“He thinks that Me, you [Felicia], and Bowie might vote for him.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia America and Cory
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony: Jag and Blue used their vetos. America and Cory put on the block.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cory is going to Jury.

2:00 pm Cory and America
America – I know I Shouldn’t just lay here and tell them to f*** off but I literally can’t look at them.
Cory – it’s OKay I understand, I talked to them.. I talked to all of them beside Blue, Cirie and Felicia.
Cory – Matt’s putting it on you, Jag’s being more cagy and Bowie is saying she had a inkling it was me last night.. She didn’t know it was both of us.
America – they told Cirie why wouldn’t they tell Bowie.
Cory says he doesn’t believe Bowie.
Cory – I’m telling everyone I’m targeting Matt and Jag that’s it, that’s my pitch
America – that’s my campaign too

Cory – They want to do this five person meeting. I was telling them I don’t know if it’s going to happen.
America – What five person meeting? Me, You, Blue, Jag, Matt.
Cory – Yeah
America – MMMMMM NO, They should have done that shit before doing it after is pointless. I don’t need to clarify anything or defend myself in this situation they didn’t think it’s important to do it before why the f*** are we doing it now?
Cory – there’s a lot of days
America – you can go off and do whatever you want. I’m still angry
Cory – yeah me to

2:22 pm Matt, Jag and Cirie
matt and Jag are hoping it’s slip n slide this week. They think if the Backyard is closed tomorrow it is a sure sign. (LOL third week in a row)

3:00 pm Cory is campaigning to Cirie. using his anti Matt and Jag angle.
He goes on about his situation and Cirie replies with “Right, Okay, Right”
Cirie – Right .. right.. Exactly
Cory – I’m going to campaign I don’t know how or who or when. What else can I do
Cirie – it’s expected.. it’s how you go about it.
Cory – I win next week I put up Matt and Jag Obviously, Matt, jag or Blue win next week they target me. I am not likely to beat Matt, Jag or Blue in the veto. If I Somehow win HOH I target them. The rest are coming for me in the double. This buys all of you to the final 5.
Cory – I do think Matt and Jag will want to go with Bowie and Blue. that’s my guess.
Cory – how do we get over the Matt and Jag Hump? We’re not going to beat them on the slip n slide.
Cory says Jag has won 5 competitions the next closest is Matt, “I have one, Felecia, Bowie and Blue have one”
Cirie says it was always beneficial to have him this game. She feels like she can talk to him “like REAL”
Cirie – it’s not far fetch for me to have cory stay in this game.
Cory – this week Matt and JAg made a massive move against me and America. i think there’s is an opportunity to make a massive move against Matt and Jag on Thursday.. like right now.
Cory – they want me out.
Cory explains how Matt and jag Operate “They are good with everyone until the Backdoor happens then they are out the door so it’s fine”
Cirie – right
Cory – this week is weird because they backdoored two people
Cory says america has more of a opportunity to slip through the cracks because she’s being underestimated by Matt and Jag whereas he’s going to be a lightening rod.

3:30 pm Cirie and Matt
Agreeing that Cory is the bigger threat this week. Mat says they can handle America. Cirie says Cory is more dangerous.
Cire says Cory is already campaigning.
Cirie – we just have to make it through the double
Matt – I know.

3:44 pm Felicia and Matt
Felicia says America isn’t being smart alienating herself in the house.
Matt – you can’t just say f*** you to everyone (Yes you can)
Matt – we have the power to.. like evict you
Felicia thinks maybe America is trying to get evicted to let Cory stay in the house. “that could be there plan”
Felicia says it’s time for Cory to go.
Matt says he’s campaigning hard. “He needs to the votes”
Felicia – he’s not getting mine not at all.

3:47 pm Cory playing pool alone.

3:54 pm Cirie and Felicia
Felicia saying that Jag is panicked that he may have lost Cory and America’s Jury vote.
Cirie – He thinks he’s going to talk to you, He thinks that Me, you, and Bowie might vote for him. So he’s going to let me know when he’s talk to y’all
Felicia – He thinks me, You and Bowie what?
Cirie – might vote for him
Felicia – ohh…
Felicia and Cirie laugh
They talk about how they will get Matt and Jag to turn on Bowie Jane. They go on about how Cory and America doing everything they accused them of doing.
Felicia – America will crash and burn
Cirie says they might want to grab her for a vote but they can’t trust a word she says.

