“it’s going to be a 2 zero vote and I’ll say I love you I’ll see you in the Jury next week.. bye”

Watch the feeds for free from the US using a VPN. We recommend HMA https://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/r16399/

The feeds are essentially..
1) Karen, Demetres and Ika retells
2) Karen bashing Dillon and Kevin
3) Dillon breathing heavy
4) Kevin alone
5) Ika and Demetres kissing/cuddling

As always videos are taking a long time to upload in the morning.

Demetres, Ika and Karen Hot Tub
Ika is telling them about the final 4 Power of Veto. She can’t remember what kind of competitions it was.
Demetres – Season 2 it was a board game
Ika – what do you mean
Demetres explains
Karen – I remember that

Karen goes on that Dillon is playing for second and that is what cost him his game.
Karen – his game ends because of that move
Karen – I have no problem sending people to Jury
Ika says Kevin thinks that Karen will be tormented with voting Dillon out
Karen – it’s going to be a 2 zero vote and I’ll say I love you I’ll see you in the Jury next week bye

They get a task.. When Big Brother says Rewind they must walk backwards.

Ika – there’s 5 people in this house but it’s me and you against Kevin

10:34pm Karen tells Dillon he’s going to Jury Blames it on Kevin martin.

HOH room – Kevin talking to himself – Yeah me telling Dillon I wasn’t going to take him to final 2 was perfect. Hopefully he’ll run and tell Karen. If Karen knows my final 2 is her and that 20K means something to her maybe she is “incentivized” to keep Dillon because Ika and Demetres will take each other but I don’t know if she thinks like that. So if she knows for sure that I won’t take Dillon to the final 2, over the next couple days I will make Dillon’s life uncomfortable so that he is so “vendettive” against me so that Karen sees that and keeps him. I’ll torture him, I’ll make fun of him. I will make Dillon so mad at me that Karen will see that hatred and want to keep him. Because right now if Dillon is listening to the ipod and hanging out with me, Dillon won’t keep him. She is that upset against me. Now that Kevin has gone and done this it has put me in this worse position. I have been with them since the very first day in this house. And he

Dillon & Karen in the living room.
Dillon – so be honest with me care bear… who would you rather have out? Just be honest with me. Karen – I came in this house week one and had an alliance with Ika that nobody else has known about and I have never veered from that. After EM (Emily) left, you said I want to be with you. And they had kind of shunned me. His ego wants him and one of them two in the end. I am getting cut fourth position. Dillon – if you think you’re being cut why wouldn’t you keep me? Karen – because I’m a loyal person and I stand by my word.

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Karen is a dumbass her only chance to win is with Dillion as they both are terrible. There is no way Demika will take her to the end

Guy From Canada

Karen has a chance for a win? 5% tops, and yes most likely against Dillion. This isn’t uncalled for but very unlikely in this game. I mean Sabs won f4 in season 2 after losing everything all season so it’s not a 100% unlikely but Karen is making the more sure positional bet for something opposed to a 50/50 Dillion or her carried. She can argue against any houseguest that her big moves were to save people and send people being a swing vote for entertainment as a fan of the tv show. (Yes Ika both times so she is carrying Ika for entertainment not strategy). Karen is a fan so she knowing the tv fans don’t want to see a Dillion carried can argue that as a point. Sure she was carried too, but she can argue her paranoia game was a sham to keep her off the block (intentional floating) always targeted Kevin Robert Martin verbally so no one else would come at her game wise( probably not intentional but arguable) so she can have an argument to win a little better then Dillion and his heavy cookie breathing…….because how else can a 90 year old lady make it to the end otherwise I’m a household of younger 20-30 something’s.


Moves like breaking a power couple and sending a comp beast home, do make you earn juri votes. And missing the opportunity is even worse of a case on a F2. She could even overplay it by saying she backstabbed and played Demika.


If Dillon leaves: 85.7% chance that Kevin leaves next week.

If Demetres leaves: 50% chance that Kevin leaves next week.

Looks like Dillon will leave: Bye Kevin !


If Demetres Leaves: 50% chance that Kevin leaves / stays next HOH-week.

If Ika Leaves: 62.5% chance that Kevin leaves next HOH-week, OR 37.5% that Kevin stays to final three.

If Dillon Leaves: 85.7% chance that Kevin leaves next HOH-week, OR 14.3% that Kevin stays to final three.


I think quite the opposite. Karen has a much better chance of making it to the final two with Ika or Demetres. Ika and Demetres in the final two it’s a toss up of will be voted the winner. I could see them both dropping each other just to win. Either of them taking Karen would guarantee their win.


