Nomination Results! Memphis “You got the benefit & now you get the wrath.”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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4:57pm The live feeds return from the nomination ceremony. Memphis nominated Kevin and DaVonne.

In the bedroom – Cody, Dani and Enzo are chatting about how they told Day not to use the veto. Cody – She even told me that she felt like she f**Ked up by using it. Dani – you (Enzo) should go up to her and say I told you so!

Memphis – Its a game and you’ve got a week. And as much as like .. to be blatantly honest with you I was thinking of keeping you last week and then she used the power on you which I totally understand you would much rather be safe over anyones word to say and not take it if she is willing to give it to you. But for me its an easy excuse in a game right now .. where I just need some excuse. Kevin – Hmm. Memphis – does that make sense? Kevin – MMmhhmmm. Memphis – instead of putting up Tyler because he’s a big threat… which then its game on! It was an easy out for me.. you understand!? It sucks but.. Know what I mean?! So hopefully you can see it from that angle. Kevin – Mmmhhmmm. Memphis – right now I had to have some excuse. Kevin – I am still trying to play the game and get as far as I can get and if this is the furthest I can get then its within my own destiny. Memphis – coming from someone who took himself off the block four times .. I don’t think this is the end of the road. Kevin – Veto .. the odds are better. And I liked our mini milestone arrangement. If that’s still available then I think we can make that work. Memphis – yeah lets continue to talk throughout the week. I know you get the short end of the stick from using it .. I mean you got the benefit and now you get the wrath. Kevin – well to see how the vote went with Tyler .. I feel like I would have been out with Ian. I get it. Memphis – yeah I was one person. I can say how the house would have been. Kevin – I knew something was up when he was on the block .. I sensed he was way too calm to be nominated and backdoored.. I knew he had people so that is why I needed to be removed. Memphis – well we’ll keep talking throughout the week.

Bedroom. Kevin and Day.
Kevin – I just feel so bad. Day – I made the decision. I knew what I was getting into. Kevin tells Day how Memphis told him it gave him the easy out to nominate them. If you’re looking for an easy out .. that’s a reason for me to NOT vote for you to win. I think it had been setup from the jump. We’re not in the loop. Day – NO! Not at all. Nicole comes by to ask them if they’re okay. Day – peoples words don’t mean anything .. unless you really have a bond. We still have the veto. Its weird .. he could have told me I was going up. Why don’t people ever tell me. Kevin – I just wish it wasn’t you up there. Kevin talks about how if she hadn’t used it he would have gone home. Day – there has got to be a way for both of us to stay in this house. Maybe you and me are up as pawns so he can backdoor … Or not ..I’m just trying to be glass half full. Kevin – I think that is what we have to shoot for. One of us just has to win the veto because no one else will use it. He might backdoor him (David). If you get house guest choice you can NOT pick him (David).

Day – when I saw my picture I knew it was you. Kevin – you know what .. there is really only one winner in this game .. but finding a friend in you.. Day – Don’t do that .. you’re going to make me cry! Kevin – you .. Day – you are the worst.. Kevin – you made my dreams come true. I remember watching you and being like she is going to be an all star. And I’m playing with you on an all star season. And now I’ve become friends with you. Only one person can win so to me that is .. people walk out with showmance and stuff .. you can win more. Day – you’ve always been my best friend in my head. Then I met you and you became my best friend. I love you. We will figure it out. These people are whack .. half of them won’t talk after. Kevin – at this point I’m not rooting for anyone unless you stay. Day – its your birthday.. we’re done with this.. Kevin – I really do feel proud of you for using the veto. We were on the outs.

6:10pm Bedroom. Dani, Cody, Tyler and Enzo.
They’re talking about how Cody sits down when he pees because his Dad taught him that when he was younger so that he didn’t have to clean up the mess when he missed.

6:17pm Storage room. Kevin and Day.
Day – If I am leaving I am going to (throw all the food out). Kevin – be petty as F**K! They head to the kitchen to make Kevin his Birthday dinner.

7pm Bedroom. Dani David and Enzo
Enzo and Dani talk about when Zingbot will come and what his zings will be. Enzo – Niocole’s zing will probably be something like you hooked up with more people in the house than Dani has nominated. Dani says the home videos will be in a week or two.

7:18pm Bedroom. Enzo finds Nicole sleeping on the bedroom floor and asks her what she’s doing down there. Nicole says if she lays in her bed everyone comes and talks to her so she laid on the floor to get away from people. Enzo asks her why she’s laying in the middle of the room? Go in the corner.