4:03 pm Cory campaigns to Blue.
Saying things like Matt and Jag have a good chance to win competitions. Matt/Jag’s ideal final three is with Bowie.
He adds that Matt and Jag would tell him once Blue is gone they have a clear path to the end.

4:40 pm POol and nothing

5:15 pm Blue and Bowie haven’t fully decided on their vote.
Blue says with this vorte she’s going with what she wants. Bowie says she’s not of a strong opinion either way. She wants to hear what America has to say

5:20 pm Cory and America
Cory tells her the pitch he’s been giving to people. If they keep him Matt/Jag/Blue win they target him if he wins he targets matt and jag. Keeping him here is a guaranteed final 5
Cory – I’m sorry I know you don’t want to hear about game right now
America – Yeah I’m done
Cory – I just feel gross walking around this house talking to people.
America – WHy?
Cory – in this case if do a good job you go home.
Cory – if you were throwing my sh1t under the bus I would feel great.
America – I’m not going to do that.
Cory says her blowing up on people is a bad idea it’ll make her feel worse ultimately
America – I don’t think so but we’ll see..
They go back to kissing.

5:35 pm Cory, Blue and Jag
Joking around doing a mock Veto Ceremony where Cory and America are on the block.
For some reason Big Brother tells them to “knock it off”

5:48 pm COry and America
Cory – I feel more fired up than ever right now. YOu just need to get fired up.
America- I’m not hungry I want to literally puke.. Don’t want to talk to matt or Jag. Jag’s not even voting I Don’t care to talk to him
America – Matt a minion and will do whatever Jag says. Blue will to. If I stay I’m going after them they know I’m going after them. I’s all I got.
Cory – are you going to campaign.
America – yeah yeah that’s it. I’m not going to like go hard. I don’t want to. I’m also not going to lay here all week.

6:11 pm
America – if he thinks the f*** off is disrespectful he hasn’t heard anything yet he really hasn’t
Cory – as your ally I advice against this.
Cory doesn’t want her to have any regrets in 5 weeks. “you know he’s not going to fight back”
America – I know his dumb a$$ just stays there with those dopey a$$ eyes. F***ing Loser
Cory – Blue might fight back
America – She acts like she would
America says this is all her fault she f***ed up.
Cory – no it’s not c’mon
America – you’re too nice
Cory – just give yourself a break this sh1t is really hard. We’ve done really well to get here
America says all she’s done is open her mouth and be stupid
Cory – stop
Feeds flip

6:30 pm Group of friends are having fun

6:31 pm Big Brother – NO napping houseguests

6:46 pm Bowie, Matt and Jag
Bowie tells them that Blue talked to her and was questioning who she should vote out. She was hinting that she might keep Cory.
Jag – did she mention anything about Jag and Matt?
Bowie – no at the end she said I really trust Jag and Matt I think it was because I didn’t give her much. She had to pull
Jag – I think she’s just saying that
Bowie – I agree I really don’t think she does
jag – She doesn’t

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no mo bro

Scamerica needs to come out of that room. We need some drama in this house, it’s suddenly got very boring.

Hell hath no fury and all that.

I think I saw a bridge!

Burn it! BURN IT!

no mo bro

Cory lying there with Scamerica is just sad to watch. He’s just a kid. He has no idea what to do. He so desperately wants to campaign, but he also knows the cameras are there and keeps looking at them when he rubs Scamerica’s back? He so desperately doesn’t want the viewers to judge him.

PSSST. ***In Jared’s voice*** Bro. you f*cked up bro. The viewers bro, they already hate you bro.

A real man would stay there with her until she either tells him to go, or gets up herself.

Spot ON

“3:54 pm Cirie and Felicia
Felicia saying that Jag is panicked that he may have lost Cory and America’s Jury vote”

It seems as if CORY is campaign the wrong pitch saying he’ll be going after JAG and MATT. It’s a little late for THAT now that he’s on the block.

Perhaps the better “pitch” is to tell JAG that he (JAG) may have the vote to evict him from the house now, but he (CORY) will have the votes against him in the jury for the backstabbing. nd that AMERIKA will never vote for JAG either in jury. I think that CAM should have NO PROBLEM accepting CORY’s pitch either. CAM was also stabbed by JAG more than once. So, that’s 3 potential votes against JAG from jury.


no mo bro

Stab. Stab stab.

Felicia’s crusty feet

I’m kinda enjoying Jag being worried about jury votes now, lol….. he is so freakin’ chaotic

un autre nom

why not choose 1 target to go after that doesn’t get a vote this week.
5 voters. Jag betrayed me, screw Jag. Jag has no vote.
Try to turn everyone against Jag the ‘comp’ guy.
Try to turn the house on over-allianced Jag as bacstabbing his final 3 last week final 4 this week to show he has no loyalty, so who’s next.
Jag can’t handle being disliked.
Psych warfare him and only him on game only level.


