“Oh my gosh she could win the F***ing game”

Head of Household Winner Is Ty.
Power of Veto winner is Tera.
Kiefer or Breydon will be evicted next. It’s sounding like it will be Kiefer.
Rumour on the BB streets says feeds go down for the season today at 1pm.

4:00 am Kitchen Chit chat about the time and the competition.
Ty – Tera’s a tiger and she defeated Jed… she’s dangerous
Big Brother tells them to go to sleep
Breydon – they really want us going
Kiefer heads to bed.

They start talking about the veto contest
Ty says he’s having a “Hard day”
Brey – YOU are having a bad day
Ty – it’s not the same that you guys are going through but it’s frustrating non the less..
Ty – I’m just reflecting could I have done better..
Breydo – exactly
Ty – Hwat could you have done better?
Breydon – If I memorized the numbers
Ty agrees adds that “Coming back” took 20 mins”
Breydon – I knew it would take a long time
Ty – to build it?
Feeds cut

When we’re back BReydon and Ty are in the HOH

Ty – Oh my gosh she could win the F***ing game
Breydon – Ohh 100%
Ty – I know she’s not beating me at the podium.. it’s this puzzle nonsense.. If she on her own she’s scary on her own
Ty says if he’s standing answering Trivia on the game he knows everything

Breydon says she told him she’s taking Breydon and voting out Keifer.
Breydon mentions seeing Tera in the bathroom and she let out a big Sigh “I was crying because now I have to make the decision”

Ty – I told her that I don’t envy you Tera
Breydon – she was like I hate that I have to decide between you or Kief
Breydon – I was like .. girl he literally wanted to vote you out 2 weeks ago

Ty – yeah.. her winning wasn’t the worst-case scenario.. she was the medium case

Ty – she killed us.. she beat us by 15 minutes
Breydon says if Tera’s a$$ is about to go home she always wins.
Breydon – think about Jed’s think about this one? in her mind she was like I win this or I go home
Ty – it’s because she doesn’t care.. She doesn’t even need the money she wants to redo her driveway
Breydon – shut up
Ty – oh my god we’ll all be salty if she wins.. Happy for her but a little salty
Breydon – I’ll be salty if she cuts me … I’ll be like that’s crazy Tera
Ty – yeah that would be ridiculous
Breydoin – I have no idea what she is going to do
Ty – me neither

Ty – I’ll say if you got Kief you can claim the biggest move in the game
breydon – ohh of course
Ty – If you don’t then you are standing next to him I don’t see how yo win
Breydon – I don’t see how any of us win against Kiefer..
Ty – If you bring him you must win and you still can’t stand next to him.. if you bring Breydon yo don’t have to worry about Kief you can win against any of us if you win 9Final HOH)
Breydon – I don’t see the CONS for her bringing me
They agree Tera can’t beat Kiefer in the end because Keifer is claiming all her moves
Ty – he has the Jury convinced he is a mastermind he’ll claim everyone’s moves
Breydon – ohh yeah

Ty questions if Keifer would have burned BReydon if he won Veto.
Breydon thinks he would. Keifer would have taken Tera “He wants to win”
They go over scenarios of who takes whom to the finals. Kiefer thinks Breydon would take Ty but he thinks Tera will take Kiefer, “In his mind”
Ty – he’s trying to play on my heart strings saying if you are there you have to take me bro
Ty – he’s like YO she’s a mom
Breydon – he’s been doing that to me to.. saying she just needs the money to redo her basement and get a new fence.. She doesn’t need it Breydon we need it.
Ty laughs “We do need it”
Ty – the problem is?
Breydon – she wont the veto
Ty – yeah and I’m over getting finessed by Kiefer
Breydon – same
Ty – if he finesses to final 3.. HOLY.. he’s been finessing the entire game. He’s like that friend you go out to eat with that never pays and is always eating.. no one says nothing to them
Breydon – someone always..
Ty – that friend.. comes out doesn’t buy a round of drinks and nobody says nothing to them cause they’re cool and funny (HUH cool, funny, Kiefer?)
Breydon – cause they’re chill people like having him around.. that’s Kiefer

Breydon and Ty in bed
Ty – She smoked us
Camera zooms in
Breydon – Mind your business Big Brother.

Breydon says he doesn’t know what Tera will do.
They talk about Kiefer winning at least one of the 3 final HOH comps.
Breydon looks at the Cmaer “He Big Bro.. you going to whip these cameras around or what?”
Feeds cut..

when we’re back it’s Tera in the room..

11:26 am Tera in the room sleeping

11:00 am Breydon and Tera
Tera – did Keifer say anything before bed
Breydon – no, I think he’s pretty confident you will use it on him err.. keeping him
Breydon – it’s the way he’s always been..
Tera – what are your convos like with Ty
Breydon – in what sense?
T – do you think Ty would have wanted Kiefer out or do you think I was his target?
Breydon – I don’t know I think he would actually wanted Keifer out personally but I don’t 100% know
Tera says Beth told her Both Breydon and Kiefer have final twos with Ty
Breydon – that is what she kept saying to me when she was pitching for Kiefer to go up.. She was like BReydon everyone has a final 2 with Keifer
Tera – would you cut Ty?
Breydon – Absolutely, that’s what I said yesterday
Tera – I don’t know what Ty would do I feel he will cut me and take you
Breydon – really?
Tera – I think so
Breydon – I don’t know
Tera – he’ll be hard to beat
Tera mentions how close Ty and Breydon are.
Breydon says it’s more personal than game he’s been playing the game with Tera all along being with Ty is new.
Breydon says Keifer will want to take Ty because they’ve been playing the game for so long
Tera agrees says Keifer has shown her he’s closer to Ty than her.
Tera asks who’s idea was it during the fake double to take her out. Breydon says it was both Keifer and Ty.
Tera – it’s tough though he’s like the other parent in the house.. it’s life-changing money for him too but on the other hand… I want to walk away with some money too. Do you know what I mean?
Breydon – it’s a full-circle moment after fighting tooth and nail every week.
Breydon points out how Kiefer is claiming all the moves in the game as his own.
Tera – Jed was adamant to me that Kiefer didn’t want a girl to win. Beth said that Jed told her that too. She said I don’t know if it’s true but Jed told me.. Beth told me a TON.
Tera – she’s like I got nothing to lose.. she told me all her acronyms too
Breydon – did that help?
Tera – no.. it was funny though.. that’s not how I remember things
Tera says she thinks Tina was a sunsetter
Breydon – I do too.. 100%
Tera – Kiefer didn’t tell me that because Tina would vote for him if it was me and him
Breydon – ohh 100%
Tera – Honestly the only thing that give me hesitation is will you cut Ty.
Breydon – yes, I told you yesterday even before you won
Tera – I don’t underestimate him.
Tera thinks Ty threw the veto “He had 31 minutes he came in dead last”
Tera – Ty is Rainman with numbers

12:00 pm one hour to go..

12:30 pm chit chat..

12:58 pm
Kiefer – Tera hasn’t told me anything.. I think she keeps me.. I don’t want to push too hard though
Kiefer – I wish it was my decision. I feel the game slipping away from me
Ty – what she does I don’t know. All I know I have to focus on the final comp.
Kiefer says Breydon and Ty are “so tight” and have been “all-season” he’s going to pitch that to Tera. Breydon will take Ty not Tera.
They go back and forth about whether or not Breydon takes Ty or Tera to the end.
Kiefer says Tera’s resume is better than Ty’s Brey’s and his. Goes on about how any of them would be dumb to take Tera.
Kiefer- If I take her I MIGHT lose the f**Ing game Tychon.. her story is almost unmatched.. we voted her out she came back after beating Jed.
Kiefer goes on about all the things Tera has done. “It’s an insane story”
Kiefer – brey’s mood has changed he thinks he’s going
Ty – I know
Kiefer says his dream is to be sitting in finale with TY
Ty – we can make that happen

1:30 pm Kiefer and Tera

Kiefer says the plan with Brey was always to get the three of them to the end.
Tera – Beth told me some things before she left. She was pretty adamant that you and breydon both have final 2’s with Ty
Kiefer – No.. The only one I really only talked Final 2 with is you. I always thought Ty would take Breydon over me because he would have a better chance. All he wants is the money
Kiefer – that’s why Jed’s gone his number 1. You see how hard he was crying when Jed left?
Tera – I wish he hadn’t won that HOH to be honest
Kiefer – me too. I always thought it was me and you VS them.
Tera mentions during the double Keifer and BReydon both had the votes and when Ty said Both Tera out that’s what they did.
Kiefer – I know
Tera – it’s fine because I came back

Kiefer – if you cut me it would be a mistake. I just don’t see.. Even if you don’t thin ki don’t cut Ty there’s no chance Breydon doesn’t
Tera – I thought you said he’s playing him h
Kiefer – I don’t know, He was in the HOH room for four hours after I left..

Arisa calls them to the living room
“Welcome to a special eviction”

Feeds cut.

2:00 pm No feeds for you.

That’s a wrap folks.

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another name

Preamble: the social media attacks will get even uglier after tonight. All the false spoilers will be entering bear false witness protection programs… and the correctt for once spoilers will be thanking their magic eight balls and ouija boards they are being heralded as prophets. Prodo had a pretty tight lid on this week.
Most of the spoilers that came out…. have you ever entertained yourself by watching someone who has heavily botoxed and filler’d their face try to wink? That’s how the the war of the infauxluencers looked to me.

House ruled by chaos. so much sound byte bullshit that works in the edit…. but totally didn’t match feeds. One veto left it’s go time. Multiple Let’s Go Babies.
Post Noms
Minutes away from finding out who is the final 3. Arisa? Umm. Really.
Announcement to the house before playing Veto is… a choice.
Welcome to a special eviction. We’ll be back in just a few minutes.
Timeturn back to noms.
Ty D/R. never considered Breydon. You don’t put your final 2 on the block.
Tera D/R. Five time blockaren. I want to see a manager at Veto.
Kief D/R. game face hard work nominations are pointless blah blah.

The ETCAN promospot:
Tera’s stomach is turning. Get the fire Kief says.
Kiefer says no floaters. Not what he said about 3/4 of the final 4 at least once on feeds.
Kiefer etcan promo added. with the rise of the machines terminator theme music.

