Nomination Results “we are going to get the big fish together and then we’ll fry the big fish “

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frenchie is a mess. After preaching for two days he’s not putting up a woman or a minority he nominates Alyssa and Kyland. He’s targeting Alyssa but doing it in the most messed way possible. During the course of the last 2 hours Frenchie the clown is now pushing the blame onto DerekX and saying he’s the target.

2:01 pm Have nots Christian, Sarrah Beth, Alyssa, Xavier
Alyssa – I got weird Vibes all day.
Christian – why is he going so HAM week one?
Alyssa – is it because he wants to get someone that is close to him (Christian) because he is a good competitor
Alyssa tells them Frfnechioe reminded him three times she was safe. Christian points out if he hadn’t won safety he was going up.

Alyssa – I’m trying not to cry,… like I don’t know what I did wrong
X – you didn’t do anything wrong

SB – I have an idea.. if it happens he is threatened by you and is targeting you maybe we can talk to him and say it’s early in this game and having comp beasts in a benefit to you. Once you get to jury then worry about it early in the game you want a strong player if you start picking off strong players that aren’t coming after you.. you are wasting allies.
SB – if this is really a Travis thing I kinda want to know who put these ideas in his head cause that’s the person somebody that can come and make you last minute completely change your mind that’s MIST that’s what they call the BIG Brother mist and if we have a mister They need to go.
SB adds if it was DerekX that is the person they have to worry about.

SB to Christian “you don’t want to win a veto right now”
X – you’re too hot (too hot)
Christian – what if I do play
X – do what you have to do
SB – give it to her..
Alyssa – give it to me ….. what did I do?
Alyssa – I don’t think there any backdoor shit.. that speech was fuc!ed
Christian – The speech makes me think there is a backdoor
Sb to Alyssa – I want to do everything I can to keep you in this game.

2:00 pm Frenchie and Kyland
Frenchie – I have a GUT feeling this veto has a huge reward.. MY GUT.. MY GUT.. I don’t want I couldn’t think.. I knew she was going on the block she’s bait for a bigger fish I’m about to fry.. this veto is about to be won it’ll be put around your neck.. if there is a big reward there’s no way she is winning..
Frenchie – you’ve been nothing but honest to me..

Frenchie – if I win that veto it’s going around your neck. Nobody knew I was doing any of this..
Kyland – you told me why me. Why could you tell me if you trust me?
Frenchie claims he made his decision in the DR.
Kyland – I want you to know if there is another answer you can tell me and we can still keep trust.
Frenchie – there’s a bigger fish at play if I or you win the veto it’s going around your neck.. I needed the perfect BAIT
Frenchie – I trust you, we are going to get the big fish together and then we’ll fry the big fish
Frenchie – I need to go tell Alyssa why she is nominated because she was nominated for an actual reason.
Frenchie – regardless of what happens to you or me that veto is going around your neck you’re coming off and we’re frying a big fish
Kyland – Ok
Frenchie – I was shaking putting your key in the box..
Frenchie – you are not going home PERIOD.. one of us is going to win this veto..
Kylan – what if she wins
Frenchie – if she wins she takes herself off and the fish goes up
Kyland – what if he wins takes her.
Frenchie – then DerekX is going up
Kyland – wait who is?
Frenchie – regardless if she gets pulled off
Kyland – what if Derek wins takes her off
Frenchie – that’s not the BIG FISH bro
Kyland – who is the big fish
Frenchie – DerekX is not my big fish.

