Keifer “Nothing looks better than a fresh cut mull! I feel powerful with my hair.”

Results from the episode

The Feeds are down until 1 am tonight. Special eviction episode on Wednesday.
Ty wins HOH
Tera wins Veto

Friday @ 6:50 pm Feeds have been down since noon. Production was nice enough to tell us this time that they won’t come back until “early” tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we can have something to post tomorrow. Grab yourself a Kraken and let’s toast this most lovely Kraken season.

Results from last week

Tera won the competition vs Jed and returned to the game.
Breydon won the Head of Household
Nominations are Beth and Tera
Have nots are Beth and Kiefer (Skip the dishes)
Power of Veto winner: Breydon did not use it

10:50am The house guests are chatting in the kitchen. Breydon is giving Ty a back rub. Keifer – I can’t wait to get a haircut.. and wear hats again. I am going to buy so many hats out of here. Every two and a half to three weeks I get a cut. Ty – I am every week cuz! Fresh! Keif – yeah, we have different hair. I am like a horse.. running through the field. Ty – I would have thought once a month for you. Keifer – if you have a mullet .. you have to keep it tight! Its got to look good or you’re just going to be a that guy with a f**kin weird haircut. I see guys all the time and I am just like WHOA! Nothing looks better than a fresh cut mull! Nothing feels better. I feel powerful with my hair. Ty – same. Tera – I wonder if I could pull off the mullet? Keifer – you could. Tera – I will probably cut my hair after this. Keifer – I will take a couple inches off the back. Actually I don’t know .. maybe I will just keep letting it go longer and longer.

12pm HOH room. Beth is rocking out with the HOH music.

12:35pm The house guests are chatting about random things in the HOH room.

1:45pm HOH room. Quiet afternoon..

2:05pm HOH room. Keifer, Breydon and TY.
Keifer – Oh my god I am so happy Canada loves me. Ty – me too! I am happy Canada love me too. Breydon – we’re all skip the dishes winners. All three of us. I just love how they tear it out of my hands… no we just felt bad for you. Breydon – of course because Jed thinks he is loved by the nation.. by everyone. Keifer – YIKES.. wait till he sees. Breydon – like there is no way. Like they would like anyone more than me. Keifer – he must have looked like the biggest villain when he put me up. Ty – oh my gosh of course! Breydon – like all season.. like the 13 year old boy comment.. I think that was just the start. Keifer – yeah.

Hittin the booze early.. Tear makes up some ice tea cocktails with her HOH alcohol. Beth – what are you celebrating final four right in front of me?! Di*ks! They laugh. Beth – get me out of this hell hole!

6:38 pm Hanging out…

8:30 pm Dinner

9:13 pm Tera
Tera – oh my god they are so painful.. and you have to be nice.
Tera – one more day… all I want to do is study and I can’t even do that
Tera – I have to be in front of all these people so Beth goes and I stay… All I want to do is be by myself and study.. UGH
Tera – I will actually enjoy having this room to myself
Tera – It’s ok you got this. This is some serious acting
Tera – everything Beth is saying I agree with. She’s going to look really pretty tomorrow.

11:17 pm Kiefer and Ty
Chatting about how different things would be if Beth was the one evicted over Jed.
Kiefer says he wanted to vote Beth so bad after she gave the speech.
Ty says he saw one Keifer face, “I was like Kief no.. trust the process”
They talk about the battle back and seeing Jed on the screen
Ty – In my head I was thinking doesn’t this only happen on TV then I realized.. (LOL)

They wonder what Beth will tell Jury when she’s evicted.

Ty leaves..
Kiefer to himself “That guy’s gonna snake me… dammit.. ”

1:25pm Breydon and Ty are chatting in the HOH room about past events / evicted house guests. Breydon talks about how much Vic hated Beth. She couldn’t stand her laugh and how she thought she was fake. Ty – yeah a lot of people thought that. I have a feeling this comp is going to be matching / running around

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another name

Preamble: who knows. this episode could be on the level, could be prodo manipulated bullshit.
RECAP: The Underdog returns. Tera needs to get them to get the target on Beth.
Fading Queen Bee? What does B stand for? Gotta few suggestions. Breydon wins HOH.

Post HOH win:
Breydon celebrating. Beth saying final 4… eep. yeah, about that…
Beth D/R is annoyed that a floater controls her fate.
Kief D/R is noms are small pool. He’s starting to Kief…. you can see it in his eyes.
So this is where Kief started getting paranoid and threatened to quit???
Kief thinks Ty can control but not control (wink wink nudge nudge) Brey’s HOH.
Who wants to see my HOH Room. I really don’t care about this segment. EVER.

Breydon is taking Kiefer to Wendy’s. So Kiefer got real food on Friday. He skipped a meal so far as a Have not..
Kiefer is already pushing game. Everyone wants Beth gone. Brey thinks he can win against Ty.
Brey jokes about backdooring Kiefer. Oh. So is THIS where Kief started getting paranoid and threatened to quit????
Tera goes hat in hand to Breydon. Pulls tears. Brey is putting the whole oh you feel like i felt when you put me on the block?
Ty is playing into the crush, wants the emotional connection… for his game. Yeah… doesn’t sound any better now than it did last time. Ty has a real final 2 with Breydon he says. Ask him about his final 2 with Kiefer now. What, like nobody else is curious?
Beth has a weird feeling. They make a cream for that. Beth pushes Kiefer and Tera nominees. Ummmm… Breydon says Beth is making valid points… in a cue card reading that sounds like Vic saying the game is so real and not rigged. Not gonna lie added free of charge.
We’ve hit a commercial block… Is that when Kiefer started getting paranoid and threatened to quit?????

Less candidates makes it even harder. No, it really doesn’t.
How to secure a spot in the finals… this might not be the right way Breydon.
Beth is first nominee. REASON: Beth’s backdoor plan last week.
Tera is second nominee. REASON: You put me on the block after promising I wouldn’t be nominated.
Deja voodoo.
Beth D/R push rewind. Well that was the plan, but why am I the only one taking the heat.
Tera D/R push rewind. Yeah Brey is right, but it’s all Ty and Kief’s fault and look at them grinning. grrrrr. it’s their fault but at final 2 she’d call it my move to jury…. ummmm.

With Brey, Tera is saying she was used, and she’s annoyed. Was Jed really running the show?
Kiefer and Ty are slime is the basic Tera feeling. But, Tera was HOH, and loved the ego move of getting Jed out.
Beth is mad that Ty skates. Beth is mad a water wing is running the show.
With Brey, Beth says she wasn’t pushing hard for Jed to stay. You’re losing your number 2.
Brey D/R…. you’re not my final 2.
Beth says it was a group decision…. can we rewind for all of last week?
Beth is pulling the it’s good for you Ty, because you share his bed.
Beth has been working Breydon all season (working him, as in pulling a long con). Beth is getting pissed.
Beth doesn’t realize even though she knows that Jed was always leaving, and her foolery was her ticket to the block.
Keep in mind, Tera and Brey can hear yelling. mmhmmm.
So is this when Kiefer started getting paranoid and wanting to quit?????