The headline veto on the line is the damn Kiefer pic from the ETCAN clip. oh come onnn.
Tera goes.first. black light (good job they didn’t check the bedspreads), clues, pictures.
muttering numbers. thrill music. check. superhero. laserbeam. crack the code. small size actually works in her favor she says.
189 purple 458 green
768 y 265b 142r is actually 192r. got cocky she says.
Breydon goes second. didn’t try to remember the numbers. has to rebuild wall. So in a code breaking veto… he didn’t memorize the code? um. He did look cool bursting through the wall but c’mon.
water torture for stupidity. sounds appropriate. Breydon knows he sucked.
Ty, who went last… is going third so the Kiefer round can be dramatic tension.
Ty can’t figure out where the keys go. The days look to go quick. finding the phone however get the tinky piano clown music. Ty also doens’t bother to learn the code in a codebreaking challenge. Ummmmm. Veto is a lot harder without D/R giving you hints.
It sounds like Ty did it quicker than it sounded on feeds. The power of edit.
Kiefer goes “last”. Can’t count on anyone. Except Prodo making him the focus of everything they can. Clock ticking sounds for Kiefer. with Rise of the machines music that turns into the heralding hero. Kiefer sings the tune of the numbers. only remembered numbers not colours. I’m missing a brick he says. blood sweat and tears? when did he bleed? I’d like to know.
TY 31:30 breydon 28:42 minutes. 16:10 tera wins the veto.
Ty announes Kiefer was 9 minutes slower. asking is that bullshit now… because that’s not what they said on feeds for the times. but hey.
Kiefer respects any decision Tera makes.
Tera says who can i beat… and who would take me if they win.
They don’t show the Breydon Tera talk. oh. sideye. Other than showing him being a veto idiot and not bothering to look at the code… is he IN the episode??
Let’s see how Screechy Cackles and Jed reunited Arisa says…. no.
Ro wants Beth to show up. Beth sucked at jury management she says.
Jed is not happy it is Beth evicted. Everyone else is happy.
Beth wants Tera to win? Vic is happy backstabbers ae in jury.
7 minutes of commercials later:
Finale starts at 8
Campaign prep for final eviction:
Tera and Ty.
Would you take either one over me: LOOONG PAUSE.
Gut level. Hard choice. Kiefer was never a target. Ty loves Kief but can’t beat him. Jury loves both of them.
Tera needs to talk to Breydon. No matter what She decides Ty’s comment stays there.
Breydon pushes the Oddballs. Breydon tells Tera everything she wants to hear. The sunsetters and Tina vote a sunsetter winner.
Kiefer campaign strong connection. friendship. Tera you deserve this.
Tera would you hate me if I cut you? My heart says can’t. game says cut Kiefer.
Tera if you cut me I don’t hate you. It’s been harder for us. Family…… big difference.
Not the campaign from earlier. It’s an edited to sound good version.
Tera hasn’t made up her mind? or she has made up her mind.

Tera is using the power of veto on herself. D’UH
Breydon we are good for each other’s game. Man of my word. We played together as the targets.
Kiefer Haida family. played hard. Out of tricks.

My spoiler email arrived one minute before the veto ceremony started, so i changed the chart from the final 4 with the few minutes left. Why send it to me 2 minutes before it’s announced?????? Come on.

THE TRICKERY IN TERA’S VOTE ANNOUNCEMENT WAS AMAZING. Don’t care who you are a fan of… she just Tera, you are safed meaning other houseguest you have been evicted the viewers. BRAVO as a fan of the show. THAT WAS AN AMAZING MOMENT.

GEE. doing a Canada’s favorite prize. Um. Making sure Kiefer goes home with some cash even though his edit wasn’t his game…. eh?
Kieferview: relieved. Tera would have made a mistake to keep me.
Arisa: joy to watch. ok. exec producers don’t watch feeds with me apparently.
Another Kiefer psa. after announcing the fave vote. mmhmmm.

bbcan9 WEEK 10 final3.jpg
another name

Just for fun. Don’t take everything so serious.

big brother superheroes.jpg
another name

Anyone else out there finally stop for a second, headscratch and say
Individual timed comp… multiple sets…and a costume change??
Sideye. Really Qween?
Oh. okay. I’m totally buying this. Period.
I’m totally buying an individual time comp on different sets with a costume change.
I have no problem with the logistics of suspending my disbelief this much…. I’m totally sure whatever stop watch they used was tOtally legit.
I’m buying it… oh yeah… I’m not a cynic……
headesk. headesk. headesk. count to 10. eyeroll. okay 20. unclench teeth. purse lips and sideye… stop foot from hoky pokying side to side….. exhale…. okay all good. yup. buying it. nods emphatically.


thank you for these episode summaries, i haven’t bothered watching the show since week 4 and planned on watching the final week but won’t because these are way better than spending an hour in front of the tv

another name

FINALLY REVIEW (not a typo…)
Final 3 and Chicken Dinner Episode
LAST PREAMBLE: Any of he three left win, cool fine whatever. I’ve got good and bad to say about all three, and their edits. From Ty’s painful and therefore irregular D/R presence, to Breydon’s invisibility on feeds due to cuts (diverse as long as they don’t talk i guess), to Tera’s… flirtation with being Yuletide in spring, Yeah, there’s good and bad to say about all three. I still can’t say I’d vote for an evicted and returned player. That’s just me though and I accept that it could happen. The way they edit a season(especially episode one as foreshadow of finale), well it still has me guessing Ty is the winner. Kiefer will be the 10k winner. If I’m wrong, so be it. My guess for how the season would go that i made on week 5 is already waaaaaay off, one more wrong guess (not prediction, guess) isn’t going to kill me. 748pm.
3 different stories 2 years in the making. One hero finally rises? OH. they’re going all the way back to the beginning.
2 teams. 6 intrepid houseguests: the sunsetters. loyal true ty. floating on the other side butterfly breydon. Quiet wasn’t an option for Tera.
The… throuple. The snakes slithered home. sideye. The safe haven from the pandemic tinkly piano. le sigh.
I’m… oh…. get on with the show.
Game about saying goodbye. Brey. leaves cocoon and learns to fly. Social game took off.
Closed mouth unlike the rest of the house…. hmmmm Tera segment incoming?
yup. leading into a sauce talk (still hate that alliance name only slightly less than sunsetters). Tera starts winning. The bishop talk. 3rd wheel of showmance with Beth being the catalyst to the sauce running dry. Ty takes out Tera. PSYCH. She didn’t leave. Everyone thought it was Jed. Yeah, that annoyed TBH.
Ty and Brey partnership. Ty all business. Brey a silly weakminded nimby is what they imply. Bishop wins final 4 HOH. Tera breaks through to win veto. Tera takes out Kiefer. The sunset of capt. Kief’s game. at least they didn’t call him the mullet man.
chessmaster vs. social prodigy vs. comeback queen. 12 mintues of recap….. oof.

lane with hoverboard, duck, stack discs. 5 discs per trip max. 60 discs stack goal. 4 hour time limit. Skateboards on beer store converyers.
TERA D/R: could a mom do it. I’m a beast.
TY D/R proving the jury he belongs.
BREY D/R representing multiple communities. Hardest comp.
TERA: so hard little peg.
BREY: science this comp
TY: I’m big.
Tera needs 5 more.
Ten minute warning.
Time has expired. Sudden Death. 10 discs at a time to 40 now.
Brey says gotta be patient and good stack. while booking it. sideye.
40… can i make it to the other side.
Ty: disappointed. win part 2 or ouch.
Tera: disappointed. kids to make proud.

Triangle. questions. numbered blocks. only keep the correct blocks showing.
Head to head Ty and Tera.
Tera can’t leave fate to Brey and Ty. Has to take herself.
Sr. Discount Players. 10 says she has bad aim.
Number of balls mole in one.
Tera doesn’t know. Panic. Tera is upset that the moles claimed her.
Really wants final 2 with Breydon because of what it will mean to Canada.
Sr. Discount Players. says 11. basketball not baseball.
Eviction vote not unanimous. what does not unanimous mean? oh. grimace.

Oh great, king of the jungle mama bear and cub I’m batman himself.
Vic truths learned. Beth shouldn’t be there.
They want Kief out. Beth wants Ty out. Tina doesn’t want Tera out.
Kiefer comes out. Tera voted him out gets some shock.
Ty: smooth talker. didn’t have to win. would have targeted Ty.
Tera: proud of pumping out wins. evicted? positive to fight back in. Respect.
Breydon: who underestimated? wins when needed. Beth was his 1 and he cut her.
Social game amazing. Breydon has Vic’s vote at the moment. ??? TOTAL SHIFT FROM INTERVIEWS.
Who wins final comp: who takes whom that will say a lot.
Check in with Final 3 before Part 3.
Glowing hearts for frontliners. Thanks.
Tera: all the feels. mom making it far. Brey: Represent for everyone you know and looks like you. Ty: hardest challenges of his life.
The lewks? sideye. O.kay.

A or B about Jury.
1) OLG First juror eliminated: a Tina or b Beth. both right.
2) first time nom evicted a2 b3 Ty right.
3) four or five jurors next to tera a 4 b 5 Breydon right.
4) Senior disc count beth rohan tied a true or b false both correct.
5) eviction votes cast by jurors a 36 or b 38 tied.
6) times veto used on juror a 3 or b 4 tied.
7) juror played in veto before eviction a 4 or b 5 A

Ty has won the final HOH.

Ty’s Eviction speech: Diversity. Ty wants a black winner regardless.
Tera is evicted.
FINAL 2 is Breydon and Tychon.
Teraview: team Breydon. Things may have been different but she’s team Breydon. Odds against me and I kept going. Finish what you start. Head Hight.
Arisa: u did that.
Let’s see how the jury reacts to Tera joining after this commercial break.
Juror 7: Tera comes out. Some happy to see her?
Ty won final HOH announcement.
1) VIC: why does Ty think he has her vote in the bag????
Doesn’t think he has her vote… wants her to vote best game. It was never personal. I had you in the game until I couldn’t any more. Not personal all love
2) RO: Breydon, were you in Ty’s pocket?
I used him more than he used me. I picked him up as a shield.
3) TINA: Ty what move did U make in sunsetters that were YOUR MOVES? were you a 3rd wheel?
I used Jed and Beth to be the big personality. I influenced. I was a decision maker.
I got them to make the moves that kept me off the block.
4) JED: Breydon, Why didn’t you backdoor Kiefer instead of taking out Beth?
I knew getting rid of Beth showed everyone I was playing my own game and not in anyone’s pocket. Kief a big move, but Beth the smart move to show jury I am playing for me, not a puppet. Getting out Kiefer likely meant I don’t get to top 3.
5) SCREECH: jury management is unimportant you said. So Ty, Win my vote now.
it’s how you play the game. How you treated them throughout the game. We played together, you were taking Jed final 2. When you turned on me I had to turn on you.
6) KIEF: why should anyone support you not Ty?
I had to crawl and scrape through the whole game through personal struggle and facing adversity.
7) TERA: expendability: When did you prove you were playing.
Double Veto win proved I was here because everyone said I wasn’t playing, I bided by time and struck.
Ty: Grateful as a black man in game. picked first made me a target. Sunsetters and Sauce. Never threw anyone under the bus. We were a team. I stood against them when I had to to get to the end. one minute call.
Brey: under estimated plan. to play social. I threw comps when i had to. after austin i adapted. I was 5 times on block. no votes due to my social ability. I was part of big plays one minute call.
Is SCREECHY CACKLES DRUNK??? Did Kiefer just mouth to Vic who to vote for? Hmm. vote flip on stage?
Julie: everyone was outraged when I left. The LGBTQ+ community support. allstar?
Josh: I made everyone sweat with the big chaos.
LaToya: Sunsetters. She’s crapping on the showmance. And Kief and Ty cutting Jed. Is LaToya drunk? I mean… what was the point of what she just said?
Kyle: Yah me and Austin…. insert beavis or butthead giggle. your choice. hehheh. heh.
Austin: Breydon’s game improved with my eviction. love and support.
FIGHT MONTAGE. Post Commercial Diversity montage.
Ty, everyone black cut my hair. Kiefer, representation? Gotta be himself. One of first not last.
HOT MESS EXPRESS FILLER MONTAGE. Keep name out of your mouth. Come back? I’m still here. Invisible reveal or not or yes, or not, or yes. Beth pointed at as messiest game.

