“If one of them do win the POV it would be a great back door opportunity”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
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Power of Veto Ceremony
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Kevin and David going up. Kevin is Cody’s target. If Kevin comes down the plan is Christmas to go up and out. If David comes comes down Christmas goes up and Kevin goes out.

12:03 pm David and Cody (Cody tells David more or less he’s going up but isn’t a target)
They start with Chit chat ..
David – I’m not coming after you
Cody – you and me are tight. there’s other shit that’s going on in this game that I have to appease too. I can’t say shit but there’s other shit going on
Cody – I can’t say without saying it. Its all smoke and mirrors you know what I’m saying .. you are not on opposite ends to me at all.. you get what i’m saying..
Cody – there’s shit that I have to do that I don’t want to do to appease a certain… it’s all smoke and mirrors you get what I’m saying .. I want to be as straight up to you as possible as I can…
Cody says there’s another person he knows has been talking about him and dragging his name.
Cody – I don’t want to bullshit you.. I love you and I respect you. You are never going out of this game if I have something to do with it
Cody – do you trust me
David – yeah
Cody – as much as you possible can?
David – I’ve had obstacles in the way not by your own fault..
Cody – it ain’t a shot it’s a smoke and a mirror (Oh)

Cody – I trust you in this game and I hope you trust me and like shit.. I want you to know I got your back 1 million percent
Cody – I’m just being honest with you BRO
David – I get it I got a MACRO point of view.

David tells the story about how he got the power “I can’t wait to watch it” The dark room is what sent him home last year and this year his defeated it and won.
Cody starts talking about his aunt and the feeds flip to Nicole shoveling makeup on.

12:30 pm Nicole and Dani
Nicole – I really work on the creases on my forehead.
They’re very quiet hammering home the feud between these two. (Nicole shows her coins as a sign of dominance)

12:53 pm Enzo and Kevin
Talking about Da’Vonne filling Ian on Nicole voting him out
Kevin – Da’Vonne is spilling the tea.. and I’m going to corroborate
Enzo says if he goes on the block it’s not over he’s pushing Cody to make a move he knows If it’s him Kevin and David they are solid “I wasn’t going after you guys you guys ain’t coming after me
Kevin – not at all.

Cody tries to do Happy Birthday M-inique but finds out that doing her full name in fruit loops is too “tedious” so he puts “Happy Birthday MOM Minique.. I love you you”
Cody decides to redo it again.. “F***ing sh1t”

12:56 pm Dani and Memphis
Talking about the HOH competition there was money and 2 powers up for grabs.
The talk about who took the money or powers. Dani thinks it’s Tyler.
As Memphis walks out he points at where Tyler sleeps says “This is fishy”

1:08 pm Memphis and Cody
Memphis brings up Dani using her power on Memphis.
Memphis – it’s not that big of a deal I don’t think it’s that big of a deal..
He goes on about how from the point of view of the committee her using the power was a no brainier.
Memphis says Dani must have told Da’Vonne she didn’t have a power she mentioned to him something about if Da’Vonne found out it would have been a slap to the face.
Memphis – I don’t know what kinda whole you guys dug with her or whatever but it’s too much drama.
Cody says he told David that Da’vonne in the fourth week wanted David out “I was like bro I’m just happy she’s out.. he was always trying to prove to her and she was grilling him”
Cody – I f***ing need the noms to stay the same so I don’t show sh1t and all of a sudden we’ll get through this week and they will f**ing cannibalize it will literally be a gladiator fight and you and I will be like… chillin.
Cody – Tyler will go after Nicole and Dani
Memphis – he’s on them.
Memphis says dani and Tyler will battle.
Cody think she’ll go after Christmas first.
Memphis says he went for the power “all three times” during the competition. Points out that Tyler slipped up and let them know he got the money.
They talk about tyler feeling way too “Cozy”
Cody – why are you too cozy. you just got put up by a committee member the week before.
Cody – Tyler is doing sh1t that is so alarming to committee members, Dani is doing sh1t that is so alarming to committee members it’s like we’re not doing alarming sh1t we’re just f***ing chilling we’re doing the proper sh1t to set ourselves up.
Cody says Christmas stomping around the have nots was absurd. “Dani tried to push it like it’s .. did you see Christmas how mad that she won .. I was like I put a stop at that.. ”

Memphis – is dani that sloppy?
Cody – bro remember how spun out she got in 13? I don’t remember anything about 8 she tried to do this sh1t she immediately got found out and spun out.. it blew up in her face Dom went home because of it.
Cody – she did this sh1t on 13..