You would think, but Ika has shown she’s willing to throw her game away for dem to go further. If Ika would have thrown her game away for nothing she would probably bring him final 2 (if she won final hoh(haha)) even if she knew he would win. Now if Dem would pick karen over ika is another question…


“Karen going on that Dillon is playing for second, and that’s what cost him the game”.


Karen, it’s your playing for THIRD that cost Dillon the game. I’m not saying he’s the brightest bulb on the tree, but he’s going to leave solely because you’re playing for third place.

Everyone keeps saying what a stupid move it was for Kevin to do that. It was actually a smart move because he wanted to ensure Demetres would go home, and he thought Karen wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep Demetres over her number 1 guy (the only guy she has any chance of beating in final two).

It’s Karen’s move that’s stupid, not Kevin’s. Little does he know Karen cares more about getting Kevin out than she does her own game. Unfortunately he didn’t realize you can’t logic with the illogical.

Also, this move won’t be what sends him home like everyone keeps implying. Regardless of whether he used the veto or not it was 4 against 1 going into next week. Him using the veto doesn’t change that… ALL it changed is he will now be playing against Ika in the next POV instead of Dillon (who has actually won something previously unlike Ika).


I agree with this comment. At first it seemed what Kevin did was stupid, however what he actually did is so logical. (even Greek and Dillon said its “smart move”) because right now as it stands there are 3 people that can win veto next week (Kevin, Demetre, Dillon). With Kevin putting up Dillon and Demetre, he knows 1 will walk out the door (yes he would prefer Demetre but either of them leaving the house means he has a better shot at the POV) ITS SUCH A SMART MOVE!


“such a smart move” ?? No.
It was a mistake. Why? For the simple reason that Kevin has repeatedly monologued to the cameras that he did it to ensure Demetres goes. And this clearly was not achieved.

I am astounded as to the degree of denial of these Kevin fans. It is grasping at straws trying to assign intentionality and reasoning that clearly is not there. He is constantly very clearly stating his intentions and his thoughts. Don’t make shit up so as to ease the disparity between reality and conception.

The bottom line is that Kevin is a weaker social player who has historically depended on others to guide, prop up and protect his social aspects!! He made the wrong calls. He would have used the POV during William’s HOH. And this time no one was there to stop him. He was saved by William or he would have gone two weeks ago.

He sits by himself without making any effort to talk to people or make social connections, or try to influence anybody – yet he sits there and repeatedly complains its 4 against 1, and that others are seemingly hurting their own games —– WELL WHY DON’T YOU GET YOUR LIMP-DICK SOCIAL UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !! What a let down.


While it was his intention for Demetres to go home by using the veto on Ika, he has ALSO discussed the possibility of Karen not voting to evict Demetres and voting out Dillon instead, and decided he would rather play against Ika than Dillon in the final 4 POV so therefore decided using the veto was the best idea no matter what. He was never naive to the possibility of Karen voting out Dillon.


he will be competing against DEMETRE for the final 4 pov. HELLO?


Who said he wasn’t?


EXACTLY…. these kevin-fanatic people are ridiculous


im far from a kevin fanactic, he’s a dumb ass, that wasted 2 hohs already


Yeah, was agreeing with you.


grasping at straws…


Are you kidding.
In that out-loud analysis, he judged that Karen would be far less likely to flip on Dillon than Dillon flipping = WRONG CALL == KEVIN IS NOT A GOOD PLAYER.

….you people are spewing bull-shit… Complete separation from reality.


Yep! That’s true. He did think Karen was less likely to save Demetres than Dillon, but knew the possibility was there for both of them. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad player.

At one point Ika thought Dre would have kept her safe in one HOH competition so was therefore rooting for her to win, but Dre actually wanted them out and would have nominated her and Demetres. Does that make Ika a horrible player? No.

Assuming one thing that isn’t correct in the game doesn’t make someone a horrible player.


He made a completely erroneous judgement call that is the opposite of reality = this equates to mistake.

The above comment is complete NONSENSE to call it ‘SUCH A GREAT MOVE’ WTF is wrong with you kevin-minions.

He also looks ridiculous because he kept saying there is no one way Demika escapes this week at the start of his HOH.


As Ika just said a couple of minutes on the live feeds “things change from hour to hour in this house.”

Changing your mind doesn’t make you look rediculous. People in that house change their mind from hour to hour… EVERYONE!