FINAL VOTE: Vic: Ty Ro: Ty Tina: Ty Jed: Ty Beth: Ty Kief: Ty. ONLY TERA VOTED BREYDON. 6:1 Vote.
Kiefer won the canada vote.

bbcan9 FINALLY.jpg
another name

Something I think about:
I’d never be the juror that says, oh, they were evicted and got to come back into the game, but we shouldn’t hold that against them.
I’d hold it against the battle back recipient no matter if i liked or disliked them.
There was obviously something deficient in their game that caused them to be evicted once. Nope. I’d never vote a revived player to win. I think I said this when the grand consensus was Jed would return. Why would I change my answer for Tera? Nope, I couldn’t vote someone who had been evicted as the best tenant of the season.

However, BBCAN juries aren’t me.
Season 1 Gary returned at the final 5, and if not for the prodo-inspired Topaz moment (cough cough, her lawyer and agent were at the finale… I’m sure it was totally an above board error in voting), Gary would have won.
Kelsey in season 4 lost for one reason: The way she answered Mitch’s question about being a return player annoyed the jury and came across as entitled… Mitch had some sway on a large section of the jury. like Mitch wanted to vote for the brothers? Come on now, let’s be realistic. Kelsey Enzo’d her jury answers, otherwise she’d have been the winner. The fact that edit preached a brothers win from night one… cough cough beside the point. Who votes the winner to be the moron that tried to evict himself in the triple, and his social read illiterate brother?

Guy From Canada

Topaz was FULLY cut when she voted, her eyes, her posture, she was so loaded. Maybe she screwed up? Maybe she intentionally did it? Only she knows and pages of signed documents that will be taken to the grave. I haven’t seen her much on social media (twitter) since BBCAN3 though so I think it was Bananas involvement for sure.

another name

It just always struck me as odd, the reporters after the finale saying Topaz had legal representation and her agent on hand when they were trying to ask her questions.
That always struck me as off.


Tera saving the season, finally something worth watching!! Rooting for Tera Breydon final 2

Just Sayin'

As always thank you so much for doing this!! I don’t know what I would do without this blog, since I do not have the patience to watch the feeds myself. Great job guys!


Thank you Simon!! My favourite BB place is here because of you!


Thanks guys so much! Really enjoyed reading the updates. Lets hope for a better BBUS season this year!

another name

While Kiefer is in D/R, Tera and Brey talk.
Tera says choosing between the two people she cares most about in the game is hard.
She tells Brey she needs to talk to him later to pick his brain on what he’s thinking.
They joke about the eviction being without notice. Little to they know it’s going to be callled in the next 2 hours.
Kitchen: the talk continues.
It’s mostly rehash of yesterday pre veto talk between Tera and Breydon.
Breydon reassures her about oddballs sticking together.
He tells her about Beth’s point that Kiefer has a final 2 with everyone.
She is a bit coy at times, saying she doesn’t underestimate Breydon in the game and the jury loves him Beth said. Breydon says he thinks the jury thinks he’s done nothing in the game. Tera sames, and both agree they’ve been tooth and nailing it on the bottom of everyone’s list all game long.
Breydon tells Tera four times he would cut Ty, and said so before the veto because he and Tera have been struggling together since day 3, but the Ty thing is new and more personal than game. He says against Kiefer nobody stands a chance because he will take credit for every single thing the others did in the game, just like he takes credit for keeping Tera and Breydon in the game for so long, as if they never did anything to help secure their own safety. Tera reveals that Kiefer is still keeping secrets and already told her that both she and Ty are taking him to the final three.
They remark that Ty took 31 minutes to do the veto. Tera thinks he threw it. Breydon says he doesn’t think he threw it, just that he didn’t feel any motivation to win it because he’s final three regardlesss. Tera agreess. It sounds like Tera won, Kiefer came in second, Breydon came in third and Ty came in last. Breydon also tells Tera that Ty went last, and when it comes to those comps going last is really detrimental (my take: lose adrenalin rush, wait for hours, get tired and suddenly you are called to compete). Their costumes for the comp were superhero theme. It sounds like, for the second time this season, the individual time comps finish placements matched the order they went in, and the last person to go ended up competing at the 1am-2am time frame. Mmmhmmm.
Tera is worried about hurting Kiefer’s feelings, and knows how much the money would mean to him. Breydon says of course, but. They talk again about Kiefer having overlapping final 2 deals.
Interesting side point: Beth’s whole Breydon give false days when studying… he did. But only to Beth, and only for the BBcalendar comp, and Tera knew he was doing it. Tera said it was hard not to laugh when Beth was saying it.

A point I didn’t know that is working in Breydon’s favor at the moment: Kiefer confessed after Tera’s return that Brey was pushing to keep Tera, and that Kief and Ty pushed for Tera’s eviction. He confessed out of guilt, but it’s made Breydon appear more loyal to her than Kiefer. Breydon confirms both Kiefer and Ty were pushing. Ty was saying we have to talk about the smart thing to do, and Kiefer was saying Tera’s gotta go, and confirms that he was saying we should keep Tera (but he knew they were going to evict her).

It feels like Tera is still weighing the options. If I were to weigh her mind right now she’s about 80/20 during this conversation to evict Kiefer. However, she has not heard Kiefer’s pitch yet. Both Tera and Breydon remark that he’s already said he’s fine, because of course Tera will keep him (she owes him style comment).

Kiefer leaves D/R.
Tera is immediately called to D/R.
There is now about 1 hour and fifteen minutes until feeds end.

Kiefer chats with Ty about today being a nothing day. Ty talks about losing an earring in the comp, and prod being unable to find it.
Tera is out of D/R and doing her makeup. She COULD parascam while she does it… but NOoo-OOOO.

another name

Kiefer Tera chat: (this is why feeds went overtime… they didn’t have anything of Kiefer arguing his case).
Keep in mind: Everything Kiefer is saying to Tera is everything Kiefer just told Ty he would say to Tera.
I actually don’t think Kiefer is doing well in this chat.
He is put off that Tera can’t tell him her decision (bananas told her not to).
He keeps mentioning how he will win the game and what jury votes he has.
He does make some points by playing on the guilt of being a parent, and downplaying Ty and Breydon because of what they would do with the money.
He pushes that Brey would take Ty to the finals.
He does make points by saying Brey spent hours in HOH last night after lights out.
He does make points playing up the showmance.
He swears that he will take Tera to final 2 (he swore the same to Ty a while ago).
He pushes the no matter what he has to win final 2 HOH, and Tera says same (so she doesn’t believe Kief would take her 100%?).
Kiefer admits to the six members of sunsetters when asked. Deflects that it was Tina’s place to tell Tera, not his. Still pushes Tina telling Tera to trust Kiefer in the game.
Kiefer’s cam is cut off when he is saying I’m sick of this shit, just cut me, for me it would be an easy decision… getting to that evict me stage. Letting that petulant attitude when he isn’t immediately given his way (the one we’ve seen any time he smells the block) really come out. His tone with her…. I’m not liking it at all.

Arisa calls them into the living room for a special eviction… and that’s a wrap folks.

Now, I know, I have a strong dislike for Kiefer.
I’m trying to be objective in my assesment of the talk.
Sentimentally Kiefer has the edge over Breydon.
I’m just not sure if THAT talk was the case to make to her.
I guess we’ll have to see what the prodogremlins want.
After the Breydon talk, I said Tera was 80/20 to evict Kiefer.
After the Kiefer talk we heard, I say Tera is 65/35 to evict Kiefer.
He made points pushing the showmance and deserving angles, but he lost points pushing that he would win and who would vote for him.
Just my perspective.
If I misread it, or let my bias color my perception, and that was actually a great campaign… someone let me know. Cus that didn’t leave me with a good feeling.

Tera did however tell Kiefer not to stress before she told him she wasn’t allowed to tell him what she would decide.
When Kiefer listed the vote he would have, he included the votes that Tera is counting on (TIna Rohan among them). Does that weigh in? Does Breydon being likeable weigh in? More than being underestimated by everyone in the game? These are questions I don’t know. But that Talk didn’t sound like a good talk.


Kiefer is delusional if he thinks he has Tina and Rohans votes.

another name

Tina in a video posted yesterday said the vote would likely be unanimous for kiefer. However, her hair was straightened in the video, so it might have been filmed a few days earlier.

Cameron loves tera again

So now are you in tinas head? Oh hes a mentalist


I know that Tina knew Keifer was playing all sides and was a braggart. I know that Tina spent all her time in the house with Tera. I also know that Tera is smart and probably won’t take Keifer.


Tera winning so happy about that.

another name

Season stats:
Feeds were active 36.1% of the time.
Feeds were on sleep 21.8% of the time.
Feeds were down 42.2 % of the time.
Feeds were down more than they were up this season.

another name

Think about this.
You know how every season that whackadoodle comes out on social media or does and interview and says “feed watchers don’t see everything that happens”….
This season with feeds down more than they were running: they’re right.

another name

Something odd just hit me.
Season 7.
There was the talk between Adam, Anthony and Adam. HOH room. Before feed cut.
Adam was told he would be evicted.
Season 9
Tera is told she’s not allowed to reveal her decision.
What the deuce?


I actually thought that was a sign she WAS cutting him & her way of not having to tell him.

I mean since when have they honored what production says regarding not telling the hamsters they were getting nominated or evicted? — NEVER lol

Cameron loves tera again


big brother fan

a female won season 6 ….

Guy From Canada

Production won season 6 and I question season 1 and 3 as well….


From what we’ve seen this year, production has probably tried every season to get the outcome, “they” wanted. This year was clearly supposed to be anything but a hetrosexual white human being. If Tera wins (pls pls pls win), it will blow those muppets minds on social media and the useless, woke Global TV brass.

I don’t care what sex (there’s only 2 genders people) wins, or what colour their skin is, as long as they win without everyone else having 2 hands tied behind their backs…

BBAUS has been great so far. Like their revamped format which melds the UK and US version…..A hell of alot more interesting than this train wreck (although Tera winning will make this season a success).

another name

how do you feel about Aus pulling the bbcan4 secret room twist?
evicting the two, then sending them back into the game after the next eviction with intel they got from transmitted conversations?

Cameron loves tera again

Omggggggggg tera please win this underdog queen

Cameron loves tera again

Tera im sorry i called u mental ret*rd

You are a powerful strong woman whos gonna kick pig and TyCHON OUT


I’m sure Tera would consider the semi literate source before holding your name calling against you.

