FIRST TEASER LOOK Inside the Big Brother 26 House!

Two weeks from today big brother will air with a special 2 night premiere on Wednesday, July 17th at 8pm ET. As always CBS is pretty tight lipped about the all new cast of house guests and about releasing the details of the newly redesigned house. We should get to meet the cast of newbies in the next week or so as well as get a full video house tour by host Julie Chen but until then she has teased us with the first look inside the house. Its not much of a teaser, just a shot of the Big Brother memory wall with the new BB logo. You can see a snippet of the colour scheme with the walls behind the screens as well as a bit of a reflection in the screen of the kitchen bar and stools. I can’t wait for more about the season to be released along with this seasons theme and twists.

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glad to be back <3

Oh Brutha

This looks kinda like season 1 logo…I can almost hear that saxophone theme song playing in my head…