And as stated above… making a mistake in that you assumed one player was more likely to vote someone out than another player was doesn’t make you a bad player. If that were the case, Ika was a horrible player for the incorrect judgment call she made on Dre that week. It’s simply untrue.

Kevin wanted Ika in the final 4 over stronger guys, therefore saving Ika and making sure one of the two stronger guys goes home isn’t a dumb move. Regardless of who goes home, it’s 3 against 1 for him next week, there’s no changing that, all this move did was ensure he’s at least playing weaker players in the comptetion.


Ika was making a comparison between Season 2 and this season. Your quote is irrelevant and out of context. All I see is desparate grasping at straws….
No Kevin never changed his mind. He wanted Demetres gone days ago and he still does. Kevin never changed his mind. Do give me this relativistic murky hand-waving bullshit.

Even now – as I type this – Kevin is making a ploy to get Dillon to convince Karen to vote to keep him so that he could cast that determining vote to personally get out Demetres. Again, something he’s always wanted.

I would note that currently Karen is explaining she can’t and Kevin’s ploy has failed.

I would also note that Ika flipped Karen and took away from Dillon in two days. Kevin had more than this time to flip Dillon – he’s had plenty of time one-on-one with him to manipulate him.
What Kevin needed was someone on his side. Kevin did not do this. It is by now painfully apparent the degree of skill Kevin has in terms of social game. Please. Just admit that the guy made a mistake. Because that is what it was.


I don’t see one comment saying Kevin doesn’t want Demetres to go??? The comment above was in reference to Kevin changing his thought process that “there is no way Demika escape leaving this week.” Kevin KNEW there was a chance Demetres could stay by doing this, he just thought he could depend on Karen more to make the logical decision (he didn’t realize someone who made final 4 would no longer care about their game).

It was a smart move. It’s STILL a smart move even when Dillon goes home. Kevin considered the possibility that Karen would keep Demetres and STILL thinks it’s a smart move, so it’s not a mistake. Karen is the one who decided she didn’t care about her game anymore and will make a stupid move if it means Kevin’s chances at winning go down.

All Dillon going means is he’s playing Ika instead of Dillon in the next POV (among Demetres and Karen). Ika is weaker in competitions than Dillon.

It seems to me that the people hardcore against Kevin are the ones having a hard time admitting something, not the other way around…


Karen just said he can’t vote for Dillon because if Kevin wanted Demetres to leave, he would have put up Karen instead of Dillon, because in that case, there would be no question and Demetres would be gone no question.

“What the hell is this guy doing? He wants to impress Canada.”

Kevin does not know how to read people’s personalities. Anyone would be able to see that Dillon would never vote out his girl Karen. How could Kevin not see this? Because he is BAD at reading people and recognizing their personalities/psychology.

This is a huge and critical weakness and this ability is essential in a great Big Brother player … something which Kevin is resoundingly not.

It’s so painfully clear and obvious what kind of player Kevin is.


The kind who makes final 4 even though every alliance member of his went home, and everyone has wanted him out for weeks? That kind?


Why is everyone fighting about Kevin anyways? I think everyone is in agreeance that Kevin, Ika, and Demetres deserve to be in top 3. I think people on both sides should agree with that.


The mindless Kevin-fans are insisting how great of a player Kevin is.

Yeah that right! The kind of player who gets saved by a Secret-POV twist; saved by the skin of his teeth from making a fool of himself on national TV by using the POV and having his best-friend Bruno back-doored. The kind who uses the POV to put up Dillon instead of Karen.

The kind of player who doesn’t make any effort to play any kind of social game by actually establishing a real relationship with anyone. The kind who spends days alone in the HOH by himself. The kind who has no friends right now in the house. Yeah that kind.

You guys are seriously mindless and I don’t even think you are reading any of the arguments. There is no point talking to you guys. You keep insisting on asking for examples repeatedly when the facts have been presented repeatedly over and over. It is simply that you refuse to accept these facts.
These are concrete examples which exhibit a weak social game in both seasons in which Kevin played.


To the comment “I don’t see one comment saying Kevin doesn’t want Demetres to go???”
No one said Kevin does not want Demetres to go.
OF COURSE Kevin needs for Demetres to go, or Demetres will be in Final 3 (he’ll win HOH against Ika and Karen), and Kevin will have to win twice in the final POV and the final HOH.

If Demetres stays, if Kevin does not win both final POV AND final HOH, Kevin will not make it to final two.

The story is drastically different if Dillon goes instead of Demetres.

