“In every Scenario.. it’s like Alyssa.. as long as she doesn’t win [tiff].. that’s all that matters”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: ?
Power of Veto Players: ?
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Fun Times – Tiffany and Hannah going up. Tiffany is the Target. Azah is likely the replacement nomination.

9:50 am Kyland and Xavier
Ky – how do you feel about going up? just kidding.. how to you feel about BB comics
X – pretty good
Ky – what I’m thinking honestly is a repeat of week 2.. kinda.. hey.. how much .. game can there be..
Kyland – In every Scenario even if they aren’t up there. It’s like Alyssa.. as long as she doesn’t win
Kyland – that’s all that matters that’s where i’m leaning
Ky – I do see the benefit of doing anything else.
X – for starters it’s the move that needs to be made once the veto is decided we go from there.
Ky – yeah
X – let say I win the veto and I say hey lets take Hannah down to give us some cover for the following week that way she feels good with either one of us if she wins HOH then maybe she looks at BIGD and Azah first. Instead of us
Ky – one of us
X – exactly.. at the same time then you will have to name BIGD or Azah as a replacement.
Ky says with Tiff gone they just have to beat Hannah next week he feels it’ll be easier to beat Hannah over Tiff in most thing
X – true
Ky says if it’s the balance beam Hannah might get winded.
They agree Tiff is more dangerous for X to face off with next week.
X says if he wins HOH Ky won’t see the block
Ky – I appreciate it
X – Tiffany, and Hannah have both tried to pin us against each other
X – by going to the Tiff and Hannah route. Azah won’t have any more incentive to come after you because she hadn’t touched the block. BIGD we already know.
X – that would be the incentive to leave things the same (Noms). Outside of myself, Hannah has the best chances at beating me in a competition

X says the difference between them and Tiff/Hannah is they aren’t trying to pit them against each other.

They hug
X – who do you want to come up next Hannah?
Ky – Hannah

(Hannah is not feeling good we learn later from Tiff that she has her period so she doesn’t do the one on one)

10:20 am Kyland and Azah
Kyland complains that the late night and early morning are tough.
Kyland long pauses.. cryptic words.. fragments of sentences..

Azah – I did lots of thinking I want to establish this again. I prefer this being confidential..
Ky – yes

Azah – I’m going to do what you want me to do but I’m going to have a biassed perspective
Azah – we view the house very similarly
Ky pulls out the chessboard so Azah can show him how she’s seeing the house these past few weeks. (Hard to follow them when they do this)
Ky says now that Claire is gone Tiff and Hannah have grown tighter.
Azah – if you are trying to get to the end I think me and BIGD are your biggest threats we are strong physical competitors
They laugh
Azah – let me stop
Azah – if you want the final 3 with me and BIGD there are choices. You have a physical threat, a Mental threat, and a social threat.
Azah says she feels cool with Tiffany. Tiffany is cool with her but Tiffany is not cool with BIGD.
Azah explains that Tiffany and Xavier are targeting each other next week. Kyland would have her vote in taking one of them out.
Ky – I’m thinking more along the lines of week two in terms of not sharing what I am going to do then discussing after. As far as the.. umm.. yeah.. as far as not targeting you that stand for me. Don’t share that.
Ky says he’s going to be upfront about the noms during his speech. “hey you get to play in the veto you win you take a shot at me”