8:06pm Living room. Tyler, Cody and Enzo.
Cody – what are you (NIcole) doing in that room? WHy are you going in there? Sit in your bed! Enzo – sit in your bed! I know! Its weird. Enzo – because its out in the open. Cody – its like she is staying close to where Ian slept. Enzo – yeah yeah yeah.. like America hates you YO! That is it! Just accept it. Cody laughs and says That’s f**ked up!

9:05pm Lounge room. Kevin, Dani and Day.
Dani – Unless he (David) gets backdoored.. it kind of is telling that he didn’t get put up there. Kevin – it is telling. Day – I’ve even noticed that Enzo’s backed away from me. Dani – did you? You don’t think that he’s been depressed because he’s really missing his kids. Day – I’ll chat with him… I didn’t know that. Kevin – I feel like I am going to go off on Christmas or Memphis at any time. Day – she has one more time. Christmas and David.. whew… those two.

9:50pm – 11pm HOH room. Memphis and Christmas.
Memphis – Dani is an interesting player. I can’t read her. Christmas – I can’t tell when she is lying. Memphis – and what I am noticing is she is a really smart player and she knows this game better than anyone. Christmas – look at her history.. I mean come on .. her family is like .. she is big brother royalty. Memphis – I don’t know .. I have been trying to get some kind of a read on her. Christmas – its just weird that she attaching herself so much. Memphis – when I see that or hear that .. I think she put a sh*t load of people on the block last week and is trying to save herself if one of them is here next week and they win HOH. Christmas – no I mean with Cody and Nicole .. like with Cody or Nicole. She is attached to the hip with either one of those. Memphis – yeah ..I’ve been noticing big time. Dani and Cody .. They’re two peas in a pod. If they did have something .. don’t you think they’re both smart enough that they wouldn’t be joined at the hip???! If you and I had a final two .. we would literally be making sure we don’t do that. Christmas – but when they’ve played the game before .. they each had a person .. and maybe they’re not comfortable without having someone. Memphis – we know its their and will fight it when we need to fight it. Christmas – they are going to come after us when we get to eight and before we get to six. Which could be next week. Memphis – yeah if next week is a double. Nicole, Dani and Cody join them. They chat about random things.

10:40pm Lounge room. Kevin and David.
Kevin – this week I do feel strangely okay. Now with one of us going unless some magic happens .. it is cement, concrete, definitive unless some miracle happens where it is back to back to back to back to back.. The caliber is out of control. These people there are .. on a regular season there are duds.

11pm Lounge room. Day and David.
David – through the view of the truth I will show you that I voted the way that I told you that we agreed on. I am sorry that I was the one that .. the moment that I decided to go the way that we started to plan to go against Tyler is when Kevin told me some truth about how he plays. Thinking about the way that Bay got put out.. I feel like I was the odd man out of the two people wanting a straight objective and I feel like I was betraying my alliance for wanting the game to go a certain way. Day – which way did you vote? David – voted Tyler out. Day – who did? David – David. Day – I want the sentence.. David – I voted Tyler out of the big brother house. Day – okay. David – for the hurt that you feel why would you risk your game again and try to trust me. That sucks. I feel like we still have the opportunity to fight. Day – I am on the block because of that vote… not because of the veto ..lets be very clear. David – Memphis won HOH. Day – this is about the vote. 100% it is about the vote. David – Memphis winning HOH. Day – Okay. I am telling you I am on the block because of that vote. Big brother cuts the feeds in and out. Day – Well thank you for apologizing.

11:37pm Bathroom. Day and Dani.
Dani – I don’t know if the plan at this point is to backdoor him (David). Day – I don’t know. He (Memphis) told Kevin after the veto players get pulled he said he wanted to talk to all the veto players. After he finds out who is all in it.. he wants to talk to them all. Dani – so maybe there is a backdoor plan. Day – don’t repeat that. Dani – and he didn’t say it to you? Day – no. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I am on a pecking order. Dani – All you can do is try and win (Veto) and get someone else up there.. and then basically slide into the background. Day – Mmmhmmm.

12:10 am chit chat about back home..

