Nomination Results! “She just has become to difficult for me as an individual to work with.”

HOH: Kyland
HAVENOTS: No havenots
Nominations: Tiffany & Hannah
Power of Veto Players: ?
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Tiffany is the Target. Azah is likely the replacement nomination.

5:30pm – 5:50pm HOH room. Hannah and Kyland.
Kyland – As of right now I believe you. In my conversation with Tiffany this morning and really over this week has been her acknowledging that she has repeatedly given me reasons to not trust her. Hannah – okay. Ky – In those explicit terms and I have not done the same. And from that our conversation I felt that you were unaware of. Hannah – yeah. Ky – I don’t know if she talked to you. Hannah – not really no. Ky – we were close up until .. probably not even seven days ago.. It was maybe a day or two after The Flying BB-inos.. I was easily the most loyal person to Tiffany in the house. I don’t know if that was reciprocated but I was loyal and in the conversations and in her arguments with Azah or DerekF or anything… when I would talk to them I would defend her. And outside of the six I was .. just so many things. I think the most significant mistake she may have made was deciding to no longer trust me because she let her paranoia get to her. I could only do it for so long.. its like in a relationship you can only do it for so long. I think she would stay loyal to me but now its out of necessity and not out of choice .. and that is problematic for me. I don’t see you as my backup target should Tiff come off. Hannah – okay. Maybe this is subconsciously true but I feel like I have made more of an effort to build my relationships within the cookout. KY – yeah. So if you win the veto are you going to use it? Hannah – AH YEAH! DUH?! I am going to be swinging for my life on that zip line (BB Comics). I expected to go up but not beside Tiff. I was kind of shocked by that.

Bedroom. Tiffany and Azah.
Tiffany – If this is what my road is, then this is what my road is. I don’t write the whatever is going to happen is going to happen. The best thing I can do is prepare myself and accept it so that I can move forward with my life every single day. I have a son at home waiting for me. I have to be strong. Things are not always going to go how I want them to. Things are not always going to go as I think they should and things aren’t always going to go according to plan. That is life. Azah – okay, I don’t know why you’re giving me a pep talk. It should be me. They hug. Tiff – They’ve been working together a long time. I told you that. Men stick together, women don’t. I am not mad, I want us to be together at the end. Azah – there is veto.

Bedroom. Xavier and Tiffany.
Xavier asks Tiff to talk to her. They head to the bedroom. Xavier – I don’t have really anything else to say other than I am sorry. Tiffany – you could have said that in the kitchen. Xavier – ah yeah, after Claire said I don’t like it when people say sorry. I gave you a hug and wanted to say sorry later. I didn’t want to talk about that then. Tiff – you don’t have anything to be sorry about. I’m sure everyone was expecting that, I sure was. Xavier – I guess now the game starts. Tiff – I guess.. I am mean I am over it.

6pm HOH room. Big D and Kyland.
Big D – I just came to check up on you. I wish I would have been me. It would have been easier for me to do it. Ky – I have nothing to disparage her. She is an incredible player of the game. She just has become to difficult for me as an individual to work with. And prior to last week she has followed through. Big D – absolutely. It is a game. And it is the first time we’ve had to put two of us (The Cookout) on the block. And tomorrow is the veto. Xavier is ready to go. He knows what needs to be done. You did what you had to do. If there was a way to split the prize we would do that but we can’t. Now its an individual game. They talk about the veto being BB Comics. Big D – If you can’t get Tiff, then you get out Hannah. At least we get a mental threat out. Ky – lets just win (veto).

5:55pm Azah, Tiff, Xaiver and Hannah are cooking dinner. After awhile of everyone helping Tiffany says now hold on y’all are really in the way because I came in here to help Azah to have something to do and now y’all need something to do. Y’all can go back to conspiring.. Xavier gets up and leaves. Tiff then goes and tells Xavier she didn’t mean to kick him out of the kitchen and says he can go back. She then goes to read the bible.

7pm Bedroom – Tiffany talking to the cameras.
Tiffany – I will just have to win veto. Not giving up, not quitting. That’s not me however America you know me what is meant to be will be so is if I am meant to be here past this week I will and if I am not meant to be .. then I won’t, however I will try my very best as I always do. And what can I say? I knew this! I told you guys this. Am I surprised not at all. I would have been surprised if I wasn’t nominated. At this point I am happy to have gotten this far and at this point they’re happy to send me home .. so whatever!