Pinball machines thingies. Drop a ball from tube to flippers and run back to the top.
Beth is thinking about Beth D/R. so it’s the same as every other day this season.
Tera D/R. i’m spun. Oh…. spin instructor. never mind.
Brey D/R. I suck at endurance so I’m going to math my way through….
Ty D/R. Now i’m the king and the biggest alpha.
Kiefer D/R going to have to hustle. So is this when Kiefer started getting paranoid and wanting to quit????? COME ON… TELL US. Kiefer’s D/r aren’t heavy breathing So I’m guessing they are from Sunday.
Beth is liking how she’s handling balls.
Brey hopes Beth drops. You know, in case he wants a backdoor this week though Beth is his target.
Kiefer panics when handling 3 balls. Beth would call that amateur night in the alley behind the ho down bar.
Tera is afraid she’s ruining her second chance. So now she’s spun? Triball is impossible.
Tera is OUT.
Kiefer is out. A ball slipped through his fingers.
Beth is having a bad feeling when handling multiple balls…
Brey is practicing the rhythm method. Ty is catching well.
Brey… this could last 2 hours.

Post Veto comp
Ty hates to lose. Tera is going to kiss ass. Pinkyswears. How many pinkyswears this season? NOT MANY. Beth is leaving they say.
Breydon wanted Ty to win and have a moment. Kiefer thinks Breydon is trying to backdoor Kiefer.
OHHHH…So this is when Kiefer started getting paranoid and wanting to quit????? NO? You’re not going to show us are you? Bastiches.
Final 5 feast booze and sammies in the hot tub…. Kiefer has been a have not for about 12 hours so far from Thursday to Sunday. Two food breaks so far. Mmmmhmmm. Sounds about right.

Post VETO Campaigning
Beth doing EXACTLY what Brey already said to Kiefer she would do. Kiefer already begging. this is when Kiefer started getting paranoid? Note. Brey called Beth bitch at least twice.
Beth wants Brey to make this move so Beth can take credit? Oh. Right. She’d HAVE TO GET THE CREDIT… she considers Breydon an air mattress.
Ty admits Beth is making a good pitch, but will take all the credit. Breydon is considering the Kiefer move. OHHHH…this is when Kiefer started getting paranoid and tried to quit? HE SAID IT HAPPENED. SHOW USSSSS.

Plead to the rubber ducky:
Beth: make a big move. I am beneficial to you.
Tera: under estimated. Use the veto on me and I won’t be mad.
I Don’t Wishywash or flippyflop or deflate apparently.
Tera: don’t do this again. No deja voodoo.
Beth: work my ass off… I don’t want to follow Jed to Jury. Don’t worry, his mother isn’t there with a taser.


I giggled all the way through that read – I think it’s my favorite post of the season so far. As soon as I saw what the POV was I couldn’t wait to read your episode review to see how you utilized all that tantalizing innuendo material. BRILLIANT!

You are spot-on TPTB was going to spin-doctor the episode & I have to admit it also was one of my favorites — likely b/c Beth got – got. No amount of false narratives, tweaks, or edits was going to remove the fact she’s a poor loser and definitely NOT the mastermind she proclaims to be.

Going all the way back to week 2 Brey/Austin saw through Beth and knew she couldn’t be trusted. Part of me feels Brey also wants to take out Beth for Austin b/c she fueled a lot of unnecessary commentary about Austin & he’s a loyal sort. Beth was his target but she helped to amplify the spotlight on herself via her outbursts, inability to function when not in control (or shielded), disingenuous spiels, self-importance and frankly being out of the loop.

She still has no clue about the trap-door and how the other four ALL played a role in it and she likely won’t learn about it until she reaches jury. Especially, since this afternoon’s little blow-up at Ty in front of Brey when she called him out for saying he was essentially lowering himself to take advantage of Brey and SHOCKER feeds cut just as it was getting good. And later with Brey/Keif/Ty talking they cut AGAIN when Keif brought it up.

Anyway – great read. Thanks for always putting in the effort to create these posts. Even though TPTB drive me crazy OBB and your posts make the trip worthwhile 😉

another name

SO FAR THIS WHOLE WEEK’S EPISODES HAVE BEEN FROM EVENTS DURING THE FEED BLOCK. THINK ABOUT THAT. They’ll likely still be from the blockage during the first 15 minutes of the episode.
Not a lot of interesting stuff, until they start Beth’s descent into obnoxious screechytown. They called her Bethel.
They called Breydon a late bloomer. That’s… okay, that’s just odd.
Tonight: Beth yells. They act like it’s something new. Apparently voiceover guy doesn’t watch feeds. Arisa says we’ll visit jury
Breydon is sticky. He won’t waver.
Tera D/R is having trust issues with the ones the voted her out a week ago. Gee. Whodathunk.
Brey D/R is saying he’s not in Beth’s pocket.
Beth D/R you suck Breydon. You shoulda gone after Kiefer. Remember when you decided to keep Kiefer after putting him on the block, Beth? Now you’re wondering why anyone would keep Kiefer. That’s a choice.

ARGUMENT LEAD IN… is this how an obnoxious entitled brat campaigns? Let’s look at the stages of Brattiness.
Beth wants to know where they are… celebrating final 4?
Beth D/R… but Ty why don’t you have my back?
Beth is mad Ty isn’t nominated, and mad at Ty because Ty didn’t… get.. himself… nominated? Mmhmm. Whu?
Beth’s stories don’t match.
Post Noms argument. Third time the Ty Brey showmance comment comes out of her mouth in derision.
11 minutes into episode: they’re going to do the BBQ stuff that feeds came back to after 4 days, 14 hours of feed block… after the commercial.
15 minutes, return from commercial break.
CAMPAIGNING… oh look, now she’s entered bargaining in her stages of brat.
Beth trying to make amends. Ty tells her he’s voting her out.
Ty tells Beth she’s the lay up. In a nice way. Beth sucks up and lies. Unless the final 2 fits 5 people.
Beth’s tears. She calls THIS her lowest point: there’s a video where she sinks lower quite a few times. So now she’s going to tell Kiefer there’s room on that 5 man bus to the final 2.
Kiefer doesn’t believe Beth. Kiefer throws: you pushed getting me out this week.
Kiefer: causing damage and chaos on her way to jury.
FILLER… with the third stage of brat: SCREECHING
Count every raccoon you see within 5… and get a hot tub party.. waitaminute…
Tera counter mission. the 3 have to distract Kiefer and Beth.
Kiefer is laser focused….. until he needs the bathroom.
567 was their count. The whole house gets a bbq party the whole house was going to get regardless cus sponcon.
They’re hoping for one of the trio. Jed is hurt he got betrayed.
Jed took Beth off the block… the looks on the faces. bwahaha.
Fake Doubletalk. The Tera fake double eviction. Tera beat him, this shocks Vic.
Jed loves Beth. He’s gonna need professional deprogramming.
Who is going to win in a crapshot where alliances are dead is the question on the minds of the jury.
Kiefer gets skip the dishes. Considering they got multiple special feasts… was he even a have not for a full day? Congratulations, you are the only alternative to Beth getting a prize.
Beth helps Tera study. Kiefer throws in a you don’t know you’re leaving, it gets Tera riled a little. Tera says she was alone… wasn’t alone until she nominated her closest ally after telling him he was safe just to take the big shot at Jed.
CAMPAIGNIING : ARGUMENT 3: Fourth Stage of Brat: Bitchy.
Looks a lot like First Stage of Brat.
Beth gets bitchy with Ty about playing Breydon and his lack of verve to save Beth.
Brey was there the whole time. Auq- Werd. At least they cut out the veiled accusation stuff.

