“I’m going to be like this is the move that I made I hope as super fans you can appreciate it.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cory and America are going up. Cory is likely going to be evicted.

9:34 am Bowie, Jag and Matt
Bowie – We just win HOH problem solved.
Bowie points at Jag “ideally not him one of us”
Bowie – he can play next week. (Jag)
Bowie – we want him to play the next week (2 HOH’s from now)

9:41 am Cory playing pool by himself

10:02 am Cory Sad

10:23 am Jag, Bowie and Matt
Complaining that Cory never does any choirs around the house.
Matt – they’re like little kids we are taking care of.
Matt points out that Cory never takes the garbage out.
Matt “Cam can take care of the kids” (ohh shit grenades)
They keep going on about how America and Cory betrayed them and had alliances with everyone.
Jag – This is it this is what I chose to do. This is what is best for my game.
Matt – we all got your back
Bowie – yeah
Jag – I’m going to be like this is the move that I made I hope as super fans you can appreciate it.
Jag says they will throw him under the bus first then Matt.
Jag – they need votes
Matt – they need votes badly
Jag – I don’t vote so they don’t need my vote..
Jag – They will go to everyone and say keep me in I will get rid of Matt and Jag..
Bowie – which they would anyways so what’s the selling point
Matt – they already were

Felicia joins them hugs Jag says she loves her Family”
Jag is happy he got a hug.
Felicia goes on about Cory being a snake.
Jag, Matt and Bowie agree. they go on about Cory being a snake.
Mat points out that Cory and America have never tried and never had blood on their hands. (Forgetting the Jared HOH)
Cory joins them chat turns to studying dates.

10:50 am America is starting to look worried.

11:00 am Feeds cut to pound

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no mo bro

***Reposted from earlier thread for visibility***

Comerica now know they are the nominees. The house guests are talking about it in the kitchen and when the cameras flipped to the backyard where Comerica and Cirie were. The look on America’s face was priceless. She knows Cory is going and now she has no one to carry her. She better hope for an all girls alliance or she’s next.

Cory looks completely dejected. He knows he’s going to hang out with Cam.

Everyone in the kitchen with jab jab jabs. STAB STAB STABing Comerica… Wow… Why do they have to continue to degrade them? I hate them too, but you can shut up now, they are already on the block. Then Cory comes into the house and every shuts it off and acts like he’s their best friend.

I hate them all.

Cirie is the only one in this house with a shred of decency. It may be fake, but it’s still there. Whatever the case, it’s working.

no mo bro

If Cam was still in the house, He would shield America next week, but she happily voted him out and giggled about it… OK superfan… Gt ready for the jury house. I can’t wait for cam to tell her, “I told you so”.


It’s Jury time. No Shields Allowed


Cameron told everybody I told you so. Which doesn’t make him right. During the first week after veto. Cameron was exposing family style to Hisam in have not room. That is untrustworthy betraying the alliance. Corey can’t trust him if he was 100% full tilt leading a Corey backdoor the week before. If a player is trying to backdoor you then. They will go after you next time. Due to a dismal social game. Camerons downfall was done to himself being a consensus house community target.The house iterated the mindset amongst themselves “Nobody believed his shit he just won”.

Carlito's Way

Agree. The thing I detest about this cast and I don’t recall this happening in other seasons, is that when they decide to evict someone, they follow it up with incessant bashing, name calling, lying and just plain ugliness. Why? Why not just say I am putting you up because it’s good for my game and I want to win $750K. I don’t care for many folks in this cast, but don’t like seeing anyone denigrated and bashed relentlessly. Now they are onto Cory and are still bashing Cam! Jeez, get over it!

Nether Region Euphemism

That’s the nature of the social experiment. One way for people to justify their actions is to make their target into a villain. It depends on a person’s psychological make-up to begin with.

In Jag’s case he wants to be a decent good guy, and his way of dealing with guilt at betraying Cory is by building up America as evil incarnate. Certainly there are also misogynist biases at play towards her.

Overall, BB House scenarios tap into deeply ingrained biases that we all have, which are usually held in check IRL and easily weaponized when the mind is scrambling for justification that ameliorates uncomfortable emotions. And certainly some of those biases are out in the open, such as Fe in particular with the overt slut-shaming.

If you compare that to Will and Boogie, they were like 2 overgrown frat boys who thought it was funny to mess with people. So for them, no reason psychological to justify their actions by villainizing their prey. They loved to look at their victim as the poor sucker.

There’s a spectrum of various tendencies amongst people in how they cope and rationalize, vs owning their actions, that are represented in the HGs.

Seems BJ also fell into this need which led her to see Cam in black and white terms, so as to justify her embracing the feelings of safety and inclusion once she felt she found her group with Jatt, and to some degree, with the rest of the house’s anti-Cam mentality. She started shifting that way after the Red blindside when talking to Cerie, but then drifted back. Her issues are that she’s very socially driven, not a lone wolf independent, and that’s what drives her scapegoating trash talk.