Frenchie – you saw me play in those two comps.. I’m playing like I am sitting in that chair.. it’s going around your neck if Alyssa comes off either DerekX goes up if he don’t go up.. the BIG Fish goes up if the BIG FISH gets the veto DerekX goes up.
Kyland wants to know who the big fish is
Frenchie – I have a feeling somebodies safety isn’t going to last too long.. big risk big rewards (Christian)
Frenchie – Christian is going around starting a HUGE alliance.
Kyland – who’s in it cause I don’t know about it? I don’t want you to be careful talking to me
Frenchie – there is a plan to go after Christian next week he’s the super big fish.. I’m severing that tie..
Kyland – so who Travis?
Frenchie – he’s involved in a lot more than you think he is
Frenchie – Alyssa is Christian’s biggest ally I would love it if she went home.. either way I need to take a shot at the other side of the house.
Frenchie says Christian and Alyssa are close there’s a plan to get Christian out next week he’s the big fish

Frenchie – my options were this Sara Beth,Alyssa was automatically going on the block she lied to me on the chair that day I asked her about an alliance she looked me in my eyes and said NO.
Kyland – who opened up about the alliance, Travis?
Frenchie – what? how did I know? the same reason I knew about you three..
Frenchie – I can’t divulge who is giving me that information.. you know F** it I want you to feel comfortable. DEREK not X
Ktyland – Yeah BIG D
Frenchie – yeah and you’re close to him to
(Go Frenchie go crash this HOH into the Kraken tower)

2:22 pm Alyssa and Kyland

Kyland – how did you know?
Alyssa – I was getting weird vibes from X I had a gut feeling
Kyland – what he is telling me now nobody else in the house..
Alyssa says people had a weird feeling nobody knew.

Alyssa goes to the HOH to talk to Frenchie
Frenchie – I know you and Christian are super close and I know he’s coming after me.
Alyssa – Christian?
Frenchie – yeah
Frenchie – Big Brother screwed me this week.. we did the team thing and my whole team is now cut out of this box of keys (Not eligible for nominations)
Frenchie – I literally had four guys to choose from.
Frenchie – last night I had this dream about fishing.. listen it’s not what you did in particular. I said in my speech I had a dream I went fishing. In order to catch a big fish I have to have the perfect bait. You were my perfect bait. I’m trying to get a BIG FISH in this pond
Alyssa – so you are saying in the pawn or the threat?
Frenchie – you are part of the BIG FISH.. I know that BIG FOSH is going to come safe you
Alyssa – so you are talking about Christian
Frenchie – Umm I didn’t say that. I want you to know there is a collected group and I know they are going to try and come save you. That is exactly what I want them to do so they can come hang themselves.
Alyssa – so you are saying I am the guinea pig for you to figure things out
Frenchie – right and it sucks.. there’s no other way for me to find out.
Alyssa tells him she is not in an alliance all she is focused on is her team.

Alyssa goes to grab Christian tells him that Frenchie thinks they are in a big alliance and that he is the big fish.
Alyssa – you are on my team.. We’re not in an alliance you’re on my team
Christian – we’re forced together we’re have nots
Alyssa – he said four people came to him saying you are coming after him
Alyssa – I’m shaking cause I’m pissed.. I guess I am the other fish..

Frenchie joins them and continues to be a clown. Says something about “birds” chirping in his ears about Christian being quick to jump up and do the wildcard competition.
Frenchie – he don’t feel safe..

Chrisitan – so I am the BIG FISH in this dream
Frenchie – for this week no.. you’re safe
Alyssa – so you are saying I am
Christian – you are saying in that speech I am the BIG FIOSH
Frenchie – let me explain.. I am going, to be honest with you. When you get in this room every person in this house is going to offer you puzzle pieces and you have to figure out if it’s true or not.
Chrisitan – who told you these lies?
Frenchie – I’ll tell you one thing HE is 100% pawn (Points to outside where Kyland is.. and ZOMG)
Frenchie – understand where I am coming from. the veto.. Big Risks Big reward by rewards I’m not thinking money I’m thinking safety.

