Julia “My dying wish is that one of you 3 (Vanessa, Austin, Liz) f**king win!”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-09 11-51-14-952

11:50am – 12:05pm Vanessa asks Julia how she’s doing. Julia tells Vanessa that she wanted to get up and have a good day. I’m going to work on my speech. When I got up I saw Liz and my suit cases and it made me so sad. Julia says that she and Liz have been sharing makeup and will leave it for her because she’s going to be on tv. Vanessa tells Julia that in the jury house she can request they get her things like makeup because they want you to be happy. Julia says she hope she gets to watch movies in the jury house. Julia starts talking about when Liz and her switched back and forth in the beginning and big brother blocks the feeds. Julia says she is sad she won’t get to see if they get something crazy like Pandora’s Box. Vanessa says you got to see lots of things like OTEV, Zingbot and Jessie (Godderz). Julia says my dying wish is that one of you three (Vanessa, Austin, Liz) f**king win because if its Johnny Mac and Steve at the end I am going to be depressed!! If its Johnny Mac or Steve at the end I will literally rip his throat. Vanessa laughs. Julia says nope this juror is not voting! Vanessa heads outside. Julia heads to the storage room and looks at her and Liz’s suit cases. She says I’m pretty sure this one is mine! You got your twins wrong again buckos!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-09 12-02-38-113

12:20pm Vanessa heads out to workout on the elliptical. Meanwhile in the kitchen -Johnny Mac and Steve join Julia in the kitchen. Johnny Mac asks do you think James has gone camping yet?! (camping is code for $ex in the house) Julia says definitely not. Steve says maybe with himself .. to which my answer would be 5 times a day. Julia says lord Steve! Julia heads outside to workout with the free weights. Julia says I am going to be so pissed if we have to wear athletic gear tomorrow. Julia asks aren’t you an athlete? Julia says no, I want to look pretty!

Julia and Liz are in the backyard talking about their speeches. Liz says if we’re in athletic clothes I am going to turn to you and say Julia this is not the outfit I wanted to stand next to you in. I am still in shock that we made it this far together. One of our goals was to just make it into the house together. And now we’re top 6! We can’t fool 15 other house guests that we are 1 person. I just want to let you know that no man, sorry Austin, or any amount of money could never come between us. And in my opinion true love is when you love someone more than you love yourself. House guests which ever one of us stays is going to fight for the other. Happy voting. Julia says that’s so good. Vanessa joins them and starts helping Julia what she should say in her speech.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-09 12-50-10-958

12:50pm – 1pm Austin talks to Johnny Mac about which twin to keep. Austin says Steve was asking what he could do and I said to just respect which ever decision they made because honestly you would just piss them off more if you go against what they want. Its a toss up with either one. Johnny agrees. Austin says it won’t change too much people are still going to target the same people. I said that I would respect whatever they wanted to do. I am not going to sway it. I am out of the dog house and I don’t want to stay there. Johnny says yeah I’m good with that. They chat about what the HOH competition might be. Johnny says I hope its physical. Austin says we’re the favourites lets just get there. Johnny says I know its getting down to it, I know the people in jury and the people I can’t beat. Becky told me if I go to the end with her (Vanessa) she is voting for her. I was like okay. Austin says she’s made all the right moves. It’s scary. I think I could make a good case. Johnny says its tough against a lawyer. Its going to be tough for me to beat Steve because he’s more friendly with everyone.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-09 12-59-30-414

1:20pm In the kitchen – Liz, Austin and Julia are making food and fooling around.

1:35pm – 1:40pm Johnny mac tells Vanessa we just have to win it. Either we win it or we die! Vanessa says obviously I’m giving it a 1000% but if it comes down to me and you, I am giving it to you. Johnny says okay, thank you.

1:55pm – 3pm Austin tells Liz that Johnny told him about how Becky said if he is in the finals with Vanessa she is voting for her. Becky is smart, she did everything she could to get Vanessa out of the game and when she couldn’t she told Johnny Mac that so he wouldn’t take her. Austin and Liz start “jedi mind drilling” the days / events. Steve joins them and he and Austin talk about past seasons of big brother. Austin scares Julia by covering himself with the Audrey blanket, going into the comic room, shutting off the light and grabbing at her legs. (See gif below) After Austin goes back to studying with Liz. Liz says I can’t wait for our first real date. Austin asks what do you want to do? Liz says eat good food and get drunk. Austin says we have to make time for each other if we get all booked up and have a crazy schedule, okay?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-09 13-54-49-208

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My dying wish? WTF! Yeah she was such a big gamer. Good thing you don’t have to get anymore blood on your hands Julia. LOL.