Cameron loves tera again


Thanks for the reply fan <3 if u wanna an autograph talk to my acessor


I’m really curious, but does anyone think Breydon would actually cut Ty?

another name

If Brey stays, I don’t see him winning the final HOH, let alone having the option of cutting Ty.
However, in the event that Breydon stays, and the event that he wins HOH… I think there is a 90% chance he does not cut Ty.
Breydon, despite his lackadaisical game, Breydon has played with the most loyalty of the final 4. He counterstrikes at those that break their word with him, he doesn’t strike first.
He hasn’t made a final 2 with Tera. He has made a final 2 with Ty. He doesn’t consider his deal with Kiefer valid because Kiefer has the same deal with everyone.

big brother fan

no. but i belive keifer is cutting tera as well. so she needs to win regardless


I’m with Another Name on this one. Although Brey told Tera 100% he would cut Ty I think he wouldn’t honor that deal and instead cite the few times Tera went against her word to him. Besides he knows his only shot is versus Ty.

Where I disagree with AN is that Brey can win the final HOH.

Not knowing what the final comps are, does make it uncertain — BUT — if they are remotely like previous seasons Part 1 will be some sort of endurance or strength and Part 2 will be a combo of physical and game details.

If those are accurate assumptions then the different types of endurance comps favor different people:

A wall comp would favor Tera since it’s typically with small areas to stand. Ty might do well but those small ledges don’t favor tall players which he is or Brey who is the heaviest (I think) and also tall.

If it’s an upper-body strength comp (like the paint can comp that Emmett won) everyone would assume that favors Ty but from what we’ve seen Brey is stronger than we expected and he’s mentioned he used to be involved in wrestling at school. Either one could win but I’d still lean to Ty.

If it’s leg strength I actually favor Brey – he’s got that body type with a strong lower body. If it’s holding something steady (similar to the comp Austin won) I’d favor Tera but if it’s a combo of balancing something with added weight I’d go with Brey.

If it’s banging against a wall or spinning in circles – who knows b/c that often depends on the hamsters ability to handle getting dizzy or navigating how they hit things. My guess would be Tera b/c she’s tiny but how hard they hit might equally remove her as an option.

Where it gets interesting is even though Tera smoked them in the F4 POV it sounds like a big part of it was puzzle-based which neither Brey or Ty have fared well with. I was going to say a climbing POV would favor Ty but then recall Brey won the comp where they had to catch the balls and go up and down stairs so ???

The other factor is what TPTB wants (let’s not kid ourselves) Part 2 will be an individually timed event so production can tweak the result. It sounds like the start times are separated by up to 2 hours and there is a cut-off time (say 45 minutes for example). That gives production time to adjust the comp but also the ability to fudge the results with no one being the wiser.

I’m also wondering about speeches – they’ve always had a comp that focused on speeches and that didn’t occur this season– could that be part 3? If yes – it favors Brey b/c he remembers all the speeches. Earlier this week I think Keif was asking about someone (maybe LaToya who was the third evicted) — anyway he recited it as if she just left.

And back to who Brey takes the other point is if Brey was to cut Tera – that’s a pretty big move given her resume, especially if she cuts Keif too.

another name

Part one of HOH is run head to head. It’s always been a strength based endurance comp with a time element. The winner is always known because they all run it at the same time.
Part two of HOH is, as far as my memory serves, NOT run head to head. It’s an individual timed comp. It usually has game knowledge mixed with a puzzle of some kind. While not as strength based, it most often does have some movement involved as well. The Individual time element is what ALWAYS bothered me about part two.
You know I don’t trust those. Run the two players competing side by side on a split screen no cuts with an accurate time counter, then I’ll buy it.

My big reason for saying Breydon won’t win HOH? Look at his edit. Look at his feeds. Sideye. Oh look at the feeds. So afraid of a resurgence of the complaints they got re. Kevin William / ‘glorifying a lifestyle’ bullshit that they have a finger at the ready on the killswitch any time the gay guy is going to speak. Let’s call a spade a spade. That’s what we’ve been seeing since just before Austin’s departure. I don’t know if it’s to protect Ty’s image or to curtail Breydon, but it IS what has occurred. So, that houseguest is going to win the final HOH? Not my view.
That’s also the real reason I had a gut feeling Breydon was evicted. It’s been beyond fishy… like chinatown open market smell during a heatwave on a Wednesday with a diesel engine truck backfiring down the road level fishy.


lol luv ur metaphors


Thank you for all that you do for this site and thank you all to the people that post. Makes this crazy world a better place.

another name

Thank you for giving me an outlet to be compulsive without being annoyed by the longwinded compulsiveness
Both of my usual sources are silent today. I think they’re toying with me. 🙂

I still have the gut feeling Tera follows pattern and cuts Breydon btw, even after Kiefer’s disaster of a campaign where he kept telling her he had at least 3 votes on lock to win, and likely had three more… but the vote would likely be 4-3.
She’s forgiven him and protected Kiefer and given him benefit of the doubt far too many times to suddenly grow a conscience about Breydon’s game.
But I’ve had it in my gut Breydon would never make finals and go out in a special eviction episode since week 4.


Thanks Simon, Dawg and all commentors, great season.
I hope Tera cuts Keifer so he can spend a little time with Beth in Jury house.


Me too. I think Tera may be a little more loyal than the sunsetters were to one another. I think she will cut Breydon, and keep Keifer around. I believe Tera even mentioned to Kiefer it would be cool to have 2 parents at the end.

East coaster

Thank you Simon for running this page ! It’s my go to site and had been for years this is just my first time getting in on the comments and watching the feeds more regularly. Another name, thank you for calling Beth screechy cackles. Best thing of the season. Beth who ? Hahaha TTOTambz also loved reading your insight. Might not be popular but I’m hoping for a Tera/brey final. With Tera for the win although I’d be ok with brey getting it too. Just nope to kief or ty. Both those guys lost my respect along the way. I do feel like kief played a good game but I just can’t like the way he sooked when he didn’t get his way and talked down to the girls by times. And ty was part of the sauce….ew. eff that trio. And the whole thing with leading brey on just doesn’t sit right. For those reasons I’d prefer neither of them get to final 2. See ya all next time around! Stay safe guys !

Guy From Canada

Sorry I wasn’t on as much as I would have liked. Thanks for your insight, and I’ll be back finale night for more shenanigans and comments your site always brings me a smile


(Sorry started the Circle on Netflix… This season is so much more cut throat then season 1 USA)


Thank you Simon,

Once BB starts I love being able to come to OBB and reconnect with everyone and share thoughts.

As for today — I’ll play the devil’s advocate role and say Tera cuts Keif. Her game improved without Tina in the house pushing her own agenda. I watched her convos with Brey & Keif looking for nuances and context.

Keif used guilt, loyalty, family, needing the money, how his ONLY F2 ever made was with her, how Brey will take Ty and how Ty snaked him (but asks her NOT to repeat that fact — RED FLAG- he’s still working with Ty). In the same conversation, he says he had F2’s with Tina and Vic.

Where we see Tera’s mindset come into play is asking about the SS (he never told her), the thing about him not wanting a woman to win, walking back on his DE vote & even saying Beth told him if you had switched Breydon would’ve too (confirmation he was keen to do it). Her main point to Keif is not trusting he’ll take her and the DE vote. Another little tidbit is Tera calls him out on saying “Brey was just playing into the Ty relationship but was fully with them”. He of course changed his stance in this convo.

With Breydon the conversation is more natural like a team working together as she brings up they’ll need to work in concert to take out Ty and praises him for being strong/athletic which would be good at F3. Notably, she only brought up comps with Keif asking how well he knows speeches – (she KNOWS Brey is good with those).

Breydon gains credence b/c he spoke to her BEFORE the POV saying they needed to take out Keif, how he was willing to cut Ty at F3 and how the two oddballs have had to fight to stay the entire game. He reconfirms 100% that he has no reservations about cutting Ty & is taking her at F2.

Although Brey shades Keif it is with truths – that he was keen to cut her in DE, how he takes credit for keeping them safe, and all their moves (getting out Jed). Brey also does a great job of crediting her moves/wins in the game and being proud of her (something Keif never does). And he reminds her taking out Keif is a BIG move (plus Jed). I wish he would’ve said if you keep Keif & sit beside him at F2 you’ve lost the game – but if you take him out it’s a huge resume move.

Like Another Name, I admit I’m probably biased here b/c I can clearly see Keif is the no-brainer choice. Yet, I’m basing this on her body language and interaction. Keif has annoyed Tera for much of the game & his pitch was full of the same things that bother her. It’s never “us” it’s always about him winning & what’s good for him whereas Brey tends to praise her & push their common ground of working together since the beginning & the adversity they’ve had to overcome.

He made a comment to her that stuck out “once I have a plan I never waver” — it reminded me of Brey’s HOH noms speech – almost word for word which was a nod to Tera that Beth was the target. In this regard, Tera knows Brey’s words & actions have matched whereas Keif has vacillated between the sides with her never truly being an ally only a pawn. Even with Keif saying HE had to put his foot down about voting about Beth doesn’t work b/c he didn’t need to convince anyone he just needed to vote to keep her bc Brey told everyone his target was Beth — so that rang very hollow.

Tera knows winning out is her best option and it comes down to two things: if either would take her and second – who she has a better shot beating. The second part of that equation is easy – she can beat Brey even if he wins the final HOH that’s likely still true. As for who honors their word my gut feel is she trusts Brey more than Keif (again – it could be my bias).

Ultimately, if I’m Tera I use Keif’s own words as the BEST REASON to cut him — saying he has Tina/Ro/Jed/Beth’s votes pretty much on lock. By cutting him she frees up those votes to go her way and NO ONE can take credit for her move to take out Jed if he’s gone. At the very least she improves her resume which Ty/Brey pale in comparison beside.

What we know — Keif will NEVER take her to F2 given the choice and could still beat her if she takes him. Ty won’t take her over Brey & I’m not sure he would vs Keif either. If Brey stays he’s in F2 regardless. The only question is what he would do given the choice — he loses vs. Tera but “might” beat Ty.

We’ll see but unless TPTB is forcing her to keep Keif I don’t see any reason for her to do it. IMHO Tera never liked the ‘boys club” and throughout the game was most annoyed with Jed, Ty, AND KEIF’s bravado acting like it was their game & everyone else was lucky to be a part of it. With this eviction vote, she has an opportunity to put her stamp on the game as the best player of BB9.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for hosting this site and thank you to all the post here as well!

Looking forward to seeing how this all end!!

Guy From Canada

This season is so weird. I don’t want Kiefer to win for pulling Carole. I’m sorry he is the only one I don’t want to see in Finale except for his 30 seconds of fame walking into the jury house. Probably the most deserving winner, but so was Kevin Martin and that guy irks me just as much. Please Tera give him das boot. #1 to win the game at the end

Ty, don’t hate the guy and I think he has been the most genuine, would like to see him back on a non Jed or Beth season. Spot on social game with some comp wins, deserving winner

Tera, went a little nutter but who hasn’t in these social isolation times. Comp wins when you need em makes an argument for a deserving winner

Brey, thought I would hate him from the interviews, ended up liking the guy from what little feeds I saw of him. Under dog story, comp wins deserving winner

With traditional BB format I don’t think Kiefer would make it to the final competition of part 3. Imagine him in Season 7 in that water comp… He would never win a stamina comp, he would never win the endurance memory comp as part 2 to make it to the straight memory comp of the third part. If this was BBUSA where they always repeat the comp styles in F3, Tera would be smart to keep him. However, this is uncertain BBCan, so Tera should be smart and cut him….but it may be worth the risk to keep him knowing the comp formats.