Week 1 Cameron upstairs exposed family style to Hisam. Week 4 Cameron nominated Jag to leave. Week 5 Cameron voted Jag out. Week 6 Cameron was wanting to put up Jag and Blue again. Jag convinced him not to that it was a waste of time and made a deal. Then Camerons still was contemplating backdooring Jag that week after they made a deal not to. This whole Cameron is innocent act and he was great to Jag is blatantly not true and preposterous. Cameron betrayed Jag multiple times before by his own actions. Jag was justified not to trust Cameron after all of that.


This is a good move by Jag, but he managed it poorly. It is a sure way to make sure one of them goes, but if the real target was Cory he should have left Felicia or put up Cirie. That way Cory goes, but they have the chance to keep in good with America. This way he has alienated both and made sure that whoever stays will make a full press to break up Matt and Jag. If Felicia, Cirie or Blue wins this would be the smart move for them as well, but likely they will get talked into targeting Cory/America whilst ignoring the real threat of the Matt/Jag duo. It will be interesting to see what the next HOH comp will be b/c production tends to put in a more favorable one for who they want to win. (I think they believed that Cory would win the comic comp. perhaps believing he would target Felicia/Cirie getting out the easy option and wreaking some havoc in the jury house) This is also the time to think about jury management and Jag seems to have recognized that a little too late.

Gan ainm

Jag is one of the dumbest players ever.He could have done all this without anyone knowing.Instead he burned himself.Idiot.

no mo bro

Yep. Could have had the same outcome with no blood.

Production only gave Invisible HoH (Jag) next weeks vote so people couldn’t identify who the invisible HoH was. Jag already told everyone. No need to protect his identity.

Don’t allow him to play in the next HoH. he didn’t earn it. You don’t need to protect him anymore.

no mo bro

They didn’t have to allow the invisible HoH to play in following weeks HoH. All they had to do was make it an individual timed comp. Then send the invisible HoH into the room to fake playing and keep their identity safe. Then production could just assign the invisible HoH any amount of time they like that isn’t the winning time.

no mo bro

Hey production. Give them some alcohol. I know Scamerica will come running. Please, PLEASE, P L E A S E! Get her out of that bed and drunk. I want to hear her speak her mind! She likes wine… give an extra bottle this time!


Two vetoes? One of the punishments was 24-hour solitary confinement?

I guess we’ll find out Tuesday that Felicia used that time wisely, planning her funeral and using her faith of a mustard seed to convince a secret HOH to put up her two mortal enemies — Cory and America.

I’m so looking forward to it!

Another Dixie

I don’t know if she did it the whole time but at the start she was going through the competitions & working on remembering the order etc. I can see the 24 hours being used very well preparing for competitions without interruptions. Felicia knows BB & knows what she needs to brush up on. Cirie is not so knowledgeable. After she came out of solitary, Felicia was talking to Cirie about the comp where you have to know what someone said and Cirie was floored. How was she supposed to know what someone said?


That was a reference to Dan’s funeral in BB14. Same scenario. Two vetoes (Jenn and Ian) and punishment in one was solitary, which Dan got and came up with the idea of a funeral as a smokescreen to sell out Ian to Frank and take the target off himself.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Cory is playing the game, he’s campaigning, not laying in the bed crying like America

I wonder if Blue is going to run back to Jag & Matt and tell them Cory told her Jag & Matt said, once they get rid of Blue, it would be smooth sailing.

Blue is so dumb, I know she’s going to tell Jag and Matt everything, she thinks her and Jag are cool now, that’s just how blind Blue is to what’s going on in the house.

What is so funny to me is, listening to Cory campaign, he sounds just like Cam. Keep me, I’ll be your shield, I’ll always be the #1 target, I’ll protect you, blah, blah, blah.

Remember when Cory went and told everyone how Cam was campaigning to him, and he was saying how Cam said he’d take care of them, he will be they’re shield, he will be the #1 Target. Cory said he was not going to give Cam his Vote.

How can Cory protect anyone, Cam was a competitor, Cam beat Jared, in two comps back to back, he was able to save himself and re-enter the game. Then Cam came back in the house and won HOH.