Stars Align

John & Austin met in backyard agreed on all the reasons to get Vanessa out, they don’t want to go to Final 2 with her. JMac said he kept getting up but looked like meeting wasn’t gonna happen. Austin said he didn’t miss anything. Steve Van Julia Liz drama perfect distraction from plotting against Van & Steve. Austin says James should have come to him but that was his mistake. John Austin say they’ll meet later, it will only take their 2 votes to flip the house.

Twits putting on an act for Steve. Twits call Steve & John floaters bc they should know. They don’t want Steve to win they’ll to his throat out. Steve discusses how often James pleasures himself a day, and it’s not sex with Meg. Eeewwwuuhh, barf the Twits. Poor frustrated Norman, teddy bear must not be putting out in the Bates Motel. He throws things around HOH, he knows he’s Scamper Squad’s target and he can’t play for HOH. Mumble, mumble, mumble. Mommy any tips for winning POV?


I have a feeling Jmac is just agreeing with Austin just in case Austin or Liz win HOH. He doesn’t want to go up next to Steve. If Steve, Jmac, or Van win POV, they control everything. They use it and Liz or Austin have to go up. Last week Van asked Jmac about possibly making a deal with Austin, his reply was “yeah then we can break it”.

Jmac is too smart to work with an unbreakable final 2(Aus/Liz). You honestly think Jmac doesn’t already know Van is trying to make deals with everyone. Jmac also has deals with everyone in the house.

Laying Low, Watch It Blow

Of course he’s making deals to cover himself if he doesn’t win HOH, gets put up against Steve and fails to win POV–Austin bags on James for not bothering to talk to him, then throwing it to Van with his wimpy bowling. Julie skewered him for giving up at eviction. JMAC has to talk to Austin Liz if it’s to get Steve out. Steve doesn’t care about JMac, his last pitch to win favor back in his alliance is to sacrifice JMac.

JMAC is more popular heard during his eviction cheers so Van won’t keep him, and without Austins deal, real if he needs it, fake if he doesn’t, is the same bs everyone’s shoveling. Steve will be an easy pick since he can’t play, but if Van isn’t the pawn, John will be. Van said she’d throw the HOH to him so she can win the last one and choose who to take to F3. Steve can take his Twin kill home as a souvenir but he would have gotten farther evicting Van who quit on him already.


Watching tonight’s episode… Vanessa is such a disgusting person… swearing on Mel’s life that she did not play Julia
What a piece of c***

Vanessa's Broomstick

I can’t believe Julia trusted Vanessa in the Veto Comp. Worse than that was having to see Jessie again.


In one scene, she was crying and swore on Mel’s life to Julia that she was looking out for the twins

In next scene, she told Austin she was looking out for herself since if she (Vanessa) is up on the block against Austin, she goes home since twins vote for Austin to stay

Nothing wrong with lying in BB..

But there is no need to bring Mel into this and swear on her life

Just play the game

I am not sure if Mel even likes her anymore

CBS Cameraman Says Show Rigged

CBS cameramen reporting Van is fed info on all plots against her and Meg James votes turned against Shelli to keep Van in. She’s rigged to win to promote her signing on new show called Poker Face and BB is the launch. Thank gawd now we can stop watching and paying CBS for this shlock. Hope they clear up her zits, because her guilt and shame for cheating is the only thing showing on her poker face. Ugh. What’s the premise she lies and a sucker decides whether to believe her or not? I vote no. CBS has jumped the shark. I say make her do Survivor too. We can stop watching CBS altogether. After tonight’s show, all the blogs are screaming Van hate.

CBS does SUCK!

I just read that too, which explains EVERYTHING! What a bunch of money hungry cheatin bastards. I mean they probably don’t even hev to PAY HER! Fuck this show




I don’t think so- she was blindsided when Becky put her up and she was in the dark for awhile about the Austwins turning on her. They give hints to everyone- not just Vanessa. They basically told Meg she was not campaigning enough. so I think they do that for all of them at one time or another.


C.B.S. cheating bastards station

Double D

Now Vanessa is writing Julia’s speech. She’s controlling everything


CBS cast a vegas mob lawyer for a reason, a year after they cast a underecover police detective. Next year’s sandbag, a serial killer. That would be great since the casting is so bad. And no one will be exaggerating about drowning in the vats of blood on their hands. Come on CBS you can do Scream better than MTV. Producers save all the money for comps twists and takeovers on their raise.

the coreys

Jmac isn’t gonna win cause he is floating. I mean dude, he let vanessa talk him into getting rid of Julia because she’s tougher at comps than Liz, despite two major flaws anyone with a brain should pick up on.

This has been proven to be false with the amount of wins Liz has AND vanessa just the other day told Steve and Jmac that Julia needed to stay off the block cause she was the least likely of the entire house to win and screw up the noms.

Look, I know vanessa is playing all the sides and that’s the point but it hard to root for her when she’s not really playing a great game as much as everyone else is just playing a really bad one.

If jmac was me I’d make it clear that if she voted for Julia instead of liz that I would know which side of the house she’s on. There’s no point in keeping your feeling to your self at this point.