Kiefer is so delusional if he thinks hes gonna win hahahaha im a mentalist i know everything


Simon I hope you keep the good pace going on BBUS23


Anyways I’m rooting for Tera cause she aint retard thanks


How about you find your own name rather than stealing mine. I didn’t post any of these last 3 posts Simon.


Thanks Simon!!


Hey Another Name —

If you’re around any word from “your sources” on who Tera cut? I know it’s not 100% but — you know — curiosity killed the cat — meow 🙂

another name

I got nothing official as of 2am, so guessing the interview article hadn’t been submitted yet?

another name

So, one of my trusted sources for spoilers is saying ‘shhh, can’t talk about it. (yet?)’
They are actively trying to eliminate spoilers. LOL.

The only things I’ve seen that in any way resemble spoilers? DON’T take any of them seriously, consider them entertainment.
Most come from social media accounts that include the name kiefer in them somewhere… gee I wonder what they say in their been active for three weeks accounts.
That odd Tera Stan has already claimed that Tera has won Part One of HOH… I haven’t checked but I assume they’ve already been to wikipedia to adjust???
There is one social media spoiler… but it’s from the same one that got Ty and Breydon right on the fake double but said Beth was evicted. That spoiler account has Kiefer evicted. Kiefer said Ty or Tera have his vote, leaving Breydon to be the lay up.
Ty will take Breydon, Breydon will take Ty, Tera will take herself.
This spoiler continues by saying some jurors have attached the evicted once already moniker to Tera. They say the juror has Kiefer on lock to win, Ty being next, but Tera vs Brey would be a headscratcher.
The spoiler concludes that part one of the final HOH will be played later today, with part 2 being tomorrow.

Here’s the thing with this spoiler: It’s a 50/50 choice on who was evicted, so they are either right or wrong. The added flavor feels more like extrapolation from conversations had before feeds went off. The jury context sounds like pre-jed and beth sentiment. However, you can see Beth going in to constantly push that Tera was evicted before (thinking it’s a plus, or it helps kiefer), and the sunsetters in jury unifying to say a sunsetter should win (they’re the only ones that played the game, didn’t you hear that the first 2000 times they said it).
As far as when the comps are played… yeah, the first part in bbcan is always played the day after the final 4 eviction. Usually part 2 is played 24 hours later UNLESS part 1 was an extremely physical comp and there are injuries (that’s happened twice), and they had to put part 2 on hold for 24 hours.


Did Tera shoot herself in the foot in terms of Jury? She spent so long telling Jed and Beth that the Jed move was Kiefer and Ty using her, that she has invalidated her own game play. In an attempt to manage the jury, she’s somehow painted herself to be duped and used as an HOH.
When it comes to Breydon, he has no shot at winning unless he wins the final 3 HOH and cuts Ty. Even then, he’d likely come in second. His game is absolutely disrespected, even by Rohan, who knew what social game subtle manipulation moves Breydon was making during Beth’s HOH. That doesn’t bode well. His advocate in jury doesn’t endorse his game at all.
Someone tell me how Ty’s game is any more impressive in the moves Ty made as a solo player than either Brey or Tera. No, really. His solo game moves started… week 6 or 7. When I’m confronted with but Ty was a target all game? He was safe week 1 and 2 due to teams. He wasn’t a target. It’s all perception without basis. He was able to manipulate his own alliance in terms of targeting. He was able to plant seeds within his alliance about fellow alliance members…. but what else did he do until week 6/7? I need to be convinced that Ty’s game is so much better than Tera’s game or even Breydon’s game.
Kiefer. Kiefer, Kiefer, Kiefer. I didn’t have much respect for his gameplay week 2 and 3 because he was the spy that spied poorly. I didn’t have much respect for his game week 4 and 5 because he was the loyalty advocate that broke his word (you can’t be both hero and villain and say but treat me like a hero). After that? The Prodo week. The quitting threats.
Just. Nope. I’d respect a Kiefer win less than a Paqs bros win. That’s some heavy shade.

Equating things back to the 80’s/90’s Highschool Movie Character Tropes:
So Tera was the player nobody wanted to work with *except Tina who wanted someone to chat with, not play with. Highschool beta or gamma… known for bitch social club, hairmetal band groupie girl and detention for smoking… in class.
So Breydon was the player everyone liked, but nobody wanted or respected. He was always the afterthought attachment to someone else. Highschool gamma in drama club (set design not acting) with perfect attendance sitting in the front row of every class.
So Ty was the highschool alphasquad clique member that was one of the cool kids because he’s big and nice sometimes, but has no abilities that mark him as exceptional. When he’s with the other alphas, he’s got the alpha ego.
So Kiefer was the highschool nobody that wanted so badly to be in with the alphas that he’d kiss their asses even after they gave him a swirlie. He did their homework for them, and told all the outsiders of the school that he was better than them because he was an alpha (he wasn’t, they tolerated him when convenient).
IF it were an 80’s/90’s Highschool Slasher Movie Instead of Hughes-type story… They’d all be dead (Breydon off screen).

Big Brother Canada factoid: Every winner of Big Brother Canada has survived the season without ever having an eviction vote cast against them. That gives an edge to Breydon and Ty.

another name

Oh good.
More for entertainment only spoilers…
These are harder to buy than the last ones.

  • Breydon was evicted, gave Ty a huge kiss, and professed his undying love for Ty on his way out the door and swearing to only vote for Ty.
  • Kiefer was evicted, threw a huge tantrum in the studio and was evicted from the jury process.
  • Jed has convinced Beth to vote for Ty so that he and Ty can get an upgrade to the condo they plan to get together. They are now in the process of ‘strong-arming’ the other jurors into voting how they say.
  • Tera quit, evicting herself because this whole thing is bullshit.

These online spoilers are starting to read like fanfiction….

Btw. the BBCan Twitter site is already asking for questions for the evicted houseguest.
And in the thread nobody has bothered to say they’d have very different questions for each of them… so maybe throw us a bone. Nope, instead it’s just stans stanning and arguing about why their fixation has to be the one that stayed.

another name

The reason I’m not buying any of the spoilers i’ve listed as accurate: I’ve done my research and looked back at their past explosive secret reveals. All of the people posting these stories were wrong about either the first double or the fake double. All of them were wrong about who would return on the fake double.
I’m just putting them down here for a laugh. DO NOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY.

another name

How did I miss this one?
NOT A SPOILER: Entertainment purposes ONLY.
Ty won the first part of the HOH.
Posted one hour after feeds cut.
Do people know that their postings have timestamps? Asking ‘cus a LOT of these time stamps on the fauxspoils I’m seeing have May1 between 2:30 and 3:45 pm timestamps.

What was the comp…. a booth comp where after answering one question (spell your name) correctly you run across the yard and hit the buzzer? I mean…really? Sending out spoilers for who won the first part of hoh before they’ve even finished interviewing the final 4 evictee? c’mon now.

another name

Not a Spoiler, Entertainment purposes.
Not from either of my sources, so I haven’t vetted or tested the accuracy of this information…
Don’t trust this. I’m sharing for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.
So this is NOT A SPOILER. Just enjoy the what if of it.

Just before 11pm this message string was shared with me by a friend who asked if it was legit… like i’ve got the secret special cams that i can turn on even when production blocks cams or something????? How am I supposed to know?
I’ve paraphrased some content and edited out stuff relating to my friend and how they know the sender. It’s everything from the 3 messages condensed together.

1st part 2hr+ long. done. ++phys. ALL ++ sore. Ty 1. B 2 T 3 >>
pissed 4 fin 3rd @!&%# not made for her AGAIN whats new>>
Part 2 Mon pm long setup + reset. usual veto time/after. 3 to 4hr?+?>>

My answer to my friend:
IDK but If Tera evicted Breydon… blocked or dead? LMAO. Now shush, I’m turning special bb secret cams back on. deadpan sideye.

another name

Newest ENTERTAINMENT ONLY fauxspoiler:
Again…. Do not believe these as TRUE. They are unverified tidbits a friend and I are collecting and sending to each other to laugh at. Thought I’d share so you could enjoy too.

HoH part 2 was postponed until tomorrow.
They haven’t done part 2 yet.
Possibly due to fatigue from part one.
Tera is feeling very isolated.
HOH pt 2 Will be done early pm Tuesday.

Truthfulness level: Part 2 has been postponed due to injury or fatigue from part one TWICE in past seasons … so it is possible.


this infauxluencer just wants people to keep checking on every word they say for another 24 hours before they become a nobody again.

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Today’s online conspiracy theories aka Probably bogus so DON’T BELEIVE THEM spoils:

  • a person that has had a twitter account for 5 hours says they know 2 people on staff. They say they got those two people to verify. this person says Breydon is gone. Retweeted by a Kiefer stan less than one minute later. The same Kiefer stan that had opposite spoilers yesterday. sideye.
  • a woman with a fairly decent record of guessing as far as the number of spoilers I’ve seen her give in five years (all three spoilers she’s given) sent out a message that Breydon made the final three, then deleted it almost immediately. So did she just hope or was she spoiling… or is she having a brainfart? who knows. Not a spoiler because… wtf was that? blink and it was gone. Her last spoiler from season 7 still exists, so definitely not a spoiler.
  • the one that posts about what the jury is thinking apparently also knows what the mother’s of one juror is thinking. Jed’s mother doesn’t like the new jury pics. Fan fiction.
  • A Tera stan says with no proof or verification that Breydon stayed.
  • A Ty stan doesn’t care, but look at more pics of Ty.
  • A Breydon stan is clinging to all of the pro Breydon stan tweets claiming to be spoilers.
  • EVERY Kiefer stan seems to be depending on that first spoiler that… oh. That account appears to be gone…. oh. So they’re clinging to the ethereal spoiler.
  • According to one supposed insider: Part two of the final HOH started an hour ago.

All of today’s entertaining fan fictions point to the edit of the filler episode to justify their opinions. Each taking the opposite stance.
Here’s what’s going to happen: Every one of the fanfiction writers currently talking about part one and two of HOH? It will be Ty and Tera going into part three so that they an hedge their bets about the third finalist. Lot easier to say I misunderstood which one my source was saying was evicted, then to also have them named as a winner of the three parter.
It’s a built in backup. So, in the next three or so hours, social media will bet a few spoils saying Ty won part one and Tera part two… or vice versa. Why? Because they lose deniablity if it’s a Keifer or Breydon win in part of the HOH and that person was evicted on Wednesday’s episode before they even show any of the final hoh on Thursday.

Side note:
I’m not feeling encouraged that my source is going to get back to me this time. But if i was going to get anything… it would be late tonight. It’s been too maybe this time. Last time it was a little more will instead of try on their part. We’ll see


Did anyone see on the Big Brother Canada website for the live feeds? People are saying that Tera evicted Breydon. Is there any truth to that? What do you guys think?

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It’s a comment section. There’s people on facebook, twitter and reddit saying a million comments and ‘spoilers’ based on… wish fulfillment is my guess?
One of them swears they know 2 employees of global and swears they are giving an accurate spoiler. Same person said Beth won the fake double eviction a couple of weeks ago.
I’m picking and choosing the ones that entertain me and posting their basics on here so we can all be entertained.