10:47 am Tiffany and Kyland
Kyland says being the pioneer was hard the first one of the six to win HOH is now the first out of the six to ave to take a shot. “it’s weird.. the challenge”
Ky – I have a significantly decreased possibility of being safe next week
Tiff – that’s true
Ky – I want to see what people have to share in general across the board..
Tiff – hmm so..
Tiff brings up their alliance “the COnnect”
Tiff says that Hannah is smart and she looked up to Tiffany
Tiff – I want to do right by the both of you but it is a game. and I do believe in loyalty and realizing like.. I actually need both of you. I actually need you more
Tiff – how does Ky feel about the connect how does he feel about us moving forward.
Tiff – you made a comment about Xavier and me and where he was in my game. I don’t know if you have noticed but I’ve been pushing that he should go home.
Tiff says she’s not thinking about moving forward with Xavier. “There was a time.. I was so focused on SB that I probably … I wasn’t thinking about how it was affecting you”
Tiff says she felt like Sb had some special power, She was going to get money in Jury she was in a duo
Tiff says she had “so many” conspiracies about SB.”Some of those things I discussed with X.. we were both like she should go. Around that time.. he’s talking to me and Hannah saying we should work together. He wasn’t directly saying he wants you out he was insinuating you should go first..
Tiff says this is why she stayed close to Xavier. “So I can keep an eye on what you want to do.. there’s only so much information that he would give.. that’s just X..”
Tiff says she never came out and told Kyland that Claire had the BBbucks “I was trying to protect Claire.. Even though I knew she would only go so far”
Tiff – it was not against you I did want to help her stay a little longer.. I didn’t know anyone else knew..
Tiff adds when he told her Hannah knew that was news to her.
Tiff says she told Xavier they had a final 2. it was the time when Xavier wanted to work with her and Hannah.
Kyland wonders how BIGD found out about Claire’s BBucks because BIGD told him before Hannah.
Tiff – I didn’t even know he know
Tiff – I’m laying all my stuff on the table. we are down to six.
Tiff goes on about taking SB out and her and Ky drifting apart.
Tiff – I tried coming into this game to make logical decisions not emotional I am human so.. and a woman so.. We make emotional decisions sometimes.
Tiff apologizes for not being open sooner. “Thank you for allowing me the time to talk to me about it umm.. I am not trying to move forward with X”
Tiff – I cannot beat X, I do not want to sit in the final 2 with X.
Tiff – you know you hear a lot of what is going on in this house. the guys have a final 3 Ky has this. You have given me a lot of things to make me feel like I do know what you are doing but you don’t know what you don’t know.
Tiff – this game makes you anxious so I’m thinking If I am scared of X .. not scared if I am looking at him this way why isn’t Kyland looking at him this way.

Tiff – I want us to have our Final 2.. we have made it this far as the six. let the jury choose. You, me, we have a black guy and a black girl.. f*** it how can we lose.
Tiff – there is a lot on the line. Who knows what anyone would do when they get to the end 750 thousand dollars.. I want you to know I am still committed to our agreement.
Tiff – you have to decide if we’re still here..
Kyland asks her if she told X the name of their final 2. Tiffany says she doesn’t think she did “I’m only 50% sure”

Tiff says there was a time when she didn’t feel connected to him
Tiff – I looked at you and BIGD thought they have to be working together. Nobody asked me to study anything you and BIGD study all the time
Tiff – say it say you asked me..
Ky – ‘A’, I asked you and ‘B’, BIGD and I didn’t start studying until last week.
Tiff – ohh okay.. I dunno
Ky – I do
Tiff – you know more than I do.

Ky – do you have a preferred.. ah.. like a preferred final 4 final 3?
Tiff – umm I don’t get to the end without you.. I know that.. the four is a toss-up because I feel like X and BIGD should go first.
Tiff – We all worked very hard to get here and I would hate to see anybody leave without something. there are five prizes but there are six of us. Umm. I can’t count nobody’s money I feel inappropriate saying it but
Tiff – BIGD got the fourth prize already if he leaves he has some money. I don’t know if we need to get rid of BIGD right now.
Ky – why do you think I lose to you in the final 2
Tiff – you have DX
Ky – look at your wrist and tell me you would lose to DX (She’s wearing DX’s bracelet)
Ky – you have Britni, Claire, and Hannah
Tiff – you have SB, DX, DF, and X
Tiff – they have to choose between a black man and a black woman we got to get up there and plead our cases.
They go back and forth about the Jury votes.
Tiff – If I’m the one that sends Hannah home she’ll vote for you.
Ky – she wants to vote like Nicole F last time she’s afraid of coming off as bitter
Tiff – as soon as she said Hannah’s name and I say that lion come out..the minute she points at me I am gone.. I could not take my focus off of her.