“Jmac isn’t gonna win cause he is floating”
Actually, “floating” is changing allegiance from one side of the house to the other based on who has power. Johnny has been constantly scrambling to form and maintain alliances…. he just hasn’t been particularly successful at it. By way of his hooking up with and remaining loyal to Steve and Vanessa, he’s not really floating per se.

“I mean dude, he let vanessa talk him into getting rid of Julia because she’s tougher at comps than Liz, despite two major flaws anyone with a brain should pick up on.”
Dumb, perhaps, but not floating. And if he’s perceived as weak himself, it makes more sense for HIS game to get rid of weaker player so everyone wants to take him to final three as the “scumbag”

“vanessa just the other day told Steve and Jmac that Julia needed to stay off the block cause she was the least likely of the entire house to win and screw up the noms”
Exactly. Vanessa is a huge threat. If she’s pushing to get rid of Julia, then for god’s sake KEEP HER to screw up all the power players’ plans.

“Look, I know vanessa is playing all the sides and that’s the point”
AND the definition of “floater”, btw.

“There’s no point in keeping your feeling to your self at this point.”
HELL. YA. These people are all so timid it’s nauseating. Speak up, get results. Let’s you and me bust into the house and show ’em how to play…

here at home

There are 2 types of floaters. One you mentioned, floating from one alliance to another. The 2nd is someone who doesn’t win comps and relies on others to advance their game. Jmac has been the 2nd type of floater IMO.


Who has JMac been relying on the game? Meg and Julia have been that kind of floater. Not JMac. He has only been w/Van for 2 weeks. I dont think he is that type of floater… I think he is trying to be perceived as that type though.


How do you know she changed his mind? JMAC is good about telling Vanessa what she wants to hear. Until we see the DR, we don’t know what he is thinking. But he is only one vote, so if Austin and Vanessa keep Liz, he would be stupid to vote against them. Getting Liz out would be the best move, but these stupid people let the noms choose. Taking out LIZ would be a big move because you break up a Showmance as well as the sisters.


She never finished law school.


Pretty sure I read Vanessa is a law school drop out or maybe wasn’t cutting it and was dropped. As the mom of a brilliant daughter who actually graduated law school and passed the bar the first time (in one of the most difficult states in the nation to pass), I am offended that people do not realize that Vanessa is just using her “I’m more brilliant than you because I went to law school” as anything more than her intimidation over this group of players. Her bullying tacticts are working brilliantly, not because she tried and failed to become an attorney but because she is a very good player in this particular group of not so hot of players. I guarantee you my daughter would have Vanessa curled up in a corner, fetal position begging for her mommy because she would call her on her bs……..she would probably get voted out like the couple others who tried that because this group is perplexing at best but it would have been fun to watch!


I believe I read that Vanessa did very well in law school. Scholarships and such.

I think she’s just damaged and can’t follow through long term, smart as hell but hops from big idea to big idea kind of thing. Law school…. poker… DJ… Big Brother….

I think the 3x a day med-trips to the DR explain a lot.

Don't Forget Amazing Race

Vanegoist got cast in BB after getting rejected for Amazing Race and she’s dung to go to All Stars because her poker days are over and spinning records don’t pay the bills. Her autobio wiki says she quit her last semester of school so it couldn’t have been for a good reason. My bet is she got caught cheating on exams or trying to bribe a professor. She’s got more than a couple of screws lose, her next big idea should be mechanic.


Congrats to your daughter!!


No she actually did very well in law school. She attended on academic scholarships etc. If I remember correctly I believe she got a taste of a nice size win in a poker tournament, and decided to run with it. I think she only lacks a semester to finish.

Vanessa's Broomstick

I hope the next HOH is a zit popping competition.

Gollum is Hotter Than Vanessa

Time to vote Vanessa out. Can you imagine how much fun watching her melt down will be?


Paranoia was the mother and the killer of Vanessa’s gameplay. Constantly changing alliances lies to cover lies meltdowns to deflect blame ultimately work against her. Paranoia means she double deals once too often, breaks trust, loses deals. A toast to the end of the 100th alliance of BB17, scamper squad IS toast. “You give me your word, I’ll give it a name” can be on Vans tombstone, along with “Here she lies, I’m not evil, it’s integrity”. Another one bites the dust.

Vanessa's Broomstick

I think she outed herself when she choose Austin instead of JMac in the veto comp and told Julia to challenge Austin.

