“Next week we get Kevin out and next we get Karen out.. or we could just get Ika out “

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Dre and Jackie in the Kitchen
Dre – people are going to try and do Kevin/William as a duo.. and I have no idea what to do Jackie.. they (Ika/Demetres) pulled Dillon in yesterday
Dre adds they told Dillon that Kevin is coming after him, “I don’t think it’s true”
Jackie – they told me he would be coming after me
Dre – it’s a tactic
Jackie – so they’re safe

Dre says Karen has a lot of pull on Dillon and Karen is the one telling him Bruno, Kevin Jackie.
Jackie – Like like like like like like like like like
Dre says Dillon now wants Kevin out.
Jackie brings up the alliance in the beginning called the “Bragades”, Cassandra, Ika, Neda, Karen and someone else she can’t remember. Like like like
Jackie adds in Karen’s mind she still thinks she’s working with Ika.. Like like
Dre brings up that when William was HOH she did not spend 1 night with William. Says that William will do anything for Kevin.
Dre says if she had a love interest in the house and a best friend she would have alternated who she spent time with in the HOH.
Jackie – like like like like like
Dre says William told Kevin “Dre’s not that much with Ika as you think”
Dre adds that was the day Bruno and Kevin went to Ika and said after Bruno leaves they are coming after Ika/Demetres
Dre – if you’re going to be like than Bye

Dre says if you put a Vet on the block Karen will vote the vet out.
Dre adds if you put Ika/Demetres up Karen will vote out Demetres.
Jackie – next week we get Kevin out and next we get Karen out.
Jackie – at that point it’ll be me, you Dillon 100%
They’re now talking about keeping Kevin around to be a target for Demetres.
Jackie – or we could just get Ika out
Dre says you have to put Ika up against Demetres so if he wins the veto he won’t use it on her.
Jackie says LIKE LIKE LIKE she willing to put William up

Ika and Karen red room

Bruno and Kevin

William and Kevin
William says Ika is trying to get Jackie against him. Adds that he thinks Dre is going after Ika and demetres.

Dre Jackie and Dillon agree it’s time to take out Ika/Demetres.

5:40pm Kevin and Bruno
Kevin says William is closer to Dre than him but people are thinking Kevin is closer. People might put Kevin and William up.
Kevin – I got to get away from him some how
They agree if William used both vetos it would have been a sick ass play.
They mention that William hates Ika.

Bruno says Karen is wrong about a lot of things but sh’es right about some things.
Kevin – I have to befriend Dillon and Karen
Bruno recommends playing pool and throwing the sock around.
Kevin says if Demetres and Ika make it past week 7 they’ll be hard to get out.
Bruno – theres no play I can make to save me.
Kevin – Ika and Demetres had the chance to save us
Bruno – I hope to see them walk out next week
They agree if Demetres leaves it wold be best for Kevin.
Kevin says William thinks he’s on the bachelor a bit.
Kevin – nobody respects Jackie’s game
Bruno – nobody
They say Jackie has sold them out to Jackie, Ika and Demetres before the Sindy vote,

Ika And dre
Ika says she’s over William. If she wins HOH she’ll be putting Kevin and Will up.

6:30pm Blue Room Dillon Kevin and Bruno
The Entire house is against Ika and Demetres. Dillon says Jackie is not buying what Ika/Demetres are selling. Karen is over them as well. Kevin says he’ll put Them up if he wins HOH. The House is pissed how they are walking around the house like the own it. They’ve been trying to get jackie, Dillon, William Karen and Kevin against one another and it was sloppy.

Kevin, Dillon and Bruno talking about how Neda was boo’d as she left the house. Dillon – the thing could have said applaud and they’re not applauding. Bruno – I’m HOPING she’s okay. Kevin – I’m hoping she’s okay but realistically its going to be a hard one to swallow. Dillon – poor Neda. Bruno – I feel so bad for her. There is pressure and stuff but realistically she had the most pressure coming in. I know other players … we talked before I ever even knew I was coming in and they said they would not do it simply because they did not want to disappoint. That they would come in and flop. Kevin – you can’t be afraid to flop in life. What’s that credibility worth? Its just for your ego to be honest. Bruno – I just didn’t want to be the first one. Bruno – I would rather see people in this room win over a LOT of other people. A lot of other people. Dillon – we just got to make it happen.