12:30 am Kevin and DA’Vonne
Da’Vonne asks him what he will do if he stays.
Kevin says he’ll have to win competitions.
Kevin – I’m going to be dragged
Da’Vonne – by who? I don’t know what is going on with f**ing patch Adams
Kevin – Patch Adams?
Da’Vonne – David

Kevin – if one of us wins veto I’ll think of the next step.
Da’Vonne- that’s all we can do
They agree unless they use veto nobody will use it on them.
Kevin – he may throw it.. or he may be less motivated to win (Memphis)
They start studying the days.
Da’Vonne says they will be picking POV players early tomorrow they should get some rest.
They talk about asking Nicole or DAni to play in the POV with them.
Da’Vonne – I want her to throw it.. I want her to throw it I want Dani to throw it (Nicole/Dani) That way the only people that are competing are you, me and Memphis.
Da’Vonne says Nicole might not throw it because she’s scared Memphis will put her on the block.

12:50 am Dani, Coins and Christmas
Look at the memory wall. talking about the HOH competition puzzle. General chit chat about competitions. Nicole leaves.
They talk about the veto player picks. Dani says Da’Vonne will never pick David.
Christmas – I feel like they are on their own island
Christmas says she wants her name pulled so she can play and have fun.

They head to bed.

4:32 am Sleeping yo

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Let the whining begin. Cue the violins.


Like we haven’t heard whining from most of the houseguest (especially Nicole) so I wouldn’t be talking about whining beginning. We have heard plenty of whining thus far.

Tyler on Top

Davonne always plays the victim. She did the same thing on MTV’s The Challenge and don’t get me started on Kevin.

Fraggle Rock bottom

I believe you are referring to BayBay on this years The Challenge, in addition to Swaggy Z list and Kasey. BayBay completely went gansta, like foaming at the mouth stuff against Kasey (yes Big Brother fans). Honeslty, like Da’VonVon, I am quite sure BayBay does not have her Amygdala fully intact. Swaggy was actually well behaved and played a pretty good game on The Challenge, I think not such a bad guy minus the Swaggy C-Z persona….

Tyler on Top

No I meant Day but I did see the blowup on last season between Kasey and Bay. I felt bad for Kasey.


Yes Nicole whines but Nicole doesn’t go to DR and says how great she is and nothing gets past her. Nicole can win comps and the game, Day just got her first comp win in THREE SEASONS, and her game style ain’t winning unless she wins every Veto and HOH all the way to the end.


Oh, please…
That majority alliance of yours has whined and cried the entire time they’ve been in power.
I’ve never seen such entitled babies.

Truth Hurts

Someone is a little jelly.


That is exactly what they are, Skyfall, entitled. I have been thinking that for so long.

I'm Fuckface, and he's asshole

You mean winning? Memphis already won HOH. And he’s about to win the whole thing if they don’t get him out next week. I guess none of them watched season 10.


Why are you racist


Douche. You know that card is played. Enough already.

Silk Road

Dani wants Enzo to do the telling. She is the worst. Do your own dirty work. She is no better than Day.


The queen will do no dirty work…. thats why theres other people in house…to do it for her.


Day – “Why don’t people ever tell me.”

Day you’re heading to the jury

You have been told.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Day has got to be one of the worst players in BB history. There might be worst in some respects, but Day keeps getting invited back to play EXACTLY the same way she played the previous 2x…..

Team New School

And yet she thinks she is so good! Every time I think she has been coached in the D. R. and she acts for a minute like she knows what’s going on — she blows it! Believing Nicole voted out Tyler and not David and then telling David that that vote is the only reason she is on the block? You can tell they are coaching her like crazy, but she can’t open her mind and see that she is being played.


Go Cody.


imagine if Cody was at least 6`0??…..still cute though


^ what?


ya its stacked that high,can you not smell it.


I agree, go Cody – out the door.

Hurricane Day Warning

Best case scenario is David wins the veto and decides not to use it.


there’s more drama to be had if he used it, but meh, i just want day and kevin put out of their misery already and hope that the remaining players in-fighting is actually okay (requires someone actually targeting cody though which seems very unlikely).


Thats the handshake he did with Memphis not to use veto if he won so we will see if he sticks to it.
Plus what are the chances David can win veto???

Crypt Keeper

Has Da’Vonne started throwing Kevin under the bus yet?


Thumbs Down

Fraggle Rock bottom

Since you put so much effort into it, I will also give you a “thumbs down”. So there child.


You mean taking cues from the 8 person alliance that has been throwing each other under the bus all season?