Min O'Pause

My dying wish has always been Rod Stewart, some fun fur, and a bubble machine…

Pffffffttt Integrity

At least her integrity is intact, and that’s pretty hard?! She’s sniffing glue. She better come up with something else as a closing argument. Honestly, I never lied, I never broke a deal, I never stabbed anyone in the back, I never bullied anyone, i followed all the rules, i don’t want the money, I’m not evil, Jesus loves me this I know…. holy crap she’s gonna make the worst case of her life, which is poetic justice I guess. Shoulda finished law school.

the oracle

Lmfao watching this show tonight is hallarious!!! VAN IS LEADING THESE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER this is hallarious i cant believe she undigs herself from telling julia to pick austin and then they hate austin hahaha honestly best episode. Sure everyone hates Van and id love to see someone rise up and take her out but this is too funny.


If Julia is actually going then this is a very solid F5 in terms of any of them can win at this point. There is almost always one goat that has no shot at winning. (Victoria in 16/Spencer in 15/Jenn in 14/Adam in 13 etc…)

I just can't believe it!!

Seriously Steve! You think that Vanessa has only got a final 2 with you?!? Good grief! Does nobody but Vanessa talk any kind of game in this house? Austwins are just now getting it. Jmac had been wise to her for awhile and has choosen


Just the fact she had her sister in the house as a blood alliance is enough reason to never vote for her in the final 2. I know that’s unfair in a lot of ways because the twins had to avoid eviction in the first few weeks and were theoretically targets after that.

But with all the other factors like her horrible social game, being shielded by Austin and poor competition record she is surely one of the largest goats ever (apart from Victoria of course!).


my dying wish would be for Lizton to be the next two evictees


No drama, no bullying, no screaming matches, no bribes or Bibles, simple: Austin doesn’t want to take a lawyer to F2, John doesn’t want to take a teddy bear superfan to Final 2. Van & Steve evicted next.See how easy that was? Only 2 votes needed to rule. Austin or Liz will only have 3 votes in Jury, leaving JMAC BB $500k winner. Now put your earplugs back in to block out Van ranting, Twins sobbing and pervy Steve’s fecal fixation. Put cameras in Jury House to watch JuliAss strangle Meg for the stolen Zingbot souvenir. What’s Van gonna do without her pet pirhana? Zzzzzzzzz


John is playing a spectacular game. Climb the tree, have a nap, let the bears fight it out. Wake up refreshed, climb down, get the honey. Mmmmmm-mmmm. Honey.

And no winnings wasted on post-game therapy.

YouTube the bloke if you haven’t already. He’s a fabulously cool tap-guitar player, too.


Steve is become vile and gross, i know he thinks he’s joking but seriously he needs to think about what he says even if its just to fit in


Steve seems to have stepped up the potty talk the last little while. I don’t think what he said right there was so bad. They’ve all said much worse.

Not Eastwood?

Did anyone see the Steve/Vanessa “clit” comment? Did that really happen? Details, please…




Someone needs to get Coco the hell out of there before it’s too late.



He did it more than once, to break another BB record perhaps? Van got mad and he got called to the DR for his perverbial spanking. He’s definitely got a scatalogical sense of humor, problem is no one’s laughing. He’ll blame going crazy in the house, not that he’s in need of some therapy for social anxiety disorder. He’s losing AFP votes, not to mention the respect of his alliance, that is if Boy ever had it in the first place.

Min O'Pause

Why is Vannasty so offended? I’m sure she’s seen plenty of them. Not like she doesn’t have first hand experience with them.


Agreed his mom is a band teacher sure she isn’t pleased & is embarrassed because some of her students are watching

Better Than Last Year

WTH??? Julia’s talking like she’s going? When did things change?
I thought they all agreed to Van’s 3 item blackmail? Even though they weren’t going to keep their word.

I must have missed a pretty important conversation!


I’m sure others will tell you this but, in their infinite wisdom, Johnny and Van have decided that Julia is more capable of winning comps than Liz! I don’t believe Jmac does, but he has no say because if Van n Austink want it their way, then it will be. Very unfortunate, for Jmac, that Vanessa thinks the Austink twins still have her back… Sort of confusing the way they all think, but then again, consider the source(s)

Don't Forget Vanessa's Contract with Liztin

Van wrote a 20 page addendum to the bribe they must take her to Final 2 for letting Julia stay. No one but Van intends to honor it, JMAC goes asking because it changes by the minute. You can tell by the way Van’s eyes are spinning she knows she’s making a fatal mistake telling them they could choose who stays so she gets Jury votes. Van always hangs herself with her own rope. Don’t feel bad it’s excruciating to watch and listen if it’s not Van’s ranting, then Liz sobbing then Skeve’s resident perv comments.

At the end of the day

They decided Liz has a better shot at winning and the others will honor their wishes. Jmac wants that so he becomes perceived as the new weakest player and is safe this week. He will throw the hoh and probably Van will as well to not have to declare a side. John wants the more important HOH next week. An Ausliz will win tomorrow and put Steve and Jmac up. Steve goes unless he wins POV. If he does, Van goes up and out. And an Ausliz won’t be able to play next weeks HOH.

here at home

They want to keep Liz because Vanessa wants Julia to stay and they are realizing Vanessa controls too much. Austin and Julia found out that Vanessa has final two deals with both of them and they suspect she has a final 2 with Jmac.