Ika and Dre dancing in the HOH

Kevin and Jackie.
Kevin – we talked about it before and said we have to go like maybe one of us can get up there with Jackie and we can save the two of us. We’ve always operated as a pair. It didn’t work and since then we haven’t really talked game or even looked each other in the eye or anything. Going into this next week I feel like Bruno is dead right now. I would campaign till the end to save him, right?! That’s how I feel about him. I’m not going to vote against him. It’s going to be 5 – 1, so I think I’m going to be the only vote for him to stay. And I hate to talk about him like as if he ins’t here. That’s how bad the situation is. Going into next week, I am not going after you. Jackie – because I’l heard you are. Kevin – there are people pitting us against each other. People have said that you’re going a round pitting us against eacheo

Kevin – if Dillon is riled up against Ika and Demetres.. Bruno – Yes, which he is. Kevin – we could use you as a weapon more than Karen. He is personally tied in with Karen. Bruno – but if its better for his game. Kevin – Dillon, Jackie, myself and Will. Bruno – do you think they would do it? Because that’s what I was going to come to you with. That’s the last ditch. The last hope. I could even say something stupid like literally I’ll take HOH this week, I’ll get the blood on my hands. You can send me out the following week. You’re safe for two weeks. Kevin – Dillon is pretty fired up against Ika and Demetres I think. Jackie feels like she can trust Ika & Demetres. I think she’s a little bit in there. We could pull it out .. what do we have to loose. People expect you to do something, I mean you’re on the block. Bruno – I know but I just don’t think they’ll do it, that’s the problem. I feel like I should, I just think there’s a low chance it will work. Kevin – yeah there’s a low chance of success because Will feels like he is in a good spot right now. Bruno – that’s the thing I don’t think he will go against Jackie. Kevin – he won’t go against Dre. Bruno – that Ika and Dillon thing was interesting. Kevin – what happened? Bruno – When they were saying that Ika made up some lies. Kevin – but yeah, Ika and Demetres aren’t going to flip so the other side would be Dillon, Jackie, Kevin, William. Bruno – but is William really there. He doesn’t have to win. Kevin – William isn’t incentivized. Bruno – William doesn’t like Ika. She the thing is he needs to know I’m not coming for him. Like I actually benefit his game, where I’m not coming from him. He could say it will be hard to get me out later, which it might but.. Hey man if they’re down its good but.. Do you think Jackie would? Kevin – Jackie is… Bruno – Jackie is so bad. Like does she not see it? Kevin – I truly feel like she is in with Ika & Demetres right now. I really feel like if she wins she is going to put me up. Bruno – that’s no good. Kevin – we really need to get Dillon to turn on Karen. Bruno – I think he is smart enough to know I would help his game more than Karen would, you know? Kevin – yeah.

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NOOOOO .. the likes have made it into the text. Like STOP Like!


LOL Simon
I love your Jackie scripts “like like like like ”
You made my day thanks !! 🙂

Like what?

Simon your comment “Jackie – Like like like like like like like like like” Bahahahaha She drives me crazy with that during the regular shows. i can’t even imagine how annoying it would be to hear that on the live feeds. lol


I just remembered that Ika actually won both an HOH and a POV during her short stint in S2 – she needs to do that again next week, otherwise she or Demetres will almost certainly be evicted. I’d be snatched if she took a shot at Dre / William.


Laughing if Jackie wins a HOH she wouldn’t know who to put up.

BB Facepalm

Laughing you comment about Jackie not knowing who to put up, after Simon transcribed Jackie saying she wants Kevin out next week, then Karen or Ika.


OMG the title of this post is Jackie speaking. Did you even read before you blindly comment BS?


Dre’s game has become just as frenetic as Ika’s game when was playing both sides. I don’the fault her for thinking about getting rid of Ika. But she can’t expect Dillon, Jackie, William, or Kevin to do her dirty work.


I commend Dre to a point because she’s set up nicely and is gaming but shes plotting against my personal wishes for the house. I would totally be down with will/Kevin teaming with demika against the rest. Although Bruno stands in the way of that I would rather see Karen go home! Ugh it’s tough out here for the peanut gallery :p


same anonymous…i got the same wish

Guy From Canada

I wish William would have better social game and get Ika, dem, Kevin and himself to flip the script and get 3v3 for Bruno and have dem keep Bruno in tie breaker. Dre, Dillion and Jackie to keep Karen of course. If I missed a vote I’m sorry they are playing good game and am invisible. Then have two sides go at it. If Will was to do this he would still be in a good position on both sides at the middle to bottom of the list and bring good tv to the end game. Plus it saves Simons fav Team Bruno and sets up will and dem in good position for a newb to win the game as they are the newb comp beasts.