Kevin had to put up Karen. Not Dillon.

That was the mistake because it will probably be the difference between getting evicted next week and making it to final two.

I want to note that I do like Kevin as a person. He annoys me far less in their conversations. But he is also less entertaining.


Karen was never going to flip. His reasoning is based on faulty analysis of relationships because he has poor reading skills.

It was a mistake because his best move is to get rid of Demetres as he has correctly identified: in order to accomplish this, he needed to put up Karen.

Instead he put up Dillon, ensuring that Dillon left the house.
He was wrong in thinking there was a chance that Demetres left by him putting Dillon up. and you guys are deluding yourselves.

This highlights the fact that he plays statistical or analytical games. Not social games, in which he fails to acquire the correct data based on inability to read the situation accurately.

However sound his logical analysis is, if it is based on faulty data-set, the conclusion is unfortunately still invalid.


Chill out! Your hate for Kevin is getting a little tiresome. Agree to disagree and move on!!


We could go through and talk about all of Ika’s faults within the house as well and make her look like a bad player, you could do that with anyone. He got saved by someone else’s secret POV, not his own, he had to build such a close relationship with someone that would make them use a POV on him – that sounds like strong game play to me.

How about the fact she was rooting for Dre to win an HOH when Dre was going to put her and Demetres on the block? Ohhh, bad read. How about her game of yelling at almost almost everyone in the house, or how prior to these last couple of days she spent days laying in bed with Demetres and not mingling with the rest of the house?

You literally could go through and do this with every house guest left. It doesn’t mean Ika is a bad player, just like it doesn’t mean Kevin is a bad player.

The amount of people who play a flawless game are VERY few and far between.


I personally think he is a nice guy and would probably hang out with him more than anybody left in the house.

People are lawding his latest move as a great move. It was not. I think he’ll realize it was a mistake. It was certainly not the best move he could have made.

He left a solid trio who will always take each other to final three. Whereas Dillon was at least thinking about the Kevin final two and at least a Kevin final three. Also the truth is that Dillon has a far less chance of winning that final-four POV than Demetres.

It is twilight-zone territory when Kevin fans are participant in this mastermind narrative with no backing… His game is so laughable and he’s boxed himself in. Nobody is denying his ability to win competitions. But he looks like a fool with that move.


We’re talking about this because Kevin just made a dumb-ass move but you people are pretending that his shit don’t stink.


No one said shit about Ika. She sucks too. Kevin made a stupid move. Get over it.


The possibility was not there for both of them. It was there for Dillon to go. If he had just put Karen up, then Demetres would have likely gone.
He was a dumbass making that move.

And beyond final four, he left three people who are solidly with each other who will always take each other to the final three.

Dillon is far less of a comp threat. Dillon may think he is a big deal, but he’s not. Especially the final POV – Dillon is not going to beat Kevin.

Dillon is also very easily manipulated. Kevin should have continued to work him. Then he would at least have someone to take him after final four. But with Demetres gone, Kevin would have a cinch on the final four POV if he’s against Dillon, Ika and Karen.,.. I would have been a walk in the park.


Please chill. Not one comment said he was a “horrible player”.

All that the comments have said is that Kevin is weak socially. That’is true.

No one is denying that he won competitions and got himself this far.
It’s just that you have to be a good social player also in order to be called a great Big Brother player, since Big Brother is called a “social game”.

That’s all that people are saying. Please chill out.


Kevin’s only mistake was thinking that Karen would think logically. Unfortunately for him, Karen has forgotten that the idea of Big Brother is to try to make it to the end…


Kevin had no idea how to read Karen or how to understand her personality. Ika got Karen eating out of her palms within two days. Why couldn’t Kevin have culminated an ally within Dillon so far this week?

Karen is being logical. Kevin sees it as illogical because he is completely oblivious to the level of trust or the nature of the relationship between Karen, Ika and Demetres. He is justifying it as a lapse in logic because he doesn’t realize that the is unable to establish trust with Karen like Ika and Demetres have managed to do.


Well, Karen hates Kevin so much. He cannot do anything at this point to change that. I think even Karen doesn’t know why she hates him. So it’s a lost cause for him. Better have ika than dilon at comps so if fact it is not that bad


Karen most values the commodity of truth in the game. Karen stays away from Kevin because she sees him as having no trust and would throw away his morals. This is reinforced by, among other things: her opinion of Bruno, his best ally; and with what was going on in her eyes with William.


He could have had Demetres out rather than Dillon. He just had to put up Karen.