Next HOH, Bowie Jane won, Cory has not won anything in over 3 – 4 weeks, America is laying in the bed crying and pouting. She should not burn anymore bridges, because they are keeping her and getting rid of Cory. Suck it up America, get back out there, Blue is dragging your name through the mud, Blue is such a Class Act !!

How is Cory going to protect you when he can’t beat Jag & Matt in competitions. Cory will be back on the Block if he stays this week, which I doubt he will. Felicia, Cirie & Blue won’t save him. Cirie is pissed that he evicted her Son !

I have a feeling next week, Blue & America will be used as the pawns, that will get Cirie & Felicia a break. Hopefully someone other than Jag or Matt win HOH, someone other than Bowie, Bowie will let Jag control her HOH just like he did to get rid of Cam.

I hope whoever wins HOH on Thursday, it will be someone who is not afraid to put Jag & Matt up, or they are able to Back Door Jag if Blue can pull off another Veto win if she is used as a pawn.

There have been 25 Seasons of Big Brother. Don’t you think it’s time to come up with some new Competitions ? Fans of the show, who are fortunate to come and play BB, they sit around and guess when each comp will be played, it’s time to create some new comps.

The Comps have become to predictable, spend more time on new comps, forget about the lame twists, they really do suck. Stop fixing the game making it easy for your favorites, we need some new Competitions, too many people play each year, and guess what comp is next. Put on your thinking caps, concentrate on all new Competitions for BB 2024.

That will be great, people will come in thinking they know what is going to happen, and they will be wrong. Keep OTEV, that’s a good one, it kind of let’s the players know how people on the outside think they are playing the game, they get an idea of how they are being perceived by the Fans.

Spot ON

“How is Cory going to protect you when he can’t beat Jag & Matt in competitions”

Maybe AMERIKA was thinking long term (as in economic protection). CORY finds a way to SOMEHOW stumble himself to confetti, and now AMERIKA has “protection” until the money runs out. Then, “C’YA !!”. Worse case in THAT scenario would be if CORY JR pops out along the way.

Gan ainm

Could the silver lining of this week be that Jag becomes the #1 target of the house?


jag was an early house target and without cameron it seemed destined he would be again. it’s good for everyone’s game but matt’s that he goes, so he’s probably gone next week or the week after unless he wins out comps.

no mo bro

I have to say. Felicia is the one keeping that house livable. She cooks, does most of the cleaning and maintains the food supply safety by constantly organize the fridge and discarding the expired items. Now she’s in the stockroom being helped by Matt and Cirie.

I bet her house is clean and organized. If her and Cirie go, the house will be eating hot pockets with paper towels for plates.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I’ve noticed they have not been complaining about ants in the house. Felicia & Cirie have been keeping that place clean.

It did not surprise me when I heard Matt teasing Cory about not doing anything around the house, not even taking the trash out. I bet Cory’s room at school smells, and it is dirty.

Another Dixie

Funny you should say that about ants. They found lots of auts just this afternoon. That was why Felicia was working so hard cleaning up. Put her in solitary & see what happens when she’s not there to clean. They were getting rid of the ants but also put out ant traps (probably bait).

Spot ON

“. They were getting rid of the ants but also put out ant traps (probably bait”

Ants would be a prized commodity in SURVIVOR for food and protein. CIRIE should be feeling right at home.

Now findind a rat, or a snake in that house? Ahhhh, THAT would be “Haute Cuisine” !!!!

Mean Jean

All you have to do is look at the Mama’s room and the kitchen vs the rest the house.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

You’re Right, the Mama’s room is always nice and neat, beds are made.

Daisy may123

Somebody said the house smells there is hair in the shower the toilet being right next to the shower and it stinks it was that girl that just left. She did a interview. I agree with corys room being a mess he looks like a messy person.


Oh ,my god… Cire is going to be in the final two (probably with Matt.) and possibly win this season. This is exactly how Cire got to the finals on Survivor and was favored to win, it is also how she won Traitors. People take out each other and Cire goes to the end. How many times do they have to watch it go down to know how great her social game is… even when she talks mad shit about them.

  • Granted Cory said he’d make his move to America… he is not great at the comps. Jag actually did Cires dirty work for her. I would have targeted Cire TBH/
  • At this -point I would not be shocked if the final 2 will be Bowie and Cire LoL.
no mo bro

No result will make me happy.

I don’t think anyone in that house deserves to win, but no Jag or Matt win would make me less disappointed.

I dislike everyone in that house but I dislike Cirie the least. She has done NOTHING to earn it, but I guess a Cirie win is better than the alternative.