Cody & Dani are insufferable. Da’Vonne had every right to use the veto that she won to save one of the very few HGs who is not coming after her. Dani seriously tells Enzo to walk up to Day and say, “I told you so!” It’s like we are watching elementary school kids gang-up on the playground.

So, this week, Dani has now replaced her, “My power is trash” talking point with, “I told Day not to use the veto!” Add in a couple of Nicole sobs about her best friend Ian, and that summarizes BB22.


I mean, some people were including Day in end game plans last week and now they’re not… maybe her using the veto did hurt her chances…

another name

Cody was NEVER allowing Da’vonne to get that far. And it’s not the 1/2 assed game reasons he keeps trying to give.
Cody has always had issue with Da for one reason: part of her fanbase celebrity comes from jury comments that made his brother look like even more of a fool than the feeds did.
Just because Da says the Paulie / Da beef is squashed, doesn’t mean Cody still doesn’t resent it.

Fraggle Rock bottom

In todays world, if DayDay is somehow in the final two, the jury will just “mail it in” and she will win 9-0….You know, white (er black) privilege.


Not trusting in what David was saying hurt her chances.
Not being part of the core alliance hurt her chances. They already said Day Kev and David were next last week. It didnt hurt her chances it just gave them a reason like Memphis said.
If she didnt use it and Kevin was gone she would have been nominated anyway this week.
Please tell me you didn’t drink to kool aid!!


Unless Day didn’t use veto and Nicole won HOH, but then Nicole would run into similar issues as Dani did with her HOH trying to please the Committee and Day. No need yet for Nicole to win HOH, if a Committee member wins.


Day had a choice….and as you can see she messed with the wrong girl. She had a easy choice, which was do what Dani told her….. Day went against the Queen….Bye Bye Day.


No matter what Day did with the veto. She was destined to be on the block this week. Have you been watching the game?


You mean the people who make their living by promoting big brother are going to the finals? Shocking, who would have thought?

Memphis shouldn’t be so cocky. It’s not like he or Enzo have a shot at seeing final 4.


If at 7 or 6 they go after girls then they both do.

Game fan

By the way, she would of been on the block with david , if Kevin would of gone. She would of probably be out this week.


Ricky would say i toadaso!!

another name

Memphis is bold face lying about his Pov history.
Memphis said he saved himself 4 times with the veto.
Memphis won 3 pov in his original season.
The first pov he won, he was nominated as part of a fake deal Dan and Ollie made. Dan was not intending to let Memphis leave, anyone in that alliance was taking off Memphis or Jerry, and getting rid of Michelle. That was the plan.
The second pov he won, he used on Dan, not himself.
The third pov he won was final four, so a legit use of Pov to save himself.


+/- 4 then

Lady E

He’s a grandpa. His memory is not the best LOL

Golden Gate Granny

All true. Also the first player to ever go to the end and not get a single vote. (Read: He’s always been an arrogant, although strategic, asshole.) Didn’t he also get safety from the block the week he won that super sweet ’69 Camero?

another name

He didn’t get the car. He took the cash value.
I’m 99 the car came with immunity, but not 100. I just know for a fact he didn’t remove himself from the block with veto when he was the target 4 times.


Boring and predictable!


and you are still here..

Fraggle Rock bottom

Zing….Maybe another unhappy millennial with too many cats at home.


Nope, and some what


Haven’t felt the need to comment all season but I will say that in this shitty ass season I hope David wins just because.


Agree! I’ve been saying Go David for weeks! No one believes the truth when he tells it.
Told Day info and she blabbed to those in power now look at her. If David Won veto he made a deal with the power not to take her off at all because she said some ignorant stuff to him. He was trying to figure out how the three him, Day n Kev could make those numbers work but Day screwed it up….with her big ass mouth. David may be a little weird but so what! I like that no one can figure his thoughts out. Better than the fake fight lying and dumb excuses like you used the veto so now you must go up.
David told Ian how his own people were creating a rouse and lying to him about the votes. Ian did a Day. Went right back to the power and blabbed it was David.
So what he fake cries to them. He was only giving them a dose of what they have been dishing. Lying to others and expecting them to believe it. Oh they can do it all season to everyone and David can’t do the fake cry over his own power that he won himself??
Shitty ass is an understatement!!