1:10 pm Christmas and Enzo
Enzo – you’re good.. you’re f**Ing good
Christmas – I feel for David and Kevin
Enzo – it ain’t us yo.. f** that
Christmas – my heart goes out to them
They talk about how Kevin knows he’s going up.
Enzo – we need to win POV keep noms the same and move to next week.. that’s it YO we’re f***ing final 8
Enzo – you just gotta focus on this POV man.. that’s it .. if I’m in it I win it and keep them the same that’s it move f***Ing forward man final 8
Enzo – me you and Memphis have a good thing going I love Memphis lets do something
Christmas – I love my wise guys… real talk if we really bust a$$ we’re so close we.. so the next one. I don’t know the next few are so important.. once we get to six it’s a game changer..
Enzo – us 3 against whoever else is here.. HOH/POV HOH/POV
Enzo – lets say worst case scenario if Kevin or David win the POV.. we f***ing backdoor someone this week .. f** it you know what I’m saying.. F***it I don’t care
Christmas – mmmmhmmm
Enzo – for me and you personally Kevin isn’t coming after us
Christmas – Kevin is exhausted.. if one of them do win the POV it would be a great back door opportunity (ECK)
Enzo – that’s what I’m saying
Christmas – then you don’t have the drama and the bullshit
Christmas says she thinks Dani, Nicole and Da’vonne had an alliance. Nicole hasn’t had to win anything so far “Lay low and have no blood on your hands”
Christmas – just because you’ve been on the block doesn’t mean you are omitted from being a have not
Christmas says Kevin’s have nots was the first week “that was pretty f**Ing fair.. you don’t get a participation trophy with me.. ”
Enzo – exactly.. you’re not winning stuff bro you need to win
Christmas – he didn’t win the power.. so he’s had one win.
Enzo – He had a POV win.. YO.. you need to win our you’re going on the block..

Christmas – you, Cody, Tyler you’re all skilled at pool..
Enzo says he had to go for the money.
Christmas – I didn’t get money.. I didn’t put up a score.. that’s why I was so pissed. I wanted to make sure the house has control.
Christmas – I didn’t come here to nickle and dime these comps. (likey)

Enzo asks how Tyler is doing with the yeller
Christmas says he’s frustrated because it damages the integrity of the game. (Pregame f***ing final 3)
She mentions Kevin basing his entire game off the wall yeller’s “they heard three of them”
Enzo wants people to stop “you don’t know what’s the truth or not.. just stop” (meaning they don’t know)
Feeds cut when we’re back.
Enzo – you know we’re going to win something.. we’re there.. I had a four Memphis had a five we’re there (during the HOH)

Christmas says Cody got a two and a two was harder than the 1.
Christmas – Cody is a friendly he sees what he wants to do he’s not going to be groggy
Enzo – he’s got good relationship with everyone in this house he knows not to go this side and this side..
Enzo – next week we have to win and keep it going.. there’s no more pawns after this week.
Christmas – depends on who wins the HOH the pawn might not be the paw.
Enzo – lets say Dave stays.. someone has to go against him
Christmas – I’m pretty sure Dani only went for the money. She didn’t need to win HOH and if she wins next week she can put up David and someone like me.
Christmas runs the vote counts if she’s left on the block with David next week during a Dani HOH. Votes to stay are Enzo, Memphis and Tyler. Votes to evict Nicole and Cody.