Final Pleas:
Tera: warrior mom. I’m back… keep me if I was better for your game than Jed.
Beth: Brey and Ty… think about final 3. You represent strong important communities.
VOTE: Ty: Beth. Kiefer: Beth. By a vote of 2-0 Beth is EVICTED.
Arisa threw the Tera you are safe again. Tera gonna Karen Arisa but GOOD.
I can already hear the regulated feed volume… and feeds will be over soon. Bastiches.
Beth says Kiefer shoulda left. Regretted Jed leaving and voting him out.
Beth says Kiefer will win, wants Tera to win.
Ty message: love ya. Kief message: love ya. read outside the lines. Brey message: you aren’t good for my game anymore. Brey tells Beth he was in on the plot called the Trapdoor. love ya.
who was evicted after the veto these houseguests played in.
1) Rohan. Ty gets a point.

bbcan9 WEEK 10.jpg

What was Jed’s 13 year old boy comment they’re referring to? I missed that when it happened.

another name

Week.. 2? Maybe the Saturday or Sunday? Tera and Tina are doing their daily walk around the yard. The boys are playing pool. Jed comments as Tera is walking by that she looks like a 13 year old boy some such nonsense Tera took it to heart and didn’t find any humor in it.
At that point, just about everyone in the house was annoyed with Tera. She was interrupting people a lot and being a little too blunt and brusk with how she spoke to the other house guests. There wasn’t anyone except Tina that didn’t find her complaining annoying was the consensus the first week of feeds.


He said Tera had the body of a 13 year old boy. lol


Tera is hot.


I don’t remember the exact specifics but he referred to Tera as looking like a 13-year old boy I think (and it didn’t go over well). Another Name will know for sure.

another name

make that week 3. sorry. sometimes when i hit a number i accidentally go one key left.


Thanks everyone for your answers. What a dumb comment considering Tera has mammary glands unlike the gal wearing pasties supposedly covered in hair. Oh Jed.


Funny listening to the hampsters talking like Jed isn’t liked — he has a pretty big fan base especially those who only watch the live show and not the feeds. And his social media following is huge.

The reality is it’s Beth that isn’t liked — I don’t even think by the TV audience. And Jed gained a ton of empathy over the belief Ty, Keif (and Beth) did him dirty.

Fans who don’t watch the feeds missed Jed talking about being on the block — saving someone — and looking like a boss.

It’s not unusual for the players’ perception to be off given they don’t know how the show is editing them. To wit, the national audience has no idea how misogynistic several of the guys are in the house. Or how Beth was portrayed to be some sort of mastermind. Or that Brey and Tera were rarely shown even on weeks they were on the block.

Keif might be surprised how he’s perceived (and he does have supporters/fans). Although most acknowledge he’s played the best game of those remaining — he’s also known by the feeders for his polarizing antics.

Personally, I’ve never respected the hamsters who threaten to quit or not go to the jury. It’s diva-ish behavior and when they signed up they were fully aware they could be stuck in the jury over a month.

I think Beth will be the most shocked by how she’s perceived. The polls I’ve seen rank Beth and Keif as the bottom two. Tera has been tops in recent days while Kyle, Ro & Austin consistently rank top 5 (Vic is sometimes in that group as well). Ty typically ranks between 6th and 9th. Brey is all over the map — as high as 2nd – low of 12th but generally right after Ty in that 6-9 range. Odds are he’ll jump to the top five once it’s universally known he nominated Beth, won POV to keep her on the block and was the driving voice for her to be evicted.


If I remember correctly, Grateful thought they were going to be loved. Paul and his minions thought they would be loved too, and that Cody and Jess would be hated.

Very few players take ownership over possibly being hated, but those that do are among the greats. If Paul and Nicole would own their games for what they’ve been, they would actually have more respect as players in the game. Seeing how they’ve convinced themselves of the opposite, most viewers can’t stand them.

Will, Janelle, Danielle Reyes, Dick were mostly loved by the fan base because they stayed true to their game and themselves. They own that they aren’t perfect and can be villain-like, and that’s what gets them love!

Just a girl...

My roommate and I were juuust talking about this! And the fact that American BB and Canadian are soooo different! This cast wouldn’t have survived an hour with a Janelle or Will let alone Dick and Danielle!! It’s embarrassing that THIS is displayed as the best Canada can do! Get me some real comps!! Something physical and fast! These guys suuuck! Kweef thinks he’s loved – I’d love to hear his reaction when he sees how disliked he is (which took work, because he started out and easy face!) I really wish Latoya had been in the game longer, this season may have been saved!

Gecko Mafia

Once YOUR fave is eliminated then the game sucks! Gimme a break! The US show sucks as the winner is rarely the deserving player. Paul Abrahamian is the classic example. Dr. Will is the most overrated player in history worldwide.

Ya Right

You are wrong on both counts. Paul should not have won or even been 2nd. Will is one of the greatest

another name

Kiefer’s big plan: tell Tera and Ty to throw him the HOH.
If Either of them agree, I’m going to need the prodogremlins to put on blindfolds and line up against the wall.


NO WAY either of them does that — if they do we KNOW the fix is in LOL

another name

from the way Beth phrased it… it sounded like Beth was insinuating that Ty had said Breydon was doing things to Ty without his consent. Feeds shut down REAL quick.
She… lowkey (if such a thing is possible) accused Breydon of sexual assault is what the phrasing sounded like. I repeat my earlier thought: cringe.

Ty never said that. He did say he was flirting with Breydon for game purpose only.
Breydon hasn’t acted without consent from anything we’ve seen. He’s mentioned that he has been asking before anything happens since Austin was in the house.
We could just ask Kiefer what he thought: he was eavesdropping on the conversation as it went from keep me and we (ty, brey, beth) can go to final 3… to Beth pointing fingers claiming she is dehumanized, and going all in on exaggeration of what I considered an already gross social game move on Ty’s part, turning it into something way worse.

Feeds return to everyone in the destiny bedroom over an hour later. Beth with THE SOUREST look on her face I’ve seen her have to date.
Ty is looking upset as well. Breydon is consoling Ty.

Sideye. Remember at the beginning of the month? Beth’s HOH, first day, when she pushed Breydon to go ‘balls to the wall’ because it was time to seal the deal, and then Beth going to Ty later that day and telling Ty to lean into it while Jed told him to take one for the team? This was already getting headshake and anger territory, with later conversations between the triangle really showing a lack of human dignity and respect outside of game stuff being shown toward Breydon.

Beth found a way to make it even worse.



Agree 100 PERCENT!!!!

She’s a F)(*)ING narcissist and one of the cruelest to ever play IMHO. It was fine for her to use her feminine wiles on Jed and make fun of it behind the scenes. It took less than 3 mins for her to jump on Ty once Jed left or celebrate making F4. She didn’t give Jed the respect of his own exit (or her vote for that matter) & made his GBM about her – for him to sell her case to the jury. AND she told anyone who would listen Brey was wrapped around her finger.

And while I’m not happy Ty is taking advantage of Brey, I do believe he cares for him as a friend. My take on that convo was similar and it was a nadir of disrespect even for Beth.

At least that seals her departure b/c there’s no way Ty/Brey would keep her now no matter what production says.