I wonder what these loser will think when the season is over and they replay what happened and how they could have been contenders if they had listened to Janelle and Kaysar, but their egos got the best of them, or is it their stupidity every week listening over and over to Dani and Nicole? Wonder what Ian will think of Nicole when he sees there was a possibility of staying if she had voted for him to stay and Dani would have been the tie breaker? They can’t even trust each other, they had no chance because of their stupidity and not paying attention. Whats unbelievable is that of them all, David is more acute on alliances and maybe playing a better game (hated to say that) to go farther then Da or Kevin.


I would rather have Enzo win over David. His moves are smarter and better disguised and unlike David who is clueless, Enzo just plays the part well. He has friends everywhere, oh yeah, and he isn’t bringing race into everything.


LOL, wouldn’t it be hilarious to the prepared, coached elites, when they start to eat each other and all the promises fall apart for finals and David won?


Again, I think it would be better and more deserving if Enzo won.


You’re obviously entitled to your opinion, that i’m sure is strictly based on gameplay…but David is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen play this game. It’s not very difficult to have some theories on alliances at this point in the game, based on how everything has played-out.


I hope Davonne goes home. She had no right to call David an Uncle Tom for trying to work with people. That’s offensive.

C. D.

It is so much to be said about what is going on between the 2 of them.. There is a long history of this sort of thing but you would have to be black and of a certain age to understand.

Fraggle Rock bottom

No, you dont have to be black to understand. It’s not that complicated….

The Beef

I might understand it better if he had actually done what she is accusing him of doing, but he didn’t. I get it that she’s mad he worked to keep Bayleigh over her, but they’re both black, so race shouldn’t play a part in that one. Plus she keeps believing the white girls who are lying to her time after time, yet he’s the Uncle Tom?

Frankly, this is a game, and people get way to caught up in all of this crap. She should be SURE she knows he betrayed her before calling him out, and even then, using terms like that in a game, that’s pretty damn strong. In this case, it’s clearly not true, so shame on her for doing it.


Dragging David along for their own selfish reasons is part of big brother. Sadly David is too wonky to realize and will sacrifice the two that had his back at one time.


If Day called David an uncle tom then she clearly had a good reason. You may not like her rational but that term isn’t just loosely thrown around. Especially on national tv by a black woman who has made it clear she is willing to compromise her game if it means there’s finally a black bb winner. Remember how torn she was week 1 over David? How could it be David’s willingness to work with other people when that’s literally the only way to play the game? Isn’t she working with others? The same way “race traitor” isn’t just thrown around by others, neither is uncle tom.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Based on Day’s behavior over 3 seasons now, she has got to be one of the biggest racists to have ever played. Before you start screaming at your phone screen, look the official dictionary meaning of the term racist and if you are so inclined, research all the glorious things she has said, including a few eye brow raising comments this season. If whitey had said these things (this season specifically), they would have been booted immediately….


Lol what are you talking about … she had no good reason to call him Uncle Tom. In fact he was on her side the whole time but she clearly has some insecurities she brought into the house with her. She was on Davids’ case from day one. David has done nothing to warrant that disgusting uncle tom use. I remember as a senior manager a black girl called me uncle tom because I would have daily meetings with other managers who are white. I didn’t micromanage like other Managers did but yet she expected some sort of special attention. Get outtaaa here with that bullshit lool


Why do you sterotype yourself by using the name “Jonesy”!


How is the nickname jonesy a stereotype? BB9000 is a stereotype then.


Says someone with the user name “Dixie”.

C. D.

Right, you cant even begin to explain. It would be futile. This conversation ain’t for everybody.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Racist aren’t ya cupcake.

Team New School

Could we have a double eviction and send both Kevin and Day home? Please?


Seriously, just put them out of their misery and let them go chill in jury. Hanging out with Ian has to be better then this boring as a glass of milk cast.


Kevin is going home I hope


same old boring thing week after week. They pick the same weak people every week. Always afraid to pick a strong player.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Um, blame BB production who continually brings back players that just have a history of sucking. Production simply wants to make a mockery of them, specifically minorities. They are so predictable when they cast minorities.


I was hoping Nicole would be up and voted out so she could whine with Ian and keep him company since she stated many times he (Ian) was her best friend, and friends stick together, right?

Wesley Sims

This season is too predictable .

One Opinion

Hope David wins veto, takes Day or Kevin off the block, then Memphis will have to put up someone he is working with. Since he wants a final 3 with Enzo, Christmas, and himself he wont put up Enzo and will go against the committee. Only way we get any good drama this week. But the fault in that plan. david cant win any competitions

Roisin Dubh

I with you on that. That would squeeze memphis. These guys don’t understand the pressure principal.