They talk about Da’Vonne thought that Dani and Nicole were the ones being honest to her “and they were the ones that thought up of the play”
Christmas – I was like she’s going to be so pissed

Enzo brings up thinking during Da’Vonne eviction speech “What is going on.. another 3 minute speech what is going on”
Enzo – I like what she was saying as far as not gameplay as far as the gameplay was going on. Talking about stabbing in the front and back I don’t know what you are talking about what.. because someone told you you are going home?
Christmas – your team threw you under the bus multiple times and then lied about it. This past week alone as just been.. I am not in the game that is playing right now because I didn’t know that level of just.. that level of lies and commitment to it and stabbing in the back I didn’t know it could go that deep.
Enzo – yeah
Christmas – I am fine with people watching back and seeing how I played, Who I voted for and how I conducted myself I got a little sharp tongued at times

1:50 pm Nicole and Cody (those creases)
(this conversation beginning has been chopped up to shits with stars)
Cody saying if David goes it would be a waste
Nicole agrees “he’s not coming after you”
Cody talks about Christmas going up and staying would mean if she won HOH she would put him up.
Nicole – she’s gotta go.. if she goes up she’s gotta go
They agree Caleb went up without a problem
Cody – but I never put caleb up.
Cody is worried that Christmas would go up and not get evicted and would gun for him
Cody – these noms got to stay the same.
they seem to think the next veto is “how bad do you want it” Cody says he’ll take every punishment except for slops for 2 weeks.
Cody – I’m taking punishment to not let these noms change
Nicole – don’t take the comp punishments
Cody – no no no absolutely not
Nicole – I’ll take punishments too..
Cody says they need to keep Christmas here so her and Tyler will go after Dani.
Nicole – yeah
Nicole – why doesn’t Memphis trust Dani
Cody – I don’t know
Cody – Memphis wants to sit back right now because he’s in a good spot
Cody wants Nicole to be the one that send him out.
Nicole – that’s what I will do
Cody – we’re going to let him sit back and do nothing .. we have all the f**ing votes to send him home.

Cody says he would like to Send Kevin home this week keep noms the same next week Christmas wins and sends Dani out.
Cody – and win again.. you win Memphis get’s targeted and if I win Christmas gets targeted.
Cody – I’ll target Christmas with Tyler as the backdoor..

1:57 pm Christmas and Kevin
Christmas – I feel terrible
Christmas – I’m sorry.. I wanted to talk to you real fast.. I just had a lot of pressure
Kevin – about what.. to make that decision (make him a have not)
Kevin – don’t .. seriously Christmas ..
Christmas – I feel terrible I feel guilty..
Kevin – for have not?
Christmas – yes..
Kevin – oh my gosh.. no..
Christmas – ok
Christmas – i’m sorry for not giving you a warning neither
Kevin – that’s okay
Christmas – I had a lot of push for that
Kevin – who pushed you ?
Christmas won’t say
Kevin – don’t worry about it. .
Kevin leaves..

Christmas – I feel like such poop about it.. like.. look at the bags under my eyes.. this game sucks..

2:05 pm Nicole and Enzo
Enzo says that Christmas was asking him to put a good word in for her because she knows he’s tight with Cody.
Nicole – he said he won’t put her up
feeds cut
When we’re back they’re talking about how Messy Dani is this season.
They talk about Dani saying sh1t about sh1tmas (Cody’s sh1t talk is contagious)
Nicole says that she doesn’t want to sit there talking sh1t about Christmas all the time she doesn’t want her family to see that “I get it she’s competitive”
Nicole – she’s trying to be a better person we all are (try harder)
They bring up Dani saying that Christmas was upset about Cody winning when it was really Christmas being upset she didn’t win.
Nicole says Cody wants kevin to go this week.
Nicole – I have to make sure Christmas isn’t coming after us at all
Enzo – she’s not she’s not..
Nicole – she coming after Dani
Enzo – She is she is.. and Dani is going after her


2:16pm cam 1 Kevin prepares what he will say to Cody..
He’s going to bring up Christmas telling hi she was pressured to put him on slop. They are making him look at Cody “Sideways”

2:32 pm Cody and Tyler
Cody tells him that Dani wants David to go.
Cody says Enxo wants to throw
Tyler says Enzo, Christmas and Kevin have something on the side “I’ve known that for weeks.. I thought you knew that.. I thought Enzo told us.. ”
Cody says David, him and Tyler need to link up
Tyler tells him that Christmas told Da’Vonne she was getting evicted days before Thursday.
Cody didn’t know hat says that make them looks bad.