The Sunday commercial shows them being down to F4 but only shows DR clips of Ty, Tera & Keif (but that could be to throw people off too)

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Just watched the 30 second promo on the global site.
All four get d/r clips in it.
Tera first “i can’t even believe this”, then Ty “I came to win 100k and I’ll do whatever i have to do to get that”, Brey in his HOH suit “you better watch out”, then right into Kiefer “grim Kiefer baby lets’ go”, Tera “this is big brother you have to expect the unexpected”

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The ETcan promo is about the awards.
The first four jurors host the award show.
Vic calls them to the living room.
The four jurors are dressed up. Vic and Tina both have weird looking somethings (bows, flowers… who knows… in their hair).
Ohhh. It looks like Vic did everyone’s makeup…. with crayola markers. eep.
The four remaining houseguests are told to go to HOH to dress for the awards.
Tera jumps into Ty arms.
Kiefer jumps into Brey’s arms.
Brey should win a trip to final three just for lifting Kiefer, even for five seconds. That’s a strength based endurance comp right there.

Screechy Cackles plays NO role in the BBcan Awards. Snicker.

Got a message. Might have some news late Tuesday night. Might not.


I just spewed coffee all over b/c I burst out laughing at your Brey picking up Keif (not to be mean but at that moment I thought “oh Brey don’t do that you’ll throw your back out” lol)

And the curious cat is awaiting that news AN — I can’t wait — well I guess I can if she let Brey go — so I’ll cross my fingers she made the smart choice.

If he stays & wins I also kind of hope Brey rethinks taking Ty — imagine Breydon winning the final comp standing up & saying

Ty We’ve played very different games – you were safe the majority of this game & aligned with the power, whereas I was forced into the underdog role. Tera you & I played very similar games and can relate to the struggle or the nuances required to stay safe when you aren’t in power. People constantly referred to me as someone’s puppet or puppy — someone to be used rather than as an ally.

Ty, a few people told me you were pretending or playing up our friendship in order to put me in your pocket & get the easy victory. Knowing you, I don’t believe you would play that type of game. As for my F2 choice it’s the person I worked closely with throughout this game and will allow the jury to see me as an individual, and therefore hopefully be open to hearing what my game moves and strategy were, and not someone who the jury will say is only beside me b/c I was coerced to bring them.

I’m going to trust our friendship is real & you would want me to make the best choice for my game. For that reason, I’m sorry Ty, but I have to evict you.”

Doesn’t sound like he’d do that IF he stays and IF he wins. But — I’d be amped if he did. I know I’m on an island, but I appreciated his subtleties and incredible misting power when he needed specific moves made. (Vic for example never goes up or leaves w/o Brey’s influence IMHO.

I agree with your comments that Ty’s game wasn’t substantially better (just different).

I’d be happy to see a Brey/Tera F2 if for no other reason than they are the last two TPTB would want in that position. And even if Brey does all that ^^^ she’d probably still win. Actually, I’m good with any of them winning – they all played different games with different pluses/minuses.

East coaster

Screechy cackles bahahaha still not old. I don’t think it ever will be. To bad arisa wouldn’t call her that on finale night. Screechy cackles…please take your turn to vote. LOL


Didn’t see it but I wouldn’t believe it anyway. About 70% of all comments are deleted there, by an entity the posters call sparky. I read there often and none of the so called spoilers people posted, were ever true.


Didn’t comment much this season but trust me, I read all the spoilers and all the comments! You regulars rock and helped me navigate through so much BB BS this season LOL and as always thank you to Simon and dawg for putting all this together!! Can only hope BBUS will be this exciting 😉


Thank you Simon for doing this online big brother it’s my go too after every show! So where is this Dawg fellow or is he another name now? I really hope Tera wins keifer is too shady and I don’t like the game play of Ty in the last couple of nights cuddling with Brey just to get his vote or final 2 Brey is okay but kinda of ” oh yeah for sure” too much it’s annoying. Girl power now!


I used to like Brayden but after the past couple of weeks he makes me want to vomit. Ty is another one I used to like but he appears to be playing on Braydens feelings for him to make it to final 3. Both need to go. (Let their relationship blossom after the game is done)

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Week 10: HOH plus NOMS plus Awards.
preamble: the only good thing is feeds were down so much from Thursday until Saturday that we might actually get about five minutes of unseen game content.
No new fake spoilers in a few hours except for that Kiefer Stan that posted this morning that Tera is going to win with Kiefer gone… only to post this afternoon that Tera won part1 of HOH and Kiefer won part2 of HOH…. based on a meme the stan has been wanting to use. blink. blink. blink.
The fakes are starting to contradict themselves in their spoilers… in the same day. M’kay.
My gut still says Brey was evicted. But I have no proof or evidence, and you know if you’ve read anything I’ve said this season it isn’t because I’m a Kiefer Stan.

Goes back to the fake DE. Jed than Tera got turned on. MamaT the underdog naming.
Brey and Ty final 2 is real revelation. Brey wins HOH and Veto. With reactions. And again Late Bloomer naming. MamaT again… And Beth causes a stampede. The Bishop got his wish when Beth was evicted. Calling the HOH a sprint? It’s another g-damn booth comp. Stop that. HOH and noms and awards this week.
Post Eviction:
Beth exiting with love… now listen to a few of her post season interviews to see the bitch come out.
Tera D/R. She’s elated. Beth got fake 4 and Tera got real 4.
Ty D/R. Sauce boiled dry. Ty needs to damage control with Brey.
Ty wasn’t using or manipulating Brey… oh no….. play the clips? Guess not. hmmm.
Brey D/R i had no resume. Now i have some comp wins and social game.
Kief D/R this week is all about comp wins because I’m the big target left in the house.

HOH Buzzer Beater:
Ty won question one in the last episode.
Name evicted houseguest by who played in the veto.
Ty D/R: biggest thing on resume is avoiding the block, I’ve got to win.
1)Rohan. Ty poin. 2)Jed. Tera incorrect. LaToya. Kiefer point. 3)Austin. Tera point.
Tera D/R I don’t want to be taken. I want to take.
4)Tera. Kiefer incorrect. Tina. Ty point.
Brey D/R rooting for Ty.
5) Kyle. Tera point. 6)Josh. Kiefer point. D/R stupid to take me to finals. tied 2 a piece. Commercial.
7)Vic. Ty WIns. Final score: 3/2/2
Ty D/R I win when I need to.
Tera D/R shoot me I’m headed to the block.
Kiefer Eeyores to Tera. Kiefer D/R don’t take me to the finals cus I win the game.
Kiefer pushing the alliance with Tera (the fake one that only exists when Kiefer smells the block).
Tera D/R: Ty never has to sweat.
Ty D/R: i’m targeting Kiefer because Brey is easier to beat and would take me.
wHo WanTs 2 C mY hOh RoOm: FILLER. Never cared.
PreNoms What passes for Campaigning in a known irrelevant noms situation:
Kiefer is happy for Ty. Ty feels like he’s underestimated.
Kiefer D/R Always working. Says he never underestimated Ty (go back to week 4 and fact check that: show muscles useless convo with Jed about Ty).
Ty entertains Kief. He can’t really go final 2 with Kiefer.
Brey says taking Kief is stupid. Ty doesn’t want Kiefer in finals reiterated.

BBCAN AWARDS FILLER (I had nothing else to do… or I’d skip this crap)
So Don’t Care. We missed How much game feeds for this shit???
Oh. These Outfits. Um. Oh. Hmm. Should I adopt the if you can’t say something nice say nothing mentality? That’d be a first. I’d probably spontaneously combust (as much as a few people would enjoy that… suffer).
Fools. They look Stoopid. Who knew Helen Keller reincarnated as a Stylist. So, They shopped at a 2nd Floor Queen West discount costume store and said Dressy Idiot no savant is the look we’re going for?
Head to the Ball Pit.
Stupid Talk. Reindeer vs. Chicken / Egg. Heated Talk. Pantrygate vs. Cowardgate.
Dance Clips. HoH montage vs. Vic cuts one. House Mission. Spice vs. Bingo.
Filler Montage to give them the feels. Eyeroll. I want this entire segment of my life back.
Oh look. they edited out Breydon/Jed winning best kiss. sideye. Yeah, diversity season has a wee bit of work to do when it comes to the edit.
Kiefer D/R: how did I get here? I’m thinking the week 7 Dumpster fire feed blocks is how you got here. Asshat. Quit reminding me.
Tera D/R: I’m loving this blah blah blah. I like bitchy Tera D/R better. At least I can relate to waiting for the manager indignant Tera… this sentimental one annoys me.

What I’m Noticing: Not too many Brey D/R this episode. Lots and Lots of Kiefer.
Date night for Wendy’s Filler… Ty and Brey.
Ty message is billingual. Nice.
Tera / Breydon segment:
Tera is checking out Breydon’s connection to Ty. The conversation where the 2 agreed that Kiefer is the big move. Brey admits Ty is cute.
Ty is flirty. Brey catches feelings easy. Hopes he’s not getting used. This is being shown… but it feels like it’s under duress. Like damn, we have to include it. Get it over with quick… you have 90 seconds.
The Kiefer Segment:
Kiefer D/R: i’m so tired, I’m the winner… same D/R as most of the season. Eeyore. Eeyore saying he’s acting Eeyore. “Acting” Eeyore alone being a camwhore for fan support. That IS what the entire Kiefer Parascam was meant for This week.
Entire Kiefer segment. Multiple minutes. They’re trying to gin up the fans. Is it for his loss or for his salvation tomorrow? That’s our question. No. Really. This is a 5 minute session of Production loves Kiefer.

Ty D/R my sensitive ass is allergic to the block so I never sat there.
Tera is nom one. Kiefer is nom two.
Tera strong… big moves.
Kiefer great game. have to do it.
Both loyal honest and respectful…the veto is all that counts. Show me a clip reel of the honesty, loyalty and respectfulness or I’ma no buyin. I watched feeds.
Kiefer: almost feels safe this week. Just gotta win the veto.
Tera : Hey Ty, is going bitchmode Karen all over that veto.

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Those “looks” for the awards are still in my head.
Someone stole Tim Burton’s reject designs for his pitch to the BBcan Hungrygames.
I think Tera’s hat was meant for Beth if she’d been there. Like balls hovering around her face would be a new thing. Wait, they were white. That would be different.
Floral suit… with thermal padded faux leather shoulders… and a plastic sailor moon style sun tiara. Oh Ty. sideye.
Breydon… showing his effie trinket reeeallness…. I guess half the fan base are hoping the odds were in his favor. Looked more like an outfit for a black Dorothy Szbornak.
Kiefer…. The sneakers say Bess from the early 80’s 20 minute workout.. the hat says glenn close as cruella deville.

The stylist has zero fuqs left to give regarding the dignity of these 4 dipshits.

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The Nutshell of this episode.

bbcan9 kiefbrey2.jpg
Just a girl...