Now Demetres will win HOH. Which means he gets to final three.
Kevin will have to win POV or he gets evicted 100%
Then he will have to win final HOH against Demetres or nobody will take him and he will be evicted.

It would have been much much better for the guy to get rid of Demetres.
Demetres going would have been key for Kevin.


Perhaps but oh how exciting it’s going to be to watch the two of them battle it out in the end. Bonus for us as viewers!!


Yes, I agree. I prefer to have all three of Kevin / Demetres / Ika continue on to next week. The POV will be everything.

I was commenting regarding whether or not the move was good for Kevin.


You lost me at “Karen is being logical…”


Of course she is. She wants a new career out of this experience. Culminating a relationship with Ika – the person who has had most air time and is cheered for the the most by the audience so far — is good for her.

Both her and Dillon are playing for their image and future career more than just for winning the game.

Kevin didn’t read that about her motives because he never bothered to get to know what drives her.

In psychology, people are driven by different motives and desires. Reading people consist of understanding each unique set of desires and motivations that propel people to behave in one way or another, as well as being able to predict what they are going to do.


Everybody is irrational fundamentally. Condescending prick… Kevin made a wrong judgement and tries to cover his ego by condescending upon people…


No one in the jury see the Kevin’s monologue to the camera. He knows he is alone. So better for him to play against ika and have dilon out. It’s not a stupid move.


But he has to get there!
Demetres not going is bad for Kevin’s chances! Significantly worse than if Dillon.


U mean 3 against 1 next week… final 4


You’re right! My bad.


I totally agree with you anonymous. What you didn’t bring up was Ika’s incredible manipulation of Karen. Ika and Dem sit there and listen to Karen talk and talk and talk – God that has got to be painful – and as long as Karen has someone who will sit there an listen to her and feed into her ego and her paranoia they will be her best friends in the game and they can use her. LOL. Karen talks like this whole game has been a battlefield for her, dodging bullets and bombs when in actuality she was no one’s target EVER! LOL. And she thinks SHE has ‘cleared the house’? ?? She continually refers to ‘week 1’ or ‘week 2’ or who is ‘above her’ or what her ‘position’ in the house is. Karen, you are being dragged along because you are an idiot! People in the house humour you because if they do you will help them win! I wonder if she will ever realize how ridiculous she is.
And why this totally irrational hatred of Kevin??? Crazy Lady. And Ika and Dem loving it. Congrats to them for being smart enough to play with the fool, one of them will win because of her.


Yes. They did this within a couple of days. It was literally the night before the triple eviction. Credit has to given where credit is due. She has been working.


TERRYB….Couldn’t have said it better! Karen is a Crazy Fool. ( wouldn’t call her a lady though! )

I do not understand…why does she hate Kevin so much? Is it because he Refuses, to be phony to her; as in Ika and the flattery??
Cannot stand the sanctimonious ‘Karen.’


In a bizzaro world where Karen wins the final HOH, I wonder who she’d take to the finals? Demetres or Ika? Anyway, I’m glad Dillon is going this week. We have a great final 4. All of them had a major hand in keeping the season interesting, Kevin and Demetres are both great at comps, Ika managed to take out everyone who was gunning for her and Karen is… Karen.


She would take demetres because she has wanted a newbie to win all along.

sunny dee

ika would continue to campaign for karen to take demetres. as it was before pov, she was expecting to go home on the vote, and they were working at dillon to make sure he voted her out not demetres. kevin using the POV now takes the guess work out of what karen actually wants, which is ika, karen and demetres working at the end. i would bet that since all play in final 4, kevin is as likely if not more to win the next hoh ensuring he is final 3, but i will allow myself to be surprised and see any of the others winning it. if he does or doesn’t, again like 60% chance he will get the PoV which means he will only decide who goes home if he did not win HOH so the outcome might be the same other than he won’t have dillon around either. i think in terms of who wins what, kevin is #1 most likely to win both or one, followed by demetres, and karen/ika equally unlikely to win the next comp. i can see a scenario played out where kevin is nominated, takes himself off and ika or demetres have to put up themselves and kevin finally gets to vote demetres out himself.


Kevin can’t win the final 4 HOH because he’s outgoing HOH, only Karen Ika and Demetres are competing for the HOH

sunny dee

it’s the final 4 HOH, everyone plays.

it is discussed every year, including by HGs, and every year it is the same thing, everyone plays when it is final 4, because the winner of f4 HOH is going to be in the final 3, it is the biggest important hoh, followed by winning the POV by someone other than the final 4 HOH is the biggest power. final4 HOH is to determine safety, and final 4 POV is to determine both safety and to decide who will really be final 3


Sunny Dee you’re confused, it’s the final 3 HOH that everyone gets to play NOT final 4.