Kyland gets called into the Diary room DOWN STAIRS

They hug..

Noon – 1:00 pm Everyone but Kyland in the living room waiting for the nominations..

1:20 pm Hannah and Kyland (this conversations went on for close to an hour)
Hannah says taking BIGD to the final two is the same as taking Victoria.
Hannah says taking Azah and BIGD to the final 2 is a slap in the face to the game “I’m not trying to insult Azah and BIGD I’m sorry guys” (LOL)

2:14 pm Azah and Xavier
Azah happy

2:26 pm BIGD and Kyland
BIGD – I want to make it to top three. If I was able to put a group of people together and we were able to work together and get this far why can I not get the HOLY BB to the top three.
Ky – we have a good shot

Big mentions, in the beginning, they didn’t want to fill Hannah in on anything because she had a “Big a$$ f**ing mouth”
Kyland mentions how hard it’s been for him to win the first HOH in the six. Winning the HOH during the powers and now winning the HOH when the Cookout goes after itself.

They hug. DF says he’ll sleep up here tonight
Ky – wait for the veto
DF – okay I can do that

2:55 pm Tiffany and Kyland
Tiff – you busy
Ky – I’m thinking but I can always talk..
Tiff says when they were last talking he was called into the Diary room.
Tiff – I just want to know if you have anything more to say or not
Tiff – Maybe you were done I don’t know.
Ky says he was in the DR for an hour and a half right after their conversation.

3:26 pm Cookout chit chat
Tiffany says the first day in the house Hannah looked “A little ethnic”
DF and Xavier didn’t think Hannah was black they thought she was Indian
They go on about race and having the next season being cast with 8 POC and 8 white.. etc etc…
Tiffany says the one point of backlash will be that they didn’t include Alyssa and Dx into the Cookout
Hannah says no because there have been Asian and Hispanic winners before.
Feeds cut..
3:54 pm Feeds flip to pound puppies
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A lot of people said it would likely be men vs women. Personally I see the urge to take DF or Azah to F2 but I’ve watched enough BB to want X next to Kyland. If Tiff leaves do they aim for Hannah in DE? It maybe like BB20 where JC won F4 HOH and lost F3


Hmmmm… perhaps it’s still men vs. women because we have Ky/X vs. Tiff/Hannah. The other two people in the house are not actually playing the game. They just happen to be eating and sleeping in the BB House.

I think that Ky is making a mistake nominating Tiff and Hannah for two reasons: 1) If he nominated DF/Azah, he could ride the middle next week at F5 while Tiff/Hannah and X shoot at each other. He’s now made himself a target to whichever of Tiff/Hannah stays. 2) Tiff or Hannah now control the narrative going into jury. Wouldn’t he rather have DF or X control the narrative so they can promote the illusion that the CO guys did all the work and the women didn’t contribute?

P.S. – Good point about JC winning F4 HOH in BB20. One thing about JC… he at least had a hand in making things happen throughout the season. Fessie never would have nominated Scottie on his HOH and taken-out one of the few players on his side of the house if JC hadn’t riled him up.

No F's given

I don’t think it matters at this point about the jury. Especially if X & KY are sitting next to eachother . One of them has to win. Also by getting rid of tiff or Hannah, it almost guarantees the other one goes home next week also. Unless they somehow win the hoh against X. There’s not point in putting up azah or DF. They can literally go at any time. They won’t win any comps.

No fave yet

Dragging Big Dum Dum and Azah to the end irritates me. I never like when they cast folks that don’t / can’t really participate. Half/assed players.