William is an idiot, he had his chance to save Bruno. He should’ve used POV on Kevin. Which no one would have been surprised about. Then secretly saved Bruno!


If Bruno leaves Kevin or Ika need to win this year ! I cant stand any of these newbies !! OMG Karen shut up about the secrect veto and another vote you sound like a IDIOT that you are !!


The 3-3 vote and dem tie breaker to keep bruno would be AMAZING.


I hope Dre gets busted playing both sides. Ika has been so loyal to her, so why risk getting busted now? Wait a couple of weeks.


If Ika wins HOH, who does she put up? Dillon and Kevin?


Ika’s shirt today:





Simon you slay me with dem like like likes lol. I’m surprised as Karen is supposed to be a superfan that she doesn’t understand the veto rules. Her conspiracy theories are hilarious tho. Only the coup d’etat can be used on eviction night to my knowledge…those newbs would be cray cray to keep Bruno still.


Karen is talking about Sara and Brits secret veto that was used on eviction night.


connectthe dot everything goes back ika?whynot go after because all knowe that she going to win right?right simon?


3-3 tie right now?what is dem going to do i bet bruno gonre i bet that


There has been so much blame and finger-pointing for why this is taking place, and I’m bored, so here this is. Warning, this will be a long read. Let’s go back to Once Upon a Time…
Once Upon A Time, 8 veterans from the last 4 seasons entered the Big Brother Odyssey, where 8 naive newbies eagerly and fearfully watched one veteran after another one enter the house. Since they are veterans, and there has been a lot of these seasons in the past, they knew that they had to team up. There was some worry when a newbie won Head of Household in the first night. Since the HOH was a slightly deluded older woman, the 4 female vets convinced her to join a fake “Bragade” alliance, and caused her to nominate two strong newbie males, instead of male veterans. Should be a pretty easy week…… but they all doomed themselves.
Three out of the four veterans Kevin, Bruno, and Dallas formed a 5 guys alliance with two newbies. One of the issues with the Veterans started here, where the boys poisoned the newbies against the veteran women (Ika and Cassandra). The girls were guilty of doing this too, specifically Cassandra and Ika, who were poisoning people like French Connection and Greek against other veterans (Bruno, Kevin, Dallas, and Neda).
What’s ironic is that BOTH of the pawns were Week 1 nominees. A bunch of lies and deception about the vote and Veto usage tore them apart, isolation of allies (Cassandra, Gary, Dallas, and Ika) caused paranoia to increase, and the split vote ended any chance of a Veteran alliance.
Bruno and Kevin had distrust for the female vets (specifically Ika and Cassandra), Dallas was getting his allies Dillon and Emily to go after Ika and Sindy, Ika planted fuel in her growing showmance about all of her allies in the new 6 alliance (all of the vets but Dallas, Cassandra, and Gary), and started to play both sides. Neda let her Cassandra obsession grow out of control to the point of demanding Dem to evict Dallas because of Cassandra. Dallas then decided that he needed the vets to stick together once his ass was on the line, but it was too late for him, as he refused to share information with them until he was on the block. One vet down by Week 2.
The 6 alliance remained in power when Neda won HOH, but there were some issues, since Ika was not very comfortable with Cassandra going home. This frustrated Neda to the point where she told Bruno and Kevin that they need to backdoor Ika. Neda, Bruno, and Kevin created several alliances without Sindy, but then questioned why the other vets bonded with other people. Gary was very selfish, and was not over a situation called dress-gate with Neda, causing him to push the narrative that they need to remove her as soon as her immunity ends. The drama between the persian women continued, as Cassandra was on the block to be sent home, and called out Neda for being a “fake feminist”. Neda talked about how all of the alumni hated her, and Cassandra had Gary campaign to Ika to save her, which went nowhere. Bruno, Kevin, and Ika told her early on in the week that they don’t have her vote. Since BBCAN4 is not a popular season, it was easy for them to be extinct, so Cassandra was evicted third unanimously. 2 down already.