(To clarify, “Nope” in response to Sunny Dee’s comment. As in “Nope, that’s final 3 HOH”)


last year kelsey did not play in the final 4 hoh.
the brothers won the hoh against tim and cassandra.


I am pretty sure that Kevin can’t play in the HOH.


Kevin is not playing next HOH. He has to win POV or he’s gone.


K-Mart at risk of going out of business

Nice 5-point summary of the ground-hog day ring-around-the-rosie until Thursday.


I think Karen is such an idiot. She is justifying voting for Demetres over Dillon because Dillon said second place was good enough for him yet she is already in the jury house in her warped screwed up mind. She is so annoying. If the final 3 are Ima, Demetres and Karen, I’m done watching it this season. They all belong to the flip flop loserville with Karen ad the self proclaimed mayor.


I can’t take listening to Karen’s B.S anymore. I hate it when people called “rigged” whenever something happens that makes no sense…so im just gonna call Karen dumb and full of shit. She claims she was working with Demika since day 1, but put Dem on the block week 1. Her reason for getting rid of Mark was that she could see him being in a showmance and she wanted to cut that….but claims she been working with a showmance from week 1. When Dillon asked Karen why Demetre over him, she said she’s been loyal to Demika since the beginning, but they haven’t been loyal to her when Dem put Karen on the block over Jackie. She’s been campaigning for a while now to get all the Vets out and if it’s ever a Vet vs newbie on the block she would vote out the Vet. But voted Jackie out over Ika. Karen has simply been a pawn all season, she talks game but all her “moves” are personal. She’s in the house acting more like a fangirl than a player. And can someone tell me what is her beef with Kevin? From what I’ve heard her say it’s because she knows he’s sneaky from watching season 3. The only game related reason i can see Karen having beef with Kevin is that he tried to flip the votes on her HOH. But she’ll have had flip the votes 2x on his HOH. But She’s “loyal and sticks to her word”….way to go Karen…talking like a true big brother “player”. Let this be a warning to future big brother players, this is what happens when you let dumb pawns get to the end. So again im not saying its rigged. It just appears Karen is a BIG Ika fan to the point she’s throwing away her chances to get Ika further.


From Karen’s perspective she has commanded many of the moves that set the tone of the season. Is that factual? Not really. But it’s the way she has viewed things. Like Twilight Zone Candyland on crack.
To Karen she is the older player that has made it furthest in the game.
To Karen she has been in constant danger of being back doored, and had to make the case for staying by manipulating the houseguests weekly.
To Karen she made the move of getting a man out week one, for the first time in BBcan history.
To Karen, she manipulated others in order to get the house to vote her way in most weeks.
To Karen she was able to predict the twists in the game better than anyone else in the house.
This would be Karen’s argument to jury. Would the jurors be scratching their heads wondering which parallel universe her karenoia had transported her to? Most likely.
Would it be fun to watch the jurors cock their heads to the side and look at her as if she’d sprouted a second head? Most likely. Would it be like watching a goat eat the lawn and gnaw on the front door? Most likely.
Has Karen currently turned against Dillon because he made final 2 deals with both Kevin and Demetres? Or has she made that paradigm shift because she truly believes she is showing continuity of game by going back to her bragade past and supporting the house guests she was aligned with at the end of week one? After all, maybe Dillon did say Karen was the new Emily at the beginning of week 6, but Karen never said Dillon was the new Bruce, or even the new Gary.
I don’t know. I’m trying to look inside her head to see what she’s doing… but the cukoo clocks are all using cursewords and the room won’t stop spinning.


I wonder if Kevin is being a little sanctimonious about not respecting Ika’s game anymore because she was willing to lie on the sword for Demetres to win? I think it’s stupid myself, but Kevin had no problem with Bruno setting him up to get further in the game instead of fighting to try to stay. So he’s still full of respect for Bruno taking one for the team because it helped Kevin, but has no respect for Ika being willing to do the same for Demetres benefit.
Yes, it’s a stupid move on Ika’s part from a strictly for the money game perspective, but Kevin’s living in a glass house next to a pile of stones.


difference was that Dem was the target not Ika, and she basically begged to be voted out…Bruno was not sitting next to Kevin after POV but realized they would not keep him in the game no mater what, big difference…he never begged to be taken out, to further Kevin’s game


The truth about Kevin is that he is a right-brained, intelligent logical person who is more straight-forward and simple in social-intelligence. He places more on the aspergers spectrum as is typical of logical/rational brains. He is more comfortable being analytical and tends to self-isolated in his own thoughts. But he isn’t high in terms of social-connectivity and social-intelligence. That’s just the fact about Kevin.