Spot ON

“I don’t think anyone in that house deserves to win”

WHAT, in your opinion, would make anyone worthy of winning??

The “game” (I’m always puzzled as to why this type of cheap entertainment is called a “game”) is designed to bring out the WORSE in people. ALWAYS!

Now you (and BB) caused me to remember Alice Cooper:. “No more Mr Nice Guy, the nice guy’s dead…”

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I said the same exact thing, it would not surprise me if Cirie & Bowie are Final 2.

Just sucks that Jared would benefit from his Mother winning, his game play sucked.

Spot ON

“Just sucks that Jared would benefit from his Mother winning, his game play sucked”

The following exchange is reasonably foreseeable in the future:
CIRIE:. “You ain’t git’n sh*t son”.

Mean Jean

Just yesterday Scamerica were saying they had to go after Matt and Jag next week so why is she so upset now ? She has the worst on the block reaction of this of this season. Once the veto was won as super fan they should have known they would be the target

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

I don’t think she’d be so salty if Jag had been forthcoming and not done a total blindside, especially as he’d made them feel so so safe by revealing he was HOH.

It almost looks like psychotic behavior from Jag, easier for her to interpret it as cruel and certainly humiliating.

I mean seriously Jag’s been so messy this week, it’s pretty hard to understand from inside the house.

They all danced around happily like genuine friends after finding out he won. It’s hard not to feel slapped down just a couple of days later.

She’s being old school BB, not phony kiss butt. She’s not stupid and knows how vile the HGs must have been trashing her.

Carlito's Way

America is behaving like a privileged, spoiled brat. Whah whah. This is a game. She has had no problem stabbing others in the game. Look how she (and all of them) treated Cam. They were taking glee in bashing him and getting him out. Grow up Miss America and get over yourself.

Spot ON

“They all danced around happily like genuine friends after finding out he won. It’s hard not to feel slapped down just a couple of days later”

INTERESTING that you bring THAT up.

As they were celebrating, JAG grabbed her, and gave her a big “bear hug” while lifting her completely off her feet, and supporting her weight by aggressively placing his hands on her tushy roll. YET, nobody called him out on THAT transgression. Made it an opportunity to “grab” and “feel” a little. Got a pass. Had it been CAM, it’s WITHOUT DOUBT CAM would have been vilified by the usuals here.

Another Dixie

It never fails to surprise me when someone reacts to being on the block like America is. She does know that they are all trying to win the game & only 1 can. She hasn’t actually been playing a winning game. She has seen how Jag & Matt turn on people & lie. Why should they treat her differently? She knows that they know Cory is dangerous & she’s sleeping with him she is also. Does she have to be reminded of Cameron? Jag & Matt pretended to be on his side also but that didn’t stop them from helping to get rid of him. She needs to pull up her big girl panties & get out there and campaign. Most likely, she’ll be there next week, just this time, alone in that nasty bed.

Spot ON

“Most likely, she’ll be there next week, just this time, alone in that nasty bed”

Most likely that she would not be there alone for long “in that nasty bed” if JARED was still around. He would be telling BLEW that he wants to be alone for the night because he’s got a headache. And it’s also likely that if REILLY was still around, MATT would be her donkey every night too.


When Cory watches this later, he needs to wake up and realize this is America and your life if you stay with her. She has zero class.

Grodner’s Former Lover

Right! It’s east to be sweet and lovey-dovey when you are safe and comforted but you will run into stressful times periodically if not often. That’s when you need a strong character! I’ve had plenty of situations where I have not gotten my way, been rejected and disappointed and have had consequences when I handle it by acting out. It’s possible that she has never really had any…heck, this could the worst thing to have ever happened to her in her life!

Spot ON

“It’s east to be sweet and lovey-dovey when you are safe”

“I’ve had plenty of situations where I have not gotten my way…rejected…disappointed and..I handle it by acting out”

Did you “act out” when you were no longer Grodding??

Spot ON

“She has zero class.”

Being from TEXAS is probably a contributing factor. Just look at the type of CLASSLESS people TX elects into public office.

Grodner’s Former Lover

As I mentioned before, if these mouth breathers really want to get Cory, send America to be alone with Cameron in the jury house. He will be so rattled knowing that he lost his girlfriend. They will have taken out two in one vote…

no mo bro

Look at Cirie sitting outside with Scamerica, pretending to give a f*ck. When what she is really doing is jury management.

Scamerica the “superfan” like everyone else in that house is oblivious to it. How can they be so blind?

