


Since when has Big Brother given money for 3rd place? Is that something new this year? They usually give out money for first and second place then the $25k is for America’s Favorite Player and DerekX will probably win that


Maybe…..just maybe, Tiff will be able kyvince Ky to make a deal with her to pull her off the block and backdoor Xavier. All they have to do is tell Azah if she doesn’t vote out Xavier, she’s their new target next week. Or they could just make a final 3 deal with her or whatever lol

The Beef

Hannah doesn’t care about anybody but Hannah. That’s been apparent for many many weeks now. If you don’t believe me, just re-read what she says above. She’s clearly on a one person team.

Paul Sucks

This season continues to be predictable and boring. Tiff and Hannah will be leaving Thursday. Only question is will X choose Big D or Azah during Ky’s next HOH.

This season is tough because the players were all likable but the big alliance has totally killed it. Would have been a little more enjoyable to see either Azah or Big D cut earlier with a battle between different sides.

Honestly believe Tiff may have had a shot had the CO never existed.

another name

Had the cookout not existed the first eviction would likely have been Ky.
Why? Who was in Dx’s ear to use it on Ky? Couch or X or Brent were in on the meetings between Frenchie or Dx. X was also counselling Dx to use it, and get rid of Travis. So was Tiff. None of them would have stuck their neck out for Ky week one without cookout, because he was frazzled and panicked on the block week one. So many people were pushing for Dx to use the veto week one, and most of those people were in the cookout alliance.
The game would have changed instantly with that being the case because Ky was HOH number 2.

another name

The why is what you’re missing. Why wasn’t he leaving Ky on the block on the first place. Because he was being told in 6 different directions that he had to take Ky off the block, so he promised Ky he’d take him off the block.

Norman Smiley

The girls lost it last week. They should have kept Alyssa and got rid of Ky. Then it would have been 4 girls to 2 guys. They can’t beat both Ky and X in competitions. But they obviously aren’t smart strategic players. IE, they deserve to go home. Ky and X can run circles around DF and Azah. The girls gave them the easiest path to the end.


As one of the only Kyland’s fans I’m very happy with this result but I still fear for him in next week’s double eviction. Hannah could easily win the second double eviction HOH again and unless Kyland wins that Veto he will be gone most likely.

If he survives it though I have faith he can win either the Final 4 HOH or that Final 4 Veto (the last one of the season).

And then if he gets to Final 3 I also have a good feeling about his chances at winning the final HOH.

Of course it seems he wants to be dumb and take Xavier to the end and lose to him… He needs to wise up and realize he is playing for his family not Xavier’s.. Either way a black man will win if he takes The Couch and Kyland wins with like a 8-1/7-2/6-3 vote…

It really should be 9-0 but I can see Azah at least being salty AF and maybe some more haters who really want to make this season one of the worsts considering The Couch would be the winner representing the season…

big brother fan

i even fear he can go out next to hannah. x and jokers dont need him anymore.
azah would vote ky out for sure. and everyone is gonna nom him next.


Is it me or is there an excessive amount of talking to the cameras this year? Working for America’s vote???


you can see the defeat in Tiffanys eyes. sad

another name

I so hate the end of season individual time comps.
I really really hate them.
When houseguests talk afterwards and say I thought it took me a lot longer than that, like 15 minutes, or transversely say I was sure that was under 5 minutes, how could it have taken that long… believe them not the comp results. They’ve been pulling that one (manipulations of times) since the first facemorph individual time comp veto way back in the old school days.
I don’t believe individual time comps are anything more than production pulling numbers out of Grod’s ass and telling us to believe they aren’t just piles of her shit. If they want to prove me wrong… air the whole 6 hours during one of the feed cuts, or as a bonus video. Otherwise, I’ll never believe them.

*This has nothing to do with the results this time, I’ve said similar things and provided examples multiple times for multiple individual time comps over the years (even if someone I actually like wins I complain).