The self-pity is getting to me. Stop it Kevin! Stop being a loser and get up and fight.
I mean sometimes you feel sorry for the kid. ‘he has no friends’ whatever. but come on. Get involved and try to sway people. It’s Big Brother. It’s a game, and you gotta play! It’s not a game of sitting duck.


I can’t wait til BB19 where we can ACTUALLY watch the feeds !!! This is BS the feeds being down ALL the time, Its Monday no reason for feeds to be off for hrs at a time !! BBCAN your feeds SUCK !! Oh and by the way you DONT need any VPN to watch feeds!! BBViewer always has feeds for BBUS and BBCAN. Been using BBViewer for yrs to watch BBCAN with NO VPN, Just wanted to let some people know that 🙂 And its Free But I do like CBS for US feeds because of chatrooms.


SSSHHHHHHHUSH UP, the vpn ads here support this site HELLO?!?


Well its not free or available for non-US viewers. Those people would have to find another way to watch the feeds…


I smell a twist coming with the “rewind” task they have been given.


Anyone else smell a twist coming with the “rewind” task they have been given?


In a season touted as veterans in need of redemption, I begin to wonder if Kevin’s counselors aren’t part of production in order to help Kevin get over the trauma of having twists unravel against him, and triple eviction his first go round on bbcan 3. Kevin has always been a production / editing room favorite.
Okay. conspiracy theorist is going back in the bottle.
For those that believe Kevin deserves to win: okay, he’s as deserving as Sarah in season 3. Every twist a benefit, added to comps that are suited to his strength at times when he’d be endangered? Recipient of a gold plated episode edit that made him look far better than he was? Sounds an awful lot like what people held against season 3 to me. So sure, he’s almost or just as deserving as Sarah in season 3.


I agree with everything you said as far as advantages provided to him, and the clear favouratism, as well as this pigeon-holing myopia by his fans who are brain-washed into thinking he is brilliant and over-looking the clear social blind-spots and weaknesses he has exhibited now in both times he played.

But I disagree that he is comparable to Sarah. In my opinion they are completely different kinds of players, and Sarah is far more under-rated, as well as far better of a player than Kevin. Sarah had an actual pulse on the house. Whereas Kevin Martin does not have that ability to see and sense social nuances and connections.


My comparison wasn’t so much to Sarah as it was to the perception that season 3 was overly produced and manipulated by twists that allowed her to win. If Kevin wins, and the same assessment that production manipulation aided that win is not applicable, I think that’s rather silly. Since many fans have mentally asterisked her win as being shared with production because of twists, the same must be applied to him as the recipient of twist benefits should he win, otherwise it has to be accepted that in the canadian version there are twists, and benefit or harm, a win is a win.


Yes Kevin greatly benefited from twists. He would have otherwise gone on Demetres’ third HOH (instead of Bruno) and been the third member of Jury.
He was also saved by Ika and told not to use the POV or else Bruno would have been backdoored before Jury. That was not really a twist.

But, yes, he is generally blundering in a game that involves social abilities – and Big Brother is a SOCIAL game. He repeatedly gets directed and covered by others around him – as someone above commented very eloquently and thoroughly.

He’s not a good social game player. He would be a better statistical or analytical game player – or a game that only relied on mental abilities like memory, and physical abilities.


how cool would it be if ika voted out demetres and karen voted out dillion,
with everyone thinking it was karen who voted out demetres
it would be better for ika, i personally think so
but it will never happen obv i know that


It wouldn’t be better for ika because demetres will take her to final 2, which the jury already feels like ika made the decisions for demetres! So she could beat him final 2

A Kevin Fan

Yes Kevin used the POV on Ika in hopes of getting Demetres out. Yes he is getting blindsided by Karen. BUT is it the worst thing if Dillon goes home instead of Demetres?? At least he is playing against weaker players for the POV next week (which he needs to win to survive regardless of who stays this week).