7:25pm – 7:55pm Kitchen – Dinner time.. after dinner they reminisce about past house guests and events of the season.

8:18pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiffany – I hate that you are up there next to me. If I had thought more about it… I thought it was going to be me and Azah. Hannah – I thought it was going to be me and Azah. Tiff – He said what he meant, you have to use the veto on yourself if you win it because he knows you would use it on me. Big D joins them.

8:40pm – 8:57pm Bedroom. Tiffany, Kyland, Xavier and Big D.
Tiffany – If I make it, I am definitely singing it. I ain’t telling them sh*t! If y’all think I am going to save y’all a$$ … I don’t know what the f**k is going on in that house. They’re going in order of light skin to dark skin. Hannah in there pretending to be full black. Ky in there pretending to be full black. They gonna look at me like I am not full black and kick me out. Ky – we’ve been staring at the wall this whole time wondering who is going to be the bitter juror. Tiffany puts up her hand. Claire, Alyssa, SB, DX.. Tiff – They kicked me out because of my shade.. they said they want a real black person to win. Big D – oh my god! Ky – wow! For the first time ever the entire jury has decided not to vote. Xavier – I think what is fair is the last 6 split the 750. Ky – we’re not allowed to talk about that.

9:05pm – 9:15pm Bathroom. Big D and Hannah.
Hannah – I need to compete my heard out tomorrow. Big D – you’re not going anywhere. We know that! Hannah – I hope so because you guys know how much I really want to be here. Big D – I know you want to be here. None of us are guaranteed to win. I can at least say you and me are guaranteed top five. Hannah – I hope so. Big D – I think we’re at the point where like people know who they want to work with and who they don’t. I was thinking X was going to go up just based off how things are going. I thought he and I were going to go up. It seems like he wants you to go for veto which it seems like Tiff is the target. It seems like he is open to work with you, me, X, Azah. For me you already know I am never going to vote you out. This comp is for you. GO out there and do it. Hannah – thanks Big D.

10pm Bedroom – Big D, Tiffany, Xaiver, Kyland and Azah.
Xavier is talking about how he dates white and black women. Big D says he only dates white men. They talk about social pressures and judgement they get.

10:52pm Bathroom. Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiffany – I knew it was me. You’re good. Hannah – I asked him if it was a hard decision and he said it was. He said that X was more consistent with him. He said that Tiff would tell me one thing but do another or she will feed me information but then act against it. Tiff – I knew he was working with them that night we pulled him upstairs. Predictable / inconsistent or not… you know you can beat me, you and Azah. If you want to win, go for the win! Hannah – X is going to win regardless of who he is sitting next to. Tiff – I am going to vote for him. Hannah – you really think that Ky doesn’t care? Tiff – I am going to vote for him. Hannah – if its X and Ky at the end I am going to vote for X too. You really think that Ky doesn’t care about winning? He has proven time and time again that he is a selfish player. Tiff – so who is he going to take Big D? Hannah – I don’t believe he would to that either but if he is targeting a woman. Tiff – if she isn’t going to vote out Big D then leave me on the block because I am not going to come off if they’re still just going to vote you out over Big D.

11:25pm – 12am The house guests are sitting around chatting about random things.

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Kyland should have let Big D, Azah, or Xavier win this HOH. Let them get the Blood on their hands. He better hope that Tiff wins the veto, if not, I believe she will ruin his game once she gets to jury


She better!


Sorry, but Tiff would ruin whoever’s game that will send her to jury. It dosen’t matter to me who goes next to jury, either Tiff or Hannah. It would be better, though, if Hannah goes to jury next since she seems to be able to win comps more. Don’t want her around to win during the Double Eviction.


I believe that she would only try to ruin Xavier and Kyland’s game because she knew that they wanted her out next

Tiffany's Sideburns

— meanwhile, after X and Ky win first and second prize,
they both will go off to date white girls.
Come on, we all know it.
“The Mission”…”The Cause”….”Historic”…..all bullS…t
In one of the comments, a CO supporter said:
“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
I’ll check back in a month to reiterate that they’re both spending the “Historic” cash on a white girl.


Who they choose to date or not to date and spend their money on is not my business, and I really don’t even care


Verh true; %100.

BTW, your username is funny. lol. “Tifanny’s Sideburns”


What an idiotic thing to say! Dating outside of your race doesn’t mean you’re not down for the cause. People who aren’t Black support the case too. You can be attracted to other races and still want to see people who look like you succeed.