Old White Guy

I get a good laugh when I read so many comments about how production controls the “game’ and then complain when an actor (Oops, houseguest), following the script doesn’t do what a commentator feels is good game-play. Sorry folks, you can’t have it both ways. Weekly, production decides which actor is playing their roll to make good TV. If they feel a particular actor isn’t helping the ratings, we see an eviction.  

I’m sure that when casting for this year’s actors, the network looked at the racially motivated riots and decided to play the race card and make sure that a Black would “win”. Had they selected actors based on the 2020 Census Bureau statistics, they would have had 10 White, 2 Black, 1 Asian, 3 Bi-racial (Hispanic is included under White). 

Personally, I never pick a favorite to “win”. In watch to see how far a “good looking” actor gets in the “game”. This season, I’m partial to an Asian, a White and 2 Bi-racial. Only one of these is left. Would I care if the cast was all one color? Green? Blue? Orange? I’d still watch if they included at least one “good looking” actor.

Actor = male or female

Simon/Dawg: Don’t see too many references to Kraken this year. Is that because being Canadian, you don’t want to advertise the new Seattle NHL team? 


That’s a long rant to say you are anti-black. lol


There’s at least one player every season who contributes nothing. Sometimes the player is dragged deep into the game by other players as part of their strategy. And then, there’s DF. His lack of gameplay combined with his delusions of grandeur are off the charts.

DF getting to F3 on BB23 would be like Raven getting to F3 on BB19.


I was thinking BB23 JC winning F4 HOH and dropped at F3. I’d prefer F2 X & Ky.


X & Ky would be a good F2 based on their gameplay this season. I’d be okay with any combination of X, Ky, Tiff, and Hannah. I think that X & Ky are the most likely.

JC didn’t deserve F3, but I’ll at least say that he participated in making things happen throughout BB20 (i.e. – manipulating other HGs, such as Fessie). DF and Azah have not even done that. It’s almost like they just happen to be living in the house where other people are playing BB.


DF believes his major case is the lies he has told to support others. I would call Azah a Princess but I am certain princesses do more than she has in this game

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Perfect analogy , could not agree more…… but lest we forget, Matt told us that Raven was “ the puppet master “ lol

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

“ Dear Ky, “ ……Xavier is not your friend

another name

Not so much of a bad mood now. But still not a good mood. Just setting that up so you know my headspace.
I’ve been thinking about it for about five minutes, so this is fresh and not quite well worked out.
This season has become very much about WHY to play the game, and less concerned with HOW you play. The cookout is an achievement, but was it achieved in a fashion that the members can be proud of? Don’t think I’m some big fair play in big brother advocate, because some of my favorites over the years have been absolute villains. But they owned their villainy. Are the cookout heroes or villains? The achievement is to be respected, but are the players? This is my current thought.
Why did people dislike Vanessa (other than the adderall and the crying… oh… the cryyyying)? She didn’t own her game. She planned to publish a video series on how to game the game of big brother if she won, but didn’t give any of that up in d/r. Now… to be fair, d/r puts in what Grod wants put it, so that might be a split on why her d/r didn’t say jack about the why and how and ownership.
Why did Tyler lose? He made multiple overlapping promises he couldn’t keep that created bitterness. How he played the game cost him the game.
Why did the entire jury hate Jun but vote her the winner? They were given the episode edit to watch, and I believe shown d/r of the finalists. They hated both, but hated Jun less because she didn’t ho-bag to win. Alison ho-bagged. Bigly.
How you play and owning your game. These are important.
How did the cookout achieve their final 6? It wasn’t a side vs side fight (remember when Azah pontificated about wanting a side vs. side fight?). It was members of an alliance making final 4’s, 3’s and final 2’s with the people they backstabbed. So an entire alliance of Tylers pulling Vanessa level lack of ownership. And their ho-bag Ky is the current HOH.
I respect the achievement. I question method, because a respectable achievement that is gained by disreputable means… does that cheapen it?
This is a valid line or inquiry to make in my opinion. The WHY was given prominence in the game this season to the extent that we haven’t really been talking about HOW. I find myself with respect for the completion of the mission, but lacking respect for the participants in the mission. Does this make sense?