Gary knew that he was on the outs with the alumni, in and out of the house, which is even worse because he’s the only person from BBCAN1 in the house. He had a flirtation with Kevin for the last few weeks, and was blindsided when Bruno and Kevin voted for him to be nominated. Some back and forth between him and Neda continued, as well as a few confrontations with Bruno and Kevin only validated what he thought of the BBCAN alumni. His fate was sealed when Ika’s showmance won HOH, and booted him after publicly announcing their budding showmance to the house. Drama between Ika and the other vets in her alliance continued because Bruno, Kevin, and Neda were planning on replacing her and Demetres with their enemies Dillon an Emily (the house vote contributed to this). Ika and her showmance were not innocent either, as they were using their French allies to go after Bruno and Kevin. 3 down, and 5 to go. Keep in mind that only 1 newbie left.
Week 5 would be fatal for the 5 veterans remaining in a plethora of ways. What is supposed to be an easy week ends up becoming difficult (a pattern since the first week). Girl drama between Sindy, Ika, and Neda came to a climax here, but it’s important to recap what happened. Allegedly, Sindy was flirting with Mark in an uncomfortable fashion to the point where people (mainly Neda, and Ika and Cass to a lesser extent) accused her of sexual harassment. It makes things even worse because Neda has a crush on him. He leaves, and Sindy moves onto Ika’s showmance Demetres (whom the latter claimed to not like, but it was clear BS). The narrative of Sindy being thirsty and annoying spread through the house, to the point where Ika and Neda used her against the other when the BBCAN2 ladies were furious. Sindy was aware of what both were doing, but since she was closer to Ika (both lived in Toronto, and spoke everyday until a situation with a man took place), she evicted Neda at the end of the week. Some personal drama about Ika choosing Jon’s girlfriend over Neda was also revealed on the feeds (Ika just talked about this again today in a different context). 4 out of the first 6 evicted were veterans.
Neda did not go out peacefully, and as a way to destroy Ika and her showmance, she revealed the 6 alliance, and ALL of the vets connections to he house were destroyed at that point, which has YET to be recovered to this current date. With there being half of the vets still in the house by the sixth week (BBCAN3 vs Ika), Bruno and Kevin made a deal to throw the HOH to target Ika (this was after the vets and Demetres agreed to stick together). They became split once again when it was clear that Ika or Sindy would go on the block to be sent to jury, and they didn’t talk until Thursday, but it was too late for Sindy. She spent 4 days campaigning against Ika, who wasn’t even on the block, and the house voted her out. It was even worse because her ally Kevin didn’t fight for her at all (who has also been tossing her to the wolves for the last 2 weeks for no reason).
Ika’s showmance wins the current HOH with her permission to nominate the two other vets in the house Bruno and Kevin. Bruno is now being sent home after a failed attempt for him and Kevin to reunite the vets + Demetres. All of the 5 other newbies are onto the vets +Dem’s attempt to reunite, and formed their counter alliance to rid of them all (this was 2 weeks in the making). After a peaceful few days, Kevin and Ika are back to distrusting one another, despite being the final 2 veterans left in the house. Now the plan going into next week is to nominate one of the vets with their showmance partners, and repeat the pattern until the vets are removed once and for all from the Big Brother Odyssey.
As you can see, this is a tale of how outside influence, cliques, high-school like attitudes, distrust and hierarchy can destroy a group of people who entered the Odyssey in a privileged position. We did see some of this in the previous seasons (especially BB18), but never to this extent. 6 out of the first evictees are about to be veterans, with the pattern continuing. If I missed anything, add it to the comments.


Did anyone actually read this?




good summary


Well said!


After watching tonight’s show… does anyone else think that production will give Karen a good edit after the crap she spewed after she was put up as a replacement nom ???


You should play BB! Have you thought about it?


Last night’s episode when Kevin was rolling around with William on the bed was so cringey. He looked so disingenous. How is William falling for this act?


TOTALLY AGREE!!! I swear I can see right through Kevin…


Ika is Queen, a good witch and a bad witch.
She makes the show interesting.
At first i’m against returnees, but Ika has turned this BB around to me big time, I put her up there with the alltime best HGs’ of BB.
Do I want Dillon, Jackie and Karen to win?…I do not
Dre or William…no
Kevin or Bruno, tough spot, Bruno likely gone tonight and Kevin gone 1st chance William can not help
Demetres is tops, but Ika is Queen!
I say Ika!!!