Not sure if that put her on your NO list but THAT cruel and unnecessary comment pushed it over the edge for me. Good riddance screechy cackles

another name

It definitely got her noped.
THIS marks the first time I noped someone on what I believe to be their last night in the house.
What this means: I would have an even harder time noping Ty because the only time I’ve ever noped an entire alliance was…. Season 19? But season 19 was also the only time I noped the entire house by the end of week 3. That was just a gruesome bunch of people.

another name

This is what my brain saw every time Beth talked about Breydon’s game during the most recent episode.

another name

Beth thinks have nots are over early and everyone got pizza because of some huge fan outcry of sympathy to her suffering…..
Oh someone gotta tell her.
Puts hand up… I’ll do it.
Prodo is filling her mouth with pizza so that she stops saying problematic shit, and stops talking about production. The extra topping on Beth’s pizza is a heaping dose of STFU.


Someone once told me when people tell lies they are really telling you truths about themselves.

Hmm— Beth you’ve consistently referred to Breydon as a floater, someone not even playing the game, someone being pulled through the game and undeserving of being there. Many of those assessments could be reflected back at her.

Although Beth was “active” her game was always about manipulation and turning people against each other. She has a single comp win (that most of us believe Jed threw to her). She had the two biggest guys protecting her & would’ve been the third option in most scenarios by any of the oddballs so really only Vic had her sights set on Beth but even she knew she couldn’t go after her too early. So who was really being pulled through the game?

In contrast, everyone remaining loves Brey. Keifer has had no bones about bashing people this season and even he has repeatedly said how much he loves him or what a great kid he is. Plus Brey was in danger from F10 forward w/o a real alliance or partner — but he used his strengths to build a F2 with Ty and I do believe they will take each other given the choice.

It almost seems like he became the moral compass of the season — whenever someone got upset it was often Brey who they vented to or provided genuine empathy to. He didn’t avoid people on the block and made little kind gestures like grabbing a ping-pong ball for Tera as a memento of her POV win. It’s still a bit mind-boggling how Keif spilled his entire game to Brey – that’s not something we saw from him all season – not that raw and real version of Keif at least. Even now as Beth is spiraling – he’s the one in the room saying “but you can see why she feels this way b/c she doesn’t have all the facts”. Redeeming qualities from the youngest in the house PARTICULARLY given what she just implied about him (taking advantage of Ty). The kid has grace – something Beth probably only ever heard that people say at the dinner table!

It’s just too bad TPTB (or someone in production) didn’t recognize he was often far more interesting to listen to on the feeds than screechy cackles.

Of the four who’ll remain, he’s the most likely to make a F2 chair, especially if we believe Tera’s DRs b/c I’m not sold she would take Keif or Ty. Not sure who Keif would take tbh but I think he also takes Brey from a logistical viewpoint — VOTES. Keif will think Tina could vote for Tera & that Beth/Jed could vote for Ty and in the same mindset that if they are eliminated will still vote for him — but Brey he prob thinks votes for Ty OR Tera & since he can (should) beat them all I could see him also picking Brey.

I’m not a Beth stan, don’t respect her game and of the key categories, I only credit her for manipulation and picking great shields. She’s not well-liked (poor social game), doesn’t have particularly great strategy even though she & TPTB will tell you differently, and has that single comp win. YES, she got out Vic but it took Brey planting seeds & helping reinforce the decision for it to happen.

IMO Keif has played the most complete game of strategy, comp wins, social, and manipulation but I can make an argument for Tera, Brey, or Ty. Still, each of those 3 could bolster their odds if they win the F4 POV and take out Keif – for sure that would move either Brey or Tera to the top given they already got out the showmance and have multiple comp wins & were in more jeopardy throughout the game b/c the SS were in control. Hopefully, Ty recognizes he NEEDS to be the one to do it b/c his HOH didn’t result in eviction and that move would substantially pad his resume.

At F7 I was so miffed at the likelihood of the trio & Keif going to F4 so as long as TPTB doesn’t pull some sh*t tonight I’ll be thrilled we get the Ty/Brey/Tera/Keif F4 instead.

My ears are already dancing at the thought of feeds not requiring constant audio adjustments!

another name

Beth gets to jury house. All the doors are locked. Lights all out. lots of SHHHH noises.
Ends up having to spend the week at a by the hour Wagon Wheel Motel off highway 47… the way nature intended.

another name

The Kiefer talk with Ty after a 1 hour 40 minute feed block. Mmhmm. m’kay. another feed block.
Got to have two sunsetters in the final Kiefer says. Last week he said the sunsetters were done the moment he got on the block. Why are they bringing up the context of Kiefer getting on the block STILL.

So, when they ask about what the next HOH comp will be…
Anyone rolling their eyes and saying booth comp? I mean… Come. On.
That OLG feed leak of booths in the room? For some reason I don’t think they set that up a week in advance for part three of the final HOH.

From what he was saying to Tera earlier, Kiefer was hoping Ty would say he’d throw the HOH to him. Ty wants to get a full week HOH. That wouldn’t please Kiefer. Kiefer wants to be given a pass to final 3. I fully expect he’s been to D/R threatening to quit if he doesn’t get an HOH advantage. I’m looking deadpan at the screen when I type that because come on. This is my problem with Kiefer’s game? How much is playing the game and how much is playing the prodogremlins to get his way?
Here is the wild part: there is precedent for an individual timed comp at final 4 veto.
I honestly made about 20 sourbeth faces when I typed that. Release the full comp on the feeds during a block, or make it a special video on the home site, that’s the only way I’ll ever buy an individual timed comp… especially at final 4.

Does everyone remember the original Sunsetters mantra of final four then we duke it out?
I guess the duke it out part means you three duke it out, just throw me the HOH comp.
Yeah. All that tough machismo crap from week 1-6 is looking pretty egg on faces now.

As they talk about the battle back, and their complete sureness that Jed would return.
Hey, I thought TPTB would save him… but I didn’t think he’d obviously win the comp. His comp record wasn’t that spectacular. Seeing the comp made me think fairly even playing field as long as the tables don’t have to be manually tilted. But yeah, worried TPTB would be pushing Jed huge. That phoenix from the ashes story was tempting… I know it. Just thinking of Beth’s “oh yeah he/ they will” when they announced someone would return with a vengeance. I’ll be honest, I think I’d have been done if this week was cocky Beth.

I honestly think at final 4 Kiefer is in the most peril without HOH. Followed by Ty, then Tera… somehow Breydon is, at the moment the safest but still should gun for the veto. Let’s all remember now: nominations by the HOH at final 4 are irrelevant. The Veto holder is the omnipotent decider… unless the HOH wins veto, in which case their proxy off the block gets the power. Yeah, I’m saying I think Beth is going. Since I don’t do 100% i’m saying she’s a strong 95% gone. Unless her dad belongs to the same golf club as a Canwest exec. vp.