The Beef

What cause? Only one person wins the damn money, and I guarandamntee you, they aren’t donating any of that money to any “cause” or “mission” that benefits any black folks, other than their immediate families.

So, while I “get” the desire for the black community to see a black winner of Big Brother, there is no big cause or mission that is going to be accomplished when that happens, especially when you consider the fact production heavily weighted things this season for exactly that to happen.


You don’t know how they will spend the prize money. in fact the previous winners didn’t spend money on any cause so why are you concern about what cause they spend money on…Cause is the cause helping the real cause!


This is the most true statement ever made on this forum…


So I hope you’re not one of the people whining about the CO being “racist” cause now you’re whining about them dating white people which would be the opposite.

Honestly, for many people (too many) who comment here, it wouldn’t matter how the CO played the game. What’s okay for white people is unacceptable for black people.


Tiffany thinks she is such a victim. Hopefully she goes this week.


Who care if they date white girls, ky is mixed anyway….The best players need to win and right now X , Ky are the better player. Tiffany runs her mouth too much!


I’m sorry, but BigD is so annoying. No matter what the comp is he never wins, but always talking about what he would do if he won something. He’s so dumb. He’s not winning anything with Xavier or Kyland. You would basically be handing them the money. There is no way he could persuade anyone in jury to vote for him.


Exactly. Always talking about his imaginary HOH or Veto win, or how the physical challenges aren’t created for a guy his size, duh— they’re not ! He couldn’t win a mental challenge even if he was given the answers beforehand. My 91 year old grandmother doesn’t lay down as much as he does. But sure, let’s win BB sitting next to the dumb guy, that’s quite an accomplishment.


He wants a “special” comp for large people.


Big D is the person I want to win the least.


If Big D gets to the Final 2, he can explain the way he played as his “strategy”. After all, people cannot dispute it if Big D in fact believed the way he played was strategically sound.

I am in the minority, Big D will get all my votes for America’s Favorite Player.




Not mine!


He is all bark and no bite. Can’t stand Derek F.


I think he’s just trying for second place


And he has a pretty good chance of getting that 2nd place $75,000. Not bad for laying around talking sh*t all summer!


PLUS the $7500 he got in that domino POV comp AND his salary which goes up after 5th place.

Meanwhile, Tiff who made sure he wasn’t targeted (there was talk of it much earlier in the season as Big D pissed off both SB & Ally) & developed the CO strategy & took constant bashing from him won’t even get the extra salary if she leaves this week. Just feels so wrong. Ditto for Hannah, Ky & X (with the exception they’ll get that extra salary hit if Hannah stays this week).

The fact Azah & him will potentially make more than the Tiff (and again potentially Hannah, Ky & X) just stinks.

Everyone keeps saying how Tiff/Hannah could’ve taken out Ky/X but once they committed to the mission they couldn’t back track — partially b/c Production wouldn’t let them & I imagine b/c at F8 and F7 neither woman was willing to risk the negative hits they’d take in online or from their community.

We witnessed in the house how Tiff took a ton of heat for daring to win the HOH but she still took out Claire. If she’d dropped Ky would’ve won & that also wasn’t the plan plus it would’ve been the 2nd time he did that. Listening to Ky’s reason for turning on Tiff this week was b/c of last week & her not being consistent. It’s so annoying Ky/X feel Tiff needs to be punished for winning the HOH but he specifically was inconsistent (putting up Claire w/o telling anyone for example or winning that HOH he was supposed to throw). So he was allowed to go off script & both guys have made their fair share of lies but that’s fine (typical BB hypocrisy).

The Beef

I’m betting Tiff gets rewarded with a return trip to Big Brother in the future, or maybe a shot at the Amazing Race with Claire, Hannah or DX. They’ll (CBS) do something for her to reward her for her loyalty to the group and to the mission, even if the nimrods she’s playing with don’t recognize it.


Did Big D take some prize money so why is he complaining and they all get a money for being on the show!

Miss Impression

I’ve loved Tiffany since the beginning and in my opinion deservers to be the winner but I think we’ve all seen her path to the finale is non existent.Her only hope to get further was if she had Ky on her side against X.She did more than anyone to get the Cookout here and they all threw her under the bus repeatedly.And it makes sense,she is the biggest threat in the finals.Hopefully when she’s gone the rest will view X the same way,but I doubt it.Ky can’t see past his ego and the other 3 think they can get to final 2 with him.Now I’m hoping Hannah can snake her way to the finals.