Excellent point about how you play the game. I would argue that Tyler did far more than Kaycee to advance himself and his alliance further in the game, but the 5 people who voted for Kaycee liked *how* she played the game (laying low, no manipulation, win later comps).

Also an excellent point about owning your game. One of Paul’s mistakes in BB19 was that he never owned his game. I don’t know if he could have won with such a bitter jury, but it may have been possible to sway another vote his way if he owned what he did.

Early BB seasons had some major villains, absolute @ssholes to the other HGs. But those who owned their gameplay (Evel D comes to mind) won over the jury.

One last point… Julie has taken HGs to task in recent years for their words/actions in the house. I would LOVE to see her ask DF about his comments regarding the CO women. I realize it won’t happen, but if calling out HG’s bad behavior in their live TV interviews is the new protocol then it should be done with DF.

another name

If you read julie’s interview about the cookout, you’d come to the opinion i have. She isn’t calling anything.
Because the Couch and Azah called on God, Julie said they had the most powerful ally in the game… God. Not bashing religion there, I’m bashing Julie thinking God participates on reality entertainment programming.
Either that or she misspelled Grod.

For Tyler, no question he played circles around Kaycee. Also no question making 5 final 2’s on day two is problematic. Tyler was great at setting up deals with his toys, and he was pretty good at playing with his toys, but really really sucked at maintaining his toys. When it got difficult, he’d just ignore them instead of giving attention. That was bound to create problems.
I’ve been told that Ky’s main exposure to bb was repeatedly binging on seasons 16, 19 and 20. He was so concerned with being the new Derrick and not falling into the Paul or Tyler traps, that he’s actually the worst of all three in game style.


The Almighty God invests time into bringing about a right outcome on reality television? I have not read that interview, but that is one strange take on the season. I guess this means that future HGs should not bother playing the game. Just call on God and hang-out in the BB House for a couple of months.

I can picture Ky binging on BB16, 19, 20. If he cut X this week, he could dominate the physical comps and cruise to F2. He’d also have the respect of the jury for taking out X. But alas, he’s doing X’s dirty work… again.

The Beef

You always say this about Tyler, and maybe it’s true. The fact is that jury was split between members of Tyler and Kaycee’s alliance (which the name escapes me at the moment) and the FOUTTE alliance. 3 of the 4 members of Tyler’s alliance voted for him to win, and 1 of FOUTTE (Hayleigh) voted for him. The other 4 FOUTTE members voted for Kaycee, and yes, Sam, the damn lunatic, who everybody thought had a crush on Tyler, and who yes, he made a final 2 with early on in the game, also voted for Kaycee to win, but she was only one vote. She ended up being the swing vote, but when the rest of his alliance voted FOR him, and the opposing alliance voted almost unanimously AGAINST him, I think this is pretty clearly a case of bitter jurors voting against the guy who beat their asses and sent them home, rather than a case of a guy who “didn’t take care of his toys”, especially when the one “toy” who voted against him was a bit of a mental case. If it had been 2 or maybe 3 of those voting against him, then I would say yes, he made too many final 2’s and it worked against him. But that’s NOT the case at all here, although I do know they “crossed over” and worked with Scottie some for a week or two. I don’t think Tyler had a final 2 with Scottie, although I could be mistaken.


You are so right. Great strategy initially. Would have been better if the “cookout” was racially mixed and not all black against white.


Yes, it”s the “plus 1” feature of the Cookout that sticks in the craw and leaves a bad taste. I have no doubt that the friendships developed with the plus 1s were genuine. Britini/Azah, Claire/Tiff, DX/Hannah, SB/KY all developed close relationships, much closer than any 2 CO members. I really believe the COs feel bad about betraying them and guilty, too, which is why they have been reluctant to expose their alliance. They realize it’s not a good look – betraying your best friend never is, even if it is for $75000.