Feeds Gold

one of the funniest moments of the season for me was monday night around 10.50 pm just after the feeds came back

keifer and beth are outside counting the racoons popping up, and brey, ty, tera are trying to distract them from counting

beth keeps losing focus and keifer says “dont acknowledge them beth, why do you break so easily?”…beth says, “sorry dad”

then brey, tera, ty come up with names for the 4 racoons…they come up with bill, jill, phll, and lill…and also gill and will…then as the racoons start popping up quickly, brey keeps repeating the names really loud over and over in excited auctioneer style voice with a southern accent to distract the counting as the random racoon pop ups happen,”look at jill popping up and down now, look at phil and will, jill, will and phil…holll-yyyy”…ty is cracking up laughing with belly laughs…beth is smiling, almost half laughing, trying not to fully laugh to keep focus, and keif is stone cold serious…then as more racoons pop up brey starts counting “43, 45, 46, 47”..then gets to “55 and 57, little phil and gill, little phil and gill, hollll-yyyyy” then he starts counting backwards to distract beth, “59, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52…1 and 2 and 3 and 4″

tera cracks up,”how does that song go again?”
tera/brey sing the counting song from sesame street: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…11, 12”
brey repeats it then adds at the end instead of 11, 12, he says 4 and 6 with extra twang in the southern accent and beth laughs out loud as it just sounds so ridiculous

then ty says to straight faced keif, its ok keif you can smile
then brey tries to get keif to laugh and says in auctioneer southern voice “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 1 and 2…alright yall we’re gonna go 3 and 2 and 1 then we’re gonna go 4…how about that”…then keif breaks focus and has a big laugh

ive watched it several times with cam 1/2 on one monitor of wide shot so you can see the racoons pop up, and cam 3/4 on another monitor so you can see the faces of beth and keif laughing/trying not to laugh whilst counting during breys banter, with both angles in sync

i hope this is included in the thursday ep as it was a really hilarious moment and quality banter

i really enjoy breys sense of humor

Feeds Gold

and ironically the veto this week was a pinball veto which brey won, then brey sings the sesame street counting song which has a pinball animation

Feeds Gold

glad they included keifs yodel ayy hee hee tune in the episode

a very catchy tune i got stuck in my head ive been whistling alot


The hilarious part of Beth’s pitch to Ty (and Brey essentially b/c he was there for most of it) was she kept saying — I’ve never thrown you under the bus — but her pitch/rant primarily consisted of her throwing HIM UNDER THE BUS.

another name

A thing that always annoys me: the “who’s going to TAKE you to finals” attitude. I’m more supportive of the ones that say “who am I taking to finals” as a strategic thought.
This season began with one particular houseguest saying ‘they’ll take us far’ and ‘they’ll carry us.’ That attitude has become more and more pervasive throughout the house as the season continued. I dislike it a lot.
Thanks Beth.

Earlier I said Kief was in the most peril, followed by Ty Tera then Brey.
That may have changed this morning.
Screechy Cackles has been giving Tera tactical advice. I smell a fresh D/R visit.
So. Tera may no longer be after Kiefer because ‘he’ll take her to finals,’ he’s ‘mad at Ty’ and ‘she can beat him in jury.’ Honestly, I don’t think any of it is what Kiefer would actually do.
That means that Ty’s danger level has gone up to the top spot. the danger to Brey? If Ty wins HOH and Kief or Tera win Veto, they will sacrifice Brey so ‘someone takes them.’
I want to see Kiefer gone at 4. I don’t think that’s in the cards for the edit.

Beth seems to be determined to make sure that I can’t have nice things. Her reason: She’s mad that Ty isn’t willing to lug a used mattress up all those stairs. She thought ‘she had him’ and feels that he ‘took Breydon from her.’

When I thought it was Kiefer and Beth on the block I said let Beth spout of and tank herself, vote out Kiefer anyway. Tactically it’s right to take out Kiefer, if only for the production notes during feed blocks (We learned in BB21 that production does indeed do production notes during feed blocks, the season 21 notes occurred in between HOH and veto comps and the return of feeds, they talked about it on feeds… we also learned that eventual comp winners were given a half hour D/R call to be taken out to practice the comp beforehand in 21… but hey…).
I’m going to need someone to go rogue. And I’m going to need there to be no individual timed veto at final 4. And I’m going to need fresh from the D/R Beth to stop talking about how everyone should take Kiefer to the finals. Like we can’t see the hand up her dress moving her mouth. I mean… I know it’s the road most traveled in the house, but it’s still noticeable to see hands up her dress. Demented human muppet should have been empowering herself to win the finals and decide who she would take instead of talking to the cams all season.

Keep in mind: Final four eviction is usually on Sunday or Monday. Feeds could cut as soon as then.


Beth has “Elaine Benesitis”. Whenever she isn’t getting laid, her brain goes to mush.

Marcie Daniel

She even dances like her.


My thoughts are if Tera stays, production will have a physical comp to get her back on the block.

another name

Professional Height hurdles?
reach the top shelf without a ladder?


“eggs for dinner”
“you’re crazy”

another name

It’s always been strange to me that the winner of the top5 HOH has never been evicted at 4 in BBCAN. Just one of those odd things that sticks out in my mind.

Btw, all the ones that have active curses in BBlore will be gone if/when Beth is evicted. That’s everyone that entered the house in one of the never won spots; that’s everyone from the dreaded third bed in the destiny bedroom; that’s everyone that won one of the traditionally unlucky comps on traditionally unlucky weeks.

Current stats for those that are comp minded in deliberation:
Breydon: 1 HOH, 2 VETO, 3 NOMS plus 1 team NOM

Personal Observations:
The ones that say they have been playing since day one: easy to play a game without jeopardy attached in the first or first and second week. Then again: Tera is very lucky her team had first two week immunity, her first impression had many in the house wanting her out.
Hardest road traveled then goes to Breydon. He hasn’t had a production save week this season.
Veracity of comp wins: if everyone throws the comp, i don’t consider the winner a comp beast. A win is a win, but a thrown win is an asterisk win when thinking of comp ability.
2 of Kiefer’s wins are asterisk. Check his first HOH win… at least 6 people visibly threw. Check his veto win: 4 people threw. Two admitted it. Beth’s win was asterisk. no way Jed answered 63 days on the calendar had no notations… when jan-march alone had over 80.
Comp throws from my perspective: Kiefer: 3. Ty: 2. Tera: 4. Brey: 4. I’m being conservative.

another name

Oh. Live eviction began taping about an hour early.
But then… If the twitter and facebook ‘love’ is true… can you imagine Beth’s tiktok Q/A?
Seriously. Gonna be some choice editing going on with that one.
Just watched a vid of allllllll of the cringey things Beth has said. It’s a fricking 6 minute vid of 5 second clips. Only thing missing was a hot yoga comment.

I wish the houseguest we got was the advocate and support worker for the homeless. the one we actually got… I can’t imagine her doing that job. Wow.
Not every one of the cringey things she said was cringey imo. A few of them… context was removed. I’ll give her that. the video should only be about 4 minutes.


Only 2.5 hours till Beth’s last episode. Please make the eviction early Big Brother. Plllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassseeeee

another name

they are filming the BBCAN awards TONIGHT.
The feeds will return at about 1am.


When do you think they’ll shut it down for good?

another name

They’ll follow the 7 model. So… one hour before they tape the final 4 eviction. If they are taping awards tonight…. I’d guess Sunday? Monday at latest?

another name

Just a second.
Was Jed’s HOH a booth HOH in week 7? Wasn’t it?
I … think it was.
So every HOH from Invisible week on was a booth… and technically that counting comp was a crapshoot booth comp. So we haven’t had a non booth HOH since… Kiefer? IN WEEK FOUR. The shuffleboard comp?
That…. That’s…. Wow.

BTW: D/R counters had Beth and Tera over 100. Kiefer over 110, Breydon in the high 80’s…. and Ty at well…. Ty still has less D/R than Austin. So he’s under the 60’s level. I’m thinking he might be under 55 level???