Let’s recall Janelle, who was a legend in part bc she didn’t give a darn to pretend to like anyone that she despised, and much preferred to walk into the yard amongst them with her head held high like a Queen while their tense animosity hung in the air.

Meme's Muse

Thank you! I hope folks take time to read and think about your perspective. This week x is a so and so next week Y is a so and so..come on.. BB by the very nature of the game caters to the lowest levels of decency that are in most all of us. A reminder that it is possible to take a higher road in life, that seems more challenging but worth it. I enjoy good game play and strategy not into “showmances” some one else may be. It’s a game and how I wish they had as part of the post show experts to explain what you explained , the bashing , and name calling while distasteful and not excusable, is part of what all humans do to justify their actions to themselves. A leader reacts differently, often with grace, and envious or not we all know when we are in the presence of greatness. This ain’t it.

Nether Region Euphemism

I love that extra insight about what distinguishes true leaders. So very true.


This is an exceptionally immature group, including the mamas. I think Red and Cam were actually decent people & I am sorry they are gone. Felicia and Cirie are both very petty and vindictive, shockingly so despite their years on the planet & both being mothers. Matt seems like the kid who clings to the bullies and has no sense of self. Jag is very anxious and plays in a passive/aggressive manner. His social skills are odd – more reminiscent of pre-teen behaviour. BJ – I don’t even know how to explain that one, but her read on people is just so bad, and sadly, it’s like she literally does NOT know what’s happening (yes, you can see it on her face) … she’s not just from a different country but from a different planet. Blue also has terrible instincts & continually returns to dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships over and over again. She obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of respect or loyalty. Their collective hatred toward Cory and America is really suspect too … possibly based on jealousy, their own insecurities … and if they are being hated for NOT playing the game, well those people (Felicia, Jag, Blue) have not been paying attention, are in denial, or having some serious memory loss.

Queen Catia

BJ reminds me of a co-worker from years ago, Maggie. Mags was a good 20 years older than she admitted to. She was very secular and always dressed in black with her hair styled so not one hair would move in a wind storm. She also wore 4 – 6 inch heels all day, all night. Maggie had a very particular view of who she wanted to be seen as but God knows I have no idea who that would be! The last I heard of her was she was wearing 6 inch heels during a blizzard on a trip up north and slipped on black ice walking from her car to her room. She sued the hotel and retired on her windfall. I think this is who BJ is, an opportunist who has created a version of herself that she wants the world to see but has little insight into others and zero self-reflection…


Matt is obsessed with Cameron. Matt is hearing impaired but he’s just as nasty as the rest of them. He’s no poor little deaf guy!


I agree. It’s very low class. And Blue is the worse. Also, Cory’s parents must by so upset watching their son in bed and the shower with America.

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t understand why Americory have given up, instead of going to Jatt to ask them what the exact renom plan is, and take it from there. Jag could feel guilty and crack enough that Cory could straight out say that he senses something is off. I could see Jag then telling him, which would give Cory opportunity to try to spin it that Blue is manipulating everyone.

So much room for game play in the last couple of days; the showmance really destroyed their game where they became couple reclusive.

East coast

And they have been way too comfortable. As superfans they should know that when they feel comfortable, they’re probably next to go.

Queen Catia

The way they have to literally desecrate whoever they nominate. It’s their way of keeping themselves hyped to complete the deed…

Matthew schneider

No mo bro i hope after cory is gone america turns up her game wins hoh takes out jag or matt then people like you would be speechless

no mo bro


I trigger you

This amuses me.

no mo bro

I’m just waiting for Blue and Shamerica to hit jury. Then I’m changing my name to “no mo sho ho bro”.


Cirie is very diplomatic. She’s good at playing the game. I wouldn’t mind seeing her win. Jag’s move was good too. My second person winning would be Matt because Jag might go after him.


Where u been? Cerie has been trash talking with felecia and Izzy from the get go. She is just as bad. I really liked her based off survivor but now hope she fades away.


Oh whatever. Cory and America have run everyone down including everyone STILL left in the house. They’re so sneaky and mean. CBS just tried to give em’ the Jeff/Jordan edit. They’re annoying AF. They did nothing different than Jared/Blue – in fact worse. The open cringe sick PDA trying to act cute when they should have been playing the game. They deserve to be booted. Karma is a MF!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Jag, the biggest snake in the house, calling Cory a snake. That’s rich.

Jag's nose hairs

Can’t effing stand Jag, what a little B*tch… Man, if Cam could have only lasted one more week. The double veto would have likely saved him.

Just The Truth

all the males eliminating each other. idiots.


Sad part about all of them is they start crap talking people on a personal level to justify a game move..


Jag won’t make it to final 3 now, they should have gotten out Blue, Felica or Cirie. Dumb move on his part, so much game left he is now the number one target then Matt. The weakest players have a good shot to get to the end.