Cirie is doing a good job of not being anyone’s enemy. She secretly smiles as the savages kill each other. Then floats on in to say how sorry she is for them when the sh1t hits the fan.

She always has the same excuse…”Yeah. I knew. He/she/they told me but I didn’t believe them. He/she/they are just liars. They have lied to me before and I didn’t want to cause problems spreading lies.”

It’s actually quite genius and seems to be working well.

When Cam asked for advice, Cirie said, “You don’t always have to tell someone what you think about someone else.”

Excellent advice. This is a life lesson. Something you earn from age and wisdom not something you read in a book.

Gan ainm

Yup,now we are giving production exactly what they want.

no mo bro

I hate that production has warped my mind. I just want to roll back the season and stop Matt from saving Jag.

Another Dixie

Too bad Felicia hasn’t learned that yet. She can get really vile.

Carlito's Way

That is Cirie’s gift. She somehow makes people feel like they can trust her and in this game that is big. Cam is the only one who saw it as a major threat. It is a threat and she will definitely be in one of the final two chairs.

Spot ON

“When Cam asked for advice, Cirie said, “You don’t always have to tell someone what you think about someone else….This is a life lesson”



Buh Bye

So, America brags all season about throwing comps and now that she’s on the block wants to have a hissy fit? Good grief. Get off each other and actually compete!! 1) you haven’t done crap all season and 2) you jumped into a showmance – that are generally targeted way earlier in the game. This is why BB needs to impose penalties for tanking. Both of them deserve to be on the block.

un autre nom

Matt’s thrown every comp he didn’t win. except week 2 veto where prodo screwed him getting him immunity for the week and starting the house sympathy train. He’s social gamed that sympathy train to this day.
Bowie’s thrown every comp. she accidentally won hoh she was trying to throw.
Cirie threw hoh knowing either Izzy or Jared would win week five, and quite possibly threw Bowie’s hoh comp.
Almost everyone threw hoh week one. week one sets tone.

Spot ON

“. This is why BB needs to impose penalties for tanking. Both of them deserve to be on the block”

Penalties for “tanking” would be difficult to impossible to enforce.
The BETTER OPTION is to reward winner of each comp (with either cash, or some other incentive).

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Well Bowie Jane just put another nail in Blue’s coffin.

Bowie’s a spy/snitch, reported back to Jag & Matt, Blue is thinking about keeping Cory.

Bowie knows Jag & Matt want Cory gone this week.

Bowie is made sure Blue doesn’t take Bowie’s 3rd place spot which is really 4th place spot.

It’s Jag, Matt, Cirie then Bowie. Bowie thinks it’s Jag, Matt, Bowie poor Bowie.

Carlito's Way

I have zero respect for Bowie. She played scared and is a hard core clinger. Afraid to do anything on her own. When she is with Matt and Jag she acts like a silly high schooler, giggling and so happy to be with the popular kids. I find her very off-putting and in a way I wish she was heading out the door so Cam could get some satisfaction.

Matthew schneider

I think america does not want to campain to blue all blue will do is rat her out again

Spot ON

AMERIKA doesn’t have to because she’s staying for at least another week.
But I think BLEW is dying for AMERIKA to do so, but at THAT point, from BLEW’S perspective, it’s only EGO. From AMERIKA’S perspective, it’s kissing a**.

no mo bro

Cirie talking about how she would rather be in the jury house with Cam.

no mo bro

JESUS CHRIST! The sound Comerica makes when kissing is SO cringe.

What the f*ck are they doing? I have to mute or change streams every time they start.


Like a washing machine

Carlito's Way

That will be the best part of Cory leaving. Agree. NOT cute.

Matthew schneider

I dont know if america should campain to blue because we all know blue.will just rat her out again and again

Another Dixie

Really, all 4 cameras are on America alone on the hammock, pouting. Can we not see something better?

no mo bro

YAY! Backstabbing hurts huh?


Just The Truth

Cirie just loving production catering to her in this game

no mo bro

I think the opposite is true. She desperately wants out. She’s said it many times. Everyone in the house knows it. Most recently she told Scamerica she would rather be in the jury house with Cam.

She must have signed some sort of contract and if she self sabatages, she probably has to return a cash advance or something. Going home should be easy. Just say, “Vote me out”.

The other houseguests even discussed putting her on the block instead of Blue or Felisha and voting her out, because in their words, “She wants to go home anyway”. Then the feeds cut.

She’s still there and she still wants to go home.

no mo bro

I don’t think she thinks she can win. Somehow I think her depression will vanish along with the robe if she makes it to final 3.