NOT FROM ANY OF MY SOURCES: So far nobody is claiming Kiefer won HOH. Doesn’t mean a damn thing…. just a measurement of where the public perspective is on social media.

another name

In case anyone hasn’t seen it, there is a Tera fan that has posted that she wasn’t evicted in the fake double, which was removed; that she wasn’t nominated last week, which was removed; that she won veto last week, which was removed; and now that she is the current HOH. Just saying, anyone can make changes to wikipedia. doens’t make it official.
If she won, cool, but don’t take wikipedia’s word for it.

another name

The second time this season they show growth and inform of the feeds will be down, and give us a return time… and they’re late. Almost 15 minutes late so far.
Since the award possibilities were all so heavily slanted to the sunsetters and the Blech and Jed showmance… I’m just assuming the winners were the least bethcentric nominees.
Oh come on.
But little steps. They informed us feeds would be down.
Weird that they are shooting the awards tonight.
I remember seasons where they had a guest come in and get them dressed up for the awards. It was always on Friday morning. with the shooting for the awards being in the early afternoon.
If i had to hazard a guess that means they will fast track a veto on Friday. How difficult is it to say two of you sit over there who cares who it is, veto is all that matters?

Feeds return about 47 minutes late.
Ty, Brey and Tera are in the HOH.
Brey confirms Ty has won the HOH.
Realistically, and in all seriousness, that logistically means that if Breydon or Ty don’t win Veto, Breydon is evicted. Tera and Kiefer have it in their heads 100% that Brey and Ty take each other to final 2. They aren’t wrong.


Here’s hoping TPTB are equally annoyed by Keif threatening to quit repeatedly and don’t do any hijinx with one of their hinky timed POV (that no one gets to see or verify). If they do the noms & POV today it’ll be better for Breydon (no time for others to study).

My guess is Ty and Brey will both gun to win that POV knowing it’s essential they take out Keifer this week.

I wonder how aware Ty/Brey is that Keif would cut Brey given the opportunity and if we’re to believe that Tera was swayed by Beth she would too.

Although noms at F4 don’t matter b/c the POV winner makes the decisions (or if Ty wins who he appoints) there still can be some strategy employed.

One option would be for Ty to keep Tera off the block and make a deal with her to go to F3 but that the trio (Ty/Tera/Brey) needs to take out Keif this week so they all have an equal shot to win at that end. That “might” work.

Ty could easily tell Brey/Keif I’m doing that to keep her calm.

The better option IMHO would be to keep Keif off the block to reinforce their “fake F2”. I’d tell Brey to play it up and get him to tell Keif — “I get it Ty told me we’re going to F3 but he owned up that you two have a F2 deal.” That works on many fronts b/c then if Keif wins POV Ty can tell him he has to cut Tera or else he’ll know Keif’s not true to their F2 and F3 with Brey.

It depends on whether Ty/Brey can be quick on their feet to read the house. Brey needs to put in work with Tera and tell her –

Look, I know everyone thinks they know my game but they don’t. I didn’t want you to leave in the DE but Ty/Keif insisted you leave so my vote didn’t matter. I told them Beth was the target last week but even if she won POV you were safe b/c I knew Beth would keep you and so would I.

We know they have a F2 (Keif/Ty) I mean the 4 of them worked together the whole game — Keif just covered all his bases by making F3 with us but ONLY after they screwed him. The thing is b/c I put you OTB no one would guess how close we are so we need to win this POV and get out Keif and then win part 1 and 2 and take out the final big dog in the house.

(and then close with) I love everyone in this house but I only relate to one — YOU! We are the ones who had to fight to stay every week. I know I keep my cards close but so do you and this just makes sense to me. So let’s do this.

That might actually work. And in truth, I don’t think it’s a bad plan for Brey to take Tera instead if he gets the choice. Especially since no one respects Beth so her pushing for Tera would have to mean people actually trust her opinion.

big brother fan

agree. making brey safe will put a big target on him. if ty win the veto
he can still save him.


What a great and interesting final four! I would never have guessed Tera would be the last female in the house!? Haha Great TV!!

Sadly, for Ty, even if he makes it to final two, I do not see him winning against ANY of the remaining houseguests. He would have maybe won against Beth? But, if he is sitting beside Kief maybe he has a chance…even then I feel most in the jury would vote Kief. I also think Kief will only win if he is sitting beside Ty. These two are in a catch 22 situation, as I see it! I do not think either of them realize their best odds are against each other…and both are thinking of taking either Brey or Tera. I will be shocked if either of these two wins…so my number one pick, Kief, is not likely to win the game.

Incredibly happy Canada gave Kief the Skip over Beth…haha I think Beth thought she would be more liked than Kief…poor, misunderstood girl.

Since I do not see Kief winning this year, maybe Kief can win Canada favorite!! I think Brey is going to win this game so let us spread the money around and give Canada’s favorite to Kief!! I know many on this site are cringing right now…haha…sorry! 😉

IMO, either Brey or Tera will win the game this year. I would prefer Brey to win, but at this point I think ALL remaining four players have played a good game. Different kinds of games, for sure, but good none the less.

Brey is great at placing little ear worms in everyone and it is so funny to watch! He does it in such a sweet and kind way, with few words…it is an art, for sure! Haha Brey winning would be a good season ending!

IMO ALL the houseguest this year were great! All unique in behavior and character, which made for great and interesting TV all season! Cannot wait to see how it all ends!!

*Sorry for all that will hate this post…I like to post it so I can come back and see how close I am at guessing outcomes. Haha So far, IMO, have done okay…since the jury started, I have always believed a Sunsetter/Sauce would only win if they were sitting beside each other, so let’s see how this turns out? I could be wrong…haha. *

big brother fan

keifer can win the least favorite. no way he is getting even to the top 3 .
he won the vote against beth .. becuase its beth. thats all.
and ty can defiantly win against brey

another name

On week 10 Kiefer finally admits, after watching the clip during the award show:
Kyle and Rohan weren’t even yelling at me in the pantry.
All the brouhaha we listened to for weeks about pantrygate from week three until after Rohan was evicted…
and Kiefer finally sees he doesn’t know why there was such a fuss. Still talking about how much he hates them though. Petty, petty guy.
Four weeks worth of eyeroll just came out. My facial expression was not impressed.

The houseguest got video last night that included jury house. Lets hope it was video and not live stream interactive during the awards.

Lots of anti Beth talk today. Mostly how she was a brat, and how she was so out of the loop she won’t make sense to the jury (especially once the 4th place evictee shows up).
Tera knows Tina was an original sunsetter. Tbh she’s known that since week three, but it’s one of those things that they don’t discuss on feeds for weeks, like Kiefer was in on the get LaToya plot.

Tera and Breydon are pumping each other up about how if Kiefer doesn’t win veto, they have to send him packing. They are giving each other a lot of oddballs, eh type ego massage.
(Realistically, I would be tickled to see a Tera and Breydon final 2 for one reason only: It would break the season long storyline that prodo likes to pull for continuity: they edit the progression of one alliance from the beginning to the end of the season to show how the winner alliance got from episode 1 and 2 to the winner’s circle like in five when it was the vets… but the newbies didn’t seem to have alliances in the edit, or six when it was the 2 showmance Real Deal, and the other 12 had no alliances in the edit, or season seven when it was the prettyboys, and nobody else had an alliance at all in the edit).
Tera and Kiefer have been pumping each other up saying Beth told them both she wanted Breydon to win: targeting Breydon because Beth NEVER told Tera and Kiefer she wanted Breydon to win. Beth told Tera she wanted her to win. Beth told Kiefer she wanted him to win. Beth did say between Ty and Breydon she wanted Breydon to win when she talked to Tera.
So. If Kiefer loses veto, Kiefer is most likely gone.
If Kiefer wins veto, Breydon is most likely gone.
WonDeR wHaT pRoDucTiOn wiLl DooOO…. InDivIdUAl TiMed Veto At FinAL 4???