Frenchie says he put Alyssa up because she and Christian were showmance it up
Christian – the whole thing is because of our appearance
Alyssa – we’re on a team together it’s day three I’m not trying to do anything like that. What do you think I’m doing macking lips?
Frenchie – I’m not a super emotional person.. but I sat in that DR and I cried, man.. then I came out went straight to the bathroom and sat on the toilet (where you belong)

3:30 pm DerekF, Britini, Frenchie, Brent, Christian, Azah
HOH circle talk.
Christian and Alyssa telling Frenchie that DerekX controlled ht4e “the hell outta you”

Alyssa – I’m on here based on lies and based on him
Britini – you’re here because of lies
Alyssa – I’m fine I get it it sucks it is based on lies and assumptions I didn’t my chance to say my word, I’m on a team with him.. (Chrisitan)

Frenchie – I drew a line in the sand and if I can’t get you I am going after the closest thing to you. Kyland.. he is only sitting there because of my fear that it was a reward comp with safety given..
Frenchie goes on to explain he wanted someone on the block so in case they won a “Dimon power of veto” he would know they wouldn’t target him the following week. His reasoning is this is a season is a gambling season and there was a risk-reward component to everything.

Love how DerekF hangs out on this.. the meeting is a mess of course.

3:41 pm Alyssa, Frenchie the clown, Kyland
Frenchie the clown – one of you win the veto lets put the problem up and send him home
Kyland – who is the problem?
Frenchie the clown – DerekX
Frenchie the clown- I need you to do this.. if you go talk about it it will ruin it for everybody
Alyssa says it’s just for the three of them.
Frenchie the clown tells them if he picks BRent or BRitini he KNOWS they will win the veto and do what he asks them to do.
Frenchie the clown – Let’s be honest the chance of someone beating us in this competition unless it’s Christian is pretty slim
Kyland – Christian would use it on her
Frenchie the clown – I’m telling you this right now I confront everything at the head.. (LOL)
Frenchie the clown says DerekX has lied to his face twice whose to say he’s not going to lie again.
Frenchie the clown – let him feel comfortable
Kyland mentions who should they say is the “BIG FISH target”
Alyssa – me.. or CHsiritan and Christian is safe
Frenchie the clown – tell him the truth I cannot get Christian. She is the bait for the big Fish.. my whole mindset is I’m gunning for her she is the bait to catch this big fish. I was trying to piss him off and let him know I see you you’re coming for me

Frenchie the clown – I literally didn’t think this out I literally sat in a chair somewhere else in a room and I had like 5 minutes. I was like ok I have to put a plan together right now

Frenchie the clown – I don’t want you people to hate me

Frenchie the clown – You didn’t get played in all this I was using you as an ally in all this I needed you’re help.. and I meant that.

Frenchie the clown – when you go back and watch the show. watch the episode you will clearly hear this right here.. ‘I LOVE KY TO DEATH I need somebody on my side this week to help me win this veto and I know he would help me use it the way I needed it used. You’ll go back and watch this.
Frenchie the clown – I needed you

4:14 pm Frenchie the clown, Brent, Christian, Kyland, Alyssa, Whitney
Frenchie the clown telling them he doesn’t want to win the veto cause he’s being seen as a comp beast. Tells them to throw the veto to the nominees.
Frenchie the clown – I’m telling you right now look.. I have no vote.. I can guarantee 99% of the house. I’m talking about a guarantee

Frenchie the clown tells them he can guarantee BIGD, Britini, and Azah’s vote/ (LOL)

Frenchie the clown – My HOH feels like a big cluster
Brent – we’re building
Frenchie the clown – in the process this is a foundation.. it’s not just me though everybody is.. everybody downstairs is seeing what’s going on (yeah you’re f**ing psycho)
Frenchie the clown -at the end of all this they will be like.. no matter what when the shi1t hit the fan like with anybody when the shot hit the fan I came to you and I talked it out like a f**ing man nobody can say otherwise the one thing people downstairs don’t relize. If people look at me like a comp beast like a threat.. whatever WHY would you gun after me knowing how loyal and blunt and I’m going to tell you exactly how it is why would you gun after me. Knowing how I can be such an ally to you. I’m the one person you don’t have to worry about lying.
Frenchie the clown – DerekX I called his shit out.. I called his shit out..