Anyone wanna talk about this last episode? The pity party that was Keif – omg it was cringe! Such a play on trying to make him look like a hero, and not the narcissistic misogynist he really is


Keif always poor me poor me
He is one self centered person , I am sure they could all use a 100k and the other prizes.

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There is a rumor that has been going around for most of the season.
This rumor is that one of the highest level execs for BBCAN wanted live feeds to be done away with. They made it more difficult to produce a show.
The splainers and pr talking heads that deny this rumor consistently throw a certain news article in the faces of people that question the validity of the statement.
The puff piece article is from 2015. Published in the UK.
The exec, rumored to desire that feeds be canned is quoted as saying the live feeds keep everybody honest. In 2015.
Flash forward to 2021. Same news article being thrown out there as proof that the execs like feeds because they keep everybody honest.
Feeds were down MORE than they were up this season. So, are we to infer that they now only like being kept honest 36% of the time?

No response from the splainey talking head pr nitwit when asked.

Feeds Gold

i just simulated the f5 end game of this season on brantsteele, and had to keep re-simulating many times until i got the exact combination of brey winning f5 hoh and beth evicted at f5 and ty winning f4 hoh and tera winning f4 veto until we get to the current point in the season, then the following happened…

tera votes out keif at f4
ty wins f3 hoh part 1
brey wins f3 hoh part 2
brey wins f3 hoh part 3
brey votes out tera and takes ty to f2
brey wins the jury vote


Thanks a bunch! This place is always a fun read, thanks for doing all the work to keep the rest of us in the loop

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My feeling after I spend five minutes rabbit holing the hashtag…
I guess I’m not as much of a fan as I thought I was. I’m not willing to swarm and destroy any of the other watchers.
The most problematic thing about this season? Feed blocks. Anyone saying the answer is a certain houseguest or other… wrong.
I need a shower.

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I don’t think I ever wrote an actual assessment of Beth’s game.
I’ve written about the game moves that were positive and the game errors that caused the ouster of every other houseguest.
Walked in with the strategy of working with men, targeting women, so that she could use feminine wiles and passive aggressiveness to sway the men in the game to protect her. Strategically that isn’t wrong given the alpha mentality of many of the men in the season. Where Beth went wrong with this: she wasn’t satisfied with One puppet, She wanted her own puppet show. Targeting LaToya was smart for Beth: her chosen puppets were just as likely to blindly follow LaToya as they were to protect Beth: More so likely.
I discount her talk to cams stuff because it wasn’t actual game moves. It was throwing shit at the fan.
She was protected for 2 weeks due to the team twist. She was then protected by having an alliance member in power, and even having one of her puppets throw her an HOH.
Her game moves aren’t actually that awful. They were smart for her game.
The issue: Everyone in the house was on to her game style by the middle of week three (except Tina and Tera, who still let her in an alliance with them in week four).
Her overestimation of what she did in the game, and her actual inability to perform well out of power: that’s the death knell to Beth’s game.
She made it too obvious she was attempting the meat shield strategy: and everyone else using the same strategy in her alliance noted it.
She made the showmance error. Getting into a showmance isn’t necessarily an error, taking eyes off the game in order to play house with the showmance is the error I am noting.
Finally, It’s fine to throw out different stories to the house guests when there are 10-12 house guests. The entire house doesn’t compare notes enough to catch on. At 5-7 house guests, it’s stupid to still have multiple versions of new stories running.
That’s a game ender.
Beth’s game was ended by Beth weeks before Beth’s game ended. She was just too busy playing hide the cocktail weenie to notice. She broke up final 2 deals that didn’t include her, but left fingerprints every time she did it. That was going to be noticed. It was.

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Entertainment Tonight Canada Promo for tonight’s episode: Released about an hour ago?
Remember Kiefer’s post I’m quitting D/R visit self pep talk filled with suggested phrases that would look good in an episode during the great dumpsterfire of week 7?
That. Again.
Kiefer saying he will achieve the veto.
Dramatic effect music. Kiefer alone in bedroom lying on bed.
He begins with a really bad riff on Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death… only a BBCan version…. sideyed twice. once each direction.
It’s laid on a little thick.
Therefore, Prodo is releasing this a a clip in order to do one of two things:

  1. Heighten Drama for when he fails to win the veto, and get the fan awws when he is evicted
  2. Heighten the heroic drama effect when he loses the veto, and somehow stays based on his campaigning magnificence.

How would they cut that campaign he gave to Tera in order to make it persuasive?
Play on the Breydon spent the night with Ty aspect? The 90 second introduction of Tera questioning the relationship clip from Monday shoehorned in right before the episode spent five minutes extolling the virtues of Kiefer… being used as justification for Tera to cut Breydon because of Kiefer’s magnificent campaign. It was the only real point that he made that had Tera react in a drama way. For anyone that listened to his campaign, you know just how bad it was, and just how much i was just spewing sarcasm in the use of the word magnificent.
But… that’s the plan. Either they are setting up the viewers to feel dejected and broken that Kiefer failed… Or they are setting up a miracle save edit.

We’ll see in one hour and fifteen minutes which way they chose to go.

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Probably fan fiction, but some behind the scenes stuff someone claiming to be an employee is saying:

  • Beth wanted Julie gone week one, but the reason hasn’t been stated.
  • the reason: Julie and Ty had a week one flirtmance going. Beth wanted to eliminate the competition.
  • Kiefer had far less to do with the week one flip than he stated after LaToya was gone. It was ALL LaToya, but it matched what Kiefer wanted. He took credit for someone else’s game move.
  • Prodo people were not fond of Tera in the first three weeks. She was very demanding and complaint driven with the staff in D/R especially before feeds.
  • Jed was warned repeatedly to use the veto on himself by D/R. He rejected their warnings… that were reallllllly obvious directed questions.
  • Austin in casting said she was open to showmancing, and arrived saying she changed her mind. This caused a lot of alteration to plan.
  • Ethans departure caused even more alteration to plan. He WAS the original authorized Bethmance. TPTB were hoping for a Bethan and a Jedstin.
  • D/R were not a fan of the throuple concept. they thought it would play horribly with the more puritanical in the viewership. They pushed in directed questioning each of Beth and Ty, as well as LaToya for some reason (?) to try to get Beth back on track.

I think this is fan fiction. BUT enough of it fits with some of my feelings about comments made on feeds in the first half of the game… that I can fit it into my narrative pretty easily without feeling like I’d require a million receipts.

Just to be anti-edit… how about voting Rohan or Vic for fave player.
I mean… Vic provided us with week 3 That was AN AMAZING WEEK OF WILD CHAOS. Rohan was the object of Kiefer’s ire… especially when Rohan won skip the dishes. Yeah, I don’t want one of my nopes rewarded. SO WHAT.


I am voting Tera for fan fav .

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Not going to pretend to be objective with this one. This is the one. Hate me all you want.
what he did well, what he did shit.
Week one Kiefer entered… as a fan choice in the popularity vote. I still haven’t actually encountered enough people that voted for him to make me say wow, that was legit.
So anyway, he had immunity week one after suggesting the teams be based on gender. (but he wasn’t against women… mmhmmm). Kiefer takes credit for every game move made in this week once the people that engineered the moves are out of the game. Due to lack of feeds, we have no evidence to back up his assertions.
Week two Kiefer found himself on the block after shit talking the HOH that he hadn’t bothered to have a conversation with week one. So his social game errors got him on the block.
On the block we were treated for the first of 4(?) times Eeyore wanted to quit. His melodrama was enough that his allies said acceptable loss if he doesn’t win veto.
During this period, the term Kiefing is created in my season comments, it meant bonehead moves poor floating and lazy information control reporting old information or false information as current truths, and not strategically on purpose but due to lazy spying.
Everyone but Josh throws veto to Kiefer… he claims himself a comp beast. Once off the block he starts kiefing other houseguests like it’s a pants on fire sale… and gets caught.
Kiefer later claims wanting to quit and going to D/R to quit was a fake Ditto for week 3.
Week three he’s put on the block (volunteers cus he knows he’s going on the block… you know, the save face by saying pick me when you damn well know ur being picked anyway). But is he the target? NO. Week 2 of Eeyore wants to quit. again later claims it’s crocodile lament. to save face. His allies abandon him, bum’s rush him to the door, only to find out at the vote he wasn’t the target (okay, we now know they got 2 head’s ups in addition to Kiefer actually telling them Vic’s plan before noms potentially Kiefing the entire thing… why that never stood out or got exposed… hmmm. it’s a miracle… a heavily produced miracle).
I’m not even including pantrygate in this. It was manufactured from the start. Don’t make me shake my head in derision and tut tut. It was a post feed outage set up.
Week four Kiefer is thrown the HOH, the recipient of Austin’s bewildering unforced error move (that makes even less sense since Austin gave the other side the heads up before the vote… so shouldn’t have been their target… headscratch… gonna need d/r to explain how that actually worked.) So Kiefer turns on the people that kept him because they aren’t cool kid enough for him (that’s why. That IS why), and goes back to the people that just gave away his bed and begs for them to love him. I was depressed by his lack of dignity in almost quitting twice by week four, I said at the time, there’s the door, buhbye. Bowing and scraping week four as HOH? No respect. His ‘create a nemesis’ plan kept progressing. His man of my word man of honor edit hit a snag when he bounced a safety cheque. Said the words loyal to the soil so often i brought a shovel to plant him in it. Somewhere just before or just after this HOH, that’s when Kief made the nope list.
Week five. Kiefer claims credit for Vic’s invisible HOH. After Vic is gone. Due to massive feed cuts we have absolutely no support to provide for his assertions.
Week six. Kiefer gets caught playing middle and BEING AN ACTUAL FLOATER (check the definition, he was playing a float game in week 2, 3, 5 and 6). This is why I say I can respect a GOOD floater game. a good floater wouldn’t have been caught playing the middle SO obviously. Does get Ty pulled in closer to him… but pushes Jed and Beth further away.
Kiefer spends the first half of the week sketching out his sunsetters, the second half of the week sketching out his oddballs, and the whole week making it totally obvious that he switched back and forth between fighting for Tera’s eviction then Tera’s salvation.
Wins double hoh and makes the idiot move of taking out the nemesis he created, meaning he no longer had an enemy to go after (that wasn’t after him) spooking his allies.
WEEK SEVEN: Tries to quit AGAIN. MULTIPLE TIMES. feed cuts abound. He’s staying. His suck up emotion driven campaign makes no sense to me. It smells. Think he stayed because of his campaign? Go ahead. I don’t. This week smelled bad and failed the logic test. It will never be the big game move to keep the bigger target you blindsided… that Jedism will NEVER make sense.
Week Eight: Fake double. firms up a defender alliance with the remaining boys while targeting the showmance… only to screw over Tera in the fake double. COMPLETELY SHITS HIMSELF on live TV when the Fake double / battle back was revealed. You can see it on his face… he’s damn well evacuating his bowels all over those couches.
Week Nine: sucking back up to Tera while simultaneously sucking up to Beth… and talking behind everyone’s backs while making final 2’s with everyone in sight. on week 9 he solidifies a final 2 with everyone in the house? That’s stuff you do by week 6. Again, does his secret stuff so obviously that everyone else knows he’s doing it.
Week Ten: Complains he’s going to get snaked because everyone won’t throw the final 4 hoh to him. That’s what the snaking was about. They didn’t give him the easy ride. Aaaand more talk of quitting. His post veto campaign… when your campaign includes just cut me, i’m sick of this crap, and I have guaranteed votes in jury i’m going to win… That sums it up for me. Financial need as a selling point. Family as a selling point… and go ahead and cut me….
WTF, dude. This is the game that so many people said was the season winner? I’m guessing mostly because he said he was the season winner so many times that lots of viewers just said… meh, fine, whatever???