How is it a dumb move for Jag? Cory literally said yesterday Jag is his target next week. It might not be the move you like but its rarely a dumb move getting out someone coming after you


They could have paired down the group more before going after eachother. This gives Felicia and cirie a path to the final 3 without doing nothing but staying in their bathrobes

Lavonda Herald

Agree, He basically was part of backdooring Cam twice, and now Cory and America, and if Cory get evicted, The rest of the houseguest should see Jag as a big threat. Ciere hasn’t won anything but got great social game, Felicia won 1 HOH, and Ciere #1 ally now, They may go to the end, without winning any comps but 1 so far and then win the one of them has to win the last HOH. Felica and Ciere is right The other side is turning on each other, Tell me what Blue’s gameplay that she is so loyal to Matt and Jag, Jag wanted her out this week.

East coast

They (Matt and Jag) keep going on about how America and Cory betrayed them and had alliances with everyone.” That’s rich coming from Matt and Jag who have alliances with everyone.

Felicia’s crusty feet

The more Jag & Matt sh*t talk, the more unlikeable they become….would be very satisfying now if Jag is the next one out…..FBJ and her rictus grin can leave too


Don’t shoot the messenger that’s original. Cory & America already mentioned Jag is the target next week.


I bet Cory wishes he kept Cam. Cam tried but Cory said in the DR jag hasn’t crossed him yet. Wonder what he thinks now. He should have made the first move, instead of just sitting back and throwing comps. Oh well, Cam will say “told you so” lol


Cameron said I told you so to everybody last week. It doesn’t make Cameron right at all. Especially when Cameron was leading and wanting a Corey backdoor just a week prior.

Bad Cast

I’m hoping for a Jury Battle Back. One more chance for Cam. I don’t care
about anyone else. I don’t think that any alliances or final 2s are solid. I don’t think anyone is trustworthy.

no mo bro

I bet Shamerica’s tears are delicious. They sure are nice to watch.

un autre nom

So, when Jag was called to d/r last night, is that when he made renoms? He’d already gone to bed, got called to d/r, and Cory ran out to remind Jag to ask about how the vetoes worked this week.
I thought he’d warned them in the bathroom during a 3 minute feed cut. Cory entered bathroom, feeds cut. Feeds return and Jag tells them he’s going to bed (no late night vibes). Cory then said something about ‘they can consider it as long as they don’t do iit.’

As far as Matt egging everyone on to be assholes (watch, that’s what has been going on): he really thinks this is his Reilly revenge. Knew a girl for 14 days, said something about making out with her on the storage room floor… which we never saw any evidence of such a thing happening, and has dedicated himself to punishing the people that took her away. Problem is he’s most pissed at someone that had nothing to do with it.
Is it surprising? That Matt is being a bit of an arse? Nope. He gets away with it because everyone views him with a skewed infantilization due to deafness. Don’t think that’s not intentional, he’s aware.

The house complaint: they do no chores. Who helped make dinner last night? Am. Who has cooked dinner for the house? Am.
When’s the last time Jag Matt or Bowie cooked for the house? Cleaned the bathroom? Washed dishes. Felicia swept the have not room last week, where Matt has basically lived (some refer to it as his office), it’s the first time it was swept.

EVERY complaint they have, game and personal, is hypocrisy.

no mo bro

OMG. Felisha asking Shamerica if she is OK and hugging her. That evil wench was just in the kitchen non stop bad mouthing her. This sucking up just for a jury vote is nauseating. We all know Felisha hates her. She made that abundantly clear.

no mo bro

***Reposted from earlier thread for visibility***

Technically, production could take away Jag’s ability to play in the next HoH and it would be perfectly deserved.

The whole idea about allowing the secret HOH to compete in the following week’s HoH, was in order not to reveal their identity.

Jag himself has told everyone. There is no need for production to keep his secret by allowing him to compete.

He f*cked with your game, production! F*ck him right back. Take away his ability to compete in the next HoH.

You don’t need to protect his identity anymore. Everyone knows.


It will be fun to see Cameron’s face when the first one enters the jury house. Can’t stand America, but smart move is getting rid of Cory (brains) first.

no mo bro

And Cory is campaigning hard to stay even though he knows it means America leaves. He told BJ he wants her, Felisha and Cirie’s vote.

Why not bow out with some dignity and spare your “girlfriend” in the process? You KNOW you are THE target.

I guess money > shoho.

un autre nom

Jag: let me know when you want to talk
America: literally fuq off.
Jag is now going room to room victimwhining how she’s disrespecting him.
NOW he wants to hear both sides? He wants Cory/America/Blue to he said/she said AFTER veto ceremony.
As a blindside nom i’d be saying he didn’t want to know before, so i’m good.


I don’t blame her. It’s too little too late. I would have said the same thing.


Does Bowie ever say anything but “yeah” ? Has she ever had a thought of her own?

BB Princess

“I got BD’d and I’ll cry if I want to..Cry if I want to…cry if I want to. You would cry too if you got BD’d too” (you gotta sing it with the song).


Get that loser beta soy boy cuck Corny out!!!!!!! Lamerica and her annoying whining needs to go home too. CBS tried to give em the hero edit when they were just incompetent, annoying, clueless players that thot they were the shhhh. Karma is a MF biatchhhhhh! LET’S GOOOOOOO!