Tony Bologna

All she had to do was agree to let Kyland win that HOH and she (probably) wouldn’t be on the block(as the target). But she wanted to build a resume for the end instead, and obviously this season doesn’t want resume builders, it wants floaters and comp throwers.


I’m surprised the CO girls didn’t factor in that at final 6 it would be a boys vs. girls thing. Azah has spent her BB time grinning and comforting people. The level of worthlessness on the part of BigD & Azah is off the charts. Allysa thinking she’d have a shot at winning is a joke (Christian said she’ll win it all — dumb much ?), her fate was determined the minute she hooked-up with him. X has pretty much just gone along to get along, never impressed me one iota, superficial thinker by BB fan standards. Bartender/model, couldn’t X have come up with something better (like a teacher or school principal) to hide his lawyer status ? I don’t miss Sarah Beth…. I needed an insulin drip listening to that sugary voice !


Teachers and principals are not easy jobs and require brains too. Every Lawyer had a teacher.


That was my point. X couldn’t hide his “smarts” and professional demeanor so why not pretend (he didn’t want them knowing he was a lawyer) you’re career field is something requiring a college degree. They all quickly figured he was something other than a bartender/model.

That doggie in the window

Therein lies the problem.

The black men experience racism. Yet, despite being victims of racism, they then subject their female counterparts to sexism. Not going by the nominations alone, but just by their behaviour in general whenever the women have had power.

When will minorities learn turning on each other lessens their cause

Just a white chic

Oh my god! Give it a frickin rest. First y’all Bitcoin about no POC in the finals. Well u got that. And thank you CO for setting equality back 10 years. No longer is it about your ability to play the game. This was about color. Period and not just color but the right % of color. You see Alyssa you were once again discriminated against. This time by your own people. Because you were only 50% black. To bad. Your just not the right color to win. Now let’s hitch cuzz a girl was put in the block and willl likely go home. If you are not fit , mentally strong and have a good social game. Why are you even thinking you should win BB?? Yes Big D and Azah I’m talking bout you. There was no reason they could not of had final 7 with minority’s but no those 6 took it upon themselves to play this game based on 1factor. Color and let’s cut the crap You need to be 100% black. Bye Alyssa. And now you have what you want. And it’s the 6. And guess what the strong will win the competitive games and the smart will win the memory games and the nice one will win the social. So who has the highest % of all 3. And let the game now finally be the game.

PS. Every Bbfrom here on out will be black against white now because nobody is gonna take the chance of getting blindsided like this years minority and white guests. Personally this did a huge injustice to the game. But go X or Hannah or Ky. I like tiff but I think she gone


Hannah is not 100% black, her dad is from India, mom is from South Africa. I think she “accidentally” made the CO cut…..


I believe that, it wasn’t by accident. They knew for sure Hannah was mixed with black, and they decided to include her after because had they didn’t, they’d get backlash for not including her.


And as far as we know, Hannah’s Mom is a white from South Africa. Who knows.

Roll Tide

On Hannah’s résumé she claimed to be white. A picture of her Dad, he is dark. Also her last name is Chaddah. Ky’s real last name is Chaddah. Big Brother Daily ask the question, a couple of weeks ago, Does anybody in the BB house know each other? Ky is 1/2 white. Could they be cousins?


I said this same thing last week.

The Beef

Ky is not 1/2 white. He’s 1/2 Mexican. There’s a difference.


Do it really matter cause some of those white might have a black in their blood line….Never can tell which genes were dominant! The Co is not a group of Black but a group of mixed races where their is a black person in their immediate family……so we all know that means you are Black even if you are 1/2 Black and 1/2 Mexican!


Exactly. If they wanted this alliance to be of minorities (POC); then that would have included Derek X and Alyssa. Like you even stated, they didn’t even consider Hannah black based on her skin color.They need to cut the BS and call it how it is; black alliance, based on skin color.


We’ve had all men alliances, all women alliances, and all white alliances on BB and other reality shows with this format. There is nothing wrong with an all black alliance. Other POC tend to exclude black people. The world is very anti-black which is why the CO was created in the first place. It’s kinda like when men become incels or MGTOW because they hate the benefits women receive in the patriarchy that created. White people are mad at racism but we live in a racist world. You can’t expect the people you hate to love you back. lol


I think Alyssa is half white and half Hispanic!