Frenchie the clown – I can look both of you in the face and tell you 99.9% I can have every vote except ONE (Jesus the power this man holds)
Frenchie the clown – I learned a lot with this HOH the people that I thought were telling me the truth were lying to me the whole time. People I don’t speak to were lying to my face the whole time. My teammates were telling me the truth.. there’s one of them I’m kinda.. mmmmm

4:37 pm some of us just hanging out Tonight …

4:48 pm Christian, Kyland, and Frenchie the joke
Christian is pushing for them to bring Alyssa into the slaughterhouse. “Because you put her on the block”
Christian – also she’ll do what we say… I think
Christian – I don’t know how many we want to add to the slaughterhouse we have 5? we got 5 with the butchers
Frenchie – who is?
Christian – BIGD, X
Kyland – us three BIgD and X us five
(Good lord I forgot these guys were in the butchers.. let that sink in for a bit)
Frenchie – no more than three.. no more than three more

Frenchie the clown – draw the line in the sand I don’t care who is coming after us.. (Day 3) come at us..
Frenchie the clown – you’ll be on the chopping block next. at this point, I don’t care if it’s public
Frenchie the clown – we need to draw a line in teh sand.. so BOOM I don’t care I wanted to get so the line was drawn at that point I don’t care.. I’m talking about the slaughterhouse. for the butchers that I don’t.. that we can
Kyland – keep or don’t keep
Frenchie the clown – keep that on the low.. don’t go out saying a bunch of stud guys..
Christian – this is the only alliance I have been approached with..

Frenchie the clown – if this is the butchers..
Christian – the three
Frenchie the clown – then this is the butchers.. (LOL from BIG FISH to butcher)

The butchers will have a meeting to decide who out of the 3 will join them in the slaughterhouse.

5:00 pm chilling

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Frenchie sux, that is all.

Just Sayin'

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone go mad with the power so quickly haha the over confidence is leading to a great week!


Devin, because of the avoidable self sabotage?


Wtf did Derek X do? I’m so confused as to why he is the target. I’m sure frenchie’s mind will be changed again, but still. Why all this hate for him?

Big Jim

I missed most of last night and today. How did Frenchie blow up so quickly?


This season is starting out with some promise. I’m not seeing a single dominant group with the outsiders just sitting around waiting to be told what to do. There seems to be several small groups with different objectives but we’ll have a better look after next week’s HoH is selected.

The Beef

I agree with this. Plus, the way Frenchie has antagonized even his own “allies”, it’s going to make for splinter groups around the house I think. I can’t remember the last time a season has started out like this one has!

Feeds Gold

bomb squad incoming…



James Boned

What the fuck is wrong with this guy. His sociopathic tendencies came out in less than 72 hours. Pre show I was alright this guy seems chill I’ll root for him. As of now I think this dude needs to be evaluated. I’ve never seen such a case of HOHitis. Every single conversation I’ve read from these updates has involved Frenchie!!! Be a Hannah, we never hear from Hannah… and that’s a good thing to lay low early.


Ummm how does it go from I need to take out the big fish and if I can’t have the big fish I’m taking his sidekick to Christian asking if Alyssa can join the alliance? Are these people on glue?!


Nooo not Alyssa, she’s cam candy


I’m eagerly awaiting the veto, I really want someone other than the nominees to use the veto just to reduce Frenchie’s options and see what craziness happens.

Spill da tea

French onion soup is giving me a migraine and it’s only day 3


Frenchie is the white shwaggy!!!


This comment is a chef’s kiss, freaking gold, I’d like it 1000 times if I could! Thanks for the laugh!

Kat's Alien Botch

Don’t have the feeds yet – but this seems crazy.

BB essentially puts a pebble in every HG’s show. Some don’t mind for the most part. But for others it is just enough of an irritant to expose every personality defect they have. It can be glorious to watch as long as it does not become malicious (and it has at times).

BB is best when there is good crazy. Big Meech. Kat. Both were nuts, but they had a sense of humor.

I think Frenchie may be the bad kind of crazy.