What I’m wondering: where was Kiefer last night when cams returned at 147am for about a half hour before another feed block? The other three in the HOH, where was Kiefer? I suspect D/R complaining.

  • There’s only 2 things you can trust about this season: If the subject is Breydonsex the cams shut down. Come on now, the edit is including how Ty is using Brey’s crush as a tactic, but when Brey talks about it feeds clamp down like a chastity belt.
  • If Kiefer isn’t getting star treatment he’s in D/R whining for star treatment. Anyone that honestly believes he stayed during Jed’s HOH due to his campaign really needs to explain the really really suspect feed blocks after Kiefer went to D/R to QUIT.

Noms will be Kiefer and Tera. The ceremony is ongoing.
Feeds will be down until tomorrow for the veto
Gee. Get ready for a long individual timed veto.


Yeah – I know it’s coming but I’m annoyed b/c I’d rather see Tera, Brey & Ty in the F3 (as long as they win it fairly).

The only reason I’m wondering if they won’t help Keif is one simple statement made on Thursday’s national show about Beth – constantly yelling. It was as if production was giving fans/feeders the nudge-nudge, wink-wink — YEAH we know she’s annoying. So, I’m also curious if they are fed up with Keif’s constant threats as well.

Production could also rig it for Ty to win to bolster his resume.

As for Keif – Brey mentioned he went to bed early (drank too much champers at the awards event apparently) but I’m with you on this- I thought today it was odd that Keif spent what seemed like an inordinate amount of time in the DR.

As much as we know TPTB pull the strings I’m still naively hoping they just let them compete and award the person who wins the comp with the POV.

The thing about a timed event is I could see Keif messing up – he’s been getting dates wrong – last night should’ve been an easy win for him if he really knows the dates and events that well but he lost to Ty. And if Keif didn’t keep his time close to the others it would be hard for them to cover it up. For example – say it takes Ty/Brey/Tera 20ish minutes to do & then Keif is out there for an hour. How do they cover something like that up? I guess they just pull out the contracts & say you signed it so do you want to get your cheque or not?

Still, I’m hoping the recent trend to keep things fair (Tera beating Jed, Brey’s HOH win (they clearly didn’t tell Beth the tiebreak answer) & then her leaving & no switch up to take out Tera.

We’ll know soon but I’m hoping Brey wins & cuts Keif or if Tera wins she surprises & cuts Keif knowing how big of a resume move that would be.

another name

Thing with the tie breaker question for Breydon’s HOH: if they watched feeds they knew that Breydon and Austin quizzed each other on how many apples in that veto for each person’s stack. The two of them in the early game were very obvious about keeping track of the numbers and orders in the first couple of weeks on feeds.
So, they knew that Breydon was aware of how many were in each person’s stack. He wrote them on the side of the board for the math.

another name

Past final 4 vetoes

Season 2: Marsha board game. roll dice to move through the game, land on squares to answer trivia, or challenge another houseguest to a trivia showdown, or get a punishment for the rest of the season. Answer 3 more trivia questions at the end to win. The entire final 4 veto was an entertainment purposes only bunch of crap tbh.
Season 3: toy trains with day numbers on the train cars running through a miniature town. must match event that happened on the day numbers in order. The one where if you didn’t study days you were doomed (cough cough Britt: the season i decided anyone that doesn’t know the days deserves to go home no if and or but). Individual timed.
Season 4: Large cut away house set in yard, must run through the house and find the clues relating to house events (a dozen to 20 clues) and match those clues to the juror they fit with. Individual timed.
Season 5: split level mirror universe comp set. must place the event clues in chronological order in the top cityscape set, then climb down to the bottom cityscape set, and place the corresponding answers in order. Must have climbing cardio to have a chance in hell with this comp. Karen was doomed to look foolish in this comp. Individual timed.
Season 6: blindfolded maze comp. find stations in the maze, answer juror day trivia questions, all to find 4 bags of numbers, once you return with the 4th bag, take off blindfold and use the humbers in the 4 bags to answer more days trivia. Least physical final four since season 3, like ridiculously low threshold for physical capability. Individual timed.
Season 7: the video game trap door set up in the back yard. find all of the trivia questions in the maze and answer in order Lots of climbing and tight spaces and attention to detail required two of them were doomed to look like fools. Individual timed.


My favorites to win would be Ty or Tera. Breydon is Meh and Kiefer would be the worst.

another name

Ty: by the first episode edit he’d be the winner. Go back and watch it. First shown alliance night one (undercover brother leading to episode 2 three with Jed and LaToya, leading to episode 4 or 5 sunsetters reveal).
Tera: this isn’t to start anything, but a whole big swath of social media would LOSE it and be very antagonistic with a Tera win. I am not saying it’s right: I’m saying it would happen.
She’s in the unenviable position of being named as the person the last evicted houseguest wants to win (they ask them every week and the answer is always think will win and want to win. The want to wins have been pretty unlucky 7 days later).
Breydon: it’s big brother, not miss congeniality. The jury may like him, but his game? He’d have to pull out a jury speech to end all jury speeches, be the veto winner this week AND win the final HOH, and it would still be an up in the air nail biter.
Kiefer: nope list so nope, last thing I want to see. His talk today about how it was a lie when he said he didn’t want a woman to win. It’s not a lie. He talked about women’s alliances and getting rid of the women because the guys deserved to win on three occasions with three different sets of male players. He said it. Multiple times, then spread it around that it was Kyle and Rohan that said it. He wanted the teams gender split episode one. If he’s given another gimme I think I’ll go on a rant.

BTW: I’ve been told that it is QUITE POSSIBLE that the eviction is late Saturday afternoon. That means feeds may end then as well. Just a heads up. It’s not confirmed yet, but a more than 50% chance.

another name

btw, I still have an odd feeling Breydon leaves in fourth. no evidence. no proof.
Just a feeling.


For my picks : Tera , Brey ,Ty (would be higher if he wasn’t playing on Brey’s emotion last Keifer for all the crap he has done.

another name

y’know when you would normally be looking at feeds, so instead you think to yourself… hmmm, I wonder how the crazy stans on social media are doing?
Re-read that… point out where my brain took a really wrong turn.
So, I went down the rabbit hole.
So. Much. Kraykray.

Hmm. Jed’s family is.. picking fights with Beth’s family? Oh. That’s. Not. Abnormal…. grimaceface.

My perspective as they are on a looooong thread insult war:

Okay I’m thinking maybe Jed’s family should be a little more concerned with his tendency to jump to intimidation and threats, and maybe consider talking to him about his bad habit of calling women bitches if they say no to his propositions. Might be a better way to spend their time than calling out Beth’s family for being shameful in still admitting to be her family.
I mean… Jed was just as bad as Beth was just as bad as Jed.

Okay I’m thinking maybe Beth’s family should just find a way to mute certain words in lieu of blocking a whole lot of people. No really. Cus there’s going to be lots and lots of words hurled in her direction (a lot of them earned, a few of them unfortunate and based on projecting), and blocking messages with those keywords might be a smart thing to do.
Maybe don’t engage people sitting on moral high horses, when your mule is just a bottle of glue.

So, The families of two reality based entertainment programming participants are currently cyberbullying each other. Welcome to Big Brother. Sideye. No really, had to look twice… this is what they’re doing?