My Two Cents

The other fault in that plan is that the Committee still have the numbers to save their own members. Plus, David would be public enemy #1 next week.

C. D.

But it causes Memphis to show his cards a bit. Unless Christmas is stupid enough to volunteer to be a pawn again.

Denise Houghton

I hope David does. Put Memphis is a bind. Cant stand Memphis. Hes an arrogant sucker!!!!!


Is Memphis racist because I feel like he spews hate

Fraggle Rock bottom

No, but Day sure the hell is….Have you mentioned that before as well? Like, quote to David, our kind have to stick together…..Love to hear a white person say that and get away with it.


No one that Memphis wanted in the committee alliance day 1, was black….go figure


Memphis may be racist but look at the choices available. Of the three black players Bayleigh was the only one not useless.


An alliance comprised of white people is racist, but black people have an alliance and it’s “black girl magic.” Pretty hypocritical. Quit trying to be a victim. LEAVE RACE OUT OF BB!!


He justs looks down at everyone, he is a arrogant buffoon!


He gets his underwear from K-Mart!!!

All puff and no stuff

Bold move. Lol. Jerks

Mr. pickles

This season is like watching the paint dry of a mural of dogs taking a shit.


Is your dog named Mr. Pickles, hmmm.

Roisin Dubh

David wins veto and uses it. That move alone would create a new alliance in the house, but these guys are too conditioned to make a crazy move like that.


I disagree. The Committee members would just vote out the nominee that wasn’t saved by the veto… and then David would be sitting beside Da’Vonne/Kevin next week. After that, things should finally get interesting.


Probably they have a group meeting and someone volunteers (gently coerced into volunteering)


Yeah, David wins the veto and uses it on someone that isn’t nominated.

Game fan

I feel like he would do nicole,
Even if david can be put up.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

It is time for Nicole to taste the block.She has done nothing and is not included in any of the “Wise Guy’s” plans.I would like to see her try to weasel out of the posibility of being evicted.


give it a month. her and dani are not in a great spot in their alliance and should they fail to win hoh at 7 (which considering their comp performance seems likely) there’s a very good chance they end up sitting next to each other that week.

Game fan

Cody can also save them at 7.

Starry night

I want Tyler to win the next HOH and send Memphis home.


I’d LOVE to see him put Dani and Memphis on the block together!


This season is awful!!! I cringe watching it. I’m sorry David needs to go. He is awful at the game and now he thinks he is one of the best players to ever play! Memphis is an asshole! The things he has said and he thinks he is above everyone in that house hate him! I’m rooting for Enzo to win the game!! Or America’s favorite player. I think he has played the best game and is respectful to everyone. Everyone else is horrible! Can’t wait for this season to be over.

Bb 22

Yo I’m Enzo F#CK this YO I talk mad shit about everybody- on his hoh “I’ll backdoor Ian I don’t give a f#ck yo”
Instead takes out Kaysar who’s alone.
pretty much sums up ENZO right there got a bulldog mouth with a puppy dog ass.


enzo seems to have a pretty easy path to afp, though kaysar could pull an upset.


It will be Janelle and she will donate it.

The Beef

She might because she does well in her career, but she shouldn’t feel like she has to do that. If the fans vote her AFP, than she deserves the money and should keep it!

Fraggle Rock bottom

Yet you still watch and make comment after comment….


Disagree. No one wants to play with him doesn’t mean he is a bad player.
Considering he is in no real alliance and is still able to make a deal with Memphis so he’s not nominated is a move.
Keep in mind they are mad at Day for using the veto but it was David that used his power first to change noms and everyone knew it was him and he lied about it yet this week he has a deal to not get nominated? It was David who started the nomination screw up not Day!
He told Day she wasn’t in the loop. She blabbed to the group and David is still safe…for at least now
David told Ian he was the real target and his friends were lying to him and Ian didnt believe him and went back and blabbed to the power group just like Day
If David makes it his argument can be he was in no real alliance, he wanted to work with Day and she screwed him, took himself off the block, didn’t get blamed for using his own power that everyone knew he had won forxinf Dani to renom AND he figured out and told Ian about him going.
He has an argument I would buy at this point because when Day and Ian are sitting in the jury tell me they will decide to vote for a committee member when they realized all of these fake fights were made up to make them look dumb.
How is Kevin’s game play any worse than anyone elses at this point working alone and being safe from noms??