Not trying to “grasp straws” or assign false intentionality. I can’t speak for all Kevin fans but all I’m tryna say is that it WAS a smart move to take Ika off the block and replace her with Dillon, even if he didn’t realize it at the time that Dillon going home is the next best thing. That doesn’t make Kev a bad player.


taking off ika was great but not putting karen up for the second time now, was a huge mistake!
if Demetre sits at that final 2 and doesnt win this game, then it would be a complete disgrace to the game of BB!


Yes I agree! Demetrius sitting in the final two, if the Jury votes like that, it would be an complete and utter disgrace.


No he’s not a bad player. But he NEEDS Demetres to go or won’t make it. So to the people who are saying it was a great move for his game: it wasn’t.
It would be different if he had at least one other person on his side.
But Dillon, the only person who he could have convinced, is now going.

He needed to get out Demetres or he won’t make it to the end.


This is in response to “A KEVIN FAN”s comment

In terms of assigning false intentionaliity: Kevin said he was going to do that in order to ensure that Demetres goes home. To interpret the intentions behind his move otherwise would classify as this. It does not matter that Kevin after the POV ceremony realized he messed up and starting monologuing about alternatives – that’s not someone ‘changing their mind’ so much as recognizing that their perception of reality has changed trying to make the best of it. To change one’s mind would have been if he didn’t put up Dillon.

In terms of the all possible scenarios: For Kevin’s game, Dillon going is superior to Ika going; and Demetres going is superior to Dillon going. But it may be useless to speak in terms of relativism when it could very well be that unless Demetres goes, Kevin will not make it past next week. Kevin needs enough of a margin.
So it’s true that it’s not the worse of all possible outcomes. But it certainly isn’t the best.

And it certainly wasn’t what Kevin intended when he hatched this plan. Kevin made it very clear what his plan was when he ran into the pantry after winning the POV and yelled his plan out loud. His plan isn’t being realized by his putting Dillon up. But it would have been realized if he put Karen up. So that was the mis-calculation.

I think you may have to reassess your overly optimistic assessment of the situation and what Kevin needed to do this week, when next week Kevin leaves the house.


At first, I thought this was the dumbest move Kevin could have made for his game, but I am now realizing that maybe this wasn’t such a bad move after all. Putting up Dillon against Demetre is going to get rid one of two people in the house that could potentially beat Kevin in the Challenges ahead. Its most likely that Dillon will be leaving come Thursday night(because Karen is so dumb) Kevin now only has Demetre to play against in final 4 POV.

Heres is what I hope happens. Ika wins HOH (haha not likely, but one can hope lol) Puts up Karen and Kevin, Kevin wins POV, takes himself off the block, The only replacement that can go up is Demetre. Kevin has the sole vote and he evicts demetre!! Leaving Ika and Karen in the game with kevin and giving Kevin a good chance at winning the Final HOH. Yes, I know Kevins game hasn’t been the cleanest, but whos game has?! Everyone left In that house has lied, went back on their word etc. This is Big Brother!! Come on people!!


Kevin started the game with more friends and advantages of production and favourable editing than anyone in the house. He has self-isolated. I don’t like how he is just lounging alone all the time this week, and how he has only been with William last week. in final 5 with no allies.

I don’t care for a game that puts all their eggs on the ability to win competitions in order to stay alive. Does he not even care to try to make some backup plans?

In my opinion he should have worked on Dillon a lot more, and try to form an alliance so that at least he has one person on his side. He put in no work socially. If Ika could have converted Karen, why couldn’t Kevin have at least tried to with Dillon?
Dillon was his best bet of all the remaining players to form something, rather than having to be alone.
Instead he put him up and now Dillon is going home.
If he had worked on Dillon more, he could have persuaded Dillon to vote Demetres out, allowing himself to cast the deciding vote.

What I do not respect is that he just didn’t try anything and instead self-isolated.


If Kevin plays this well in poker sign me up








This is why people like Karen should never be cast for this show! They are a goat till the end and they do whatever production tells them to do! It’s so completely obvious…who has dem & Dillon on the block & keeps Dem in the house?? Because she wants him to win???!! Are you shitting me?! Another joke end of a season..why don’t they make it easier for Ika & Dem and just send everyone else to Jury tomorrow..might as well


I like Karen better than any other older-person casting they made. She’s cool, I like her!


Karen is still hands down the best old-person on bb


My condolences to Simon for having to listen to Karen repeat and repeat over and over again her delusional take on staying true to people who never even acknowledged her existence unless demanding her vote. My head is spinning listening to her version on the whole season.. I think Karen checked out at the door and entered her own imaginary, twisted rabbit hole. WOW. I hope Bruce has a physiologist on speed dial for her when she gets home.