Better Than Last Year


About to upset people

I’m glad that this season is coming to a close.
Hopefully next season will either be an all stars or they won’t recruit err sign the same cookie cutter type cast that they have each of the last few seasons.
Another thing that they may consider is putting together a cast of people that were eliminated the 1st or second week. They would likely play extra hard.


That’s a good idea. Potentially strong players can sometimes go in the first 1-2 weeks, and it would be interesting to see if they live up to the potential.

i agree..

Very boring season thus far. I have had no desire to watch the last three shows but since I was looking to kill some time thought I would look online to see what’s going on, which is, nothing! There have been no twists except for a couple double evictions. Predictable and …….BORING is what this show has become.

Just an idea....

Agree. If the Survivor Second Chance season proves to be entertaining, BB could do the same thing. Nominate players that deserve a second chance no matter when they left the game and let America vote. I really wish they’d let America vote each week anyway as to who gets sent home…even if they only had one vote out of the HGs. We could hopefully prevent the likeable, entertaining people being sent home that way. Doesn’t every other live game show allow the viewers to vote – AGT, Idol, BB in other countries? I know BBUS did it the first season and don’t know why they stopped.


America voting who gets evicted will result in everyone becoming obnoxious suck-ups. We’ll be bombarded with horrible events and desperate attempts at being cute, funny, sexy, or whatever they think we find awesome. Remember Frankie’s little show last year? Shelli’s musical this season? Imagine that crap non-stop…


I disagree they wouldn’t sleep all day. Wouldn’t be afraid to start drama and wouldn’t throw comps. It also would make it harder for one huge alliance to pick everyone off at the start.
I have been watching BBUK and it has a lot of things that I think BBUS should try out public voting is one of them BBUK is much more fun.
I think BBUS is more about the game and strategy but when BB doesn’t enforce the rules they mean nothing.
The public crowd that boos and goes crazy in BBUK is also something the US should try.
Also BB in UK is the boss and punishes the houseguests if they don’t behave USs BB is a pussy.
If next years BB is the same style as this one I might even miss a season IMO it has been boring and not even fair because Van has bribed everyone


BB needs to do more casting twists. Like the “Exes” season. BB is about the people in the house… so they need to take more time and put more thought into creating interesting dynamics between people. Casting pre-existing relationships like family not only brings pre-existing drama into the house, it tends to spread out the age range and broadens the background demographics. And none of this “twins” or “coaches” crap where people are actually immune to eviction for 5 weeks to a month.

NitsuA & ziL

I hope no all stars- Everyone thinks they should return and we will be inundated with past players with huge egos and past players not chosen whining on these chat and comment rooms and it will be aweful!


They have hinted at Frankie being in all stars so I hope they don’t do another all stars.
Another season with that pukebag would be terrible.

Min O'Pause

I’d rather gouge out my own eyeballs with soup spoons than have to watch that him prance around in his Lord Fauntleroy shorts.


Wow, sending Julia home… how stupid these people are!


BTW did anyone else know that Julia was dying? Jk


Do you mean evicted or that her cancer came back? That’s why she says before I die stuff, and Liz says she always gets the short end of the stick. You got to give her credit though, she doesn’t play the cancer card like Vanasty plays her gay card.


From what I gathered on last nights BBAD, it seems as if they’re catching on to Vanessa’s sh¡t 🙂 Which would be great for Johnny Mac bc she should would be the secondary target after Steve instead of him. He really needs to win this next veto just to be safe. I kinda hope Vanessa wins HOH though, just to see what she’d do. It sure would be interesting. I actually think she’d go after John and Steve bc she doesn’t wanna miss out on 3 jury votes by pissing off the Austwins. That’s why I think she’s gonna throw it. If Johnny’s throwing it too then it’s up to Austin and Liz. Lol. Which means they’ll put Steve up and he’ll win the veto.

I want Pandora’s Box. Please production please. Are they saving the twists in case Vanessa gets nominated and they need to save her? Lol. It’s a possibility.

Once again, thank you Simon and Dawg. You guys are truly amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. You seriously have the best BB site out there, and I’ve been to all of them.


I just looked at the house on Google Earth and I can’t tell if the backyard looks like it’s set up for a comp or if there’s something else going on there. If anyone else checks it out let me know what you think. Just curious. Thanks!


Think that image is from bb15 and the lily pad comp.

Just me

Google Earth is not live. It’s typically only updated once a year.


Google Earth isn’t a live view. It’s a series of photographs taken from an airplane, maybe once every few years, depending on location. Much of the imaging is done by local governments and google uses them for earth and maps. “Satellite view” is also a misnomer, they’re actually taken from a plane.