All puff and no stuff

He didn’t make a deal. He was “told”. Good lord. Public enemy #1. Who says that? He’s either going up next week or being carried down the road to “serve” a different purpose. He wants to be special. He ain’t special he’s a bad player.

Denise Houghton

I do not like Memphis! He is very arrogant and riding everybody’s coat tails in this game. Ready for the alliance to be split!!!!

Fraggle Rock bottom

2nd HOH and 1 POV, yeah he’s riding everyone’s coat tails. Do you happen to understand the meaning? Just because your SJW singlets-floaters suck, doesn’t mean it’s a bad season.

another name

Now that she’s had her crying over Ian segments to soothe the scrutiny,
there’s Nicf talking skin care. Hoping beyond hope to get that sponsorship back.
Bet nobody saw that coming… Oh wait. We all did.


Don’t know if you noticed, but not only is nic misusing the skin care, she has horrible skin and multiple breakouts. So – not a very good spokes person regardless of her as a person and game play sucking.


Emo is a hoot! He tells Nicf “… what are you doing laying in the middle of the floor?. GO LAY IN THE CORNER!” That’s rear nice of him. Does he mean in front of the toilet door or in front of the showers? Haha haha! You’d think he’d at least help her somewhere that’s NOT the filthy, cruddy bathroom floor. Come on, man!


I wouldn’t have said anything, I would have just stepped over her.

Tyler's Toes

She can go lay on the floor by the piece of tape across from Julie.


didn’t she say she was on the floor to get away from people, but then lays in the middle of the floor? She is just trying to draw attention and sympathy – not get away. I applaud Enzo for recognizing what she is trying to do and pointing out the irony of her statement.


My previous post was supposed to lead off with…ENZO…danged spell check.

another name

Duck, don’t you hate when that happens?

Game fan

That’s fine it was very clear you are talking about him


I must’ve missed the part where Memphis is all of a sudden “buddy buddy” with David and now all of a sudden Cody wants to “work” with David? How did any of this happen? I thought they wanted him out so bad or couldn’t stand him. Did production say something to Memphis/Cody about how bad the public saw the way they were treating David? I’m so lost…

C. D.

Yep, they now that the public reacted to Memphis maybe calling David the N word. Im not sure why they are allowed any outside info. They seem to know what is trending on twitter. This is crazy to me. CBS is helping their “contestants” cover their nastiness. I call that complicit.

The Beef

Yeah, there’s a lot of idiots in the “public” that like to make things up, like people saying things that they didn’t say, and then crucifying them for not saying it. Kinda like calling people racist who aren’t racist, but you don’t like them, so you say it about them anyway. This is crazy to me, so I can kind of understand why CBS might let them know that those idiots were spreading lies about what they didn’t say, and tell them to be especially careful about what they DO say.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Besides a few, quite a few slip ups, David isn’t that bad of a guy really. Just not a good player at all and will serve a purpose, albeit possibly in jury.


Yes, me too! WUT in the world happened?? I’m guessing some behind the scenes/production sht that would normally be on the feeds but I keep seeing people talking about how utterly useless the feeds are this season… Can anyone explain??


It’s very possible. Also they may want some conversations so they can pretend there’s a possibility the pregame alliance is fracturing. Plus David using the veto this week, if he won, might put the guys in a slight pickle as one of their own would end up being a pawn and people might get a sense of the pecking order.

Miss Impression

Didn’t Krampus catch Memphis’ slip up about taking a single Mom to final 2?Oops.Then forming a final 2 with her.Dumb.Now Cody has 2 official final 3 deals.Is there anyone who could stop him from making the finals?

Cody loves daddy

Cody sits when he pees because his father who makes out with him told him so what an f*ed up family

Miss Impression

Does Krampus stand when she pees?

Fraggle Rock bottom

I see you are team DayDay and Kevin.


Another big move by the hoh with nominations. Yes, extreme sarcasm.

Starry night

Shout out to preparation H.

Golden Gate Granny

And Baby Powder.

***Are you referring to the Enzo vs. Bidet hilarity last night? I’ve never laughed so hard from the feeds in all my years. Spoiler Alert: The Bidet has finally, officially, won.

Starry night

Yes. He’s hilarious. Put in a request for butt cream. Lol!