From the perspective of someone that didn’t like him… and admits to having NO objectivity about him (partially because of his edit being so antithetical to his feeds…. yup, prodo is a big part of the reason i don’t like him)… this is what his game looked like.

Feeds Gold

kyle has tweeted for his fans to vote for austin for canadas fave

brey i think is a lock for f2 as both ty and tera would take him if he doesnt win f3 hoh and if he reaches f2 to win one of the f2 prizemoney amounts he would then im pretty sure, similar to usa bb, be ineligible for canadas fave…knowing this i think many brey fans could also put many of their votes for austin

austin was already very popular and has continued to be so, and has had a decent social media presence after being evicted…and this award is for who you like the most, not who played the best game, and i could see austin getting a surprise win

even though theres a lesser chance a pre juror wins fave houseguest i think she has a shot due to the factors of the current jurors arent majorly super loved, she was and is still very well liked, plus many votes also coming to her from 2 other houseguests fans which i dont think any other houseguest will get in that quantity, via kyle and brey fans, and it would make up for her being the person most screwed over by twists/production, only missing jury by one spot

vic always only wanted to work with jed/ty/keif and was never really keen on the oddballs…for me austin was the spiritual leader of the resistance against the sunsetters/sauce, it was austin that first thought of the oddballs name when she said,”i love our little oddball crew”

karb forever baby…im voting austin for canadas fave

i would enjoy a brey 1st place win($110k, $10k bbq, trip for 2 holiday) and austin getting canadas fave $10k, with those 2 going on the trip for 2 together


I’m with you – already voted that way b/c I liked her a lot & agree that she got screwed by Vic. It also seemed like certain females (cough BETH cough) were jealous of her. Hearing Brey tell the story of how Ty/LaToya (or Ty/Vic) were talking in the bathroom about her and made her cry also bothered me. I never felt she was rude or stuck up — just that she was willing to be as fake as others.

I think Another Name may be correct that TPTB is rigging this for Keifer which is mind-boggling b/c every poll I’ve seen he’s either last or bottom two.

Feeds Gold

some thoughts, and potential game records brey could break if he wins…

if brey wins it will be the most on the block eviction night votes survived(currently 5, potentially 6 if taken to f2) in a season for any north american winner breaking the previous record of 4 by will bb usa season 2(pre veto era) and 4 by jordan bb usa season 11(veto era)
if brey wins i think he breaks the record for highest net positive total combined eviction votes in a season for an eventual north american winner, currently 16-0 combined eviction votes in his favor, potentially 17-0 if taken to f2(which is net positive 16 or 17) excluding the week one team vote, or 29-0, potentially 30-0 (net positive 29 or 30) including the 13 votes of week one, when he was against 5 others on the block…either way you count his combined vote total i believe it would be the highest net positive…the next best i could find is jordan in bb usa season 11 had total combined eviction votes 18-4 in her favor(net postive 14), and will season 2 had 13-1 collective votes in his favor(net positive 12) in their 4 eviction nights survived respectively
after the first team week he survived against 5 others in his team, brey then survived his other 4 eviction nights on the block head to head vs austin, ro, jed and keif, with potential for another to come, possibly ty, which would collectively be surviving against 5 of the most dynamic players of the season all unanimously, that could potentially end up including all the male jurors…whilst its not impressive to be at risk that many times, he has had a pretty decent social game, and as all his friends were being evicted, brey being able to burrow into the sunsetters crew to work with many of them and survive as they turned on each other before wanting to get rid of him was well done…and this season ive found brey to be the player best at being able to work with or be on good terms with all sides and corners of the house over most of the season
if either ty or brey win the game, the streak of all bb can winners never having a single eviction vote cast against them all season continues
ty escaped the nom chair all season…tera escaped actually being evicted to return in the battleback…brey escaped 5 eviction nights on the block without a single vote cast against him

the 3 remaining in various ways have been living just like the roaches, never dying, always living

another name

Truly a shame, I say.
Let’s manufacture an edit for a houseguest, that’s not unusual, it’s done for multiple golden edit recipients every damn season.
Let’s manufacture fan support for someone that has had a spotty record of saying or doing some…. borderline things. Heck we can pull a James. right down to the practical jokes.
The episodies will eat it spoon or no spoon.
NOW exec producer Arisa, can you pull tears? Learned how to do that shit on the Lofters years ago? Grrrreat. Remember to say he never gave up and never quit. Can’t have the episodies know he threw tantrums and sulked and tried to walk EVERY TIME he was up for eviction. Can’t believe we pulled seven off. whew. He’d have definitely breached contract. What’s to keep him from slipping and spilling now? y’know… kiefing it real world.
Let’s introduce a 10k bonus this season to reward him for our hard work in the editing room. It’ll be like a contract extension to keep his mouth shut about all the strings we had to pull to keep him there that long.
Don’t worry, he’ll win… remember the voting rules we put in place in season 4.
We can disqualify votes during or after the voting period without notification, and if anyone ask tell them it was bot voting concern…. yeah yeah captcha… whatevs… its’ still in our voting rules.

Jury interview. the one with murtz. cut the shit out of that puppy to make it cute in the window for the public….
look at the edit jumps between words. Holy crap. Max Headroom lives.
So he says he’d vote for Tera but only if she won final HOH. I STILL don’t get where Ty’s game was worth more than Tera’s or Breydon’s. He stayed off the block? funny how that happens when you have 2 weeks of safety and your alliance or someone hot for your eggplant (twice) is hoh for six of the next 7 weeks… before he himself is the hoh. He was in danger for… one week in truth because of the whole steam roll set up. How is that so much better? He doesn’t say Ty has to win the final HOH to get his vote. He doesn’t say Breydon has to win final HOH to get his vote (shocker… he NEVER votes for Breydon, Breydon played the same game style without getting caught kiefing it constantly). But the woman has to prove herself? Is that what he’s saying? She won when he lost. That should be proof enough (and I’m averse to a Tera win because she was evicted once. He doesn’t caveat his answer using that logic). Guy’s guy to the end.

another name

Another sound bite. same interview.
He would have stayed final four with the remaining sunsetters he asserts. He was all about loyalty he asserts.
Don’t make me go defending Screechy Cackles.
How MANY times did he insert Beth eviction brainworms to the remaining houseguests? Ty, Breydon, Tina, Tera, Vic? He subtly pushed Beth as target to them to keep his guy’s guy boys together. He NEVER wanted Beth in the sunsetter alliance he revealed week 2.
No. Really. He had NO loyalty to Beth. He was just inches from openly targeting her for almost 2 weeks, before week seven. He was averse to her as an alliance mate from week 2 forward.
But sure. He can SAY he was loyal to that 4. All contrary feeds documentation never made episode.
Another bullshit claim.

Another exit interview: this time from before he went to jury house.
Different set of opinions.
Much more likely to vote for Tera while he was still in the studio.
Bullet points to this interview in terms of how he’d vote:
Between Ty/Tera, Kief votes Tera. (not anymore)
Between Brey/Tera is tougher, but leaning Tera. (still true)
Thinks Ty wins vs. Brey, but tough call.
Between Brey/Ty… depends on who took whom to finals. (not anymore now all Ty).
Thinks Tera wins vs. Ty by a landslide. (not anymore)
Thinks Tera vs. Brey, Tera wins by landslide as well. (still true)
This was what he told one interviewer BEFORE he went to the jury house.
What changed between Saturday and the interview in jury house?

Other interviews have him switched to Tera winning. So… He’s Kiefing his exit interviews now????

big brother fan

ty was in danger in both vic hohs. one of them which she could of done it in secret
and still didnt. keifer and tina had the same alliance as he did to be protected , so did jed and beth and none of them managed to survive to this point . yet alone being safe from the block the entire season. and having a strong allies is part of his great game as well.
ty played this game harder then anyone (maybe excapt beth who played it too hard )
and made most of the decisions . he got his way the entire game.

another name

Ty was in NO danger on EITHER of Vic’s HOH’s.
Feeds made it QUITE clear. Ty was in ZERO danger either time.
Vic had no intention of putting Ty on the block. She said so out of power, she said so in power on feeds. The veto lied was just that, a lie. Beth was the renom.
I just don’t see how his game is remarkably better than the other two in the final 3.
Was Breydon ever blindsided by an eviction result? No. He knew who was going home every week. Ty can’t say the same.
The first time TY tried to step out on his own as a leader? Week 7 when he was the deciding factor to blindside Kief. Did he get what he wanted? No.
Who did Ty want gone on Kiefer’s first HOH? Austin, not Kyle, because he wanted to keep the fake alphamale armistice going. Who was evicted? Kyle.
Ty was against targeting Vic. was Vic evicted the week Ty was against the plan? Yes. Whose social influence convinced Beth to target Vic? Breydon.
Played harder?
He made a known fake armistice with the other 2 perceived alphas?
He was part of the week one and two intimidation campaign that was the sunsetter’s go to move? the whole let’s strong arm them thing?
I think there’s no chance Breydon wins. However, I don’t see how Ty played any harder or any better than Breydon.
By the episode edit, my belief is Ty is going to win. First person to make an alliance shown on screen in episode one. That was what they did with Dane, that was what they did with Paras. By the way they put together their story, Ty should be the winner.
I just don’t see where or how he played so much better than the other two.


Seems Tera is blind to the bromance that she isn’t included in. That Ty thinks he has a sucker he can beat in final two. Bredon thinks Ty is into him… lol.. That TY put Tera up twice. And Braedon voted her out. Means she can’t trust them. Sure Kiefier did once. But he’s clearly not in with the guys now. And Kiefer was her best chance of being taken to final two. But she make the mistake of trusting people she can’t. Who are lying to her. Who don’t give a crap about her or her family. Sad.

another name

There’s still online spoilers going on.
There is a supposed spoiler going on for the final HOH comps.
I’m going to treat this as fanfiction… but share it with you for entertainment ONLY.
According to someone that has guessed correctly 3 times, and guessed incorrectly 4 times…. The 3rd part of HOH was complete about an hour ago.
In this version of the tale… the jury has some very interesting and sometimes intense questions (we all know prodo makes the edit approved questions and assigns them to the houseguests EXCEPT for the final evictee who usually gets to ask whatever because they’ve only been out of the game for less than an hour).
So, in this version of the fairytale, Ty has won the third part of HOH.
No word from this individual who part one or part 2. just an abrupt part 3 winner and jury is going in on questioning the games of the finalists.
With 33% odds on each person winning the final 3 HOH… i’m grain of salting.
With trying to make the jury questions sound relevant (like the decision wasn’t made by 6 jurors by tuesday)… shaker of salting.


I was thinking before Ty evicted Tera that production wanted a POC to win this year.