Yea I know it’s not a live view…guess I should’ve mentioned that when I posted my question. I was just wondering what season that was taken from and if it was a comp but yea that does look like the lily pad comp from a couple years ago.


Does Vanessa ever eat? I know Adderall keeps your appetite down, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single pic of her mouth doing anything but speak. Weird…

Cut from Honey

I’ve only seen her eat chips and dip. And ice cream.


can not fathom where Austin gets the idea that Liz is America’s favorite…. news flash….. Austin you are full of CRAP! can’t stand Liz, Julia, and Vanessa as players. Hope Johnny Mac wins!!!

Make it Stop

What has this show come to?? The nominees get to decide which one stays?? That is the ridiculous. 2 big pairs in house now: Liz and Austin and Liz and Julia. The common name is LIZ. Get rid of liz and you have a house of individuals.

Vanessa is so annoying that it overshadows what could be considered good gameplay. Instead she always tells people to look at positives when they about to be voted out and then cries and whines if god forbid someone doesn’t make their 50th deal of the day with her and only her.

Of all the houseguests Steve only one that understands game and is trying. He is just too weak socially and lets Vanessa bully him into dumb decisions.


JohnMac saw right through Vanessa week 2… Steve is V’s puppy dog. for someone who knows the game as well as he supposed, he aligned himself with the devil (Vanessa). He buckles under everytime she snaps her fingers or gives him those horrifying glaring looks. she controls the moves he makes and she also controlled everyone else’s. she backstabbed every houseguest she made a deal with BUT when someone questioned her tactics she made them feel like they are being condescending or questioning her integrity… she’s done that to numerous houseguests. She scolded James before Meg was evicted, told Austin “don’t lie to me” “now look at me – don’t lie to me”… puck! she was pathetic when she attacked Jeff early in the game in the bathroom when she throughout her integrity BS… gag a maggot… how arrogant!


i agree V – is so annoying, can’t stand her gameplay. JohnnyMac saw through her 2nd week. it amazes me that Steve didn’t especially since he knows the game so well. he’s aligned himself with the wrong house guests (other than JohnnyMac). he made a deal with the devil (V) he may regret. V has controlled everyone’s move… she bullies and intimidates everyone who has questioned her tactics then she goes on this rampage about her integrity which is a bunch of bull. i question whether Steve is as good as everything things. he is V’s puppy dog. Dan wasn’t anyone’s puppy dog neither was Derrick. come on now… this is V to Austin…. don’t lie to me” “now look at me” don’t you lie to me” … Austin’s a big guy and he turned into mush when V talked to him like that. so does Steve. gag a maggot!


sorry – didn’t see my comment so i posted another.


The site and comments are moderated by Simon and Dawg and can take some time before they are posted to the site. They try to keep the really offensive stuff out but there’s only so much they can do about what the twins say…


I few weeks ago JMac wanted to make a deal with the Austwins that when it came time for them to go, they could decide which one it would be. Austin told the twins'”What kind of crazy deal is that, We pick the one to get taken out?” Now that’s exactly what’s happening. JMac also said that he’d target Meg (at the time everyone figured Meg would be dragged to F3).


Austin to Liz- I dont think it was that good of a season, besides us of course. I feel like everyone kind of sucked


how moronic are these fucking people? they ALL have spent so much time in these last several weeks piecing together the facts- that Vanessa has a F2 with everyone, that she is the most manipulative and deceitful person, and among other things that she is likely to WIN the game if she stays… but yet they all are continuing to play the game for her to WIN.

she has psychologically mind-fucked them all and they are oblivious.

the mist is strong with this one (lol) … wow. just wow.

Old man

It’s called NLP


NLP is a pseudoscience. All van is doing is saying the same thing 1000 times so it gets stuck in their heads the reason she’s doing that is because her brain is going a million miles a hour from the drugs she’s on.
Saying she’s a master game player is crazy she’s a psycho and any real player would shut her down in 1 second. Could you imagine if Evel dick was in the house she would self evict.

Old man

How would you define her way of talking, the way she uses her words confusing the consciess and embedding commands to the sub consciess , repeating a 1000 times along with anchoring techniques to acquire a wanted result. I call it NLP.


I would call it a mental problem.

It's Called VFUBRL

No no, it’s called Van’s Fucking Ugly Big Rubber Lips. That mist Skunk Spray until houseguests are rendered witless. aka schizophrenic waterboarding with lies.


Uhhhh. Austin, Jmac anrSteve also have F2s with everyone. Last yearderrick had madeF2s with Cody,Victoria and Caleb. That’s what is done to best secure a final spot. Sorryifitsnot “nice”

Just wondering....

Can JMac beat anyone in the Final 2?? I really have no idea how this jury will vote. I don’t think he can win against Austin or Vanessa. But maybe Steve or Liz? Thumbs up if you think Steve is his best chance, down if Liz.