I don’t think she is half white. I say this because she used the word “technically” when describing herself as half white. Who says technically when they know their race for certain? Right? I think I read online that it says her moms is from the US. Her mom could be hispanic just like her dad. But who knows.


She’s also a half-wit.


But they consider her White!


I thought Alyssa was Latino…no?


she is, white chic is just spouting h8.

Roll Tide

Alyssa is filipino.

another name

half Puerto Rican.


Only a POC can speak on the issues of being a POC.


Alyssa is ZERO percent black.


The CO didn’t set any thing back 10 year because entitled whites never have given educated Black anything…Blacks have worked for everything they have gotten so don’t get it twisted, These CO members out smarted the other cast members. Whites has always done it so now the you have a group a equally yoked Blavks there’s a problem. Entitled people get over it!


Very sad but true! As a black woman, it infuriates me how I have to face racism AND sexism.


Tiffs comment about women not sticking together is semi-true this season. CO women were great staying together all season. They had a greater mission than individual game.
Tiff will realize that a 4-5 women allience would have been able to stick together and won this season if they could have worked with Claire & Allysa.
That would have been a great final 5. But this year a different and more important goal was set among these players. Tiff will realize that in weeks to come.

another name

The cookout women were great at sticking together all season?
Azah didn’t consider Hannah to be a cookout member until week 5 because she isn’t 100% black. The word used tonight was ‘ethnic’. They straight up told Hannah they didn’t originally include her because they didn’t think she was black.
Tiff and Azah beefed for weeks over petty crap. Tiff told Hannah to improve her relationship with Azah. Azah thought that was a betrayal They didn’t game talk for weeks.
Yeah. They were glue.
Maybe if Tiff wanted to play a game based on sorority, she shouldn’t have targeted women.
The first three out of the house were men. The women owned the board at that point. Who did Tiff push to leave every time after week 4? The woman on the block.
Weeks 3.4.5 Tiff wasn’t as on board with the 6 to 6 mission as she was 6 to jury mission. She discussed that with Ky multiple times. He felt the same. She discussed that with the viewers on feeds multiple times. One long ass d/r later and she’s stepford cookout Tiff. Look where that got her.

That doggie in the window

You know what I said makes sense.


Now we will never know if a black person could have won this year.

Game fan

I do believe one of them (not azah or derek F ) would of won regardless

Disappointing season of bb

The fact that ANYONE OF ANY RACE is still watching this CBS show, tells you how ignorant our society has become. CBS executives should ALL be let go. I hope their ratings go in the toilet. I’m sooooooo done. You should be too.

The Last Neanderthug

The ratings are probably the highest they’ve ever been especially because of the diversity and probably a record number of POC Watching this this season unfold. We are witnessing history and I’m glad I’m alive to see it. Go Final Six!! X has got this in the pocket. Best season ever and I hope Grod and Co. Keep up the good work!!!

No F's given

Quick google search will show u that the ratings are way down. Sorry bud.


It still winning its time slot most days.


You can’t be that done or you wouldn’t have made the extra effort to make a comment heehee


You must be still watching since you are commenting! LOL!

Lorrene Kohnhorst

I had googled Ky to find out the bit more about him and one source called him Ky Chadda and nothing I found about him said anything about who his parents are, so is it possible that KY and Hannah are related?


His name is Kyland Young

Lorrene Kohnhorst

Yes I know that but in one of the Google searches it actually came up his photo same info I know the parents but the name was Kyland Chadda


I said this last week. It said he changed his name to Young.


Imagine going through life whereas people have an impossible time trying to follow your gibberish. With Ky it gets to the point rather quickly where I’d rather slam a hammer into my kneecap than listen to him any further. Did someone once tell him he gets paid by the word ? Worst of all he makes no sense !!


Well I don’t want to hear any crap from Tiffany…she could have sent home someone from the cook out if she knew she was target for them …so dumb how she took out her one true alliance member…over it…it’s great the 6 stood together but it is probably one of the worse game plays…they had x up what 4 times and he is still there….dumb!!


I was hoping for a Baby D win but that didn’t happen so just been enjoying the show. Curious though if this new prize money will be the same going forward in future seasons or did CBS just throw the extra money out there as an apology to POC for the lack of diversity in the past 20 seasons? Most of the Cookout played a great game (Azah and BigD were floating along for the ride and their only major contribution was their vote on Thursdays to keep the CO #s)


Tiffany needs to go out first…Then Az or Big D they are not winning anything.