OBB Kraken Hour Episode 6

This should be the last of the episodes with just Simon. Next week we’ll be going back to our regular program. In this episode I go over the state of the house as of Sunday night. I talk about the HOH and Sindy’s big move. Show a bunch of pic of Dillon’s butt, tip over my table and spill my drink all over my laptop. it was fun:)

There was a lot of great questions this week thanks to everyone for those!

*I have a new light which makes me pale like a ghost..

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What if Karen was actually a tactical genius. What if her KevinMartin vendetta was actually a ploy. Make everyone believe she’s completely focused on one person, so they leave her alone because she seems so delusional, and not worth an hoh because she’s completely obsessed with Thatkevinmartin. Okay. I don’t buy it either. But that would at least make her complete disdain make sense.
btw…. is Jackie such an invisible nominee that she gets no kraken rating? You’ll make her cry (yeah, like that would be a huge accomplishment).
Thanks for mentioning my ‘was Bruno given Cassandra pills’ comment. lol.

Moody Cat

Thanks man that was great especially with your technical difficulties. Totally agree with your comments on production bringing Neda back etc. Also about not wanting Kevin to win. I don’t want to be mean, but he rubs me (no pun intended) the wrong way. I agree with a lot of what Karen and Ika say about him. I think he’s useful when BBcan gives him a task, and he seems willing to do just about anything. He also has a good sounding voice during DRs so I think production likes using him and he gets a good edit. As for Neda I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her never have. I prefer the Gary’s and Cass’s. I also don’t think Neda is a mastermind or one of the greatest players. I would like to see William, Dre, or Bruno win.