NOW STREAMING “Select Past Season of Big Brother” for FREE on PlutoTV!

With the 2-night premiere of Big Brother 26 just two weeks away on Wednesday, July 17th at 8:00pm ET, its exciting to announce that you can get your summer guilty pleasure a little sooner by re-watching past seasons of big brother on PlutoTV. They announced that starting July 1st, it launched a 24/7 channel where you can now stream “select past seasons” of Big Brother on PlutoTV! I can only imagine they have opted to not offer some of the more controversial seasons which is why its a selection instead of offering all of the seasons to watch. The service is FREE with ads or available without ads as a paid service. They will also be streaming the Big Brother Live Feeds again for FREE! The dedicated “Big Brother” channel for the live feed will have 5 separate pop-up channels, 4 individual streams and 1 quad cam. Of course the past seasons and the upcoming seasons live feeds will also be available on Paramount+

So far the “select past seasons” of BB that are available on PlutoTV are: 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, as well as the Big Brother Reindeer Games (from December 2023). I’m not sure why they didn’t include season 22 (all-stars) however you can watch it on Paramount+

Which service do you prefer using to stream the live feeds and watch past seasons of Big Brother? PlutoTV or Paramount+, let us know your experience with each service in the comments below.

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