Golden Gate Granny

That was the funniest convo I’ve ever heard on the feeds. Hands down. His poker face seriousness was beyond hilarious. And I’ve/we’ve all heard some funny stuff over the years. Enzo is getting my vote for AFP this year for the full on laugh-so-hard-I-cry appreciation.

Funny for the win. Always. *biggie grin*


just here to see the salty fans whining.


“Enzo asks her why she’s laying in the middle of the room? Go in the corner.”

Enzo is too much lol

Lady E

LOL who needs Zingbot when you got Enzo? His comments about Nicole are savage!

Miss Impression

It’s a good thing that Cody is using Derricks brain cause he is dumb.

Tyler's Toes

Hopefully David will win and take off one person, Xmas will use her power to block Tyler from being a renom & Memcompoopfis puts up a frazzled Nic & she is sent to jury to lay on the floor at the foot of Ian’s bed.


I have to chuckle every time I read a comment where someone complains that this or that person has lied. Do you forget you’re watching a Production Controlled “Reality” TV program? One of the items in the contract they all sign includes “You have to lie if you want to win”. Has any winner ever won without lying?

Enjoy the rest of this crappy season.


I dont care if Kevin or Day go. I’d prefer if Kevin won veto and came down and Dani went up so Enzo could go around telling her how she F”d up her HOH and that it was “whack YO” and that’s why she sits there as a replacement.
If noms change they are not putting up another guy.
These chicks are idiots!
2 dudes for the final or better yet 2 dudes and Nicole…because she has won nothing and they would be stupid to take Dani and Christmas having won comps.
Dani. Christmas and Nicole will become the new David, Day and Kevin fighting for their lives every week.
Can’t wait!

another name

Where it’s at for me:

Memphis is on my nope list. So nope.
Christmas? I’m pissed they even put someone from season 19 on the show. So no.
Cody, Nicf and Dani? supporting them is supporting pre season production endorsed cheating. Shaking head. Not gonna do that.
Da? Come on, been saying her strategic errors were going to come back and kill her game since her week one moves.
Kevin? sideye. sideyeing the sideye…. ummm. get serious
David? See combination of Kevin and Da. Shake. Strain. Pour.
Tyler? After his whining tantrums about wanting to leave? Nope. No respect.

Enzo? Closest to supportable, but there’s some evidence out there that he was part of the triangle’s pregaming, and some of his game theory that is nails on the chalkboard in my brain. His HOH strategy was… eesh. I know he’s supposed to be likeable… i just don’t like him that much.

With what has been going on tonight:

the David Da talk (feels like one of those storyline sensitive talks production would prod for). Results: Enzo gets to tell David that Da tried to get him on the block. Something Cody and Enzo have been itching to do. David now has quantifiable reason to turn against her because she said she’s been helping him behind the scenes. Tableau complete.

Earthquake. They’re fine. All of them. Even the ones that can take a flying leap.

Christmas telling Enzo that Dani was in a room with that pool of people talking. Well if there is a power move to be made it’s Dani renom possibility now. She was in a room alone with all three of those people. The scandal.

Nicf is still hiding in Ian’s bed… oh there’s going to be a whole mourning period tears segment isn’t there. shoot me.


Hey Simon, I left a tip earlier this week, I don’t see an email from you. Thanks

Mary Altman

How much of a tip do you need to send to get an email? I sent a tip almost 2 weeks ago & never got one.. Just curious not upset!

Mary Altman

Thank you Simon… Love this site??


I don’t get the whole David/Day convo????? what have I missed and is Day so dumb that she thinks if she throws out the food, it won’t be replaced? What a dumbbell!

Truth Hurts

Yes she is that dumb and she is upset because she believes the show is about her.


Maybe she’s trying to pull a J’Tia from Survivor…they kept her after she dumped the rice.


Simone, Dawg, if I may. Thought people would get a kick out of this


Hey guys…don’t know if you’ll even post this. Been a big fan of the site for years but I have to say I’m a little dismayed by the negativity thats creeping in on your part recently. I expect the name calling from the other fans in comments. Don’t agree with it at all i think its immature. But seeing it from Simon and Dawg now too? Disappointing. Not a Nicole fan at all but giving her a nickname like coin slots based on appearance? Calling Christmas shitmas etc. I come here to find out whats going on in the house. I think as the people reporting that to us you should clean it up a little bit. Still love the site just some honest, (hopefully taken as constructive) criticism.