In my opinion most of the jury are level headed with the exception of Becky maybe. So I imagine they’ll vote without much bitterness compared to say the season Dan lost against Ian (or any survivor season).


Vanessa will win hands down, doesn’t matter who she sits to at the end. Like her or not, her game play has been the best out of all the house guests. Liz has to go, Julia is a weak player, no way will she win HOH. Split up Austin and Liz.

Gollum is Hotter Than Vanessa

She won’t win because she is going to be sitting next to the jury members.


What the hell is wrong with Steve. Why is so focused on Jame’s sexual pleasures? Does it turn him on to think about it? Or always focusing on Jason. All the females that we’re in the house and all he constantly brings up is James “camping” or how Jason didn’t like him. Weirdo!! Most straight guys don’t focus on guys like that.

Gollum is Hotter Than Vanessa

Trey your last line says it all.


Simon and Dawg …. Just wanted to say YOU GUYS ROCK! This is the best website to follow Big Brother! I just made a donation …. a much deserved donation! I don’t know how you can get thru some of the days from this season and seasons past, but I’m sure glad you do, this is the only website I go to check out the updates and I tell my family and friends about it too! Thank you ever so kindly for keeping Big Brother exciting even when you don’t want to watch the CBS shows due to their edits. CBS should really kick some $$$ your way, because without your website, I think many people would just plain stop watching the show! THANKS SIMON AND DAWG! Anybody but Vanessa for the win!

Better Than Last Year

As my sainted grandmother used to say………..

From your mouth to God’s ears………….

kathie from canada

i googled Vanessa today and apparently she will star in a new CBS called ‘Poker Face’. No joke.


If that is true, it makes me SICK. Big Brother has run its course.


She would be the perfect host!
Unfortunately, CBS seems to have spelled “Pocked” wrong

Derek sucks

Austin and Liz suck but Derek sucks more, sucks more than Vanessa, sucks more than Steve, Derek sucks more than all of them combined.


Even cbs pres. les moonves says this year’s cast sucks. No really?


This must be harder than it looks. If not, then a group of 17 people when asked to make a smart choice, chose wrong 8 thousand times in a row . Has no bearing who your favorite players are, every move they make is wrong . Shameful gameplay. They stink. Everyone says it and they are right, give it to Vanessa . I have to root for a girl who sucks because cbs gave me no other choice

NitsuA & ziL

I would love to see Chenbot announce at the end the least favorite players and watch Austin’s jaw drop!!


I am disgusted with Vanessa, she needs to go !! She annoys me so much and is nasty and two-faced. The only houseguest I like is Johnny!


I don’t like him for throwing all the comps and think he’s boring but I hope he wins too.
The others are just pure scum and would waste the cash at least Mac could pay off his student loans.

Vanessa's Broomstick

i just want to see Vanessa ride her broom to the jury house.


Everything will ride on next weeks POV.

I see Steve or Van going next eviction.


That they change their minds on who gets evicted tomorrow at least 7 more times.. And by “they” I mean Vanessa n Jmac of course.. What would be fun is if they could convince Austank to vote out Liz! Hahaha, wishful thinking, although I do believe they entertained that idea already


JMAC doesn’t decide anything is hmmmm….yeah…..uh huh….yep…..hmmmm while Vanessa’s 19 personalities fight with each other in her overmedicated fugue. JMAC plays doctor like with his patients abs says tell me what to do before eviction. She’s looney tunes….that’s all folks.


WTF Austin think Becky told JMac lies about Vanessa hahahaha no Austwit Becky said that to warn him that if he took her she would beat him! Does Austin seriously think he can win against Vanessa no way! Vanessa has everyone so misted it’s beginning to feel like Dan 2.0 except Vanessa is not as good as Dan and all these players against her are clueless and don’t know how to play the game!

Tired of Dummies Playing BB

Austin/Jmac F2 could be interesting I guess. Close one to call. But Liz would have to go. Why??!! are these idiots letting the twins decide the vote??? Based on their stupidity I hope that Liz is in F2 whether she wins or not. Don’t care who with but I hope she is so whoever does not make it with her kicks themselves for the rest of their lives for not getting her out when they had the chance. Has the lesson of not voting out Vanessa when they had the chance not taught them anything?! Actually a F2 with Jmac or Steve/Liz would serve Austin and Vanessa right.


what are you guys saying production did?


what ya’ll saying production did? what I miss?


Vanessa is SO fucking ANNOYING. It’s so hard to even watch her. Plus her skin is terrible and she has NO CLUE how to put on makeup. Can someone please evict her already?! Sheesh.


And btw I might be in the minority here but Liz is my favorite out of who’s left!


You’re not alone. I like Liz too!


I like everyone that’s left, I don’t get all the hate this year.

This season is so much better than what we’ve had in the past.