2:57 pm Christmas and Memphis
Christmas asks if they are going to their morning show..
Memphis – not right now
Christmas – why
Memphis – its not in the morning
Christmas – it’s in the morning somewhere else.
Memphis – i’m too tired
Christmas – old man Memphis
Christmas says Cody told her she would pick her if he got houseguest choice.

3:01 pm Kevin and Cody
Kevin – Cody what can I do to not be nominated please don’t nominate me again (fair)
Kevin – how can I help you
Cody – I don’t know.. if I won HOH would I be nominated
Kevin – no
Cody – 100% no
Kevin – yes

Kevin says he told Dani.. “you’re allies with Dani ask Dani”
Kevin says da’vonne was the one that wanted Cody out.
Kevin brings up Da’Vonne telling him about the slick 6 says that they are using Memphis to go after her
Kevin brings up that Christmas pulled him into the storage room to tell him that she made him a have not because someone pressure her to weaken him.
Kevin – who would want to pressure me

Kevin – is there a way I can help you.. at some point they are going to start firing..
Feeds cut.. (firing must be the word… zomg)

3:35 pm Cody with a straight face tells him “i don’t have a target.. I don’t have a target right now”
Kevin – I totally understand it I totally get it.. maybe it is what it is the die has been cast.. What i’m getting from this is you are saying we are on opposite sides we didn’t really talk it sounds as if I was coming after you in your head so therefore that’s why i’ll be nominated so we’re having a tit for tat and if that is what is what we need to do then I’m Okay with that theirs an easier way out too. I’m looking for easy way outs I don’t have to be be like I’m not voting for you because I don’t like you personality that’s an easy way out for me
Cody – to say i’m not voting for you.. if you go up just because I nominated you to go home that’s how you are deciding your vote
Kevin – it’s sounding like that’s what you’re setting up
Cody – NO I’m asking you if you’re vote is based off.. if the person that nominated you and sent you home is in the final two you aren’t voting for them?
Kevin – it’s sounding as if you are cornering me into that after a sequence of event have occurred. I’m doing this because I didn’t have conversations with me because I heard week…
Cody – I didn’t say I’m doing this because I didn’t have conversation with you I’m just saying there was stuff I heard that made me feel this way did we ever really talk? I use that as a point.
Cody – or were you always near Da’Vonne who you tell me was targeting me the entire time
Cody is getting pissed that he never told him about Da’Vonne targeting him
Kevin – if she has this thing going on why should I tell you her game
Cody – I didn’t ask you to come and tell me. We did have any conversations she’s after Cody I’m going to be with her.
Kevin – I should have been with your then..
Keivn says every time he walked into a room with Cody the conversation would shift
Cody – what that always happened when it was just me
Kevin – the world doesn’t revolve around you Cody
Cody – yeah I noticed that Kevin that’s unnecessary thing to say .. totally totally
Kevin – To specify only you cody.. Poor you. You got to be the HOH and put me up and target me like are you kidding me
Cody – who.. when did this conversation go in that direction? Is there a personal thing here.. poor me. When did the conversation go to poor me. I’ll tell you straight up Kevin I’ll nominate you I have no problem doing that. What do you mean poor me?
Cody – I’m trying to make you feel what my perspective is and now it’s poor me?
Cody – we don’t need to continue this conversation
Kevin – it’s progressed to a point where you have put it into this situation
Cody – I’m putting pity on myself.. you just said that
Kevin – you just said it
Cody – are we having the same conversation
Cody says Kevin is hitting him with “DIGS”
Cody – you’re throwing digs now..
Kevin – I’m not trying to be petty i’m just trying to play a game Cody