It’s a shame because instead of this being a season where deep friendships developed between different races, which is what we SHOULD be striving for irl – it has become a season about one race using people outside their race to get ahead. Mind you, I’m all for the mission, just not the method used.


I hope you had the same energy when there were all white alliances that excluded black people for the last 20 years. lol


300 years more like it!


As far as Kyland’s DR session taking an hour and a half, I am sure most are at least 1/2 that time but Kyland talks so damn kind, lol. I wonder if the staff for the DR have to be in the room or if they are out of sight enough that, during Kyland talking, they can busy themselves with other work, 1/2 hearing what he is saying, and interjecting occasionally with “Uh huh”, “Are you sure about that?”, & “Interesting”. Lol

V capega

He is hard to listen to for very long,i lose what he is talking about


Yes difficult to listen too for very long. But since he is purported to be on the Spectrum It may be difficult for him to form his thoughts into sentences that follow grammatic rules or verbally flow as we,who are not on the Spectrum, speak. Maybe cut him some slack.

another name

Post noms, Tiff tells Azah men stick together, women don’t.
Targeted SB so she could get her stress relief to relax before bed from Ky.
Sacrificed Claire knowing she’d be screwed.
Hell, had zero use for Alyssa, Brit, or Whitney.
Gee. Funny how it’s only an issue now.
Suck it up, buttercup.


Historically, white women have never been allies to black women. So most black women suffer from racism and sexism. Misogynoir!

another name

From a bb perspective that is not an accurate statement.
I’m not going to speak on a sociological perspective, because I don’t have enough research and analysis data to make a cogent argument with confidence, However, I will say this as a perspective: name me a woman that hasn’t faced sexism at some point in their lives? Trying to conflate and compound two distinctly different issues together is akin to whataboutism in my brain. If one woman has faced sexism and another sexism and racism, that doesn’t mean that the sexism faced by the first woman no longer exists or is of lesser importance. 2 wrongs in this case doesn’t mean one of them isn’t wrong at all. I don’t think that’s what you were implying, but i’ve learned this season it’s best to state what where my brain sits on issues rather than hope it’s inherently understood.


Heard that Ky gave a long speech during the nomination ceremony. I beg of you to Please spare us CBS lol!!

Disappointing season of bb

I think CBS will have the worst ratings EVER for a big brother season. Basing votes on skin color is an all new low for tv. Even CBS is better than this. Absolutely unbelievable.

another name

Quick questions:
Even CBS? Explain. Are you speaking of the history of the network or are you making a blanket statement about television networks?
New low for tv? How extensive is you research into the history of lows in tv… because I don’t think this bb season even cracks the top 30 of lowest lows.
Were you as triggered in bb21? The whole camp come black issue?
Were you as triggerd in bb22? The whole ‘oh we can’t actually evict ‘them’ for the first few weeks because of 21, but we can use them as pawns until it’s safe to get rid of them’ conversations? There were two or three weeks of those conversations and a couple ‘so can we get rid of ‘them’ yet’ conversations for a week after.
How about the seasons where the HOH said ‘they stood out from the group’ when explaining the nomination of the only black or only old or only fat or only gay houseguests? What did you think they meant by stood out? Were you bothered?

Now, full disclosure, since the casting issues that have been a stupid box checking quota system for years now (they weren’t following national census, they were checking boxes) has been rectified, I didn’t think the cookout was actually necessary, but I get the reasoning. I don’t actually respect the HOW they played the game in terms of the plus one strategy without owning their game. I do think that bias and prejudice this season will actually cause blowback in the next few seasons. It’s inevitable.

With that disclosure made:
If you weren’t bothered by the issues in past seasons,
this isn’t customer service Karen / Becky / Brad.
If it only bothers you now, where have you been?

Mama Cita

If nothing else, I just learned the lesson that this is just a manipulated game purely for entertainment! Thanks for popping my bubble! I’m done!