I hear you Simon

I just told my hubby that Simon, not sure why people are hating this season. I’m enjoying the show! And tonight helped me see the sisterly love…I felt bad for the twins. Although, I want JMac to win it all.


I dislike Vanessa’s style. I understand it’s working for her and she’s definitely outplaying everyone. I don’t like Austin and the twins because they seemed shoved down our throats in the TV shows. I’m ambivalent to John and Steve. I enjoy this season but really wanted someone more likable left at this point.

Vanessa's Broomstick

Team Liz


This is probably what will go down….Austin, Liz or Johnny Mac will win I’m leaning towards Austin he will put up Steve and Johnny Mac and talk about backdooring Vanessa but since he never has the ba*ls to pull the trigger, Steve will get evicted. I think Austin will win because Johnny Mac and Vanessa will throw it so they can play in the next HoH. I will be shocked if Steve does not get evicted next.



CoCo not the damn bear Coco

I think your use of ALL CAPS may, in some part, influence the vote on this post.


Why are you yelling?


Vanessa has not misted anyone. She does not even make sense half the time. She talks too much and people get tired and bored. What do you want the guys to do, slap her around? Yell at her ? They would be called bullies the minute they did something un-toward.


All this downing VANESSA? If we all true fans of the game…why the fu#k arent we cheering her on for the masterful game she played? lol really…i was guilty too…rooting for james and the underdog type thing…fact is…most all of them obviously had no clue what was going on all season! Van..started Day 1!


True fans don’t like her bribing and cheating.


true…thats what ive been hating too….so ya..
hang her high!
i dont want her to win
especially with this tv show deal!


What tv show deal?


A whistle blower said that production is helping her because they have a new show called poker face coming out after BB and they want her to be in it. They already have big Vegas casinos as sponsors and want her in the finals and for her game to look like she’s a genius. It does seem like its true with the edit and help she’s been getting.
But it could be a lie someone just make up time will tell.



Yo Yo Yo

Julia is no Christine!


Again with the yelling?

Vanessa needs to go

I will be pissed if Vanessa wins BB17. Anyone else agree?

Come On

I am so sick of people making excuses for John. If doing nothing= good gameplay then the game mechanics need to be fixed. He was cool before he realized he was popular, but now he’s forced.

Vanessa needs to go

I will be soo frigging mad if Vanessa wins BB17. Anyone else agree?

Yo Yo Yo

Only because there is nobody else to really root for. She played nonstop. No camping for her!

Vanessa's Broomstick

I hope Liz gets to evict Vanessa.

delusional hg

haha Austin telling Liz that they need to make time for each other when their schedules are busy. I think it’s sad that they go on TV to be seen and act like idiots. True talent is discovered when someone doesn’t try so hard. These people need to look in the mirror and realize they have nothing special to offer anyone.

Yo Yo Yo

Oh Steve….you’ve been misted. Vanessa has a final 2 with everyone. And somehow everyone keeps her secret.


The show cracked me up!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After watching CBS BB with the Veto I have to agree with Dawg that Van’s days will be numbered. How can Austin and the twins not be bitter towards her? Jmac and Steve suspicious of her. Only an absolute imbecile would buy her lame a$$ pile of sh*t that she was looking out for their best interest. If Liztin does not come back next week with solid plans to pay that b*tch back than they deserve to watch her get the 500K.

Vanessa's Broomstick

I hate to say it but her comeback to Austin that if you throw it to Liz I would be gone was strong. Hopefully outing herself to the Austwins comes back to haunt her.

Pizza face

Can’t watch vanessa’s face anymore.
Why does she alwsys pinch her nose? Nasty.


Vanessa pinches her nose because. . . . . . EVERYONE NOW!!! COCAINE!!! Here’s your sign. . . . .

Backseat Driver

It would be so much better for us viewers if the houseguests were not allowed to discuss who they are nominating. I know it’s late in the game for this complaint but earlier seasons it wasn’t allowed and BB was so much better to watch.


tomorrow will be interesting hoh I wonder who will win jmac has to win it and send vanessa home. It will build more jury votes on who sends vanessa home. It really doesn’t matter if she in the final 4 because the veto is the person who will send the next person out. And with vanessa winning you can never trust her. Next week is going to be interesting. If steve thinks he safe he should take a chill pill because you nominate austwins and send of them home so of course he is going on the block if they win.

Come Clean

Still can’t stand how Vanessa doesn’t own her game play in DR. She F’d the Austwits in the Veto comp and yet she still tries to play it off like she was having their back. “Julia/Liz you need to get Austin out for twin power. Austin you need to get a twin out to get to F2.” We ALL know she couldn’t give a crap about anyone’s game but her own. Just admit it! Stop the whiney high pitched fake as hell voice and look into the camera in the DR and say “Playing these fools is the easiest cash I ever made!”


Should JMAC throw this HOH, so he can play in the next one? I think it’s a tough call. Thumb up – yes, down – no.