Kevin says he can tell Cody is ‘Big Mad’ so he’s going to leave he didn’t mean anything he’s just trying to play the game.
Cody says he doesn’t like how that conversation turned out acts Big Mad

4:00 pm Dani and Cody
Cody rants to Dani about his convo with Kevin
He says Kevin has “no bearings in this game. He’s petty on how he’s going to vote”
Dani – he’s going to be the most bitter jury of all time. It’s crazy..
Cody – Don’t ruin the integrity of allstars season 2 because you are just bitter (Cody aka pre-gamed to final 3)
Dani – I don’t know.. he never really found his place in the game.. he tried in the beginning but he didn’t try hard enough.
Dani – it was too late we had already found something.. but you can still do something.
Cody says he told Nicole if the veto gets used he’s putting up Christmas
Dani says if he gets houseguests choice he should pick Christmas
Cody – I’m 100% picking her
Cody – I don’t even care if Kevin comes down I just want Kevin to stay on the block.
Dani – his little satellite wars are getting on my nerves.. I actually like Kevin.. I think he’s so nice and like whatever..
Cody – I like kevin..
dani – I don’t like the way he’s dealing with things in this game. (hey going up every week he should deal with it better)
Dani – I don’t respect it it really bothers me (oh)
Cody – I’ll be so upset if it’s one of those bullsh1t vetos like.. let me compete
Dani says Kevin is always last in competition he over thinks everything

4:30 pm Nomination ceremony goes to puppies

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Go Dani.

Bring home the cash, you are playing a stellar game.




Go home Dani……and don’t ever come back to Big Brother.


Worst season of Big Brother ever. I have never seen such a chicken shit group of players who can’t handle being the first one to take the shot. Everyone wants Dani out and Cody is soooo scared of David and Kevin. Pathetic.


bb15 says hello. bb15 was 10 times worse than this season.


just because he is doing what is best for his game does not make it a bad play. this season isnt bad. watch bb15 and bb19. now thats bad.

Barney Rubble

Celebrity Big Brother 2 was worse than Frankie Grande’s makeup.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

BB19 says (screaming through pots and pans while munching on cereal), “We’re through with this f’ing season!”


Kevin stfu and take the L. bitter juror in training.

Starry night

Bring on the triple eviction. I can’t understand why nobody is targeting Cody or Enzo.


Because it is not in the script.


Dani playing double agent is getting tiresome. Hope she trips herself up & ends up on the block.

another name

Cody is upset that Kevin called him entitled. He says Kevin is judging him on his looks.
Are you fuqing kidding me?
It’s not based on his looks. It’s based on his personality and behavior. The same tilted table player benefitting from pregame cheating and production assistance whilst calling everyone else a poor sport… is upset someone called him entitled, and blames jealousy and envy regarding physical appearance.
Listening to that douchecanoe makes me wish I had more than two middle fingers.

OKAY. The douchnozzle asshat just used the words INTEGRITY OF THE GAME. I’m going to need to borrow lots of fingers.

Miss Impression

I love that Kevin said “the world doesn’t revolve around you Cody”,unfortunately Kevin is once again wrong because the BB all-star world does revolve around Grod’s golden boy.

another name

Yeah, I think an individual timed HOH sort of proves that. Wow, an individual time comp we’ll never see in full determined the HOH in an all star season. ooooohkay. So of course Cody won it. Waiting for a stipulation in a veto prize that allows Cody to compete or win the badge of entitlement that gives him immunity in the triple HOH.
Gee, better toss in some of that pre arranged bonus money to keep Tyler from walking.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Entitled people HATE being called entitled LOL

Nicole rulez

Nice pictures of Nicole. She looks pure, innocent, and sweet. She is truly a queen. Everyone in BB all working to keep her safe and happy..so her dream wedding can be fully funded. Oh by the way, where’s Janelle? Anyone seen her?


Janelle has a job but does Nicole?

Nancy A Boehner

I find the “Committee” and/or the Wise guys unbearable. I can honestly say I hate everyone in the house. This has been the worst season ever