Just a thought:

How about we all agree to just leave our antipathy toward reality show participants with the show… when the season is over, we just ignore or forget them until they are in headlines for some other stupidity. What’s the point in attacking them. They got paid, We got something to distract us from the world for a bit. Transaction complete.

The 50% chance feeds go down tomorrow early afternoon has jumped to 80%.

another name

Some time after 4am feeds return.
Kiefer and Ty and Brey are bummed in the kitchen.
Kiefer goes to bed.
Ty and Brey go to the HOH to go to bed.
She won by at least 15 minutes.
Brey and Ty are talking about whether or not Tera will evict Breydon or Kiefer.
Breydon says Tera can beat him in the finals, so it would be smarter to cut Kiefer.
Breydon says cutting Kiefer is a game winning move, cutting Breydon isn’t.
Ty says maybe Kiefer finds a way to finesse her and equates it to the guy that always gets everyone else to pick up the check for him, and never pays for the meal.
Breydon mentions to Ty that this morning Tera was 100% for cutting Kiefer, but after she won the veto she was all sad and said it was going to be a really tough decision.
Everyone goes to sleep.

another name


There should be about 3 hours of morning feeds where Tera has a Kiefer backpack eeyoring about how he deserves to make final three and Breydon won’t take her.
At the same time, Breydon will be saying 2 oddballs in the end or you and 2 sunsetters…. what’s your best chance?

bbcan9 WEEK 10.jpg


Correction Tera SMOKED the guys in the POV.

Based on the quick convos I heard I think they had to go through some course and build a puzzle (ironic – since Brey/Ty were complaining about how they hate puzzles earlier).

Earlier on Friday Tera and Breydon agreed Keif beats everyone and has to go and essentially stated they both love Keif but if either of them won they would take each other. BUT now…

Brey told Ty that before bed she switched up her story and said “I was crying earlier because now I have to pick between you and Keif and I just feel bad”.

We’ll see what magic Brey & Ty can work on her. How effective was Beth at getting in her head? How much of a role will the DR play?

Brey & Ty strategized on how to approach talks with her. Ty said he’ll give pros and cons for both. Breydon said it doesn’t make sense to him logically for her to keep him b/c he beats every one of them. (of note: I assume tomorrow he’ll tell her that Keif is taking Ty now that Tera won POV b/c he won’t risk it).

They touched on some key points but not sure how far either will push it or what pitch they’ll use.

Ty mentioned how Keif said you have to take me b/c she’s a Mom and neither of us can beat her. And, he brought up how Keif takes credit for everything Tera has done – claims she was protected by him the entire game- takes credit for Jed going up and out – essentially implying all her moves were directed by him etc.

Brey told him how Keif said she didn’t deserve to win b/c she’s going to use the money to repave her driveway and do house renovations

SORRY — but this is a huge pet peeve of mine — if they win they can spend the $$ anyway they want and EVERYONE is deserving since they were all in the same house and giving up the same things to be there. If they get to the end – good for them. We may not like certain styles of gameplay or strategy but just STFU about “deserving”

Ty mentioned he didn’t think it was necessary to tell her that Keif promised him F2 which Brey says he did with me too & I’m sure he did with her as well.

The key has to be convincing Tera that if she does bring Keif then she’s committing to having to win out b/c he will NOT take her and if she takes him she loses (they all do) b/c she had the opportunity take him out. Essentially, if she takes out Keif NO ONE BEATS HER — but even though she won the most important comp if she takes out Brey instead of Keif – she hands Keif (or maybe Ty) the game.

I think Brey has to appeal to her about the DE reminding her that he was the only one who wanted to save her & that he’s happy to discuss that in front of everyone in case Keif is saying something different.

I think Brey has to say I don’t think I can win regardless of who I sat beside but I feel we all have an opportunity if Keif goes and tbh – I think YOU deserve to win b/c if you do that it would be the two boldest moves this season. If you keep Keif he’ll take Ty, If Ty wins he might honor their F2 or take you but then HE gets the credit for cutting the big fish not you.

I’m not sure if Brey is the type to make a promise he won’t keep -(say he’ll take her if she wins & then not do it) so he has some decisions to make.

Brey can only win 2nd unless he wins & cuts Tera as a big move OR — cuts Ty and tells the jury his plan was always to get close to Ty for protection to get to the end and go with someone who had to fight to stay in the game & even then I think Tera still wins.

One more thing — it’s TIME for the LaToya week to be brought back up. YES Tera knows that Keif knew he was safe & she was one of the people he was bragging to about his oscar performance. However, Brey needs to pull that out to remind her of just how good of an actor & liar he is. How he was the only one in the house ever allowed to be safe on both sides and already got pulled off the block once.

From Tera’s perspective, she has to nail down a F2 promise from Brey if she keeps him. Honestly, even if she doesn’t trust Brey – she also can’t trust Keif –Cutting Keif would be BIGGER than cutting Jed — keeping Keif I think would cost her the game (unless her plan is to win the final & then take Ty.

It’s a risk either way.

another name

The cynic in me says as Brey and Tera are doing the veto course, there’s a message coming over the loud speaker:
Who are you going to evict? Add a minute. Whooooo are you going to evict? Add another minute. We can do this all day…. Who are you going to evict??
Yeah, the cynic in me doesn’t believe I’ll have a nopelist free finals.

The logical part of me says:

who is the big move?
If she smoked all of them in the final four veto, she can smoke any of them in the second and third part of the finals. Why does she need someone to take her, when she could be sitting back and saying who should i take?

What is at risk?
Two sunsetters in final or 2oddballs in final?

Why is this a question?
A fauxmance vs. the person every single juror has been saying is the biggest threat to win the game. And… Beth’s strategy talks last week. Damn screechy cackles schilling for prodo.

Being someone who hates the ‘who is going to take me’ attitude, preferring the ‘who do I take when I win’ attitude, for me it’s not a question.
Be the person that cut BOTH presumed heads of the snake.
It’s the Mortal Kombat Finish Him move.
Breydon can’t claim every move Tera made, but Kief sure as hell will. That would be the nail right there.

But. This season logic has escaped with every feed block. Their brains are down a burnt out light bulb and an emaciated hamster that smokes two packs a day in a lab experiment. Wheel hasn’t moved since invisible HOH. Pretty soon their going to be claiming their actions were on behalf of the Symbionese Liberation Army…. aw and Breydon gave away his beret.


And for what it’s worth — way to go TERA!!

I’ll refer to Another Name but I’m assuming if they were going to give it to someone it would be one of Keif or Ty no?

another name

Logically, I think they would try to give it to Kiefer before Ty. How much you wanna bet they gave it a shot? But Ty said something about having to go back and recheck the numbers added 20 minutes (who knows what he’s talking about really, but I’m seeing 20 minutes added to time and saying well, 20 minutes in Ty time to run back is about 45 and a defibrillator for Kiefer…)
The dramatic pathos they get out of the sophie’s choice moment of Tera having to decide?
Does she choose the guy she rummaged through the ball pit to find a power to save him on his pity me I’m going to quit week? Or does she choose the guy she has screwed over as an alliance mate every chance she had (without recognizing that’s what she was doing) since week 4? Tera gave a lot of value to Kiefer, partially because Tina wouldn’t hear otherwise and steered her away from the truth. Tera always considered Breydon to be the acceptable casualty. This doesn’t bode well for Breydon.


Thank Baby Jesus Tera won Veto now send Kiefer out.